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Entered according to Act of Parliament of Canada, in the year one thou- 
sand nine hundred and seventeen, by The Sherbrooke Record Co., of Sher- 
brooke, Que., at the Department of Agriculture, Ottawa. 



Introductory Chapters 

Biographical Section Compiled 



o the memory of the pioneers, 
men and Women of a century 
ago who, with dauntless spirit, faced 
the hardships and overcame the obsta- 
cles incidental to the early develop- 
ment of the Eastern Townships, and 
to whom the Men of Today, their 
descendants, owe their present com- 
forts and prosperity, this volume is 


The idea which prompted the undertaking resulting in this 
volume suggested only a book of biography, bringing together 
in a comprehensive volume brief sketches of men who today 
are carrying on the affairs of the Eastern Townships, not in 
public life alone, but in all the varied activities of this section 
of Canada. Similar books have been published dealing with 
the whole of Canada, but in such only comparatively small 
attention is given to any particular section. The biographical 
section of the volume which is here submitted is wholly East- 
ern Townships. 

To this is naturally added a chapter dealing with the mate- 
rial position which the Eastern Townships holds in the Do- 
minion a position which is relatively important and offers 
opportunities which give promise of a still more prosperous 

The publishers felt that the volume would be incomplete 
without an historical chapter dealing with the early settlement 
and development of the townships and especially as important 
material pertaining to the early history of the 'Eastern Town- 
ships has come to light in recent years. This volume seemed 
to offer an opportunity to preserve in permanent form these 
data, not found in earlier historical works. 

Lastly, the inspiring record of Eastern Townships services 
in the great war called for a place in the present historical vol- 
ume. No greater heroism in battle has been exhibited in this 
great struggle than that of Eastern Townships men in, defend- 
ing the bloody salient of Ypres or at Vimy Ridge and in the 
later struggle around Lens. No more devoted services have 
been rendered by the civilian population at home than 
by the women of the Eastern Townships in their various 
patriotic organizations. The chapter relating to the Eastern 
Townships' part in the great war is necessarily incomplete. 
The honor of recording the whole story will fall upon some 
future historian who will be able to write in the light of a com- 
pleted event. The publishers believe, however, that the chap- 
ter devoted to the Eastern Townships and the war, incomplete 
as it is, will prove of interest not only now but more particu- 
larly in years to come. It is hoped that the volume which is 
herewith respectfully submitted will be found worthy of a 
place among the numerous volumes which have been devoted 
to one phase or another of Eastern Townships' history. 


Section I. The Eastern Townships Today An appreci- 
ation of the material prosperity of the Eastern Townships and 
the opportunities which this section of Canada offers. 

Section II. Historical Section A condensed review of 
pioneer days and including many hitherto unpublished records. 

Section III. The Eastern Townships and the Great War 
An unfinished account of the Eastern Townships' contri- 
bution to the cause of Liberty. 

Section IV. Biography Sketches of some twelve hun- 
dred representative men of the Eastern Townships. 



Colors of 117th Eastern Townships Regiment Frontispiece 

Map of Eastern Townships Today 10 

Map of Eastern Townships in 1812 20 

Map of Eastern Townships in 1834 22 

The Pioneer '. 23 

Sherbrooke in the 30's 25 

Kilborne Mills (Rock Island) 25 

Old Woolen Mill, Sherbrooke 27 

Copps Ferry, near Georgeville 27 

Outlet of Lake Memphremagog 29 

Home of an Eastern Townships Pioneer 29 

Georgeville in its Early Settlement Days 31 

Magog River at Sherbrooke, 1835 31 

Lake Massawippi, 1835 33 

Bolton Pass, 1835 33 

A Letter by Major Jesse Pennoyer 37 


Cap Badge of 5th C.M.R 

Late Lieut-Col. G. H. Baker, M.P 

Late Major N. C. Pilcher 

Late Lieut. N. M. MacDonald 

Late Lieut. Handsome Ball 

Ruined City of Ypres 

5th C. M. R., Sherbrooke 

5th C. M. R. Marching 

Brigadier-General F. O. W. Loomis 

Lieut.-Col. E. B. Worthington 

Lieut.-Col. B. B. Morrill 

Lieut.-Col. J. J. Penhale > 

Party of Returned Soldiers 

Group of 5th C. M. R. Officers 

Map of Western Front 

Lieut.-Col. D. C. Draper 

Major R. H. Fletcher 

Major C. K. Fraser 

Lieut.-Col. F. C. Bowen 

Group of 117th E. T. Batt. Officers 

Cap Badge, 117th E. T. Batt 

Lieut.-Col. L. J. Gilbert 

Lieut-Col. W. J. Ewing 

Lieut-Col. J. H. Boutelle 

Capt, the Rev. W. H. Moorehead 

117th E. T. Batt at Valcartier 

Band of 117th E. T. Battalion 

Portraits of Biographical Section . Classified 





The Eastern Townships of Quebec is one of the most 
steadily prosperous sections of Canada and the reasons for this 
are not difficult to assign. In the first place, the Eastern Town- 
ships does not depend upon any one or any two industries for 
its prosperity. It is the most important agricultural section of 
the province, and farming is of that mixed character which 
ensures an annual result which is not assured where the one 
crop system prevails. It possesses great mining and lumber- 
ing industries, involving an annual output representing in 
value many million dollars. Then there are the many indus- 
trial towns with extensive manufactories, employing thous- 
ands of hands, busy communities in themselves and affording 
ready markets for the farming districts. Therefore, it may be 
asserted at the outset, in considering the Eastern Townships 
today, that these southern counties of Quebec are, in a com- 
mercial sense, one of the best balanced sections of Canada. 

The census of 1911 showed the population of the Eastern 
Townships to be as follows: 

Male Female Total 

Brome 6,871 6,345 13,216 

Compton . 1 5,655 1 3,975 29,630 

Drummond-Arthabaska 21,233 20,357 41,590 

Megantic 16,439 14,875 31,314 

Missisquoi 8,893 8,573 1 7,466 

Richmond and Wolfe .. 20,230 19,261 39,491 

Shefford 12,145 11,831 23,976 

Sherbrooke 11 ,648 1 1 ,563 23,21 1 

Stanstead 10,301 10,464 20,765 

Totals 1 23,41 5 1 1 7,244 240,659 

The Eastern Townships, in area, comprises 4,314,882 
acres and statistics indicate that only about 2,000,000 acres 
are, or have ever been, under cultivation. This fact is one of 
the most regrettable that one has to consider in connection 
with the Eastern Townships. The rural population is far less 
than the soil of these counties would support. Agriculture is 



the basic industry of this section of Canada as it is of the whole 
Dominion and without a much larger agricultural population 
the full development of the Eastern Townships cannot be 
accomplished. Hundreds of farmers, with splendid estates, 
are "land poor." They have more acres than they can culti- 
vate. A steady immigration to the rural sections is the East- 
ern Townships' greatest need. 

The Eastern Townships has scores of thriving towns and 
villages and the permancy of their prosperity, except for the 
fact that it is inseparable from that of the agricultural districts, 
seems more assured than that of the farming communities, 
owing to the drift of population from the land to the urban 

The Eastern Townships communities of 500 population or 

over are: 

Sherbrooke 20,470 

Granby 5,033 

Magog 4,193 

Megantic 3,246 

East Angus ...... 2,500 

Drummondville . . 2,250 

Richmond 2,100 

Waterloo 2,000 

Arthabaska . . 
Plessisville . . 
Danville .... 



Cookshire . . . 
Cowansville . 


Stanstead . . . 
Sawyerville . . 


Thetford Mines ... 7,129 

Victoriaville 4,477 

Farnham 3,766 

Coaticook 3,147 

Asbestos 2,288 

Black Lake 2,107 

Windsor 2,024 

Bedford 1,405 

Bromptonville .... 1 ,293 

Rock Island 1,189 

Waterville 1,052 

Lennoxville 1 ,400 

North Hatley 600 

Ayer's Cliff 500 

Scotstown 993 

Warwick 985 

Knowlton 900 

Weedon 824 

Marbleton 651 

Eastman . 546 

Lyster 500 

Among other progressive and active village communities 
are Frelighsburg, Dunham, Stanbridge East, Clarenceville, 
Philipsburg, Mansonville, Sweetsburg, West Shefford, Roxton 


Falls, Georgeville, Fitch Bay, Dixville, Barnston, Hatley, 
Way's Mills, Melbourne, L'Avenir, Compton, Gould, Bishop's 
Crossing, Leeds, Kinnear's Mills, etc. 

Eastern Townships Agriculture 

In the realm of agriculture, the Eastern Townships has 
won the title of "Garden of the Province," the picturesqueness 
of the rural sections and the productiveness of the soil combin- 
ing to give to the farming sections of Southern Quebec an at- 
tractiveness surpassing that of perhaps any other part of the 

It is here that the maple sugar industry reaches it greatest 
development with an annual production valued at no less than 
a million dollars. The fine water and excellent pasture lands 
have contributed to the success of the dairy industry, Eastern 
Townships butter and cheese having won an enviable repu- 
tation. Stock breeding, also, is receiving close attention from 
Eastern Townships farmers and the results are apparent in the 
splendid exhibits of thoroughbred horses, cattle, sheep, and 
swine at Canada's Great Eastern Exhibition, Sherbrooke, and 
the various county fairs. 

The statistical report for the whole province shows the 
following annual value of agricultural production in the pro- 
vince in 1914, namely, field crops, $99,279,000 ; domestic 
animals, $122,298,071 ; dairy products, $16,156,022. It is 
impossible to give exactly the Eastern Townships portion of 
these large sums, but it is undoubtedly considerably greater 
than its relative area would indicate. 

However, with less than half the soil of the Eastern Town- 
ships under cultivation, the possibilities of the future are ap- 
parent. This development may be long delayed. Canada 
must gather to herself a great population before its density 
will approach that of England or of any of the older settled 
countries. Until there is a decided drift of the population to 
the land the full development of agriculture cannot take place. 
The stimulus of high prices for all agricultural products is 
present. This is offset to a great extent by the scarcity of farm 
labor. The hope of the immediate future lies in after-the-war 


immigration. If this section of Canada can attract sufficient 
rural population to solve the farm help problem and enable the 
full cultivation of lands at present cleared, and the gradual 
opening up of new fields, a splendid return, not surpassed in 
the wheat lands of the west, will be available. 

Eastern Townships Manufactories 

It is perhaps in the realm of the manufacturing industry 
that the greatest future expansion may be expected in the 
Eastern Townships with the exception, it is hoped, of agricul- 

A development of some fifty thousand horse power is 
already applied to the wheels of industry in this territory. 
Undeveloped power of at least equal quantity remains to be 
applied. Besides, the power lines of Shawinigan with their 
exhaustless current already penetrate this territory and vast 
prospective developments on the lower St. Francis will be 
available as required. 

The industrial outlook in the Eastern Townships is bright. 
All conditions are favorable, power, labor, geographical loca- 
tion, and railway facilities. Where in Canada is there a sec- 
tion with a more attractive list of industrial centres, large and 
small, than is possessed by the Eastern Townships ? 

The census of 1910 gave figures with regard to some of 
these towns as follows : 

No. of Capital Value of 

Establishments Invested Products 

Sherbrooke .... 39 $3,701,463 $3,934,510 

Thetford Mines . 6 73,200 172,885 

Coaticook 12 380,594 900,000 

Farnham 4 226, 1 02 1 45,070 

Granby 15 4,437,474 3,910,548 

L. Megantic .... 5 220,000 297,548 

Magog 5 3,052,115 3,781,018 

Richmond 3 75,500 116,302 

Victoriaville .... 16 521,997 688,540 

Waterloo 11 254,550 218,266 

Windsor 4 2,237,352 989,500 


To these may be added such industrial centres, (some of 
which have been largely developed since the Dominion census 
year) as East Angus, Bromptonville, Rock Island, Waterville, 
Danville, Cookshire, Bedford and many others all of which 
have their busy industrial establishments. 

Since 1910, there has been a steady growth in industrial 
activity in the towns noted above. When the war broke out in 
August, 1914, it looked as though a serious industrial depres- 
sion might be at hand. In no section of Canada, however, were 
manufacturers quicker to seize the opportunities offered for 
the manufacture of munitions than in the Eastern Townships. 
The iron and woollen industries turned over to national orders 
and a period of unprecedented industrial activity followed. In 
Sherbrooke city the development along this line has been re- 
markable, Sherbrooke at the close of 1916 being credited with 
the largest output of munitions of any city of its size in Can- 
ada and, indeed, the largest in all Canada with four or five 

When the storm of war has passed, Eastern Townships in- 
dustries will answer the demands of peace and there is every 
reason to believe their position is secure in industrial Canada. 

A great immigration is looked for and a period of develop- 
ment in Canada is predicted that will outrival that of the de- 
cade preceding the war. In the future development of the Do- 
minion, the industries of the Eastern Townships may be de- 
pended upon to play their part. 

Forest Industries 

A century ago the forests which spread throughout the 
Eastern Townships were regarded as an enemy to be destroyed 
rather than as an asset to be preserved or marketed. And this 
was the natural condition of that day. Consequently, thous- 
ands of acres were cleared and the timber burned, the only 
saleable part, indeed, being the pearl ash product. 

The forest industry of the Eastern Townships today is 
estimated at $6,000,000 annually, in lumber and pulp wood 


Provincial statistics divide the forests of the province into 
five classes, as follows : 

Private forests 6,000 acres 

Forests leased as timber limits 44,500,000 acres 

Forests on lots under location ticket 1,300,000 acres 

Township forest reserves 200,000 acres 

Forests not in timber limits 78,000,000 acres 

Total 1 24,006,000 acres 

The annual value of the forest products of the province is 
about $20,000,000 annually. Some of the most important 
pulp and paper mills of the Dominion are located within the 
Eastern Townships, such as those of the Canada Paper Com- 
pany, at Windsor Mills, and of the Brompton Pulp & Paper 
Company, at East Angus and Bromptonville. 

The continual depletion of the forests in the Eastern 
Townships is cause for some concern. Already, the flow of 
the streams has been considerably affected by the reduction 
of the forest lands, the moisture passing down the rivers in the 
spring freshets as a result rather than being retained and dis- 
tributed in a more even flow. Water powers have suffered as 
a consequence. If the land from which timber is cut passed 
under cultivation the compensation would be considerable, 
but this is not always the tendency. These lands often remain 
in a more or less waste condition. Serious consideration must 
be given to the subject of forest conservation and even to re- 
forestation, if the Eastern Townships is to preserve its forest 
wealth and the permanency of a great industry is to be 

Eastern Townships Mining Industries 

Eastern Townships fame has been enhanced by its great 
mining industries, particularly in the matter of asbestos and 
copper, while the gold and iron deposits have attracted a share 
of public attention. The Eastern Townships section of Que- 
bec is the richest in the province in its mineral resources and 
these have been only partially explored and developed. 

The production of asbestos reached its highest mark in 
1913, the year before the war, when the value of the produc- 
tion was $13,1 19,81 1 and 9,925 workers were employed in 


the industry. All these mines are located within the Eastern 
Townships and represent about 85 p.c. of the world's supply. 
The copper production for the same year was $812,899. 

In building materials such as lime, brick and granite the 
Eastern Townships is rich, the annual output of these three 
products amounting in value to over two million dollars. 

The permancy of the great mining industry in the Eastern 
Townships would appear to be assured. The asbestos deposits 
show no signs of exhaustion. Many promising copper "mines" 
have not been explored beyond their surface showings, while 
there is convincing evidence of extensive deposits of gold and 

Some day, when the allurements of distant fields have 
passed, the Eastern capitalists, it may be hoped, will turn their 
attention to riches at their doors and apply themselves to the 
development of wealth that lies within the hills and mountains 
of the Eastern Townships. 

A Goodly Heritage 

Eastern Townships people have good reason to be well 
satisfied with their heritage. A healthful, invigorating climate 
and picturesque surroundings, splendid educational institu- 
tions, the steady extension of good roads, railway facilities 
such as can be found only in the most prosperous sections of 
Eastern Canada, rural mail that penetrates to the remotest dis- 
tricts these are a few of the features which lend attractive- 
ness to Eastern Townships life. 

These counties of Southern Quebec, there is every reason 
to believe, will hold a relatively important place in the com- 
mercial and industrial life of Canada in the years to come. The 
great natural resources and the vigor of the inhabitants ensure 
this. After the war Canada will be looked to as the brightest 
land of promise within the Empire. Almost at the gateway 
of the Dominion, is the Eastern Townships of Quebec, a dis- 
tinct territory possessing many special advantages. The men 
and women, assisted by the new comers who will join them, 
may be depended upon to uphold the honor of their section of 
Canada in the commercial activities of coming years as they 
are doing in the realm of patriotic endeavor during this period 
of world strife. 




On the opposite page is shown a reproduction of the Eastern Townships 
section of the map issued during the war of 1812-15 by the Provincial Gov- 
ernment, protracted from Holland's large map with additions by Amos Lay. 
This is undoubtedly the most ancient existing map of the Eastern Townships, 
a well preserved copy being in the possession of Mr. G. H. St. Pierre, K.C., 
of Sherbrooke, to whom the publishers of this volume are indebted for the 
privilege of reproducing it. 

It will be noted that the only settlements shown are St. Armand, Ryler, 
Mock, Lawrence, Willard, Lay's Mills, Austin Mills (now Magog) Kilbourne 
Mills, (now Rock Island), Pennoyer Mills, (near Waterville), Hyatt Mill, 
(now Sherbrooke),. and Gushing. There was of course a scattered settle- 
ment throughout the townships, and no doubt a number of other small com- 
munities which are not shown. 

The townships are laid out practically the same as at present and these 
are not shown in the map as reproduced as practically no changes have taken 
place, excepting in some which have since been divided. It may be noted 
that Brome was originally spelled "Brpome." The township of Cleveland 
has since been formed from a subdivision of Kingsey. 

It is interesting to note that Missisquoi on the old map is spelled "Mis- 
siskuoi," and Tomifobia appears as "Tomefobi" and is the name applied to 
Lake Massawippi. 

Apparently only one county subdivision had been established in the 
townships up to 1812, namely, that of Bedford, comprising the townships of 
Dunham, Stanbridge, Farnham, Noyan, and the seigniories of St. Armand, 
Sebrevois and Foucault. These latter appear to have been the only seignorial 
grants within the present boundaries of the Eastern Townships. 

The map shows the Eastern Townships at that time to have been divided 
between the districts of Montreal, Richelieu, Three Rivers and Quebec. 

The original map shows the outline of numerous roads, the main high- 
ways being one starting from Kilborne's Mill (Rock Island) and extending 
through the townships of Stanstead, Barnston, Hatley, Compton, Ascot, 
Eaton, Westbury, Stoke, Dudswell, Ham, Wolfestown, Ireland, Leeds and 
on to Quebec, and known as Governor Craig's Road. Another highway 
prominently shown is that starting from a point in the township of Clifton, 
passing through a corner of Compton township, through Ascot and Hyatt's 
Mill (Sherbrooke) thence along the west side of the St. Francis River at 
Cushing's Mills, and thence on down the river to the junction of the St. 
Francis and St. Lawrence rivers, whence travellers and commerce could 
proceed by boat to Three Rivers and Quebec or continue by highway along 
the south shore of the St. Lawrence. The map, also, indicates main high- 
ways along the Richelieu line from the international boundary to Fort Wil- 
liam Henry where the Richelieu unites with the St. Lawrence and from 
Chambly down the St. Francis to its mouth. From the site of the present 
village of Stanstead Plain, begins the main road uniting with Craig's Road as 
described above. Roads, also, were laid out through Barnston and Compton, 
across Stanstead and Hatley townships to Austin Mill (Magog) and also, 
across Stanstead township, to the present site of Georgeville, thence by ferry 
across the lake and on through Bolton and Shefford, joining roads to 
Chambly and Montreal. One of the oldest roads marked on the old map is 
termed "Bailey's Path" and runs from the present site of Lennoxville, 
through Ascot, Eaton, Newport, Hampden, Adstock, Whitton and thence on 
to the Chaudiere River. 

Eastern Townships in 1834 




The settlement of the Eastern Townships may properly be 
divided into four periods. 

I. Immigration from the New England States, beginning 
about I 793, though a few families came before that date, and 
continuing for some twenty years. 

II. Immigration from the Old Country by way of Quebec, 
beginning in 1814, following the Peninsular War and the first 
overthrow of Napoleon. 

III. British Immigration in the 30's, largely from Scotland, 

promoted by the British Am- 
erican Land Company and 
other organizations. 

IV. The gradual influx of 
French-Canadians from the 
parishes bordering on the 
townships and from other 
parts of the Province. 

The real pioneers were the 
hardy men and women who 
came from the New England 
States. They penetrated an 
unknown and trackless wild- 
erness, abounding in wild 
animals, and inhabited by In- 
dians more or less friendly. 
Some came through a desire 
to live again under the British 
flag but the greater portion 
were attracted by the free 
lands available. The pioneers 
from the south settled in the 
border counties now known 
as Missisquoi, Brome, Stan- 

The Pioneer stead and Compton. They 

From a model by G. W. Hill, the nenetrated north into SJW 
noted Eastern Townships tn . mt ,, Ct 

Sculptor. rord and along the valley of 


the St. Francis into Dudswell, Ascot, Richmond, Melbourne, 
Kingsey, and other sections. 

In 1814, an English immigration began, many of the 
newcomers being discharged soldiers who had fought in 
the Napoleonic Wars. Drummondville was founded from this 
source and Megantic County received its first settlers. Many 
of the new arrivals came through as far as Sherbrooke and 
joined with the settlers from the south. 

In 1833 the organization of the British American Land 
Company took place and extensive land grants were secured 
by the company. With a view of improving its holdings, the 
company began to bring in settlers whom they located chiefly 
in the Eastern part of Compton County. The ill-fated Village 
of Victoria, about one and a half miles from the present village 
of Scotstown, was established in 1 836, and these early settlers 
planted in the wilderness of Southern Quebec underwent 
many trying experiences. In 1 838, the first Scotch settlers* 
arrived in Lingwick from the Island of Lewis and for fifteen 
or twenty years there was a considerable immigration from 
this source. 

The French-Canadian immigration began in the 30's but 
did not reach any great volume until the latter half of the cen- 
tury, following the construction of the Grand Trunk Railway 
and the development of town and village settlements. Many 
of the townships originally laid out on the English plan were 
never really settled by English immigrants, except a few fami- 
lies but have been almost entirely developed by the descend- 
ants of old France. This applies particularly to the townships 
comprising the county of Arthabaska and parts of the Coun- 
ties of Wolfe, Drummond and Megantic. The French- 
Canadian is more truly a son of the soil today than is the Eng- 
lish Canadian, and the burden of clearing waste land in the 
townships for the extension of the farming districts is falling 
almost entirely upon him. The English pioneers of a century 
ago battled valiantly with their task of preparing the soil for 
cultivation, a characteristic which their descendants seem not 
to have inherited. 

Sherbrooke in the 30's, reproduced from print in archives at Ottawa. 

Kilborn's Mills (Rock Island) from print now in Dominion archives 


Organization of the Townships 

The survey and organization of the Eastern Townships 
began as early as 1 793 and the tracts of land composing the 
several townships were in part embodied in grants made to 
individuals who in most cases comprised the first settlers. 

The first step towards the erection of a township was the 
issue of a warrant of survey. These warrants for some of the 
earliest townships bear the following dates : 

Dunham 1795 Sutton 1 802 

Potton 1 797 Ely 1802 

Bolton 1 797 Stoke 1802 

Brome 1797 Windsor 1802 

Farnham 1 798 Barford 1802 

Clifton 1799 Ditton 1803 

Eaton 1 800 Lingwick 1 803 

Stukely 1 800 Roxton 1 803 

Stanstead 1 800 Milton 1 803 

Shefford 1 801 Bury 1 803 

Newport 1 801 Hereford 1 803 

Brompton 1 801 Granby 1 803 

Barnston 1 801 Ascot 1 803 

Cleveland 1801 Westbury 1804 

Shipton 1 801 Melbourne 1 805 

Compton 1 802 Hatley 1 803 

Wolfstown 1802 Dudswell 1805 

Population in 1805 

The townships comprising the present district of St. Fran- 
cis, according to records in the archives at Ottawa, had a popu- 
lation in 1805 of 4,831 souls. A report by Joseph Bouchette, 
Surveyor General, bearing date, March 9th, 1805, and based 
on information given by Oliver Barker, of Compton, gives the 
population of the various townships as follows : 

Families Males Females Total 

Stanstead (1803) 246 707 643 1350 

Additional number, 1803 to 1805 250 

Hatley 88 224 224 448 

Old Woolen Mill, Sherbrooke, belonging to B. A. L. Co. 
From print in archives, Ottawa. 

Copps Ferry, near Georgeville. 

This and following illustrations are reproduced from "Canadian Scenery, 
W. H. Brtrtlett, published about, 1835. 


Additional, 1803 to 1805 150 

Barnston 58 241 202 443 

Additional children born 1 803-1 805 32 

Compton 80 194 179 373 

Ascot 76 181 123 304 

Shipton 81 169 139 308 

Brompton 30 64 49 113 

Melbourne 31 97 65 162 

Dudswell 13 39 25 64 

Orford 5 14 16 30 

Westbury 4 10 10 20 

Windsor 10 36 22 58 

Shipton 2 7 4 11 

Wendover 2 6 6 12 

Eaton 350 

Newport 150 

Hereford 175 

Stoke 28 

Total 4831 

Census of 1831 

The development of the townships proceeded steadily and 
the census of 1831 shows a substantial growth in population. 
The boundaries of the counties comprising the Eastern Town- 
ships were very different in 1831 from what they are now, the 
whole territory being included in the Counties of Stanstead, 
Sherbrooke, Shefford, Missisquoi, Drummond and Megantic. 
Some townships even at that date had very few inhabitants 
and no returns as to population were made. The census re- 
port for the Eastern Townships in the year referred to was as 
follows : 

Stanstead County 

Bolton ... 1 1 70 Barford. . . 84 Stanstead .... 4226 

Barnston.. 2221 Hatley 1600 Potton 1005 

Total 10,306 
Sherbrooke County 

Ascot 11 55 Dudswell 242 Stanhope . 

Adstock .... Drayton Shipton . . 1313 

Outlet of Lake Memphremagog at Magog. 

Home of an Eastern Townships Pioneer in the forest a century ago. 



Auckland. . 
Brompton . . 


Chesham . . . 
Clinton . . . 
Croydon. . . 
Compton . . 
Ditton . 



Milton 148 


Ely 25 

Eaton ....... 985 

Emberton .... 

Garthby ..... 

Hamden ..... 171 

Hereford. . . . 

Lingwick. . . . 

Marston ..... 

Melbourne ... 864 
Newport ..... 120 

Shefford County 
Granby ...... 797 

Shefford ..... 1176 

Stukely ...... 388 

Missisquoi County 

Stratford . 
Orford . . 
Weedon . 
Whitten . 
Windsor . 
Woburn . 




Total 7033 

Brome . 

1 239 

Total 5087 

Sutton ..... 2280 Dunham ____ 2220 
Stanbridge . 2330 St. Armand . . 3021 Total 


Bulstrode . . 
Stanfold . . . 
Arthabaska . 
Chester .... 
Ham . 

Drummond County 

72 Wolton 8 Kingsey . 

97 Tingwick.... 180 5^ am ' 

-Y/ i Wickham 

Warwick .... ^ 


Horton ..... 12 Upton 

9 Wendover ... 76 Acton 
Simpson .... 55 



Total 3566 

Megantic County 

Nelson . 
Halifax . 
Leeds . 



Ireland . . . 
Thetford . 
Coleraine . 

The above figures show the total population of the Eastern 
Townships in 1 831 as far as recorded, to have been 38,1 31 as 
compared with 483 1 in 1805. 





Dorset . . . 

Gayhurst . 
Winslow . 
Oulney . . 
Shonley . . 

Total 2283 

Georgeville in its early settlement days. 

Magog River at Sherbrooke, 1835. 


Early Industry 

The Eastern Townships pioneers lived a strenuous life. It 
was a continuous struggle for existence. The forests had to 
be cleared and the first preparation of the land for the crops 
involved heavy labor. The soil was rich and yielded bountiful 
crops of potatoes, corn and vegetables. There were, however, 
no markets available for such produce and ready cash for the 
purchase of such supplies as could not be produced was diffi- 
cult to obtain. The ordinary provisions could be grown and 
the heavier garments were home spun but a certain amount of 
cash was necessary for the purchase of many requisites. Pot 
and pearl ashes were the first marketable products of the early 
inhabitants, and the marketing was quite as strenuous an un- 
dertaking as the production. The available markets were 
Montreal, Three Rivers and Quebec and from ten to twenty 
days were required for the journey to and from these places. 
Ox teams were generally employed though from Sherbrooke 
the trip was often made by boat down the St. Francis. 

A serious attempt was made to develop the hemp industry 
in the Eastern Townships and the writings of Major Jesse 
Pennoyer tell of the efforts made to secure Government aid. 
Ihese undertakings appear to have begun in hope and ended 
in failure. 

Saw mills and grist mills were established at various points 
along the streams, these being the first application of water 
powers in the Eastern Townships. 

The Life of the Pioneer 

Portraits of pioneer ancestors are in the possession of 
many of the older families of the townships and they reveal, 
to a great extent, the early life of the inhabitants. The firm 
set mouth tells of the determination necessary to cope with the 
constant difficulties of the situation and the stern features bear 
testimony to the serious view of life. The pioneers were 
largely of Puritan descent and brought with them to the wilds 
of Canada the strict religious principles of their ancestors. For 
six days they labored from sunrise till sunset and on the sev- 
enth they rested in accordance with the literal interpretation 

Lake Massawippi, 1835 

Bolton Pass, 1835. 


of the commandment. In the face of privations and hardships 
which would be intolerable to the present generation they 
reared large families and gradually increased the acreage of 
their fields reclaiming from the wilderness the rich soil of the 
Eastern Townships and laying the foundation of present day 
prosperity. They have handed down a splendid heritage, and 
well would it be if the land had succeeded in holding the in- 
terest of a greater number of their descendants for the com- 
pletion of their unfinished task of fully developing the agri- 
cultural wealth of this section of Canada. 

Division of Land in 1815 

Not all the lands of the townships which had been erected 
by Letters Patent were granted or leased to the inhabitants. 
A document in the Dominion Archives, signed by William 
Sax, deputy to the surveyor general, and bearing date, Quebec, 
March 13th, 1815, classifies the lands in the townships of the 
present district of St. Francis as follows: 

Acres Crown Clergy 

Granted Reserves Reserves 

Ascot 19,015 8,118 7,588 

Brompton 43,400 7,800 8,800 

Clifton 41,771 8,547 8,689 

Compton 38,122 7,571 7,716 

Dudswell 1 1,1 32 7,340 7,565 

Eaton 30,600 8,800 8,800 

Hereford 22,000 8,800 8,800 

Melbourne 16,301 5,775 5,983 

Orford 13,388 10,613 10,612 

Shipton 56,900 11,167 11,185 

Westbury 11,576 2,571 2,249 

Windsor 51,007 10,135 10,158 

Total 355,212 97,237 98,145 

The report shows that 6,837 acres of the Crown reserves 
and 8,600 of the Clergy reserves had been leased. 



The Province of Quebec was organized in 1 763, and in- 
cluded all the known territory of the present Provinces of 
Ontario and Quebec. The division into Upper and Lower 
Canada took place in 1 792, and the organization of districts, 
counties, townships, etc., began. The township surveys began 
the same year. The first Provincial Parliament was called in 
1 793, Lord Dorchester being Governor-General. 

The County of Richelieu was organized in 1 792, and in- 
cluded the seignories of St. Ours and Rouville and all territory 
lying east of the Richelieu River and north of the parallel of 
45 degrees. In 1 82 1 , the Inferior District of St. Francis was 
established, Sherbrooke being the cheflieu. The term "Infe- 
rior" was dropped in 1 831 . 

In 1 829, the County of Richelieu was divided, and the 
counties of Stanstead and Sherbrooke organized, also, Riche- 
lieu and St. Hyacinthe. In the same year the County of Bed- 
ford became the counties of Rouville and Missisquoi. Bolton 
and Potton townships in this organization belonged to Stan- 
stead, the present Western boundary line of the county being 
established in 1847. 

Prior to the establishment of the Inferior District of St. 
Francis, in 1821, and it would appear for some time after- 
wards, all serious cases were tried at Three Rivers. Minor 
cases, however, were brought before local Justices of the 
Peace and Major Jesse Pennoyer, in his interesting records, 
tells of sessions of these "courts" in 1808 and at subsequent 
dates. The disputes referred generally to money matters and 
the justices held their judicial inquiries often at private houses, 
going from point to point. 

In the later 20's and subsequently district courts were held 
and important cases were tried in the townships. Commis- 
sioners' courts were, also, established in the various centres. 

The surveying and establishing of roads were under the 
jurisdiction of the Grand Voyer, who resided in Montreal, vis- 
ited the district from time to time, until 1 84 1 , when district 
councils were organized and took over the laying out of roads 
as well as other matters. The district councils were composed 


of representatives chosen by the different townships. Town- 
ship councils were introduced in .1845. The present county 
council system was formed in 1 847. 

The Earliest Mail Routes 

The pioneers of the Eastern Townships had none of the 
present day facilities for keeping in touch with world affairs. 
Great events of the Napoleonic wars were not heard of until 
months after their occurrence. The first mail route to Stan : 
stead or rather to Derby Line from Wells River was estab- 
lished in 1812. There were no regular mails between various 
points in the Eastern Townships prior to 1817. All official 
documents were brought by special couriers. In 1 81 7, a mail 
route from Stanstead to Quebec, via Melbourne, was estab- 
lished with weekly mails and in 1 824 a summer route was 
opened to Montreal. 

The first Eastern Townships newspaper was established in 
1823, at Stanstead Plain, by Silas H. Dickenson, and was 
known as "The British Colonist." 

The Farmers' and Mechanics' Journal and St. Francis 
Gazette afterwards known as the Sherbrooke Gazette was 
founded by Joseph Walton in 1 838 and the Stanstead Journal 
by LeRoy Robinson in 1 845. 


The geographical location of the Eastern Townships has 
saved it to a great extent from the ravages of war. The sturdy 
sons of the townships, however, have always shown their 
readiness to answer the call to arms in defence of their homes 
or on behalf of the Empire. 

The most serious conflict actually taking place within the 
boundaries of the Eastern Townships antedates the arrival of 
the first settlers. It was in 1 759 that Rogers led his expedition 
from the New England colony against the St. Francis tribe of 
Indians and destroyed their village, located at the junction of 
the St. Francis and St. Lawrence rivers. This was in reprisal 
for attacks made on the English colonists. Rogers was pur- 
sued by the Indians and a bloody battle, according to early 


records, took place at or near the site of the present city of 
Sherbrooke. Rogers succeeded in beating off the Indians but 
his party was almost entirely lost through the privations of the 
later retreat. 

f .f.'**4 <t 

'^.i j&t* <sz..y~~-s 

is-j&jfa v ^s^.,,x-..,^^ l^ <y?iz? f . 
y ^^..A^ '&&z^^jg& Mf /&*< 
'^/<~~<.^'L rt*.^ AW - ^-, 

-^^^ <?^^./^r^ * _ ^.^X 

X. >> '. ---'S . /, 

S+ >~-*S*^' ,^,. 

^>-.y 4^-. 

Reproduction of a letter written by Major Jessie Pennoyer. 

War of 1812-15 

The discovery a few years ago of the letter book of Major 
Jesse Pennoyer brought to light an interesting record of 
events in the Eastern Townships during the British-American 
war of 1812-15. Nearly all the inhabitants of the townships 
at that time had come from the New England States and the 
question of their loyalty to the British cause might naturally 
have arisen. There appears, however, to have been no un- 
certainty in their attitude, but the people of the Eastern Town- 
ships then, as they have done on subsequent occasions, stood 
firmly by the flag under the protection of which they lived, the 
emblem of the freedom they enjoyed. 

The organization of an Eastern Townships militia began 
as early as 1805. Sir John Johnson, formerly major-general 
of militia for the northern district of New York, and after- 


wards Brigadier-General of Upper Canada, became com- 
mander of the townships' militia, organized as three battalions. 
Of 'the first battalion no record is obtainable. The second was 
commanded by Major Philip Luke, of St. Armand, who had 
as captains under him, William Johnson Holt, Jonas Abbott, 
James Peel, and Christian Wehr, Jr. The third battalion was 
commanded by Major Cull, of Hatley. In 1 808, the 2nd and 
3rd battalions were divided into the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th, with 
Col. Henry Ruiter, of St. Armand, in command of the 2nd ; 
Lt.-Col. Cull of the 3rd; Lt.-Col. Philip Luke of the 4th, and 
Lt.-Col. Patrick Conroy, of Compton, of the 5th. In 1812, 
shortly before the outbreak of the war, Col. Conroy died and 
Major Jesse Pennoyer succeeded to the command of the 5th 

This 5th Eastern Townships Battalion had twelve com- 
panies, two Compton, under Capt. Guy Mills and Ensign Page 
Bull; Shipton Company, Capt. Parkins; Hereford Company, 
Lieut. Benj. Rogers ; Dudswell Company, Capt. Napthali 
Bishop; Melbourne Company, Capt. Daniel Miller; Eaton 
Company, Lieut. Chas. Lothrop; Ascot Company, Lieut. 
Cornelius Hyatt; Orford Company, Ensign Bildad Hubbard; 
Newport Company, Capt. S. Hurd; Shipton Company, Capt. 
E. Cushing; Kingsey Company, Capt. Moore. There was, 
also, a Brompton company and another of indefinite location. 

The records show that immediately on the outbreak of 
hostilities, the work of organizing the local militia for active 
service was undertaken. Men were sent forward to join the 
forces assembled at St. Johns. 

The Eastern Townships men were as ready to fight in 
defence of their homes in 1 8 1 2 as they were in 1916 but they 
do not appear to have been quite as willing to volunteer for 
service overseas then as they have shown themselves to be 
a century later. The Napoleonic wars were then raging on 
the continent and the Eastern Townships militia men of that 
day sought assurances that their services were required in 
Canada and not upon the battlefields of Europe. The Napole- 
onic menace to the Empire and to Canada was less real than 
the Teutonic menace, else they would doubtless not have 
raised the question of destination. 


In November, 1812, raiding forces from the south crossed 
the boundary into the Eastern Townships. 

A Call to Arms 

Major Jesse Pennoyer, under date of November 28th, 
1812, issued the following stirring call to the company officers 
under his command : 

Captain , 


The enemy has come into our country. The battalions 
west of Lake Memphremagog have voluntarily and manfully 
turned out to meet them and whenever called upon (which I 
expect every moment) I hope we shall follow their generous 
example. In preparation for which I have to request that you 
will order that all those of your command who can leave home 
immediately to make themselves ready with eight days' pro- 
visions, a blanket and suitable clothes, so that when called 
upon they may be ready to march on the shortest notice. I am 
both ready and willing. It is proposed that a meeting of the 
magistrates and officers of militia should be held at Benjamin 
Stone's in Ascot, on the 25th of next month, when your pres- 
ence and that of your commanding officers is desired. I hope 
we shall have done the business with the enemy previously. 

I remain with great respect, Sir, your most humble servant, 

Capt. commanding 5th Battalion Royal Eastern Militia. 

A week later, Capt. Pennoyer issued a further order calling 
the men out. Chambly was to be the general place of rendez- 
vous for the battalion. 

It is recorded that by the 7th of December every man, able 
to leave home, was in readiness to march. The day appointed 
for setting out for Chambly was the 1 Oth. Three days before 
the troops were to move, however, information came which 


enabled Capt. Pennoyer to issue the following countermand- 
ing order: 

Compton, Dec. 7, 1812. 


Having received as I conceive correct information that the 
invading enemy has withdrawn from this province, and that 
we are not at present menaced with their approaches, in the 
first place I have to thank you for your particular attention to 
my order of the 4th instant, which thanks I wish to extend to 
every individual of every rank and class of people of your 
company who have shown a willingness to defend themselves 
and their country, and although our services do not at present 
seem to be wanted, I think it expedient to order that each and 
every man so turned out by orders of the 4th inst. to return to 
their several and respective homes and hold themselves in 
continual readiness to march at a moment's warning, when 
called upon. In the meantime I have the honor to remain, Sir, 

Your most humble servant, 


Captain, etc. 

Though there were many alarms, there was no serious in- 
vasion of the Eastern Townships during the war of 1812-15, 
unless the attacks by way of Missisquoi Bay referred to below 
may be regarded as such. 

Patrols from the States crossed the boundary into Comp- 
ton County on several occasions but there were no engage- 
ments and no attempts to press further on. Only one man is 
known to have been killed in the border disturbance along the 
St. Francis district boundary, namely, David Morrill, of 
Stanstead, who was killed about Oct. 1 3th, 1814, in the town- 
ship of Hereford, by raiders from the States and Nathaniel 
Morrill dangerously wounded. A counter raid followed in 
which Samuel Hugh, believed to be responsible for the shoot- 
ing of David Morrill, was taken prisoner and conveyed to 


Attacks by Way of Missisquoi Bay 

West of Lake Memphremagog, in the vicinity of Missis- 
quoi Bay, there were more serious events. 

In 1812, General Dearborn assembled 10,000 American 
troops and from Plattsburg menaced Montreal. "But," says 
William F. Coffin, in his chronicles of the war, "The French- 
Canadian militia sprang to arms, the land bristled with bayo- 
nets." Major de Salaberry, in the infancy of his fame, had the 
command of the outposts, and under his inspiration, these 
undisciplined levies speedily showed that they were too much 
in earnest to be trifled with. After some parade of demon- 
stration an attack was made on a picket at Lacolle by a force 
from Champlain town. The picket consisted of frontier militia 
and a few Indians under Col. McKay, of the Northwest Com- 
pany. This gentleman so handled his small force, that the 
enemy, in the dark, fired upon their own people, killing several, 
and then much disconcerted, fell back on Champlain town 
from whence they came. 

On June 1 st, 1813, an attack was made on the garrison at 
Isle aux Noix, which bars the channel of the Richelieu about 
ten miles below the outlet of Lake Champlain. This was 
easily repulsed. 

On July 29th a counter expedition of 1 ,000 officers and 
men left Isle aux Noix for Lake Champlain. On the following 
day the flotilla reached Plattsburg, dispersed the garrison and 
destroyed the barracks and removed a large quantity of mili- 
tary and naval stores. 

Quoting again from "Chronicles of the War," : "The 
expedition then stood across the lake to Burlington. . . .cap- 
tured and destroyed four vessels under the eyes of the very 
superior forces .... The barracks and stores at Swanton, on 
Missisquoi Bay, were destroyed, as were also the barracks, 
block stores and buildings at Champlain town." 

In the autumn of 1813, further encounters occurred in 
this district. An American force of 5,000 men had been pre- 
pared for invasion of the district of Montreal. On September 
29th, the enemy attempted to surprise the picket at Odelltown, 


but failed and the small garrison held their own until reinforced 
when the invaders were driven back. 

In a raid in the vicinity of Philipsburg on Oct. 1 1 th of the 
same year, the Americans were somewhat more successful. 

Col. Luke's Account 

Lt.-Col. Philip Luke, O.C. 4th Battalion of Eastern Town- 
ships Militia, thus describes the incident in a letter to the 


St. Armand, Philipsburg, Mississquoi Bay, 

Oct. 16th, 1813. 

To Sir Roger Sheaffe, Commander-in-Chief of His Majesty's forces in the 

District of Montreal: 

I have the unhappiness to inform you of a melancholly incident which 
transpired at this place during my absence to Montreal, and having on my 
return collected the most prominent circumstances from the most correct 
sources of information, I have the honor to transmit to you the following 
particulars : 

On the night of the llth inst., the enemy under the command of Col. 
Isaac Clark, entered Missisquoi Bay with one sloop and ten batteaux and 
two scows, with a six-pounder on each scow, and in all containing about four 
hundred men. A detachment of about one hundred and fifty riflemen, com- 
manded by Col. Clark in person, landed about two or three miles south of 
this village. The remaining boats landed on CaldwelPs Manor, plundered 
the store of Mr. Joshua Healy, and some effects from the inhabitants and 
embarked from this place. At 4 o'clock on the morning of the 12th inst. we 
received an Express from Caldwell's Manor, that the enemy's troops were 
debarking there, and would probably visit us. Some arrangements were 
making for defence, when Col. Clark's detachment at daylight came upon us 
from an unexpected quarter and after an unequal resistance made by a few 
brave fellows they surrendered at discretion. 

During the engagement, we had one man killed and eight wounded, but 
none mortally. The prisoners taken were Major Joseph Powel, Capt. John 
Ruiter, Capt. James Pell, Lieut. Philip Luke, Jr., Lieut. John Richard, Ensign 
Snider, Ensign George Willis, Ensign John Waggoner; in all, one major, 
two captains, two lieutenants, three ensigns, five sergeants and ninety-one 
privates, making a total of one hundred men, including the officers and 

The prisoners were immediately marched to Swanton and from thence 
to Burlington. At 10 o'clock the sloop, batteaux, etc., under the command 
of Major Roberts, of Plattsburg, entered the harbor, landed their men and 
one six-pounder without opposition, at which time Col. Clark returned by 
land, took the 76 stands of arms captured by Col. Clark on board the boats, 
robbed the store of C. G. Lester &Co. of property to the amount of $3,540 
from an actual invoice, plundered the store of Day & Gelston of about one 
thousand dollars in goods. 

After some small depredations of less moment they embarked, and left 
the place at 4 o'clock p.m., having driven off many horses and oxen. On the 
morning of the 13st inst. the boats left the bay, but many marauding parties 
straggled from the troops, committed incessant robberies on the inhabitants 


contiguous to the line, by driving off their cattle, horses, waggons, etc., and 
robbing the families of cloths, provisions, bedding, etc., to a very consider- 
able amount. 

I have the honor to be with sentiment of esteem, 

Your very humble servant, 
(Signed) PHILIP LUKE, 

Lieut.-Col. 4th Batt. E. Militia. 

Peace came in 1814, and the inhabitants of the Eastern 
Townships laid aside their rifles, applying their undisturbed 
attention to the cultivation of the soil, the clearing of land and 
general development of the country. 

Rebellion of 1837 

The uprising in Canada in 1 837-38, resulted in a good deal 
of agitation in the Eastern Townships, though no serious con- 
flict occurred in this territory. Many "sympathizers" were 
arrested and Sherbrooke jail as well as other places of deten- 
tion were crowded with inmates. The local militia was placed 
on "war footing" and many new companies of loyalists were 

In an order dated April 4th, 1 839, placing these corps on a 
sedentery footing, the following units in the Eastern Town- 
ships are mentioned, namely, Missisquoi Borderers, Noyan 
Loyal Volunteers, Clarenceville Rangers, Barnston Volunteer 
Company, Queen's Mounted Rangers, British American Rifle 
Company, Sherbrooke Troop of Cavalry, Hatley Loyal Volun- 
teers, Stanstead Volunteer Cavalry, Eastern Townships Loyal 

The rebellion was followed in 1840 by the re-union of 
Upper and Lower Canada and the establishment of a greater 
measure of responsible government. 

First Parliamentary Elections 

The first elections for parliament took place in the spring 
of 1841, the house meeting at Kingston, Ont. The members 
chosen in the Eastern Townships were: Megantic, Hon. 
Dominick Daily; Drummond, R. H. Watts; Sherbrooke, J. 
Moore; Stanstead, Marcus Child; Shefford, Mr. Foster; Mis- 
sisquoi, Hon. Mr. Jones. 


Stirring Days of the Civil War 

The American Civil War of 1861-65 was not without 
effect on these border counties. Many Eastern Townships 
men fought in the armies of the Union and some were found 
under the Confederate banner. The women of the townships 
worked, as they have worked in the later great war, for the 
alleviation of the suffering of the soldiers. The townships 
were the haven of many Americans who sought to escape ser- 
vice and who were known as "skedadlers." An extensive 
business was, also, done along the border by rushing Cana- 
dians across the line against their will as "substitutes" for mer, 
who had been drafted and who were willing to pay a handsome 
amount for a substitute. The only noteworthy disturbance 
on the Eastern Townships southern border during this period 
was the incident known as the St. Alban's Raid when Col. 
Young and a party of Southerners, mostly escaped prisoners, 
organized in Montreal and raided the town of St. Albans, Vt. 
This was on Oct. 19, 1864. The banking institutions were 
attacked and a considerable sum of money secured. Shots 
were exchanged and one man, a citizen of St. Albans, fatally 
injured. It is related, however, that strangely enough he was 
what was known as a "copper head," the only one in the town, 
or in other words, a Northern sympathizer with the South. 
The St. Albans' raid proved a grave international incident. 

The Fenian Raids 

The Fenian Raids of 1866 and 1877 created a great deal 
of excitement in the Eastern Townships, and the men of the 
townships quickly organized to repel the threatened invasion. 
There were skirmishes at several points along the boundary, 
the most serious being at Eccles Hill, near St. Armand East, 
the Fenians being easily repulsed by the Home Guard. One 
of the raiders was killed and several wounded. The others 
quickly fled across the line and did not return. 

A Century of Development 

The first half of the nineteenth century, in the Eastern 


Townships, was a struggle with the forest and the hardships 
incidental to pioneer life. 

The second half of the century was a period of rapid devel- 
opment culminating in the prosperous years leading up to the 
present time, when improved roads have taken the place of 
the forest trails and railway transportation has replaced the 
river navigation of the early days. Smiling, cultivated 
fields have succeeded the difficult agriculture of the forest 
clearings and comfortable homes, with all modern conveni- 
ences, the rural mail, the telephone and the automobile have 
become the enjoyment of the descendants of those pioneers 
who bid the foundations of present day prosperity. 

The most notable Eastern Townships historical publications are : 
"Pioneers of the Eastern Townships," by Mrs. C. M. Day, 1863 ; "Geography 
and History of Lower Canada," by Zadock Thompson, A.M., (Published at 
Sherbrooke, Lower Canada, in 1835) ; "The Eastern Townships," C. 
Thomas, 1866; "History of Shefford," C. Thomas, 1877; "The Frontier 
School Master," C. Thomas, 1880; "Hunter's Eastern Townships Scenery," 
by W. S. Hunter, 1860; "History of the Eastern Townships," by Mrs. Day, 
1869; "Forests and Clearings," by B. F. Hubbard, 1874; "History of Shef- 
ford," printed by John Lovell, 1877; "Donald Morrison," by Oscar Dhu; 
"History of Compton County," by L. S. Channell, 1895; "Annual Reports 
of Missisquoi and Brome Historical Societies"; "Early Shefford Pioneers,', 
by J. P. Noyes; "Brome County History," by Rev. E. M. Taylor, M.A. ; 
Historical Sketch Kingsey Pioneers; "Annals of Megantic Pioneers," D. M. 
McKillop, 1902; "History of Eaton," by C. M. Lebourveau; "Etymology of 
Missisquoi," by Dr. George McAleer; "Reminiscent and Otherwise," (pamph- 
let) by Dr. G. McAleer; "The Voice of the River (Pike River) by Mrs. 
Morgan, Bedford; "Academy Days in Old Missisquoi," by Julia H. S. Bugeia 
and Theodora Cornell Moore, 1910; "Early Settlement of Shipton Town- 
ships," by Cleveland, 1858; History of Drummond County, by St. Amant 
(French); "Canadian Wild Flowers," by Helen M. Johnson (1834-1863) 
edited by Rev. J. M. Orrock, 1884, being a book of poems, 200 pages, author 
lived near Magog, also published a book of religious poems; Letters of 
Major Jesse Pennoyer, 1812-21, published in Sherbrooke Record, 1906, 
original letter book now in possession of Rev. C. H. Pennoyer, typewritten 
copy in Archives at Ottawa; "Silver Lake," Dr. J. M. Harper; "A Book of 
Verse," 1912, Mrs. George Arkley; History of Golden Rule Lodge, Stan- 


stead, 1803-1903, Rev. A. H. Moore, M.A. ; "The Grand Old Man of Duds- 
well," Mrs. W. H. Drummond, 1917. 

Among pamphlets, sectional and miscellaneous publications containing 
historical data which have been issued in the Eastern Townships there may 
be mentioned, "Baptist Church, Abbott's Corner, 82nd Anniversary," Judge 
Lewis B. Hubbard, 1881, and "Abbott's Corner Centennial, Sept. 6th, 1899," 
by the same author; "Eastern Townships Bank, 1859-1912" ; "50th Anni- 
versary Eastern Townships Bank, 1859-1909" ; "Sherbrooke," a booklet of 
51 views ; "Protestant Schools of the Eastern Townships," Dept. Public 
Instruction, 1913" ; Souvenir of Old Home Week, Coaticook, 1914" ; "The 
Stanstead Cavalry," Major William Melrose, 1914; Book of Poems, by Rev. 
F. W. Fyles, D.C.L., 1907; "Abbottsford," J. M. Fish, 1916; Eastern Town- 
ships Pathfinder, 1914. 

Among books containing important references to the Eastern Townships 
but not wholly on this subject are, "Burt's Illustrated Connecticut Valley 
Guide," 1866, containing chapter relative to Lake Memphremagog and 
Uriah Skinner, the famous smuggler; also, the story of Runaway Pond, in 
1810; Canadian Scenery, Bartlett, about 1838; Life of Rev. Alvah Sabin, 
1793-1839, by Alvah S. Hobart, 1885; "Chronicles of Montreal and Canada," 
1752-1893, by F. W. Terrill, 1893; "History of Huntingdon Chateauguy 
and Beauharnors,' 'Robert Seller, 1888; "History of Free Masonry in 
Quebec," Graham; "Waterpowers of Canada," (Ottawa), 1911; "Maple 
Sugar," J. B. Spencer, 1913; "Illustrated Atlas of Dominion," H. Belden 
& Co., 1881; History of Antiquities of New England, New York and New 
Jersey," J. W. Barber, 1841; "Buildings and Ornamental Stones of Can- 
ada," Vol. III., by W. A. Parks, 1914; "Canadian Rural Education," 1913, 
J. C. Sutherland; "Decorative Art of Indian Tribes of Connecticut; "Pen- 
obscot Tales, etc., F. G. Speck, 1915; "The Canadian Colony," a story of 
United Empire Loyalists, by Rev. W. B. Tucker; also, numerous Dominion 
Government publications referring largely to geological matters and con- 
taining interesting references to the Eastern Townships. 

Government publications of historical value include, "Eastern Town- 
ships of Quebec," Minister of Colonization, 1912; "Chrome, Iron Ore de- 
posits in the Eastern Townships," F. Cirkel, 1909; "Chrysotile Asbestos," 
F. Cirkel, 1910; "Gold in Quebec," J. Obalski, 1898; "Copper in the East- 
ern Townships," J. A. Dresser, 1907; "Serpentine and Associated Rocks," 
J. A. Dresser, 1913; "Recent discoveries of gold near Lake Megantic," 
J. A. Dresser, 1908; "The Serpentine Belt of Southern Quebec," J. A. 
Dresser, 1910; "Geology and Petrography of Shefford Mountain," J. A. 
Dresser, 1902; "Geology of Brome Mountain," J. A. Dresser, 1906; also, 
numerous year books and departmental reports. 

Important unpublished records may be found in the Dominion Archives 
and the Brome County Historical Building, and a valuable collection of 
data pertaining to the Eastern Townships are in the possession of Dr. John 
Hayes, Richmond, Rev. George Allen, Montgomery, Vt., and of many de- 
scendants of pioneer families. The fyles of the Sherbrooke Record and of 
the various weekly newspapers of the townships contain many historical 
articles which have been published from time to time. 

NOTE.- The publishers, in compiling the above list, have been greatly 
assisted by Rev. George Allen, Montgomery, Vt., Dr. John Hayes, Richmond, 
and Rev. E. M. Taylor, Knowlton. 




So peaceful is the day in this fair land, 

So calm and still the night, 
Untroubled lives find hard to understand, 

This vital, awful fight. 

Yet, through an agony of blood and pain, 

The men who marched away 
Strive that humanity may not in vain 

Reach upward to the Day. 

For us they die in this appalling strife 

On Flanders' blood-stained sod, 
And in that last, supremest act of life 

Pass onward to their God. 

In this dread hour of danger at the flood, 

Inspired our lives should rise, 
Touched by the anointing chrism of their blood, 

To nobler sacrifice. 

With holy pride, too deep to be expressed, 

Though hero-souls have passed, 
We glory that in this the final test 

Their shattered ranks held fast. 

In that storm centre of infernal fire 
Where sleep the immortal Dead, 
Their dying hands upraised the standard higher! 
Who guards it in their stead? 



In years to come when the story of Canadian valor and 
Canadian service in the Great War is written, the Eastern 
Townships will hold an honorable place in those glorious re- 
cords. The blood of Eastern Townships men has mingled with 
that of other khaki clad heroes from every part of the Domin- 
ion in the soil of war ravaged France and Belgium and fear- 
lessly have the men from this part of Canada faced the enemy 
of freedom. 

When, on the 4th of August, 1914, the news flashed 
around the world that the British Empire had joined with 
France in accepting the challenge of German militarism, the 
Overseas Dominions sprang to arms. The menace to Cana- 
dian institutions was recognized to be as real as was the dan- 
ger to the mother land herself and, in fact, evidence was not 
lacking that Canada was one of the chief prizes which Ger- 
many wished to attain. 

The first call for thirty thousand men found a quick re- 
sponse, and Eastern Townships voices mingled with the an- 
swer, "Ready, Aye, Ready." In that remarkable armada 
which sailed down the St. Lawrence and across the seas in 
early fall, were many Eastern Townships men, and the valiant 
sons of the Townships were to be found in every corps subse- 
quently organized in the province. 

The Princess Pats had its quota of Eastern Townships 
men as did the Royal Scots (commanded by Brigadier-General 
F. O. W. Loomis, an Eastern Townships man), the 1 1th and 
1 2th and every battalion of the early days. 

Then came the organization of the 5th Canadian Mounted 
Rifles in the spring of 1915, the first distinctive Eastern Town- 
ships corps, followed by the 1 1 7th Eastern Townships Bat- 
talion, the 35th Battery, and the 1 78th French-Canadian Bat- 

In the meantime, the Grenadier Guards, the 5th Pioneers, 
the Irish Rangers, and Kitchener's Own with headquarters in 


Montreal and the 1 7 1 st, of Quebec, found this territory a 
favorable field for recruits. 

A complete record of enlistments from the Eastern Town- 
ships is unobtainable but from figures available it may be 
stated that close to five thousand Eastern Townships men 
have joined the forces for overseas service. Some of the 
fiercest fighting has found them in the first battle line and no 
troops have manifested the qualities of steadfastness and sus- 
tained valor to a greater degree than those who joined the 
colors from these southern counties of Quebec. 

Many sleep beneath the sod beyond the seas, others will 
carry with them through life the scars of battle and all will 
hold a place of honor in their country's records because of 
their association with the grand army of Canada. 

5th Canadian Mounted Rifles 

Among Canadian units in over- 
seas service, the story of the 5th 
C.M.R. is comparable with that of 
the Princess Patricias and the Royal 
Scots. They were called upon to 
meet the fiercest assaults of the ene- 
my. They held their ground and 
made the supreme sacrifice for their 
country's cause. 

The 5th Canadian Mounted Rifles 
were authorized early in the winter 
Cap Badge o f 1 91 5, with headquarters at Sher- 

5th C. M. R. ID J 

brooke. Recruiting was carried on 

energetically though not exclusively in the Eastern Townships 
and the regiment received its preliminary training on the Exhi- 
bition grounds, Sherbrooke, where it occupied barracks. A 
fine body of men, well officered and well mounted, the 5th 
C.M.R. was in excellent condition, about 600 strong, when the 
orders came, early in June, to proceed to Valcartier for further 
training before going overseas. 

About this time the officers and men manifested the 
strength of their patriotism in reaching a very trying decision. 
Nearly all the officers were cavalrymen, trained and attached 


Four Officers in Eastern Townships Honor Roll 

Lieut-Col. G. H. Baker, M.P., O.C. Major N. C. Pilcher, of the 5th 
5th C.M.R. Killed in Action C.M.R. Killed in Action, 

at Ypres May 19th, 1916. 

Lieut. N. M. MacDonald, of Sutton, 

of the 5th Canadian Mounted 

Rifles. Killed in Action, 

May 19th, 1916. 

Lieut. Randsome Ball, killed in ac- 
tion at 2nd Battle of Ypres, his re- 
mains being brought home and laid 
to rest with military honors at Stan- 


to this branch of the service and the same applied to the rank 
and fyle as well, the Eastern Townships members being 
drawn largely from the local cavalry regiments. The war had 
settled down to a struggle from trenches and there was no 
immediate use for cavalry. The regiment was asked if it was 
prepared to go as infantry. Disappointing as the situation 
was, the response was prompt, unanimous and in the affirma- 

Eastern Townships Farewell 

June 4th, 1915, will ever stand out as a stirring occasion 
in connection with the early days of the 5th C.M.R. On that 
day some 1 0,000 people from all parts of the Eastern Town- 
ships assembled in Sherbrooke to bid God speed to the gallant 
lads from the townships, the first distinctive Eastern Town- 
ships unit to go overseas. The day was ideal and the pro- 
gramme consisted of march through the city and review on 
the parade ground in the morning, sports on the Exhibition 
grounds in the afternoon and concert given by talent from the 
regiment, in the theatre in the evening. 

Many wives and sweethearts and children, as well as 
friends in general, on this day, saw for the last time on earth 
their loved ones who had responded to the call of duty. "Per- 
haps the war will be over before they reach the firing line," 
was the thought that consoled those who were left behind. 
"We hope we will not be too late to strike a blow for free- 
dom," was the wish that inspired the lads in khaki as they bade 
good bye to friends with the cheery, "We'll be back soon from 
our trip to Berlin." 

Mayor James MacKinnon, in expressing the official fare- 
well, at His Majesty's Theatre in the evening, said: 
"To Lieut.-Col. G. H. Baker and the Officers and Men of the Fifth Mounted 


"I deem it an especial privilege, as well as a distinguished honor, to be 
entrusted by the Corporation of the City of Sherbrooke, as its Mayor, with 
the duty of conveying to you one and all, on this occasion, an expression of 
the feelings of admiration and esteem which the citizens of Sherbrooke, 
without exception, entertain towards the members of your gallant corps. 

"We believe sincerely that a finer body of men were never assembled in 
this or any other city, and certainly never for a nobler purpose, and your 
gentlemanly and soldierly bearing, since your coming amongst us, and 
throughout your too brief stay, has been viewed with feelings of peculiar 
pride by us all. 


"You have, with distinguished patriotism, and unselfish devotion to 
your country and the Empire, left your homes, your business and your pro- 
fessions, to take an active part in the greatest war that has ever devastated 
this fair earth, and to join on the firing line, your compatriots who have 
gone before you, and who have already, by their glorious deeds thrilled the 
hearts of all the people of all nations and countries. 

"Canadian soldiers have won undying fame on the fields of Flanders 
nnd France, not only in the eyes of the Allies and neutral nations, but they 
have inspired the enemy, trained to war for a generation, with feelings of 
involuntary admiration for their fighting qualities to such an extent that 
they have recently admitted that the Canadians are the best fighting men 
on the Continent of Europe today. 

"We are confident that you will maintain and add to the fame your 
countrymen have already acquired at Ypres and Langemarck and countless 
other blood-stained fields where Britain is battling side by side with her 
Allies, with unselfish devotion for honor and the rights of humanity, and with 
a courage and tenacity which baffle all obstacles a savage and unprincipled 
foe can oppose to them. 

"Your noble example will be an incentive to others to follow you, as 
long as the Mother Country needs the help of our brave sons, and we are 
confident that your gallantry and sturdy bravery at this critical time and in 
whatever positions you may be placed, will aid materially in bringing the 
war to a successful conclusion, and in putting an end forever to that bar- 
barous militarism which has cast its black shadow over the world. 

"We shall pray constantly for your safety and success and with hearts 
full of confident trust in your intention and ability to maintain the noblest 
ideals of British freemen, we bid you Godspeed on your way to join the 
Armies of the Empire. 

"Signed on behalf of the Corporation and Citizens of Sherbrooke, this 
fourth day of June, 1915. 


The Sherbrooke Board of Trade had arranged to present a 
pipe and supply of tobacco to every man of the Regiment. 

This was announced by the President, Mr. J. E. Poutre, 
who said: 

"Col. Smart, Col. Baker, Col. Morrill and Officers and Men of the 5th Cana- 
dian Mounted Rifles : 

"On behalf of the Board of Trade of Sherbrooke I desire to add a word 
to those of the Mayor in appreciation of the splendid regiment you command. 
It has been a source of very great satisfaction to us all that this Regiment 
has been organized in Sherbrooke and the Eastern Townships, and our very 
best wishes will go with you all as you follow the flag to victory. 

"The Sherbrooke Board of Trade wishes in some way to manifest its 
good-will and good wishes, and has directed me to ask you to accept for each 
man of the Regiment a slight token in the form of a pipe and supply of 
tobacco to be distributed at the camp at some convenient time to you. 

"With this slight token, 1 can assure you, go the heartiest good wishes 
of the business men of Sherbrooke." 

The Eastern Townships Associated Boards of Trade took 
occasion to present the Regiment with a large Union Jack on 
the eve of its departure in the name of the people of the East- 
ern Townships. The presentation was made at the concert 



The Ruined City of Ypres, Around Which Some of the Fiercest Fighting of 

the War Took Place. 

given in the theatre on June 4th. The president, Mr. V. E. 
Morrill, in handing the token of good will and victory to Col. 

Baker, said : 

"We realize and I believe the people of this country realize, that the 
soldiers of Canada upon the battlefields of Europe are fighting not only for 
the Mother Country, for the integrity of the Empire, and for the preser- 
vation of human liberty in the world but that they are, also, at the same- 
time defending every individual home in their far away native land for the 
effects of this struggle must be profoundly felt in every part of the Empire. 

"In wishing the 5th Canadian Mounted Rifles Godspeed and a safe re- 
turn, the Associated Boards hope that you will accept this flag as a token of 
the admiration they feel for your splendid Regiment a plain, old-fashioned 
Union Jack which a million khaki-clad men are today fighting to defend, the 
flag of Empire, the flag of victory." 

Col. G. H. Baker's Reply to Farewell Addresses 

Lieut. -Col. Baker, in responding to the addresses, said it 
was with a keen sense of satisfaction and pleasure that the 
happy duty fell to him to acknowledge on behalf of the regi- 
ment the addresses and presentations. The city of Sherbrooke 
had become the military home of the 5th Mounted Rifles, re- 
cruited in the Eastern Townships and the Province, and now 
they were going forth in a little while backed by the good 


wishes of the people. It was 
for that reason they par- 
ticularly appreciated the 
very warm words uttered on 
behalf of the city and they 
would always carry the ad- 
dresses with them, which he 
was sure would spur them 
on to things worthy of the 
people from whom they had 

In accepting the pipes and 
tobacco from the Sher- 
brooke Board of Trade, he 
wished to say that later on 
when they were far from 
home as the rings of smoke 
went up into the air they 
would seem to be filled with 
many happy memories of 
their stay in Sherbrooke. 
And in accepting the flag 
from the Associated Boards 
of Trade, he wished to say 
that the old Union Jack was 
good enough for them and 
if they only half fulfilled the 
traditions of the men who 
had gone before them they 
would not have lived in 

Col. Baker hoped he was 
within hearing of some of 
the young men of the East- 
ern Townships when he said 
that owing to the very strict 
and rigid medical examin- 
ation required of the re- 
cruits, the ranks of the regi- 
ment had been depleted to 
some extent and about one 
hundred more men were re- 









. O 





5th Canadian Mounted Rifles marching through Sherbrooke before their 


quired. He extended to the young men his very warmest 
greetings and hoped it would not be long before the ranks were 

The gatherings during the day, one after another, spoke 
volumes for the Eastern Townships and showed that the seri- 
ous minded men and women were taking a deep interest in 
everything pertaining to this great conflict. The officers and 
men had been encouraged throughout the day by the presence 
of people from every hamlet and township in the Eastern 
Townships, and when the need for more men was known 
abroad he felt sure that before long they would have more 
good men than they wanted, "Remember, we only want good 
men," Col. Baker significantly added. 

"We have in the ranks of our regiment sons of the best families of this 
country. We have material to make a regiment that will fulfil the tradi- 
tions of Canada and when I say that I am not unmindful of the undertaking 
nor of the example that has been set to us by our brothers who have gone 
before us. But their deeds and their achievements will make our duty and 
our accomplishments easier because we well know that the standard is set 
high and must be kept up, and those we leave behind in this military home 
of Sherbrooke expect us to do our duty." 

Lieut. -Col. Smart, brigadier, followed and expressed his 
pleasure at being given the opportunity of publicly saying a 


few words expressive of his appreciation of the very great 
kindness extended to himself and the officers and men of the 
Fifth Mounted Rifles by the people of Sherbrooke. Col. Baker 
had said he only wanted good men he had a lot of good men. 
He had spent twenty years in the Canadian militia and most of 
that time with the Eastern Townships cavalry, and naturally 
his heart went out to the Fifth Mounted Rifles in preference to 
any other. They were going out to fight in the cause of liberty 
and justice and what more fitting emblem could have been 
presented to Col. Baker than the Union Jack, the flag that had 
braved a thousand years the battle and the breeze; the flag 
which above all other flags in the world stood for liberty and 
justice. Those who were privileged to go and fight were going 
to fight in a noble cause. It was true every man who went 
sacrificed something men of rank, position and wealth were 
making great sacrifices in leaving their homes, but to his mind 
the poor man was the man who sacrificed most. 

Col. Smart said he felt that the greatest heroes of the war 
were the women who were left behind. Since the war broke 
out the women of the Empire had risen nobly to their duties, 
they had been indefatigable in working for the needs and com- 
forts of the men who were training at home and fighting at 
the front and he took occasion to specially thank the ladies of 
Sherbrooke for their work in this direction which was so heart- 
ily appreciated. 

The regiment left Sherbrooke for Quebec early in June 
and a large crowd gathered at the station for the final send-off. 

The 5th C.M.R. sailed from Quebec on the Hesperian (a 
ship subsequently sunk by a submarine) in July and after an 
uneventful voyage landed at Plymouth and proceeded to 
Shorncliffe for training. 

Field kitchens, subscribed for by friends throughout the 
townships, through a fund organized by the Sherbrooke 
Record, were forwarded to the regiment and reached them for 
use while in training in England. The fund was greatly over- 
subscribed and as the demand for machine guns had become 
the urgent call of the hour, the surplus was forwarded to the 
Department of Militia for the purchase of a machine gun for 
the battalion. 


The officers of the 5th Canadian Mounted Rifles when 
they entered upon active service overseas were as follows : 

Staff Lt.-Colonel G. H. Baker, Major B. B. Morrill, Captain W. 
Rhoades, Lieut. A. A. Tritsch, Lieut. K. M. Campbell, (Hon.) Capt. E. A. 
Robinson, Captain H. R. Cleveland, Captain J. R. Goodall, Captain W. F. 
McConnell, Lieut. H. F. Meurling, Lieut. H. Foxwell. 

"A." Squadron Major D. C. Draper, Captain H. J. Pitts, Lieut. C. W. 
Hewson, Lieut. J. S. E. Todd, Lieut. K. L. Duggan, Lieut. L. K. Greene, 
Lieut. J. Tudhope. 

"B." Squadron Major N. C. Pilcher, Captain J. L. Smeaton, Lieut. E. 
Chauvin, Lieut. S. L. Craft, Lieut. L. W. Fish, Lieut. G. K. Hannah, Lieut. 
J. Sneath. 

"C." Squadron Major R. F. Stockwell, Captain J, R. MacLeod, Lieut. 
E. Gill, Lieut. G. D. Bishop, Lieut. H. H. Cotton, Lieut. W. H. Harton, Lieut. 
T. R. Ker. 

Extra Lieut. G. H. Savage, Lieut. N. M. Macdonald, Lieut. B. H. Wade. 

It should be mentioned here that one very efficient officer, 
Major J. R. Wilcox, of Magog, who had been in command of 
"A." Company was deprived of the privilege of going over- 
seas, owing to physical disability, greatly to the regret of him- 
self and of the regiment. 

The 5th C,M.R. proceeded to France on October 24th, 

1915, and at once was moved forward, entering the trenches 
within a few days. 

The casualties during the fall and winter were exceedingly 
light. No officers were lost during this period and only a very 
few men. The regiment, however, bore its share of trench 
service during the long months of winter. Lt.-Col. B. B. 
Morrill, second in command, was obliged to return to Eng- 
land in December owing to serious illness and did not become 
convalescent for several months when he served for a time as 
training officer of a reinforcing battalion in England, returning 
to France in October, 1916, as O.C. of the reinforcing camp 
of the 3rd Canadian Division, on the Somme front. During 
the winter the regiment was reorganized to more closely con- 
form to the infantry establishment, Col. G. H. Baker being 
re-appointed in command of the 5th C.M.R. as reorganized. 

Death of Pilcher and MacDonald 

The regiment sustained its first serious loss on May 1 9th, 

1916, when Major N. C. Pilcher and Lieut. MacDonald were 
killed by a bursting shell. Both were gallant and efficient offi- 
cers and the loss was severely felt. 

Eastern Townships Officers in Overseas Service 

Brig.-Gen. F. O. F. Loomis, O.C. Fifth Lieut.-Col. E. B. Worthington, O.C. 

Royal Highlanders and later Canadian Reserve Depot, at 

Brigadier General Havre, France. 

Lieut.-Col. B. B. Morrill, 5th C.M.R., Lieut.-Col. J. J. Penhale, O.C. Divi- 
later O.C. Reinforcement sional Canadian Ammunition 

Camp, 3rd C. D. Column 


On November 19th, 1916, a largely attended memorial 
service was held in St. Peter's Church, Sherbrooke, when a 
tablet to the memory of Major Pilcher was unveiled. It bore 
the following inscription : 

"In memory of Major Norman Campbell Pilcher, (5th 
C.M.R.), killed in action at the battle of Ypres, on May 19th, 

"This tablet is erected by the non-coms, and men of the 
53rd Regiment." 

Third Battle of Ypres 

It was in the third battle of Ypre~, when the Germans let 
loose their tremendous attack upon the Ypres salient, that the 
5th Canadian Mounted Rifles suffered their most serious casu- 
alties in common with other battalions engaged in holding this 
bloody angle of the allied line. The city of Ypres prior to the 
war contained a population of about 1 00,000 people. In its 
vicinity some of the fiercest fighting of the war took place and 
none exceeded in ferocity that of June 2nd and 3rd, 1915, 
when the enemy made his last great effort to capture the much 
coveted position. It began with an artillery attack, hurling 
high explosive shells from hundreds of guns. The Canadians 
held on, in spite of terrible casualties, and of the battalions 
engaged few suffered more or resisted more tenaciously than 
the 5th Canadian Mounted Rifles. Less than one hundred of 
the thousand men comprising the battalion responded at the 
first roll call following the battle. The casualties included 
Lieut. -Col. Baker, Capt. Pitts, killed; Major Draper, Capt. 
Rhodes, Lieut. Fish, Lieut. Chauvin, Lieut. Harton, as well as 
nearly all the other officers, wounded, and a very large por- 
tion of the rank and fyle killed or wounded. But they held 
their ground. The story of this great fight, so far as it con- 
cerned the 5th C.M.R., is best told in the letter of Adjutant, 
Capt. Rhodes, to the Misses Baker, with special reference to 
Col. Baker. 

Capt. Rhodes wrote as follows : 

"From 9 a.m. on June 2 until 9.30 p.m. we were subjected to an intense 
fire from guns of all calibres. The battalion was in support about 580 yards 
in rear of the front line trenches, and in such a position that we could not 

get any adequate protection from the 
constant rain of heavy shells which 
seemed to search out every corner of 
our line. 

"To keep a stout heart at such a 
time when you cannot see your enemy 
or get a chance to return any of his 
fire is no easy task. For over twelve 
hours however your brother not only 
made whatever dispositions were . re- 
quired from time to time with cool 
?nd calm judgment but by his cheer- 
fulness and calmness set such an 
example to us that none could be 
otherwise than truly unafraid. 

"He always had a cheery word to 
each one as he passed along the line, 
and the answering smile was always 
forthcoming, indicating clearer than 
anything elso could have done tho 
love and perfect confidence each felt 
for his commanding officer. 

"Our casualties were very heavy, 
and abcut 8.30 p.m. the fire increased 
to its utmost intensity so much so 
that for the next hour all we could do 
was to sit with back to the parapet 
and do what little we could to heH 
those struck from time to time. 

"From the intensity of the fire we 
judged that an attack would shortly 
be made on this section of our line, 
jird had just decided that the few of 
us who were left seven was all we 
could muster here could not hope to 
do very much to stem it, when a shell 
burst, killing or wounding all of us, 
who were left, except Major Draper, 
who escaped with a bad shaking from 
the- force of the explosion. 

"Up to this time the Colonel's 
cheery voice had always been heard 
whenever a shell or bomb burst very 
near calling, Are you all right, Cap- 
tain? I would answer, Yes, sir, are 

"I was not badly hurt and called 
out, Are you all right, Sir? Getting 
no answer, I felt over for the Colonel 
and found him lying unconscious, but 
breathing faintly. 

"I cannot attempt to tell you how 
we got our dearly loved commanding 
officer out of the trench and across 
the firing line to the wood for about 
100 yards, till we got into a commu- 
nication trench affording a little more 
shelter than the one we had left and 
where there was a chance of getting 
help; or how we escaped further in- 
jury on the way torn up as it was 


with bursting shells and littered with a tangled mass of falling trees, tele- 
phone wires and hundreds of shell holes. 

"Here we were able to render first aid, but though everything possible 
was done the Colonel never regained consciousness. He died just as we 
got to the nearest dressing station at about 12.15 on the morning of June 3. 

"The casket was made by the Pioneers and your brother was buried with 
military honors the same day at 5 p.m., in the new military cemetery at 
Poperinghe. The service was conducted by Major A. W. Woods, Chaplain. 
The few remaining officers of the regiment and those from the Brigade 
acted as pall-bearers, followed by every N.C.O. and man who could possibly 
be spared." 

The Right Hon. Sir Robert Borden, Prime Minister, in an 
interview, following the news of the heroic resistance of the 
Canadians at Ypres said : 

"I have read with the deepest regret the long list of casualties which 
has just been announced and which will bring sorrow to so many homes 
in Canada. The Canadian forces held an important and honorable portion 
of the British line, and it is evident they were subjected to an intense bom- 
bardment followed by an infantry attack in great force. The splendid gal- 
lantry with which their counter-attack was delivered and the lost ground 
recovered maintain the glorious record established in April of last year by 
the First Division. 

"Among so many gallant officers who are named in the list it would be 
impossible to particularize. I may, however, be permitted to mention one of 
my colleagues in the House of Commons, Lieut.-Col. G. H. Baker, M.P. He 
was a man of the highest ability, of fine character in every way and his death 
is. not only a great loss to his immediate friends and relatives, but to the 
public life of Canada, in which, if he had lived, he would certainly have 
filled a very distinguished place. Without distinction of party, all of his 
colleagues in the House will accord to his family and relatives deepest sym- 
pathy. I mourn his death as that of a very dear personal friend." 

Tribute of Major General Sir Sam Hughes 

At a memorial service held at Sweetsburg, on June 1 8th, 
for Col. Baker and other members of the 5th C.M.R. who had 
fallen, and at which the Minister of Militia was present, Sir 
Sam Hughes said in part : 

"When the war broke out, Col. Baker being a cavalry officer, volun- 
teered to raise a cavalry regiment. But the government at that time was 
not asking for cavalry regiments. Later on it was my privilege and pleasure 
to commission Col. Baker to raise a regiment in the Eastern Townships, in 
which you all took a great interest, and which has so distinguished itself at 
such terrific cost in the last two weeks. Baker went to the front, but as no 
use was found for cavalry fighting, it being trench warfare, he was one of 
the first to volunteer to change his regiment from a cavalry regiment into 
infantry. A number of the younger officers could not find a position in 
consequence of doubling up the regiments by drafting the Mounted Rifles 
and others. Col. Baker was one of the junior commanding officers and not 
likely to get a regiment. I offered him a position (superior to the command 
of a regiment) on the headquarters staff where he would be free from dan- 
ger, but his affection for his boys and his splendid soldier qualities would 
not allow him to accept it. He said he would .stick to the boys from the 


Eastern Townships and would not desert them. When it came to the final 
issue a few days ago he was in an entrenchment with no supports. The line 
was broken by an overwhelming bombardment, pur troops in the trenches 
were very few in number. The Germans, immediately their artillery ceased 
came on in large numbers and the opponents numbered twenty to one in 
some cases, and some had to fall back. Baker came to the relief but could 
not afford to fire without the risk of injuring our own men so he took the 
charge with the bayonet and the result was that many of his men beside 
himself were killed. His heart was in the Eastern Townships. I have heard 
many times of Sweetsburg, have often been invited by his many friends in- 
cluding Mr. Foster, but never visited his old home until today. His remains 
lie in Belgium but his spirit is I believe where the spirit of every man goes 
who lives his life for human liberty safe in the place where all good 
spirits go. But his example will go down in the Eastern Townships and his 
name will be revered by the boys old and young, and the" men and women 
of the Townships and the Dominion of Canada for many a long day. After 
the war we may have the privilege of bringing his body ho^e and laying 
his remains to rest in his native town of Sweetsburg, but his spirit is just 
as happy whether his body lies under the poppies and roses of Belgium or 
under the maples of Sweetsburg. I have no doubt, however, that the people 
of Sweetsburg and the surrounding country will erect some suitable memor- 
ial in honor of his memory later. My colleagues asked me to express their 
regret to his friends and family. Baker was one of the junior commanding 
officers and not likely to get a regiment. He refused to take a position 
where he would be safe at the headquarters. He stuck to his boys and has 
fallen with them." 

One of Finest Incidents of This or Any Other Fight 

The London Times referring to the defence of Maple 
Copse and Sanctuary Wood, a section of the line where the 
5th Canadian Mounted Rifles were engaged said : 

"At Sanctuary Wood next day, when our men pushed through in the 
counter attack, they found the ground covered with German dead, and the 
defence and successful holding of the position at Maple Copse was one of 
the finest incidents of this or any other fight." 

Narrative of Glorious Stand by Canadians 

Until the historian, in after years, records the complete 
story of the heroic resistance of Canadians at Ypres on June 
2nd and 3rd, the account of the Times, published some time 
after the battle, and based upon the stories of participants, will 
be accepted as the best narrative available. 

The following extracts may well be reproduced in this 
volume : 

"How suddenly the attack began is shown by the fact that General 
Mercer and General Williams, who are among the missing, had gone into 
the front trenches because it was a clear and quiet morning, suitable for 
observation. When last seen by our men, General Mercer was suffering 
badly from shock, and was quite deaf, as a result of shells bursting near 
him, but he was, so far as is known, untouched. General Williams, with 
whom was Colonel Usher, had been slightly wounded in the head. Both had 



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Map of Western Front, Showing Ypres and the Somme Where Canadian 

Troops Fought so Valiantly, and Verdun Where the French 

Heroically Repulsed the German Assault. 

taken shelter in a well-protected dugout known as "The Tube," and they 
appear to have been there when the Germans came into the trench. 

"The narratives of all the battalions in the front line trenches agree as 
to the suddenness with which the bombardment began over the whole area 
attacked, and the terrible and, so far as this front is concerned, the unprece- 
dented severity with which it continued, without interruption, for over four 
long hours before the infantry attack was made. The weapon which the 
Germans are now chiefly using is the 5.9, but every other sort of gun was 
employed, including heavy howitzers, naval guns, and trench mortars, with 
high explosive, shrapnel and lachrymatory shells. 

"In such a position as this, at the angle of a salient, the place attacked 
can be subjected to a concentrated fire from all sides, but, quite apart from 
this local condition, the immense weight of artillery now used, in proportion 
to their size, .in all attacks on this front has given the fighting of the last 
few weeks a new character. Artillery fire is not now used merely to demcr- 


alize the enemy or break up formations. It is used to annihilate, to oblit- 
erate every form of defensive work, and make life itself impossible on every 
yard of the ground attacked. I will not labour the point for the benefit of 
the makers of munitions at home. What I desire now is to make it thor- 
oughly understood that this is the general rule, the formula, of all attacks 
nowadays, and that in this articular case, it was this kind of fire which 
the Canadians had to stand and take hour after hour, without any possibility 
of using a rifle in reply. There is no shadow of a difference of opinion as 
to the fact that no troops on earth could have behaved with, greater steadi- 
ness or more admirable gallantry than tbey did. 

"It is not desirable to mention regiments or brigades by name or to 
individualize battalions by their true numbers, beyond saying that the troops 
engaged including units of the Princess Patricia's Light Infantry, the Cana- 
dian Mounted Rifles, the Royal Canadian Regiment, and the Canadian In- 
fantry. The northern end of the line attacked, just south of Hooge, was 
held by the Patricias, and here, in the Sanctuary Wood, was fighting of the 
most desperate kind. The "wood" now is a mere ghost of what the name 
implies. There is little greenery or shelter; nothing but a certain remnant 
of ragged stumps and bits of splintered poles. To the south, occupying the 
middle of the % ground covered by the enemy's concentrated fire, were bat- 
talions of the 'Canadian Mounted Rifles. Here the trenches are out on the 
flat in a region where the soil a few feet below the surface becomes water, 
so that defensive works of any depth, capable of resisting modern shell fire, 
are impracticable. 

"It was hell there is no other word for it over the whole line; hell 
minute by minute and hour after hour, and not only over the front line it- 
self, but in the region behind, where lay the places known as Maple Copse, 
Observatory Ridge, and Armagh Wood. Each one of these names will be 
written large in history. The lines in front of these were held then by a 
battalion of the Canadian Mounted Rifles, and other battalions came up 
later to assist them through the barrage, and few things finer, it is said, 
were ever seen in war than the way in which they came. 

"It is not easy to convey to one who has not seen it, or the effects of it, 
what such a bombardment as was concentrated here implies. Most people 
in England now have some idea of a Zeppelin bomb. If you can imagine 
Zeppelin bombs dropping at a rate of scores to the minute over every acre 
of a given area, continuing unceasingly for hours, until before the end there 
is no spot where the holes in the ground do not coalesce and none where 
every sort of structure on the earth's surface is not a shapeless lump of ruin, 
you will have some idea of what the latest type of artillery bombardment 

"It is quite certain that the Germans had no idea that any human being 
could have lived through their artillery attack. When the infantry ad- 
vanced they came, not charging, but with full kit and in regular formation, 
as if to occupy untenanted ground. They paid for it. This occurred in at 
least two places in Sanctuary Wood and at Maple Copse. At Sanctuary 
Wood next day, when our men pushed through in the counter-attack, they 
found the ground covered with German dead, and the defence and success- 
ful holding of the position at Maple Copse was one of the finest incidents of 
this or any other fight. 

"There was a position here held by C. Company of a certain battalion. 
To the troops in reserve, no less than to the enemy, it seemed that the whole 
place must be obliterated, and that none of the defenders could survive. No 
shots came from it as the German infantry attack began, and an effort was 
made to send up another company to help, or rather, to take the ruined place 

"From the other side the Germans came on to take possession, carrying 

Eastern Townships Officers in Overseas Service 

Lieut.-Col. D. C. Draper, D.S.O., Who Maj. R. H. Fletcher, O.C. 35th Bat- 
. Succeeded to Command 5th tery, Recruited in the Eastern 

C.M.R. on Death of Col. Townships 


Major C. K. Fraser, Who Served in 
South African War and went 
with First Contingent for 
Overseas Service in Pres- 
ent War. 

Lieut.-Col. F. C. Bowen, Formerly 
O.C. 53rd Regiment, Sherbrooke, 
in Overseas Service Since 
Beginning of the War. 


bombs in case any shred of resistance remained. There was a shred. The 
defenders waited in silence until the enemy was almost within bombing dis- 
tanc, and then, so deadly was the fire that at the first volley the enemy 
dropped their bombs and, fled. A second time they came on, and again were 
driven back. The place thereafter was battered by artillery and drenched 
with rifle fire; but when night fell C Company was still in possession and 
the ground is ours now. The captain who had led the defence at this point 
throughout the day was among those killed towards the end. 

"More hopeless, but even more splendidly dramatic, were some of the 
scenes enacted along the trenches. After the long bombardment, the enemy 
heralded his infantry attack by blowing up some mines, which besides the 
wreckage they wrought in our positions at that particular point also caused 
considerable loss of life. The actual advance of the infantry from the tren- 
ches was preceded and partially concealed by a smoke barrage. To the 
dazed and broken remnants of the men in our trenches; then, the enemy 
was not visible until he was close at hand. Of one battalion few of the 
men who remained had any rifles left that were fit for use even if the men 
had been fit to use them. But when they say the enemy coming and close 
at hand they climbed from the trenches to meet them and, some blind and 
deaf and staggering, they charged magnificently but pitifully to their deaths 
with no weapons but broken rifle butts, bits of entrenching tools, and in 
some cases their fists. I do not know where in war you will look for a more 
tragical or more thrilling episode. 

"It is of such men that the German communique foully says that the 
number of prisoners taken was small because the enemy ran away. The 
reason why few prisoners were taken was because the Canadians fought to 
the last with a pride of spirit which the Germans do not know, against guns 
and rifles and bombs, with broken rifles and bare hands. 

"There is the tale of a captain who, finding himself in command of a 
remnant, some slightly wounded, all dazed and deafened, and mostly without 
effective arms, ordered them to go back and, when they protested, made 
them go. He stayed till the last man was gone, and the others, looking back, 
saw him empty his revolver at the advancing enemy, then fling it in the faces 
of the Germans and himself leap after it. 

"Of one battalion only one officer, of the machine gun section, survived 
unwounded. The losses in the two supporting battalions were less heavy 
than those of the battalions which were in the front line from the first, and 
they say that the gallantry and steadiness with which the supports came up 
through the barrage, going through death, with nothing but death and the 
chance of helping a comrade beyond, was magnificent beyond words. 

"Nor does anyone claim that the officers behaved any better than the 
men. Whenever the higher officers were killed the N.C.O. took command 
with promptitude and coolness. Of a group of 20 stretcher bearers with 
one part of the force five were killed, and those ought to have been killed 
50 times. The surviving officers give great praise to the signallers, who 
did their best to keep communication going, and the mortality among them 
was as heavy as among any other branch. 

"As for the innumerable gallant deeds done by men in the ranks, one 
deserves to be recorded. It was by a private. Under the awful artillery 
fire, to which there was no replying with rifles, he had busied himself in 
caring for the wounded, and had bandaged one officer, two non-commissioned 
officers and two privates, and was looking after them as well as he could 
behind a forlorn bit of battered sandbag breastwork out in the open, for 
the trenches were all gone. The fragment of his company was told to fall 
back, but he refused. He had got his private hospital there, and one of the 
wounded privates was a pal from his own small town in far Canada. So he 
stayed with his pal. 


"It is all a dreadful story to have to tell, but a splendid one. Long after 
the issues of minor engagements in this war are forgotten, and when every- 
body has ceased to care whether at any moment we gained or lost a hundred 
yards of ground or a mile of trench, the memory of how the Canadians 
fought against hopeless odds near Hooge will be remembered, and Canada 
and the Empire will be proud, for generations to come, of the men whose 
deeds I have mentioned and of their no less gallant comrades." 

5th C.M.R. Again Organized for Battle 

The remnant of the gallant Fifth took but a brief time for 
rest and reorganization. Within a few weeks they were again 
ready for battle. Those who had suffered but slight wounds 
rejoined their battalion and drafts from other Canadian corps, 
brought the force up to its old strength. 

The ravages of war had been severe upon the list of officers 
and many changes were necessary in consequences. 

A few Eastern Townships names remained in the list. 
Major D. C. Draper, D.S.O., became lieutenant-colonel and 
commander of the battalion. The other officers who had 
trained at Sherbrooke and who continued with the battalion 
after the third battle of Ypres were Capt. W. Rhodes, Adju- 
tant Capt. E. Gill, Capt. G. D. Bishop, Capt. C. W. Hewson 
(afterwards wounded), Capt. E. A. Robertson, (P.M.) Capt. 
A. A. Tritsch (Q.M.), Lieut. E. N. Chauvin, Lieut. Campbell 
(afterwards killed in action), Lieut. H. H. Cotton, while ser- 
geants Gray, Eaton, Lewis and Gifford were promoted and 
received commissions. 

List of Honors 

A number of honors were distributed among members of 
the battalion for conspicuous gallantry in the battle of June 
2nd and 3rd, the list being as follows : 

Distinguished Service Order Major, now Lt.-Col. D. C. 

Military Cross Capt. C. W. Hewson, Capt. W. Rhoades, 
Lieut. G. R. Barnes. 

Distinguished Conduct Medal C.S.M., Geo. Gill; C.S.M., 
F. Hughes; Corp. H. B. Walton, Pte. J. E. Brayley, Pte. A. E. 
Brown, Lieut. Harry R. Gifford. 

Military Medal Sgt. T. E. Roe (since reported dead), 


Corp. R. D. Mess, Corp. S. G. Semple, Pte. S. B. Reddin, 
Lance-Corp. W. G. Cuttle, Pte. C. P. Boutilier, Sergt. William 
J. King. 

An Eastern Townships Tribute 

The feelings of the people of the Eastern Townships in 
connection with the heroic conduct of the men of the 5th 
C.M.R., and of Eastern Townships men in other battalions, 
was voiced in a resolution adopted by the Eastern Townships 
Associated Boards of Trade, at Ayer's Cliff, June 29th, 1916. 
The resolution, which was moved in an eloquent speech by 
Mr. R. C. Williams, of Farnham, and seconded by Mr. E. W. 
Farwell, of Sherbrooke, was as follows : 

"That the Eastern Townships Associated Boards of Trade in quarterly 
meeting assembled, hereby place upon record their profound admiration for 
the heroic men of the Eastern Townships who have given up their lives in 
the defence of the Empire in the present stupendous struggle for liberty, 
justice and the Christian civilization such as is enjoyed and understood by 
all people owing allegiance to the British flag. 

"May their names be emblazoned on our Roll of Honor in the hearts of 
the people of the Eastern Townships, and live from generation to gener- 
ation, that their sublime heroism may be an inspiration to patriotism and 
devotion to the manhood of the future. 

"May their memories be the choicest heritage of their families until 
time is no more. 

"To their families and relations, we offer our heartiest sympathy in 
this their hour of sore bereavement and we pray Almighty God to soften 
their sorrow and console them with the thought that "Greater love hath no 
man than he who layeth down his life for his friend." 

In Battle of the Somme 

The Mounted Rifles in the fall of 1916 were moved from 
the Ypres district and joined in the allied drive on the Somme 
where they sustained their fine reputation won in earlier fights 
and made further sacrifices for the cause. They took part in 
the successful attack on Regina trench and gallantly contri- 
buted their part in the great drive against the German lines. 

Some day the history of this gallant regiment will be writ- 
ten in greater detail than is possible at this time. The brave 
men of the Townships have maintained the best traditions of 
their race. The story of their deeds will be the heritage of their 



















117th Eastern Townships Battalion 

The most distinctly Eastern Townships 
military unit organized during the war 
was the 1 1 7th Eastern Townships Bat- 
talion because it contained a larger pro- 
portion of Eastern Townships men than 
any other. 

The 1 1 7th was authorized in the fall 
of 1915 when the call for service came 
most strongly to the native born young 
men of Canada. It was given a distinc- 
~vg~ tive Eastern Townships name and offi- 

cered almost wholly by Eastern Town- 
Cap Badge s k ips men j t a pp ea l ec j di rec tly to na- 
L17 E. T. Battalion tiye born young men o f tne townships 
and they flocked to the standard. In spite of the fact that 
many other corps were turning to this section for recruits, the 
ranks of the 1 1 7th filled rapidly. During the winter recruiting 
proceeded. Groups of 25 or more men went into temporary 
training at various points in the townships while the head- 
quarters and the general rallying point was established at 

The Officers 

The 1 1 7th was organized under the following list of 
officers : Lt.-Col. L. J. Gilbert, O.C. ; Major W. J Ewing, 
Major W. W. Dunsmore, Major J. H. Boutelle, Major A. C. 
Hanson, Major E. H. Bowen, Capt. V. R. Spearing, Capt. A. 
Whitehead, Capt. E. E. Locke, Capt. B. W. Brock, Capt. Thos. 
Irving, Capt. W. H. Moorhead, (Chaplain) ; Capt. T. A. 
McCallum, Capt. R. Bartholomew, Capt. J. E. Smith, Lieut. 
T. Farnsworth, Lieut. J. St. G. Hall, Lieut. W. S. McCutcheon, 
Lieut. H. Edney, Lieut. D. Robertson, Lieut. G. Cook, Lieut. 
G. H. Hamilton, Lieut. W. S. Bailey, Lieut. M. Bready, Lieut. 
G. E. Morris, Lieut. J. E. Wilkins, Lieut. J. G. Pope, Lieut. 
R. D. Farley, Lieut. G. Blanche, Lieut. C. Watt, Lieut. W. E. 
Mclver, Lieut. J. Owen Jones, Lieut. W. S. Fry, Lieut. R. S. 
Tate, Lieut. E. C. Irvine, Lieut. A. G. Johnston, Lieut. D. E. 
Stewart, Lieut. H. G. Cowling, Lieut. T. S. C. Sanders, Lieut. 
D. R. Smith, Lieut. Goff Penny. 


Eastern Townships Officers in Overseas Service 

Lieut.-Col. L. J. Gilbert, O.C. 117th Lieut.-Col. W. J. Ewing, Secon.d in 
E. T. Battalion Command 117th E.T. Battalion 

Lieut.-Col. J. H. Boutelle of the 117th Capt. the Rev. W. H. Moorhead, 
E. T. Battalion Chaplain 117th E.T. Battalion 


By May, 1916, the battalion had practically attained full 
strength. Some eight hundred were encamped on the Exhi- 
bition grounds in Sherbrooke while, small detachments con- 
tinued training at outside towns. In the latter part of May 
the Battalion entrained for St. Johns, Que., going into bar- 
racks lately occupied by the Grenadier Guards. This was a 
step towards Valcartier and made room at Sherbrooke for the 
1 78th E. T. French-Canadian battalion which had been previ- 
ously recruiting at Victoriaville. 

The march through the city from the camp to the C.P.R. 
station gave the public the last opportunity to view the splen- 
did body of men who had been marshalled from all parts of 
the townships to fight for the cause of liberty. Sturdy lads 
from the farm and young men from the offices, in their khaki- 
clad raiment, in full marching order, headed by the regimental 
band and led by Colonel Gilbert on his white charger, swung 
through the streets with the steady step of veterans. They 
were leaving their homes and loved ones for the uncertainties 
of the battle field, but those who lined the sidewalks knew 
that in whatever position they might be placed they would 
give a good account of themselves and uphold the honor of 
the section of Canada they were to represent especially in the 
great conflict. 

Colors Presented 

An interesting incident in connection with the departure 
of the 1 1 7th Eastern Townships Battalion was the presen- 
tation of a magnificent set of colors from the people of the 
Townships. The presentation was organized by the Eastern 
Townships Associated Boards of Trade, Mr. E. W. Farwell 
acting as chairman of the special committee in this connec- 
tion. Some three thousand citizens, representing almost every 
town and village and rural community in the Eastern Town- 
ships subscribed to the special address presented on the occa- 
sion. The presentation took place at His Majesty's Theatre, 
Sherbrooke, Monday evening, May 29th, following a concert 
given by talent from the battalion. His Lordship, Bishop 
Williams, of Quebec, was present to consecrate the colors; the 
ceremony prescribed in military ritual being followed. 


Address From Eastern Townships Citizens 

After the colors had been dedicated, Mr. V. E. Morrill, 
President of the Associated Boards of Trade, received the 
King's Colors from the senior Major, Major Ewing, and the 
Regimental colors from Major Dunsmore, the junior Major, 
and handed them to Lieutenants Stewart and Edney, the senior 
and junior lieutenants, respectively. He then presented Col. 
Gilbert with a handsome volume bound in morocco containing 
an address signed by nearly 3000 residents of all parts of the 
Townships, a portrait of the officers and a number of Eastern 
Townships views. The address was as follows : 

"To Lieut.-Col. Gilbert, Officers, Non-Commissioned Officers and Men of 

the 117th Eastern Townships Battalion. 
"Soldiers of the Eastern Townships : 

"We, the undersigned, have all viewed, with special interest, the organi- 
zation of the 117th Battalion, and have noted with pride and satisfaction 
the rallying of the vigorous loyal sons of the townships to the banners of 
this Eastern Townships Corps. 

"Your faces are already turned toward the battle line beyond the seas. 
You are anxious to join the khaki clad legions who have gone before, and 
to strike your blow in defence of your Canadian homes, for the preservation 
of the Empire, and, indeed, on behalf of human liberty throughout the world. 

"The conduct of Canadian soldiers in France and Flanders has already 
shed undying lustre upon their native land, and won for themselves imper- 
ishable fame. Men of the Eastern Townships, and they are in almost every 
corps, have never been found wanting in the test of valor. 

"In name and composition, you will go forth as a distinct Eastern Towjn- 
ships Battalion, and will always be directly associated with your own section 
of Canada. Your career will be followed with the keenest interest. 

"The prayers and the thoughts of the people of the Eastern Townships 
will be ever with you. There is little that we can offer in a tangible form. 
We ask you, however, to accept these Colors as a permanent reminder of 
our constant interest in your welfare. May the justice of your cause and 
the banners under which you fight be your inspiration in the days of streriu- 
ous service. And, when you return, upon these Colors will be inscribed the 
record of your deeds in battle, for yourselves a reminder of glorious memor- 
ies, for your friends a priceless treasure, for your children and your child- 
ren's children their proudest heritage. 

"The people of the Eastern Townships wish you Godspeed as you go 
forth upon your glorious mission." 

Col. Gilbert's Reply 

Col. Gilbert received the volume amid loud cheering and 
replied as follows : 

"My Lord Bishop, Mr. Morrill, President of the Associated Boards of Trade 

of the Eastern Townships, Ladies and Gentlemen : 

"In the name of the officers, Non-Commissioned Officers, and men of 

the 117th E. T. Battalion, I desire, tonight, to thank, in the heartiest manner, 

the people of the Eastern Townships, through your Associated Boards of 









Trade, for the Colors that have just been 
presented to our Battalion, accompanied by 
your address. I appreciate in a manner 
which words cannot express, the thoughtful- 
ness of the people of the Eastern Townships 
in making this most suitable gift. I feel truly 
proud, as an Eastern Townships man, to 
have the high honor of commanding a bat- 
talion that is peculiarly Eastern Townships 
in its composition, and it shall be my one 
determination, and the determination of 
the men under my command, to carry the 
Colors, you have so thoughtfully given us, 
to victory. Wherever duty calls, I trust, 
there will be found the boys from the 
Eastern Townships, and when the boys of 
your own battalion come marching home, 
carrying, we hope, the Colors you have given 
us tonight, we wish for no grander words 
to be inscribed across them than the words 
"These banners were carried by a battalion 
that always tried to do its duty." 

"I have also My Lord Bishop of Quebec, 
to thank your Lordship for coming here to- 
night, to consecrate and set apart these 
Colors. We will carry them not only as 
Soldiers of King, but as Soldiers of the 
KING of kings. 

"I also thank, with all my heart, the people 
of the Eastern Townships, for the ever- 
increasing interest they are taking in the 
Battalion. It is and will ever be a source 
of great inspiration to us to know that the 
thoughts and good wishes of the people of 
this part of our Dominion are with us. 

"And too, I thank you who are here, to- 
night, for coming once more to wish us God- 
speed. Your hearts will, I know, go with 
us, and while things may seem dark at times 
yet as you have heard the boys sing tonight : 

"There's a silver lining to the dark cloud 


Turn the dark cloud inside out till the boys 


Col. Gilbert's speech drew forth a 
great outburst of cheering. On the 
order of their commanding officer 
the guard presented arms, the gen- 
eral salute was given and the vast 
audience sang the National Anthem. 
The representatives of the Boards of 
Trade who accompanied the presi- 
dent of the Associated Boards on 


the platform were: E. W. Farwell, (Sherbrooke) ; R. C. Wil- 
kins (Farnham) ; P. C. Duboyce (Richmond) ; A. A. Wood- 
man (Coaticook) ; J. E. Poutre, D. J. Steele, J. J. Fitzgerald, 
and W. M. Hillhouse (Sherbrooke.) 

Victrolas From Sherbrooke Board of Trade 

On the same occasion, a presentation of Victrolas was 
made to the battalion from the citizens of Sherbrooke, through 
the Sherbrooke Board of Trade accompanied by the following 

address : 

Sherbrooke, May 29, 1916. 

To Lt.-Col. L. J. Gilbert, O.C., and to the Officers, Non-Commissioned Offi- 
cers, and Men of the 117th Eastern Townships Overseas Battalion : 

Sirs : The citizens of Sherbrooke eagerly grasp the opportunity 
afforded by your visit here this evening to give expression to the earnest 
feelings they have in your regard. 

From the beginning of December to the beginning of May, while we 
were particularly favored with your presence in our midst, we watched your 
progress from day to day with the keenest interest. When, a few weeks ago, 
you marched away from us we could not help but remark with complete 
satisfaction the splendid results which had attended your close application 
to able training during those few months. 

From what we have seen we know that when the firing line is reached, 
your valor and your skill will swell the glory of our country, our townships 
and our city. 

Please accept the humble gift of Victrolas which the citizens of Sher- 
brooke are offering through their Board of Trade to each Company of the 
117th Eastern Townships Battalion. We hope that every one of you will 
regard them as a souvenir of the interest, the esteem, the pride and the love 
which the citizens of Sherbrooke feel for the noble sons of the Easternl 

We wish you Godspeed. 


D. J. Steele, President. 
John J. Fitzgerald, Secretary. 

The Battalion Band 

At an earlier date the Battalion had received a gift of a 
very fine set of band instruments from the firm of Messrs. 
H. C. Wilson & Sons, Sherbrooke. This enabled the battalion 
to organize an efficient band as there was ample talent. 

At Valcartier 

The Battalion proceeded from St. Johns to Valcartier camp 
early in June and continued there in training until July 1 2th, 


when it entrained at Levis for Halifax, proceeding thence 
overseas. The 1 1 7th Battalion was regarded as one of the 
best corps that left the shores of Canada during the year. 

The 117th Overseas 

On arrival in England, the 1 1 7th Eastern Townships Bat- 
talion went into training at Bramshot Camp. Owing to the 
losses sustained by Canadian divisions in France, it became 
necessary to break up the organization of the battalions arriv- 
ing in England and send them forward as reinforcements for 
various corps at the front. The 1 1 7th, therefore, was unable 
to proceed to the firing line as a unit. In companies or pla- 
toons they separated from their own battalion in the fall of 
1916 and took the places assigned them in various corps in 
France or about to leave for the front. A portion of the 1 1 7th 
went forward in November to reinforce the 5th C.M.R., and 
there joined their brothers from the Eastern Townships who 
had escaped death in the fierce battles of the past year. 

The 1 1 7th Battalion, following these changes, established 
its headquarters at Seaford, Eng., serving as a reinforcing bat- 
talion through which troops passed on their way to the units at 
the front. In January, 1917, it merged with the 23rd Batta- 
lion, as reserve, with headquarters at Shoreham, Sussex, Eng- 
land. By this time nearly all of the original 1 1 7th had crossed 
the channel and taken their places as reinforcements with the 
veteran fighting units at the front. 

The people of the Eastern Townships feel a just pride in 
the splendid body of men sent forward to the Motherland 
under the banner of the 1 1 7th Battalion. Wherever and 
whenever called upon they will give a good account of them- 
selves as have their brothers who preceded them to the battle- 
scarred land of France. 

35th Battery 

During the summer of 1915, Major R. H. Fletcher, of 
Sherbrooke, received commission to organize the 35th Battery 
with headquarters at Sherbrooke and the unit was quickly 
recruited. Major Fletcher enlisted among his officers, Capt. 
H. B. Miller, Lieuts. Eldridge Cate, Lieut. McLean and Lieut. 




Fleet. The battery after training in Canada through the early 
winter proceeded overseas in 1916. It passed most creditably 
the tests made on its arrival in England and after a very brief 
period of training there was sent to France and assigned to 
the Somme front where the guns of this gallant Sherbrooke 
unit helped to batter the German lines. The 35th did not 
escape paying the price of the victorious advance and in the 
casualty lists the names of Major Fletcher and Lieut. Gate 
appeared during the second week of November, 1916, but 
fortunately their wounds were not of a serious nature and 
they soon rejoined their battery. 

178th Overseas Battalion 

Lieut. -Col. R. de la Bruere Girouard saw active service 
during the first year of the war as an officer of the famous 
22nd Battalion. He himself was wounded in the fierce en- 
gagements in which this corps participated and returning to 
Canada conceived the idea of raising a French-Canadian bat- 
talion. The 1 78th known locally as the 1 78th Eastern Town- 
ships French-Canadian Battalion, was the result. Recruiting 
was begun in Montreal and continued at Arthabaska, Drum- 
mondville and Sherbrooke. The battalion occupied quarters 
on the exhibition grounds at Sherbrooke during June and a 
part of July and was then mobilized at Valcartier where it was 
later merged with another battalion. Col. Girouard has done 
splendid service in recruiting work in the province and it has 
been stated that no less than eighteen hundred men joined the 
colors as a result of his efforts. 

Eastern Townships Does Its Part 

The Eastern Townships has proven the most fruitful 
ground for recruiting in the province and Eastern Townships 
men have found their way into every corps organized in Que- 
bec. Aside from those already referred to whose headquart- 
ers during the period of organization were in the townships, 
many Eastern Townships men went overseas with the follow- 
ing military units : Princess Patricias, 5th, 3rd, 4th, 1 0th, 


12th, 13th, 14th, 15th, 23rd, 24th, 27th, 43rd, 48th, 49th, 
60th, 73rd, 87th, 98th, 169th, 171st, 245th, 2 C.F.A., 22nd 
Battery, University Corps, and many others. 

Among the officers from the Eastern Townships who re- 
sponded to the call of the Empire in the above corps or in 
others not having headquarters here were the following : Bri- 
gadier-General F. O. W. Loomis, Lieut. -Col. E. B. Worthing- 
ton, Lieut. -Col. J. J. Penhale, Lieut. -Col. F. C. Bowen, Lieut. - 
Col. J. Bruce Payne, Major C. K. Eraser, Capt. H. G. Tate, 
Capt. M. K. Adams, Capt. Kenneth Kennedy, Capt. Harry 
Sampson, Capt. E. J. Griffith, Capt. G. T. Dodge, Capt. Basil 
Irwin, Capt. R. M. Griffith, (Montreal staff), Capt. V. A. 
Ol'vier, Lieut. Palmer, Lieut. Parkes, Lieut. Forbes Hale, Lieut. 
iViackinnon, Lieut. Carroll Cate, Lieut. Eldridge Cate, Lieut. 
Albert Webster, Lieut. Routledge, Lieut. R. Somers, Lieut. R. 
Dupuy, Lieut. R. Macfarlane, Lieut. Hugo, Lieut. Tyndall, 
Lieut. E. C. Fraser. 

Nor has service for the cause beyond the seas, so far as the 
Eastern Townships is concerned, been confined to the men. 
Equally brave and devoted, and deserving of no less recog- 
nition, are a number of Eastern Townships young women who 
are engaged in Red Cross or other hospital work. Among 
these are Miss Rose Griffith, Sherbrooke, at the American 
Hospital, near Paris; Miss E. F. Jones, service in Serbia, 
Greece and Belgium; Miss Lilian Davignon (Knowlton) ; 
Miss Baird (Scotstown) ; Miss Day, service in Malta; Miss 
Nicol, Miss Johnson, Miss Armitage, Miss Mary Gwynn, Miss 
Etchenberg, Miss Olive Palmer, Sherbrooke. 

The Eastern Townships has, also, sent its quota of medical 
men who have rendered and many of them are still doing 
splendid work in repairing, among the heroic soldiery, the 
ravages of war. 

This list includes Dr. (Major) C. J. Edgar, North Hatley, 
services in England and France and more particularly in the 
East in connection with the Dardannelles expedition; Dr. 
(Colonel) E. J. Williams, France and latterly at Salonika and 
the island of Lemnos; Dr. Parisseau, in France; Dr. Gerald 
Griffith, England and India; Dr. F. H. Bradley, dental ser- 


vice; Dr. Herbert McCrea, Dr. (Capt.) Allen Edgar Thomp- 
son, Dr. Geo. E. Millette, Dr. (Capt.) B. W. Brock and others. 
A number of the overseas corps have drawn their chap- 
lains from Eastern Township clergy, among those changing 
the cloth of the pulpit for the khaki of the army being Rev. 
W. H. Moorhead, Rev. Channell Hepburn, Rev. Belfort and 
Rev. Harold Laws, all with the rank of captain, and major, 
the Rev. A. H. Moore, as chief recruiting officer in the town- 

The Women of the Eastern Townships 

If the chief honor in this great struggle for the preser- 
vation of human liberty in the world belongs to the khaki clad 
soldiers in the firing line, the next and almost equal tribute 
must assuredly go to the women, the workers, the daughters, 
the sweethearts and all who, because of their sex being unable 
to don the uniform and march away to war, have consecrated 
themselves so entirely to the service of their country at home. 

In the Eastern Townships the spectacle in this regard has 
been quite as inspiring as in any part of Canada or elsewhere. 
Space permits only a general reference in this volume. No 
community has been without its Red Cross or Patriotic So- 
ciety and in the larger centres such as Sherbrooke there are 
such co-operating organizations as the Daughters of the Em- 
pire, Belgian, Serbian, Polish and Prisoners of War relief com- 
mittees, and numerous contributory organizations all working 
incessantly for the great patriotic cause. Many thousand 
dollars have been raised and tons upon tons of supplies for 
the soldiers at the front and the hospitals have been prepared 
and forwarded. The labor involved cannot be estimated and 
the devoted workers seek no recognition, being content with 
the thought that they are doing their bit according to their 
opportunities. The homes in the remote rural communities 
as well as in the towns and cities have participated in this great 
service. Socks have been knit, hospital supplies have been 
made and the call for service has been answered with a self- 
sacrifice that is not excelled by the fighting men themselves. 

All honor to Eastern Townships women in this great 
world crisis. Courageously have they faced the terrible anx- 


ieties of the time. Thousands of mothers and sisters with 
thoughts far away with loved ones beyond the seas are labor- 
ing on at home doing such tasks for the national service as 
comes within their reach. 

The great work of Canadian women has attracted attention 
not only in the Old Country but in neutral nations. A writer 
in the New York World, after reviewing at length the services 
of Canadian women for the cause, concludes with this sum- 
mary : 

"Equally efficient to meet the demands of war at home and the front 
have been Canadian women. Vast sums of money have they helped to col- 
lect. By ingenuity of resource and novel plans they have kept the money 
flowing into ever-needy and ever-empty coffers. Hospital staffs in strange 
lands they have manned with expert nurses. Men's places in the office and 
the counting-houses they have assumed calmly, and the duties have been 
efficiently performed. The liquor-traffic has felt their might, and in half 
of the whole Dominion the open bars have been swept away. To suffering 
soldiers and foreign non-combatants have they rushed colossal mountains 
of food and clothing-supplies. Fresh fruit they have canned in thousands 
of quarts for the fighters at the front. And at home, eternally vigilant, al- 
ways alert to fight, they have beaten food-combines and driven prices down. 
Even into the great factories, where come the things of death, they have 
gone and worked and become experts in the art of munition-making. In no 
single thing have they failed ; no single call have they left unanswered. 
Greatly they have striven and greatly achieved." 

Precious, indeed, is Liberty. The right of the people to 
live their lives free from the heel of oppression has never been 
easily won. All through the ages rivers of blood have been 
flowing for the sacred cause of human liberty. Its defense 
has often been as costly as the struggle for its attainment, but, 
the cause has always been worthy of the sacrifice. 

The Eastern Townships, in common with every commun- 
ity of the far flung Empire, mourns its heroic dead. Amid the 
storm of battle, their souls have passed from earthly tribu- 
lation. And they are not dead for they will for ever live in the 
memories of their grateful countrymen who, through their 
sacrifice, will continue to enjoy the liberty guaranteed by the 
flag they have shed their blood to defend. 

The touching lines of Dr. R. Stanley Weir, penned in 
memory of one Eastern Townships lad (Lieut. Allan Rut- 


ledge) may be taken as in memoriam of all the brave boys 
from the townships who have made the supreme sacrifice for 
their country's cause. 

Red for the blood his body shed, 

White for his body's soul, 
Blue for the heaven above his head 

.That shrines the Muster-roll. 
Cheers for the old Red, White and Blue ; 
And cheers, dear lad, brave lad, for you ! 
Cheers ! 

Red for the blood his body shed, 

White for the shining scroll 
That lists him with the undying Dead 

Forever great of soul. 
Cheers for the old Red, White and Blue ; 
But tears, dear lad, brave lad, for you. 




ABBOTT, William Harvey, Len- 
noxville, Que. Born at Lennoxville, 
Que., May 30, 1862. Son of Ephraim 
W. Abbott and Elizabeth L. Harvey, 
English, father born in Groton, Vt. 
Educated at Bishop's College School, 
and Private Schools; Postmaster since 
1900; School Commissioner, ex- 
Mayor, 9 years in Council; two term's 
Mayor C.O.F. Congregationalist. 
Married Elizabeth R. Oughtred, 
daughter of Robinson Oughtred, Len- 
noxville, Que., Sept. 4, 1888. 

ADAMS, George Abel, Adamsville, 
Que. Born at Pigeon Hill, Jan. 13, 
1847, son of George and Jane 
(Kraus) Adams; E. Adamsvile Acad- 
emy and Lennoxville Grammar 
School; Mr. Adams has been one of 
the most active business men of the 
townships; for a period of about 20 
years he conducted general store at 
Adamsville and for fifty years his 
been engaged in sawmill and lumbe~ 
business, as well as interested in 
farming and real estate business, ho 
also conducted a grist mill several 
vears; Postmaster of Adamsville 
about 30 years; Councillor some 40 
years and Mayor several years; Lib- 
eral, Anglican; married, first, Sarah 
V. Douglas, daughter of J. Douglas, 
Granby (deceased) ; second, Sarah 
Jane Finley, Feb. 5, 1902, daughter 
of Edward Finley, Dunham; children, 
Jane Laura, Aug. 15, 1868, died 
March 4, 1896; George James, Oct. 
26, 1871; Byron Abel, July 18, 1879, 
died Sept. 19, 1901; Earnestine 
Mary, Oct. 25, 1883. 

ADAMS, Geo. W., Danville, Que. 
Born at Castlebar, Que., Aug. 23, 
1863. Son of Thos. and Belinda 
Adams. English, father born in New 
Hampshire, and mother in Canada 
E. Danville, Boston and Montreal. 
Degree, L.D.S., practising dentistry 
since 1886. Danville School Commis- 
sioner, 15 years; Danville Town 
Councillor four years, which office he 
now holds. Engaged in dentistry 
continuously since 1886 ; Liberal ; 

Adventist. Married Julia E. Foster, 
daughter of E. M. Foster, Springfield, 
Mass., Feb. 6, 1901. Children: Ar- 
dice A., 1902; Ivan E., 1904; May- 
nard T., 1906. 

ADAMS, Henry Joseph, Eaton, Que. 
Born at Lachute, Que., April 5th, 
1860. Son of Alexander and Eleanor 
(Trinnur) Adams; Scotch. Educated: 
Lachute High School. Engaged in 
general farming, breeding Durham 
cattle and Leicester sheep. Appoint- 
ed Justice of Peace 1905 ; School 
Commissioner 1909; member Comp- 
ton County Agricultural Society ; 
Liberal; Methodist. Married Carrie 
M. Chute, daughter of Curtis Chute, 
at Eaton, Jan. 30th, 1901. 


AKHURST, Elwin Eugene, Coati- 
cook, Que. Born at Coaticook, Oct. 
8, 1880. Son of Robert and Alice 
(Hunt) Akhurst; descent English; 
family coming from Kent County, 
England, about 1868 and settled at 
Coaticook. Educated: Coaticook Aca- 
demy, subsequently taking electrical 
course with International Correspond- 
ence School. With M. J. McNamara, 
jeweller, two years; also, for a time 
with Z. P. Cormier, and Sleeper and 
Akhurst; 1904 to 1906 engaged in 



electrical work in Toronto; returned 
to Coaticook in 1907, and entered 
business with Sleeper and Akhurst, 
subsequently taking position as sup- 
erintendent of Electric Light and 
Power plant for town of Coaticook; 
Secretary Coaticook Board of Trade; 
Methodist; Conservative. Married 
Jan. 3, 1904, Gertrude A. Scott, Hill- 
hurst, Que.; children, Cecil G., 1906- 
Kenneth S., 1908; Leonard H., 1912. 


AKHURST, Edward Adolphus, 

Coaticook, Que. Born at Coaticook, 
Que., Oct. 12, 1872, son of Edward 
W. and Florence A. Akhurst. Mr. 
Akhurst's father, the late E. W. Ak- 
hurst, came from England in 1869 
and settled in Coaticook. Educated 
at Coaticook Academy, Iberville Col- 
lege, (French) ; President and Man- 
aging Director of Sleeper & Akhurst, 
Ltd., established in 1873, the original 
members being Mr. Akhurst's grand- 
father, the late Wright Sleeper and 
the late E. W. Akhurst, father, who 
carried on the business until the death 
of Mr. Sleeper in 1893. In 1901 Mr. 
Akhurst was taken into partnership 
with his father and since the death of 
the latter has continued the business 
under the same name; P.G.M. Odd- 
fellows, 1912-13; Masonic; Conserva- 

tive ; Protestant. Married Edith 
Grant, daughter of Elwell R. Grant, 
of Boston, Mass., April 24, 1901. 
Children: Herbert E., Feb. 27, 1902, 
and Ruth E., Oct. 12, 1908. 

AKIN, Walter Henry, Beebe, Que. 
Born at Stanstead, Que., Dec. 28, 
1870, son of Henry and Eliza (Peeb- 
les) Akin, English, father came from 
New Glasgow, Que., to Stanstead in 
1852; farmer. Educated at Public 
Schools. Conservative. Methodist. 
Married Daisy E. Anderson, New- 
port, Vt., Jan. 4, 1905. 

ALBEE, Bushnell B., Beebe, Que. 

Born at Holland, Vt., Feb. 19, 
1847. Son of Lewis and Julia E. 
(Kent) Albee, English. Educated at 
Public Schools; Beebe Council, 1913; 
Board of Valuators 1909 to 1913; 
I. O. O. F. ; Conservative; Baptist. 
Married Jeannette Martin (deceased 
1898). Married Carrie Taylor, Beebe, 
Que., Jan. 1, 1900. 


ALEXANDER, George James, 

Richmond, Que. Born Ulverton, 
Que., 1868, son of James and Caro- 
line (Wentworth) Alexander ; de- 
scent Scotch ; grandson late Capt 
George Alexander, R.N., who came to 
Drummond County in 1820. Educat- 



ed: Ulverton Model School and St. 
Francis College, Richmond. Secretary 
Richmond Board of Trade; President 
Canadian Ticket Agents' Association; 
Past Master St. Francis Lodge, A.F. 
& A.M., past D. D. G. M., member 
of Holyrood Chapter, R.A.M.; Ind. 
Conservative ; Congregational ; 
married 1900, Susie Fenton Mc- 
McDonald, of Sherbrooke. Children, 
George Morveau, Brian Redmond and 
James Ross. Mr. Alexander entered 
business with his father in 1884, as 
general merchants, at Richmond, con- 
tinuing till 1897, in which year he 
opened general insurance office at 
Richmond; appointed district man- 
ager Manufacturers' Life, in 1898; 
appointed City Ticket Agent G.T.R., 
at Richmond, 1902; has developed 
extensive general insurance business 
throughout country. Mr. Alexander 
has taken much interest in the good 
roads movement, E. T. Associated 
Boards' matters, immigration and 
other public undertakings. 

ALGER, Alvan Bertrand, Eaton, 
Que. Born Eaton, May 16th, 1858, 
son of Henry and Sarepta (Heard) 
Alger. English, his grandfather, Asa 
Alger, coming from Massachusetts as 
one of the first settlers in Eaton. 
Educated : Eaton Academy and St. 
Johnsbury Academy. Conservative; 
Baptist. With the excepiton of two 
years when he carried on business as 
a merchant at Coaticook he has been 
a successful farmer. Durham and 
Hereford cattle and pure bred swine 
rnd sheer* are his specialties. Married 
Nellie Lindsay, daughter of E. N. 
Lindsay, Bulwer. 

ALLARD, George William, Coati- 
cook, Que. L Born at Coaticook, June 
9th, 1884, son of Joseph and Mary 
(Keenan) Allard. French and Irish 
descent. Educated : Public Schools and 
Ontario Business College. Catho- 
lic. Entered Bank of Montreal at 
Sawyerville, spent four years there 
and at Grand Falls, N.B., 1904 to 
1908. Associated with his father in 
lumber business 1908 to 1910; with 
F. B. McCurdy & Co., stock brokers, 
as manager Richmond, Rock Island 
and Cookshire offices 1910 to 1914: 

December 7th, 1914, entered into 
partnership with A. A. Hall, in hard 
ware and plumbing business, under 


firm name of Hall & Allard. Bought 
out business of W. C. Webster & 
Son, one of the oldest in the town- 
ship. Is a director of Westbury Elec- 
tric and Power Co., Cookshire, Que. 

ALLEN, William H., Coaticook, Que. 
Born Smithfield, Me., Feb. 2, 1862. 
Son of Hiram E. and Lucy A. Allen, 
English. Educated: Lewiston, Me., 
I.O.O.F., A.F. & A.M. ; Liberal; Bap- 
tist. Married Edwina M. Richardson, 
daughter of Thomas H. and Hannah 
Richardson, Norway, Me., Nov. 23. 
1884. Children: Geo. W., 1888; Har- 
old L., 1901; Bertha M., 1907. 

ALLEN, Rev. George William. 

Born at Coaticook, Que., Sept. 27, 
1888. Son of William H. and Ed- 
wina M. Allen; Huguenot on father's 
side and on mother's side descent 
from Putman and Wentworth fami- 
lies of New England. Educated, Coati- 
cook Academy and Feller Institute, 
Grand Ligne, and McMaster Univer- 
sity, Toronto. Always been in work 
of Baptist ministry, first pastorate 
being at Abbot's Corner, Que. Mem- 



her Golden Link Lodge No. 56, I. O. 
O. F., at Frelighsburg and King Ed- 
ward Encampment, No. 7, I.O.O.F., 
at Coaticook; also, member Manson- 
ville Board of Trade and Feller Insti- 
tute Alumni Association. Independ- 
ent politics. Baptist. Married Irene 
Agnes Ward, daughter of Charles 
Ward at Coaticook, Dec. 31, 1906. 

and has written many poems which 
have appeared in the townships press. 
Conservative 28 years but left party 
on reciprocity question; Liberal since. 
Methodist. First married Achsah 
Jane Chester (deceased 1897), 
daughter of William Chester, 1889. 
Children: Florence Hortense, 1890; 
John Reginald (now Captain in Brit- 
ish army), 1891; Clifford Robinson, 
(now overseas with 117th E.T.B.), 
1893. Second marriage, Caroline Vic- 
toria Bloomfield, daughter of Thomas 
Bloomfield, Rawdon, Que., 1900. 


ANDREWS, John Robinson, Bish- 
op's Crossing. Born Dudswell, Que., 
Dec. 26, 1861. Son of Samuel Rolfe 
and Rachael Gavin Andrews, descent, 
father's side, U. E. Loyalist, mother's 
side, Scotch-Irish. Educated: Schools 
of district; sixteen years ago built 
present fine store and dwelling at 
Bishop's Crossing, developing exten- 
sive trade ; previously held various po- 
sitions in townships; also, spent year 
in Boston, as salesman with Jordan 
Marsh Co., 1st ass't. postmaster, Bish- 
op's Crossing; 1st Mayor village mun- 
icipality of Marbleton; auditor of 
township of Dudswell. Various church 
offices; treasurer Bishop's Crossing 
Methodist Church. One of the organ- 
izers of Lakeside Cemetery and its 
secretary since 1907. Mr. Andrews 
has gained quite an extensive repu- 
tation by his talent for versification 


ARMITAGE, George, Sherbrooke, 
Que. Born Trenholmville, Que., 
Jan. 30, 1851. Son of Joseph and 
Hannah (Smith) Armitage. English. 
Educated: Public Schools and High 
School, Quebec City. Secretary- 
Treasurer Stanstead ; Alderman, Sher- 
brooke, five years; Secretary-Treas- 
urer and manager Stanstead and 
Sherbrooke Mutual Fire Ins. Co., 
Sherbrooke. Taught school several 
years; Bookkeeper Coaticook Mills 
Co., three years; conducted insurance 
business Stanstead, two years; came 
to Sherbrooke, 1879, to accept posi- 
tion of Secretary-Treasurer, S. & S. 
Ins. Co. ; appointed manager of said 
company, 1906. Much interested in 



music. Independent; Methodist. Mar- Serbrooke Pure Milk Co. ; Presi- 
ried Alma H. Daigneau, daughter of dent Sherbrooke County Agricultur- 
J. M. Daigneau, (now of Montreal), al Society two years ; President 
Dec. 28, 1881. Children, G. Guelph, of the Sherbrooke County Stock 
born 1882; J. Gordon, born 1884; Breeding Syndicate; Director Len- 
Ernest M., born 1885; Florence M., 
born 1887; Alice L., born 1889 ; 
Helen S., born 1894; Francis D., bom 
1898; Clifford D., born 1902. 

ARMITAGE, Richard, Terrill Ave., 
East Sherbrooke, Que. - - Born at 
Trenholmville, Que., May 12, 1845, 
son of Jos. and Hannah (Smith) 
Armitage; English. Educated: Pub- 
lic Schools; for some years farmer 
and live stock dealer in Cleveland 
Township, Richmond Co., later went 
to Montreal and conducted large 
dairy farm; in 1898 came to East 
Sherbrooke and purchased the Pres- 
ton Terrill farm, sold said property 
in 1917 and retired from active farm- 
ing; sold present golf links and rifle 
range from farm mentioned; breeder 
and dealer of fancy driving horses; 
judge many years of live stock and 
horses at various county fairs in the 
Eastern Townships; ex-Councillor 
Cleveland Township, Richmond, Que. ; 
Liberal; Methodist. Married Margaret 
A. Trenholm, daughter of the late 
Jas. Trenhplm, of Trenholmville, 
Que., Dec. 30, 1872. Children: How- 
ard J., 1878; Grace V., 1880; Russell 
J., 1882; Marcus T., 1884; Beatrice 
L., 1886; Nellie M., 1888, and Ar- 
thur M., 1892. 

ARMITAGE, Walter Scott, Sher- 
brooke, Que., farmer. Born at Dur- 
ham, Que., May 23, 1861. Son of 
Henry and Anna M. (Smith) Armi- 
tage ; English. Educated at Model 
School, Ulverton ; Cookshire Acad- 
emy. 1882 came to Sherbrooke, 
formed partnership with father and G. 
H. Armitage, under name of H. Armi- 
tage & Sons, milk dealers, five years 
later G. H. Armitage retired; 1892 
became sole owner of the business, 
also purchased large farm outside city 
limits where he now resides; breeder 
and dealer of fancy driving horses, 
successful exhibitor Sherbrooke and 
Provincial Exhibitions, also Montreal 
Annual Horse Show ; ex-President 


noxville Farmers' Club; Director 
Lennoxville Wool Growers' Associ- 
ation; ex-Pres. and Director Sher- 
brooke Plowman Association; Vice- 
Pres. Associated School Board; Jus- 
tice of the Peace; appointed 1897; 
Pres. Sherbrooke County Liberal As- 
sociation; Chairman and Commis- 
sioner Protestant School Board; ex- 
Mayor and Councillor, Ascot; ex- 
Governor Sherbrooke Protestant Hos- 
pital; Liberal; Methodist; Member 
I.O.F., I.O.O.F. Married Precilla J. 
Berry, daughter Mark Berry, Lach- 
ute, Que., June 4, 1890. Children, 
Aurelia Genevieve, born 1891; de- 
ceas 1912; Reginald S., born 1892; 
Wendell H., born 1900. 

ARMITAGE, Philip Henry, Coati- 
cook, Que., manufacturer. Born at 
Trenholmville, Que., 1855, son of Jo- 
seph and Hannah (Smith) Armitage; 
English. Educated: Public School; in 
1878 formed partnership with the late 
Henry Trenholm, Montreal, and pur- 
chased the Sir Geo. Cartier farm at 



Longue Point; conducting a large olic. Married Rose Alba Morin, 
dairy; sold interest in property 1885 daughter of Joseph Morin, Ascot, Oct. 
and came to Coaticook same year, :0, 1908. Children, Louis Joffre, borr, 
purchasing two-thirds interest in the June 26,- 1916. 
Woollen Mills Co., forming partner- 
ship with the late R. G. Trenholm, 
doing business under name of Coati- 
cook Woollen Mills Co. ; 1889 pur- 
chased partner's interest; 1900 took 
Edgar Taf e into partnership ; member 
Coaticook Board of Trade; I.O.F., 
Royal Guardian, Royal Arcanium ; 
Liberal; Methodist. Married Christina 
J. Holmes, daughter of William Hol- 
mes,, Montreal. Children: Frederic 
H., Charles H., Isabella C. 


AUBIN, Joseph Hilaire, East An- 
gus, Que. Born Windsor Mills, April 
16, 1885, son of Hilaire and Emilie 
(Desaulniers) Aubin, French; E. St. 
Charles Seminary, Sherbrooke. Aftor 
leaving college in 1903 entered em- 
ploy as clerk in general store, con- 
ducted by father, H. Aubir.. In 1910 
purchased said business and since 
that date has carried on general store. 
In favor of macadamizing streets un- 
der loan of Good Roads Act, 1912. 
Elected member of East Angus Coun- 
cil in 1916. Societies: Knights of 
Columbus, C.O.F., A.C.F. Member of 
E. T. Automobile Club. Roman Cath- 


AUDET, Louis Avila, Magog, Que. 
Born St. Cesaire, Que., Jan. 4, 
1857. Son of Jean and Adelaide 
(Colin) Audet ; French, ancestors 
settled on Isle of Orleans in 1667. 
Educated Commercial College at St. 
Cesaire and St. Hyacinthe College. 
Secretary-Treasurer town and" town- 
ship of Magog, and School Boards of 
same place; Mayor of Magog; Justice 
of Peace; Vice-President Board of 
Trade. I.O.F., Catholic Order of For- 
esters, C.M.B.A. ; Conservative ; Ro- 
man Catholic. Studied notarial pro- 
fession with Notary Tache, St. Hya- 
cinthe, and J. H. Lefevbre, Water- 
loo. Admitted to profession in 1882 
and first practiced at Mansonville ; 
began practice in Magog, 1883; has 
charge of Government Fish Hatchery 
at Magog. Constructed and owned 
first waterworks in Magog. Always 
interested in good roads, recreation, 
music, boating and gardening. Mar- 
ried Marie Louise Dorval, daughter 
of J. H. Dorval, Montreal, Oct. 21, 
1882. Children, Jean Louis, 1884 ; 
Frederic Emile, 1887. 



AUSTIN, Frederick J., 32 Dufferin Dunn his mill property, installing 
Ave., Sherbrooke, Que. - - Born at electric light for the village and has 
Limerick, Ireland, Oct. 1, 1840. Son now a grain and feed store; Coun- 
of Wm. Austin, Scotch on father's cillor for five years and elected Mayor 
side, Irish on mother's side. Educated _ 
at Bishop's College School, Lennox- 
ville; High School, Montreal; Private 
School, Montreal ; Medical Faculty, 
University of McGill, M.D.C.M. Mc- 
Gill; Licentiate of Royal College of 
Physicians, Edinburgh; Licentiate of 
Royal College of Surgeons, Edin- 
burgh; Physician to Sherbrooke Jail; 
Member Dominion Medical Associ- 
ation; College of Physicians and Sur- 
geons; Church of England. Married 
Henrietta Clark, daughter of E. 
Clark, Sherbrooke, June 15, 1869. 
Children, Ethel, born June 5, 1873. 

AVER, D. W., Waterville. Born 
Compton, Nov. 4, 1873. Son of D. J. 
and Elizabeth Bellam Ayer; descent, 
English and American. Educated dis- 
trict schools; Postmaster Moe's River 
14 years; Secretary-Treasurer Town- 
ship of Compton, 2 years. Entered 
partnership with father and brother 
1896 in glove manufacturing busi- 
ness; general store Moe's River, 
1902; proprietor Riverside Garage, 
1916. Liberal, Universalist. Married 
Bertha Mabel Walsh, daughter of 
Wm. Henry Walsh, Liverpool, Eng., 
Feb. 18, 1892. Children, Alice Eve- 
lyn, 1893; Fred William, 1899; Fran- 
ces Elizabeth, 1909. 

AYER, Fred A., Frelighsburg, Que. 
Born at Montreal, Feb. 2, 1879. 
Son of A. A. Ayer; grandfather, 
George Ayer, one of the early set- 
tlers in County of Missisquoi. Edu- 
cated Montreal High School and at 
Grand Ligne. Settled in Frelighsburg 
Sept. 1, 1905; from 1905 to 1913 
operated one of largest and best 
known creamery businesses in the 
Eastern Townships, known as the 
Missisquoi creameries; in 1910 help- 
ed foim a company which bought the 
old site of the power plant at Bed- 
ford, Que. ; erected a new plant and 
furnished the town of Bedford with 
electric light until 1916, when town 
bought the plant. In 1911 purchased 
from the estate of the late Mr. J. A. 


for village of Frelighsburg in 1916; 
re-elected Mayor by acclamation in 
1917; member Masons, Montreal A. 
A. Ass., life member ; Conservative ; 
Baptist. Married Emma A. Spencer, 
daughter of E. E. Spencer, of Fre- 
lighsburg, Que., Feb. 20, 1907. 

AYLMER, Hon. Henry, Lennox- 
ville, Que, 2nd son 7th Baron Ayl- 
mer and Mary Aylmer, daughter of 
Edward Journeaux. Born at Mel- 
bourne, Que., April 25, 1843; E. at 
High School, Montreal, and Royal 
Naval College, Portsmouth, England; 
married, Oct. 1871, Louisa Blanche 
Fannie, daughter of late H. A. Howe, 
LL.D., Montreal; served in Canada 
militia during Fenian Raid; Lieut. 
Royal Marine Artillery, for 12 years- 
advocate 1882, successfully practised 
as such at Melbourne for many years; 
joint prothy. District of St. Francis, 
1898; sheriff 1900, office at Sher- 
brooke ; Supt. training camp, Peta- 
wawa, 1909; organized Richmond 
Field Battery 1876 and held command 



irand, Sherbrooke, Que., 1878; Ro- 
man Catholic. Children, Joseph-De- 
nouville, born 1881; Charles-Emile, 
1883; Leonidas, born in 1890. 


of same till Nov., 1887, when he re- 
tired with rank of Lieut.-Col.; com- 
manded Can Wimbledon rifle team, 
1877; received long service decor- 
ation, 1902; was Pres. local branch 
Soc. for Prev. C. to A. and a trustee 
Bishop's College, Lennoxville, and of 
King's Hall, Compton; M.P. for Rich- 
mond and Wolfe, 1874-78; Liberal, 


BACHAND, Leonidas Charles, 
M.D., Physician, Sherbrooke, Qua. 
Born at St. Pie, Que., Oct. 6, 1854, 
son of late J. C. Bachand, N.P., Reg- 
istrar County Bagot, Que. Educated: 
College, St. Hyacinthe; Victoria Col- 
lege, Cobourg, (M.D. 1878), prac- 
tised, Coaticook; some time Mayor 
of Coaticook; ex-President Board of 
Trade; ex-Chairman School Commis- 
sioners; Mayor of Sherbrooke, 1908; 
appointed Coroner District of St. 
Francis; co-proprietor L'Etoile de 
L'Est; came to Sherbrooke, 1899. 
Married Marie Agnes Georgine Cam- 
irand, daughter of late H. 0. Cam- 


BACHAND, Leonidas, Sherbrooke, 
Que. Born at Coaticook, Oct. 13, 
1890, son of Dr. L. C. Bachand and 
M. A. Georgine Camirand; French- 
Canadian. Educated: Classical course, 
St. Charles Seminary, L.B., law 
course, one year at McGill; two at 
Laval; LL.B. Laval; Notary Public; 
member of the "Choeur de la Cathed- 
rale de Sherbrooke" ; honorary mem- 
ber of the 54th's mess; Liberal; 
Roman Catholic. 

BACHAND, Chs.-Emile, 38 Laur- 
ier Ave., Sherbrooke, Que. Born at 
Coaticook, Que., Sept. 10, 1884, son 
of Dr. L. C. Bachand and Geor- 
gine (Camirand) Bachand ; French- 
Canadian. Educated at St. Charles 
Seminary, Sherbrooke; Ste. Marie's 
College, Montreal; Laval University, 
Montreal; B.S. and L.L.M.; advocate; 
Pres. Sherbrooke Real Estate Co., 
Sherbrooke; Director of the Cie. 
d'Immeubles du Plateau Camirand, 
Sherbrooke; officer 54th Regiment, 
rank, Captain; Joint Prothonotary of 
the Superior Court and clerk of the 



peace; Commissioner of the Superior 
Court; member Catholic School Com- 
missioners; member City Board of 
Kevisors, member 54th Regiment 
Mess; Liberal; Roman Catholic. Mar- 
ried Jeanne Emilie Codere, daughter 
of Eugene Codere, of Sherbrooke, 
May 3, 1910. Children: Pierre, born 
in 1911; Francoise, born in 1912; 
Jacques, born 1914. 

BACHAND, Dr. J. Denonville, St. 

Johnsbury, Vt. Born at Coaticook, 
Que., Nov. 15, 1882, son of Dr. L. C. 
uachand; French. Educated: Coati- 
cook, Sherbrooke, Boston, Mass., 
Philadelphia, Pa.; dentist, Tuff's Col- 
lege Dental School, Peeso's Post 
Graduate School; appointed member 
of Vermont Dental State Board and 
riygiene, 1913-14 and as Vermont 
delegate to the Province of Quebec; 
1916 appointed delegate to the State 
of Massachusetts; elected, 1913, 
rftate Chief Ranger for N. Y. and 
Vermont C.O.F. ; President of the 
Franco-American Club of Vermont; 
honorary member of the Lafayette 
Club of St. Alban's and the Club Can- 
adien of Rutland ; member of the 
Commercial Club of St. Johnsbury; 
honorary member of the Society 
d'Odontologie French-Canadian; Re- 
publican; Roman Catholic. Married 
Juliette C. Cormier, daughter of Z. 
P. Cormier, Sherbrooke, Que. Child- 
ren: Gaston, 12 years; Yvette, 8 

BAILEY, Harry Clyde, Cookshire, 
Que. Born at Roxbury, Vt., Dec. 22, 
1868, son of Orin Dudley, legally 
adopted by Seth M. Bailey, grand- 
father, when a child; English. Edu- 
cated: Public School and Bury Acad- 
emy; general farming, specializing in 
Jersey cattle, Shropshire and Dorset 
sheep; Captain (Acting Major) D. 
Squadron 7th Hussars; member Agri- 
cultural Society Compton County; 
A.F. & A.M.; Civilian Rifle Associ- 
ation ; Conservative ; Protestant. 
Married Beatrice Bowen, daughter of 
A. F. Bowen, of Lennoxville, June 
18, 1890. Children: Reginald C., born 
1891; Edna M., born 1895; Vivian H., 
born 1898, (deceased 1908), Orin 

F., born 1900; Arthur R., born 1902; 
Nellie B., born 1912. 

BAKER, Joel Homer, Frelighsburg, 
Que. Born at Dunham, Que., Jan. 
19, 1862, son of William C. and 
Mary A. (Clement) Baker; English; 
ancestors came from Massachusetts 
and settled at Dunham, Que., in 1799; 
his grandfather William Baker being 
in his 12th year; family stood by 
British cause in the Revolution and 
came to Canada as U. E. Loyalists. 
Educated: Dunham Academy and 
Military College, Kingston, Ont.; 
Captain; Collector of Customs and 
Immigration Inspector; I.O.O.F. ; 
Conservative; Anglican. 

BAKER, Charles Edward, Dunham, 
Que. Born at Dunham, Que., Feb. 
15, 1842, son of Edward (Eliza Dun- 
ning) Baker; English, U. E. Loyalist; 
grandfather, Joseph Baker, was born 
in Massachusetts and came with his 
family to Vermont, and shortly 
moved to Dunham; when he died he 
donated land to the Episcopal Church 
and cemetery at Dunham. Educated: 
Dunham Academy; succeeded father 
as farmer on homestead property in 
Dunham village, consisting of 200 
acres of tillable land, paying special 
attention to breeding registered Hoi- 
stein dairy cattle and general farm- 
ing; one of Missisquoi County's well 
known and prosperous farmers, al- 
ways a strong supporter of the Con- 
servative party, temperance reform 
and all matters pertaining to local 
improvements, advocate of better 
highways and more advanced methods 
of education, etc. ; was member of 
Home Guards during Fenian Raid in 
1871, taking part in battle at Eccles 
Hill, in 1871; certificate from Mon- 
treal Military College; Asst. Post- 
master at Dunham; School Commis- 
sioner Dunham, retired director Mis- 
sissquoi Co. Agricultural Society ; 
Conservative ; Methodist. Married 
Helen C. Ford, daughter of Trueman 
Ford, of Dunham, Que., Oct. 14, 
1869. Children: Edward F., born 
1871; Anna B., born 1875; Carrie E., 
born 1878; Mary C. and Marion E. 
(twins) 1880; Charles H., born 1883. 



BAKER, William Wayman, Len- 
noxville, Que. - - Born in England, 
Aug. 12, 1853, son of John and Susan 
(Wayman) Baker, English, parents 
coming to Lennoxville in 1854; E. 
at public schools; for some years en- 
gaged in farming at Compton, later 
was employed as telegraph operator, 
G.T.R., resigned in 1891 and accepted 
Lennoxville secretaryship in 1892 ; 
Councillor at Lennoxville 5 years ; 
Sec.-Treas. Lennoxville and Ascot 
since 1892; societies, A.F. & A.M., 
I.O.O.F., Conservative, Anglican ; 
married Ida Thompson in 1883; child- 
ren, Florence, John, Reginald, Rob- 
ert, Basil and Helen. 


BALDWIN, Eugene Orson, Coati- 
cook, Que. Born at Barford, Que., 
July 1, 1866, son of Orzo O. (ex- 
M.L.A.) and Nancy J. (Piper) Bald- 
win, daughter of Rev. Sherburn 
Piper; English; ancestors traced back 
to A.D. 672 and even earlier on the 
continent and connected by marriage 
with William the Conqueror and the 
daughter of Alfred the Great, coming 
from Bucks Co., England, to Connec- 
ticut, about 1638 and later to Ver- 
mont, finally settling in Barnston, 
1799; E. at Bishop's College, Lennox- 

ville; engaged in the civil service, 
educational work and in rearing pure 
bred jersey cattle, having at present 
one of the largest herds in Canada; 
Independent. Spiritualist. Married 
Alice M. French, daughter of John 
French, Flanders, May 22, 1889 ; 
children, Blanche, March 10, 1894, 
at Dixville, and died in Paris, Aug. 8, 

BALDWIN, Porter Lloyd, Coati- 
cook, Que. Born March 26, 1868, 
son of Parker T. and Annie M. (Nor- 
ton) Baldwin; English descent. Edu- 
cated: Coaticook Academy; conducted 
hardware business in Nashville, Mich., 
t\\o years, afterwards cashier in Ne- 
well bank, Newell, Iowa; entered 
business in Coaticook with his father 
under firm name, P. T. Baldwin & 
Son, wholesale grain and feed; form- 
ed firm of Baldwin and Paige, Coati- 
cook, wholesale and retail grocers; 
sold out and entered partnership 
with T. Rowell & Sons in Sherbrooke 
under name of Rowell, Son & Co., 
wholesale confectioners; in 1907 
bought interest in firm of A. H. Cum- 
mings & Sons, forming limited com- 
pany under name of A. H. Cummings 
& Son, Ltd., lumber manufacturers 
of which firm he is at present secre- 
tary and treasurer; Councillor Mu- 
nicipality of Coaticook; trustee Coati- 
cook School Board; Past Grand Mas- 
ter I.O.O.F., A.F. & A.M.; Knight 
Templar; P.G.P., Knights of Pythias; 
Anglican, Liberal; married, Oct. 6, 
1891, Susie E. Miller, of Newell, 
Iowa; children, Paul T., Allan M., 
Kenneth Norton, and Elizabeth 

BALDWIN, Bruce Robert, Dixville, 
Que. Born Dixville, May 24, 1842, 
son of Iva and Susan (Glover) Bald- 
win ; English ; served twenty years on 
Dixville Council; Mayor several 
terms, also Warden; School Commis- 
sioner and Justice of the Peace ; 
Postmaster since 1890; Independent; 
Anglican. Purchased store from J. 
Mayhew in 1887. Married Armiellah 
Humphrey, Dec. 29, 1863. Children: 
Helen M., born 1865. 




BALDWIN, Chas. Edgar, Coati- 
cook, Que. Born at Coaticook, April 
27, 1861, son of Isaac and Lucretia 
(Glover) Baldwin; English, ancestors 
came from Connecticut in 1799, and 
settled in Barnston. The Baldwins 
originally came from England and 
John Baldwin settled in Connecticut 
in 1638. His son was Nathaniel and 
then came Samuel, and his son Levi 
was the first of family to come to 
Eastern Townships in 1799. His son 
was Richard, grandfather of the sub- 
ject of this sketch. Educated: Coati- 
cook Academy. Engaged in farming 
near Coaticook many years, special- 
ized in live stock raising and dairy- 
ing; farm took 2nd prize in Stan stead 
County in Dominion farm competi- 
tion ; sold property to George W. 
Paige and was appointed Collector of 
Customs, Coaticook, 1908; twelve 
customs officers at local branch re- 
port to this port of entry; Mr. Bald- 
win won Daily Record contest 1898 
for most popular farmer in Eastern 
TownsMps; many years member Bar- 
ford Council; served as Mayor 15 
years; Warden Stanstead County, 
1900; Chairman Industrial Commit- 
tee Coaticook Board of Trade; mem- 
ber A.F. & A.M., also I.O.O.F.; Lake 

Lyster Fish and Game Club; Moun- 
tain Fish and Game Club. Methodist; 
Liberal. Married Lilla A. Stokes, of 
Bury, Que., Nov. 11, 1885. Children: 
Louise M., 1889; Hilda C., 1894 ; 
Dora C., 1900. 


BALDWIN, Willis Keith. Born at 
Baldwin's Mills, Que., March 17, 
1857, son of John P. and Jeannette 
M. (Baker) Baldwin; English; U. E. 
Loyalists; grandfather, Levi Baldwin 
came from Connecticut and settled in 
Barnston about 1800. Educated : 
Stanstead Wesleyan College; ap- 
pointed Justice of the Peace 1913; 
Postmaster many years; succeeded 
father in business as mill owner, 
said mill having been in the Baldwin 
family for upwards of one hundred 
years;, merchant, capitalist; Director 
Canadian Crocker Wheeler Co.; Dir- 
ector Southern Canada Power Co. 
and various smaller concerns both in 
Canada and U. S. ; large real estate 
owner in the Eastern Townships and 
Northern Vermont, largely timber 
limits, 12,000 acres (freehold) ; made 
generous offers to municipalities for 
macadam road building, donated 
$1,000 when road was built from 
Baldwin's Mills to Stanstead; socie- 

ties, I.O;O.F. and I.O.F., life gov. Ver- 
dun Hospital ; Independent Con- 
servative; Congregationalist. Married 
Lill Mead Ferrin, daughter of Mar- 
tin Ferrin, Holland, Vt., March 17, 
1881. Childrep: Harold F., born 
1886; Mead H., born 1891. 

Address: Baldwin's Mills, Que. 

BALDWIN, Pardon Wilcox. Born 
at Stanstead, Que., Sept. 29, 1877, 
son of Eugene A. and Adele (Wil- 
cox) Baldwin. Educated: Stanstead 
Wesleyan College; Councillor; A.F. 
& A.M., Conservative; Methodist. 
Married Ethel F. Peck, daughter of 
Geo. Peck, Beebe, Que., Oct. 5, 1898. 
Children: Beatrice M., 1899; Eugene 
C., 1901; Richard E., 1907; Mary E.. 
born 1906. Address: Stanstead, Que. 

BALL, Joseph Hugill, Knowlton 
Landing. Born at East Bolton, April 
30, 1858, son of Ezra G. and Lucv 
H. (Rexford) Ball; English, grand- 
father came to Barnston from Con- 
necticut about 1805, later settling 
near point now known as Knowlton's 
Landing. Educated: Public Schools; 
as young man purchased present farm 
property overlooking Sargent's Bay; 
many years councillor East Bolton; 
member Brome Agricultural Society; 
Liberal; Methodist. Married Ella J. 
daughter of Wm. Oliver. Barnston, 
Dec. 20, 1888. Children: Eva H. K., 
1906; Chas. R., 1908. 

BALL, Benjamin Pomeroy. Born 
Sherbrooke, Que., March 7, 1860, son 
of Albert Phelps and Mary Lee (Pom- 
eroy) Ball; English. Educated: Stan- 
stead College; proprietor of The 
Globe Suspender Co., Rock Island, 
which does an extensive business 
throughout the country; member Gol- 
den Rule Lodge, A.F. & A.M., Stan- 
sttad; Liberal; Methodist. Married 
Anna Priscilla, daughter of Rev. 
Sheldon Young, of Belleville, Ont., 
May 20, 1896. Address: Rock Island, 

BALL, William Lee, Winnipeg, 
Man. - - Born at Sherbrooke, Que., 
Feb. 7, 1851, son of Albert P. and 
Mary (Lee) Ball, English; all four 
branches of the family Ball, Pomrov, 
Lee and Phelps came from N. E. 
States some time after the rev. war; 
E. at Stanstead Academy and Gram- 
mar School, Chelsea, Mass.; entered 
the service of the Eastern Townships 
Bank in 1871 continuing with that 
bank till amalgamation with the Can. 
Bank of Commerce in 1912, remain- 
ing with the latter one year, round- 
ing out 42 years service in Canadian 
banking; later with the Finance Dent, 
of the Dominion Government for 
some time in charge of "Advances to 
banks on grain securities" and at 
present Inspector of Taxation "Busi- 
ness Profits War Tax" for Western 
Ontario and Manitoba; Manitoba 
Club, St. Charles County Club; Con- 
servative, Protestant ; children, Sid- 
ney Haskell, b. 1879; Mary Pomroy, 
b. 1881; Frank Lee, b. 1883; Albert 
Ransome, b. 1891. 

BALL, Erastus Phelps, D.V.S. 

Born at Stanstead, Aug. 2, 1863, son 
of Albert P. and Mary L. (Pomeroy) 
Ball; English. Educated: Stanstead 
College, Montreal Veterinary College, 
McGill University; upon graduation 
1884 opened veterinary office at Lee 
Farm, Rock Island; on decease of his 
father, took over Lee Farm, giving 
special attention to pure bred stock, 
standard bred trotters, Jersey and 
Guernsey cattle, owned first regis- 
tered Kentucky bred trotting stallion, 
the Lee Farm stock having gained a 
\vide reputation ; Justice of the Peace ; 
Councillor Rock Island ; Trustee S. W. 
College; Trustee Haskell Free Lib- 
rary; Director E.T.A.A.; Trustee 
Crystal Lake Cemetery, etc. ; Member 
Golden Rule Lodge, A.F. & A.M., 
C.O.F. ; Liberal; Congregationalist. 
Married Florence Caswell, deceased. 
1909. Married Georgia A. Jordan, 
daughter of Geo. E. Adams, Coati- 
cook, 1913; one daughter, Florence 
Phelps Ball, 1909. 

Address: Rock Island, Que. 


BALL, Henry Tenney, Rock Island, 
Que. -- Born at Rock Island, Que., 
July 18, 1871, son of Albert P. and 
Mary L. (Pomeroy) Ball; English. 
Educated : Stanstead College ; Collec- 
tor of Customs at Rock Island, Que., 
for seven years, 1905 to 1912; A.F. 
& A.M. and R.A.M., K.T. Congrega- 
tionalist. Married Mary T. Crocker, 
Newcastle, N.B., Sept. 7, 1910. Chil- 
dren: Henrietta E., and May E. 

BARLOW, Horace Frederick, Ma- 
gog, Que. Born at Waterville, Que., 
Nov. 11, 1849, son of Horace M. and 
Rachel (Glidden) Barlow; English; 
father was born at North Stratford, 
N.H., and came to Canada when a 
young man, settling at Waterville, 
Quo. Educated: Public Schools, 
Cookshire Academy; general mer- 
chant, formerly in business at Len- 
noxville and Hatley. Independent ; 
Protestant. Married Alice F. Parker, 
daughter of Joel Parker, at Hatley, 
Que., Sept. 2, 1888. 

BARNETT, Edgar C. Born at 
Dunkin, Que., Feb. 21, 1865, son of 
Charles W. and Luann (Brown) Bar- 
nett' Scotch-Irish, ancestor, John 
Barnett, of Londonderry, Ireland, 
came to Londonderry, N.H., 1720. 
first Canadian ancestor, Capt. Benj 
Barnett, who settled at Sutton, 1796. 
Educated: Elementary and Model 
Schools; at present Inspector of Im- 
migration; taught school; author; 
farmer; member Town Council; Con- 
servative ; Adventist. Married Rose 
E., daughter of Alfred S. Turner. 
West Bolton, Nov. 20, 1889. Child- 
ren: Chas. A., 1890; Mildred A., 
1892; Lena G., 1894; Eric V., 1897; 
Lillis A., 1899; Merle E., 1901; John 
A., 1903; Lome E., 1904; Ben. M., 
1906; Lucetta K., 1907; Errol L. 
1909; Thelma W., 1912. 

Address: Highwater, Que. 

BARRINGTON, Frederick, Water- 
loo, Que. Born at Bristol, England, 
June 20, 1854, son of John and Eliza 

(Cloutier) Barrington; English. Edu- 
cated: Friar's Nat. School, Bristol ; 
came to Canada in 1871, became ap- 
prenticed to Henry Sweet, a leading 
house decorator; built his present 
store in 1904, dealing exclusively in 
house decorating goods; gives special 
attention to remodelling and decor- 
ating churches and public buildings, 


and is one of the best known men in 
his line in the Province of Quebec 
and Ontario; Member of Waterloo 
Board of Trade; A.F. & A.M., I.O.F., 
C.O.F., and R.T. of T.; Methodist; 
Liberal. Married Melinda V. Holland, 
Nov. 22, 1876. Children: Frederick 
H., 1878: John H., 1880; Mary Pearl 
1882; Grace L., 1885. 

BARTER, Andrew, Marbleton, Que 
Born at Bury, Que., March 30, 
1865, son of Henry and Jane (Ellis) 
Barter; English; came from Sals- 
bury, Eng., 1837, and settled in 
Fury; member School Commissioner; 
Board of Trade; dealer in pulpwood 
and lumber ; member C.O.F. ; Angli- 
can. Married Cora J. Westmnn, Mar- 
bleton, Aug. 23, 1895. Children : 
Freda A.,, Kathleen, Doris. 



BARTHOLOMEW, William John, teen years; A.F. & A.M.; I.O.O.F.; 
Sawyerville, Que. Born at Framp- Independent; Advent. Married Helen 
ton, Que., Sept., 1872, son of John Robinson, daughter of the late Cap- 
and Agnes (Ross) Bartholomew; tain Robinson, at Dunham, June 30, 
Irish and Scotch descent. Educated: 1885. Children, Hazel E. R., 1896. 
Public Schools; some years engaged 
in railroad work with C.P.R. and 
G.T.R., Montreal, later establishing 
at Sawyerville as barber; Secretary 
Village of Sawyerville; School 
Commissioner 1913, re-elected 1914; 
charter member Eaton Valley Lodge, 
I.O.O.F.; Court Sawyerville, I.O.F., 
Court Sunbeam, C.O.F. ; acted in ca- 
pacity of secretary for all three 
lodges; Anglican, Conservative. Mar- 
ried, Sept., 1902, to Bertha M. Har- 
per, of St. Malachie, Que. Children: 
Cora W., Ulan H. and Aubrey R. 

BARTLETT, Russel Hawker, Sher- 
brooke, Que. Born at Sherbrooke, 
Que., July 1, 1887, son of Henry and 
Martha (Hawker) Bartlett; English, 
father born in England. Educated: 
Sherbrooke High School; after leav- 
ing school was with R. Johnston, 
grocer, for three years; with Sher- 
brooke St. Ry. Co. for four years; 
with the Dominion Express Co. (Mon- 
treal) for one year. In 1911 entered 
into partnership with J. D. Bush, 
manufacturers of house furnishings, 
etc., Wellington St.; member I.O.O.F., 
Knights Pythias; East Sherbrooke 
Snowshoe Club; Independent Con- 
servative; Protestant. Married Lillie 
M. Shoarn, daughter of John Shearn, 
Sherbrooke, Oct. 14, 1913. Children: 
John Russell, born Aug. 28, 1914. 

BATES, Hiram, George, Sutton, 
Que. Born at Sutton, Feb. 3, 1852, 
son of Orrin and Aurilla (Hawley) 
Bates; English; grandfather, Eben 
Bates, came from Massachusetts and 
settled at Sutton about 1814. Edu- 
cated: Public Schools; many years 
with C. P. JR. as bridge and building 
foreman; since 1911 in charge bridge 
and road work for Sutton Township 
Council; member Sutton Township 
Council, nine years; Mayor, 1909- 
1910, resigned 1911; Postmaster at 
Alva, Que., till office was closed; 
President Brome County Agr. Soc., 
1909 ; Director of said society for six- 


BAYLEY, Lewis Albert, Lieut.-Col. 

Dry Goods Merchant, 105-107 Wel- 
lington St., Sherbrooke, Que.; Direc- 
tor Nova Scotia Minin? Co. Born at 
Compton, Que., Feb. 11, 1863, son of 
Phineas Josiah and Margaret (Bur- 
beck) Bayley. Educated: Hatley 
Academy; Coaticook and Derby Cen- 
tre; in dry goods store Lowell, Mass., 
1883-1886; with Shepherd & Norwell, 
Boston, two years; came to Sher- 
brooke, 1888, and entered employ of 
R. D. Morkill & Co., dry goods mer- 
chants; succeeded this firm in busi- 
ness, 1890, but changed name to L. 
A. Bayley; his establishment is now 
one of the largest of its kind in the 
Eastern Townships; completed a large 
commodious building to accommodate 
his rapidly growing business, 1912; 
incorporated as Bayley's Ltd., 1917; 
ex-President Moore Carpet Co., Sher- 
brooke; member Sherbrooke Board of 
Trade; President, 1902-1904; Presi- 
dent E.T.A.A., 1914-1915; delegate 
to 5th Congress Chambers of Com- 
merce of the Empire, Montreal, 1903, 
a Governor Sherbrooke Protestant 
Hospital, and former chairman of 
Executive Board; joined 53rd Regi- 
ment, Sherbrooke, 1889; Captain, 
April, 1908; Major, 1911; Lieut.- 
Col., O.C., 1915. Married Malkena 



McKechnie, daughter of Malcolm Mc- 
Kechnie, for many years a prominent 
merchant, Sherbrooke, April 30, 
1889; one son, Allan, born 1894. 
Clubs: St. George's, Sherbrooke Curl- 
ing Club (President three years; Dir- 
ector fifteen years) ; Madawaska Fish 
and Game (Director since 1910) 
Anglo-American Fish and Game. An- 
glican (Warden St. Peter's Church.) 

BAYLEY, Clayton Foster, Beebe, 
Que. Born at Newport, Vt., Jan. 22, 
1858, son of Joshua and Orilla R. 
(Day) Bayley, English. Educated: 
Stanstead Wesleyan College; Post- 
master Smith's Mills; later Postmas- 
ter Beebe, Que., and Beebe, Vt. ; 
Justice of the Peace Orleans County, 
Vt. ; conducted general business as 
J. Bayley & Son. Member C.O.F. ; 
Frontier Club ; Conservative ; Angli- 
can. Married Lamia Wood, of Leeds, 
Eng., April 1883. Children: Latta 0., 
Grover C. (deceased 1903), Grace 
Ruth (deceased 1892). 

BEACH, George Mason, Cowans- 
ville, Que. Born at Cowansville, 
Que., Nov. 24, 1860, son of Johna- 
than and Susan (Brown) Beach; Eng- 
lish; grandfather, William Beach, 
born in Connecticut, he settled on 
the Beach homestead in 1805, before 
that date, built and operated the first 
wool mill at Cowansville. Educated: 
Cowansville Academy, Poughkeepsie 
Business College; member Council, 
Mayor 1916; Chairman School Board, 
President Missisquoi County Agri- 
cultural Society; societies, A.F. & 
A.M., I.O.O.F., I.O.F.; Conservative; 
Congregationalist. Married Eliza- 
beth A. Johnston, daughter of Her- 
man Johnston, Clarenceville, Que., 
Oct. 17, 1888. Children: William R., 
b. 1890; Ruth A., b. 1891; Frank J., 
b. 1892; George J., b. 1895 Ella V., 
b. 1897; Constance E., b. 1898; Helen 
N., b. 1902; Norman H., b. 1904; Isa- 
bell, b. 1908. 

BEATON, Neil, Gould, Que. Born 
at Cape Breton Island, June, 1845, 
son of Murdo and Ann (McDonald) 
Beaton ; Scotch. Came to Township 
of Lingwick with parents when six 

years old. Educated: Public Schools, 
general farming, specialty, Durham 
cattle and Clydesdale horses; member 
Lingwick Council for six years; mem- 
ber Agricultural Society and No. 2 
Company 58th Battalion of Infantry 
(now disbanded) ; Conservative ; 
Presbyterian. Married Maggie Mc- 
Crea, daughter of Alex. McCrea, at 
Gould, Jan. 5, 1875. Children: Alex- 
ander G. S., 1877; Murdoch, 1879; 
Ann J., 1880. 

BEATTIE, R. Wilson, Inverness, 
Que. Born at Leeds, Que., April 25, 
1883, son of Robt. and Sarah (Gul- 
liri) Beattie; Irish; grandfather, John 
Beattie, came from North of Ireland 
and settled in Leeds, where he died. 
Educated: Common Schools; after 
leaving school entered the lumber bus- 
iness, erected saw-mill at Leeds and 
conducted the business for seven 
yearsj Sold mill in 1911; moved to 
Inverness and engaged as travelling 
salesman for International Harvester 
Co., of Hamilton, Ont. Independent 
Liberal; Anglican. Married Emma 
Church (died in 1907), 2nd wife, 
Annie Cox, daughter of John F. Cox, 
of Lysander, Que., March 1, 1910. 
Children: Lloyd C., b. 1907; Francis 
H., b. 1911. 

BEATTY, Harvey, Stanbridge East, 
Que. Born at Stanbridge East, Que., 
Sept. 5, 1849, son of Andrew and 
Aurelia (Denis) Beatty; Irish, father 
born in North of Ireland, came with 
his parents and settled in the Town- 
ship of Stanstead. Educated: Stan- 
bridge East Academy; as young m 
bought hemlock bark for American 
markets and later was manufacturer 
of cheese boxes on large scale and 
lumber business; dealer in butter and 
cheese; bought from different cheese 
boards in the Province ; during all this- 
time was engaged in farming near 
Stanbridge; always a strong support- 
er of the Conservative party; in favor 
of improving the highways of rural 
sections by funds rightly expended; 
advocate of more practical system of 
education in rural sections, always ac- 
tive in matters concerning agricul- 
ture; President of Stanbridge East 



Board of Trade; Vice-Pres. of 
quoi and Rouville Insurance Co. ; 
Mayor of Stanbridge Township some 
years ago before the division of said 
Township; Chairman and School com- 
missioner at one time; Pres. of Mis- 
sisquoi Agricultural Society, 1914 ; 
Vice-President in 1915; County Reg- 
istrar, succeeded the late R. N. Dick- 
inson; held said office for years, re- 
moved upon the Liberal party cominp. 
into power; Conservative; Anglican. 
Married Auriolia Chandler, daughter 
of E. Chandler of Stanbridge East, 
Oct. 9, 1872. Children: Minnie, b. 
1885; Harry C., b. 1889; three child- 
ren died under the age of four years, 
during diptheria epidemic of 1876-77. 

BEAUCHEMIN, Joseph, N. P., 
Cookshire, Que. -- Born at Beloeil, 
Que., Nov. 21, 1839, son of Henri 
and Cesarie (Hamel) Beauchemin; 
French. Educated: Beloeil Model 
School and College, also course at 
English School; admitted to practice 
of notarial profession, Oct. 15, 1866, 
practiced in Huntingdon, Montreal, 
Sweetsburg and Cookshire, where he 
has been since 1899; for seven years 
deputy registrar of Huntingdon 
County; Methodist. 

BEAUDOIN, Emile, B.A., L.L.B., 

Scotstown, Que. Born at St. Elzear 
de Beauce, Jan. 13, 1889, son of 
Romuald and Camille (Lessard) 
Beaudoin; French-Canadian. Edu- 
cated: College Sainte Anne de La 
Pocatiere, Kamouraska, and Laval 
University, Quebec; B.A. (1909) and 
L.L.B., (1912) Laval; member Cath- 
olic Order of Foresters; Roman Cath- 
olic; passed exams before Board of 
Notaries, July, 1912; is successor to 
J. R. Tartre, N.P., Scotstown, Que.; 
Lieutenant in "G." Company, 92nd 
Regiment of Infantry, commissioned 

BEEBE, H. S., Beebe Jet., Que. 
Born at Derby, Vt., March 4, 1851, 
son of Anson and Betsey (.Bodwell) 
Beebe; English, came from New 
York, among the original settlers of 
Beebe, from which the place derives 

its name. Educated: Public School 
and Academy at Derby, Vt. ; appoint- 
ed U.S. Consular Agent, June 1, 
1893; Frontier Club, Beebe, Que. ; 
Methodist. Married Clara A. Morrill, 
Derby, Vt., Dec. 24, 1873. Children: 
Annie L., Austin J., John A., Carroll 
R., Helen W., Cheney (deceased 

BEERWORTH, Herbert A., Stan- 
stead, Que. Born at Clarenceville, 
Que., Oct. 11, 1854, son of Freder- 
ick Beerworth and Eliza Terry ; 
Dutch, great grandfather and grand- 
mother, John Beerworth and Barbara 
Snytler, coming to Canada from Ger- 
many. Educated: Clarenceville Dis- 
trict School and Academy; second 
oldest agent on Passumpsic Division of 
Boston and Maine Ry., having acted 
in that capacity for 36 years; Con- 
servative ; Methodist. Married Ida 
Schoolcraft, daughter of Geo. School- 
craft, of Stanstead, Que., May 31, 
1881. One daughter and two sons, 
Edna, Ray and Earle. 

BEDEE, Moses H., Knowlton, Que. 
Born at Adamsville, Que., June 12, 
1860, sort of Abram H. and Sally 
(Bulle) Bedee; English. Educated: 
Public Schools and Adamsville Acad- 
emy; established jewelry business at 
Knowlton, 1886; Pres. E. T. Optical 
Ass'n., 1915; member Knowlton 
Board of Trade; School Commis- 
sioner 1911 to date; President Knowl- 
ton Cemetery; I.O.O.F.; C.O.F.; Prot- 
estant. Married Martha M. Hunt, at 
Knowlton, Jan. 4, 1910. 

BEGIN, Omer A., L.L.L. Born at 
Levis, Que., Nov. 7, 1882, son of 
Pierre and Emelie Begin; French- 
Canadian. Educated: Sacred Heart 
Brothers School, St. Charles Semin- 
ary, Laval University; Notary Pub- 
lic; member St. Jean Baptiste So- 
ciety and Knights of Columbus; Lib- 
eral; Roman Catholic. Married Juli- 
ette, daughter of D. 0. E. Denault, 
Sherbrooke, May 15, 1913. One son, 
Benoit Guy, Jan. 23, 1915; one dau- 
ghter, Elizabeth Cecile, Nov. 19, 



BEGIN, Wilfrid, M.D., Sherbrooke, brooke News and in 1874 they, also, 
Que. Born at St. George de Wind- published a French weekly "Le Pro- 
sor, Jan. 3, 1872, son of Odule Begin gres" until 1878 when the paper was 
and Dina Letourneau. Educated: St. amalgamated with the Pionnier; in 

1881 he went to Worcester, Mass., 
where in company with his late 
brother, Victor Belanger, he pub- 
lished "Le Courrier de Worcester" ; 
returning to Sherbrooke in January, 
1884, he acquired an interest in Le 
Progres de L'Est which had been 
started during the year before ; on 
Jan. 25, 1890, the printing office was 
destroyed by fire; since that date he 
is the sole publisher of the paper ; 
past president E. T. Press Ass'n and 
member C.P.A. ; was Sergeant in No. 
4 Company 53rd Batt., in active ser- 
vice during Fenian Raid of 1870, 
joined the Volunteers in 1867 when 


Charles Seminary, Sherbrooke, Laval 
University, post graduate N.Y., de- 
gree," M.D. ; ex-alderman of the town 
of Windsor; ex-School Commissioner 
Windsor; C.O.F., Artisans, Alliance 
Nationale, etc.; Gaiete Club; Liberal; 
Roman Catholic Married Georgette 
Forest, daughter of Dr. I. Forest, 
Wotton, Oct. 6, 1903. Children: 
Jeanne, Gabrielle, Marcelle, Rolland, 
Maurice, Simonne. 

BELANGER, Louis Arthur, 18 

Montreal St., Sherbrooke, Que. - 
Born at Ste. Rosalie, Bagot Co., 
Que., May 19, 1850, son of Chas. 
Belanger and Angelique Blanchard; 
E. at Ste. Rosalie's parochial schools 
and English Academy, Sherbrooke; 
started as a printer in 1865 with the 
Sherbrooke Freeman and the year 
after (1866) he pulled off from an 
Adam's hand press the first number 
of "Le Pionnier de Sherbrooke," the 
first French newspaper ever printed 
in this part of the country; in 1873, 
in company with his brother, L. C. 
Belanger, he published the Sher- 


the 53rd went to Cookshire for the 
celebration of the first Dominion day 
member Alliance Nationale, Cercle 
d'Youville and Knights of Columbus, 
one of the first members of the 
Tuque-Rouge Snowshoe Club, Co- 
lumbian Club, Independent Liberal, 
Roman Catholic; married Mary Isa- 
bel Griffith, daughter of the late John 
Griffith, Sherbrooke, Que., Oct. 2, 


BELANGER, Louis Charles, K.C., 

lawyer, Sherbrooke, Que., son of 
Chas. and Angelique (Renault- 
Blanchard) Belanger; born at St. 
Hyacinthe, Que., May 19, 1840; E. 
at College of St. Hyacinthe; one of 
the oldest members of St. Francis 
district bar; created K. C., 1893; 
has been engaged in many important 
cases, pleading before the Judicial 
Committee of Privy Council in cases 
of Mathieu and Wentworth ; many 
years member Sherbrooke City Coun- 
cil, Aid. and afterwards Mayor, 1895, 
and also, in 1900; was honored by 
the Duke of Connaught who spent a 
short time at his cottage at Rock For- 
est, June 18, 1908; unsuccessfully 
contested Richmond and Wolfe, 1874, 
and Sherbrooke with the late Judge 
Hall, Dom. g. e. 1887, and same con- 
situency 1890, and again 1897; has 
travelled extensively in Europe; mar- 
ried, Oct., 1865, Margaret Henrietta 
Bradshaw, deceased, January, 1899. 
A pioneer journalist of E.T. estab- 
lishing Pioneer de Sherbrooke, 1866, 
and Progress de L'Est, 1882; founded 
P. of Q. Press Ass'n, 1876, and was 
first president. 

BELANGER, P. Edmund, 4 Lon- 
don St., Sherbrooke, Que. Born at 
Quebec, Sept. 5, 1877, son of Gedeon 
and M. (Roy) Belanger, French; E. 
at St. Michael's College and Quebec 
Seminary; representative in the East- 
ern Townships of the Alphonse Ra- 
cine Co., Ltd., of Montreal; Capt. in 
54th Regt. of Sherbrooke, Que., Vice- 
Pres. for the Province of Quebec of 
the United Commercial Travellers of 
America; member of the Board of 
Trade of Sherbrooke, and Portland, 
Me.; societies, Royal Guardians, C. 
O.F., U.C.T. of Portland, Me., 
Knights ' of Columbus, St. Francis 
Club, 54th Officers' Mess; Liberal, 
Catholic; married Anna Thivierge, 
daughter of Dr. N. Thiverge, of 
Biddeford, Me., April 25, 1904. 



BELL, John Henry, Sherbrooke, 
Que. Born at Lakefield, Ont., Aug. 
17, 1874, son of Christopher and 
Fanny (Galbraith) Bell; Irish-Cana- 
dian. Educated: Stanstead Wesleyan 
College and McGill; after leaving 
school started in the wood and coal 
business, sold out and went on the 
road for 12 years, covering all Can- 



ada; went into real estate business 
under name J. H. Bell Realty Co., 
with offices in Vancouver, Ottawa, 
Sherbropke, and London, Eng. ; form- 
ed B. and L. Mfg. Co., Sherbrooke, 
of which he is manager; I.O.F., and 
K. P.; St. George's, Sherbrooke, and 
Motor Club, London, Eng.; Wolfe 
Co. Fish and Game Club; Protestant 
Married Iva Maud Long, daughter of 
Edward Long, Sherbrooke, April 14, 
1897; children, Phyllis Bell, b. Aug. 
17, 1902. 

BELL, Richard Stephen, West 
Shefford, Que. Born at West Shef- 
ford, Que , July 31, 1857, son of 
Major Lie-hard E. and Isabella 
(Hayes) Bell; Irish. Educated: Pub- 
lic School and Knowlton Academy; 
general farming; elected Councillor 
West Shefford, 1915; Pres. Shefford 
County Farmers' Club ; member West 
Shefford Board of Trade; member 
Shefford County Agricultural Society; 
Liberal; Anglican. Married Sarah E. 
Cunningham, at Granby, Que., Feb. 
10, 1880. Children: Nevada S., b. 
1885; Jean O., b. 1890. 

BENHAM, Clinton Jesse, Sweets- 
burg, Que. - - Born at Sweetsburg, 
Oct. 17, 1869, son of Jesse and De- 
lilah (Jennings) Benham; English; 
grandfather, born in New York State, 
came to Sweetsburg when a young 
man and settled on farm now owned 
by Mr. Benham. Educated: Cowans- 
ville. Academy; Councillor since 1900, 
Mayor 1910, re-elected Mayor 1915; 
appointed J. P., 1909; member Agr'l 
Society, pres. 1907; succeeded father 
on homestead, situated three miles 
from Sweetsburg, Que.; a leading 
dairy farmer and successful business 
man; I.O.O.F., I.O.F.; Liberal; Angli- 
can. Married Rebecca Millar, daugh- 
ter of James Millar, West Brome, 
Que., Oct. 23, 1895. One daughter, 
Pansy L., b. 1898. 

BENNETT, John William, Bury, 
Que. Born at Bury, Feb. 4, 1851, 
son of Thomas and Jane (Fields) 
Bennett; Irish, father coming to Can- 

ada and settling in Compton County 
in 1837. Educated: Public Schools; 
engaged in farming several years and 
later in lumbering; went to Brandon. 
Man., in 1887 and returned to Comp- 
ton County in 1 890, remaining in 
Bury till 1893 when he went to 
Beecher Falls, Vt., returning in 
1896; connected for 17 years with St. 
Maurice Lumber Co.; Councillor New- 
port Township. 1887; Councillor, 
Bury, 1901-7; Mayor, 1906-7; Sec.- 
Treas Bury 1891 to 1893, and again 
resumed office in 1910, succeeding 
late C. H. Tambs; also, Sec.-Treas. 
for School Commissioners since 1910; 
Anglican ; Conservative. Married 
Louisa Murray, of Bury, June, 1879. 

BERNARD, Edward S., Col., Rich- 
mond, Que. Born at Shipton, June 
2, 1846, son of Ralph Mountague 
James Bernard and Elizabeth Oldfield 
Wells. Educated: St. Francis College; 
former President of Peoples' Tele- 
phon Company; ex-Pres. Richmond 
Co. Agricultural Society; Councillor 
and Mayor of town of Richmond; past 
President of Richmond Board of 
Trade ; Quebec Land Surveyor ; 
Lieut.-Colonel, Hon. Lieut.-Col. of 
171st Regiment, C.E.F. ; Hon. Presi- 
dent Patriotic Society, Richmond; 
Hon. Chairman, Red Cross; Conser- 
vative; Anglican. Married Francis 
Dorothea Cleeve, daughter of F. C. 
Cleeve, of Richmond, July 31, 1894. 

BERTRAND, Jean Athanase, Farn- 
ham, Que. Born at Iberville, Que., 
Jan. 20, 1874, son of Joseph and 
Eliza (Bouchard) Bertrand. Edu- 
cated: Iberville College and St. Al- 
ban's (Vt.) College; C.P.R. agent at 
various points being appointed freight 
and passenger agent, Farnham, in 
1912; member Farnham Board of 
Trade Council; Knights of Columbus; 
Order of Railroad Telegraphers; Lib- 
eral; Roman Catholic. Married Alice 
Lamoureux, of Stanbridge Station, 
at Bedford, Que., Jan. 20th, 1903. 
Children: Charlotte, b. 1905; Mar- 
guerite, b. 1908; Catherine, b. 1909; 
Ruth, b. 1910; Paul-Roch, b. 1912. 



BERTRAND, Dr. Fred, Sherbrooke, 
Que. Born at Isle Verte, Oct. 9, 
1881, son of Achille Bertrand and 
Elizabeth Mignault; French-Canad- 
ian. Educated: Levis and Ste. Marie 
Colleges, Montreal; Laval University, 
Montreal; M.D. and Surgeon; gradu- 


ated at Laval, 1905; followed post 
graduate courses for surgery in the 
post graduate school and hospital, 
New York, for term in 1912, and 
again in 1915; in 1909 appointed a 
member of the staff of the St. Vin- 
cent de Paul Hospital; Sherbrooke 
Board of Trade; Alliance Nationale, 
Ass'n. Can. American, St. Joseph du 
Canada; St. Joseph de Sherbrooke, 
C.O.O.F.; Roman Catholic. Married 
Stella Gamache, daughter of E. Ga- 
mache, Ottawa, Oct. 3, 1907. Child- 
ren: Guy, b. July 15, 1908. 

BEST, Hiram Alexander, Bedford, 
Que. Born at Sutton, Que., May 17, 
1866, son of Charles J. and Susan 
(Seale) Best; Scotch; ancestors 
among first settlers at St. Armand, 
Que., great grandfather, Jacob Best, 
being first E. T. ancestor. Educated : 
Public Schools, Dunham Academy, 
business college, Montreal; as young 
man entered employ Gilmour Paint 
Co., Bedford, as salesman for Eastern 
Townships and Province; 1896, pur- 
chased stock, name and goodwill and 
leased the plant; conducted business 
till 1912 when he purchased the plant 
located at Upper Bedford, changing 
nor M., 1912. 


name to "The Best Paint Company," 
Mr. Best has been Chairman Bed- 
ford School Board since 1911; Presi- 
dent Board of Trade, 1914-15; Angli- 
can; Conservative. Married Myrtle 
Hitchcock, daughter of James Hitch- 
cock, Bedford, Sept. 1, 1898. One 
daughter, Evelyn M., b. 1912. 

BIEBER, Herbert Egmont, Rich- 
mond, Que. Born at Lincoln, Eng., 
April 16, 1874, son of Herbert E. and 
May E. (Lyall) Bieber; English, fath- 
er born in London, Eng., 1845, came 
to Lennoxville, 1881, mother English, 
born in England, 1853. Educated : 
Bishop's College School, Lennoxville, 
and Lincoln College, Sorel, Que. ; 
1889-1890, with Edison General Elec- 
tric Co., Sherbrooke; 1891, entered 
The Molson Bank, Montreal, trans- 
ferred to Sorel, Brockville, Sorel, 
Montreal, Quebec, Victoriaville, Sim- 
coe, Ont. ; 1907 came to Richmond as 
manager branch of The Molson's 
Bank; director Richmond Co. Agr'l. 
Soc. ; member St. Francis Lodge, No. 
15, A.F. & A.M.; Anglican, Liberal; 
married Edith M. Henry, daughter of 
J. W. Henry, of Quebec, June 5, 1901. 
Children: Arthur H., 1902; Mar jorie 
E., 1904; Ernest Tobin, 1906; Elea- 




BISHOP, Milan Curtis, Bishop's 
Crossing, March 11, 1864, son of Sid- 
ney and Mary (Rich) Bishop; Eng- 
lish. Educated: Public Schools; elect- 
ed to Dudswell Township Council, 
1908, and served until 1914; pro- 
Mayor, also School Commissioner ; 
real estate valuator, etc. ; I.O.O.F., 
Independent; Methodist. Married 
Margaret McAulay, East Dudswell, 
Nov. 16, 1893. One son, Archie W. 

BISHOP, Frederick Cornelius, Ma- 
jor, Bishop's Crossing, Que. Born at 
Bishop's Crossing, 1870, son of Hollis 
and Corrinne (Daigneau) Bishop. 
Educated: Public Schools; Major com- 
manding A. Squadron, 7th Hussars; 
Conservative; Methodist; connected 
for many years with various lumber 
concerns as millwright, etc., and 
later with Bishop & Evans, Bishop's 
Crossing. Married Bessie H. Mc- 
Cubbin, Bury, Que., Sept. 4, 1900. 
Children: Verlie E., Dalton M. 

BISHOP, William Mauser, Marble- 
ton, Que. Born at Marbleton, Nov. 
5, 1852, son of J. B. and Matilda 
(Hart) Bishop; English. Educated: 
Public Schools; member Wolfe Co. 
Agricultural Society ; Postmaster 
since 1892; Bailiff Superior Court; 
C.O.F. ; Conservative; Anglican. Mar- 
ried Florence M. Hunt, Bury, Que., 
1882. Children: Austin W., Beatrice 
F., Blanche E., Raymond D., Syl- 
via G. 

BISHOP, Homer Grovener, Marble- 
ton, Que. Born at Marbleton, Que., 
Sept. 28, 1848, son of Amos P. and 
Allennetta (Ward) Bishop; appoint- 
ed Sec.-Treas. Dudswell Township, 
1880; upon incorporation of Marble- 
ton village, 1896, appointed Sec.- 
Treas. of Village and School Board, 
holding office since; member of Board 
of Trade, and also Board of Health; 
Conservative ; Methodist. Married, 
first, Annette Saunders, deceased, 
1883; second, Mrs. Christina Morri- 
son (nee Christina Nicholson), Gould, 
Que., 1891. Children: Gertrude M., 
Albert H., Lee S., E. S., L. E., 
Kenneth E., Neil J. R., Ruby R. J. 

BISHOP, Curtis Guy, Marbleton, 
Que. Born at Marbleton, Que., Aug. 
21, 1886, son of Curtis and Ellen 
(Armitage) Bishop; English. .Edu- 
cated: Model School; member Board 
of Councillors, Board of Trade, 
County Agricultural Society; Direc- 
tor Farmers' Club; importer and 
dealer of registered Durham cattle; 
A.F. & A.M. ; Conservative ; Angli- 
can. Married Ida H. Bailey, Leeds 
Village, Que., Oct. 31, 1907. One 
son, Dean Roberts. 

BISHOP, Austin W., Marbleton, 
Que. Born at Marbleton, Que., Sept. 
30, 1883, son of Wm. M. and Flor- 
ence M. (Hunt) Bishop; English de- 
scent, New England ancestry coming 
to Dudswell as pioneers. Educated: 
Public Schools of district; for several 
years carried on extensive business as 
dealer in pulp, lumber, etc., buying 
along Quebec and Maine Central 
and shipping to American market ; 
member firm of Barter & Bishop, 
lumber dealers, Marbleton; purchaser 
of large timber limits in various see- 
tions of Southern Quebec; member 
Marbleton Board of Trade ; officer 



C.O.F., Court Triumph, Marbleton; 
member Nicolet Fish and Game. Club; 
Anglican; Independent in politics. 

BISHOP, Barnabus R., Marbleton, 
Que. Born at Marbleton, Que., Aug. 
20, 1844, son of Amos P. and Alle- 
netta (Ward) Bishop; English de- 
scent, through pioneer Bishop family 
coming to townships from New Eng- 
land in 1800. Educated: Public 
Schools; engaged for several years in 
general farming and stock raising ; 
later formed partnership with Os- 
mond Parker, of Franconia, N.H., 
firm known as Parker & Bishop, con- 
tinuing many "years and dissolved in 
1911; since that date engaged as lum- 
ber dealer, supplying mills and ship- 
ping largely to American market ; 
member Marbleton Council, 1898 to 
1912; Mayoi 1902; Commissioner of 
Commissioners' Court, Township of 
Dudswell for 28 years; member Vic- 
toria Lodge, A.F. & A.M., Sher- 
brooke; Methodist; Liberal. Married, 
June 28, 1870, Amanda Carr, Cook- 
shire, Que. Children: Stewart W., 
Lewis P., Leslie C. 


BISHOP, Captain Guy D., Bishop's 
Crossing, Que. Born at Bishep's 
Crossing, Que., March 8, 1876, son 

of Hollis and Corrine (Daigneau) 
Bishop, descent, English. First set- 
tled in Connecticut, then in Burling- 
ton, Vt., came to Canada in 1800, 
settling in the wilderness at place 
now known as Bishop's Crossing. Edu- 
cated: Public Schools; Captain "A," 
Squadron, 7th Hussars, having quali- 
fied at St. Johns Military School; 
Li. --tenant, 1909; Captain, 1913 ; 
field officers' certificate at Ottawa, 
1914; Conservative; Anglican; for 
several years engaged in farming at 
Dudswell, later (1910) entered into 
business at Ottawa in artistic sign 
painting, lettering, etc. Volunteered 
for overseas service and Went to 
front as Captain in 5th C.M.R. (See 
military section.) 

BISSONNET, Alfred Prosper, ex. 
M.L.A., Sherbrooke, Que. Born at 
St. Charles, Que., July 2, 1851, son of 
Jerome Bissonnet and Josepte Cour- 
temanche. Educated: St. Hyacinthe's 
Seminary; Collector Provincial Rev- 
enue; M.L.A. for Stanstead from 
1904 until 1913; Councillor for Stan- 
stead Plain, for 20 years, and church 
warden for 15 years; C.M.B.A., 
Knights of Columbus and Alliance 
Club, St. Francis Whist Club, Stan- 
stead Reading Club, and Madawaska 
Fishing Club and Pinnacle Fishing 
Club: Liberal; Roman Catholic. Mar- 
ried Elizabeth J. Mullins, daughter of 
John Mullins, of Stanstead Plain, 
Nov. 5, 1876. One son and three 

BISSONNET, Alfred Joseph, M. 

L.A., Rock Island, Que. - - Born at 
Stanstead Plain, Que., Dec. 14, 1880, 
son of Prosner Alfred and Elizabeth 
(Mullins) Bissonnet. Canadian. Edu- 
cated: St. Charles Seminary, Sher- 
brooke, Que. ; after leaving school 
was clerk in his father's general 
store, at Stanstead Plain for 8 years; 
opened general store in Rock Island 
in July, 1904; commenced present 
manufacturing business in Rock Is- 
land in partnership with Chas. R. 
Jenkins, in spring of 1907, under 
name of Peerless Overall Co. ; elected 
by acclamation to Provincial Legis- 
lature, Jan. 16, 1913, and re-elected 



on May 22, 1916; Knights of Colum- 
bus; Reform Club, Montreal; Colum- 
bian Club, Rock Island; Liberal; 
Roman Catholic. Married Josephine 
Pike, daughter of Wm. Pike, Derby 
Line, Vt., June 9, 1909. Children: 
Mary Elizabeth, b. March 22, 1910; 
Alfred Pike, b. Aug. 14, 1914. 


BLACK, John, Scotstown, Que. 
Born at Rothesay, Island of Bute, 
Scotland, July 20, 1849, son of Colin 
and Margaret (Barbour) Black; 
Scotch. Educated: Public School, 
Scotland ; Mayor and Councillor for 
Scotstown for years; Sec.-Treas. of 
Hampden and Scotstown; C. 0. F., 
I.O.O.F. ; Independent; Presbyterian. 
Married Annie McAlpine, Feb. 16, 
1871. Children: Margaret B., John, 
Angus C., Elizabeth A., Colinea. 

BLAKE, Edson Andrew, M.D., 

Waterloo, Que. Born South Stukely, 
Que., June 30, 1880, son of Andrew 
and Henrietta (Hills) Blake; English; 
grandfather came from New England 
and settled in Orford Township, 
Brome County. Educated: Public 
Schools, So. Lancaster, Mass., Acad- 
emy, and McGill University; degree 

M.D., C.M., McGill, 1906; practiced 
for some time at Frelighsburg, 
and in 1913, took over prac- 
tice of Dr. S. H. Martin, Waterloo; 
member Canadian Medical Associ- 
ation, also, Shett'ord County Medical 
Association; A.F. & A.M., also, I.O. 
O.F. ; Methodist; Conservative. Mar- 
ried Ethel M. Marston, Warden, Que., 
July 17, 1907. One son, Earl M., b. 
1909, and daughter, Laura E., 1917. 

BLINN, Charles Manly, farmer, 
Stanbridge East, Que. Born at Stan- 
bridge East, Que., June 29, 1875, son 
of Charles and Charlotte (Briggs) 
Blinn; English. Educated: Stanbridge 
East Academy; Councillor, member 
Board of Trade, Board of Health, etc. 
Owner large dairy farm; A.F. & A.M. ; 
Liberal; Anglican. Married E. Ethel 
Chandler, daughter of Joseph Chand- 
ler, Stanbridge East, Oct. 18, 1899. 
Children: Harold C., b. 1902; Donald 
C., b. 1904; Beulah G., b. 1907; Mild- 
red E., b. 1909. 

BLINN, Hiram Chester (deceased 
Sept. 26, 1916), Frelighsburg, Que. 
Born at Stanbridge East, Que., May 
30, 1840, son of Nathan M. and Ade- 
line (Lock) Blinn; English; grand- 
father, James Blinn, was born in Ver- 
mont, 1770 ; moved to St. Armand, 
later resided at Dunham ; moved 
to Stanbridge where he died. Edu- 
cated: Stanbridge Academy and Bur- 
lington, Vt.; Justice of Peace, 1888; 
Commissioner of Circuit Court, mem- 
ber County Agr'l. Society; early en- 
gaged in agriculture near Stanbridge 
East, largely interested in dairying, 
also, traveller for the Richford Manu- 
facturing Co., Bedford, Que., later 
retired to Frelighsburg, engaged in 
managing his real estate and other 
business interests; a successful public 
spirited business man; member A.F. 
& A.M. (since 1868), D.D.G.M., P.G. 
Jr. W.; Liberal; Anglican. Married 
Mary M. Whitman, daughter of H. N. 
Whitman, Stanbridge East, Sept. 7, 
1863. Children: Gertrude A., b. 
1865, deceased 1885; Grace A., b. 
1867; Geneva M., b. 1878. 


BLISS, L. Q., Compton, Que. Children: Rene, 1897 ; Yvonne, 

Born at Compton, Que., Sept. 3, 1898; Philippe, 1900; Joachim, 1902 ; 

1861, son of Quartus and Ellen (Pom- Germaine, 1903; Cecile, 1906; Rob- 

roy) Bliss; English; grandfather came ert, 1910; Therese, 1911; Lucien, 

from New England and settled in 1913; Jeanne, 1915. 
Compton among pioneers. Educated: 
Public Schools; engaged in farming 

near Compton village in raising of BLUNT, Henry Walter, Dr., 

beef cattle for local and British mark- Granby, Que. Born at West Bolton, 

ets; has made several trips to Eng- Que., May 30, 1870, son of Abram 

land with shipments of beef , one shm- and Emily (Pibus) Blunt; English, 

ment consisting of over 200 head ; Educated: Knowlton and Waterloo 

extensive breeder of Durhams; farm Academies and McGill University ; 

one of best in townshios, comprising began practice of medicine at Man- 

550 acres, pleasantly situated, carry- sonville but later moved to Granby: 

ing about 75 head of cattle, 11 horses, M.D., C.M., 1893; Medical Officer of 

etc.; member Compton Village Coun- Health at Granby for several years; 

cil since 1899; Mayor, 1909 to 1911; examiner at Medical Faculty of Mc- 

School Commissioner since 1911 ; Gill University for College of Phy- 

Methodist; Conservative. Married, sicians and Surgeons; member and 

Dec. 26, 18S5, Dorothy Farnsworth, ex-president Shefford Medical So- 

of Eaton, Que. Children: Quartus, ciety; member Yamaska Lodge A.F. 

1902; Dorothy M., 1905. & A.M., for nearly twenty years; 

I.O.O.F. ; Liberal, Methodist; married 

BLOSSOM, Bertram Almond, North Francis J.Corneille, Oct., 1896. Chil- 

Hatley. Que. Born at Compton, dren: H ' Walton - 
Que., Aug. 16, 1876, son of Albert G. 

and Abbie (Byron) Blossom; English; BOCKUS Herbert, Dunham, Que. 

came from New England States to _ B t M ti Q ' Feb ? Ig54 

Compton County about 1880. Edu- s(m f Henr / N . an * d R ^ chel (Vaueh . 

cated: Pubic Schools; Sec.-Treas. of > Bocku * English. Educated: 

North Hatley School Board ; Sec.- p bu g h ^ b * fe and cheege 

Treas. Village of North Hatley. Que manufacturer; ' membe r No. 5 Co. 

Asst. Postmaster 1891 to 1912; Lib- 6Qth Battalio ' n (now disbanded); 

eraljUniversahst. Married Maud May , t d t Dunham Council in 1912 

Jackson, North Hatley, May 24, 1898. and re . elected in 19l 4 ; A . F . & A.M., 

I.O.O.F. ; Conservative ; Anglican. 

BLOUIN, Arthur, Sherbrooke, Que. Married Sarah Williams, daughter of 

Born at Lambton, Que., July 22, Thos. Williams, at Ormstown, Que., 

1872, son of Charles and Leonie March 12, 1888. Children: Ethel E., 

(Ouellette) Blouin; French. Educat- 1889; Mabel V., 1891; Charlotte M., 

ed: Public Schools, St. Charles Sem- 1897, (deceased 1908.) 
inary, Sherbrooke, (commercial dip- 
loma) ; Lieut. 54th Reg., Sherbrooke: 

after leaving school in 1893 entered BOCKUS, Wellington, Bedford, 
the employ of G. A. LeBaron, music Que. Born at Stanbridge, Que., Dec. 
dealer, Sherbrooke; in 1904 the busi- 12, 1834, son of John J. and Gather- 
ness was sold to W. B. LeBaron and ine (Weir) Bochus; English. Edu- 
Mr. Blouin remained with the pur- cated: Common schools; No. 5 Co. 
chaser until 1909 when he resigned 60th Battalion at Battle of Eccles 
and established present business, Hill, Que., May 24, 1870; School 
conducting music store; I.O.F., St Commissioner; Conservative; Angli- 
Joseph, St. Francis Snowshoe; 54th can. Married Martha Pendlebury, 
Officers' Club, La Gaiete; Liberal; daughter of Henry Pendlebury, Stan- 
Catholic. Married Ernestine Roud- bury, Feb. 17, 1868. Children : Amity 
reault, daughter of Philippe Boud- B., 1871; Elizabeth R., 1878; Alice 
reault, Nicolet, Que., Oct. 6, 1896. C., 1885; Charles H., 1887. 



BOIVIN, Geo. Henry, B.A., M.P., 

(Shefford), Granby, Que., son of 
Henri Boivin, French-Canadian, and 
Sarah Bray of Irish-Canadian origin, 
both deceased. - - Born at Granby, 
Shefford Co., Que., Dec. 26, 1882; 
educated at Granby Academy, St. 
Joseph's College, Granby Mannoir 


College, Marieville, and Laval Uni- 
versity, Montreal, took degree of 
Bachelor of Arts at Laval University 
in July, 1902, studied law in the offi- 
ces of Messrs. Greenshields, Heneker 
& Mitchell, Montreal, and was ad- 
mitted to the bar of the Province of 
Quebec on July 4, 1907; married, 
Oct. 29, 1908, Helen Comeau, of 
Sabrevpis, Que. ; three children, 
Sarah Marguerite, b. Nov. 4, 1909; 
James Joseph Henry, b. April 4, 
1911;, and Marcel George Wilfrid, 
b. Nov. 2, 1912; advocate and barris- 
ter, member of firm McKeown & 
Boivin, Sweetsburg, Que., from 1908 
to 1912; President of Liberal law 
students' assn. at Laval University 
in 1905; Crown Prosecutor for the 
District of Bedford since Oct., 1907; 
has taken active part in politics in 
Shefford Co. since 1904, chosen as 
Liberal candidate Aug. 23, 1911, and 
elected at G.e. Sept. 21, 1911, with 

a majority of 26 votes over Jas. Dav- 
idson, Conservative ; Roman Catho- 
lic; Liberal. 

BORIGHT, Franklin C., commer- 
cial traveller, Sutton, v^ue. Born at 
New York City, N.Y., July 3, 1853, 
son of George H. and Elizabeth 
(Githens) Boright; English; the Bo- 
right family are amongst the oldest 
settlers of the Eastern Townships. 
Educated: Public Schools; A.F. & 
A.M.; member Sutton Conservative 
Club: Conservative; Anglican. Mar- 
ried Elizabeth Allen, at Sutton, Que., 
Oct. 15, 1878. Children: George 
Henry, 1893. 

BORIGHT, Curtis Spencer, Sweets- 
burg, Que. Born at East Farnham, 
Que., April 12, 1847, son of Geo. and 
Ruth (Spencer) Boright, English; E. 
at District School in the Township of 
East Farnham and Academy at 
Sweetsburg and Cowansville; came to 
Sweetsburg in 1862 as clerk for 
brother, C, H. Boright, and assistant 
P. M. for six years; entered into part- 
nership with C. H. Boright in gen- 
eral store for two years, then bought 
his interest, and continued the gen- 
eral store for six years; in 1866 be- 
came manager of the Mutual Tele- 
phone Co., later known as G.N.W. 
Tel. Co. ; was appointed Postmaster in 
1871, and manager C. P. Telegraph 
in 1874; carried on extensive busi- 
ness in groceries, feed, butter and 
cheese; has small farm stocked with 
thoroughbred Jerseys; member A.F 
& A.M.; Anglican; married Elida D. 
Fuller, daughter of E. D. Fuller, Cow- 
ansville, Que., Oct. 5, 1870; one 
daughter, Grace Winnifred, Dec. 18, 

BOTHWELL, Joseph Alexander, 

East Angus, Que. Born at Durham, 
Que., Aug. 15, 1871, son of Albert 
and Laura (Yale) Bothwell; Scotch 
on father's side and English on moth- 
er's side; E. at St. Francis College, 
Richmond, Que. ; started work at 
age of 11 years, at the R. L. Lewis 
& Co. saw mill at Danby, Que. ; in 
1887 started scaling lumber for the 
old lumber firm of Church, Mitchell 


& Fee, remaining with this firm un- 
til their operations were completed in 
1893; in 1893 took position with the 
Drummond Lumber Co. at Forestdale, 
Que., as sawmill foreman remaining' 
with this firm until 1898; in 1898 
took position as woods' manager for 
Burges Sulphite Fibre Co., Berlin, 
N.H., remaining there until 1908 
when he moved to Sherbrooke as 
local manager for the firm remain- 
ing there until Dec., 1909, when he 
purchased an interest in the Bromp- 
ton Pulp & Paper Co. of East Angus 


taking charge of above firm as gen- 
eral manager, Jan. 1, 1910, and was 
elected director in 1911; was elected 
director of the Remington Paper and 
Power Co., Watertown, N.Y., on its 
foundation in 1914 and remained on 
the board until 1917 when the 
company changed ownership; pur- 
chased quarter interest in Etchemin 
River Lumber Co. in 1910 and 
was treasurer and secretary until 
1912 when he sold his interest to B. 
C. Howard; was elected to the execu- 
tive committee and chairman of the 
mechanical division of the Canadian 

Pulp & Paper Ass'ji in 1916 and re- 
elected in 1917; Liberal, Congrega- 
tionalist; married Sadie Edith Mit- 
chell, daughter of Thos. Mitchell, 
Durham, Que., Oct. 8, 1895; one 
child, Eleanor L., b. Nov. 15, 1896. 

BOUCHER, Phileas, Sherbrooke. 
Que. Born July 4, 1862, son .of 
Cyprien and Elmire (Bourque) Bou- 
cher. Educated: St. Charles Semin- 
ary; organized clothing business in 
1900 under firm name of Boucher 
and Lacroix, the firm being extended 
in 1910 to include Mr. Fisette, one 
of the leading merchant firms in 
townships in men's clothing; member 
St. Joseph Society, L'Alliance Na- 
tional; Knights of Columbus; Roman 
Catholic. Married Anna Lacroix. 
Children: Lucien, 1897; and Teresese, 

BOULANGER, Joseph Oscar Le- 
febre, Cowansville, Que. Born at St 
Charles, Bellechasse Co., Nov. 3, 
1888, son of Joseph L. and Elizabeth 
(Pare) Boulanger; French; ances- 
tors came to Canada in year 1639 
from Pointoise, near Paris. Edu- 
cated: St. Charles Primary School, 
Quebec Seminary, Laval University, 
and McGill University; advocate, bar- 
rister and solicitor; admitted to the 
Bar, July, 1912; first practised law in 
Quebec City in partnership with Ar- 
thur Lachance, M.P., and M. J. 
Ahern; secretary of Public Utilities 
Commission; member of the law firm 
of McKeown & Boulanger of Sweets- 
burg, Que., since April, 1914; en- 
gaged in newspaper work in Montreal 
1909-12; reporter of the Civil Court 
news for Montreal Gazette; news edi- 
tor of "La Patrie" for two years; 
private recretary to Hon. C. F. De 
iage, of Legislative Assembly during 
1913-14; Bachelor of Arts, Laval : 
Bachelor of Civil Law, McGill ; sec- 
retary Bedford Bar Association. 
Knights of Columbus (Granby Coun- 
cil), Catholic O.O.F. (Quebec Lodge) 
Montreal Reform Club, Cowansville 
Club; Liberal; Catholic. 


BOURN, Leonard Jarvis, Manson- training camp with the rank of Lt.- 
ville, Que. - - Born at Mansonville, Col. where he remained for some 
June 19, 1851, son of Roswell and time, but voluntarily had his rank re- 
Julia (Blanchard) Bourn; English; duced to that of Major in order to 
grandfather, Rev. Roswell Bourn, was get on the firing line, 
born in the New England States, 
came to the township of Potton in B OWEN, Major Edward Hugh, 

i 8 ??' , ne J - - the e r j iest s , ettl rs u V- n Sherbrooke, Que. Born at Sher- 
Bedford district. Educated: .Public brooke , Q ue ., June 2, 1880, son of 
Schools; served twelve years in Mu- F w w and Sarah j (Hall) Bo wen; 
rncipal CouncTl, four years as Mayor, great g randson of H on. Edward Bo- 
Warden Brome County one year ; wen and gra ndson of the late Lt.-Col. 
School Commissioner several years; Geo Fred erick Bowen. Educated : 
engaged in agriculture until 1889, Sherbrooke High School; some years 
removed to Mansonville, devoting was attached as a Lieutenant to 
time to insurance business ; strong R al Canadian Dragoons, Toronto; 
temperance advocate; I O.F.; Liberal; when war broke out enlisted as a 
Methodist. Married Eliza L Me- private j n the 53rd Batt. ; was quick- 
Clafin, daughter of Lucias McClafin. } promoted through the different 
Mansonville, Que Sept. 12, 1876. grades of the Non.-Com. Officers and 
One daughter, Ethel M., 1888. was finally offe red a comission in 

the 9th Regt. of Quebec, and went 
with them to England; in France 

BOUTELLE, Jame. Hebert, Lieut.- transferred into the 15th Highlanders 

Col., Danville, Que. (see also Military and was promoted to Captain in the 

Section). Born at Danville Que., field ; as invalid was sent home on fur- 

Aug. 5 1878 son of Mr. and Mrs. lough when he exchanged into the 

Chas. Boutelle, .Danville; Canadian. 117th E T Batt under Lt .. Col . 

Educated: Danville Academy ; Lt.- Gilbert, with the rank of Major. 
Col. Commanding XI Hussars; Major 
117th E. T. Batt.; commanding No. 2 

Co. C.E.F. ; took active part in the BOWEN, George Austin, M.D., 
organization of this battalion and C.M., Magog, Que. Born at Comp- 
went with it overseas. Societies' P.M. ton, Que., Oct. 19, 1867, son of Fred- 
Doric Lodge, A.F. & A.M.; Conserva- erick F. and Mary E. (Martin) Bow- 
tive; Church of England. Married en; English; grandfather, Peter Bo- 
Alice Lovina Stockwell, daughter of wen, coming from New England, set- 
Mrs. W. H. Stockwell, Danville, Que. ; tied in Compton County about 1800. 
Oct. 11, 1915. Educated: Coaticook Academy and 

McGill, graduating 1892, M.D.C.M., 
and began practice at Magog; Coun- 

BOWEN, Lieut.-Col. Frederick dllor of Magog, 1908 to 1912 ; 

Chamberlain, Sherbrooke, Que. (See Mayor, 1912-14; joint coroner St. 

also military section) British Exp. Francis District since 1902; Pres. 

Force, France. Born at Sherbrooke, M agog Board of Trade; A.F. & A.M., 

Que., July 8, 1876, son of F. W. W. C .O.F., R.A., member Dominion Tex- 

and Sarah F. (Hall) Bowen; great tile Club ; Anglican ; Liberal. Married 

grandson of Hon Edward Bowen and Susan Francis Hubbard, of Magog, 

grandson of the late Lieut.-Col Q ue . Oct. 5, 1894. 
George Frederick Bowen, Sheriff of 
District of St. Francis for over 50 

years. Educated: Sherbrooke High BOWEN, Arthur Milton, North 
School; worked up by successive Hatley, Que. Born at Hatley, Que., 
stages to O.C. in command of the Aug. 13, 1882, son of John P ~nH 
53rd Sherbrooke Regt., and joined Louisa (Bachelder) Bowen, his father 
thp Montreal Overseas Regt. as Sen- John P. Bowen, deceased 1914, being 
ior Major under Lt.-Col. Fisher; in one of the best known and most high- 
England placed in command of a ly respected men of the Eastern 


Townships, holding many offices of chased property near Lennoxville ; 
trust at Hatley, his native town, and 1906, erected plant and organized 
in the County, being especially iden- Standard Box Co., mfg. butter boxes; 
tified with the Stanstead County Ag- Mayor, Councillor, School Commis- 
ricultural Society. His death was sioner of Township of Bury; Coun- 
widely mourned. Educated: Public cillor and Mayor (1916) of Lennox- 
Schools and Hatley Model School ; ville; Conservative; Anglican. Mar 
engaged in farming at Hatley till ried Mary C. Herring, daughter of 
1906, when he purchased Hatley Wm. Herring, Bury, Que., Dec. 30, 
Creamery which he carried on for 1874. Children: W. Arthur, 1875; 
three years; 1909, conducted temper- Mary E., 1877; Arnold W., 1889 ; 
ance hotel at Hatley, purchasing Val- E. Roy, 1893. 
ley House, North Hatley, in 1910, 

which he now conducts successfully BRADFORD, Charle Henry, Gran 

at this noted summer resort; elected b Q ue . Born at Granby, Que., 

to North Hatley Council 1913; War- June 6 1863 gon of R and Eli/a . 

den St. James Church, Hatley; War- beth ( Baird ) Bradford English 

den St. Barnabas Church North Hat- Educated: Public Schools; 'merchant '; 

ley; member Stanstead County Agri- member of Granb Board of Trade 

cultural Society North Hatley Board and Shefford Horticultural Society; 

of Trade, Court Good Cheer, I.O.F. ; T n O F A F &AM-PM ofYa 

. -TT1 1 /~* ^11 i . V/. \-J.P ., \,X: . Oi. A.aiKL . A *1V1. Ul 1 f\ 

Massawippi Fish and Game Club; magka Lod No 21 L ' O<F memb er 
Eastern Townships Auto Club; Angh- Qranb Curli and Qran ' b Qo]f 

Qn n; 1Q nT S p V M ir Mar e ii. S !- a1so - ( The ) Granby Club; Liberal; 
30, 1904 Grace McKay North Hat- Methodist . Married Francis B. John- 
ley. Children: Rogers M.; Sma L. son daughter of Jonat han Johnson, 
(deceased 1914); John S. and Flor- at K nowlton, Que., Oct. 15, 1903. 

One son, Charles H., April 13, 1914. 

BOWMAN, William Findley, Scots- DOAIMC-V DI 

town, Que. Born at Baillieton, Scot- n BRADLEY Robt. E., Sherbrooke, 
land, Sept., 1842, son of William and Q , ue ' * orn at ^ ^S*' Que ;' T Jan " 
Ann (Findley) Bowman; Scotch. 24,1847, son of William and Jane 
Educated: Parish School, Scotland ; (Johnston) Bradley; Irish father 
Councillor of Hampden, five years; cam , e / r . om T1 th * nort j of ^ lan ^ and 
served in Council, Scotstown, since settled m Durham Township Drum- 
incorporated, 1892; Mayor several mond County, 1832 Educated: Pub- 
terms; Societies: I.O.O.F., Charter Schoob; early life farmer later 
member Strathcona Lodge, No. 34, millwright, contractor and builder m 
Scotstown; Conservative; Presbyter- Partnership with the late William 
ian. Married Mary M. MacMaster, Bradley (brother) ; erected Hyndman 
Glasgow, Scotland, Nov. 6, 1879. blo ?J.' Sherbrooke, and other large 
Children: Annie F., William W., Mar- Buildings, partner with the late Geo. 

garet M., two daughters (deceased) A ^ er ' marble and ^ gra " lt ! u deale T s ' 

Elizabeth and Mary. Sherbrooke; upon the death of MT. 

Ayer took over business ; also, real 
estate owner; engaged in looking af- 

BOWN, William, Lennoxville, Que. ter various business interests; I.O.F. ; 

- Born at Bury, Que., March 17, Methodist. Married Alta L. Ayer, 

1848, son of Thomas and Mary Ann daughter of late Geo. Ayer, Hatley, 

(Sherman) Bown; English, father Que., Nov. 12, 1891. Children: Pau- 

coming from England, 1817, settling line A., 1893; A. Evelyn, 1901. 
first at Brompton. Educated: Public 
Schools; engaged for number years 

in farming, contracting and building; BRADSHAW, Rev. John Mclntyre, 

purchased 6,000 acres timber limits Lake Megantic. - - Born at Dublin, 

which he sold to Bury Pulpwood & Ireland, Dec. 25, 1862, son of Rev. 

Lumber Co., in 1905; same year pur- William B. and Rebecca (Mclntyre) 


Bradshaw; Irish; A. F. & A. M. ; Schools; many years engaged in gen- 
Church of England. Married Alice eral farming at Birchton, now re- 
Elizabeth Smith, Port aux-Basques, tired, greatly interested in good 
Newfoundland, Oct. 29, 1887. Child- roads; member Birchton Farmers' 
ren: Alice, William B., Clara, Julia Club; Liberal; Methodist. Married 
Emma, Violet Crawford, Josephine Persis Taylor, daughter of Joseph 
Mary. Taylor, at Birchton, Que., March 26, 

1895. Children: Curtis A., 1899. 
BRAINERD, Timothy E. Born at 

Boynton, Que., July 29, 1850, son of BRAZENALL Thomas, D.V.M., 

Timothy D. and Sophronia (Brown) Bury, Que. Born Roden, Eng., April 

Brainerd; English, grandfather, Is- 13, 1877, son of Enoch and Betsy 

rael Brainerd, born in Compton, N. (Higginson) Brazenall ; English ; came 

H., in 1778, and settled in Stanstead to Canada in 1889, locating at Sher- 

County in the year 1804; E. Public brooke, Que., later removed to Bury. 

Schools; member Stanstead Town- Educated: English schools, Academy 

ship Council for six years; Liberal ; nf Sherbrooke, graduate of Grand 

Congregationalist. Married, first, to Rapids, Mich., Veterinary College ; 

Nellie V Ticehurst, died 1910; sec- C.O.F., I.O.O.F.; Conservative; An- 

ond, Julia E. Walker, Rock Island, glican. Married Jane E. Hamilton, of 

Que., 1911. Children: Ward L., 1881; Bury, Que., June 8, 1904. Children: 

Clyde E., 1886, died 1912; Harold T., Francis Allan. 
1897 (died in infancy). Address: 

Boynton, Que. BRENT, William Henry Born at 

Sherbrooke, Que., Sept. 16, 1883, son 

BRAY, Nicholas Gilbert, Sher- of J. H. and Alberta May (Hall) 

brooke, Que. Born at Port Stanley, Brent; English. Educated: Sherbrooke 

Ont., May 9, 1860, son of Richard High School; first entered office 

and Nanny (Gilbert) Bray; English. Fraser & Rugg, advocates, and later 

Educated: Port Stanley, Cnt. ; tra\- office of G. E. & C. K. Fraser, gen- 

elliny salesman for Forbes Pros., eral insurance, entering into partner- 

wholnsale grocers, Montreal; I.O.O.F., ship with the latter in 1914, conduct- 

St. George's, Sherbrooke; Cutting, ing business in absence of Major 

Wolfe County Fish and Game; Lib- Fraser, overseas; has been lessee of 

eral; Anglican. Married Mary M. Sherbrooke Stadium four years ; 

Etherington, daughter of John Ether K. of P., has served at Pres. Sher- 

ington, Lacolle, Que., Dec. 1, 1880. brooke Hockey Club and of Sher- 

Children: Dallas G., 1882; Brenchley brooke Lacrosse Club, Sec.-Treas. E. 

Vivian, 1884; Nancy K. G., 1895. T. Baseball League and of Sher- 
brooke Baseball Club ; vice-president 

. Inter. Prov. A.H.U. ; Conservative; 

o,. 5r ' ""'T B T enJami , n '7^ rn Methodist. Married Frances Pearl, 

St. Thomas, Ont June 14, 1867, son da hter of Manuel Foster> at Law . 

of Richard and Nanny (Gilbert) re M s t 2 4, 1908. Child- 
Bray; English Educated in Sher- ren . Dorothy Alberta, 1910; Gerald 
brooke, Que.; Capt. Quarter Master nmio-las 1Q11 
53rd Regt.; A.F. & A.M., St. George's ' 
j.nd Sherbrooke Snowshoe; Conserve- Dn.r^rTTi? 

tive; Episcopal. BRIDGETTE. Allan Ermme Birch- 
ton, Que. Born at New Armah, 
Que., Nov. 2, 1871, son of Robert 

BRAZEL, Alton Steven, Sawyer- and Suanna (Moran) Bridgette ; 

ville, Que. Born at Birchton, Que., Irish; grandfather, John Bridgette, 

Aug. 24, 1855, son of William and came from Ireland and settled at New 

Sarah (Knights) Brazel ; Irish ; grand- Armah, Que. Educated: Public 

father, John Brazel, came from Ire- Schools; member 7th Hussars (now 

land when a young man and settled disbanded) ; School Commissioner; 

at Birchton. Educated : Public 1914, purchased present farm prop- 



. rty and established stock farm; A.F. 
& A.M.; Conservative; Methodist. 
Married Allie Cass, daughter of Or- 
ville Cass, Martinville, Jan. 12, 1898. 
Children: Orville R., 1907; Donald A., 

BRIDGETTE, Robert, Birchton, 
Que. Born at St. Sylvestre, Feb. 10, 
1846, son of John and Amia (Bain) 
Bridgette, father was born in Ireland 
and came to St. Sylvestre in 1829 at 
age of 29; Robert Bridgette came to 
Eaton in 1878. Educated: Common 
schools; served with St. Sylvestre 
Volunteer Infantry Company under 
Capt. King during Fenian Raid in 
1866 r and in 1912 received $100 
grant from Government for his sei 
vices; School Commissioner St. Syl- 
vestre, Councillor Eaton Township : 
Postmaster at Birchton, 1888; Con- 
servative ; Anglican ; engaged in farm- 
ing until 1887 when he purchased 
general store at Birchton from J. A. 
McKnight, and continued in business 
until 1900 when his store was badly 
damaged by fire. At that time Mr. 
Brideette retired from business, re- 
taining the post office. Married Su- 
sanah Moran, daughter of James 
Moran, Leeds, March 30, 1869. Child- 
ren: Eliza J., 1870; A. Allan, 1871; 
Susan A., 1876; Eva L., 1877; Edna 
S., 1880; Mary A. L., 1883; Pearl M., 

BRIDGETTE, Albert Edward, 

Birchton, Que. Born at Lotbiniere 
County, Que., June 15, 1860, son of 
John W. and Maria (Orr) Bridgette; 
Irish; grandfather, John Bridgette, 
came from Ireland when a young man 
in 1820 and settled in Lotbiniere 
County, Que. Educated : Public 
Schools; general farming, specialty, 
beef raising; member of Eaton School 
Board fourteen years, twelve vears 
chairman of said board, retiring, 
1907; Secretary-Treasurer of School 
Board since 1912; member Agricul- 
tural Society, No. 1, Compton 
County; Liberal; Methodist. Married 
Arabella Todd, daughter of Alonzo 
Todd, at Birchton, Jan. 12, 1893. 
Children, Marjorie T., 1893; Doris S., 
1899; Phyllis, 1903. 

BROCK, George Ralph, Stanstead, 
Que. Born at Leeds, Que., Jan. 23, 
1862, son of Frederick and Sarah J. 
(McKee) Brock; English; grand- 
father, Steven Brock, came from 
England when a young man and set- 
tled at Leeds, Que. Educated, Public 
Schools; general farming; member 
Barnston Council five years, resigned 
1911; Mayor 1910; Conservative ; 
Methodist; married Ethel A. Corliss, 
daughter of Jas. Corliss, at Barnston, 
Que., Dec. 28, 1886. Children: Ida E., 
1888; Harold G., 1891; Hazel M., 
1899; Erie V., 1907. 


BROCK, Burton W., Capt., Rich- 
mond, Que., (see also Military Sec- 
tion). Born at Dalling, Que., Dec. 
25, 1878, son of Noah Brock. Edu- 
cated : St. Francis College and Bish- 
op's College, Montreal; D.D.S , L.D. 
S,; Councillor for five years at Rich- 
mond, Que., and Mayor during 1914- 
1915; volunteered for overseas ser- 
vice and became Captain in C.A.D.C. 
Overseas Forces. Mason ; Conserva- 
tive; Presbyterian. Married Alice 
Maud McElroy, daughter of S. H. 
McElroy, Waterloo. Children: Carl 
H. and Dorothy Evelyn. 



BROUILLETTE, William J., Saw- 
yerville. Que. Born at Manchester, 
N. H., 1881, son of Raphael and 
Philomene Helie Brouilette; French 
descent. Educated: Waterloo, Que. ; 
associated with A. Brouillette, mer- 
chant tailor, Bury, Que., 1897 to 
1901; established business at Sawyer- 
ville as merchant tailor and gents' 
furnishing store in 1901, a business 
which he still continues; C.O.F. ; in 
politics, independent; Roman Catho- 


BROWN, Albert Joseph, B.A., 
B.C.L., K.C., of Brown, Montgomery 
& Michael, advocates, Dominion Ex- 
press Bldg., Montreal; Vice-President 
Montreal Trust Co., Vice-President 
The Canadian Trust Co., Director 
Royal Bank of Canada, Dominion 
Bridge Co., Ltd., Steel Co. of Can- 
Co., Ltd. Governor McGill Univer- 
sity, Montreal General Hospital, 
Protestant Hospital for the Insane, 
Children's Memorial Hospital. Born 
at Windsor, Que., July 8, 1861, 
son of Shepard Joseph and Jen- 
net (Shanks) Brown; ,E. at St. 
Francis College, Richmond, Que?, 
Morrin College, Quebec, McGill Uni- 
versity (B.A., 1883, B.G.L. and Gold 
Medallist, 1886) ; called to the Quebec 

Bar, 1886; created K.C., 1899; or- 
ganized present firm, of which he is 
head, 1907; batonnier, Montreal Bar, 
and of Province of Quebec, 1911 ; 
married Josephine Home, daughter of 
Joseph W. Home, Quebec, Dec. 27, 
1888; clubs, Mount Royal, St. James', 
Forest and Stream, Montreal, Royal 
Montreal Golf, M.A.A.A., Montreal 
Jockey, Garrison (Quebec) ; the 
York (Toronto), St. George's, Sher- 
brooke; Presbyterian; residence, 710 
Mountain St., Montreal, Que., and 
Windsor, Que. 

BROWN, Francis Fulford Theo- 
dore, Farnham, Que. Born at Alwin, 
Que., March 26, 1870, son of Rev. W. 
Ross and Eliza (Ballard) Brown ; 
Scotch, grandfather, J. Brown, came 
from Belfast, Ireland, when a young 
man and settled in Montreal. Edu- 
cated: St. John's School, Montreal ; 
for several years engaged in mercan- 
tile business in Montreal and King- 
ston; came to Farnham in 1901 in 
employ of C.P.R. ; became conductor 
1903; in 1907 met with serious acci- 
dent at Gould while in discharge of 
his duties, suffering loss of a limb ; 
in 1908, entered into partnership with 
H. D. Keast in jewelry business in 
Farnham, buying out interest of his 
partner in 1914 and continuing the 
business as sole proprietor; watch in- 
spector for C.P.R.' and C.V.R. at 
Farnham; some years ago took much 
interest in military matters, being 
member 52nd Batt., Brome Co., and 
later of Victoria Rifles, Montreal ; 
also, at one time of garrison artil- 
lery, Montreal, and of Military Band, 
14th Batt., Kingston, Ont. ; member 
Farnham Board of Trade; School 
Trustee; P.G. of I.O.O.F., Anglican; 
Independent. Married Frances M, 
Porter, at Kingston, Ont., Jan., 1894. 
Children: Muriel B., 1895; C. Ful- 
ford, 1897; Hugh P., 1905. 

BROWN, Charles C., Danville, 
Que. Born at Danville, Que., Jan. 4, 
1858, son of Joseph and Sarah 
(Towne) Brown; descent, father born 
in Belfast, Ireland, of Scotch par- 
ents. Educated: Danville Academy 
and Stanstead Wesleyan College ; 
Postmaster of Danville since June 25, 


1905; Secretary-Treasurer municipal- Hatley Board of Trade, Stanstead Co. 
ities, village of Danville, since Nov. Agr'l Soc.; Sec.-Treas. Stanstead Co. 
26, 1891, and Township of Shipton, Horticultural Soc.; I.O.O.F., Alexan- 
since Nov. 26, 1891, also, of School dria Lodge, No. 59; Anglican; Lib- 
Boards of said municipalities since eral. Married Myrtle E. Ives, of Hat- 
same date and of the Agricultural ley, Jan. 1, 1901. Children: Dorothy, 
Society since Aug. 27, 1881, and Herbert A. (deceased). 
Shipton Creamery, Ltd., since April, 

1 8 F 2 5 ^TM r D H iC r L nnrf 'nS^fli' BR <>WN, Oti. Wright, Ayer's Cliff, 
A.F. & A.M., and Court Danville, Q fi , Smi *! h Mi i ]t , Q ' 

I.O.F.; Methodist; Liberal. Married, $, m^TLf. * nf r wi?Ut * 

in 18SQ TTrvirYia TWlnr Haiio-Vitpr nf March d > 1 846, SOn of C. Wright and 

UtP cl'n S Tavlor Children J NanCy ( Shurtleff > Brown ; English; 
late Geo S Taylor Children J. grandfath Ca t John Br 

George Oct 7, 1884 Herbert S born at m &nd came 

F 8 e 90. Henrv E Nov 14 1892 and Stanstead County in 1805, and set- 

1890, Henry E Nov 14, 1 >Z; and ^ in Townshi of Stanstead. Edu- 

Grace L., Oct. 8, 1 cated . Stanstead Academy; Council- 
lor and School Commissioner of 

BROWN, Cecil Lome, B.A., M.D. Stanstead Tp many years; member 

CM Aver's Cliff Born at Mont- Farmers Club; Independent; Con- 

^'Qur, 1871 son of Robert and gregationalist. In 1866 went to Am- 
Anabella (Campbell) Brown; Scotch, encan West and . was engaged m 
ancestor came to Canada, 1820, and a & e " cv f rocerv business and farming 
settled on shores of Lake St. Francis, *'. twelve years; returned to Smith 
Huntingdon Co. Educated : Hunting- Mllls , ln 1 ^ 71 ,^ P urch ased farm 
don Academy and McGill University; near h me ( ?^ ad ,' later acquiring farm 
graduated B.A., 1893; medicine, ESffJ* Ma P le , . Croft ' whlch . was 
1897; practicing profession in Ayer's **** on by his grandparents in 
Cliff; Captain No. 6 Cavalry Field ^f 5 - M^ned Lizzie L. Smith, dau- 
Ambulance, Sherbrooke; Councillor, ^ ier { C ' 9 B ' 1 S 7 m ' th >Mt Carro 11, 
Ayer's Cliff, 1909-13; School Commis- - ^o. 2 '^; w ^ %? 
sioner, 1909-15; Chairman, 1913-15; M :' 5 8 ;fU?:^?* r i^^ 1 K 
societies: British Medical/Canadian f ased JJJB ; Carroll B., 1889 (de- 
Medical, I.O.O.F., Alexander Lodge, ceased 1904 > "> Bvron W " 1891 - 
No. 59; Presbyterian; Liberal. Mar- 
ried Annie Helen Sampson, of North BROWN, William Gait, Cowans- 
Hatley, June 26, 1901. Children : ville, Que. Born at Montreal, Que., 
Marguerite, 1902; Galen Sampson, June 3, 1863, son of William and 
1904; Glen C., 1912. Elizabeth Gait Brown; Scotch. Edu- 
cated: Public School, Point Fortune, 
Que., and Hawkesbury, Ont., Acad- 

BROWN, Herbert Henry, Hatley, emy; engaged with his father in gen- 
Que. Born at Stanstead, Que., May eral store business at Point Fortune, 
15, 1873, son of Herbert E. and Etta later in Montreal with Lonsdale Reid 
(Fox) Brown; English, family com- & Co., as commercial traveller for ten 
ing to Stanstead County from New years; bought out D. R. McClure & 
Hampshire, among early settlers. Co. at Cowansville and established 
Educated: Public Schools, Sherbrooke store known as "The Hub," with an 
and Boston Commercial College ; extensive and growing trade; Mayor 
spent two years in Boston as florist, of Cowansville, three years; I.O.O.F., 
later taking over homestead at Fair- Cowansville Club; Conservative; Con- 
fax, Stanstead County; removed to gregationalist. Married Mary E. 
Hatley and became engaged in stock Crosby, daughter of J. W. Crosby, 
breeding, Brown Swiss cattle and Point Fortune, Que., Jan. 1, 1888. 
registered Holstein dairy stock ; Children : five sons of whom three are 
elected Hatley Council, 1915; Hatley living, and nine daughters, of whom 
School Commissioner, 1914; member seven are living. 



BROWNE, Lome Edmund Burges, 

druggist and optometrist, Granby, 
Que. Eorn at Montreal, Feb. 25, 
1876, son of George and Ada (Bur- 
ges) Browne ; English. Educated: 
St. John the Evangelist School, Mon- 
treal, Que.; merchant; A.F. & A.M.; 
Conservative ; Anglican. Married 
Jessie May Raymond, at Waterloo, 
Que., June 21, 1906. Children : 
George Raymond, May 3, 1907. 


BROWNING, Dr. Edgar, Sher- 
brooke, Que. Born at London, Eng.. 
Oct. 3, 1868, son of Edward and 
Louisa (Fox) Browning; English. 
Educated : Cambridge University and 
St. George's Hospital, London, Eng.; 
degrees, A. A., Oxford; M.D. and M.A. 
Cambridge; M.A., Bishop's Univer- 
sity, Lennoxville; M.R.C.S., England, 
L.R.C.P., London, Eng. ; clubs : St. 
George's, Sherbrooke; E. T. Auto- 
mobile ; Anglican. Married Elizabeth 
M. Craig, daughter of George Craig, 
Glasgow and Greenock, Scotland, Ap- 
ril 19, 1897; one son, William Edgar. 

BRYANT, Aaron Plummer, George- 
ville, Que. - - Born at East Bolton, 
Que., April 17, 1869, son of Moses 
and Lucy W. (Philips) Bryant; Eng- 
lish; father born in Enfield, N.H., 
came to Magog, 1820, later moving to 
East Bolton, where he died. Edu- 
cated: Public Schools; Municipal 
Council, 1912, re-elected, 1915; spent 
some years in the New England States 
returning to East Bolton in 1890 and 
engaged in farming; later purchased 
present property near Georgeville, 
Que., on shore of Lake Memphrema- 
eog. He has also carried on contract- 
ing and building to quite an extent. 
Local representative P. T. Legare of 
Quebec and Montreal; one of Stan- 
stead County's successful and enter- 
prising young men; Liberal; Metho- 
r'ist. Married Lizzie F. Thompson, 
daughter of Richard Thompson, Tuf- 
tonboro, N.H., Aug. 26, 1891. Child- 
ren: Erwin P., 1893; Lena F., 1895; 
Alton E., 1898; Warren A., 1900 ; 
Loren B, 1906. 


BRYANT, John Fletcher. Born at 
East Bolton, Que., son of Christopher 
C. and Sarepta (Geer) Bryant, Oct. 
26, 1851; English, father coming 
from Grafton, N.H., in 1817. Edu- 
cated Public Schools and Knowlton 


Academy; as young man engaged in farm consists of four hundred acres, 
general farming and stock raising ; He carries on mixed farming and 
conducted general store at East Bol- dairying, as well as raising Durham 
ton which he sold 1880; since en- cattle; elected to Barnston Council 
gaged in farming and lumbering ; in 1900, and is serving second term 
licensed auctioneer; for years did ex- as Mayor; 1915, President Stanstead 
tensive business as live stock dealer, County Agricultural Society for two 
shipping to Montreal market; butter years and at present a director. Mar- 
and cheese buyer; since 1904, chief ried Sarah E. Buckland, daughter of 
road and bridge inspector for Town- Henry C. Buckland, Barnston, Que., 
ship of East Bolton; executor of Sept. 17, 1890. Children: Muriel J., 
many estates, valuator, etc.; Coun- 1891; Mildred G., 1893; William B., 
cillor, Mayor, School Commissioner, 1896; Clara R., 1902. 
Secretary-Treasurer East Bolton 
since 1895; Ind. Conservative; Meth- DH^VI r D- 

odist. Married Jennie E., daughter of BUCKLE, Richard John, Sutton 
Mark S. Taylor, Oct. 26, 1876. Child- ^T^orn a S N A 1 ?l k ' E , n <h t^ 
ren: John M., 1878; Susie E., 1886; 2 ( 7 ' 1884 > *"L of , A lf d and Adelaide 
Hazen C., 1887; Emma S., 1891; /Thurman) Buckle; English; came to 
Essie J 1900 Canada with parents at age of 13 

years and settled at Sutton. Edu- 
cated: Public Schools, England, and 

BUCKLAND, Charle. Stewart, Sutt n Academy; merchant; in 1911 
Barnston, Que. Born at Barnston, Purchased business of Dyer & Son; 
Que., Jan. 22, 1839, son of Erastus eml > er Brome County Agricultural 
and Pheobe (Bailey) Buckland; Eng- Society; A.F. & A.M.; 1.0.0 F. ; An- 
lish; ancestors were U.S. Loyalists * lcan ' Married Myrtle L MeCarty 
coming from Connecticut and settling at Sutton, Que., M *y 10, 1904. 
at Barnston in 1&06. Educated: Pub- 
lic Schools; as young man went to BULLOCK, Hazen Increase, Beebe 
Lowell, Mass., later returned to Barn- Jct>) Q ue . Born at Georgeville, Que., 
ston and engaged in farming ; for Jan . 30) 1841; Pos tmaster at Beebe 
some years proprietor of Highland Jct . ; Episcopalian. Married Lucinda 
House, temperance hotel, at Barn- M . Ray, of Granby, Que., May 6, 
ston, retiring from active business in 1889 . children: Merilla Lucy, March 
1916; member School Board of Barn- jg 1896 
ston Township; A.F. & A.M.; Good ,' 
Templars of Temperance; Conserva- 
tive; Methodist. Married Mary E. BULLOCK, William Stephen, Rox- 
Faldwin, (deceased) : second, Alice J. ton Pond, Shefford Co., Que. Born 
(Miner) Thornton, daughter of Jude at Roxton Pond, Que., Aug. 3, 1865, 
Miner, at Barnston, March 13, 1894. son of William H. Bullock; English 
Children : Winnifred I. M., 1873 ; (Loyalist descent) and Hannah Char- 
Charles Percy, 1896. tier, half English and half French. 

Educated: Common School, Feller In- 
stitute, McGill Normal School, McGill 

BUCKLAND, Pardon Bennett, University; complete course in The- 
Barnston, Que. Born at Barnston, ology at Newton Theological College, 
Que., June 2, 1868, son of Erastus Newton Centre, Mass.; was ordained 
A. and Clara (Wilcox) Buckland ; to the Baptist ministry in Montreal, 
English; great grandfather, Walter Feb. 18, 1892; held pastorates in Bos- 
Buckland, came from New England ton, Mass., Ottawa, Ont., Maski- 
States. Educated : Public Schools and nonge, and lastly in native town, 
Stanstead Wesleyan College; at the Roxton Pond; resigned pastorate in 
age of twenty-one Mr Buckland pur- 1907 to organize and manage the 
chased the homestead farm from his Roxton Tool and Mill Co., of which 
father, considered one of the best he is still Sec.-Treas. and manager; 
farms in Stanstead County. The was a member of Roxton Pond village 


council from 1907 to 1913; member 
of the Montreal Reform Club; wae 
elected M.P.P. for Shefford County 
in 1912 and re-elected by acclamation 
on May 15, 1916; Baptist. Married 
Ellen E. Therrien (daughter of Rev. 
L. A. Therrien, D.D.. of Montreal, 
May 27, I 890. Children: Leonore S., 
1891; Wilfrid H., 1902; Theodore L., 
1901; Chas. M., 1903. 

BULLOCK, Albert Wales, George- 
ville, Que. - - Born at Georgeviiie, 
Que., May 6, 1876, son of D. Albert 
and Ada E. (Perkins) .Bullock; Eng- 
lish; great grandfather, Wm. Bul- 
lock, born in Vermont, 1770, and 
settled i.ear Georgeviiie, in 1801, at 
which place he died in 1828. Edu- 
cated: Geo-rgeville ; appointed J. P., 
1905, and Commissioner of the Su- 
perior Court, 1907; Councillor Town- 
ship of Stanstead, 1909-1911, and 
School Commissioner, Georgeviiie. 
(chairman) 1911; I.O.O.F. ; Liberal; 
Anglican. Married Lela H. Davis, 
daughter of A. B. Davis, of Granite- 
ville, Que., Nov., 1905. 

BULLOCK, Warren Benjamin, R. 

M, D., Beebe, Que. Born at Clar- 
enceville, Que., July 14, 1856, son 
of James O. and Emily (Wait) Bul- 
lock; English; in 1635 three brothers, 
Henry, Edward and Richard Bullock, 
emigrated from England and settled 
in Salem, Mass. Descendants of Rich- 
ard Bullock are supposed to have set- 
tled in Clarenceville about 1800 and 
were the ancestors of the subject of 
this sketch. Educated : Public Schools. 
Postmaster Marlington, 1909-15 (of- 
fice closed) ; School Commissioner 
many years; engaged in farming and 
cheese making excepting two years 
with the Boston & Maine Railway ; 
>lso general merchant at Marlington; 
as School Commissioner favored con- 
solidation of schools and the payment 
of higher salaries for qualified teach- 
ers. One of Stanstead County's pro- 
gressive and successful business men ; 
societies: I.O.O.F. ; Liberal ; Metho- 
dist. Married Almira E. Rediker, 
daughter of Simon Rediker, Granite- 
ville, Que., Sept. 26, 1877. Children: 
Goldie W., 1879; Homer A., 1880, 

(deceased) 1894; Gerald J. and Gor- 
don O. (twins), 1884; Wright W., 
1889; Mavis E., 1897; Milton A., 
1898; Oliv^ A., 1899. 

BURBANK, Everett Augustus, 

Dunham, Que. - - Born at Danville, 
Que., Sept. 30, 1886, son of W. Aus- 
tin and Ella F. (Lee) Burbank. Edu- 
cated: Danville Academy ; A.F. & 
A.M., I.O.O.F., Royal Guardians; In- 
dependent; Congregationalist. Mar- 
ried Pearl L. Sheppard, daughter of 
J. S. C. Sheppard, Sorel, Que., Dec. 2, 

BURNS, John, Island Brook, Que. 
Born at Morin Heights, Que., Dec. 
3, 1862, son of John and Ellen (Rod- 
gers) Burns; Irish; grandfather, Wm. 
Burns, came from Ireland and settled 
in County of Argenteuil Educated: 
Public Schools; appointed Justice of 
Peace, 1910; member Board of 
Health; Independent Conservative. 
Married Naomi Millar, daughter of 
James Millar, of Island Brook, Que., 
Jan. 4, 1887. Children: Edna L. M., 
1898; Eleanor G., 1908; Ruth R., 

BURRAGE, Robert R., Sherbrooke, 
Que. Born at Hatley, Que., Oct. 13, 
1861, son of Rev. H. G. and (Mrs.) 
Burrage ; English. Educated : Bishop's 
College, Lennoxville, Que.; insurance 
and real estate business; St. George's, 
Sherbrooke, Showshoe, Sherbrooke 
Curling; Conservative; Anglican. 

BUTLER, Edwin, Martinville, Que. 
Born at Lennoxville, March 9, 
1865, sen of John and Elizabeth 
(Latcham) Butler; English; father 
born at Staffordshire, England; came 
to Quebec in 1858 where he served 
sixteen years in British Regulars. 
Educated: Public Schools; Councillor 
Township of Clifton, 1910; Mayor, 
1911-12-13-14-15; School Commis- 
sioner for many years; successful 
farmer, operating large farm near 
Martinville, Que.; ardent supporter 
of good roads movement; President 



Clifton Farmers' Club; Anglican ; 
Conservative. Married Anna M. Bur- 
ton, (deceased, 1904) ; Adelaide 
Walker daughter of Thomas Walker, 
Clapham, Que., Sept. 25, 1907. Child- 
ren: Mabel E., 1893; Clifford S., 
1895; John W., 1900. 

BUTLER, John Alexander, Cook- 
shire, Que. Born at Inverness, Que., 
March 19, 1873, son of James Butler 
and Catherine Curry; English and 
Scotch; settled in Megantic County, 
1884; father served as a marine on 
the Cossock, in Crimean War, and a 
battleship built for Russia, seized by 
the British Government as it was 
dropping down the Thames; won the 
V.C. for gallantry during action on 
the Peninsula. Educated: Inverness 
Academy and Bishop's Medical Col- 
lege, Montreal; Doctor of Dental Sur- 
gery, and Licentiate of Dental Sur- 
gery; School Commissioner; I.O.O.F. 
Protestant. Married Stella M. Mac- 
Rae, of Cookshire, Que., June 8, 
1902. Children: Rita Gertrude. 

CABANA, Dr. Hubert C. Born at 
Sherbrccke, Que., July 1, 1884, son 
of Hubert C. and Mariette Carr Ca- 
bana, French and English; E. at St. 
Charles College and Laval, degrees, 
B.A., M.D.. graduated 1907; took 
special course Montreal Maternity 
Hospital 1913; began practice in 
Sherbrooke 1907; past Pres. Medical 
Faculty, Laval Quebec; Sec.-Treas. 
St. Francis Med. Ass'n; attached to 
staff General Hospital, St. Vincent 
de Paul, member Tuque Rouge; Con- 
servative, Roman Catholic; married 
Marguerite Clara, daughter of C. De- 
lisle, Que., Oct. 14, 1908; children, 
Yvan, 1909; Charles Andrew, 1911 ; 
Marguerite, 1913. 

CABANA, Thomas C., L.D.S., D.D. 

S., Sherbrooke, Que. Born at Sher- 
brooke, Que., June 4, 1882, son of 
Hubert C. and Mariette (Carr) Ca- 
bana, French and English; E. at St. 
Charles College, Brothers' School, 
Sherbrooke, and Laval; admitted to 

practice 1907, first three years in 
Coaticook, coming to Sherbrooke 
1910; member K. of T., Club Gaiete, 
Tuque Rouge; Conservative, Roman 
Catholic; married Marie Jeanne, 
daughter of J. O. Lanctot, Sher- 
brooke, Que., Oct. 7, 1907; children, 
Marie Jeanne, 1908; Joseph Hubert, 


CABANA, Charles Clement, advo- 
cate, 85 Melbourne St., Sherbrooke. 
Born at Sherbrooke, July 29, 1873, 
son of Hubert C. Cabana and Mari- 
etta Carr. French an'l English; E. at 
the Brothers' School, St. Charles Sem- 
inary and Laval University, Quebec 
*-nd Montreal; after one year of medi- 
cal studies in Laval University, 
Montreal, abandoning the same, v-as 
admitted to the Bar in July, 1899, 
after 4 years' study with S. N. Par- 
ent, ex-Premier of Quebec, Chas. 
Fitzpatrick, Chief Justice Supreme 
Court and Judge I. Belleau of Que- 
bec, and opened his office in Septem- 
ber in Sherbrooke; has taken an ac- 
tive part in politics as a public 
speaker and made a success of the 
practice of law specially as criminal- 
ist; sportsman at his hours of leisure; 
he was president Canadian Snowshoe 



Union, Governor of A.A.U.C., hon. 
president and member M.A.A.A. Cas- 
quette Champetre, Montreal; Cham- 
plain, St. John and three or four of 
Quebec leading sporting clubs; Con- 
servative, Roman Catholic ; married 
Cecile Baril, daughter of Rosalie 
Panet Baril, L'Islet, July 22, 1902; 
children, Yvonne and Cecile, July 17, 
1904; John, Jan. 13, 1905; and Juli- 
ette, Feb. 10, 1906. 

CAIRNS, Hollis Alphus, East Clif- 
ton, Que. Born at Sawyerville, Que., 
Jan. 1, 1858, son of Hugh E. and 
Sarah (Waldron) Cairns, Irish, fath- 
er born in Ireland, and came to Clif- 
ton in 1843, and was secretary-treas- 
urer for the Township of East Clif- 
ton for forty-nine years; E. at public 
schools; member of East Clifton 
Council for period of twenty-eight 
years, Mayor for twenty-seven years; 
Postmaster at East Clifton for forty- 
one years; I.O.F., L.O.L. ; went to 
California in 1876 and for three 
years was engaged in lumbering; re- 
turned to East Clifton in 1879, and 
entered into partnership with his 
brother, E. E. Cairns, for the pur- 
chase of the homestead from his fath- 
er, partnership existed until 1891 
when he purchased partner's interest, 
and continued general farming and 
lumbering; Liberal; Methodist; mar- 
ried Sarah Harkness, daughter of 
James Harkness, Compton, Que., 
July 9, 1884; children, Blanche G., 
1885; Ralph C., 1890; Gussie A., 
1897 (deceased 1915.) 

CAIRNS, Moses Hugh, Sawyerville, 
Que. Born at Sawyerville, Nov. 23, 
1862, son of James and Malanda 
(Eastman) Cairns, Irish, father com- 
ing to Sawyerville from Ireland; E. 
at public schools, elected East Clif- 
ton Council 1907, also, May, 1913- 
14-15; engaged in lumbering and 
milling in New Hampshire for three 
years; returning to Sawyerville pur- 
chased the farm where he now resides 
in the Township of Clifton, gives par- 
ticular attention to the raising of 
beef cattle; Independent Liberal, 
Methodist; married Lucia Rand, 
daughter of Stilman Rand, Rand- 

boro, Oct. 10, 1892; one daughter, 
Lula, 1896. 


CAIRNS, Horace Robert, Sawyer- 
ville, Que. Born Jan. 27, 1870, at 
Sawyerville, Que., son of James and 
Melinda (Eastman) Cairns, Irish, 
father located in Sawyerville when a 
boy; E. public schools; elected to 
Council Tp. Newport 1914, School 
Commissioner 1906-12; chairman for 
two years; after leaving school went 
to Boston, Mass., where he followed 
the building trade for four years ; 
spent the summer of 1894 in the Can- 
adian West, returning to Sawyer- 
ville in 1897, where he has since been 
engaged in farming; Liberal, Metho- 
dist; married Agnes F. Marlin, daugh- 
ter of Samuel Marlin, Randboro, 
Oct. 21, 1896; children, Newel E., 
1899; Helen E., 1906; Lloyd S., 
1908; Wilda M., 1910; Hugh D., 

CALL, Wolfred, Nelson, Waterloo, 
Que. Born at Magog, Que., Nov. 14, 
1837, son of Richard and Venia (Tur- 
ner) Call; Scotch; served at Coun- 
cillor fifteen years, Mayor three 
terms, Commissioner Superior Court, 



general insurance agent, in partner- 
ship with C. E. Harvey; member A.F. 
& A.M., I.O.O.F.; Liberal, Metho- 
dist; married Susan M. Lincoln (de- 
ceased 1895) ; married, second, Mar- 
ion A. Clark, Waterloo, Sept. 21, 

CALL, Herman James, Dixville, 
Que. Born at Magog, Que., Jan. 9, 
1875, son of Whiting and Hannah 
(Garfield) Call, English; E. at pub- 
lic schools; engaged in farming at 
various places in St. Francis district, 
purchased the Capt. Martin farm, 
Dixville, 1911; carries on extensive 
dairy farming; elected member Dix- 
ville Council 1915, member Stanstead 
Agr'l Society, I.O.O.F., C.O.F., 
Knights of Maccabees; Universalist; 
Liberal; married Mabel Poole, Hat- 
ley, Que., Sept] 20, 1898. 

CALL, Herbert Leroy, North Hat- 
ley, Que. Born at North Hatley, 
Que., Aug. 22, 1882, son of Burton 
and F. D. (Presby) Call, English, 
among the very earliest settlers in 
Stansteod; Councillor North Hatley; 
A.F. & A.M., Liberal, Universalist ; 
married Georgina Lebaron, North 
Hatley, Que., Jan. 12, 1904; one son, 
Russell Burton. 

CALL, Frank Oliver, Bishop's 
College, Lennoxville, Que. Born at 
West Brome, Que., April 11, 1878, 
son of Lorenzo Call and Sarah Hun- 
gerford. Scotch-English; E. at Sut- 
ton Academy, Stanstead College. 
Bishop's College, Paris, France, and 
Marburg, Germany; Bachelor of Arts, 
Master of Arts, Bishop's College, 
Modern Language Master, Westmount 
Academy, Modern Language Master, 
Bishop's College School, Professor of 
Modern Languages, Bishop's College; 
contributor (chiefly verse) to various 
magazines, author of "In a Belgian 
Garden," and other poems, published 
1917, by MacDonald, London, Eng. ; 
Independent, Anglican. 

CAMERON, George Abner, Adams- 
ville, Que. Born at Farnham Cen- 
ter, Que., Oct. 10, 1866, son of Stev- 
en M. and Mary (Taber) Cameron, 
Scotch; School Commissioner many 

years, Ass't. Postmaster Adarnsville 
twenty years ; many years general 
merchant, now engaged in farming. 

CAMPBELL, Frederick J., general 
manager Canada Paper Co., Windsor 
Mills, Que. Born at Toronto, Ont., 
1864, son of W. C. Campbell and 
Emily Lee, Scotch, his father, James 
Campbell, a well known publisher, 
coming to Canada from Edinburgh 
about 1840; E. at Upper Canada Col- 
lege, Toronto; entered employ Can- 
ada Paper Co., 1881, manager Tor- 
onto house, 1891; made general man- 
ager, 1902, on taking charge moved 
head office from Montreal to Wind- 
sor, all the company's mills have since 
been rebuilt artd the output more than 
doubled, the financial position of the 
comoany being one of the strongest 
in the country; Mayor of Windsor, 
1908-09, school trustee and chairman 
Windsor Patriotic Fund, member St. 
George's Club, Sherbrooke, Hermi- 
tage Country Club, Magog, St. James 
and Royal St. Lawrence Yacht Club, 
Montreal, Royal Can. Yacht Club, 
Toronto ; Independent, Anglican ; 
married Elizabeth Van Vliet, daugh- 
ter of W. H. Van Vliet, Lacolle, Que. 


CAMPBELL, Charles, manufac- 
turer, Richmond, Que. Born at Mel- 


bourne, June 18, 1852, son of D. and 
Grace (Beattie) Campbell. Scotch; 
E. St. Francis College; began business 
life 'first as clerk and deputy P. M. 
with G. K. Foster, later as partner 
with his son as Foster & Campbell, 
buying out partner's interest and con- 
tinuing business alone for 12 years. 
Ten years ago became manager for 
Boston Last Co., in Richmond, having 
charge of Canadian business of this 
industry which commenced here in 
190t> by maKing the rough maple 
blocks used in manufacture of hne 
boot lasts, and later developed into 
manufacture of finished lasts and are 
now the principal and largest manu- 
facturers of fine lasts in Canada. Mr. 
Campbell has held many public ott'i- 
ces including, Postmaster of Rich- 
mond 12 years, Councillor 10 years, 
Mayor one term, Sec'y Richmond Co. 
Arg'l. Soc. 8 years, Pres. Board of 
Trade four years, Vice-Pres. E. T. 
Associated Boards one year; Con- 
servative, Presbyterian; married 
Jessie Dunton, daughter of George 
Uunton, Richmond, Sept. 3, 1888; 
children, four daughters, A. Grace, 
Alice, Roberta, and Islay, two sons, 
C. Colin and Grant S., both of whom 
enlisted and went overseas with 
C. E. F. 

CAMIRAND, Jude-Olivier, M.D., 

23 Brooks Street, Sherbrooke, Que. 
Born at Sherbrooke, Que., Oct. 25, 
1847, son of Hercule Olivier and 
Ther&ile (Gauthier) Camirand, ances- 
tors came from Normandy, France, 
and settled at La Pointe du Lac, nine 
miles above Three Rivers; E. Sher- 
brooke and St. Joseph Seminary, 
Three Rivers, Que. ; as a hobby, aside 
from his profession is interested in 
farming and owns a large farm on 
Magog road known as "Les Or- 
meaux"; shareholder in the St. Law- 
rence Lumber and Industrial Co. of 
which he is a director, member of the 
Board of Administration of Laval 
University, Montreal, Vice-President 
of the Canadian Medical Protective 
Assn. since its establishment; studied 
medicine at PEccle de Medicine et de 
Chirurgie at Montreal and took de- 
gree of M.D. at Victoria University, 
Cobourg, Ont., in May, 1871, after 

which passed a few months in Paris 
studying; City Councillor in 1898 for 
term, chairman Board of Trade in 
1900, twice Mayor Sherbrooke, twice 
Pres. of St. John Baptist Society, 
established District St. Francis Med. 
Assn. in 1887 of which he was later 
a president, member St. John Baptist 
Society, Union St. Joseph of Sher- 
trooke, Monument National; estab- 
lished first Medical Board Sacred 
Heart Hospital and was first president 
of said board until opening of St. 
Vincent de Paul Hospital of which 
board he is president; Conservative, 
Roman Catholic; married Albertine 
Dion, of St. Joseph de Beauce, July 

21, 1910; children, M. A. Clorinde, 
March 7, 1911; Louis Gerard, Feb. 

22, 1912. 


CANDLISH, Charles William, Wat- 
erloo, Que. Born at Lisgar, Que., 
May 29, 1874, son of William and 
F.liza (Atkinson) Candlish, Scotch, 
grandfather, Charles Candlish, com- 
nig from Scotland about 1840, first 
settled at Sherbrooke, later in Drum- 
mond County, some years afterwards 
moving to Longueil where he died, 
interred Elmwood Cemetery, Sher- 
brooke; E. public schools and St. 
Francis College, Richmond; several 
years manager general store, L'Avin- 



ir, Que.; in 1897 passed civil ser- 
vice examinations and was appointed 
railway mail clerk one year later, 
headquarters Montreal, being in 
charge of route between Montreal 
and Waterloo over C.V.R. ; Shefford 
Lodge, No. 18, A.F. & A.M., Sussex 
Preceptory, No. 9, I.O.F., C.O.F., 
R.T. of T.; Anglican; married Emma 
C. Shepard, died 1905; married Jes- 
sie E. Macfarlane, June 14, 1910. 

CAPSEY, George, Bedford, Que. 
Born at Bedford, Que., Nov. 21, 
1847, son of Thos. and Elizabeth 
(Betham) Capsey, English, father 
was born in England, first came to 
Canada in 1832, later came to reside 
and in 1835 settled at Mystic, Que. ; 
E. at Bedford Academy and McGill 
University, B.C.L. McGill in 1877, 
after graduation was admitted to the 
Bar in 1878, in that year opened of- 
fice at Bedford and has practised law 
ever since ; later bought farm at Mys- 
tic, and has always taken an active 
interest in agriculture; Sec.-Treas. 
and revising barrister for Missis- 
quoi since 1878, Mayor of Bedford 
for two years; I.O.F., Conservative, 
Methodist; married Myria F. Hinley, 
daughter of Geo. Hinley of Montreal. 
April 3, 1880 ; one daughter, Mar- 
ion L., b. 1880. 

CARMICHAEL, Rev. Canon James 

Saumarcz, St. Paul's Church, Knowl- 
ton, Que. - Born at Dublin, Ireland, 
son of Rt. Rev. Jas. Carmichael, 
Bishop of Montreal, and Emma Du- 
bondieu. Irish; E. at High School, 
Montreal, Upper Canada College, Tor- 
onto, McGill University, Montreal 
Diocesan Theo. College, Canon Christ 
Church Cathedral^ Montreal; Socie- 
ties, Freemasons, Oddfellows and 
Foresters; Church of England; mar- 
ried E. Isabella Hunter, daughter of 
W. C. Hunter, Brome, Que. ; children, 
Jas. Saumarez, Jessie Dubondieu, 
Emma, William Brome (deceased) 
Henry Hugh Hunter. 

CARPENTER, Lucius Edward, 

Smith's Mills, Que. Born at Stan- 
stead, Que., June 11, 1867, son of 
Cumfort and Ann E. (Kilburn) Car- 

penter, English, family coming from 
New Hampshire as U. E. Loyalists, in 
1795, settling in Stanstead County, 
grandmother being the first white fe- 
male child born in Stanstead Town- 
ship; E. at public schools and Stan- 
stead College; spent some years in 
Lowell, and Boston, Mass.; prop. 
Smith's Mills Hotel, manager for 9 
years of hotel at Lake Megantic, 
later purchased farm in Stanstead 
County; member Stanstead Township 
School Commissioners, 1911-14; suc- 
ceeded late C. A. Jenkins as secretary 
township of Stanstead. 1915. member 
A.F. & A.M., Lake Meerantic Rifle 
Ass'n, competing in matches at Que- 
bec and Ottawa ; Universalist, Lib- 
eral; married Carrie Lunderville. 
Smith's Mills. Que., Dec. 10, 1902; 
one son, Gordon K. 

CARRE, Eric Forsythe. Born at 
Keewatiri, Ont., June 6, 1880, son of 
Henry Carre and Louisa de Quincv 
Lundy, Irish ; manager Molsons Bank 
branch at Sutton; A.F. & AM.. Con- 
servative, Anglican; married Shirley 
Marie Parke of Amherstburg. Ont., 
April 10, 1912; children, Mary Louise, 
1913; John Francis, 1914. 

CASCADDEN, Nelson David, Sher- 
brooke. Que. -- Born at Melbourne. 
Que., May 6, 1875, son of David and 
Elizabeth (Crawford) Cascadden, 
Irish, grandfather born in north of 
IreHnd, came to Canada when a 
young man and settled in Megantic 
Co., Que.; E. at St. Francis College. 
Richmond; member Sherbrooke Board 
of Trade, director Y.M.C.A.; after 
leaving school was connected with 
various Eastern Townships newspap- 
ers including Compton County Chron- 
icle, Magog Enterprise and Sher- 
brooke Gazette; conducted retail 
fruit store, Windsor Mills, about five 
years; 1903 established Sherbroo' o 
Fruit Co., wholesale fruit and co*" 
mission merchants; member A.F. & 
A.M., I.O.O.F., Sherbrooke S?iowshoe; 
Methodist; married Wilimina Arm- 
strong, daughter of the late Andrew 
Armstrong, Melbourne, July 4, 1901; 
children, Arlington A., 1902; Doro- 
tea, 1908. 



CASS, Irving Arthur, general mer- Bangs, Newell, Iowa, 1882; children, 
chant, Martinville, Que. -- Born at Carroll Lee, 1886; Eldridge, 1896. 
Martinville, Que., Jan. 7, 1871, son 
of Oryille and Ellen (Sunbury) Cass, 
English, grandfather, John T. Cass, 
came from Vermont to Stanstead, and 
later moved to Martinville ; E. at 
public schools and Coaticook Acad- 
emy; engaged for several years in 
mill and lumber business with father, 
arid in 1903 erected building where 
he now carries on business; served 
six years as Councillor for Clifton, 
elected member School Board 1911, 
le-elected 1914, appointed Postmaster 
1903; Methodist, Liberal; married 
Alma Bridgette, daughter of John 
Bridgette, July 14, 1897; children, 
Lawrence E., 1898; Carol G., 1901; 
Elizabeth M., 1911. 

CASS, John Wesley, Ayer's Cliff, 
Que. Born at Stanstead, Que., July 
26, 1839, son of Carlton and Electa 
(Heath) Cass, English, came from 
New Hampshire, settled in Stanstead 
among the very earliest settlers; 
Councillor Stanstead Township for 10 
years, also school commissioner, Con- 
servative, Methodist; married Anna 
Cass, Stanstead, Que., Nov. 11, 1880; 
one daughter, Maria B. 

GATE, Charles Walter, K.C., Sher- 
brooke, Que. - - Born at Stanstead, 
Que., April 4, 1855, son of Nathaniel 
and Harriet Wright Gate; E. at Stan- 
stead Wesleyan College, senior mem- 
ber law firm Gate, Wells & White, 
King's Counsel, was Batonnier St. 
Francis Bar in 1897 and again in 
1906, for seven years a member Sher- 
brooke City Council and Chairman 
Finance Committee; Mayor of Sher- 
brooke, 1910-11, Governor Sher- 
brooke Protestant Hospital, President 
Massawippi Valley Railway, Chair- 
man Board of Trustees Stanstead 
College, Chairman Board Trustees 
Sherbrooke Y. M. C. A., Chairman 
Legislative Committee, Sherbrooke 
Board of Trade; St. George's Club, 
Sherbrooke Curling Club; Conserva- 
tive, Methodist; married Mary Ma- 
rilla Bangs, daughter of Leonard L. 

C. W. GATE, K.C. 

GATE, Sub-Lieutenant Carroll L., 

in overseas service. Born at Sher- 
brooke, Que., Oct. 4, 1886, son of 
Chas. Walter Gate and Mary M. 
Bangs, English; E. at McGill Uni- 
versity; B.S.C. McGill, general man- 
ager of Galbraith & Gate, Ltd., con- 
tracting engineers; Canadian Society 
of Civil Engineers; Conservative, 
Methodist; married Maida A. Le- 
baron, daughter of W. B. Lebaron, 
of Sherbrooke, Que., Aug. 31, 1911: 
children, John L., Oct. 17, 1912. 

GATE, Lieut. Eldridge, in overseas 
service, officer of 35th Battery. - 
Born at Sherbrooke, Que., Feb. 5, 
1896, son of C. W. Gate, K.C., and 
Mary M. Bangs, English; E. at Stan- 
stead Wesleyan College, McGill Uni- 
versity, was provisional Lieut, in 
22nd F. A. Battery, took a training- 
course at Kingston in August, 1915, 
now Lieut, in the 35th Battery, C. 
E.F., 8 F. A. Brigade, went to France 
in July, 1916; member Theta Delta 
Chi; Conservative, Methodist. 



CATHCART, George David, Bury, 
Que. Born at Marlow, Que., May 25, 
1878, son of David and Alice J. 
(Cathcart) Cathcart; E. public 
schools and Stanstead College; en- 
gaged in lumber contracting for Great 
Northern Paper Co., Bangor, Me., 
conencted with John Breaky Co., 
lumber firm, several years, also, with 
Chaudiere Lumber Co.; in 1912 pur- 
chased stock of general merchandise 
from Saunders and Dunsmore, Bury, 
conducting business under name of 
Cathcart Bros., Bury, Que.; School 
Commissioner, Marlow, licensed Prov. 
Crown Land timber surveyor; A.F. & 
A.M., also, I.O.F., Presbyterian; mar- 
ried Emma Lulu Duff, of Inverness, 
Que., deceased 1908; one daughter, 
Verna Marion. 

Knights of Columbus, hon. member 
Cercle Larocque, member St. Francis 
Medical Ass'n; Roman Catholic; mar- 
ried Georgiana, daughter of Jos. Tru- 
deau, Napierville, Que., Feb. 8, 1898; 
children, Rudolphe, 1902; Paul, 1905. 


CHAGNON, Dr. Maximilien, Sher- 
brooke. Born at St. Bazil, Que., July 
21, 1871, son of Joseph and Delima 
(Rocheleau) Chagnon; E. at St. Hya- 
cinthe Academy; degree from Laval 
1896; for two years practiced at St. 
Gregoire d'Iberville and eight yei,rs at 
St. Liboire; in 1905 established pres 
ent drug store business in Sher- 
brooke; member Board of Trade, 


CHALIFOUX, Hubert Olivier, 

Bishop of Aureliopolis, and Auxiliary 
of Bishop LaRocque, Sherbrooke, 
Que. Born at St. Hyacinthe, Que., 
June 2, 1850, son of Olivier and Odile 

(Sentenne) Chalifoux, of St. Hya- 
cinthe, Que. ; E. Classical course in 
the Seminary of St. Hyacinthe and 
Theological course in the Grand 
Seminary, Montreal; came to Sher- 
brooke in 1874; was ten years Chan- 
cellor of the Diocese of Sherbrooke, 
7 years Rector of St. John the Bap- 
tist Church at East Sherbrooke, Vicar 
General since 1892, consecrated 
Bishop of Aureliopolis, the 29th of 

December, 1914. 

CHANNELL, Willard Allen, R.M. 
D., No. 4, Magog, Que. Born at 
Eastman, Que., Oct. 14, 1859, son of 
Francis P. and Almedia Sargent 
Channell, descent Scotch, great 
grandfather, Abraham Channell, was 
born in London, coming to Boston 
when young man and interested as 


member of an American Privateer, brother as Chapman Bros., continuing 
remaining in service till close of revo- same since ; member Brome Council 
lution, came to Georgeville 1810, several years, Postmaster Brome 34 
where he died 1858, aged 110 years; years; I.O.F., George V. Fish and 
E. at public schools, Magog; member Game Club; Anglican, Liberal; mar- 
E. Bolton school board many years ried Carrie H. Stinehour, Cowans- 
(chairman), auditor, member Magog ville, Nov. 13, 1883; children, Carrie 
Board of Trade, director Brome Co. B., 1885; Edgar S., 1890, deceased 
Agrl. Soc., I.O.O.F.; spent several 1897; MacDonald P., 1896. 
years in New England in shoe manu- 
facturing business, returning to Can- CHAPMAN, William Madison, 
i'da 1894, purchased present farm Brome, Que. Born at Brome, Que., 
west of Lake Memphremagog, 1895; March 20, 1866, son of Thomas and 
advocate of good roads, consolidated Eliza (Bigelow) Chapman, English, 
schools, etc.; Conservative, Metho- merchant; member firm E. S. and 
dist; married Arvilla Lewis, daughter Wm. Chapman, Sutton, member of 
of Stewart Lewis, Waterloo, Que., Knowlton Board of Trade, I.O.F., 
Oct. 2, 1895; one son, Harold Allan, Liberal, Anglican; married Bertha N 
1897. Hulbert, at Frelighsburg, Que., May 

31, 1894; children, Gladys E., 1896. 
CHANNELL, Charles Llewellyn, 
R.M.D. No. 4, Magog, Que. Born at 

Bolton Forest, July 5, 1871, son of CHARBONNEL, Louis Eugene, 

Francis P. and Almedia Sargeant LL.B., Cookshire, Que. Born, Feb. 

Channel, Scotch, grandson, Abraham 11, 1863, son of Thomas and Lydia 

Channel!, who came from New Eng- (Payan) Charbonnel; parents came 

land; E. public schools and Magog from France in 1854; E. Sherbrooke 

Academy; member East Bolton Coun- Academy; began practice of law in 

cil since 1900, Mayor, 1914, Post- 1884 at Sherbrooke; removed to 

master at Channel! 20 years; pur- Cookshire in 1896 and purchased the 

chased present fine farm west shore Compton County Chronicle which he 

Lake Memphremagog, 1892 , general published till 1907 when he sold out 

farming and stock raising, interested continuing the practice of law in 

in general public improvements; Con- Cookshire since that time; Past 

servative, Methodist: married Mary Grand Master, I.O.O.F., 1900; Angli- 

Alma Manning, daughter of Austin can; Independent; married Harriet T. 

Manning, Warden, Que ( , Sept. 14, Taylor, Sept. 6, 1902; one daughter, 

1892; children, Lera E., 1894; Ellis, Louise, April 21, 1904. 
Aug. 29, 1904. deceased Oct. 9, 1904; 
Jennie F., 1899. 

CHEVALIER, Arthur, Sherbrooke, 

CHAPMAN, Edgar S., merchant, Que. Born at St. Vincent de Paul, 

Brome, Que. Born at Brome, Que., Laval Co., Sept. 20, 1868, son of 

Sept. 13, 1853, son of Thomas and Isaie Chevalier and Justine Labelle; 

Eliza A. (Bigelow) Chapman, Eng- French; E. St. Vincent de Paul Col- 

lish, grandfather, William, coming lege, Commissioner of Township of 

from England to New York, later to Ascot, Commissioner Court; City 

Montreal and settled in Brome about Valuator, member of Board of Trade, 

1840; E. Knowlton Academy and Artisans' Canadien Francais, C.O.F., 

Ploughkeepsie, N.Y., Commercial Col- Knights of Columbus, Tuque Rouge 

lege; first entered store of Chandler S.S., La Gaiete S.S. Club, St. Francis 

and Lawrence, Cowansville, 1884 W. Club; Liberal, Roman Catholic; 

formed partnership ith Wm. Pharaoh, married Exilia Mathieu, daughter of 

Brome, dissolved 1887, continued P. Mathieu, of St. Aime, Richelieu 

business alone till 1893 when formed Co.; children, Beatrice, 19 years old; 

partnership of Chapman, Chandler & Leopold, 17 years; Adrienne, 16 

Co., on death of Mr. Chandler in years> Cecile, 14 years; Anne-Marie, 

1895, formed partnership with his 8 years. 



CHILDS, Harba Watson, Dixville, 
Que.- Born at. Dixville, Que., July 
15, 1862, son of Marcus and Rosetta 
(Straw) Childs; English, grandpar- 
ents came from Massachusetts and 
settled at Barnston, later moving to 
Barford; E. public schools; engaged 
in lumber and mill business; later en-- 
gaged in farming at Dixville; con- 
ducted creamery and cheese factory, 
also, blacksmith business at Dixville; 
letired from active business in 1913, 
having sold farm and other business 
interests; served in Dixville Council, 
member School Board since 190 7 , 
member Stanstead Co. Agr'l Soc., 
I.O.O.F., C.O.F., Averill Fish and 
Game; Anglican, Conservative; mar- 
riec Annie A. Damon, Dixville, March 
31, 1886; children, Bessie V., 1884; 
Seth S., 1890; Lee W., 1893; Hazel 
R., 1899; Annie Bernice, 1900; 
George W., 1904. 


CHOQUETTE, William Frederick, 

Postmaster, Farnham. - - Born at 
Farnham, Que., Sept. 24, 1871, son of 
Louis Eugene Solyme and Mary Ann 
(Donahue) Choquette; French and 
Irish ; E. Holy Cross and Com- 
mercial College, Farnham, Que. ; on 

leaving college entered Farnham post 
office as assistant postmaster; upon 
death of his father, 1895, appointed 
to succeed him as postmaster of 
Farnham ; has assisted materially in 
extension of rural mail routes in 
Farnham district; active supporter of 
good roads and other public move- 
ments, member Farnham Board of 
Trade; Vice-Pres. of E. T. Associated 
Boards and of E. T. Immigration 
Society, member several benefit so- 
cieties, Financial Sec. I.O.F. ; Roman 

CHOQUETTE, A. John, Farnham, 
Que. Born at Farnham, Que., Feb. 
13, 1887; Irish and French; E. at 
Holy Cross College, Farnham ; man- 
ager Hochelaga Bank, Farnham, 
Executive Committee of Farnham 
Board of Trade, Fin. Sec. and D. D. 
of Knights of Columbus, Farnham; 
President of Eastern Hockey League 
and Fainham Baseball Club; Catholic. 

CHOQUETTE, M. J. Born Farn- 
ham, Que., June 14, 1878, son of 
Edouard and Corine (Roy) Cho- 
quette; French; E. Holy Cross Col- 
lege, Farnham; came to Sherbrooke 
and first entered employ L. H. Olivier 
for 4% years, then with L. A. Co- 
dere, 2 % years, and with H. C. Wil- 
son & Sons, 8 years; bought boot 
<;nd shoe store of H. H. Morency in 
1909 which he now conducts; Com- 
missioner of Com. Court, Dist. St. F,. 
member Sherbrooke Board of Trade ; 
K. of C., A.C.F., Alliance National, 
St. Joseph Society, Com. Travellers' 
Ass'n, Tuque Rouge Snowshoe Club; 
Roman Catholic; married Ernestine 
Chevalier, daughter of Felix Cheva- 
lier, Pointe du Lac, April 31, 1901; 
children, Gaston, 1903; Lionel, 1904; 
Marcelle, 1907 ; Fabienn, 1908 ; 
Roger, 1912; Jacques, 1914. Address, 
Sherbrooke, Que. 

CHRISTIE, Frank Fernando, Coati- 
cook, Que. - - Born at Manchester, 
N.H., Nov. 5, 1872, son of Thomas 
and Anna (Barns) Christie; Scotch, 
grandparents coming from the north 
of Ireland to Quebec, settled in Me- 
gantic County, later returned to 
Quebec City, father, U.S. veteran of 



the Civil War of 1861, who returned 
to Canada in 1874, settled in Hatley; 
E. Charleston Acad. and Stanstead 
Commercial College; entered the em- 
ploy of C. A. Fox, Coaticook, in 1892, 
and with the firm of Fox and Nunns 
which followed; engaged as commer- 
cial salesman, 1900, with J. G. Mc- 
Kenzie and Co., Montreal, then with 
Hodgson, Summer and Co., three 
years, and afterwards for eight years 
with the W. R. Brock Co., Ltd., re- 
signed in 1911 to enter partnership 
with C. A. Fox, Coaticook, as Fox 
and Christie; member Coaticook 
Board of Trade, also A.F. & A.M. 
and Golden Rule Chapter, Masons, 
Sherbrooke ; Conservative ; married 
Katye M. McCutcheon, daughter of 
W. B. McCutcheon, Coaticook, June 
18, 1903; one daughter, Katherine 
M., 1906. 

CHRISTIE, James Swail, Island 
Brook, Que. Born at Dunany, Que., 
July 11, 1861, son of William and 
Margaret J. Swail Christie ; Irish, 
father came from County of Antrim, 
Ireland, in 1824, to Dunany, Argen- 
teuil, and later moved to Compton; 
E. in public schools, member of llth 
Battalion of Infantry, now disbanded, 
member Board of School Commission- 
ers, Tp. of Newport, 1909, re-elected 
1912; began farming in Argenteuil 
County, in 1893 sold out and moved 
to Island Brook, Que., since that time 
has been engaged in general farm- 
ing, specializing in registered Durham 
cattle: Liberal, Methodist; married 
Matilda E. Seale, daughter of Jas. 
Seale, Island Brook, Que., Oct. 24, 

CHRISTIE, Chas. Edward, Coati- 
cook, Que. Born at Hatley, April 
21, 1878, son of Thos. M. and Anna 
M. Christie; E. Hatley Model School 
and Montreal Business College; after 
leaving school in 1896 entered the 
employ of Parker and Knight, Hatley, 
ue., as clerk for two years; removed 
to Coaticook, Que., and accepted po- 
sition as book-keeper for firm of 
Sleeper and Akhurst; upon death of 
late Edward W. Akhurst, Sr., and re- 
organization of company, was elected 
treasurer of new firm of Sleeper and 
Akhurst, Ltd., and has continued as 

such un to the present date ; member 
I.O.O.F., being P.G.R. of Grand En- 
campment of Quebec, 1915-16, also, 
member A.F. & A.M.; Conservative; 
rPotestant; married Edna Luella 
Parker, Hatley, Que., Oct. 4, 1905; 
children, A. Marion, 1908; Romen V., 

CLARK, George Edmund, manu- 
facturer, Sutton, Que. Born Brome, 
Que., March 26, 1861, son of Daniel 
and Betsey (Chapman) Clark; Eng- 
lish, ancestors coming from New Eng- 
land about 1804 and settling in Shef- 
ford County; E. public schools and 
Knowlton Academy; as young man in 
employ S. E. Ry. and later continued 
with C.P.R. till 1900 when he formed 
partnership with Wm. C. Clark, as 
Clark Bros., mfg. of butter tubs, 
which business was conducted till 
1914 when machinery was sold; mem- 
ber Sutton Council 10 years, Mayor 
two years, resigned 1913, member 
Sutton School Board, resigned 1913, 
member Sutton Rifle Ass'n, Brome 
Co. Horticultural Soc., A.F. & A.M. 
(P.D.D.G.M. and P.G. Supt. Grand 
Chapter of Quebec), member Sutton 
Conservative Club; Methodist, Con- 
servative; married Emma L. Vernal, 
Brome Center, Que., June 11, 1884; 
children. George V., 1886; Leslie E., 
1891; Horton D. and Halton A., 
twins, born 1901. 

CLARK, George, Rock Island, Que. 

Born at Compton, Que., April 27, 
1857, son of Peter and Sophia 

(Snucier) Clark, Irish; elected to 
Rock Island Council, 1914, real estate 
valuator, etc. ; Liberal, Roman Catho- 
lic- married Alma Mercier, St. Ed- 
widge, Que., Aug. 12, 1889. 

CLARKE, William, Lennoxville, 
Que. Born at Cheshire, Eng., Feb. 
8, 1865, son of Daniel C. Clarke and 
Martha Clarke, English; E. at public 
schools, Cheshire, Eng. ; Councillor 
Municipality of Lennoxville, for over 
20 years with C. R. Clough & Co. 
as office man and commercial tra- 
veller, bought out the business of 
White & Wiggett, flour and feed mer- 
chants, in 1914, entered into partner- 
ship with Jas. Stewart the same year, 



doing business under the name of 
Clarke and Stewart; member I.O.F., 
Sons of England, Masons; Conserva- 
tive, Christian Scientist; married, 
first, Mary Jane Stuart; second, 
Abbie J. Porteous, daughter of J. 
Porteous; children, Leonard, Mal- 
colm, Roy, Bruce. 

CLEMENT, Joseph Francis, Wat- 
erloo, Que. Born at St. Johns, Que., 
Aug. 26, 1861, son of Oliver G. and 
Adelaide (Besaillon) Clement; E. St. 
Johns, Que. ; as young man began 
business as clerk in his father's store 
at St. Johns; in 1883 established gen- 
eral dry goods store at Waterloo 
where he carries on an extensive busi- 
ness; elected to Waterloo Council in 
1900, served as Mayor in 1912, still 
a member of Council having been 
successively re-elected by acclama- 
tion, Chairman Catholic School 
Board since 1903, member Waterloo 
Board of Trade; Roman Catholic, 
Conservative; married Marie C. 
Hudon, Waterloo, Sept. 22, 1885; 
children, Marie A., 1887; Clementine 
B., 1889; Gertrude F., 1901; Jules E., 

CLEVELAND, Harry Roland, D.V. 

S., Danville, Que. Born at Danville, 
Que., Aug. 16, 1873, son of C. C. 
Cleveland and Fluvia E. Cleveland, 
cx-M.P. for Richmond and Wolfe Co.; 
English, family came from U.S. about 
1800 from whom Township of Cleve- 
land, Richmond Co., derives its name; 
E. at Danville Academy and High 
Schools at So. Natick, Mass., and 
Burlington, Vt., and McGill College; 
member of Danville Village Council, 
1906 to 1915, Mayor 1910 and 1911, 
School Commissioner, 1902-05, prac- 
tised veterinary surgery at Maiden, 
Mass., and Danville, Que., from 1894 
to 1912; Vice-Pres. of J. L. Goodhue 
& Co., leather belting mfg. for sev- 
eral years, becoming president of said 
company in 1912; managed for sev- 
eral years the stock farm known as 
Rock Farm of which afterwards be- 
came owner, specially interested in 
the raising of fancy horses having im- 
ported some of the best blood to be 
found in the American trotter from 
the U.S.; member A.F. & A.M., Past 

Master, P.G.S.W. Grand Lodge, I.O. 
F. ; Conservative, Anglican: married 
Mary Isabel MacDonald of Danville, 
Dec. 27, 1897; one son, Harry Rol- 

CLEVELAND, Homer Leslie, Barn- 
ston, Que. Born at Barnston, Que., 
Dec. 12, 1853, son of Levi and Zilpha 
(Baldwin) Cleveland, English, grand- 
father came from Vermont and set- 
tled in Barnston in 1800; E. public 
schools and Barnston Academy; mem- 
ber of Barnston Council for nine 
years, resigning in 1914, School Com- 
missioner for nine years; Warden 
Stanstead County, 1913, Mayor for 
three years, appointed Justice of the 
Peace 1890, member Dubois Fish and 
Game Club, I.O.F. ; after leaving 
school succeeded his father on the 
homestead, which has been occupied 
by the Cleveland family lor over one 
hundred years; on his 250-acre farm 
he follows general farming and stock 
raising; was Mayor of the Township 
when application was made for loan 
to build good roads; Conservative, 
Methodist; married Julia A. Oliver, 
daughter of William L. Oliver, Barn 
ston, Que., Jan. 1, 1877; children, 
William L., 1879; Mary E., 1881 ; 
Orson W., 1884; Mira R., 1891 (died 
in infancy) ; Leonard A., 1894; Mabel 
G., 1896. 

CLOUGH, Aaron Greenleaf, Ayer's 
Cliff, Que. Born at North Troy, Vt., 
Aug. 30, 1869, son of Jedediah and 
Lucy (Cutts) Clough; Scotch, family 
among early settlers of Vermont and 
New Hampshire; E. public schools 
and Derby (Vt.) Academy; estab- 
lished business at Ayer's Cliff in 
1892, as general merchant, develop- 
ing an extensive trade with surround- 
ing district, also, interested in lumber 
and pulpwool business, and in vari- 
ous industrial concerns throughout 
the province; elected to Ayer's Cliff 
Council, 1909 to 1915, Mayor 1913; 
Sec.-Treas. Stanstead Agr'l Soc., 
member Ayer's Cliff Board of Trade ; 
Batist ; Conservative ; President 
Stanstead Co. Conservative Ass'n. 




CLOUTIER, Romulus, B.A., L.L.L., 

Waterloo, Que. Born at St. Joseph 
de Beauce, Nov. 4, 1879, son of A. 
and D. (Bisson) Cloutier, of French 
descent; E. at College of Ste. Anne 
de la Pocatiere, in Kamouraska, and 
Laval University, Quebec; B.A. in 
1901, L.L.L., 1904, admitted to Bar 
in 1904; practised profession at Wat- 
erloo since Jan., 1905; an examiner 
at the Bar; School Commissioner of 
Waterloo ; member Waterloo Board 
of. Trade, St. Jean Baptiste Society 
and Knights of Columbus; Roman 
Catholic, Conservative; married Al- 
bertine Foisy, at Ottawa, Nov. 29, 
1906 ; children, Marguerite, 1908 ; 
Beatrice, 1912. 

COATES, Orange Scott, Bury, Que. 
Born at Bulwer, Que., Jan. 9, 1858, 
son of Benjamin and F. (Colby) 
Coates; English, grandparents com- 
ing from England and settling in 
Compton Co.; E. public schools; in- 
terested in farming and stock rais- 
ing; dealer in live stock, shipping to 
English market; also, interested in 
pulp and lumber business; proprietor 
of general store at Bury, established 
in 1900; Councillor of Eaton Town- 

ship and School Commissioner; Bap- 
tist, Liberal; married Alma Barter, 
of Bury, Que., March 13, 1888; chil- 
dren, Winnifred P., Guy S., and 
May O. 

COATES, Barlow, Bury, Que. 
Born at Eaton, Que., Sept. 13, 1852, 
son of Prosper H. and Mary (Moul- 
ton) Coates; English, family coming 
to Eaton from New England, among 
first settlers of townships; E. public 
schools; engaged in farming and stock 
raising; stock dealer, shipping to 
English and Montreal markets; pur- 
chased general store of A. L. Brown 
& Son, Lennoxville, 1906; in 1907 
retired from mercantile business and 
bought timber limits at Bury where 
he is engaged in general lumber and 
pulpwood business; Councillor Eaton 
Township 12 years, member Bury 
School Board 1911-14; I.O.F.; Angli- 
can, Conservative ; married Miranda 
Coates, daughter of John Coates, of 
Eaton, Dec. 3, 1874; children, Per- 
sis A., 1882, and Georgie E., 1887. 

COCKERLINE, John William M, 
Bedford, Que. P rn at Herrvs- 
burgh, Que., June 20, 1870, son of 
William and Janet (Gray) Cocker- 
line; English, father born in England, 
1829, and came to Canada, 1836, 
settling in Henrysbury, Que., died at 
Bedford, 1912; E. public schools; 
learned house and carriage painting 
trade at Clarenceville ; engaged in 
trade at Lowell, Mass., returned and 
entered business at Clarenceville as 
undertaker and furniture dealer ; 
went to Chicopee Falls, Mass., 1895, 
taking position with Overman Wheel 
Co., returning after four years; pur- 
chased successively furniture and un- 
dertaking business of L. J. Reed and 
Henry N. Corey, Bedford ; erected 
present store and residence in 1900; 
Methodist, Conservative ; married 
Anna Elliott, of Henryville, Que., 
Nov. 1, 1899; children, Jessie G., 
1903; Helen M., 1906; John E., 1913; 
Floyd M., 1914. 




CODERE, Louis Joseph, 119 San- 
born St., Sherbrooke, Que. Born at 
St. Hyacinthe, Que., Sept. 5, 1860, 
son of Frs. Codere and Emelie (Bru- 
nelle) Codere; French; E. at Sher- 
brooke and Three Rivers; after leav- 
ing school in 1876 went into the hard- 
ware business with his father till 
1891, then taken into partnership 
with his brother Eugene, business 
carried on under the name of Codere 
Fils & Cie., company incorporated in 
1908, L. J. Codere becoming vice- 
president and manager, name of new 
firm being La Cie Codere & Fils Inc. ; 
director of the E.T.A.A. since 1910; 
member St. Joseph, Knights of Co- 
lumbus, St. Vincent Paul, Columbian 
Club; Conservative, Catholic ; mar- 
ried Josephine Alphonsine Bourque, 
Sherbrooke, daughter of Bernard 
Bourque; children, Emelie B., 1882, 
died 1884; Augustine, 1883; J. Na- 
poleon, 1885; Louis F. G., 1886; 
Eugenie, 1888 ; Corrine, 1889 ; 
Yvonne, 1892 ; Gertrude, 1894 ; 
Aurelie, 1896 ; Josephine, 1898 

Joseph Henri, 1899 
3901; Cecile, 1905. 


CODERE, Rev. Napoleon Born at 
Sherbrooke, Que., April 30, 1885, son 

of Louis Joseph and Josephine 
(Bourque) Codere; E. Sacred Heart 
Academy and St. Charles Seminary; 
received degree of B.S. from Laval; 
as professor of English at St. Charles 
Seminary for a few years; has been 
Assistant Pursar .since March, 1907; 
was ordained priest by His Lordship, 
Bishop Larocque, June 29, 1910. 

CODERE, Louis Francois, Shftr- 
brooke, Que. Born at Sherbrooke. 
Nov. 15, 1886, son of L. J. and Jose- 
phine (Bourque) Codere, French; E. 
Sherbrooke Brothers' School and St. 
Charles Seminary, de.zree B.A., mem- 
ber La Cie Codere Fils, Inc., dir I.a 
Cie Mutuelle d'Immeubles, des Can- 
tons de 1'Est; treas. St. Joseph So- 
ciety; Conservative, R.C.; married 
Annette, daughter of Louis A. Des- 
noyers, Sept. 19, 1911. 

COLBY, Charles William, 560 Pine 
Ave. West, Montreal, Que. Born at 
Stanstead, Que., March 25, 1867, son 
of Hon. Chas. C. Colby and Harriet 
Child Colby, grandson of Moses F. 
Colby, M.A., M.D. ; E. Stanstead 
Wesleyan College, McGill University, 
and Harvard University, B.A. (Mc- 
Gill), M.A. and PhD. (Harvard), 
D.C.L. (Bishop's) Fellow of the 
Royal Historical Society, Fellow of 
the Royal Society of Canada, Pro- 
fessor of History, McGill University; 
Director of Canadian Bank of Com- 
merce, President of the Noise- 
less Typewriter Co., Vice-President 
of the Goulds Mfg. Co., Director Do- 
minion Wire Rope Co., Asbestos Cor- 
poration of Canada, W. A. Rogers 
Co., J. H. Sherrard Co., Carter Grume 
Co., The McClure Publications, etc.; 
President of Graduates Society of 
McGill, member of the Historical 
Manuscripts Commission of Canada; 
author of "Canadian Types of the 
Old Regime," "Selections From the 
sources of English History," 
"Champlain," and "Frontenac" ; also 
of many articles in the Nation, the 
English Historical Review, the Am- 
erican Historical Review and other 
periodicals; clubs, Mount Royal and 
University, Montreal, York of Tor- 
onto; Conservative; married Emma 
Frances Cobb, daughter of Walter B. 



D.R.A. match, 1906, and as member 
Can. team and took part in matches 
for shield at Bisley, Eng., 1907; I.O. 
F. ; Conservative. Methodist. Married 
Mary C. Thornton, daughter of J. L. 
Thornton, Barnston, Sept. 4, 1894 ; 
children, Clemmer, 1896; Hazen E. 
and Hazel A. (twins) 1898. 

CONVERSE, John Leslie, Way's 
Mills, Que. Born Sept. 14, 1875, 
son of John and Persis (Buckland) 
Converse; English; E. Barnston and 
Coaticook Academies; as young man 
spent year and half in Grand Rapids, 
Mich., and Chicago, 111.; in 1895 took 
course at St. Hyacinthe Dairy School; 
engaged in butter manufacturing at 
Way's Mills till 1908 when he pur- 
chased plant and added to it flour 
and feed business, developing an ex- 
tensive trade; general manager of E. 
T. Dairy Produce Co. during the year 
of its operation, with headquarters 
at Ayer's Cliff; Methodist, Conserva- 
tive; married Sadie Clara Bell Horn, 
daughter of Norman Horn, Dec. 29, 
1897; children, John Douglas, 1906, 
and Norma Lucy, 1912. 

Cobb, Stanstead, June 23, 1897; chil- 
dren, Charles Carroll, 1905; Mary 
Pierce, 1909. 

COLQUHOUN, Philip, B.A., M.D., 

Waterville, Que. - - Born at Colqu- 
houn, Ont., Aug. 11, 1865, son of 
Alexander and Harriet (Munro) Col- 
quhoun; Scotch; E. Morrisburg, Ont., 
Collegiate Institute and McGill, Arts 
1892, med., 1896; after graduation 
began practice at Waterville; 1898 
appointed surgeon to Eustis Mining 
Co., Eustis, Que., and later in same 
capacity to Nichols Chemical Co., 
Capelton; Municipal Council and 
School Commissioner, Waterville; 
I.O.O.F.; Congregationalist; Liberal; 
married Annie Mclntosh, Waterville, 
June 11, 1901; children, Doris, 1902; 
Philip A., 1903; Marian, 1905; Jean 
G., 1908. 

CONNER, Daniel Henry, Bedford, 
Que. Born at Henryville, Que., Ap- 
ril 15, 1865, son of Daniel and Mary 
Ann (Henry) Conner, Irish, his 
father coming from Ireland when a 
young man and settled at Henryville, 
Que., later moved to Bedford about 
1875; E. Bedford Academy; as young- 
man went to Manchester, N.H., as 
agent and collector for Metropolitan 
Life, two years later with Lawrence, 
Lowell and Haverhill Street Railway; 
later went to Boston and engaged in 
wholesale produce business; in 1899, 
returned to Bedford and purchased 
grocery store from his father; ap- 
pointed Postmaster Upper Bedford 
ten years ago ; member Bedford 
Board of Trade, also, of A.O.U.W.; 
Anglican, Liberal; married Pruella 
Gardner, of Stanbridge East, April 
12, 1888. 

CONVERSE, Burton Eugene, Barn- 
ston, Que. Born at Barnston, Oct. 
24, 1871, son of John and Persis 
(Buckland) Converse ; English ; 
grandfather among early settlers of 
Barnston who came from Vermont; 
E. Barrston Academy; School Com- 
missioner; engaged in farming. In 
1902 purchased creamery, also agency 

for farm implements; mem. Stanstead F. W. COLWILL 

Cavalry, later 7th Hussars; graduate 

Toronto Military College with certifi- COLWILL, Frederick William, 16 
cate of Lieutenant, placed reserve of Magog St., Sherbrooke, Que. Born 
officers retaining rank; qualified at at Shepherd's Bush, London, Eng., 



July 2, 1878, son of James and Maria 
Boucher Colwill; E. Latimer College, 
Hammersmith, London, Eng. ; came 
to Canada as buyer of art furnishings 
and draperies for Mahon Bros., Ltd., 
Halifax, 1901, two years later joined 
I.C.S. as assistant representative, ap- 
pointed local representative at expir- 
ation of first year, and manager six 
months later; in 1912 came to Sher- 
brooke for same company; Masons, 
Sons of England, Buffalos, Druids, 
St. George's; married Effie I. White, 
daughter of J. N. White at Coaticook, 
Aug. 12, 1913; children, Grayden 
White, July 9, 1914. 


COOK, Lieut. Geo. E. W., Bury, 
Que., (in overseas service). Born at 
Bury, Que., Nov. 6, 1887, son of 
John and Mary (Bennett) Cook ; 
Irish; E. at Bury; farmer; enlisted in 
the 7th Hussars in 1903 as a private 
and served in every rank; in 1901 
went to King George V. Coronation 
representing the 7th Hussars as a sar- 
geantj appointed Lieut, and took a 
course at St. Johns, Que., and quali- 
fied Sept. 17, 1912; the next April 
qualified as Captain; was one of the 
first to enlist in the 117th E.T.O.S. 
Batt. as a Lieut.; C.O.F.; Liberal, 

COOPER, Samuel, East Angus, 
Que. Born at St. Sylvester, Que., 
Dec. 26, 1857, son of John and Ellen 
(Calvin) Cooper, Irish; grandparents 
came from Ireland about 1820, set- 
tled in Quebec, later farmed at St. 
Sylvester, then moved to Clifton; E. 
at Eaton Academy; entered employ of 
H. C. Libby & Co., Littleton, N.H., as 
bookkeeper and lumber clerk for 
about 4 years; returned to Cookshire 
in 1883 and entered into partnership 
with T. Macrae & Co.; in 1888 retired 
from said firm to accept position with 
Cookshire Mill Co. as salesman until 
1896; retired and accepted position 
with Royal Paper Mill at East Angus 
as foreman and lumber clerk; elected 
Councillor in 1901, re-elected since; 
Mayor of Westbury, 1905-07, pro- 
Mayor East Angus 1916; societies, 
I.O.O.F., A.F. & A.M., R.A.M.; Con- 
se'rvative, Methodist; married Mar- 
garet Montgomery, daughter of 
Major E. Montgomery, at Sawyer- 
ville, Que., June 28, 1887; children. 
Claude, 1891; Mildred, 1897; Anita, 

COURTNEY, Samuel Uriah, Knowl- 
ton, Que. - - Born at West Brome, 
Que., Oct. 7, 1845, son of Clarence 
and Catherine (Donaway) Courtney, 
coming from Dublin, Ireland, with 
parents at age of 19 years who first 
settled in Montreal, later at West 
Brome ; E. Knowlton Academy ; 
School Commissioner many years, 
(chairman two terms; Justice of 
Peace, member Brome County Agr'l. 
Society for 25 years, President of 
said society three years, Board of 
Trade, several years manager of the 
Col. Knowlton Farm, afterwards 
owned by Judge Duncan, Mr. Court- 
ney remaining as manager for six 
years, afterwards purchasing the 
Lynch property and carried on gen- 
eral farmnig and stock raising ; at 
present retired from active farming; 
for years Supt. of Corporation work 
Knowlton, having charge of macada- 
mizing streets of said village in 1912; 
member A.F. & A.M. ; clubs, Knowl- 
ton Fish and Game; Conservative, 
Anglican; married Mary Inglis, Frost 
Village, Que., Feb. 27, 1871; children, 


Charles W., 1873; Carlton S., 1877! English market being first to develop 
Eva, 1879; Ethel K., 1882; Hazel, this line of farming in Lingwick; for 
1886. twenty years extensive cattle dealer, 

shipping to local and foreign markets ; 

COUTURE, Jos. Sylfrid, 95 Wei- three years in Dominion Immigration 
lington St., Sherbrooke, Que. Born Dept. at Lake Megantic; several 
at St. Romuald, Que., Sept. 8, 1891, years member Lingwick Township 
son of Louis and Marie (Leclerc) CounciJ, also, of Compton County 
French; E. Sacred Heart School, Agr'l Soc., No. 2, serving as president 
St. Charles Seminary, and Laval Uni- of latter; president for four years of 
versity of Quebec; graduated in Law, Compton County Liberal Association 
L.L.M. at Laval University of Que- and now honorary President; Presby- 
bec, in June 1915, and entered in terian, Liberal; married Jennett Fyfe, 
partnership with Jacob Nicol, K.C., deceased 1910; married Gertrude M. 
and W. Lazure as Nicol, Lazure and Bishop, Bishop's Crossing, 1912 ; 
Couture, Advocates and Barristers; children, Katie, Gertrude and An- 
member St. John Baptist Society, St. gus W. 
Francis Snowshoe Club; Liberal; Sec. 

of the Young Men's Liberal Associ- COWAN, George Franklyn, Scots- 
ation of Quebec, in 1913-14; Catholic, town, Que. Born at Gould, Que., 

Dec. 15, 1864, son of Randall and 

COWAN, John Newton, Gould, Susan (Bennett) Cowan; Irish, fam- 
Que. Born at Gould, June 11, 1857, ily coming to Canada from north of 
son of Henry and Katie (McKay) Ireland about 1832, locating in Ling- 
Cowan, Irish; after number years in wick; E. public schools; 1882 to 1891 
west, engaged in general farming at ,engaged in cattle and sheep ranching 
Gould, also, interested in lumbering ;ftin Western States; returned to Gould 
member Company No. 2, 58th Bat-land engaged in farming till 1900 
talion of Infantry, (now disbanded) ;",vhen he formed partnership with Dr. 
School Commissioner of Lingwick Mooney as Cowan & Mooney, and 
Township for twelve years, resigned engaged in lumber, mill and cream- 
1911; Director Agricultural Society ery business; joined 7th Hussars, 
No. 2, Compton County; Secretary 1905, and commissioned as Lieuten- 
Board of Health; Independent, Pres- ant; had charge "C" squadron three 
byterian ; married Anne Jane Murray- years at training camp as acting 
daughter of Norman Murray, at major; President several years Comp- 
Gould, April 4, 1883; children, Har- ton Co. Agr'l. Soc. No. 2; member 
old W., 1884; Gladys C., 1886; Eliza Scotstown Board of Trade; Sec-Treas. 
J., 1892. Township Lingwick, 1895-1915 ; 

charter member Gould Lodge I.O. 

COWAN, Angus, Bishop's Cross- O.F. ; Anglican, Conservative ; mar- 
ing, Que. Born at Gould, (Ling- ried Belinda Hanright, of Gould, Oct. 
wick), Feb. 18, 1852, son of Henry 22, 1892, died 1901; one daughter, 
and Katie (McKay) Cowan; Scotch- Belinda R. 
Irish descent, father born in Ireland 

came to Quebec at age of 15 years COWLEY, Dr. Daniel Key worth, 
and with brothers John and Randall Granby, Que. -- Born at Clarendon, 
settled in Leeds, Que. ; later were em- Que., Oct. 16, 1856, son of Daniel 
ployed by B.A. Land Co., building and Mary (McJanet) Cowley; Eng- 
roads from Sherbrooke to Scotstown lish, his father, Daniel Keyworth 
and were induced to settle in town- Cowley born in Westminster, Eng- 
ship of Lingwick, the three Cowan land, coming to Canada with his par- 
brothers thus becoming the pioneer ents at age of eight years and set- 
settlers of the township; E. public tied in Montreal; E. public schools 
schools; engaged in farming, also, in of Ontario and Ottawa Collegiate In- 
lumbering for C. S. Clarke Co., who stitute and McGill University, (M.D. 
sold to Brompton Pulp & Paper Co. ; C.M., McGill in 1880) ; practiced in 
extensive breeder of beef cattle for Granby, 1881 to 1910 when he be- 



came medical director of Protective 
Association of Canada, head office, 
Granby, Que; School Commissioner 
Granby and chairman School Board; 
Medical Officer of Township Granby 
and village for 15 years; member 
Granby Board of Trade; A.F. & 
A.M., Knight Templar, Sussex Precep. 
and Shriner, Karnak Temple, Mont- 
real, I.O.O.F., C.O.F., I.O.F., Royal 
Arcanum, Granby Amateur Ath- 
letic Association, Lake Dumont Fish 
and Game Club; Conservative, Pres- 
byterian; married Hattie J. Wallace, 
Granby, Que., June 8, 1886; children, 
Helen Wallace, 1896; Keyworth A., 

COWLING, Robert Charles, East 
Angus, Que. Born at London, Eng., 
May 28, 1851, son of Robert and 
(Francis Biss) Cowling, English, par- 
ents c>me to Canada 1858 and settled 
at Bury, Que.; E. Model School, 
Bury; Justice of the Peace, Com. 
Commissioners' Court; Sec-Treas. 
Township and School Board of West- 
bury School and Village East Angus; 
Director Westbury Light and Power 
Co., member I.O.F. ; (Liberal-Con- 
servative); Anglican; married Emma 
D. French, daughter of John D. 
French, Eaton, Que., Sept. 6, 1876 ; 
children, John (deceased 1900) ; 
Arthur, Esther M., Francis E., Con- 
stance H., Herbert G., Edward M. 

COWLING, Lieutenant Herbert 
George, East Angus, Que. Born at 
East Angus, May 9, 1893, son of 
Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Cowling, East 
Angus, Que., English; E. East Angus 
and Cookshire Academies, St. Jo- 
seph's College, St. Ferdinand de Hali- 
fax; Lieut, in 117th E.T. Battalion, 
C.E.F. ; Conservative, Church of Eng- 

CRACK, Isaac E., B.A., M.D.C.M., 

Compton, Que. -- Born at Nicolet 
Falls, Que., Oct. 6, 1874, son of 
Arthur and Ann (Healy) Crack; Eng- 
lish, grandfather, Robert Crack, com- 
ing from England about 1840 and 
settling in Richmond County; E. St. 
Francis College, Richmond, and Mc- 
Gill University, Montreal; B.A. (Mc- 
Gill), 1900; M.D.C.M., (McGill), 
1904; Chairman Compton Village 

School, 1911-14, Chairman Compton 
Village and Township Board of 
Health; member I.O.O.F. and C.O.F.; 
Presbyterian, Liberal; married Fran- 
ces Harding, Montreal, June 21, 
1905; children, Francis E. T., 1907; 
Ralph A. V., 1909. 

CRAMER, Willis Adam, Way's 
Mills, Que. Born at Way's Mills, 
Que., June 23, 1870, son of William 
A. and Emmeline (Miller) Cramer, 
English; member I.O.F. ; Conserva- 
tive; married Elizabeth Davidson, 
Way's Mills, Que., July, 1891. 


CREPEAU, Joseph Hermenegilde, 

St. Camille, Wolfe Co., Que. Born 
at Pierreville, Que., March 28, 1858, 
son of Theodore Cote and Julie 
Grenier Cote, adopted in 1859 by 
Guillaume Crepeau of St. Zephirin, 
French; E. at Seminary of Nicolet, 
Seminary of Sherbrooke, Que. ; gen- 
eral merchant and breeder of regis- 
tered Shorthorn cattle; Mayor of St. 
Camille from 1892 to 1917, Warden 
Wolfe 1900 and 1917 President 
of E.T. Liberal-Conservative Ass'n, 
1911, director E.T. Agricultural 
Ass'n, vice-president Dairy Board of 
the Province of Quebec, member 



Knights of Columbus, Catholic For- 
esters, L'Alliance Nationale ; Con- 
servative, Roman Catholic; married 
Elodie Miquelon, daughter of Z. C. 
Miquelon, of St. Camille, Que., Nov. 
5, 1883; children, Armand, Henri, 
Louis de Genzague, Marguerite, 
Aline, Cecile. 


CREPEAU, Armand Charles, 47 

Gillespie St., Sherbrooke, Que. Born 
at St. Camille, Nov. 4, 1884, son of 
J. H. Crepeau and Elodie Miquelon 
Crepeau, French; E. at St. Charles 
Seminary, Sherbrooke, Seminary of 
Philosophy, Montreal, Laval Univers- 
ity of Quebec; graduated in land sur- 
veying at Laval University, June 10, 
1909, opening an office in Sherbrooke 
the same year, assistant to the chief 
engineer for the location of the Que- 
bec Eastern Railway, Sherbrooke to 
Quebec, (1911-12) practising in 
Sherbrooke since, Provincial Land 
Surveyor, member Board of Trade, 
Sherbrooke, Canadian Society of Civil 
Engineers, Corporation of Quebec 
Land Surveyors; Conservative, Rom- 
an Catholic; married Irene Sylvestre, 
daughter of C. A. Sylvestre, Mont- 
real, Que., Feb. 7, 1910; children, 
Madelene, July 3, 1913; Richard, 
March 3, 1917. 


CROMBIE, Marcus George, Rich- 
mond, Que., lumber and mill owner. 
Born at Melbourne, Que., Jan. 18, 
1846, son of William and Mary J. 
(Montgomery) Crombie; Irish, father 
born in Ireland, coming to Canada 
when a boy; E. St. Francis College, 
Richmond; member Melbourne Volun- 
teer Co.. 54th Batt. (now disbanded), 
took part in Fenian Raids, 1866- 
1870; Mayor five years of Melbourne 
and Brompton Gore, Warden, Rich- 
mond County, 1900-2, 1908-9, mem- 
ber Protestant Committee of Public 
Instruction, Quebec, Mayor of village 
Kingsbury since incorporation, 1896- 
1914, vice-president Richmond Board 
of Trade, Councillor Eastern Town- 
ships Associated Boards of Trade, ex- 
pres. Richmond County Liberal As- 
sociation, vice-pres. and director 
Richmond Agricultural Society, mem- 
ber board of management St, An- 
drew's Church; for some time en- 
gaged in farming; manager Kings- 
bury Slate Quarry 1886, resigned, 
went to Illinois, engaged in railway 
construction, returning to Kingsbury 
1869 and entered into partnership 
with the late Major Williamson, un- 
der name of Williamson and Crom- 
bie, lumber manufacturers, until 1890 
when he acquired partner's interest, 



being sole roprietor until 1902; that 
year he took into partnership his son, 
George, and son-in-law, T. G. Tor- 
ranee, firm's name remaining the 
same, with mills, railway sidings and 
water power at Kingsbury, also, in- 
cluding over seventeen thousand acres 
of timber limits along Salmon Creek 
and shores of Brompton Lake; Mr. 
^rombie has given very substantial 
support to the Sherbrooke Hospital 
and to other institutions, also, to the 
various patriotic undertakings ; Lib- 
eral, Presbyterian; married Jane 
Trenholm, daughter of the late James 
Trenholm, Trenholmville, June 14, 
1876; children, Winnifred M., George 
W., Ethel M. 


CROMWELL, Frederick Robt., 
M.P., Cookshire, Que. - - Born at 
Leeds, Megantic Co., Que., May 13, 
1872, son of Thos. and Elizabeth 
(Kinnear) Cromwell; E. at public 
schools; elected, House of Commons 
for Compton Co., 1911, Mayor of 
Clifton, 1902, Councillor Eaton 1907, 
Councillor Cookshire, 1909-12; so- 
cieties, C.O.F., Court Sunbeam, of 
Sawyerville, Que. ; Conservative, 
Presbyterian; married Martha Ellen 
MacKay, daughter of Hugh MacKay, 

Compton Co., Que., April 21, 1896; 
children, Cyril C., Oliver T. H., Grace 
E., E. Freda, Lottie, Evelyn, Francis, . 
Rufus E., Patricia M. 

CROMWELL, James, Sawyerville, 
Que. Born at St. Sylvester, Que., 
1858, son of Thomas and Elizabeth J. 
(Kinnear) Cromwell, English and 
Scotch; Councillor Sawyerville, 1900 
to 1909; member I.O.O.F., C.O.F. ; 
Conservative, Presbyterian; married 
Mary MacKay, Sawyerville, Que., 
1883; children, Mabel E., Harry R. 

CROMWELL, Ayton, Cookshire, 
Q ue . Born at St. Sylvester, Que., 
Sept. 17, 1860, son of Thomas and 
Elizabeth Jane (Kinnear) Cromwell; 
E. public school; Councillor and 
Mayor, town Cookshire, Que., mem- 
ber I.O.O.F. ; Conservative, Metho- 
dist; married Margaret Adams, 
Eaton, Que., Jan., 1884; children, 
Ellen E., Howard R. (deceased), 
Maud E. A. Ross. 

CROTHERS, Dr. William, Stan- 
bridge East, Que. Born at Clarence- 
ville, Que., Feb. 7, 1846, son of 
Robert and Mary (Forman) Crothers, 
Irish, father came to Canada from 
Ireland about 1837 and settled at 
Clarenceville ; E. Clarenceville Acad- 
emy and McGill "University; began 
practice of medicine 1876, M.D.C.M.; 
member Board of Trade, I.O.F.; Con- 
servative, Anglican; married Mary J. 
Beattie, daughter of Porter Beattie 
at Stanbury, Que., June 11, 1882. 

CROWELL, Robert Gilman, mer- 
chant, Sutton, Que. Born at Dunkin, 
Que., March 1, 1870, son of Harvey 
and Jane (Potter) Crowell, English, 
family coming from England to 
Massachusetts and later settling in 
Potton, 1860; E. public schools and 
North Troy Academy; conducted gen- 
eral store at Dunkin 15 years till 
1904, also, cheese factory and cream- 
ery; 1907 purchased general store at 
Highwater, 1913 purchased general 
store of C. O. Smith, at Sutton, 
which he has conducted since; inter- 
ested in agriculture, for many years 
conducting farm with general line of 
stock raising; supporter of good roads 



and other public movements; Post- 
master Dunkin, 1897 till 1904; cus- 
toms' officer Highwater, 1914 till 
1912; member Potton Council, 1912- 
13; C.O.F.. Mansonville Rifle Ass'n; 
Methodist, Liberal ; married Palma L. 
Truax, (deceased 1911); married 
Lilenore Miltmore. Glen Sutton, Que. 
Nov. 12, 1913; children, Clinton R., 
1892; Gordon H.. 1894; Isabel P. ; 
1897; Nina E.. 1899; Ardis C., 1901: 
Ethan L., 1903; Rotus G., 1909; Sid- 
ney E., 1910. 

CURLEY, Michael, Dunham, Que. 
Born at Dunham, Que., Feb. 28, 
1852, son of William and Catherine 
(Newton) Curley, Irish, father came 
from Ireland about 1835 to the 
United States and later settled at 
Dunham, Que.; E. public schools; ex- 
tensive farmer, specially dairying ; 
Councillor for Dunham village, chair- 
man School Board, member and direc- 
tor County Agricultural Society : 
Conservative, Anglican ; married 
Sarah C. Best, daughter of C. J. Best, 
at Sutton, Que., Dec. 28, 1895. 

CURRIE, Edwin Francis. Bedford, 
Que. Born North Stanbridge. Que.. 
June 17. 1855, son of Horatio N. and 
Mary E. (Phelps) Currie, Scotch, 
grandfather, Capt. Francis Currie. 
coming from New England about 
1812 and settling in Stanbridge, 
Missisquoi Co. ; E. Stanbridge Acad- 
emy; entered employ Mullarkey & 
Co., wholesale boot and shoe dealers, 
Montreal, as commercial traveller in 
Eastern Townships continuing for 12 
years, resigning in 1889; established 
flour, feed and lumber business at 
Bedford in 1888, with M. F. Rice as 
Currie & Rice; in 1890 purchased 
partner's interest and continued busi- 
ness as sole proprietor since that 
date ; takes special interest in agricul- 
ture, good roads and civic improve- 
ment; appointed Missisquoi County 
registrar, 1898. member of Bedford 
Council since 1908, nro-Mayor, 1912- 
13, chairman School Commissioners 
several vears resigning in 1910, mem- 
ber Bedford Board of Trade, member 
Executive E.T. Associated Boards, 
president Missisquoi Agr'l Society, 
1913, sec.-treas. Missisquoi Co. Lib- 


eral Association, 1896-7-8; member 
A.F. & A.M., I.O.O.F.; vice-president 
Bedford Light and Power Co.; An- 
glican, Liberal ; married Elma A. 
Reed, 1889, deceased 1909; married 
Cora M. Hulburd, of Bedford, Oct. 
1912; children, Mary E., 1891; Fran- 
ces R., 1893 ; John E., 1894 ; Lewis N., 
1898; Isabel H., 1914. 

GUSHING, Charles Jackson, Barn- 
ston, Que. Born at Barnston, Feb. 
1, 1850, son of Manda and Patty E. 
(Abbott) Gushing, English, father 
born at Lyndonville, Vt., later set- 
tled in Stanstead Co. ; E. Barnston 
Academy; served as councillor about 
fifteen years, Mayor three terms, 
school commissioner; succeeded 
father on homestead, retired 1914, 
spent that year in California; active 
in educational matters; Liberal, Bap- 
tist; married Amelia Carr, daughter 
of Francis Carr, Compton, Que., June 
17, 1885. 

GUSHING, John Nelson, Coati- 
cook, Que. Born at Coaticook, June 
23, 1874, son of Adson B. and E. 
(Martin) Gushing, English, grand- 
father, M. T. Gushing, coming from 
Vermont, settled at Stanstead Plain, 
1820; E. public schools, Michigan ; 




engaged for several years in farming, 
specializing in registered Guernsey 
dairy cattle, later became associated 
with F. B. McCurdy & Co., brokers, 
as manager of Coaticook office; mem- 
ber Coaticook Board of Trade, A.F. 
& A.M., I.O.O.F., also, Mountaineer 
Fish and Game Club; Conservative ; 
married Bertha Sweeney, deceased 
1905; married Lillian Rose Allard, 
deceased, 1914. 


DAKIN, Frederick W., Sherbrooke, 
Que., contractor, member firm of 
Loomis-Dakin Co., Ltd. - - Born at 
Ibervilel, Que., July 19, 1888, son of 
Frederick Bruce Dakin and Florence 
L. Connolly; E. St. Johns' High 
School, Westmount Academy, Mc- 
Gill University, B.Sc. ; member St. 
George's Club: Independent; Angli- 
can; mprried Freda Birks, daughter 
of Fred. Birks, of Montreal, May, 
1913; children, John Kenneth, Aug., 

DAMON Edgar William, Dixville, 
Que. Born at Dixville, Dec. 4, 1879, 
son of Albert E. and Annie (Fenton) 
Damon; English and Scotch, Mr. 
Damon, Sr., coming from Vermont 
about 1855 and settling near Dixville 
on a farm where he died in 1894; E. 
public schools; entered employ G.T.R. 
1897 as brakeman and appointed con- 
ductor 1900; sustained serious injury 
in accident at Portland terminal, Feb. 
2, 1901; retired from railway service, 
1903, t.nd took up farming at Dix- 
ville ; elected Councillor of Munici- 
pality Dixville 1912, and re-elected 
1915; member Stanstead Co. Agr'l 
Soc. and C.O.F. ; Anglican; Conserva- 
tive; married Cora Howe, Dixville, 
Nov. 13, 1903. 

DARCHE, Louis P. Auguste, Saw- 
yerville, Que., merchant. Born at 
Henryville, Que., 1864, son of Frs. 
Xavier and Emerence (Simard) 
Darche; French, family coming from 
France in 1760, ancestor being offi- 
cer in French army at Chambly; E. 
St. Hyacinthe College; general store 
at South Ham, Que., 1887; moved to 
Sawyerville, 1907, where he has con- 
ducted business as general merchant 
since; J.P. and Com. Superior Court; 
pres. Liberal Conservative Ass'n, 
Compton Council 1911, Knights of 
Columbus; Roman Catholic; married 
Josephine Demers, of St. Pierre, Que., 
1888; children, Leopold, Stanislas, 
Jeanne, Lucien and Clovis. 

DARCHE, Dr. Joseph Aime, M.D., 
C.M., 49 King Street, Sherbrooke, 
Que. Born at Danville, Aug. 31, 
1872, son of F. X. Darche and Emer- 
ence Simard, French; E. St. Charles 
Seminary, M.D., C.M., McGill; mem- 
ber, Societe Francaise d'Ophthal- 
molpgie, D'Oto-Rhino-Laryngologie, 
Paris, France; Roman Catholic; mar- 
ried Lucy Dubrule, daughter of J. N. 
Dubrule, St. Hyacinthe, Sept. 18, 

DARCHE, J. Omer, 65-67 King 
St., Sherbrooke, Que., general mer- 
chant Botii at Danville, Que., April 
29, 1883, son of G. Arthur Darche 
and Marie Pomela Poirier, of St. 
Cyrille de Wendover, descendant of 



F. X. Darche who settled in Sher- 
brooke in 1884 with very large fam- 
ily; E. St. Charles Seminary, Sher- 
brooke; active member Sherbrooke 
Board of Trade, Alderman City of 
Sherbrooke 1915-17, appointed di- 
rector of the E.T.A.A. in 1915, mem- 
ber C.O.F., Knights of Columbus, St. 
Francis and Tuque Rouge Clubs ; 
Conservative; Roman Catholic; mar- 
ried Juliette Duchesneau, daughter of 
H. Duchesneau, of Montreal, Oct. 19, 
1908; children, Jeanette, 1909; Ar- 
mand, 1911; and Aline, 1913. 

DARRAH, Franklin Howard, West 
Brome, Que. Born at Sutton Junc- 
tion, Feb. 19, 1881, son of Warren R. 
and Jane (Westover) Darrah; mer- 
chant; assistant Postmaster Sutton 
Junction and West Brome; member 
Brome County Horticultural Society, 
I.O.O.F. ; Liberal; Anglican; married 
Lydia P. Draper, daughter of J. C. 
Draper, at Sutton Junction, Jan. 30, 
1903; one daughter, Dorothy Alma, 


DASTOUS, Louis Emmanuel Mur- 
ray, Post Office Inspector, Sher- 
brooke, Que. Born at Quebec, Aug. 
2, 1863, son of Louis Antoine and 
Margaret Jane (Murray) Dastous ; 

French and Scotch; E. Seminary of 
Rimouski, Normal School, Quebec, St. 
Patrick's Academy and Quebec Sem- 
inary; started general store at Ri- 
mouski, 1881; accountant and then 
manager five years for J. H. Gendron, 
Sherbrooke; 1890, founded firm of 
Dastous, Farwell & Co., flour and 
grain brokers; in 1894 bought out 
with his father Macfarlane Milling 
Co., Sherbrooke; 1898, formed firm 
of Dastous & Co., general brokers ; 
1913, appointed Postoffice inspector 
of Sherbrooke division, comprising 9 
counties; member K. of C.; Roman 
Catholic; married Dorilda Alix, 
daughter of E. Leblanc, Ottawa, Aug. 
2, 1893; children, Marguerite, 1894; 
Graciense, 1895; Pauline, 1899; 
Roger, 1906; George, 1911. 

DAVIDSON, William Hugh, Ayer's 
Cliff, Que. Born County of Antrim, 
Ireland, Sept. 6, 1848, Scotch; gen- 
eral farming at Libbytown, specialty, 
Durham cattle; appointed J.P., 1908; 
director of Stanstead Agricultural 
Society, president one year, member 
Barnston Farmers' Club; Liberal, 
Anglican; married Jane Keeler, 
daughter of H. Keeler, at St. Ray- 
mond, Que., April 1, 1873; children, 
David, 1874; Pheobe E., 1877; Sarah 
J., 1879, (deceased 1903) ; Ellen J., 
1882; Minnie A., 1883, (deceased 
1908); Amy B., 1886; Christina M., 
1889; T. Ernest J., 1891. 

DAVINGNON, Joseph Narcisse, 

Knowlton, Que. Born at St. Alex- 
ander, Que., Oct. 21, 1859, son of 
Narcisse and Marie (Messier) Dav- 
ingnon, French; E. public schools ; 
elected first council of Knowlton, 
served nine years, Mayor 1894, pres. 
Board of Trade, past-pres. E. T. Im- 
migration Society; entered employ of 
the late Mrs. D. C. Rodden & Co., 
general merchants, Waterloo, 1878; 
in 1881 said firm opened branch at 
Knowlton of which he was appointed 
manager; 1884, purchased stock from 
said company entering into business 
under name of "Davingnon & Pratt," 
general merchants; since that date 
very considerably increased the busi- 
ness, owner of farm and deeply in- 
terested in agriculture and maple 



sugar industry; moved resolution of 
pure maple product law at E. T. 
Board of Trade annual meeting 1913; 
active in good roads movement, edu- 
cational and all matters pertaining to 
the advancement of the Eastern 
Townships; sold out store 1916 and 
has opened office as real estate and 
insurance broker; Catholic; married 
Nellie D. Pratt, Stanbridge East, 
Que., Feb. 9, 1884; children, Lillian 
M., Pearl A., Cyrille E., Leslie E., 

DAWSON, Edward, Compton, hotel 
proprietor Born at Lachute, Que., 
Feb. 20, 1863, son of Richard and 
Elizabeth (Moody) Dawson; Scotch, 
grandfather, Richard Dawson, Sr., 
coming from Scotland to Canada 
when a young man; E. public schools; 
spent some time in New England 
States; in 1885 engaged in farming 
and stock raising in Compton County; 
sold out in 1910 and moved to Comp- 
ton village; 1912 purchased Saultry 
block and opened new Compton hotel 
which he continues to conduct to- 
gether with livery; member of New- 
port Township Council for 15 years 
from 1894; school commissioner 9 
years; Postmaster New Mexico, Que., 
21 years; School Com. Compton vil- 
lage since 1912; Anglican, Conserva- 
tive; married Florence M. Austin, 
Sawyerville, Sept. 3, 1885; one 
daughter, Edna Florence H., 1910. 

DAWSON, William, Ives, Que. 
Born at Ipswich, Mass., March 23, 
1850, son of Frederick and Martha U. 
(Wallace) Dawson, English, father 
coming from England and first settled 
in Massachusetts, later moved to 
Wolfe County, Que.; E. public 
schools; served as Councillor and 
School Commissioner many years, ap- 
pointed Postmaster Ives, Que., when 
office was established; early in life 
entered lumber business, erecting the 
first cir. saw mill in Dudswell; owner 
of large timber limits and other land 
properties; in 1913 retired from busi- 
ness and succeeded by his sons; Lib- 
eral, Anglican; married Lucy Berton, 
daughter of Joseph Berton, Ives, 
Que., Nov. 27, 1877; children, Ira W., 
1879; Charles, 1880; Mary, 1883 ; 

James, 1885; Thomas, 1886; Rosa, 
1889; Melvina, 1893; Eva, 1898. 

DAWSON, James W., Bury, Que. 
Born at Rawsendale, Eng., June 
24, 1866, son of George and Eliza- 
beth Cuncliffe Dawson, English; E. 
in England; elected Bury Council, 
1913; member Bury Board of Health; 
I.O.O.F. ; Independent Liberal, Angli- 
can; learned the building trade in 
England, came to Canada when 
twenty years of age, where he fol- 
lowed his trade for several years; he 
succeeded his father as a farmer, 
where he has been most successful, 
he is also interested in lumbering ; 
while in the council he was a strong 
advocate of good roads, and took a 
keen interest in municipal matters ; 
married Sarah Parsons, daughter of 
Thomas Parsons, Bury, Que., July, 
1892; children, Thomas G., 1894; 
Guy H., 1897; Clarence W., 1899 ; 
Blanche M., 1901; Elizabeth J., 1903; 
James P., 1904. 


DELOTTINVILLE, Gustave L., 58 

Montreal St., Sherbrooke, Que. 
Born at Three Rivers, Que., Nov. 18, 
1857, son of Octave DeLottinville 
and M. Lucie Beaudry, ancestors 



came from Picardie, a province of 
France; E. at St. Joseph Seminary, 
Three Rivers, admitted at the Bar 
Jan. 12, 1884; appointed Clerk of the 
Crown and Clerk of the Circuit Court 
for the District of St. Francis, Aug. 
3, 1897; has been president of many 
of local French institutions of Sher- 
brooke; Grand Knight of Sherbrooke 
Council, No. 530, K. of C.; takes 
great interest in civic and patriotic 
organizations; from 1884 to 1897 
took active part in politics and fought 
in all the battles of his party in the 
Eastern Townships, where he was 
known as a strong speaker, a hard 
worker and a valuable organizer ; 
societies, St. Joseph, St. John Bap- 
tist, Royal Guardians, Knights of 
Columbus, Mess of 54th, Tuque 
Rouge S.S. Club, Sherbrooke, Auto- 
mobile Club; Liberal, Roman Catho- 
lic; married Marie Emilie Gauthier, 
daughter of Ed. Gauthier, Three 
Rivers, May 18, 1885; one son, 
Maurice, Jan. 10, 1895. 


DEMERS, Dr. Olivier, Farnham, 
Que. -- Born at St. Bridgide, Que., 
1877, son of Olivier and Celina (Te- 
brault) Demers, French and English; 
E. St. Hyacinthe College, Laval Uni- 
versity; graduated 1902 and opened 
office at Farnham, appointed C.P.R. 

surgeon; much interested in autos, 
having agency for McLaughlin ; 
School Com. since 1912; member, K. 
of C., C.M.B.A., C.O.F., George Fish 
and Game Club; Independent; Roman 
Catholic ; married Delmeria, daughter 
of Louis Marcou, Richelieu, Que., 
Aug. 26, 1902; has three sons. 

DEMERS, Yves Emelien, N.P., 

Granby, Que. - - Born at Farnham, 
Oct. 20, 1890, son of P. E. Demers 
and Emma Depeltrault; E. Holy Cross 
College, Farnham, Monoir Seminary, 
Marieville, St. Charles Seminary, 
Sherbrooke, and Laval, Montreal, 
B.S. and LL.B. degrees, Notary Pub- 
lic; Catholic. 

DESEVE, Rev. Henri Oscar, Dix- 
ville, Que. Born at Sherbrooke, Nov. 
11, 1880, son of Oscar and Catherine 
(Curran) Deseve; French-Irish; an- 
cestors came from Isle de France 
about 1670, first settling in Quebec 
and then in Montreal; grandfather 
came to Sherbrooke about 60 years 
ago; E. St. Charles College, Sher- 
brooke,and Grand Seminary, Mont- 
real; appointed Curate at Windsor 
Mills, 1906; Curate at Richmond, 
1907; Parish Priest at Bury, 1908; 
Parish Priest, Dixville, 1916. 

DESNOYERS, James, Farnham, 
Que. Born at St. Alexander, Jan. 
15, 1862, son of Serephin and Orelie 
(Narbonne) Desnoyers; French, 
grandfather coming from France 
when a young man, served in war of 
1812; E. Normal School, J. C., Mont- 
real; as young man taught school for 
time and, also, spent one year in 
Rhode Island; came to Farnham in 
1882; in 1900, formed partnership 
with Mr. G. E. Loud, firm being Loud 
and Desnoyer, general merchants; in 
1910, formed partnership with Mr. 
L. E. Beauchemin and bought out Mr. 
Loud's interest; firm has developed 
an extensive trade in the town and 
district; vice-pres. Farnham Board of 
Trade; member K. of C. and C.O.F. ; 
Roman Catholic, Liberal; married 
Marie L. St. Armand, Jan. 31, 1887; 
children, Frederick, 1889; Alberta, 
1891; Wilfrid, 1895; Henri, 1897 ; 
Ernest, 1899; Willie, 1900; Juliette, 


DEVANEY, James Alexander, In- DINGMAN, Herbert Alvin, East- 
verness, Que. -- Born at Inverness, man, Que. -- Born at Potton, Que., 
Nov. 17, 1847, son of Thomas and June 5, 1863, son of Alvin and Har- 
Mary (Brown) Devaney, Irish, father riet (Homer) Dingman; Councillor, 
came to Quebec from Ireland in 1831 appointed sec.-treas. 1907, sec.-treas. 
and moved to Inverness one year school commissioners, member Board 
later, where he died; E. public schools of Trade; Liberal, Methodist; mar- 
and St. Johnsbury Academy; member ried Myrtle Hall, daughter of Andrew 
County Agricultural Society; Liberal, Hall, Iron Hill, Que., June 2, 1897 ; 
Roman Catholic; after leaving school children, Ernest H., 1898, (deceased) 
he engaged in various kinds of work 1905; Erie, 1906, (deceased) 1908. 
for seven years; returning to Inver- 
ness he succeeded his father as DINNING, Wm. Henry, Maple 
farmer and hotel keeper, the Devaney Grove, Que. Born at Maple Grove, 
hotel has been open to the public Que., Aug. 5, 1853, son of Geo. and 
since 1847; Mr. Devaney has always Margaret (Humphrey) Dinning, Irish, 
taken a keen interest in every move- father born in Ireland, came to Que- 
ment tending towards the betterment bee City, later lived in Ontario, fin- 
of agriculture; married Maria H. Me- ally settled in Megantic Co. in 1860; 
Avee, daughter of Bernard McAvee, E. public schools; engaged in farm- 
Quebec City, Jan. 18, 1888; one son, ing, one of the largest dealers in live 
Thomas B., Nov. 14, 1888. stock in Southern Quebec; dealer in 

timber and real estate in Quebec and 
Canadian West; in favor of taking 

DICK, Robert S., North Hatley, advantage of Good Roads Act, 1912, 

Que. Born at Thurso, Scotland, for improvement of roads; Councillor 

June 25, 1869, Scotch; Councillor at of Municipality of S. Ireland for , 

North Hatley, Que., conducts store at vears > Mav T r *? r I2 f y ears > *? 

Lennoxville; Masonic; Liberal, Bap- ne te . rm ' Jus tlc T e , of Peace School 

tist; married Marion Leith, of Thurso, Commissioner S. Ireland for 25 years, 

Scotland, Nov. 20, 1894; children, chairman 15 years; Ind Conserva- 

William J. Donald, Robert and Ar- Y e ' ,, Angllc *f ; mar d Florence N. 

t y. 1ir T Ward, daughter of Rev. R. G. Ward, 

Inverness, Dec. 27, 1883; children, 
George G., 1885; M. Anna, 1887 ; 

niiMriuAM M r TJ f Ethel, 1888; Harry H., 1890; W. Jas- 
DINGMAN, N. Darwin Born at \QQ-I . T wniioJi iea<?. R^r-f 
North Potton, Que., Oct. 15, 1858, ^ er ', i, 89 U<i S fef ' i aa 
son of Niram D and Ann M. (Tay- rand G " 1895 ' M " Florence ' 1899 - 
lor) Dingman, English, parents com- DIXON, Matthew Porter, Beebe, 
ing from Berkshire, Vt., in fall of Que. Born at Beebe, Sept. 6, 1876, 
1854; E. in public schools and South son of Matthew and Amelia (House) 
Lancaster, Mass. ; general farming ; Dixon, English, his father, Matthew 
formerly for some years engaged in Dixon, of Northumberland Co., corn- 
extensive lumbering operations, also, ing to Canada, 1832, serving in vol- 
general agent for the International unteer forces in 1837 as lieutenant, 
Tract and Missionary Society, trav- and later being appointed preventa- 
elling extensively in Quebec and On- tive officer stationed successively at 
tario in the interests of that society; Stanstead, St. Regis, Geprgeville and 
for several years secretary and treas- Lineboro and, also, serving as Mayor 
urer of the Seventh Day Adventist of Stanstead and Beebe Plain; E. at 
Conference of Q.uebec ; served several Stanstead College ; entered employ B. 
terms as councillor and school com- & M. 1899 and is at present agent of 
misssioner for the township of Pot- company at Beebe Jet.; appointed 
ton; Independent, Seventh Day Ad- Postmaster of Beebe, 1912; sec.- 
ventist; married Emma A., daughter treas. Municipal Council and School 
of the late Samuel Drew, of Knowl- Commission, Beebe, since 1902; mem- 
ton's Landing, Que., Sept. 24, 1883. ber I.O.O.F., organist and choir leader 


Methodist Church since 1900; married acres, specializing breeding Holstein 

Ethel M. House at Beebe, June 17, and Ayrshire cattle, Leicester sheep; 

1902; children, Miriam P., 1908; advocate of good roads and improve- 

Georgian S., 1905 (deceased 1907) ; ment of educational advantages in 

Margaret E., 1911. rural sections; member of Home 

Guards in 1871 taking part in Eccles 

DOAK, James Henry, bank man- Hill battle, June 22, 1871; elected to 

ager, Thetford Mines, Que. Born at Sutton Township Council 1868 and 

Coaticook, June 17, 1874, son of served continually since, Mayor two 

Geo. O. Doak, B.C.L., and Catherine terms, commissioner 18 years, past 

E. Sleeper; ancestors came from west pres. Co. Agr'l Soc. ; J.P. for past 20 
of Scotland and north of Ireland, years, member Council of Agricul- 
seven brothers coming to America in ture, Quebec Farmers' Club; Liberal, 
18th century, some settling in Quebec Methodist ; married Harriett A. 
and New Brunswick and other in U.S. Downs, daughter of John B. Downs, 
Grandfather was a pioneer in Comp- of Sutton vie., Que., March 23, 1869; 
ton Co. and father a prominent law- children, Lydia P., 1870; Denis C., 
yer and batonnier of Bar of St. Fran- (Lieut.-Col. and O.C. 5 C.M.R., over- 
cis; E. Coaticook High School and seas, see Military Section) 1872 ; Har- 
University of Maryland, Baltimore; riet A., 1874. 

1890-95 paymaster Penman Mfg. Co., 

Coaticook; 1907-9 manager E. T. DRAPER, Dr. Frank Erie, M.D. 

Bank, Farnham; 1904-7 manager E. C.M., Bedford. - - Born at Sutton, 

T. Bank, Magog; 1909-1915 man- Que., Jan. 28, 1887, son of Frank P. 

ager C. B. of Commerce at Danville; and Emma (Swett) Draper; gradu- 

since 1915 Thetford Mines, A.F. ated McGill University 1912; mem- 

& A.M. ; Anglican, Conservative^ mar- ber Canadian Medical, A.F. & A.M., 

ried Grace B. Boyle, daughter of Rev. Bedford Rifle; Independent, Metho- 

F. J. Boyle, of Frampton. Oct. 16, dist; married Mary Eliza Currie, 
1901; children, Malcolm H.. 1904; daughter of E. F. Currie, Bedford, 
Marguerite C., 1905; Geo. Kenneth Que., Nov. 19, 1914. 

L., 1909; Douglas K., 1911; Jas. 

Basil, 1913; Beatrice M., 1914. DRESSER, Warren Sydney, Sher- 

brooke, Que. Born at Richmond, 

DONAGHY, William Joseoh, Cran- Que., March 30, 1852, son of John F. 
berry, Que. Born at St. Ferdinand and Catherine (Adams) Dresser, 
de Halifax, March 18. 1857, son of English descent, ancestors were 
John and Mary (Ellis) Donaghy; among early settlers in Connecticut, 
Commissioner South Ireland, 1914, his father, born at Fryeburg, Me., 
Postmaster for ten years at Cran- coming to Stanstead about 1812, later 
berry; Liberal, Anglican; married located at Richmond; brought up on 
Harriet Amadon, daughter of Chas. a farm ; E. public school and St. Fran- 
Amadon, New Ireland, June 29, cis College; after leaving college en- 
1880; four sons and three daughters, gaged as clerk in Danville, later for 

four years in shop wood-working line ; 

DRAPER, John Colburn, Sutton came to Sherbrooke 1874 and after 
Jet., Que. Born at Dunham, Que., being engaged several years as ac- 
July 3, 1839, son of John and Zoa countant, in 1883 opened a general 
(Smith) Draper, Scotch, father was insurance office, Sherbrooke; 1887 
born in Mass., came with his mother became partner in the insurance busi- 
and settled in townshirj of Dunham, ness of W. C. Lyford, which had been 
later moved to Sutton Jet.; E. at pub- established in 1875, purchasing part- 
lie schools, High Schol, West Brome. ner's interest 1889, continuing the 
Que.; when young man was engaged enlarged business under the firm 
as traveller for Hoskins Josleyn, Bed- name of W. S. Dresser & Co., this 
ford, Que., for 7 years; later pur- firm now consists of W. S. Dresser, 
chased farm at Brome and later lo- manager, H. A. Hyndman, Capt. H. 
cated on farm at Sutton of about 300 A. Sampson and J. R. Simms; the 




firm transacts all branches of insur- 
ance and is well and favorably known 
throughout the province ; in earlier 
years Mr. Dresser was very active in 
all matters pertaining to the better- 
ment of Sherbrooke, an ex-alderman, 
a charter member and active worker 
in the Board of Trade, one of the 
organizers and an ex-president of the 
Y.M.C.A., member of Curling Club, 
Snowshoe Club, Skating Club, a di- 
rector several years of the E. T. Agri- 
cultural Association and of several 
industrial concerns in and about 
Sherbrooke; in 1900, acting as special 
representative of City of Sherbrooke, 
ht presented in person, in London, 
Eng., a memorial to Lord Strathcona, 
which by further action on part of 
the city, resulted in formation of 
Strathcona Square, Sherbrooke; one 
of the original governors Sherbrooke 
Hospital, is president Improved Real- 
ties, Ltd., managing-director and 
treasurer Crown Real Estate Co. Inc. 
and director North American Acci- 
dent Ins. Co., Montreal; director Do- 
minion Lime Co., Ltd., and Galbraith 
& Gate, Ltd., Sherbrooke; member St. 
George's Club, Sherbrooke; Indepen- 
dent Conservative, Protestant; mar- 
ried Hannah E. Woodward, daughter 

late Capt. J. Woodward, 1877, (de- 
ceased 1902); children, Walter W., 
Clara, Florence, Eva and John W.; 
married Alice M. Hitchcock, widow 
late A. W. Hyndman, L.D.S., and 
1904 (deceased 1915) ; no children. 

DREW, Laurin, Lindsay, Dixville, 
Born at Barnston, Que., Nov. 14, 
1876, son of Alonzo and Mary 
(White) Drew; farmer; member Dix- 
ville Council, 1913 and 1914; Liberal, 
Baptist; married Rosella Perry, Ber- 
lin. N.H., 1907; one son, Darrold A., 

DROUIN, Joseph Arthur, N.P., 

Granby, Que. Born at La Baie, Ya- 
maska, Jan. 8, 1885, son of Charles 
and Louise (Allard) Drouin, French, 
ancestors came to Canada in 1636; 
first marriage contract in Canada was 
drawn for Robert Drouin by Jean 
Guyon, N.P., 1636, at Beauport, Que.; 
E. Nicolet Seminary, B.S. degree ; 
member Artisans; Catholic; gradu- 
ated from Laval; 1906-11 siudied in 
office of J. A. Lemire, N.P., Three 
Rivers; admitted to practice notarial 
profession, July, 1911, same year 
formed partnership with H. L. Car- 
din, N.P., St. Aime; 1912 went to 
Windsor Mills where he remained 
two years; March, 1915, bought no- 
tarial practice of J. R. Tartre, 
Granby, Que. ; married Bella Belle- 
feuille, Three Rivers, Sept. 23, 1912. 

DUBOYCE, Percy Clare, B.A., 
LL.B., N.P., Richmond, Que. Born 
at West Bolton, Que., Dec. 27, 1875, 
son of Rotus Parmelee and Blanche 
(Mooney) Duboyce; great grand- 
father, Jonothan Duboyce, first set- 
tler West Bolton, coming from Rhode 
Island, to which his ancestors came 
from England with Roger Williams; 
E. Knowlton Academy, Joliette and 
Stanstead Colleges, McGill, B.A., La- 
val LL.B.; Board of Notaries, N.P. ; 
Principal Bedford Academy, 1897-9; 
practiced as notary at Cowansville, 
1902-12 and at Richmond since latter 
date; 1905-12 sec.-tre'as. Cowansville 
School Board, Dunham tp. Council, 
Dunham tp. School Board, Dunham 
village Council and School Board ; 
since 1912 sec'y Cleveland tp. school 




r -*-.-- 

board and Richmond Co. Council ; 
Clerk Richmond County Circuit 
Court; trustee Stanstead College; 
1912-15 sec.-treas. Cleveland tp. 
Council, treas. Good Roads Congress 
Committee; Sec. Finance Com.. Meth. 
Church, Richmond; pres. Richmond 
and Melbourne Branch Can. Red 
Cross, vice-pres. 1916-17 E.T. Assoc- 
iated Boards, member executive E.T. 
Immigration Soc. and one of organ- 
izers thereof; pres. McGill Grad. Soc. 
of class 1897, vice-pres. Anti- Alco- 
holic League of P.Q., Royal Arcanum, 
sec. Yamaska Council; Liberal, Meth- 
odist; pres. Missisquoi Co. S.S. Union 
and Richmond Co. Dist. S.S. Union, 
member executive S.S. Ass'n of Prov., 
delegate to Meth. Conference several 
years; married Jessie Edith, daughter 
of Thomas Haig Halladay, at Bed- 
ford, June 15, 1904; one son, Roslyn 
M. H., April 30, 1907. 

DUBUC, M. Hector Philippe Born 
at Sherbrooke, Que., Aug. 2. 1884, 
son of Louis and Marie Blandine 
(Auger) Dubuc, French; E. Sher- 
brooke Seminary and Laval Uni- 
versity, graduated 1909, degree LL.L. 
Opened office as notary at Sher- 
brooke, 1909, secretary and director 
"La Cie Mutuelle D'Immeubles Des 
Cantons De L'Est, manager La C. P. 
of Sherbrooke ; local secretary Union 
St. Fieri e of Montreal, La Caisse des 
families of Quebec, and member 
Union St. Joseph of Sherbrooke, pres- 
ident of Cercle Larocque de 1'A.C.J., 


C.F. ; member club de chasse et peche, 
C.C.S. district of St. Francis; Lib- 
eral, Roman Catholic; married Eu- 
genie Paradis, daughter of Joseph 
Paradis, St. Andre, Kamouraska, 
May 1, 1912; children, Marie Gerard 
Marcel, 1913; Marie Therese Lucille, 
1914; Marie Gisele Mireille, 1916. 

DUKE, Erwin Archer, Lennox- 
ville, Que. Born at Hartford, Conn. ; 
managing director and sec.-treas. 
Eastern Townships Brick and Manu- 
facturing Co.; A.F. & A.M.; Ind. 
Con., Anglican; married Florence B. 
Perry, daughter of S. W. Perry, Len- 
noxville, March 26, 1913; one son, W. 
Harrison, 1914. 

DUNBAR, Robert Gilbert, Kings- 
bury, Que. Born at Melbourne, Que. 
Mayor of Township of Melbourne and 
Brompton Gore, 1916, president Rich- 
mond Co. Wool Growers and Sheep 
Breeders' Ass'n; president of Farm- 
ers' Club of Township of Melbourne 
and Brompton Gore; Independent, 
Presbyterian; married Myrtle Green- 
wood, daughter of T. M. Greenwood; 
children, Percy H. M. and Mary M. 



DUNCAN, James R., Sherbrooke, 
Que. Born at Dundee, Scotland, 
Oct. 4, 1872, son of Chas. and Jane 
Duncan, Scotch, family coming to 
Sherbrooke in 1879 with British 
American Land Co.; E. at the public 
schools in Sherbrooke and Pennsyl- 
vania College, Philadelphia, DD.S., 
F.P.D.S. upon completion of College 
course, entered into active business 
with brother, John O. Duncan, on the 
death of John O. Duncan, the busi- 
ness was incorporated (1914) with 
Jas. R. Duncan as pres. and general 
manager; was also one of the found- 
ers of the Duncan Electric Co., Ltd., 
Montreal; Gov. of Sherbrooke Hospi- 
tal, associate director E.T.A.A., Capt. 
53rd Regt. ; Justice of the Peace; life 
member Prince of Wales Lodge, A.F. 
& A.M., St. George's Club, ex-pres. 
Sherbrooke Snowshoe Club; Liberal, 


DUNN, Thomas Weir, Cowansville, 
Que. Born at Ingersoll, Ont., Aug. 
24, 1856, son of William and Annie 
(Reid) Dunn, Scotch, family coming 
to Canada from Scotland in 1842 and 
settling in Ingersoll, Ont.; E. public 
schools and Woodstock, Ont., College; 

has had long experience as cheese 
manufacturer, being engaged as man- 
ager of factories at various places in 
Ontario; in 1902 came to Cowans- 
ville as superintendent of the Do- 
minion Government cheese curing 
room, when this was closed four years 
later, in connection with H. J. Allen 
and others formed the Z. S. Law- 
rence Dairy Co., of West Shefford, 
acting as sec.-treas., and two years 
later taking over the Cowansville end, 
of the business and retiring from the 
L. S. Lawrence Co., director and vice- 
president E.T. Dairy Exchange for 
many years; I.O.F.; Presbyterian, 
Liberal; married Adeline M. John- 
stone, of St. Marys, Ont., March 2, 
1882; children, Stanley, Edna, Ross, 
Gladys, William. 

DUNSMORE, William Walker, Lt.- 
Col.j Bury, Que. (see also military 
section) Born at Lanarkshire, Scot- 
land, June 7, 1862, son of Peter C. 
and Margaret (Brodie) Dunsmore, 
Scotch, came to Bury in 1879, where 
his parents settled; Lt.-Co.l. in com- 
mand of 7th Hussars headquarters, 
Bury, volunteered for overseas ser- 
vice, firoing to England as major, 117th 
E.T.'B.; elected Bury Council, 1908, 
Mayor, 1908-09-10; A.F. & A.M., I.O. 
O.F., I.O.F.; Conservative, Methodist; 
married Jane Evans, daughter of 
John F. Evans at Motherwell. Scot- 
'-nd. Feb. 3, 1882; children, William 
W., 1883; Geo. E., 1885; Robert D., 
1886; Margaret B., 1890; Charles, 
1892; Andrew. 1894; Grace V., 1896; 
Arthur B., 1899; Allen N., 1902. 

DUPUIS, Alexis Louis, Coaticook, 
Que. Born at Henrwille, Qpe., Dec. 
25, 1868, son of Calixte and" Adeline 
(Boyer) Dupuis, French, the first 
representative of the family coming 
from France several generations ago 
and are descendants of Capt. Dupuis 
who was made warden of the first 
parish formed in Montreal in 1600; 
descendants afterwards located in 
Acadia where they experienced the 
hardships of 1775 ; E. at District 
School, Iberville, Que.; in 1888 ent- 
ered partnership with the late Samuel 
Cleveland as general merchants at 
North Coaticook; in 1890 removed to 



Coaticook proper and continued busi- 
ness until 1891, May, 1891, pur- 
chased partner's interest and con- 
tinued general store until 1912, in 
1913 established at Coaticook store 
and ware rooms carrying carriage 
and hardware lines; elected alderman 
for Coaticook, 1906-12; Judge Com- 
missioner's Court, J.P., and president 
of the Board of Trade, member Na- 
t-onal Alliance, Royal Museum, St. 
Jean Baptiste; first French-Canadian 


elected by acclamation as Regent of 
Royal Arcanum in Province of Que- 
bec; Liberal, Roman Catholic; mar- 
ried Catherine G. Martin (deceased 
Dec., 1894), daughter of Thos. Mar- 
tin, Coaticook, April 26, 1892; sec- 
ond, Sophia L. Daunt, Boston, Mass., 
Jan. 18, 1899; one daughter, Cath- 
erine Grace, Dec. 25, 1894. 

DUPUIS, Edmond Pierre, Coati- 
cook, Que. - - Born at St. Luc, St. 
Johns Co., Que., Aug. 12, 1870, son 
of Pierre and Edesse (Beauvais) Du- 
puis, French, family coming from 
France several generations ago; E. 
public schools, Commerc'.al College, 
Iberville, and St. Johns High School; 
entered store as clerk with J. A. 
Lomme, St. Johns; in 1890 went to 


New York in office of H. D. Mould 
& Co., ice dealers; in 1892 came to 
St. Hyacinthe as head clerk in D. 
Beauvais' store; 1896, located in 
Coaticook and established business as 
general merchant which he has con- 
ducted very successfully; C.P.R. 
ticket agent at Coaticook since 1902; 
1906 in company with the late S. 
Bachand established creamery No. 1 
and which became one of largest 
creameries in province taking first 
prize and medal at Dominion Exhibi- 
tion, Sherbrooke, 1907; president 
Coaticook Board of Trade 1915; pres- 
ident Stanstead Co. Liberal Ass'n, 
1915; member Knights of Columbus, 
Alliance National, C.O.F., Senior 
Zouaves; Roman Catholic, Liberal ; 
married Diana Bachand, Coaticook, 
Que., Sept. 22, 1896; children; Stanis- 
las E., Denise D., Pierre L. 

DURKEE, Franklin Judson, West 
Brome, Que. Born at West Brome, 
April 27, 1865, son of George and 
Sarah (Lockey) Durkee, English, an- 
cestors coming from Vermont and 
settled in Brome County; E. public 
schools; merchant, established pres- 
ent general store in 1913; J.P., mem- 
ber Brome Co. Agr'l Soc., A.O.F. ; 



Liberal, Methodist; married Isabelle 
Fermandez, daughter of John Fer- 
mandez, Montreal, Aug. 1, 1889; 
children, Gladys S., 1890; George A., 

. , ! ' 

DUSSAULT, Napoleon T., Sher- 
brooke, Que. Born at Sherbrooke, 
Dec. 21, 1842, son of Germain and 
Geniveve (Chainard) Dussault, 
French; ex-president E.T.A.A. ; estab- 
lished business as merchant tailor in 
1866, occupying present store, 65 
Wellington St., Odell block, since it 
was built, 1877; member, Knights of 
Columbus; Conservative, Roman 
Catholic; married Malvina Deseve, 
daughter of Francis H. Deseve, Sher- 
brooke, Feb. 20, 1869; children, N. 
Arthur, J. C. Hector, Blanche, Alice, 
and Eva. 

(deceased) ; married Gertrude F. 
Knuckey, Aug. 3, 1909; children, 
Frederick Eugene, Charles Edward, 
(killed in action overseas; Elizabeth 
Jessie, Ola Genevieve, Gertrude and 
Allyn Leon Knuckey, Hollis, and 
Royce Coleman (adopted) (in over- 
seas service.) 

DYER, Herman Horace, Sutton, 
Que. Born at Sutton, Nov. 17, 1869, 
son of Eugene A. and Addeline (Car- 
penter) Dyer; E. Sutton Academy; 
engaged in early life in general farm- 
ing and stock raising, later in reai 
estate business and acting as assist- 
ant to his father, the late E. A. Dyer, 
at whose death he was appointed 
joint curator of estate; chairman 
Sutton Village School Board for some 
years; prominent in Masonry, being 
member Sutton Lodge, Mt. Sutton 
Chapter, Sussex Preceptory and 
Shrine; member C.O.F. ; Anglican, 
Conservative; married Kathleen F. 
O'Regan, Sutton, Sept. 14, 1893 ; 
children, Harry O'R, 1896; Dorothy 
T., 1898; Emily C., 1903. 


DYER, Leon Eugene, Sutton, Que. 
Born at Sutton, April 15, 1861, 
son of Eugene A. and Harriet (Jack- 
son) Dyer; E. public schools, McGill 
Normal and Brothers School, 
Chambly; sec.-treas. School Corns. 20 
years, 1886 to 1906 and since then 

member Council, retired from busi- DYSON, Robert Emery, Richmond, 
ness as merchant in 1911; I.O.F. and Que., lumber dealer Born at Rich- 
I.O.O.F. ; Conservative, Anglican ; mond, Feb. 16, 1859, son of George 
married Mae E. Cutter, Aug. 8, 1883 and Ellen (Harriman) Dyson, Eng- 




lish, grandfather coming from North 
Cove, Yorkshire, Eng., 1831; E. pub- 
lic schools; lived many years St. Cyr, 
Cleveland Tp., being postmaster 
twenty years, Mayor, Councillor, ex- 
warden Richmond County, ex-Mayor 
and Councillor town of Richmond, 
member Board of Trade; for a long 
period manager of lumber mills for 
the late John Greenshields, later man- 
aged same business for Montreal 
Lumber Co.; came to Richmond 1903 
where he has been extensively en- 
gaged in lumber and pulpwood busi- 
ness, contracting for large delivery 
to American paper mills ; a strong 
supporter of good roads, instrumental 
in macadamizing streets of Richmond, 
always progressive in town and pub- 
lic matters; I.O.F. ; Liberal, Metho- 
dist; married Ida L. Porter, daughter 
William Porter, Danville, Que., June 
7, 1887; children, Archie E., 1889; 
Myrtle E., 1891; Pearl I., 1904. 

DYSON, Albert Henry, Way's 
Mills, Que. Born at Langholm, Scot- 
land, Dec., . 1865, son of William 
Henry and Emma (Stevenson) Dy- 
son, English, parents natives of York- 
shire, Eng., came to Canada 1873, 
settling in Eastern Townships, Mr. 
Dyson, Sr., being for many years 
with Paton Mfg. Co., Sherbrooke; E. 
private school; manager Trenholm 
Woolen Mills, Trenholmville, for 
several years; 1890 became manager 
Barnston Woolen Mills, Way's Mills, 
becoming partner and superintend- 
ent in concern in 1903, sold to Tel- 
ford & Chapman, 1914, continuing 
as supt. of woolen mill and becoming 
pres of company; Methodist, Lib- 
eral; married Elizabeth Johnson, 
Danville, Que., Dec., 1887; children, 
Harry S., Emma A., A. Roy, G. Wil- 
liam, G. Ruth, Gordon D. 

opened a clothing store at St. Hya- 
cinthe, and in 1899 removed to Sher- 
brooke ; present firm of Echenberg 
Bros., furniture dealers, formed in 
1902, purchased present business 
block in 1910, carries on an extensive 
business; member C.O.F., Sherbrooke 
Board of Trade; married, first, Re- 
becca Lehrea (deceased Aug. 19, 
1900) ; second, Eva Etta Holden- 
graber, daughter of Moses Holden- 
graber, of Sutzava, Austria, Feb. 17, 
1902; children, Henry, 1899; Clara, 
1897; Lizzie, 1900. 

ECHENBERG, Moses, Sherbrooke, 
Que. Born in Russia, Sept. 5, 1863, 
son of Sampson and Clara Echenberg, 
Jewish, came to Canada in 1886, lo- 
cated in Montreal, came to Sher- 
brooke 1892, conducts extensive furn- 
iture business in Sherbrooke in part- 
nership with his brother under firm 
name of Echenberg Bros; Liberal, 
Jewish; married Leah Smith, daugh- 
ter of Jos. Smith, Nov. 16, 1888; chil- 
dren, Abraham D., 1889; Rebecca, 
1892; Bertha, 1895; Samuel, 1897; 
Bessie, 1900. 


ECHENBERG, Menassa B., 132 

Wellington St., Sherbrooke, Que. 
Born in Russia, July 4, 1871, son of 
Sampson and Clara Echenberg, Jew- 
ish, came to Canada July 4, 1894, 
locating in Sherbrooke; in 1895 

EDWARDS, James Keith, Sher- 
brooke, Que. Born at Huntingdon, 
Que., son of John and Agnes Muir 
Edwards, Scotch; E. Sherbrooke 
Academy, Montreal Business College 
and Paris, France; one of the organ- 


izers of and for fifteen years with elected member of Eaton Council in 

Edwards' Furniture Co., now con- 1914; Conservative, Anglican; moved 

ducting Edwards' Realty Co.; Alder- to Westbury with his parents in 1872 

man City of Sherbrooke, pro-Mayor, and later to Sawyerville; followed 

1916, member Council of Board of the lumber business for many years, 

Trade several years, Sherbrooke rep- contracting for the Cookshire Chemi- 

resentative on Returned Soldiers' cal Co.; succeeded his father on the 

Commission, President Liberal As- farm, consisting of four hundred 

sociation; Presbyterian. acres; married Esther Lowery, daugh- 
ter of Thomas Lowery, Sawyervilse, 
Dec 26, 1893; children, Harold O., 

i7ru/ADrc n i MI 1895 5 Blanche M., 1901; Garner W. 

EDWARDS, Gordon Nelson. Born Q 1902 
in Sherbrooke, Feb. 22, 1884, son of 
John and Agnes (Muir) Edwards, 
Scotch; E. Sherbrooke High School 

and O. B. College; member Edwards EMBURY, William Hutchinson, 

Furniture Co. and Edwards Land Magog, Que. Born at Adamsville, 

Co., member Board of Trade, Sher- Q ue ., April 27, 1846, son of Peter 

brooke Snowshoe Club; Liberal, and Clarinda (Chadsey) Embury, 

Presbyterian. Irish> gran dfather, Samuel Embury, 

born in New York City and moved to 
St. Armand, Que., following war of 

ELDER, John Wallace, Customs J, 776 5 E ' P^jc schools; Capt. No. 5 
Officer, Beebe, Que. Born at Beebe, C ." 53rd Battalion of Infantry (re- 
Jan. 22, 1862, son of Hugh W. and !l gned) ' .Councillor twelve years, 
Susan M. (Watson) Elder, Scotch; Ma y r S1X p ars ' Sch o1 Commis- 
trrandfather H W Elder comine Sloner several years, sec.-treas. school 
from Edinburgh, (being a graduate b ard; f 18 ? 5 joined ^ Batt M , assa ; 
Edinburgh Uni. to Bytoln, now ch f et t ts . heav p y . ar * llerv ' .tered 
Ottawa, as teacher and later locating ut at close C \ War, returned to 
in Stanstead, teaching at Marlow and Ma ^ og '. succeeded father on home- 
Stanstead Academy; E. public school ****'* m se . ce du " n f F | an Raid 
and Derby Academy; 1880 appointed ) 870 ' Deceiving medal, $100 grant 
customs officer at Beebe Jet., resigned ^r services; advocate of consoli- 
1896, re-appointed 1912 School dat , 1O * schools, supporter Proym- 
Commissioner 1905 to present ; a L G ?. d Roads - ^' Conservative; 
elected to Beebe Council 1913, MaW Methodl , st ; Pl ar J ied Lucmda Re Q mick ' 
2 years, warden Stanstead Co 2 deceased 1888; second Susan 

years ; associated with his father, SSH^iifFI^Mif'M^W 
H. W. Elder and were first own^ ^atley, Oct 14 1891; children fil- 
ers of Stanstead Granite Co. ; fej* *"i a 8 82 ' S ' Frances ' 1894 ' S " 
member I.O.F. and Frontier Club; J en ' X 
Anglican ; married Helen Bacon, 
of Beebe, Que., Oct. 8, 1889 ; 
children, Helene Vera (deceased 

1913, aged 19); Mary Jeane and -,S Y i s nford Bright, Ayer s 

Arnold B. Cliff, Que. Born at North Hatley, 

Dec. 22, 1852, son of Lucius and 
Esther (Haws) Emery, English, fam- 
ily among early settlers of Stanstead 

ELLIOTT, Samuel James, Sawyer- Co. ; E. public schools and Hatley 
ville, Que. Born at Mille Isle, Que., Academy; engaged with B. & M. R'y. 
March 27, 1871, son of Richard and since 1885; member Ayer's Cliff 
Maria (Moore) Elliott, Irish, grand- Council, 1911 to 1914; I.O.F. ; Con- 
father, Andrew Elliott, coming from gregationalist ; Liberal; married Edna 
Ireland in 1830 and located in F. Ellis, of Stanstead, Que., Dec. 25, 
Argenteuil County; E. public schools; 1889. 


EMERSON, Nelson Pettes, Sutton ford, Que., later Geo. England 

Jet., Que. Born at Sutton Jet., (brother) was admitted into the 

March 1, 1840, son of Charles and firm under name F. G. and P. Eng- 

Jane (Pettes) Emerson, English, an- land, business was carried on for 

cestors came from New England over thirty years, selling out in 1881, 

States; E. Sutton Academy ; leading he removed to Dunham, engaging in 

farmer of county, specializing in farming and other business interests; 

thoroughbred stock; J.P., Postmaster a most successful business man; Lib- 

at Sutton Junction since 1872, direc- eral, Methodist; married Margaret 

tor Brome County Agr'l Spc., etc.; M. Ruiter, daughter of Philip Ruiter, 

Conservative, Advent; married Mild- Cowansville, Feb., 1860; children, 

red Jackson, daughter of James Jack- Maud M., 1862; Emerson, 1866; 

son, Brome, 1866; children, Charles Clarence P., 1870; Clinton P., 1873, 

N., 1868; May J., 1870; John J., (drowned 1878.) 
1873; Samuel J., 1876, (deceased 

1877); William H., 1878; Jessie E., ETH I E R, Dr. Jo.. Alexi, Calixte, 

M.D., 45 King St., Sherbrooke Born 
at Curran, Ont., Feb. 20, 1873, son 
of Calixte and Aglaei (Contant) 

ENGLAND, James Emerson, Dun- gthier; E. at College of Montreal and 
ham, Que. Born at Fulford, Que., Laval University ex-inside Doctor of 
Nov. 17, 1866, son of Philo and Mar- Notre Dame Hospital, Montreal, and 
garet M. (Ruiter) England, English; St Michael Hospital, Paris, C.P.R. 
!. at Waterloo Academy, Stanstead local physician and Surgeon ; 
Wesleyan College; engaged in farm- mem ber Urological Society of 
ing near Dunham, later went to p arig) France, Knights of Columbus, 
Knowlton and established meat busi- Military Club of 154th Reg.; Con- 
ness which he conducted for about Ber vative, Catholic; married Blanche 
six years, later sold to O. J. Soles and Hillman, daughter of E. W. Hillman, 
returned to Dunham; entered into Montreal, June 7, 1898, (deceased 
business as general merchant at Dec 6> 1910); children, Armand, 
Dunham in 1900; Councillor village 1899; Yv on, 1900; Simonne, 1903; 
of Dunham, Postmaster Dunham Jean Luce> 1904; M arie Marthe, 
1897 to 1912, School Commissioner, 1906; j u H en , 1907; Marcel, 1908; 
J.P.; I.O.O.F.; Liberal; Methodist; Lucienne, 1910; second, married Hor- 
married Ada Smith, (deceased in tense Olivier in 1916. 
1905) ; married Jessie Muriel Small, 
daughter of Jas. Small, Dunham, 

Que., Oct. 28, 1909; one son, Alex- EWING, Lt.-CoI. Wm. John, Rich- 

ander B., 1911. mond, Que. (See Military Section) 

Born at Melbourne, Que., Aug. 26, 
1877, son of John and Mary L. 

ENGLAND, Philo, (deceased 1916) (Armitage) Ewing, Scotch; E. at St. 
Dunham, Que. Born at Westford, Francis College, M.A.C. Michigan, 
Vt., March 27, 1833, son of Frederick Olivet College of Olivet, Mich.; ap- 
and Elizabeth (Richardson) Eng- pointed Clerk Circuit Court at Rich- 
land, English, father coming to Dun- mond in 1899; entered insurance 
ham when young; Councillor Dunham business 1899 and carried on fire in- 
village many years, Postmaster Ful- surance agency at Richmond until the 
ford, Que., Liberal standard bearer present time, appointed Registrar of 
for Missisquoi County (local House) Richmond Co. in 1908; Lt.-Col. in 
being defeated by E. E. Spencer ; Canadian Militia, going overseas as 
served apprenticeship with I. England Major and 2nd in command 117th 
& Sons, tanners, Knowlton, later E. T. Batt. C.E.F. ; Registrar, Justice 
engaged in same line in Rhode Island, of Peace, member A.F. & A.M., Holy 
returning to Cowansville forming Rood Chapter, R.A.M., K.T, A. & A. 
partnership with Francis England, Scottish Rite; Methodist; married 
brother, establishing business at Ful- Adele Grace Atkinson, daughter of 


E. C. Atkinson, Melbourne, Que., 17, 1890); 2nd, Harriet Scott, 1893; 

June 24, 1909; children, Mary Alii- one daughter, C. I. Mildred, nurse in 

son, Nov. 30, 1910; Muriel Frances, overseas service. 
Sept. 11, 1913. 

EWING, George Edwin, Taber, 

EWING, Joseph Armitage, Mont- Alberta. Born at Melbourne, Que., 
real. Born at Coaticook, Que., July June 23 1879 son of John and Mar y 
16, 1872, son of John and Mary (Armitage) Ewing, Scotch; E. public 
(Armitage) Ewing, Scotch and Eng- sch o1 and St. Francis College, Rich- 
lish; E. at St. Francis College, Rich- mond; after leaving school was two 
mond, and McGill University, Mont- years wi tn H. P. Wales, general mer- 
real, B.C.L. of McGill, created K.C. chant, Richmond; entered the East- 
in 1909; Major in Canadian Volun- ern Townships Bank at Richmond, 
teer Artillery; formed law partner- 18 ". ln 1901 was transferred to 
ship with Hon. Henry Aylmer, at Phoenix, B.C., later at Grand Forks 
Richmond, in 1908, under name of and Winnipeg; was appointed man- 
Aylmer and Ewing, later in that same ager at Coleman, Alta., in 906, 
year entered into partnership in transferred to Taber, Alta., as man- 
Montreal with late G. B. Cramp, K.C., ager, May, 1909, of branch where he 
and practised law together under has been since; ex-member school 
name of Cramp & Ewing; in 1910, board, ex-pres. Board of Trade, 
Mr. Geo. McFadden of Sherbrooke, A.F. & A.M., Liberal, Presbyterian; 
joined the firm, in 1913 Mr. Cramp married Lillian Amos, daughter of 
died and the business has since been the late Dr. Thos. Amos, Exeter, Ont., 
carried on by the surviving parties children, one son, John Sinclair, 
under the name of Ewing & McFad- 1916. 
den, solicitor for a number of im- 
portant financial corporations, direc- EWING, Francis Frederick, Bed- 
tor of many companies, chiefly those f or d, Q U e. Born at Pike River, Que., 
in which the Sun Life Assurance Co. j u i y ig, 1865, son of Francis and 
has interests, being the legal adviser j ane t (McDonald) Ewing, Scotch; 
of that institution; member St. And- E. public schools and Bedford Acad- 
rews and Caledonian Societies. Royal eTny; Conservative: Methodist; trav- 
Montreal Golf Club, Montreal Reform e n er f or Bedford Store Co. ; elected 
Club; Liberal. Methodist; married me mber Bedford school board. 1913, 
Henrietta M. Smith, daughter of the member Bedford Board of Trade ; 
late Henry Smith, Oct., 17, 1906. married Mary E. Percy, Pike River, 

Que., Feb. 19, 1896; children, Ada 
Aileen, 1898; Dorothy Jane, 1906. 
EWING, Robert A., lumber mer- 
chant, Sherbrooke, Que. - - Born at 

Durham, Que.. Jan. 29, 1855, son of EVANS, Edward, Sawyerville, Que. 
Andrew and Eleanor (Lyster) Born in Dorchester Co., May, 
Ewing, Scotch; E. Durham public 1854, son of John and Mary A. (Mc- 
schools; Alderman North Ward, Govern) Evans, Irish, father coming 
Sherbrooke several terms, senior to Canada in 1840: engaged in farm- 
member of Ewing & Cross, lumber ing in Dorchester Co., 1877 till 1885, 
merchants, he owns extensive timber when he came to Sawyerville, engag- 
interests, treasurer St. Lawrence ing in farming near the village ; sec'y 
Lumber Industrial Co., director of Prot. School, St. Bernardo. Q.. 1875 
Sherbrooke Lumber Co., director Im- to 1880; member Sawyerville School 
proved Realties Co.. president Worth- Board, 1904 to 1907; elected to Saw- 
ington Land Co., Winnipeg; societies, yerville Village Council, 1914;Metho- 
T. O. O. F. ; Conservative ; President dist, Ind. Liberal ; married Elizabeth 
E. T. Conservative Association ; J. Lowry. Dorchester, June, 1877 ; 
Congregationalist ; married Martha E. children, Hattie V.. Henry E.. Iva M., 
Hogue, July 15, 1884 (deceased Aug. Hollis L., Horace E., Myrtle I. 



FAIRFIELD, Richard Harvey, 

Farnham. Born at Iberville, Que.; 
Oct. 24, 1855, son of James and Mar- 
garet (Bird) Fairfield, English and 
Irish, father, James Fairfield, born in 
Belfast, Ireland, came to Canada as 
young man and settled in Iberville; 
E. public schools; as young lad spent 
some time at St. Albans, Vt., during 
Civil War, learning trade of saddler; 
returned tc Iberville and established 
business 1868; 1871 to 1878 engaged 
in dairying in Iberville and Nicolet; 
engaged in harness business in Farn- 
ham since 1878; elected to Farnham 
Council, 1915; Chief Farnham Fire 
Dept. 30 years, J.P., Commissioner of 
Commissioners' Court, etc. ; A.F. & 
A.M., I.O.O.F., K. of P.; President 
many years of Farnham Band, also, 
I.O.O.F. band and orchestra; Angli- 
can, Liberal; married Susie Fairfield, 
of Farnham, July 14, 1877. 

FARLEY, Lieut. Ralph Dearborn, 

(In overseas service with 117th E. 
T. B.), C.P.R. agent, Scotstown, Que. 
Born at Victoriaville, Nov. 2, 1883, 
son of William and Emily (Law- 
rence) Farley; English, grandfather, 
William Farley, coming from Isle of 
Wight in 1836 and settling in Vic- 
toriaville; E. public schools; entered 
employ of C.P.R. at age of 18 and 
served as agent at various points ; 
appointed agent at Scotstown, 1906; 
Chairman Scotstown School Corns. 3 
years, member Scotstown Council; 
C.O.F., I.O.O.F.; member Scotstown 
Board of Trade; Anglican (church 
warden) ; qualified as lieutenant ,in 
117th E.T.B. in course held at Sher- 
brooke, 1916; married Persis A. 
Ward, Bury, Que., Sept. 20, 1905 ; 
children, Glendolyn, 1906; Lawrence 
W., 19CO; Randolphe Dearborn, 1915. 

FARNSWORTH, Artemus Stevens, 

Sawyerville, Que. Born at Eaton, 
Dec. 3, 1855, son of David and Nancy 
(Stevens) Farnsworth ; English, 
grandfather, David Farnsworth, came 
from New England States; E. public 
schools and Eaton Academy; Coun- 

cillor Tp. Newport 1888-1897, Mayor 
1891-1897, resigning to become sec- 
retary-treasurer, pres. Canadian Tele- 
phone Co., Warden Compton County 
1895, Secretary Tp. Newport School 
Board; Liberal, Methodist; began 
farming when a young man; agent 
for the British American Land Co. 
for fifteen years; as a member of the 
Council was always interested in good 
roads; married Luvia A. Bowker, 
daughter of Lewis L. Bowker, Saw- 
yerville, Oct. 9, 1884; children, Lewis 
B., 1886; C. Albert, 1887 (died 
1910); Agnes S., 1890; Henry A., 
1892; Luvia M., 1895; Dorothy M., 


FARNSWORTH, Lieut. Thos. O., 

farmer, Bulwer, Que. Born Eaton, 
Que., June 22, 1868, son of Albert 
and Nancy (Stevens) Farnsworth; 
moved to Canadian West in 1890 and 
for five years followed farming in 
Manitoba; returning to Cookshire he 
purchased farm in Flanders neighbor- 
hood; in 1901 he purchased farm 
near Bulwer where he now carries on 
mixed farming; strong advocate of 
higher education in rural sections; E. 
Cookshire Academy; Lieutenant D. 
Squadron, 7th Hussars; Elected 
Board of School Commissioners, 



Townships of Eaton 1912; I.O.O.F., 
Methodist, Independent ; married 
Elizabeth French, daughter of Win. 
French, Newport, Nov. 1, 1899; chil- 
dren, Esther L., 1901; Donald A., 
1904; Lieutenant Farnsworth went 
overseas with 117th E.T.B. 

FARWELL, William, Sherbrooke, 
Que., son of late William and Har- 
riett (Carr) Farwell, Compton, Que. 
Born there, Sept. 20, 1835; E. 
Sherbrooke and Hatley Academies, 
D.C.L. (Hon.) Lennoxville Univer- 
sity 1907; commenced business career 
under late Thos. Tait, Melbourne, 
Que., and was afterwards with the 
firm of Kilborn and Morrill, whole- 
sale and retail general merchants, 
Stanstead and Derby Line, Vt. ; ent- 
ered service People's Bank, now the 
National Bank of Derby Line, as ass't 
cashier, 1859; appointed ass't cashier 
E. T. Bank, 1860; promoted general 

Governor for the Protestant Hospital 
for the insane, Montreal, formerly 
V.P. Drummond Co. Ry. and St. 
Francis League for Prevention of 
Tuberculosis; was a trustee South 
Eastern Ry. and director Empire 
Trust Co.; Mayor Sherbrooke 1903 
and 1907-8; Conservative, Anglican; 
married, Oct., 1860, Elizabeth Jane, 
daughter of late Timothy Winn, 

FARWELL, Edward Winn, man- 
ager Canadian Bank of Commerce, 
Sherbrooke, son of William and Eliza- 
beth Jane (Winn) Farwell; many 
years in service of E. T. Bank and 
later of Canadian Bank of Com- 
merce, manager Sherbrooke office 
since 1909; gazetted 2nd Lieut. 53rd 
Regt. 1885, Capt. 1889, Lieut. Sig- 
nalling Corps 1904, now Brigade- 
Major 10th Infantry Brigade ; 
interested in sports, being for many 


manager 1861 and president 1902; 
director Canadian Bank of Com- 
merce since amalgamation; Hon. Life 
President Sherbrooke Protestant Hos- 
pital; director Canadian Rand Drill 
Co., Jenckes Machine Co., a trustee 
Bishop's College, Lennoxville, and a 


years one of chief supporters of Sher- 
brooke Hockey, Snowshoe and other 
clubs; charter member and first 
president of Eastern Townships As- 
sociated Boards of Trade and East- 
ern Townships Immigration Society, 
past president Sherbrooke Board of 
Trade, and at present member of 
Council of Board; Vice-President E. 
T. Agricultural Association, Pres. 
Sherbrooke Clearing Houso Ass'n ; 
takes an active interest in all public 
matters concerning the interests of 
city and district; Conservative, Angli- 



can; married, Jan., 1888, Henrietta, overseas); Muriel E. (Alin and 
daughter of Henry Macfarlane, Tor- Charles N. deceased in infancy, also 
onto, Ont. ; have one daughter. Helen G., aged 19 years, died 1913.) 

FAY, John Edward, B.C.L., Knowl- 
ton, Que. Born at Sutton, Aug. 30, 
1853, son of Robert and Caroline 
(Krans) Fay; Irish, grandfather, 
John Fay, came from Ireland when a 
young man and settled at St. Ar- 
mand, Que.; E. Sutton Academy, St. 
Francis College, Richford, Vt., and 
McGill University, Montreal, Que. ; 
member law firm Lynch, Amyrauld 
and Fay, Sweetsburg and Knowlton; 
secretary-treasurer County of Brome, 
Village of Knowlton and School 
Commissioner for past twenty-five 
years; A.F. & A.M., I.O.O.F., I.O.F., 
Brome Lake Boating Club; Conserva- 
tive, Anglican; married F. Carrie 
Pettes, at Knowlton, Sept. 2, 1885; 
children, Norman P. (deceased 1906, 
age 19 years) ; Leonard W., 1889. 

FISETTE.Xouis, Sherbrooke, Que. 
Born Aug % . 18, 1875; E. Brothers' 
School; member of firm of Boucher, 
Lacroix arid Fisette, merchants; mem- 
ber C.O.F., Alliance National, St. 
Joseph Society, Knights of Columbus ; 
Conservative, Roman Catholic; mar- 
ried Heloise, daughter of C. Boucher; 
has six sons and one daughter. 

FISH, Albertus Elliott, merchant, 
Ayer's Cliff, Que. Born at Minton, 
Que., June 23, 1855, son of Leonard 
and Cynthia (Elliott) Fish; English, 
Joseph Fish (great grandfather) 
coming to Canada from New Hamp- 
shire, settling in Hatley about 1796; 
E. at public schools and Charleston 
Academy; Justice of the Peace, mem- 
ber first board of Councillors vil- 
lage Ayer's Cliff; School Commis- 
sioner; first established mercantile 
business at North Hatley in 1888, 
later in partnership with E. R. Web- 
ster, Ayer's Cliff, firm of A. E. Fish 
& Co. formed in 1902, his present 
associates in business being his two 
sons George G. and Lieut. L. W. 
carrying on flour, feed and milling 
business; owner of creamery 1906- 
1914; Independent, Advent; married 
Betsy Sampson, Hatley, Que., Dec. 
23, 1879; children, George G., Leon- 
ard W., (served with 5th C. M. R. 

FISH, Wellington Leonard, John- 
ville, Que. Born at No. Hatley, Que., 
Dec. 20, 1850, son of Leonard and 
Cynthia (Elliott) Fish, English; Lib- 
eral, Methodist; married Addie Fow- 
ler, daughter of Lowell Fowler, Mel- 
bourne, Que., May 12, 1873; children, 
Arthur E., 1877; Hattie A., 1884. 

FISHER, Hon. Sydney Arthur, 

Knowlton, Que., son of Arthur F., 
M.D., L.R.C.S. (Edin.), and Susanna 
(Corse) F., Montreal; born there, 
June 12, 1850; E. Montreal High 
School; (Davidson med. and "Dux" 
of the school, 1866), McGill Univ., 
Montreal, and Trin. Coll., Cambridge 
(B.A., 1871); unm.; devoted himself 
to farming; Alva Farm, Knowlton, 


owned and cultivated by him, has 
been long known as among the finest 
farms in the Province of Quebec; one 
of the founders of the Provl. Fruit 
Growers' Assn., and has been V.-P. of 
that body; is also closely identified 
with the Can. Nat. Live Stock Assn., 
Montreal Ensilage and Stock-Feed- 
ing Assn., Prov. Dairy Assn. and 
Brome Agricul. Assn. ; apptd. a mem. 



Council of Agricul., P.G., 1891; do. 
do. do. Prot. sec., Public Instruction, 
do., 1901; mem. Extve. Council, Can. 
Assn. for Prevention of Tubercul., 
1902; elected hon. presdt. Montreal 
Indust. Exbn., 1904; is V.-P. Alliance 
Francaise, Ottawa; pres. Dom. For- 
estry Assn. ; a gov. Prot. Hosp. for In- 
sane, Montreal, and Montreal Boys' 
Home; apptd. a mem. Royal Con- 
servation Comn., 1909; do. do. Can. 
Hist. Manuscripts Comn., 1907; chair- 
man Bd. of Commrs., Paris Exbn., 
1900; Can. commr. to Intern. Exhbn., 
Osaka, Japan, 1903; elected 1st V.-P. 
Genl. Assembly, Intern. Institution of 
Agricul., Rome, Italy, 1908; a Can. 
commr. to conf. to consider conserva- 
tion of natural resources of Am. con- 
tinent, Washington, B.C., 1909; a del. 
Imp. Copyright Conf., London, Eng., 
1910; a prominent temp, worker; for- 
merly V.-P. Quebec branch, Dom. Al- 
liance; lunched with the late King 
Edward and Queen Alexandra, Dub- 
lin Irel., 1907; presented to King 
Victor Emmanuel, Rome, 19Q8; at- 
tended (officially) funeral of King 
Edward, London, 1910; a Lib.; un- 
successfully contested Brome (H.C.) f 
1880; sat for same constituency 
(do.), 1882-91 (when defeated by a 
majority of one), 1896-1911 Minr. 
of Agricul. in the Laurier Admn. ; 
He has delivered addresses on 
"Some Economic Aspects of Agricul. 
in Can.," "Can. and its Position in re- 
gard to the Brit. Empire," "Canadian 
Agricul.," "Conservation of our Nat- 
ural Resources," "Rural Education 
in P. Q.," "Japan, its History, Cus- 
toms, Art and Trade," etc. ; author 
of much useful, important and bene- 
ficial legislation, and has founded 
several public institutions, including 
the Nat. Art Gallery and the Archives 
Bureau, at Ottawa; believes that "all 
natural resources should be available 
by the whole people and should not 
be controlled by or given away to 
private corporations"; an Ang. 
Range Road, Ottawa; "Alva Farm," 
Knowlton, P.Q.; Rideau Club; Ottawa 
Hunt Club, Ottawa; University Club; 
Reform Club, Montreal, University 
Club, Montreal. 

FITZGERALD, John Joseph, sec- 
retary Sherbrooke Board of Trade, 
Sherbrooke, Que. Born at Sher- 
brooke, March 28, 1892, son of Mich- 
ael and Marie (Wolfe) Fitzgerald, 
Irish; E. at St. Charles College, Sher- 
brooke, and Loyola College, Mont- 
real; engaged in real estate business 
1913; appointed secretary Sherbrooke 
Board of Trade, 1914; member 
Knights of Columbus; Liberal, Roman 

FLEMING, Matthew John, Coati- 
cook, Que. Born Melbourne, Que., 
April 12, 1866, son of Henry and 
Eliza (Monteith) Fleming, Irish, 
grandfather born in Ireland and came 
when a young man to Shefford 
County; E. at St. Francis College; 
employed by lumber dealers in Kings- 
bury, later railway station agent; in 
1901 established flour and feed store 
at Bishop's Crossing, Que.; in 1908 
purchased water system and farm at 
North Coaticook; 1912 entered mer- 
cantile business at Barnston; mem- 
ber I.O.O.F., Independent, Anglican; 
married Maud A. Burt, daughter of 
Robt. Burt, Melbourne, Oct. 24, 1894; 
children, Robert H., 1895; William 
R., Io96; Hilda M., 1898; Lucy L., 
1901; Mildred R., 1904; Ona C., 

FLETCHER, Charles Haynes, 75 

Dufferin Ave., Sherbrooke, Que. 
Born at Lyndon, Vt., Dec. 3, 1840, 
son of Joel Fletcher, English, descent 
of Capt. Joel Fletcher of Lyndon, 
Vt. ; E. at St. Johnsbury Academy, 
and Bryant & Stratton Commercial 
College, Boston, Mass. ; commenced 
business in Sherbrooke, 1862, as 
manufacturer of biscuits and confec- 
tionery, after few years purchasing 
and operating the Spring Brewery; 
retired from business in 1902, but is 
member of firm of Fletcher Bros., 
Minneapolis, Minn.; President of the 
Fletcher Pulp & Paper Co., Sher- 
brooke, Que.; Pres. of E. T. Tele- 
phone Co., Pres. Sherbrooke Library 
and Art Assn., Director S. & S. Mut- 
ual Ins. Co., Gov. Sherbrooke Hospi- 
tal, member St. George's, Sherbrooke; 
Conservative, Anglican ; married 
Emma Fuller, daughter of Capt. J. 


FLETCHER, Harold Bruce, 20 

Queen St., Sherbrooke, Que. Born 
at Sherbrooke, Aug. 20, 1884, son of 
Chas. H. Fletcher and Emma F. Flet- 
cher; E. at Sherbrooke High School, 
Bishop's College School and Phillip's 
Andover-Andover, Mass. ; Major of 
53rd Regt. ; Director and Sec-'ireas. 
of the Fletcher Pulp & Lumber Co., 
Ltd. ; Pres. Can. Box and Shook Mill 
Limited; director E. T. A. Associ- 
ation; managing director of the 


Weymouth, Clinton, Mass.; children, 
Major Ralph Hayne, 1878; Major 
Harold Bruce, 1884. 

FLETCHER, Major R. H., 75 

Dufferin Ave., Sherbrooke, Que. (See 
also Military Section.) - - Born at 
Sherbrooke, Que., Aug. 11, 1878, son 
of Chas. H. and Emma F. Fletcher; 
E. at Bishop's College School and 
Bishop's College, Lennoxville, Que. ; 
Gen. Mgr. of the Fletcher Pulp & 
Lumber Co., Ltd.; served in the 53rd 
Regt. as a private during the years 
1898 and 1900; on the formation of 
the 22nd Battery 7th Brigade C.F.A., 
was given a commission and later ap- 
pointed Captain; in 1911 he was 
given command of the battery and 
promoted Major; shortly after the 
outbreak of the war he volunteered 
for active service and in turn was 
entrusted with the formation of an 
overseas battery, the 35th, which unit 
he is now commanding at the front; 
director E.T.A.A., Sherbrooke Curl- 
ing Club; Conservative, Anglican ; 
married Alice M. Davidson, daughter 
of Jas. Davidson, Montreal, Dec., 
1915; one daughter, Alice Barbara 
Maud, Oct. 24, 1916. 


Beaurivage Lumber Co. ; manager 
Temiscouta District Quebec and St. 
Maurice Industrial Co., Governor 
Sherbrooke Hospital; member A.U.V. 
Andover, Mass. ; Junior Army and 
Navy Club, London, Eng., St. 
George's and St. Francis Golf, etc.; 
Conservative, Anglican; married Isa- 
belle Jean Mitchell, daughter of J. S. 
Mitchell, Sherbrooke, Feb. 12, 1913; 
one son, Harold Bruce, April 4, 1916. 

FLEURY, Ernest, Notary, Knowl- 
ton, Que. - - Born at St. Ambroise, 
Joliette, Aug. 9, 1860, son of Ephrem 
and Lucy Dalphond Fleury; family 
came from Normandy, France, and 
first settled at Maskinonge, Que.; E. 
Jolliette College ; admitted to practice 



as Notary Public, Oct. 28, 1885; 
Mayor of Knowlton for years 1899- 
1900-1901-1908-1909-1911-1915.; 20 
years member of Knowlton Council, 
Warden Brome County, 1901, 1909, 
1915, School Commissioner Knowlton 
1897 to 1911 and Chairman of Board 

eral store ; sold out in 1905 
owing to ill-health but repurchased 
business in 1909; carries on extensive 
general trade following strictly the 
cash and one price plan; Alderman of 
Coaticook 1910-11; School Commis- 


several times; member L'Alliance 
Nationale, Les Artisans Canadiens 
Francais ; C.M.B.A., I.O.F., High 
Chief Ranger, H. Court Quebec 
South, 1916; Roman Catholic, Con- 
servative ; married Maria A. Lavallee, 
July 24, 1889; children, Juliette, 
1894; Annette, 1899. 

FONTAINE, Henri Clovis, mer- 
chant, Coaticook, Que. Born at St. 
Angele de Monnoir, June 13, 1857, 
son of Edouard and Eulalie M. 
(Menard) Fontaine; E. at public 
schools; entered mercantile business 
1871 as clerk for J. B. Desautils, St. 
Cesaire; 1874 to 1877 with H. E. 
Gleason, merchant, Cowansville; 1887 
manager Frs. Gosselin's store, St. 
Alexandre, Iberville and later with 
same company as manager at Notre 
Dame de Stanbridge for several years', 
in 1890 came to Coaticook and 
purchased stock of Quevillon and 
Lamoureux and established gen- 


sioner 1910 to present, Chairman 
since 1908; J. P. 1908; member Royal 
Arcanum, Union St. Joseph, Artisans 
Society of Montreal, Treas. St. Jean 
Baptiste Soc., Coaticook, Lake Lester 
Fish and Game Soc. ; Roman Catholic, 
Liberal; married Marie Milette, 
Cookshire, April 12, 1880; children, 
Louisella, 1882; Evariste T., 1884; 
Adelard, 1888; Henri J., 1890; 
Aldei L., 1897. 

FOREST, Lionel, Sherbrooke, Que. 
Born at Wotton, Que., Feb. 28, 
1885, son of L. Forest, M.D., and 
Dame Hortense Fortier; E. at St. 
Charles Seminary, Sherbrooke, and 
at Laval University, Montreal, B.A. 
and Licentiate Advocate of Bar of St. 
Francis; member Gaiete Club; Lib- 
eral, Catholic ; married Alice Denault, 
daughter of D. O. ^E. Denault, Sher- 
brooke, June 13, 1912. 

FOREST, Ludger, Sherbrooke. - 
Born, Nov. 10, 1878, son of Dr. Isaie 
Forest and (Hortense Fortier) For- 



est, French; E. St. Charles Borromee 
Seminary, Sherbrooke; received de- 
gree of Licentiate in Dental Surgery; 
Alderman City of Sherbrooke, chair- 
man Road Department, 1915-17; Gov- 
ernor of the Dental College of the 
Province of Quebec; director of the 
Beauce Electric Co., Director of the 
Eastern Townships Exhibition; mem- 
ber of the Knights of Columbus, So- 
ciete d' O'Doutologie de Montreal, 
Montreal Reform Club; Liberal, be- 
ing President of Liberal Association 
of Sherbrooke; Catholic. 

FORGRAVE, William Henry, Saw- 
yerville, Que. Born at Sawyerville, 
Feb. 10, 1879, son of David and Sarah 
Forgrave, Irish, father born on voy- 
age across the ocean in 1831 and for 
a time lived at Leeds, Que., later in 
1871 settled near Sawyerville; elected 
Clifton Council 1910-17; followed 
farming and breeding of registered 
stock; Conservative, Presbyterian; 
married Myrtle Worby, daughter of 
George Worby, Cookshire, June 5, 
1907; one daughter, M. Isabell, 1913, 
and one son, Gordon W., 1917. 

Castle, Knowlton, Que. Born at 
Knowlton, January 21, 1860, son of 
Samuel Willard Foster and Ellen S. 
Greene; E. at Knowlton and McGill 
College, B.C.L. 1881, K.C. 1896 ; 
Mr. Foster is the senior member 
of firm of Foster, Martin, Mann, 
Mackinnon, Hackett and Mulvena, 
Advocates, Solicitors, etc., Montreal; 
he is president Stanstead, Shefford 
and Chambly Railway, -Vice-President 
Orford Mountain Railway, Vice-Presi- 
dent Armstrong, Whitworth of Can- 
ada, Ltd., Vice-President George Hall 
Coal Company, Director Canadian 
Bank of Commerce, Montreal Tram- 
ways Co., Dominion Gresham Guaran- 
tee Co., and Canadian Light & Power 
Co.; Mount Royal Club, Hunt Club, 
Montreal Club and Rideau Club ; 
Anglican ; married Mary Maude 
Buchanan, daughter of Judge G. C. V. 
Buchanan, Jan. 1, 1896; children, 
George Buchanan, Aug. 19, 1897 ; 
Ruth Elizabeth, Sept. 6, 1899. 


FOSTER, the late Samuel Willard, 

GEORGE G. FOSTER, K.C. son late Dr., Stephen S. F., an early 

settler in the E. T. who represented 

FOSTER, George Green, K.C., 8 Shefford in the Can. Parliament, 
Edgehill Ave., Montreal, and Blarney 1841-17. Born at Shefford, April 



22, 1827; E. Shefford Academy, Con- 
cord, Mass., and University of Ver- 
mont; married Ellen S. Green of 
Windsor, Vt., 1857 (formerly pres. 
W.C.T.U., Quebec.) Studied law un- 
der H. B. Terrill and late Judge Si- 
cotte, and after his call to the Bar, 
practised for a considerable period in 
the district of Bedford; for 8 years, 
up to Aug., 1877, was Dist. Magis- 
trate and Judge of the Sessions for 
the District of Bedford and devoted 
later years of his life as a railway 
organizer and promoter; took an ac- 
tive part in securing the construction 
of the Stanstead, Shefford and 
Chambly Ry. of which he was presi- 
dent at his death and in association 
with his brother, the late Hon. A. B. 
Foster, did much to promote the con- 
struction of the South Eastern Ry., 
also obtained a charter and con- 
structed the Montreal and Champlain 
Junction Ry. and the Beauharnois 
Junction Ry. ; was President, Mont- 
real and Champlain Junction Ry. ; 
President and managing director of 
the Orford Mountain Ry. and V.-P. 
of the U. S. and Can. Ry. which he 
also constructed and was presented 
with his portrait in oils by the citi- 
zens of Knowlton in acknowledgment 
of his valuable services 1904 ; Con- 
servative, Anglican and delegate to 
the Synod; died at Knowlton on May 
30, 1915. 

FOSTER, Hiram Sewell, Knowlton, 
Que. Born Knowlton, Que., March 
7, 1856, son of Hiram Sewell and 
Sarah (Knowlton) Foster; United 
Empire Loyalist on the mother's side, 
grandson of Dr. Stephen Sewell Fos- 
ter, M.P.P. for Shefford Co.; E. at 
Knowlton; one of the founders of the 
Dairymen's Assn. for the District of 
Bedford and was its first president in 
1885, re-elected year after year and 
in 1890 originated factory inspection 
in the Province of Quebec, and spent 
a considerable sum of money to estab- 
lish it; he has been energetic in other 
ways to advance the interests of agri- 
culture in the province ; has served as 
Councillor in the village and was 
Mayor of Knowlton in 1897 and in 
1898; in 1898 elected Warden of 
County of Brome; Registrar of the 


County of Brome since 1884; mem- 
ber of Brome Lake Lodge A.F. & 
A.M.; Anglican. 

FOSTER, George K., Danville, 
Que. Born at Richmond, Que., 1843, 
son of George K. and Elvira (Cleve- 
land) Foster; English, family coming 
from Montpelier, Vt., about 1838; E. 
St. Francis College, Richmond; gen- 
eral merchant at Richmond, as mem- 
ber firm of Foster and MacLeay sev- 
eral years; 1865 to 1885 engaged in 
stock breeding, particularly of thor- 
oughbred Morgan horses and Ayr- 
shire and Durham cattle; 1884 to 
1886 at Natick, Mass., breeding 
standard horses; 1887 bought farm 
property at Burlington, Vt. ; 1890 
came to Danville and established 
breeding and stock stables at Rock 
Farm, known as producing some of 
best blood in Dominion; member Dan- 
ville Council 1892 till 1907 and 
Mayor for 10 years; Anglican, Con- 
servative ; married Cynthia E. Cleve- 
land, June 26, 1873; one son, George 
F., died at age of 7 years in 1882. 

FOSTER, Asa Belknap, merchant, 
Bedford, Que. Born at West Shef- 
ford, Sept. 13, 1872, son of Dr. H. 
Sewell pnd Juliet (Sanborn) Foster; 
English, grandfather, Stephen Sewell 



Foster, born in Oakham, Mass., 1791, 
came to Brome Co. among first set- 
tlers, died 1868; E. Waterloo and 
Bedford Academies; at age of 14 
went to reside with uncle, Richard 
Dickinson, Bedford; learned jewelry 
business with W. W. Kenham ; 1897 
purchased present .business block and 
has conducted jewelry business since; 
interested in outdoor sports and in 
movements on behalf of good roads 
and agriculture; owner of Waldo T., 


noted racing stallion; School Com- 
missioner Bedford since 1913; mem- 
ber Bedford Board of Trade ; A.F. & 
A.M., I.O.O.F. ; Anglican, Conserva- 
tive; married Mary E. Chester, Mer- 
rickville, Ont., Oct. 18, 1900] chil- 
dren, Richard D., 1902; Ernest W., 
1905; Mary E., 1909. 

FOWLER, Jonathan Henry, Val- 
court, Que. -- Born at Melbourne 
Ridge, March 8, 1830, son of Wm. 
Fowler and Catherine Cramer; Jus- 
tice of the Peace, Councillor of No. 
Ely for 27 years in succession, Mayor 
of the town for 5 years; Liberal, 
Methodist; married Keziah Lewis, 
daughter of Richard Lewis, of Mel- 
bourne, Dec. 21, 1852; children, 

Page, 1853; Martha, 1859; Wheeler, 
1863; Anna, 1869; Keziah, 1873. 

FOWLER, Page P., Valcourt, Que. 
Born at Melbourne, Nov. 8, 1853, 
son of Henry J. Fowler ; E. St. Fran- 
cis Grammar School, Richmond ; 
local preacher of the Methodist 
Church; served in school board and 
for many years director of the Shef- 
ford Co. Agr. Society; Liberal, Meth- 
odist; married Anna A. Cramer, 
daughter of R. J. Cramer, No. Ely, 
Dec. 18, 1879; children, William, 
Oct. 7, 1880; Helena, Sept. 10, 1882; 
Schuyler, Aug. 24, 1884. 

FOX, Charles Amos, merchant, 
Coaticook. Born at Coaticook, April 
7, 1856, son of Capt. Amos K. and 
Huldah (Baldwin) Fox; English, de- 
scended from Uriah Fox (great 
grandfather) who was born in Camp- 
ton, N.H., Sept. 15, 1760; served in 
American army and came to Stan- 
stead 1803; E. public schools and 
Coaticook Academy; entered mercan- 
tile business with his father who was 
one of Coaticook's first merchants ; 
took over business about 1890 and 
formed partnership with F. H. Nunns, 
1894 : firm suffered heavy loss by fire 
same years but rebuilt and continued 
in partnership till 1907 when he pur- 
chased Mr. Nunn's interest forming 
a partnership in 1912 with F. F. 
Christie; firm carries on extensive 
trade in district; Mr. Fox has large 
real estate interests; Anglican, Con- 
servative; married Dorothy Humph- 
rey, daughter of S. B. Humphrey, 
April 7, 1881; children, Edith L., 
1882; George A., 1884; Charles A., 
1886; Dorothy G., 1892. 

ERASER, Lieutenant - Colonel 
Harry Redfern, K.C., LL.B., of 

Fraser and Rugg, Advocates, Q.C.R. 
building, Sherbrooke. Born at Sher- 
brooke, Sept. 12, 1859, son of late 
John Dupont and Ellen Stott (Red- 
fern) Fraser; E. Sherbrooke, Bishop's 
College, Lennoxville, Que., (LL.B.) ; 
called to Quebec Bar 1883, created 
K.C. 1906; successively treasurer and 
batonnier Quebec Bar; Solicitor Can- 
adian Bank of Commerce, Quebec 
Central Railway, G. T. R., Maine 



Central Railway, Sherbrooke Railway 
& Power Co., Secretary and Solicitor 
Hereford Railway, Director and 
Solicitor Dominion Lime Co., Secre- 
tary and Solicitor Chaleur Bay Mills; 
dir. Sherbrooke Loan and Mtge. Co., 
member City Council many years; 
Mayor of Sherbrooke, 1898, re- 
elected by people 1900; Trustee 
Bishop's College, Director Bishop's 
College School; in military service 


thirty years, rising from ranks to 
command of 53rd Regiment; R. O. 
1906, holds long service decoration; 
married Harriet Helen M. Simpson, 
Lennoxville, Que., Aug. 25, 1902 ; 
member St. George's, Sherbrooke 
Golf, Sherbrooke Curling, Wolfe 
County Fish & Game, Massawippi 
Canoe; Conservative, Anglican. 

FRASER, Samuel H., New Rock- 
land, Que. Born at Fontenoy, April 
24, 1860, son of late Robt. S. Fraser, 
Irish; manager and Vice-President of 
New Rockland Slate Co., President 
of Glendyne Slate and Roofing Co., 
Ltd. ; Mayor of New Rockland, ex- 
Warden of the County of Richmond ; 
Director of Richmond Co. Agricul- 
tural Society; member St. Francis 
Lodge No. 15, A.F, & A.M., Holyrood 

Chapter No. 15 R.A.M., Sussex Pre- 
ceptory, No. 9, K. T., also, I.O.F. ; 
Conservative, Anglican ; married 
Ellen Marguerite Bruce, daughter of 
late D. Bruce, New Rockland, Oct. 
4, 1889; children, H. G., April 21, 
1891; Annie G., Nov. 17, 1894; Robt. 
A., Feb. 17, 1895, (went overseas 
171st Regiment) ; W. D. and F. G. 
(twins) Nov. 13, 1901. 

FREGEAU, Arthur F., Rock Island. 
Born at Lawrenceville, Que., Mar. 
12, 1853, son of Flavien and O. (Mes- 
sier) Fregeau; E. public school and 
Waterloo Academy; as young man 
engaged as clerk with L. H. Brooks, 
Waterloo, and subsequently spent 
one year at Woonsochet, R.I. ; in 1872 
came to Rock Island and accepted 
position with C. H. Kathan, general 
merchant, continuing with firm and 
its successor, Kathan & Hopkins, as 
head salesman making a record of 44 
years; Roman Catholic, Conserva- 

FRENCH, Clyde W., mill owner, 
Sawyerville. Born Cookshire, Que., 
1861, son of Luther and Margaret 
(Stevenson) French, English; family 
coming from New England States 
about 1820; E. public schools for 
nine years with Cookshire Mills Co. ; 
in 1890 came to Sawyerville as man- 
ager of sawmill and lumber business 
of William Sawyer which he subse- 
quently purchased; member Sawyer- 
ville Council 1897 to 1914; Mayor 
1900 to 1914; Warden Compton Co., 
1915; A.F. & A.M., R.A.M., I.O.O.F.; 
Anglican; Conservative; married An- 
nie J. Macfarlane, Gould, Que., 1892; 
children, Donald R., (deceased) ; Ar- 
thur Harold G. 

FRENCH, Cyrus Alexander, Sher- 
brooke, Que. - - Born at Cookshire, 
July 28, 1858, son of John L. and 
Esther M. (Ward) French; E. at 
Cookshire Academy; entered office 
of Ives & Brown as law student in 
June, 1877, admitted to Bar of Prov- 
ince June, 1881, and practised law 
in Sherbrooke as member of law firm 
of Ives, Brown & French for a period 
of about ten years; discontinued his 
profession in May, 1891, and entered 



into business as wholesale wine and 
and spirit merchant; gave up business 
in spring of 1912 and was appointed 
Collector of Customs for the port of 
Sherbrocke in May, 1912, which 
office he still holds; Conservative, 

FRENCH, George W. L., Cook- 
shire, Que. -- Born at Eaton, Que., 
Nov. 17, 1852, son of Luther and 
Margaret (Stevenson) French. Eng- 
lish, grandfather, Levi French, came 
to Canada in 1791, when 17 years of 
age, and helped to clear land in Eaton 
Township; E. Cookshire Academy; 
member of Cookshire Cavalry for 
twenty-five years, retiring with rank 
of Sergeant; with Capt. Learned, of 
Cookshire, formed No. 5 Company, 
5th Dragoons, retiring wifti rank of 
Lieutenant; served as Councillor for 
Newport for twenty-one years, School 
Commissioner for eighteen years, act- 
ing as chairman for seventeen years; 
member Eaton Council 1909-15, 
Mayor 1914-15, Justice of the Peace 
1895; Director Compton County Ar- 
ricultural Society for nine years; A. 
F. & A.M., I.O.F. ; Conservative, 
Anglican; managed farm for late Al- 
den Learned for three years, later 
bought mill and farm at Island Brook 
where he conducted the business for 
twenty-three years; in 1905 bought 
present farm four miles from Cook- 
shire, where he raises Durham cattle; 
married Ida J. Willard, (deceased 
1880) ; married Mary L. Lothrop, 
daughter of Horace Lothrop, Duds- 
well, Aug. 24, 1887. 

FRENCH, James William, Eaton, 
Que. Born Township of Newport, 
April 20, 1862, son of William and 
Elizabeth (McGee) French; English, 
father born in England, and came to 
Compton in 1847; E. public schools; 
elected Councillor for Eaton 1914; 
I.O.O.F., Conservative; Baptist; went 
to New England States where he en- 
gaged in farming and lumbering for 
several years, purchasing a farm at 
Bloomfield, Vt.; in 1903 settled on 
present property near Eaton village 
where he carries on general farming 
and stock raising; married Bertha J. 
Scott, daughter of Mark T. Scott, 

Bloomfield, Vt, Oct. 31, 1893; chil- 
dren, Thomas C., 1898; Harry J., 
1904; Elsie G., 1909. 

FRENCH, Robert Foster, Cook- 
shire, R.M.D. No. 1. Born, Dec. 4, 
1866, son of William and Elizabeth 
(McGee) French. English; E. public 
schools; elected to Newport Council 
1913; member Compton County Agri- 
cultural Society and Farmers' Club; 
Conservative, Baptist; succeeded his 
father on the homestead farm, near 
Cookshire and has since been engaged 
in mixed farming, dairying and beef 
raising; a strong advocate of higher 
education in rural districts, also, in 
good roads; married Mary E. LeBour- 
veau, daughter of Henry LeBourveau, 
Eaton, Nov. 29, 1893; children, James 
H., 1894, in overseas service, 1st with 
117th E.T.B., then with 5th C.M.R.; 
Archie W., 1897; Elena E. P., 1902; 
Lloyd Robert, 1910. 

FROST, Clifford Samuel, Beebe, 
Que. Born at Stanstead, Aug. 1, 
1869, son of Sam. and Cecilia Wood- 
man Frost; English, father coming 
from Bridgewater, Eng., in 1869 and 

settling in Stanstead; E. public 
schools; in 1887 took over the marble 
and granite business of his father 



at Danville established in 1873, 
continuing till 1893 when he went to 
California for a year; 1898 formed 
partnership with Geo. Moir, under 
firm name of Frost & Moir, marble 
and granite dealers, with works at 
North Derby and Beebe; Councillor 
of Beebe 1904 till 1912; member 
Beebe Board of Trade, A.F. & A.M., 
also, Chapter Mason, I.Q.O.F., Fron- 
tier Club, Beebe ; Anglican, Conserva- 
tive; married Margaret J. Elder, of 
Beebe, Aug. 18, 1898. 

FULLER, James Gibbs, Granby, 
Que. Born at Adamsville, Que., son 
of Damon and Eliza (Chalmers) 
Fuller, English, grandfather coming 
from New England States and settled 
in Eastern Townships as one of the 
early settlers; E. public schools; as 
young man engaged in farming, later 
in general insurance; 1903 entered 
employ Bank of Ottawa serving in 
various branches in Ontario, return- 
ing to Granby in 1909 as manager of 
that branch; on Jan. 1, 1916, resigned 
from Bank of Ottawa to enter head 
office of Protective Ass'n of Canada 
as ass't mgr. ; Secretary Granby 
Board of Trade, A.F. & A.M., I.O.O. 
F., mem. Granby Club; interested in 
curling and golf; Independent Lib- 
eral, CongTst; married Alice Nunns, 
at Coaticook, Sept. 3, 1910; children, 
twin daughters, Alice C. and Mary 
E., Dec. 28, 1913. 

FULLER, William Henry, Sher- 
brooke, Que. Born at Sherbrooke, 
Aug. 18, 1853, son of James and 
Susan (Brown) Fuller; English; pro- 
prietor of Fuller & Wiggett, flour and 
feed dealers; member A.F. & A.M., 
Sherbrooke Curling; Conservative ; 
Anglican; married Barbara M. 
Parker, daughter of R. L. Parker, 
Sherbrooke, Que., Sept. 25, 1877 ; 
children, Robert H., Ernest B., James 
N-, Wilbur H. 

specialty, diseases of children ; Roman 
Catholic; married Anita Grandbois, 
daughter of Dr. P. E. Grandbois, 
Fraserville, Que., July 28, 1902; four 

GAGE, Alonzo Ernest, Hatley, Que., 
Born at Granby, Que., 20th June, 
1861, son of William and Adelia 
(Kent) Gage; English, grandfather, 
William Gage, coming with his par- 
ents from N. H. to Shefford County 
in 1811; E. public schools and Hatley 
Academy; member of first council of 
Hatley Village, 1911, re-elected 1914, 
Mayor 1915; member Hatley Board 
of Trade; owner of property known 
as the Maloney Farm; breeder of 
Ayshire cattle; Liberal, Methodist; 
married Ida Hurlbut, Sutton, Que., 
Feb. 22, 1880; one daughter, 
Maud M. 

GALE, Francis Gilbert, Waterville, 
Que. Born at Stanstead, Que., 'June 
12, 1855, son of Geo. and Dorothy 
Gale; family founded Watertown, 
now Waltham, Mass., 1641; E. at 

GADBOIS, Dr. Alfred Frederic, 

51 King St., Sherbrooke, Que. Born 
in Sherbrooke, Oct. 26, 1876, son of 
Alfred Gadbois, Sherbrooke, Que. ; E. 
at St. Charles Seminary, Sherbrooke, 
and McGill University, M.D.C.M., 


Hatley Academy and Dartmouth Col- 
lege, Hanover, N.H., taking degree 
B. A. 1876; entered firm of Geo. Gale 
& Sons, Oct. 1877, became proprietor 
in 1895; sold the business in Feb., 


1914; since latter date has been ac- and Field Inspection staff in Montreal 

tively engaged in developing stock and Moose Jaw, Sask., for several 

farm and standardizing manufacture months; moved to Sherbrooke in May, 

of steel bedsteads, wire mattresses by 1913; member A.F. & A.M., Past 

use of electricity; for about 25 years Master; Conservative, Presbyterian; 

Mayor of Waterville; many years married Mildred Hazel Sanborn, 

chairman Board of Trustees of Con- daughter of the late J. R. Sanborn, of 

gregational Church; chairman Board ttouin Koxton, July, 1909; children, 

of School Commissioners for about 30 .Meivina Ruth, 1910; Jas. Sanborn, 

years; member Theta Delta Chi, Col- 1915. 
lege Fraternity, Dartmouth College 

Alumni Assn.; Liberal, Congre- GENDRON, Norbert Charles, mer- 

gationalist; married Olivia lola La- chant, Magog. Born North Stukely, 

beree, daughter of B. R. Laberee of Dec. 18, 18V2, son of Laurent and 

Eaton, Que., Dec. 31, 1885; children, Epheme (Dufresne) Gendron; E. 

Ethel lola, born Aug. 26, 1888, died public schools and St. Charles Semin- 

Jan. 20, 1891; Francis Geo., born ary; 1908 purchased boot and shoe 

March 15, 1890; died Sept. 2, 1890; store of J. N. Normandin which he 

Royce Laberee, Aug. 12, 1892; Fran- has since conducted, also, interested 

cis Gilbert, Jr., born Dec. 1, 1894, in farming; member Magog Council 

died Aug. 27, 1912; Mary Lillian, 11 years; instrumental in bringing 

born Dec. 21, 1899; died Dec. 23, about municipal ownership of water- 

1899. works which has proven profitable; 

member Magog Board of Trade; ap- 

GAW, James, R.M.D. No. 3, Gfanby. pointed Postmaster Magog 1912; 
Born at Montreal, Oct. 6, 1852, son Conservative candidate in Stanstead 
of Z. C. and Elizabeth (Reid) Gaw; County for provincial election 1908; 
Scotch and Irish, father born in Ire- member I.O.F., Alliance Nationale, 
land, came to Canada 1842, settled C.O.F., Union St. Peter; Roman 
in Montreal, later removed to Iber- Catholic, Conservative; married 
ville Co., engaged in farming; E. at Marie Girard, at Eastman, Oct. 1(5, 
McGill, Montreal; as young man em- 1893; children, Marie A., 1894; Mar- 
ployed by the Murphy Bros., Mont- ceil, 1895; Gertrude, 1906; Genuine, 
real, later removed to Shefford and 1910. 
purchased present farm 2% miles 

from So. Roxton, Que.; general GENDREAU, Jean-Bapti>te, Not- 

farmer and breeder of Ayrshire cattle ary Public, Coaticook. Born, Feb. 

for dairy purposes selling to farmers 25, 1850, at St. Hyacinthe, son of 

throughout the Eastern Townships ; j. fi. Gendreau and Sophie Daude- 

Lieut. Shefford Field Battery, retired ii n; E. College of St. Hyacinthe and 

in 1897; Councillor, Sec.-Treas. Prot- j n the Jesuits' novitiate; came to 

estant School Board 20 years; A.F. & Coaticook and entered service of Rev. 

A.M.; Conservative, Presbyterian; j. 3. Chartier, as clerk in store; in 

married Margaret J. Irwin, daughter May, 1874, began study of notarial 

of John Irwin, of N. Shefford, Que., profession; served as clerk in offices 

Oct. 31, 1877; children, Elmore C., of i ate notaries F. X. Desrosiers, H. 

1878; and Myrtle M., 1885. c. H. Chagnon and Gedeon Durocher; 

was admitted a Notary May, 1878 ; 

GAW, Dr. Elmore Chambers, Sher- always resided in Coaticook; Secre- 
brooke. Born at Rollins Hill, Que., tary-Treasurer Catholic School Board 
Sept. 29, 1878, son of Jas. and Mar- since 1875; thirty yeais in Municipal 
garet J. (Irwin) Gaw; Scotch-Irish; Council, always elected by acclama- 
E. Waterloo Academy, Ontario Vet- tion, from 1881 to 1912; first mayor 
erinary College, Toronto, and Post of the newly incorporated town of 
Graduate McKillup Veterniary Col- Coaticook in 1884 and 1885; warden 
lege, Chicago, 111., M.D.V. McKillip of County of Stanstead for same 
V. C., (V. S. Diploma Ont. Vet. years; twice president of St. Jean- 
College) was on government Meat Baptiste Society; President of Coati- 



cook Building Society in 1882; direc- 
tor of a French society of coloniza- 
tion at Lake Megantic, from 1882 to 
1888; justice of peace since 1883; re- 
vising officer for County of Stan- 
stead under "The Franchise Act" 

Marie-Rose Durocher, in 1879, de- 
ceased in 1907; had six children, only 
three living, Ernest, prof, in Jesuit 
Col., Montreal; Marie, nun in Good 
Shepherd Convent, Montreal, and Al- 
bert, bank teller, La Banque Na- 
tionale, Coaticook; second marriage 
in 1911 to Mrs. Clara Benoit, widow 
of the late Thomas Lafond. 

GENEST, Joseph Wenceslas, Sher- 
brooke, Que. Born at St. Julie, Me- 
gantic Co., Dec. 6, 1873, son of C. O. 
Genest and Celina Roberge; E. at St. 
Charles Seminary; has been member 
of firm of C. 0. Gesent & Fils for 32 
yerrs; member St. John Baptist, 
Knights of Culumbus; Conservative, 
Roman Catholic; married Lea Cor- 
inne Michon, daughter of Anselme 
Michon, Coaticook, Que., Oct. 18, 

GERIN, (Lajoie) August L., known 
as A. Gerin, Coaticook, Que. Born 
at Ottawa, Ont., Sept. 29, 1867, son 
of Antoine Gerin-Lajoie and Jose- 
phine Parent, French-Canadian ; E. 
Ottawa College and Montreal Busi- 


from 1885 to 1896; one of the princi- 
pal promotors of project and bill in 
legislature of Quebec in 1888, caus- 
ing the annexation to Coaticook for 
judicial and registration purposes of 
Hereford and part of Clifton Town- 
ships; was one of the directors of the 
projected railroad "Massawippi Junc- 
tion R. R.", between Coaticook and 
Magog, in 1890; manager of La 
Banque du Peuple, in Coaticook, from 
1889 to 1893; organizer of Coaticook 
Water Company in 1882 and still a 
director; member of Provincial Board 
of Notaries, 1903 to 1906; church 
warden of parish of St. Edmond of 
Coaticook for several years and now 
chief warden of new church of St. 
Jean L'Evangeliste of Coaticook ; 
twice elected High Vice Chief Ranger 
of C.O.F., from 1903 to 1907, attend- 
ed fifty monthly meetings of High 
Board of Directors at Chicago ; is now 
practising profession in partnership ness College; Alderman of Coaticook, 
with his nephew, -Pierre Edmond 1910 and Mayor 1912-13; member 
Durocher, Notary; married, first, Board of Trade and School Commis- 




sioners; C.O.F., St. Jean Baptiste So- 
ciety; Conservative; unsuccessful can- 
didate in provincial elections 1912 ; 
Roman Catholic; came to Coaticook 
from Montreal in 1888; built several 
cheese factories near Coaticook, be- 
ing the first to manufacture cheese in 
this vicinity; later built a creamery in 
Coaticook, which is one of the largest 
in the province; in partnership with 
F. Boulay conducts general store ; 
married Louise Boulay, St. Edwidge, 
Sept. 27, 1892; children, Denis, 
Yvonne, Berthe, Maurice, Henri, 
Marie Etienne, Blanche, Rachel, 
Louise, Antoine, Marcel, Jeanne. 

GIBSON, Weldon Edward, Stan- 
stead, Que. Born at Wolford, Ont., 
Feb. 14, 1870, son of James and Mar- 
garet J. (Kirkland) Gibson; Irish, 
father coming to Ontario with his 
parents when a child; E. public 
schools;; elected to Stanstead Village 
Council 1913; member Stanstead 
Board of Trade, etc., member C.O. 
F. ; Conservative; Methodist; en- 
gaged in farming and general stock 
raising in Ontario for some years, 
later in Chicago; returned to Ontario 
and engaged in manufacture of 
cheese; in 1894 came to Cassville 
and followed cheese making for three 
years; later took up farming in same 
vicinity continuing in agriculture for 
eight years; in 1905 purchased livery 
business connected with Stanstead 
Hotel; married Nellie B. Hart, Brock- 
ville, Ont., Feb. 23, 1898; children, 
Bernice W. and Mansell E. 

GIFFORD, Joseph A., Scotstown. 
Born in England, 1853, son of Rev. 
Joseph and Charlotte (Hodges) Gif- 
ford; English; E. public schools; 
member Scotstown Council, A.F: & 
A.M., 1728 Temple Bar, Eng., Junior 
Constitutional Club, London, Eng. ; 
Anglican; managing director Guelph 
Patent Cask Co., of which he was one 
of promotors when organized in 1884. 
Mgr. American Branch Wolverine, 
March, 1887-1910, when he was sent 
to manage Scotstown branch; they 
control about 50,000 acres of timber 
limits; married Adelaide M. Spon. 
London, 1893; children, Honor and 

GILBERT, James Levi, Dunham, 
Que. Born at Dunham, Aug. 31, 
1864, son of Josiah and Saphronia 
(Bush) Gilbert; English; Councillor 
and School Commissioner; Postmaster 
since 1913; member County Agricul- 
tural Society; A.F. & A.M., R.A.M.; 
Conservative, Anglican; married 
Myra Aldrich, daughter of Ira Aid- 
rich, at Barnston, Que., March 21, 
1894; one son, Harry A., 1895. 

GILBERT, Lt.-Col. Levi Jerome, 

Bishop's Crossing, Que. (See also 
Military Section) Born at Bishop's 
Crossing, June 2, 1870, son of Levi 
and Sabinia (Hall) Gilbert; English, 
ancestors located at Dudswell about 
1804; E. Cookshire Academy; Officer 
Commanding 7th Hussars, headquart- 
ers at Bishop's Crossing; Col. Gilbert 
in 1915 was appointed O.C. 117th 
E. T. Battalion which he organized 
and took overseas (see Military Sec- 
tion) ; member Dudswell Council 
1898-1904, member A.F. & A.M.; 
Conservative ; Anglican ; married 
Malinda Weyland, daughter of late 
Major Weyland, April 8, 1896; chil- 
dren, Pearl L. and Irma E. 

GILFILLAN, Dr. Jonah Carpenter, 

Beebe, Que. Born at Barnet, Vt., 
Oct. 8, 1878, son of Henry A. and 



Margaret (Morrison) Gilfillan; 
Scotch; E. St. Johnsbury Academy, 
Boston University and University of 
Ohio; degrees, Bachelor of Surgery, 
Doctor of Medicine and Surgery; 
commenced practice of profession at 
Beebe, Que., and removed to South 
Dakota in 1905, returning to Beebe 
in 1909, re-establishing former prac- 
tice ; member Montreal College Home- 
opathic Physicians and Surgeons, 
1899, American Institute of Home- 
opathy, Vermont Homeopathic Soc., 
Vermont Medical Soc., So. Dakota 
Med. Soc., N. W. Med. Soc.; Con- 
servative; married, 1908, Helen E. 
Ayer, daughter of James Ayer, Ayer's 

GILLANDER, Samuel, Bury. - 

Born at Broughton, Que., Aug. 5, 
1864, son of David and Alice (Rhyn- 
art) Gillander; Scotch; member 1.0. 
F., I.O.O.F. ; married Francis Ross, at 
Frampton, Que., Sept. 5, 1894; chil- 
dren, Lionel M., Irwin W., Colin C. 

GILLIES, Peter G., Bury, Que. 
Born at Gould, Oct. 14, 1859, son of 
Peter and Margaret (McLean) Gil- 
lies; Scotch, father coming from Is- 
land of Lewis; E. public schools; In- 
dependent, Presbyterian; engaged in 
farming and running hotel; went to 
U. S. West in 1883, returning in 
1889; joined No. 2 Co., 58th Battal 
ion; Captain in 1890, graduating St. 
Johns, Que. ; purchased Imperial 
Hotel, Bury, 1910; married Lillie Ella 
Eccles, daughter of William Eccles 
Dec. 22, 1893, (deceased April 1C 
1908) ; children, Orvis W., Wallace 
B., Mildred L. ; two sons and two 
daughters, deceased. 

GILMAN, Aaron Luther, Cowans- 
ville, Que. Born at Lawrenceville, 
July 11, 1857, son of Dudley and 
Rosetta (Davis) Gilman; English and 
Irish; U.E. Loyalist; E. Shefford 
Acad. and McGill Normal School ; 
Principal Dunham Acad. 1881-82 ; 
Cowansville, 1883-88; editor and pro- JAS. A. GILMORE 

prietor of Cowansville and Granby 

Observers 1889-92, and subsequently Feb. 23, 1860, son of Albert and 
principal at Three Rivers, Knowlton Ellen (Powers) Gilmore; French- 
and Sutton up to 1897 when he was Irish descent; E. Stanstead College 

appointed inspector of public schools; 
Councillor of Center Ward, Cowans- 
ville and church warden St. Paul's 
Aylmer, 5 years; inspector Ottawa 
and Pontiac, 1897-1907; inspector 
Huntingdon and Beauharnois since 
1907; A.F. & A.M., I.O.F., Independ- 
ent Liberal, Episcopal; married Effie 
M. Strite, adopted daughter of Mrs. 
Peter Cowan, in 1888; one daughter, 
Jesmine May. 

GILMAN, Henry Archie, Manson- 
ville. Born at Potton, Que., Jan. 10, 
1867, son of Chase and Susan (Or- 
cutt) Gilman; English; served as 
councillor and school commissioner; 
appointed custom officer, 1899, and 
collector at Mansonville, 1907; con- 
ducted general store since 1892; 
largely interested in lumber business; 
member I.O.F., A.F. & A.M., Liberal; 
Baptist; married Anna Elkins, daugh- 
ter of W. G. Elkins, North Troy, Vt., 
Oct. 15, 1895; children, William C., 
1896; Carlton, 1898; Lawrence, 
1903; Mary, 1905; Frederick, 1907. 

GILMORE, James Albert, Rock 
Island, Que. Born at Rock Island, 



and St. Hyacinthe Seminary; com- 
menced business as general grocer, 
Eock Island ; entered partnership with 
E. T. Fregeau, 1891, in Rock Island 
Overall Co., selling out to Mr. Fre- 
geau 1893; founded Globe Suspender 
Co., 1894; formed partnership with 
B. P. Ball selling out to him 1910; be- 
gan present business 1910 under 
name James A. Gilmore Co., mfg. 
"Everright" overalls and shirts; 
Mayor three terms, J. P., Com. Sup. 
Court; school trustee, warden 01 
church, mun. valuator; 4th degree 
K. of C., I.O.F.; clubs, Columbian and 
Three Villages Men's Assn. ; Conser- 
vative, R.C. ; married Edith Alice, 
daughter of Francis Failey, Sweets- 
burg, Que., Aug. 28, 1883; children, 
Walter J., 1890; Harold F., 1894; 
Guy A., 1896; Edith Alice, 1899. 

GINGRAS, Francis Cleophase, Mar- 
bleton, Que. Born Gentilly, Cham- 
plain Co., Que., March 28, 1852, son 
Cleophase and Zoa (Nault) Gingras; 
French; E. at Laconia and Tilton, 
N.H. ; served as councillor at St. Ca- 
mille and Marbleton, also school com- 
missioner; Postmaster St. Camille 16 
years; pres. Wolfe Co Liberal Assn. 
since 1890; delegate representing 
municipality St. Camille at liberal 
caucus called by Sir Wilfrid Laurier 
at Ottawa, 1893; spent childhood in 
Littleton, later travelled in western 
states, returning to Canada 1886 es- 
tablishing general mercantile busi- 
ness at St. Camille, conducting the 
same until 1912 when he purchased 
store of W. T. Oughtred, Marbleton, 
where he is in business; member Nico- 
let Fish and Game; Liberal, Roman 
Catholic ; married. Herline Nault, St. 
Camille, April 5, 1880; children, 
Ernest O., Leo L.. Joseph E., An- 
toinette C., Alina F., Emile J. 

GIROUX, Francis Xavier Arthur, 

Sweetsburg, Que. Born at Farnham, 
Que., March 3, 1866, son of Louis 
and Elmira (Poulin) Giroux; grand- 
parents came from France in 1735, 
first settled in Quebec City, later 
moved to the Richelieu Valley; E. at 
Farnham, St. Hyacinthe College and 
Laval University, LL.D. in 1890, K.C. 
1913; councillor and mayor of 

Sweetsburg, school commissioner, ba- 
tonnier of Bedford district, vice-pres. 
Missisquoi Historical Society; ad- 
mitted to Bar 1890 and has always 
practiced in Bedford district being 
retained in nearly all important cases 
in the district; active in all public 
affairs, municipal, educational, politi- 
cal, etc. ; twice contested the Missis- 
quoi seat for the Legislative As- 
sembly; has taken deep interest in 

F. X. A. GIROUX, K.C. 

journalism, as editor, contributor and 
shareholder; staunch supporter of 
fraternal societies, often delegate to 
large conventions; member Royal 
Guardians, Knights of Columbus, 
Canadian Foresters, St. Jean Bap- 
tiste; clubs, Lafontaine (Montreal); 
Conservative, Roman Catholic; mar- 
ried Eugenie Lafond, Ste. Bridgide, 
Iberville, June, 1892; one son, Ar- 

GLEASON, Ellsworth Snow, Sher- 
brooke, Que. Born at East Dunham, 
Que., Sept. 3, 1868, son of Dr. Ebe- 
nezer V| and Mary A. (Snow) Gleas- 
on; Dutch-English, United Empire 
Loyalist; E. at district school, Dun- 
ham, and Moon's Business College, 
Montreal, B.B.A. ; nine years engaged 
in commercial life; in 1903 Mr. 
Gleason established his well known 



business college, known as Gleason's 
Business College, Sherbrooke, of 
which he is president and principal; 
Mr. Gleason was one of the first ex- 
ponents of the Boyd Syllabic short- 
hand, an original and all-Canadian 
shorthand system; member A.F. & 

and established general store which 
he sold out 1898; during this time 
accepted position as district agent for 
North American Life Insurance busi- 
ness; in 1907 was one of the in- 
corporators of the Protective Assoc- 


A.M., Curling, Golf, Sherbrooke Y.M. 
C.A. ; Independent Conservative ; 
Christian Scientist; married Florence 
Elizabeth Clement, daughter of the 
late Levi and Zilpha (Hungerford) 
Clement, West Brome, Que., Nov. 16 

GLEASON, Eugene E M Granby, 
Que. Born at Dunham, Que., Sept. 
26, 1859, son of Dr. E. V. and Mary 
A. (Snow) Gleason; Irish; Dr. Gleas- 
on was born at Fairfield, Vt., and 
came to Dunham when a young man; 
E. public schools; member A.F. & 
A.M., R.A.M., Sussex Preceptory, 
Karnak Temple; Grand Junior War- 
den, Grand Lodge, Quebec, 1910, D. 
D.G.M. Brome and Shefford Coun- 
ties, 1911; Independent in politics; 
Anglican; after leaving school enter- 
ed employ of G. C. Dyer & Co., Sut- 
ton; in 1880 came to Granby as clerk 
for H. G. Frost, merchant; in 1885 
engaged with Savage, McKenna & 
Co., upon dissolution of this firm con- 
tinued with Savage & Vittie until 
1892; that year went to West Brome 


iation of Canada for Masons, ap- 
pointed secretary and general man- 
ager at time of organization which 
position he has held since; married 
Alice E. Clark, Brome, June 14, 
1895; children, Irma A., 1896; Donna 
M., 1900; Anna F., 1906. 

GODDARD, Myron F., Waterloo 
Born at So. Stukely, Aug. 18, 1865, 
son of Charles Anson Goddard and 
Colista Almyra Lawrence; member 
A.F. & A.M., I.O.F.; Liberal, Angli- 
can; was sent to St. Louis by Can- 
adian Government in charge of 
maple exhibit at the fair and had 
charge of agricultural exhibit during 
last six months of the fair; organized 
Maple Tree Products and was man- 
ager and vice-president for four 
years; opened feed and grain store 
which he now operates in 1912; was 
Instrumental in organizing the Pure 
Maple Sugar and Syrup Co-Opera- 
tive Association of Quebec, being 
president for two years; married in 
1884 and again in 1904; no children. 



GOLDEN, Albert N., St. Johns, ployed and that machinery is prop- 
Que. Born at Nicolet Falls, Que., erly guarded; member C.O.F., I.O.F., 
Aug. 6, 1875, son of James R. and Royal Arcanum, Royal Guardian, Re- 
Emily (Willey) Golden; engaged first form Club, Montreal, Lake Lister 
in farming, later insurance proprie- 
tor Danville House for nine years; 
purchased Windsor Hotel, at St. 
Johns, 1911; A.F. & A.M., I.O.O.F.; 
Liberal; Anglican; married Mabel 
Armstrong at Shawville, Que., July 
11, 1906; children, Harold, 1907; 
Marjorie, 1908; Gerald, 1912. 

GOODENOUGH, Isaac, R. M. D., 

Cookshire, Township of Newport, 
Que. Born at South Ham, Feb. 4, 
1849, son of George and Elizabeth 
(Palmer) Goodenough; English; 
went to Colorado in 1872 where he 
was engaged in silver mining for two 
years, returning to South Ham in 
1874 and engaged in farming; was 
councillor for South Ham twenty-five 
years and school commissioner twelve 
years, resigning both offices when he 
sold his farm in 1902; while in the 
council was a strong supporter of 
good roads; moved to the Township 
of Newport July 1, 1902, and pur- 
chased farm two miles from village 
of Bury; elected school commis- 
sioner for Newport 1904, resigning 
in 1910; director for Compton Co. 
Agr'l Soc., No. 2, for 6 years; mem- 
ber of Bury Farmers' Club; belongs 
to the I.O.F. ; Liberal; Anglican; mar- 
ried Sarah J. Stevenson, daughter of 
William Stevenson, Learned Plain, 
Sept. 28, 1875; children, William G., 
1876; Austin E. and Alton I. (twins) 
1881; Wright E., 1887 (Alton de- 
ceased 1902.) 

GOOLEY, Richard Henry, Coati- 
cook, Que. Born at Barnston, Que., 
Oct. 8, 1874, son of Peter and Mary 
(Dezand) Gooley; French; E. at 
Stanstead College and St. Charles 
Seminary; inspector of public build- 
ings for P. Q. since 1903 for Dist. St. 
Francis, Arthabasca and Bedford ; has 
done much to improve conditions and 
bring about compliance with the law 
relating to sanitary conditions, fire 
escapes, etc., for schools and indus- 
trial establishments, seeing that chil- 
dren under legal age are not em- 


Fish & Game Club ; married Florence 
E., daughter of W. S. Dresser, Sher- 
brooke, Aug. 2, 1905; one son, War- 
ren Lloyd, 1907. 

GOSSELIN, Jos. J. B., M.L.A. for 
Missisquoi, son of Francois Gosselin, 
Sr., and Onesime Nadeau. Born at 
St. Alexandre d'Iberville, Nov. 22, 
1848; E. at the parish school of St. 
Alexandre d'Iberville; married, Oct. 
3, 1878, Rose Delima Gauthier; was 
merrber of municipal council and 
mayor of Notre Dame de Stanbridge, 
chairman of the school board; elected 
to Legislature for Missisquoi Dec. 7, 
1900, re-elected at gen. elec. 1904, 
1908, 1912. 

GOUGH, Thomas Matthew, Bed- 
ford, Que. Born at Bedford, Dec., 
1848, son of John and Catherine 
(Smith) Gough; Irish; Clerk Circuit 
Court for County of Missisquoi at 
Bedford; Clerk of Commissioners, 
Stanbridge Township; Liberal; Catho- 


GOULD, Arthur Thomas, Bedford, village Sutton 1913, 1914 and 1915; 
Born at Montreal, Feb. 20, 1876 ; school com. several years; many 
came to Bedford in Ang., 1903, and years in Brome troop cavalry which 
purchased printing plant from C. H. formed part of the 5th Dragoons, 
Nye ; was sec.-treas. of Missisquoi Co. holding rank of Lieut, at time it was 
Agr'l Soc. from 1908 to 1911; sec.- disbanded; member firm of Greeley 
treas. town of Bedford and Protes- Bros, and Thompson, general mer- 
tant School Commissioners for 1912- chants and lumber dealers for many 
13; member A.F. & A.M., I.O.O.F. years; when firm dissolved Mr. 
and I.O.F. ; married L. Ellison Shields, Greeley remained in store until 1913, 
Vankleek Hill, Ont., Sept. 22, 1898; when sold to G. A. Morrison and re- 
children, Lyall, 1899; Grisdale, 1903; tired; Conservative; married Jessie 
Helen, 1905; Ellison, 1908; Herbert, May Wyatt, of Sutton, Feb. 22,1899; 
1910. one son living, Alton J., 1903. 

GOYETTE, Edouard, merchant, GREEN, Harry Ernest, bank man- 
Cowansville, Que. Born at Adams- *Z* r > West Shefford. Born at Que- 
ville, Que., April 11, 1881, son of bee, Feb. 14 1880, son of James 
Pierre Goyette; French; E. Holy Harkness and Arabella (Fraser) 
Cross College, St. Hyacinthe, Que.; g r een; Scotch; E. Quebec High 
after leaving college was for some School; entered service of Quebec 
time engaged as clerk in general Bank in Sept., 1899 at Quebec; 1904 
store, late? established business in entered service E T. Bank at Thet- 
Cowansville and since has steadily in- ford . Mines as teller ; emp oyed suc- 
creased and enlarged store doing a cessi }y at Granby, Waterloo Wind- 
retail and wholesale trade in many f r Ml " s n ; ap f ' n f. ed m ,f *t ?<? 
lines, today has one of the leading La ^ e ' f l ^ 7; ,^ J < J ie " e 1 b , i ; a t nch ' 1912 
stores in the Eastern Townships; | nd ._ a tWest Shefford 1915; member 
School Commissioner. Shefford Lodge A.F. & A.M., much in- 
terested in outdoor sports, hunting, 
T.. . ~ etc.; Presbyterian; Independent; mar- 

GRADY, Tho, J., Dixvile Que ried Luc / A . M . PlatK of Bucking- 
Born at Leeds, Que , April 1, 1862 h Q * g t 9 19Q9 
son of Thomas and Susan (Reid) 

Grady; English 5 Parents came to Can- GREENEf Horace Steward, South 
ada in 182} and settled in Leeds, re- Bolt Que ._ Born Bolt June 14 
moving to Barnstonm 1867; E pub- 1856 gon of Major William and ' 
he schools; for some years with Par- phila w (HanS on) Greene; English, 
ker & Wheeler manufacturers Dix- grandfather comin ' from ^ e w Eng- 
ville; for twenty-eight years head land as one of first settlerg . Sta *_ 
clerk and manager for Bruce Bald- gtead Co fathe M . Qr Green be . 
win, general merchant, Dixville; has in ^ earl settlerg . Tp . ' Bol . 
general insurance agency, fire and ton . ?e n era i f armer (Greendale 
Voik coul ? cill 1 or of D . ix Y me 1907 t Farm) specializing in registered Dur- 
1910; school commissioner several hams and Leicester sheep; previously 
years; president Dixville Butter and for a time engaeed in civil engineer- 
Cheese Association, 1904 to date; in work and from 1894 to 18 <f 7 

f T^ nt Postmaster ; I.O.O .F A.F. e ral merchant at So. Bolton; member 

& A.M., C.O.F.; Anglican; Independ- E Bolton Schoo] Board ^ 

ent; married Helen M ^..Baldwin, Sept. chairman member Commissioners' 

I'Q ? P ; Ch . lldr ^r n ' ^ Ted Maud L " Court since 1900; fishery overseer 

)8, Bernice M., 1 and game warden since 1895; mem . 

ber Brome Co. Agl. Soc., Knowlton 

GREELEY, Elwin Bernard. Born Board of Trade; active member re- 
at Sutton, Que., Feb. 23, 1859, son of cruiting association; A F. & A.M., 
Adolphus and Mary Greeley; grand- R. A.M.; Independent; Anglican; mar- 
parents came from New England ried Hattie L., daughter of Daniel 
States; E. public schools; Mayor of Taylor, So. Bolton, Jan. 24, 1877 ; 



director Quebec Railway, Light, Heat 
& Power Co.; director Travellers' 
Life Assurance Co. ; director Quebec 
Gas Co. ; director Wabasso Cotton 
Co.; director P. Lyall & Sons Con- 
struction Co., Ltd. ; director Wallace 
Sandstone Quarries, Ltd. Born at 
Danville, Que., Aug. 7, 1852, son of 
John and Margaret Greenshields; E. 
St. Francis College, Richmond, Que., 
McGill University (B.C.L. and Eliza- 
beth Torrance Gold Medal, 1876) ; 
called to the Quebec Bar, 1877; 
created K.C. ((Earl of Derby), 1889; 
created K.C. (Quebec), 1899; suc- 
cessfully defended Annie Eastman, 
Donald Morrison, Hooper and Shortis, 
each for murder; Prosecuting Attor- 
ney, Fahey-Neagle-Bureau trial, 
otherwise known as the Grand Trunk 
Railway robbery trial; counsel for 
liquidators against the directors of 
the defunct Exchange Bank; counsel 
for Gale against the Equitable Life 
Assurance Co., when the company 
was obliged to settle with the plairv- 
tiff for over $100,000; Chief Counsel 
for a committee of citizens in the 
matter of the police investigation, 
Montreal, 1894; Chief Counsel for 


children, Charles G., 1877; H. Guy., 
1883, deceased 1908; H. Lena, 1887; 
G. Clare, 1891. 

GREENE, Geo. Hubert, Lennox- 
ville, Que. Born at Lennoxville, 
April 6, 1888, son of Wm. Henry 
Greene and Alice Mitchell; English; 
E. Lennoxville Academy, St. Charles 
Seminary, Sherbrooke, Gleason's 
Business College; entered E. T. Bank 
June 15, 1907; entered service of 
Bank of Quebec Jan. 21, 1914, and 
opened Lennoxville branch as man- 
ager, resigned from service Aug. 30, 
1916, accepting position as sec.- 
treas. B. & L. Mfg. Co., Ltd., Sher- 
brooke; wanted to enlist, was refused 
as physically unfit; member Lennox- 
ville Board of Trade, I.O.O.F., A.F. 
& A.M. ; Conservative ; Anglican. 

GREENSHIELDS, James Naismith, 
K.C., Hon. Lieut.-Col. 117th Bat- 
talion C.E.F., of Greenshields, Green- 
shields, Languedoc & Parkins, 120 
St. James St., Montreal, Que. ; presi- 
dent Quebec Savings & Trust Co., 
president Wayagamack Pulp & Paper 
Co., Ltd. ; president Shawinigan Cot- 
ton Co., Ltd.; president National 
Brick Co. Ltd., of Laprairie; pres. On- Louis Riel, tried for high treason, 
tario National Brick Co., Ltd.; presi- Regina, 1385; Chief Counsel for Hon. 
dent City Central Real Estate Co.; H. Mercier, 1892; ex-president Shaw- 




inigan Water & Power Co. ; married 
Lizzie Thomson Glass, daughter of 
Rev. Charles G. Glass, M.A., Spring- 
field, N.S., Dec., 1878; has one daugh- 
ter, -Mrs. Hugh MacKay; three sons, 
Lieut. Gordon Greenshields (117th 
Battalion), Lieut. Chas. G. Green- 
shields (24th Battalion) and Capt. 
Melville Greenshields (13th High- 
landers), all serving overseas; clubs, 
St. James', Canada, Montreal Jockey, 
Rideau (Ottawa), Garrison (Que- 
bec); Liberal; Presbyterian; resi- 
dence, 9 MacGregor St., Montreal, 
Que., summer residence, Isaleigh 
Grange, Danville, Que. 

GREGOIRE, Wilfrid J., architect. 
Sherbrooke, Que. Born at St. Syl- 
vester East, Feb. 8, 1880, son of Jos. 
and Elmire Vaillancourt; came to 
Sherbrooke in 1898; E. Levis College 
and studied architecture in Sher- 
brooke; member K. of T., St. Francis 
Club, Tuque Rouge; Liberal; Catho- 

GREGOIRE, Homer E., Sawyer- 
ville, Que. Born Napierville, Que., 
March 20, 1870, son of Joseph and 
(Celina Bourgois) Gregoire; French, 
family came to Canada about 1814; 
E. at public schools in Napierville, 
Que., and at Academie Commercial 
Catholic de Montreal; elected to Saw- 
yerville Council 1907, holding office 
at present date; in 1899 became 
agent M. C. Railway, Beecher Falls, 
Vt. ; in 1902 was transferred to Saw- 
yerville as Station Agent, holding 
same position at present date; mem- 
ber M. C. Railway Relief Association 
and Order Railroad Telegraph; Lib- 
eral; Catholic; married Alvary Ray- 
mond, Cohoes, N.Y., Jan. 30, 1900; 
one son, Raymond Gregoire. 

GRIFFITH, John J., 54 Montreal 
St., accountant, liquidator, auction- 
eer, etc., Sherbrooke, Que. Born at 
Eaton, Que., son of Jos. Griffith and 
Bridget Bryan; Irish; E. at Sher- 
brooke Academy and St. Francis Col- 
lege, Richmond, Que. ; Roman Catho- 
lic; married Julia M. Groome, daugh- 
ter of Thos. M. Groome, Montreal, 
June 19, 1877; children, Elizabeth 
H., married to Dr. J. J. McGovern, 

Montreal; Major Robert M., in mili- 
tary service, hdq. Montreal; Capt. E. 
J., in overseas service, C. Co. 24th 
Battalion; Rose E., nurse with Ameri- 
can Ambulance Hospital, Neuilly, Sur 
Seine, in France; Dr. Gerald T., 
with Royal Army Med. Corps, service 
Europe and India; Eugene F., student 
in architecture, Pennsylvania Uni- 

GRIGGS, Carl Deforest, Sutton, 
Que. Born at Sutton, Dec. 8, 1877, 
son of Charles H. and Julia C. 
(Longeway) Griggs; conducts store 
and printing shop; assistant post- 
master at Sutton, 1897 to 1911; Nov., 
1911, was appointed Collector Pro- 
vincial Revenue for the district of 
Bedford; A.F. & A.M., I.O.O.F., 
I.O.F., and C.O.F.; Liberal; Metho- 
dist; married Jessie A. Call, at Sut- 
ton, Aug. 1, 1901; one daughter, 
Glenna Gertrude, 1903. 

GUILMETTE, Jos. Eugene, Dan- 
ville, Que. Born at Stanfold, Que., 
Sept. 8, 1868, son of Delphis and 
Melanie (Champoux) Guilmette; 
member of Danville village council, 
1910-14, Mayor 1912-13, Warden 
County, Richmond, 1913, director 
Board of Trade; member E. T. Immi- 
gration Society, trustee Catholic 
school board 1910-14; Conservative; 
Roman Catholic; married Eliza Chag- 
non of Danville, Que., July 8, 1888; 
children, Jeanne, Germaine, Marie 


HACKETT, Michael Felix, B.C.L., 

Cowansville, Judge of Superior Court 
of Quebec for District of Bedford. 
Born at Granby, Que., Aug. 23, 1854, 
son of Patrick and Mary (Griffin) 
Hackett; Irish; E. Granby Academy, 
College of St. Marie de Monnoir, Col- 
lege of St. Hyacinthe, McGill Uni- 
versity; admitted to Bar 1875, creat- 
ed Q. C. 1890; he became a Captain 
in Militia and holds a medal for ser- 
vice during the Fenian Raid of 1870; 
he was president of Stanstead County 
Farmers' Institute; Mayor village of 
Stanstead Plain for fifteen years, 
chairman of Board of School TniSr 



tees for same period ; Warden of 
Stanstead County five years; director 
and vice-president of Stanstead and 
Sherbrcoke Mutual Fire Insurance 
Co., president of St. Joseph's Society, 
and Grand President of the Catholic 
Mutual Benefit Association of Can- 
ada from 1895 to 1916; member 
Board of Examiners for School 
Teachers of Eastern Townships for 
six years; Batonnier for District of 
St. Francis 1892-93 and 1900-01; 
president of E. T. Liberal-Conserva- 
tive Party in Province of Quebec; he 


was first returned to Quebec Legisla- 
tive Assembly at G. E. of 1892; on 
Feb. 28, 1895, he entered the Taillon 
Administration as president of Exec- 
utive Council; when Hon. E. J. Flynn 
became Premier on March 12, 1896, 
he became Provincial Secretary, and 
retained office until retirement of 
Government in May, 1897; he was re- 
elected on his appointment to office 
and again at the general election of 
1897; he was an unsuccessful candi- 
date for seat in Legislature in general 
election of 1900, and in House of 
Commons in 1904; appointed to Su- 
perior Court Bench on the 3rd Dec., 

1915; Catholic; Conservative; mar- 
ried, Sept. 4, 1883, Florence Alberta, 
daughter of late Albert Knight, M.P., 
for Stanstead, Mrs. H., died Dec. 1, 
1913; children, John Thomas, Advo- 
cate, Montreal, 1884; Sybil Rose, 
1886; F. Winfield, advocate, 1890; 
Florence Julia (deceased, 1912), 
1891; Mary Griffin, 1896. 

HACKETT, John Thomas, B.L., 
B.C.L., 636 Belmont Ave., West- 
mount, Que. - - Born at Stanstead, 
Que., June 12, 1884, son of the Hon. 
M. F. and Florence Alberta (Knight) 
Hackett; Canadian; E. St. Charles 
Seminary, Sherbrooke; Loyola Col- 
lege, Montreal; McGill Montreal; 
graduated from McGill Law Faculty 
1909 with honors, and admitted to 
Bar July same year; as an under- 
graduate he was interested in student 
affairs; was first president of the 
Students' Council, which now admin- 
isters all under-graduate activities ; 
began practice of profession in Mont- 
real in Sept., 1909; entered civil ser- 
vice at Ottawa in January, 1912, as 
secretary to Minister of Justice, re- 
turning to the practice of his profes- 
sion in Montreal two years later; a 
member of legal firm of Foster, Mar- 
tin, Mann, Mackinnon, Hackett and 
Mulvena; on the Executive Board of 
Charitv Organization Society; of the 
Catholic Social Service Guild, and 
the Loyola Convalescent Home; join- 
ed the 55th Regiment, Irish Canadian 
Rangers; holds a Lieutenant's com- 
mission; president of the Junior Bar 
Association 1916-17; University and 
Canada Clubs, Montreal; Roman 
Catholic; Conservative; married, Sep- 
tember, 21, 1912, to Linda Harding, 
daughter of late David Harding; chil- 
dren, Florence Knight, July 24, 1913; 
Ann Kidder, Sept. 21, 1914; Linda 
Mary, Nov. 20, 1916 (died June 12, 

HADLOCK, George Amos, Assist- 
ant Postmaster Barnston, Que. Born 
at Compton, Sept. 8. 1876, son of 
Wellington Merrill and Emilv Amelia 
(Heath) Hadlock; conducted general 
store at Barnston since 1904 ; Liberal; 
Methodist; married Irene S. Thorn- 
ton, daughter of J. L. Thorntoix, at 


Barnston, Sept. 2, 1908; children, England in 1777, to Sorel, family 

Douglas Wellington Thornton, Sept. originally from Dundee, Scotland; E. 

26, 1910. B. C. S., Lennoxville; 1866 engaged 

with Capt. T. E. Chamberlain, Knowl- 

HAINES, John Henry, Hatley, Que. ton, to learn farming; three years 

Born at Martinville, Jan. 23, 1868, later went to North West, returning 

son of Justin and Matilda (Hitch- to Brome in 1871 and purchased L. L. 

cock) Haines; English; great grand- Chandler farm; 1906 sold farm prop- 

father (Haines) came from N. H. erty and engaged in secretarial work; 

among first settlers of Stanstead Co. has always taken great interest in 

E. public schools and Charleston educational, agricultural and good 

Academy, Hatley ; went to Western roads matters and largely instrumen- 

States in 1889, spending some five tal in raising Brome County Fair to 

years in Kansas, chiefly engaged in leading position among county exhi- 

cattle ranching; went to Oklahoma bitions; 1890, appointed sec'y Brome 

among first settlers, engaging in gen- Township; in 1892 sec'y of school 

eral farming till 1908 when he sold board and in 1899 sec'y of Brome Co. 

out and returned to Hatley; elected Agrl. Soc. ; 1890, Justice of Peace; 

to Hatley School Board 1912, re- member Knowlton Board of Trade. 

elected in 1914, chairman of said A.F. & A.M., I.O.F.; Anglican (Peo- 

board; in 1913 elected Hatley Board Pie's Warden) ; Liberal; married Ade- 

of Trade, etc., pres. Hatley Volunteer Hah V. Chamberlain, daughter of 

Fire Company, pres. Hatley Village Capt. T. E. Chamberlain, Knowlton, 

Water Company; A.F. & A.M.; Inde- March 2, 1871, deceased June, 1906. 
pendent; Christian Science; married 

Millie Emery, Hatley, Que., Feb. 3, HALL George W ; lliam> Rock Is _ 

land, Que. Born at Dunham, May 
14, 1857, son of William and Mary 

HALL, Charles Loring, Lennoxville, (Doncaster) Hall, England; E. pub- 

Que. Born at Richmond, Que., Sept. lie schools, A.F. & A.M.; Conserva- 

8, 1885, son of Charles and Mary tive; Anglican; engaged in livery 

(Weed) Hall; English; grandparents business at Knowlton, then purchased 

coming from Vermont and settled in Lakeview Hotel from Wm. Albee; 

Melbourne; E. Charleston, Mass., sold to J. N. Robinson and went to 

High School and Barton Academy, Waterloo as manage%f the Hall Ho- 

Barton, Vt. ; engaged as shipping tel; farmed for two years at Brome, 

clerk for Peerless Mfg. Co., Barton, and in 1903 purchased Stanstead 

Vt., from 1902-1904; book-keeper for Hotel; five years later sold to C. F. 

same company for one year and for Whitcher and same year bought Rock 

Bottom and Torrence, Bennington, Island Hotel from Albert Cooper, 

Vt., for one year; manager of manu- with late Charles Nettleton; married 

facturing floor, Peerless Mfg. Co. for Jessie Miller, Nov. 7, 1880; children, 

one year; entered business at Lennox- Nellie M. (Mrs. C. Nettleton.) 
ville in 1907 in firm Murray & Hall; 

member Board of Sch. Com., Len- UAII r * T TK,,!, *A 

11 A 17 e A i\/r T> * n/r A HALL, Ernest Lyster, KlChmond, 

noxville; A.F. & A.M., R.A.M.; An- r> v^ A il r> 07 1 Q 

i- j o j- T M- u Que. Born Kirkdale, Dec. Zl, 1870, 

ghcan; married Sadie Jane McMur- 

ray, daughter John McMurray Wind- 

rh.r5Ji WP Vain , M 6n> Francis College, Richmond; member 
foril 1913 Kingsey Council 1900-12; I.O.F.; 

Conservative; Anglican; engaged in 
dairy farming at Trenholm until 

HALL, George F., Brome, Que. 1912; now resides at Richmond and 
Born at Hull, Que., Aug. 17, 1849, handles machinery and farm imple- 
son of John S. and Emma R. (Brig- ments; married Lena M. Lyster, 
ham) Hall; English, great grand- Cleveland, Sept., 1898; one daughter, 
father, Major John Hall, coming from deceased. 




HALL, Aaron A., Coaticook, Que. 
Born, Dec. 1, 1873, son of Aaron 
and Annie (Smith) Hall; English, 
ancestors coming from New Hamp- 
shire to Sherbrooke in 1845, and to 
Stanstead in 1869; E. Coaticook 
Acad. and Commercial Acad. ; aider- 
man town of Coaticook, chairman 
finance committee; elected by accla- 
mation 1911-13; Justice of Peace; 
P. M. Ashlar Lodge, A.F. & A.M., 
I.O.O.F., C.O.F. ; member Massawippi 
Fish and Game Club and Twanaka 
Club, Ayer's Cliff; Conservative; be- 
gan business with father in 1889; 
formed partnership under name of 
A. Hall & Son in 1901; bought his 
father's interest in 1911; 1914 form- 
ed partnership with G. W. Allard and 
bought out business of W. C. Web- 
ster & Son, Coaticook, one of oldest 
establishments in the Townships; 
married Rose A. Hanson, Sept. 1, 
1897; children, H. Edesse, Donna K., 
Ola A., and Grace E. 

HALL, George Benjamin, Barn- 
ston, Que. Born Barnston, Dec. 21, 
1852, son Joseph and Elsie (Fletcher) 
Hall; English; E. Barnston and Coati- 
coo^; elected to Barnston Council in 
1887, where he served as mayor and 
councillor for twelve years, resigning 

in 1899, re-elected 1911, and still a 
member ; refused appointment . as 
J. P.; member Stanstead Co. Agrl. 
Soc., E. T. Auto Club; was member 
Stanstead Cavalry twenty-five years, 
retiring with rank of lieutenant; an 
enthusiastic rifleman, having taken 
part in rifle matches in Quebec and 
Ontario; Liberal; Universalist; in 
1891 purchased maple sugar business 
from W. H. Lovell, and later pur- 
rh"sed cheese factory from Charles 
Wilkins; purchased several cheese 
factories in vicinity, later equipping 
them as skimming stations for central 
factory at Barnston: in 1898 erected 
creamery which he sold in 1902 to B. 
E. Converse ; since that time has been 
engaged in maple products business, 
also acts as representative for John 
Deering Agency and W. F. Vilas ; still 
owns and operates farm of 375 acres 
one mile south of Barnston village as 
a side line; married Jennie E. Bald- 
win, daughter of F. W. Baldwin, 
Barnston, March 2. 1882; children, 
Mabel E., 1885, died in infancy; 
Francis B., 1887; Clara, 1894. 

HALLS, Frederick Ernest, Cook- 
shire, Que. Born at Halifax, N.S., 
Jan. 6, 1867. son of Geo. W. Halls. 
Halifax, N.S. ; manager Bank of 
Montreal, Cookshire; Conservative; 
Anglican; married Muriel R. Terrill. 
daughter of T. B. Terrill, Sherbrooke', 
Que., July 20. 1900: children. Doro- 
thea T., 1903; Ethel Joan, 1909. 

HANSON, Lieut.-Col. Albert Cur- 
tis, Coaticook, Que. Born Barnston, 
May 26. 1870, son of Walter C. and 
Orissa (Sprague) Hanson; E. Barn- 
ston, McGill Normal School and Mc- 
Gill Universitv; B.A. 1895, B.C.L. 
1896; admitted to Bar 1896; Lieut.- 
Colonel 1911; O.C. 26th Stanstead 
Drasroons; O.C. Stanstead Company 
117th E. T. Battalion; went over- 
seas as O.C. Stanstead Company 
117th E. T. B.; Crown Prosecutor 
District St. Francis; editor and nrop. 
Coaticock Observer: member A.F. & 
A.M., I.O.O.F., C.O.F., Maccabees; 
Liberal; Methodist: married Luna 
Estella Edwards, July 25. 1895; chil- 
dren, Orissa Helen. John Claude, 
Henry Walter, Blanche Edith, Albert 



HARGRAVE, Edward, Sherbrooke, 
Que. - - Born at So. Shields, Eng., 
Nov. 6, 1832, son of Joseph and Mary 
(Fletcher) Hargrave; English; E. at 
York School and Tulketh Hall ; Treas. 
Church Soc., Dist. Francis; hon. sec.- 
treas. of Sherbrooke Protestant Hosp. 
21 years; Life Gov. of Hospital; War- 
den St. Peter's Church ; Commissioner 
of Superior Court; over 40 years city 
auditor; auditor for manv large local 
corporations ; Conservative ; Angli- 
can; married Mary Campbell, daugh- 
ter of John Campbell, Perth, Scot- 
land, Aug. 24, 1865; six daughters 
and two sons. 

HASELTON, William Munroe, 

Beebe Jet. Born at Beebe Jet., July 
25, 1869, son of J. and Elizabeth 
(Cole) Haselton; parents came from 
New Hampshire in 1864; E. public 
schools and Beebe Acad. ; member 
Beebe Council 1909 and 1915; School 
Commissioner since 1905; I.O.O.F. ; 
Ind. Liberal: Justice of Peace 1910; 
Methodist; 1896-1910 member firm 
of Haselton Bros., mfrs. monumental 
and building granite: in 1900 bought 
out brother's interest and is now sole 
owner; married Grace Goold, Water- 
loo, June, 1894; children, Marion E., 
Robert C., Helen M., Dorothy E., Wil- 
helmina I., William B. 

HAWLEY, Chas. William, St. 

Crysostome, Que. - - Born at Bury, 
Que., Feb. 18, 1875, son of Amos A. 
and Mellissa (Farwell) Hawley; E. 
at Bury Academy; after leaving 
school entered the employ of C.P.R. 
as operator, later station agent at 
Bury, Que., for five years; in 1896 
resigned position with C.P.R. and en- 
tered employ of Eastern Townships 
Bank nt Cowansville, later account- 
ant at Magog; in 1907 appointed man- 
ager blanch Bank of Commerce at 
Eastman, and is now manager at St. 
Crysostome, Que., president Eastman 
Board of Trade; Ind. Conservative; 
Anglican; married Edith Boright, 
daughter of Geo. W. Boright, Cow- 
ansville, April, 1899; children, Ruth 
W., 1900; Glenna M., 1902; Eric F., 
1905; Rupert, 1908; Patricia, 1915. 

HAY, Edward Wm., Stanstead, 
Que. - - Born at Sydney, Australia, 
May 17, 1863, son of Rev. Jas. Hay; 
Scotch; E. at Brockville, Ont., High 
School and Coaticook Academy; resi- 
dent of Stanstead for 25 years; at 
present and for many years past con- 
ducting successful real estate busi- 
ness throughout County of Stanstead, 
and in other parts of Eastern Town- 
ships; Conservative; Church of Eng- 

HAYES, Dr. John, M.D., Richmond, 
Que. Born, July 14, 1866, in Quebec 
City, son of Wm. Hayes and Mary 
Ellen Kenny; Irish, all ancestors com- 
ing from Ireland ; has been a resident 
of Richmond for 45 years; E. St. 
Francis College, Richmond, F+ 
Charles College, Sherbrooke, Laval 
and McGill Universities: received de- 
gree B.A., Laval, and Morin, Prize- 
man 1888; M D.C.M., McGill, gradu- 
ating with honors 1890; Councillor 
town of Richmond for many years 
and 3 terms as Mayor; vice-pres. 
sanitary services of Province of Que- 
bec; district surgeon Grand Trunk 
Rv. ; member Catholic Foresters, 
Richmond Board of Trade, Hon. Pat- 
ron Richmond Agr'l Soc.; pres. of 
St. Patrick's Society; president Rich- 
mond branch Canadian Patriotic 
Fund ; Conservative ; unsuccessfully 
contested counties of Richmond and 




Wolfe general election, 1911; has 
been pres. Eastern Townships Lib- 
eral-Conservative Association and is 
now pres. of Great trans-province 
Quebec - Richmond- Sherbrooke - Mont- 
real Highway Congress; a frequent 
contributor to press on sanitary, eco- 
nomic and Eastern Townships histori- 
cal subjects; married Agnes C. Dohan, 
daughter late Edward Dohan, Feb. 10, 
1902; children, Harold, Redmond, 
Leslie, Jerome and Monica. 

HEATH, Ezra Herbert, Way's 
Mills, Que. Born Fitch Bay, Jan. 20, 
1861, son of Abel and Ruth (Aldrich) 
Heath; English; E. public schools; 
Postmaster Way's Mills, 1912: School 
Commissioner; Conservative; Angli- 
can; a prosperous farmer and busi- 
ness man; spent several years in mer- 
cantile business in Minnesota; return- 
ing to Way's Mills he bought out E. 
O. Webster and since that time has 
conducted business as general mer- 
chant; married Annie Kerkow, Min- 
neapolis, Minn., Oct. 26, 1891, (de- 
ceased 1900) ; one daughter, Tavie 


HEBERT, Felix Hermenegilde, 

merchant, Sherbrooke, Que. -- Born 
St. Aime, County Richelieu, Sept. 8, 
1861, son J. B. and Genevieve (Tru- 
deau) Hebert; French, descended 
from oldest Canadian families; E. at 
public schools, both French and Eng- 
lish; 1891 to 1906 with Gendron & 
Denault and in latter year founded 
with Thos. Fortier, firm of Hebert & 
Fortier; in 1884 at age of 23, mem- 
ber Ste. Edwidge de Clifton Council, 
serving five years, when he came to 
Sherbrooke; member City Council 
1897; elected Mayor 1912, the city 
offices being reorganized during his 
regime; Mr. Hebert is strong be- 
liever in municipal control of public 
utilities; Conservative; unsuccessful 
candidate for local Legislature in 
1912; member Union St. Joseph, Al- 
liance Nationale, I.O.F., Maccabees, 
Board of Trade, La Chambre de Com- 
merce, Knights of Columbus, St. 
Francois S.S., Library and Art Union; 
past pres. St. Jean Baptiste Soc., also 
of Union St. Joseph Society; Church 
Warden of St. J. Bte. Church; V.P. 
Federation des Chambre de Com- 
merce, and of Union Can. Municipali- 
ties; pres. Ligue du bon parler Fran- 
cis; prominent member committee of 
Bonne Entente movement: V.P. local 



branch Can Patriotic Fund; honor- 
ary member several literary, sporting 
and social organizations, etc.; for 
time ass't editor Le Pionier and edi- 
tor Le Peuple; forceful public 
speaker in both French and English; 
Roman Catholic; married Rose De- 
lima, daughter Geo. Therriault, Sher- 
brooke, Jan. 31, 1887; children, liv- 
ing are, Marie Antoinette, 1893; Luc- 
ien, 1899; Palmyre, 1901; Diogene, 
1903; Armand, 1905. 

HEBERT, Jules Euclide (Rev.), 

Danville, Que. Born Sherbrooke, 
Aug. 14, 1872, son Alphonse and Ar- 
zetie (Gendron) Hebert; French; E. 
Sherbrooke Seminary, of which he 
was director 1898-1900; assistant at 
Coaticook 1900-1902; secretary to 
Bishop 1902-04; appointed parish 
priest at Danville 1904; Roman Cath- 


HENDERSON, Ernest Henry, B.A., 
M.Sc., M.D.C.M., Mansonville, Que. 
Born Rockburn, Que., July 17, 1874, 
son William and Margaret (Rowe) 
Henderson; Scotch, great grandfather 
came from Ireland and settled in 
Huntingdon about 1825; E. Hunting- 
don Acad and McGlll, graduated 
B.A. 1899 and Academy Diploma ; 

taught two years Huntingdon Acad., 
then entered McGill Med. School, 
graduating with honors, 1905; spent 
one year in Royal Victoria Hospital; 
took N. Y. State Board license exams, 
and practiced medicine for year at 
Champlain, N.Y., then located at 
Mansonville; obtained M. Sc. degree 
1905 for original research work in 
biology on osteroid development; 
Mayor of Potton, 1914; warden of 
Brome County in 1917; pres. Man- 
sonville Board of Trade; A.F. & A.M. 
R.A M., D.D.G.M., Shefford and 
Brome 1915; Conservative; Presby- 
terian; married Carola M., daughter 
Frank A. Cautwell, Franklin Center, 
Oct. 14, 1908; one son, Ernest Row- 
land, 1912. 

HIBBARD, John Nelson, Ayer's 
Cliff, Que. Born Fitch Bay, Que., 
March, 1881, son David and Harriett 
(Terwilligar) Hibbard; English, 
David Hibbard, father, veteran of 
Civil War; E. public schools and 
Magog Acad., School Commissioner, 
Mayor 1912; P.G. of I.O.O.F.; Lib- 
eral; Anglican; engaged in farming; 
employed by B. & M. since 1902; 
married Gertie M. Bacon, 'Ayer's 
Cliff, June, 1901; one son, Kenneth 

HILL, George Maunder, Hatley, 
Que Born Crewy's Morchara, Dev- 
onshire, Eng., April 17, 1891, son of 
George M. and Rhoda Louise Hill; 
English; E. Polytechnic, London, 
Eng.; Lieutenant 26th Dragoons, 
awarded certificate St. John's Mili- 
tary School 1914; ass't postmaster at 
Hatley; Conservative; Anglican ; 
came from England in 1907, and was 
engaged in farming, later employed 
in store of M. W. LeBaron, which he 
bought out later; volunteered for ac- 
tive service with first contingent, 

HILL, James Monroe, St. Armand, 
Que. Born at St. Johnsbury, Vt., 
July 3, 1855, son of Jas. Monroe and 
Louisa P. (Morse) Hill; English; E. 
at Lamoille Central Academy, at 
Hyde Park, Vt. ; entered the mercan- 
tile business in 1877 at Morse's Line 
and has continued in the same busi- 


ness at the same place, organizing in Justice of Peace; member A.F. & 

1916 a stock company known as J. M. A.M., Y.M.C.A.; Liberal; Anglican; 

Hill, Inc., of which J. M Hill is presi- married Annie A. Inglis, daughter of 

dent; in 1907 commenced building Chas. Inglis, Waterloo, Que., Sept. 

i'el. system connecting his Morse Line 26, 1883; children, Percival G., 1892; 

business with store at St. Armand, Eva A., 1901. 
Que., which he purchased in 1905 

known as the Joseph Guerin Estate, HILLHOUSE, Alvin Percival, Fos- 

later selling interest in latter to be ter, Que. Born Bondville, Nov. 9, 

able to give his time to telephone sys- 1866, son William P. and Elizabeth 

tern and his Morse's Line business; R (Pibus) Hillhouse; Scotch; father 

has built upwards of 110 miles of line born in Ayrshire, Scotland; E. Knowl- 

known as the Hill telephone line, ton High School; farmer and poultry 

and had nearly 400 subscribers in breeder; manager Dominion Govern- 

1912, and sold same out to Lanoue & ment Poultry Station, Bondville, 

Trahan; interested in real estate Que., 1898-1907; managing director 

building several houses for rent, also of the Eastern Townships Poultry 

interested in farming; bought butter Farms, 1909-14; interested in poul- 

for several years on Bedford Market try and produce business; known 

for Montreal houses; has been an ac- throughout the province as an expert 

tive director of Missisquoi Co. Agr'l poultry judge having acted in this 

Soc. for upwards of 20 years, and has capacity for Dominion Government 

held the office of president of same; at many of the large shows held in 

elected councillor Jan. 13, 1890, re- the Dominion; Liberal; Anglican; 

elected continually up to 1917, elect- married Lena Soles, daughter 0. J. 

ed Mayor 1893, '94, 1915-16 and Soles, Knowlton, Que., Oct. 11, 1897; 

elected Mayor under 1917 new muni- children, Agnes, 1899; Beatrice, 

cipal code by acclamation for 1917 1903; Margaret, 1908; William P., 

and 1918, elected warden for Co. of 1909; Dorina, 1915. 
Missisquoi 1894-1916 and again in 

1917; member I.O.O.F., A.F. & A.M., HILLS, William Edgar, Waterloo, 
R.A.M., M W. of America; Conserva- Que. Born Waterloo, Que., Jan. 17, 
tive; Methodist; married Mary Fuller, 1873, son Horace and Francis (Gin- 
daughter of Loyal Fuller, of Franklin, nis) Hills; elected to Waterloo Coun- 
Vt.; children, Estelle B., 1878; Mabel cil 1912; pro Mayor 1914; treasurer 
A., 1880. A.F. & A.M.; Liberal; Methodist ; 

married Alice E. Drew, Way's Mills, 

HILLHOUSE, William Mills, Sher- Oct., 1897; one son, Reginald H. W., 
brooke, Que. Born Bondville, Dec. 1899. 
22, 1859, son of Wm. P. and Eliza- 
beth (Pibus) Hillhouse; Scotch, HODGE, James Alton, Eaton, Que 
father born in Ayr, Scotland, Jan. 29, Born at Eaton, April 11, 1846, son of 
1833, came to Canada at age of 16 James and Almeda (Colby) Hodge; 
years, resided at Frost Village for English; grandfather came from Ver- 
some years and finally settled in mont and settled in Eaton in 1800; 
Brome Co.; E. at Cowansville and E. at Eaton Academy; twelve years 
Knowlton High Schools; after com- member of Eaton Council, Mayor 
pleting education taught school in four years, resigning in 1912 ;direc- 
Brome Co. for three years, was also tor Compton Co. Agrl. Soc. 51 years, 
C.P.R. Ry. agent at Knowlton and president since 1905; Conservative; 
Foster for two years; prop, of Congregationalist; successfully ope*- 
"Maplewood," well known summer ates farm of over three hundred 
resort at Bondville, Brome Lake, for acres; specializes in Percheron horses 
2Q years; Dominion Fruit Inspector and Durham cattle; a strong sup- 
at Montreal 1908 to 1913; appointed porter of good roads movement, and 
sec -treas. E. T. Immigration Society educational advancement; married 
and E. T. Associated Boards of Jerusha A. Williams, daughter of 
Trade, Sherbrooke, April 1, 1914 ; Hiram Williams, Cookshire, March 


21, 1867, who died in 1908; children, and M.W.A.; Liberal; Anglican; 
Nellie M., 1872; Archie A., 1875 ; married Mary Gertrude Barney, 
Edith G., 1887. daughter of Augustus Barney at Frei- 

ighsburg, Que., Feb 25, 1885; chil- 

HODGE, Volney F., Eaton, Que. dren, Nellie Gertrude, 1886 ; .A A. 
Born at Eaton, Nov. 18, 1880, son of Leland, 1889; Merrill H., 1894; 
David E. and Ann (Gamsby) Hodge; George W., 1897. 
English; grandfather, David Hodge, 

came from Vermont to Eaton in 1800 HOLMES, George Washington, 
and cut the first tree where the vil- Mansonville, Que. Born Berkshire, 
lage of Cookshire now stands; E. Vt., March 23, 1865 son of N. W. 
public schools and Eaton Academy; and Celia (Ross) Holmes; English; 
member No. 10 Company, 58th Batt., E. public schools and Sutton and 
under Capt. Hodge; Fenian Raid vet- Dunham Academies; ten years in 
eran of 1870, receiving $100 grant store in Boston, Mass., with Wm. Fe- 
from government in 1912; member line & Co. as buyer in cloak dept. two 
Eaton Council and Mayor for nine years; returned to Canada 1892 and 
years; vice-president Canadian Tele- established business as general mer- 
phone Co.; A.F. & A M.; Conserva- chant Mansonville, where he has de- 
tive; Methodist; when a young man veloped extensive trade; school corn- 
succeeded his father on farm near missioner; Postmaster Mansonville 
Eaton village, where he gave special 1893 to 1896; asst. P.M 1911; A.F. 
attention to raising beef cattle; car- & A.M.; Conservative; Anglican; 
ried on extensive lumber operations married Miss Manson, daughter D. A. 
in Dorchester County and other sec- Manson, Mansonville, Oct. 16, 1894; 
tions; retired from farming in 1912 children, Dorothy K., 1895; Colin M., 
and is now engaged in looking after 1897; Majory R., 1900; George F., 
farm property and his other business 1902. 
interests; married Mary E. Clough, 

daughter of Wm. Clough, Sawyer- HOLMES, Thomas Robert, Dix- 
ville, May 21, 1873; children, Cora ville, Que Born at Kingsbury, Que., 
A., 1876; Eva M., 1901. Sept. 25, 1870, son of John A. and 

Sarah (Patrick) Holmes; English, 

HODGE, William Alexander, mer- grandfather came from Plymouth, 
chant, Stanbridge East, Que. Born Jing., when a young man and settled 
Stanbridge East, Jan. 6, 1850, son of in Township of Durham, Drummond 
Abram and Mary (Proper) Hodge; County; E. public schools; as young 
Councillor (Mayor one year) munici- man engaged with Henry Belrose, 
pality of Stanbridge, school commis- general blacksmith, Averill, Vt., later 
sioner, etc.; Liberal; Methodist; mar- carried on blacksmith business at Is- 
ried Eva Jenkins, (deceased 1881) ; land Pond, Vt., also at Baldwin's 
second, Eva Bedard, daughter P. Be- Mills; for some time with G.T.R. and 
dard, Bedford, Que., May 31, 1884; B. & M., as car foreman; came to Dix- 
children, Edmund L. and Nellie A. ville in 1903, erecting shop and carry- 
ing on general blacksmith business; 

HOLDEN, Artemas Homer, Frel- elected school commissioner 1913; 
ighsburg, Que. Born at St. Armand member I.O.O.F., C.O.F., 1.0 F, A.O. 
Centre, Que., March 8, 1859, son of UiW., Lake Lyster Fish and Game 
Artemas and Helen L. (Whitney) Club; Anglican; Conservative; mar- 
Holden; English; Frelighsburg High ried Mabel F. Drew, Coaticook, Nov. 
School and Eastman National Busi- 30, 1891; children, Edward F., 1893; 
ness College, Poughkeepsie, N.Y. ; sec- Doris D. 
retary of village of Frelighsburg for 

seventeen years; secretary-treasurer HOSKINS, John Edwin, merchant, 
Missisquoi and Rouville Mutual Fire Sutton. Born at Stanbridge, April 
Insurance Co. since Oct. 28, 1887; 21, 1870, son of Leander and Jane 
30 yrs. councillor village of Frelighs- (Scott) Hoskins; English, family 
burg; R.A.M., R.G., K.O.T.M., I.O.F. coming from New England and set- 



tling first near Adamsville, later at 
Stanbridge and finally at Sutton 
about 1880; E. public schools; em- 
ployed in mercantile trade succes- 
sively at Knowlton, Sutton and Mont- 
real; 1903 established business at 
Sutton as general merchant, at first 
in partnership with Mr. H. O'Regan 
and latterly alone; I O.O.F. ; Angli- 
can ; Conservative ; married Delia 
Scofield, of Sutton, Sept. 9, 1896, de- 
ceased 1907; children, Grace E., 
1899; Stewart L., 1901; Alta, 1904; 
Delia, 1907. 


HOULAHAN, Forrest P., 71 Lon- 
don St., Sherbrooke, Que. Born at 
Sherbrooke, Sept. 13, 1875, son of 
Thomas and Margaret (Parker) 
Houlahanj English; E. at Sherbrooke 
High School; after leaving school en- 
tered employ of W. H. Fuller & Co., 
grocers, Sherbrooke, 1893; in 1898 
remained with T. W. Fuller & Son 
who purchased said business; in 1903 
in partnership with E. H. May pur- 
chased the interest of said firm doing 
business under name of May & Houla- 
han, one of the largest grocers in the 
Eastern Townships; member I.O.O F . 
being Past Grand Master, also mem- 
ber Sherbrooke Snowshoe Club; Con- 
servative : Presbyterian ; married 

Mary E. McDonald, daughter of An- 
gus McDonald, Sherbrooke, Que., Oct. 
18, 1898; children, Marion, 1899; 
Margaret, 1905. 

HOUSE, George Howard, Beebe, 
Que. -- Born at Stanstead, June 2, 
1857, son of John L. and Mary Ann 
(White) House.; English, grand- 
father coming from Massachusetts to 
Beebe in 1800; E. St. Francis College, 
Richmond, and Stanstead College; 
served many terms as councillor and 
school commissioner, also as mayor 
and chairman, always being elected 
by acclamation; succeeded father as 
postmaster in 1896, resigned 1912 
and made ass't same year; I.O.O. F., 
C.O.F., and I.O.F ; member Frontier 
Club; Liberal; Methodist; in mercan- 
tile business with Charles McClintock, 
later formed partnership with E. G. 
Miller under name of Miller & House, 
owners of large nurseries at Beebe; 
one of five who formed Moir Granite 
Co. at Beebe and Graniteville. This 
company was instrumental in con- 
structing railroad Beebe to Granite- 
ville. Although partner is deceased 
carries on business under old name ; 
both Canadian and American post 
offices are located in same room, Mr. 
House being ass't postmaster of Can- 
adian and clerk in American; mar- 
ried Clara Hinman, Derby. Vt., April 
3, 1880; children, Ethel M., Lyman 
P., Gracia I., Olive E., Claire H. 

HOVEY, Philip A., 34 Quebec St , 
Sherbrooke. Born at Hatley, Que., 
April 30, 1857, son of A. and Amanda 
(Flanders) Hovey; English; tradition 
says that Hovey ancestors were 
among the early pioneers of Conn., 
great grandfather, Capt. E. Hovey, 
and wife came to Hatley among earl- 
iest settlers; E. at public schools; af- 
ter leaving school entered employ of 
Smith & Adams, wholesale meat deal- 
ers, Springfield, Mass., which position 
he held for 12 years; returning to 
No. Hatley in 1887 purchased farm 
which he conducted until forming 
partnership with his brother Fred 
Hovey as Hovey Bros., meat dealers: 
in 1894 removed to Sherbrooke and 
formed stock co. known as Hovey 
Bros. Packing Co. ; this firm has been 



owners of large farms in vicinity of 
Sherbrooke and always much inter- 
ested in agricultural matters, also im- 
provement of live stock; served as 
councillor Township of Hatley; mem- 
ber St. George's Club; Conservative; 
married Frances J. Clapp, daughter 
of Wm. Clapp, of Springfield, Mass., 
Dec 24, 1881; children, Frank A., 
1883; Rexford W., 1893; Waldo C., 


HOWARD, Benjamin Gate, Sher- 
brooke, Que. Born Stanstead, Dec., 
1865, son of James and Clarinda 
Howard; Scotch and Irish descent; 
E. Stanstead; served nine years as 
alderman of Sherbrooke; president 
Sherbrooke Hospital, formulating 
plans and being instrumental in 
carrying through to completion new 
hospital; chairman executive board 
of management Stanstead Wesleyan 
College; Mr. Howard is one of the 
pioneers of the pulpwood and lumber 
business in the province and has ex- 
tensive interests. Twenty years ago 
he formed partnership with T. M. 
Craig, as Howard and Craig. They 
shipped first car of pulpwood off Q. 
C. R. and shipments in one year have 
reached 9200 carloads. Firm of B. C. 
Howard & Co. was formed in 1906, 
Chas B. Howard and David J. Sails 
entering firm. Mills operated at sev- 
eral points. Mr. Howard is also presi- 
dent and general manager St. Law- 
rence Lumber Industrial Co. and di- 
rector International Lumber Co. He 
is vice-president Sherbrooke Iron 

Works, Ltd., dir. Sherbrooke Tile and 
Brick Co., dir. S. & S. Mutual, pres. 
Sherbrooke Real Estate Co., etc. He 
has extensive land interests both in 
West and in Sherbrooke. Was di*v 
E. T. Bank and opposed sale to Can- 
Bank of Commerce ; is member ad- 
visory board for E. T. of C. B. of 
C. Mr. Howard has shown much in- 
terest in general welfare of Sher- 
brooke and to his munificence the Y. 
W. C. A. owes its present fine home 
which he donated. He is now devel- 
oping fine residential property known 
as Howard's Park to which general 
public have access; Liberal; Metho- 
dist: married Helen Sails, daughter 
of Stephen Sails, Stanstead; one son, 
Charles B., 1886. 

HOWARD, Chas. Benjamin, Sher- 
brooke, Que. Born at Smith Mills, 
Sept. 27, 1886. son of Benjamin C. 
and Helen (Sails) Howard; E. Sher- 
brooke High School, Stanstead Col- 
lege and Bugbee Business College; 
member firm B. C. Howard & Co., 
Alderman Little Lake Magog, chair- 
man Road Committee; Gov Sher- 
brooke Hospital ; Trustee Stanstead 
Wesleyan College; member Inter-- 
national Lumber Co., Dir. of B. & L. 
Mfg. Co., pres. Sherbrooke Tile & 
Brick Co., dir and sec'y Sherbrooke 
Iron Works Ltd. and has interests in 
St. Lawrence Lumber Co., Normount 
Realty Co., Quebec, etc.; has been 
associated with his father in exten- 
sive lumber operations since 1904, be- 
coming partner in B. C. Howard & 
Co., in 1906; was president Stanstead 
Alumni Ass'n, 1912-13; member Y. 
M. C. A.: Liberal; Methodist; married 
Alberta M., daughter of A. G. Camp- 
bell, Sherbrooke. June 3, 1908; chil- 
dren, Benjamin C., 1910; Douglas S., 
1912; Harold A., 1914 

HOWE, Edwin, Hatley. Born at 
Barnston, in 1841, son of Jonas and 
Patience (Hollister) Howe; English 
descent, ancestors coming from New 
England among early settlers of Stan- 
stead County; Mr. Howe's great 
grandmother was the famous Jermina 
Howe who was cantured by the In- 
dians at Vernon, Vt.. and taken to 
the Indian village of St. Francois 
from which she subsequently made 
her escape, her story being among the 




most thrilling of pioneer tales; E. 
Barnston Academy; took out license 
at auctioneer 41 years ago and prev- 
ious to that was for five years auc- 
tioneer at Lawrence, Mass. ; has con- 
ducted more sales than any other 
auctioneer in this section of Canada; 
Councillor, sec'y-treas. Hatley 17 
years; school com., Mayor Hatley vil- 
lage ; A.F. & A.M. ; in politics inde- 
pendent; Baptist; married Inez L. 
Perry, daughter of Joshua and Mar- 
ion B. (Oliver) Perry, Stanstead, 
1866; children, Ralph E. and Minnie 
M., Nina E. and Kenneth R. (de- 

HOWE, Eber, Dixville, Que. Born 
at Barnston, Jan. 31, 1846, son of 
Jonas and Prudence (Hollister) 
Howe; elected to Dixville Council 
about 25 years ago, and served sev- 
eral terms since; Mayor four times; 
married Artimissa Lovell (deceased 
1915) at Bamston, Dec. 25, 1874 ; 
children, Annie J., 1875; Julia A., 
1877, (deceased 1899) ; Cora M., 
1880; Hector H., 1885; Helen H., 

HUDON, Alfred Joseph, Richmond, 
Que. Born at Sherbrooke, Qce., Oct. 
12, 1858, son of Jos. and Mary-Ann 
(Camirand) Hudon; French; Coun- 
cillor Richmond since 1900, Mayor 

1912 and 1916; school commissioner 
since 1902; J. P.j C.O.F., Knights of 
Columbus; Liberal; Roman Catholic; 
married Rosemary Donnelly, daugh- 
ter of late Andrew Donnelly, Rich- 
mond, Que , July 27, 1891; has six 

HUGHES, Lewis Adolphus, Bish- 
op's Crossing, Que. Born in Loniere, 
Beauce Co., July 17, 1883, son of 
Robert J. and Christina (Hillsinger) 
Hughes; Irish, grandfather settling in 
Beauce, 1820; E. public school and 
Gray's Business College, Portland, 
Me.; member Dudswell Rifle Assn.; 
Independent; Presbyterian; engaged 
in farming for several years in 
Beauce Co. ; carried on pulp and lum- 
ber business in vicinity and in Maine 
in 1908 he and his brother purchased 
general store from M. J. Flemming, 
Bishop's Crossing, under firm name 
of Hughes Bros. 


HULBURD, Gordon Richard, Bed- 
ford, Que. Born at Cowansville, 
July 4, 1882, son of Heman and De- 
borah (Gilbert) Hurlburd; English; 
grandfather, Henry Hulburd, coming 
from Vermont in 1827, died at Cow- 
ansville, 1913, age 93 years; E. Bed 
ford Acad. ; member Bedford Council 



since 1913; member Board of Trade 
and Missisquoi Agr'l Soc. ; A.F. & 
A.M. ; Liberal ; Anglican ; half owner 
of Bedford Stove Co since 1905; 
married Corinne Gilmour, youngest 
daughter of late Col. Gilmour, Stan- 
bridge East. June 26, 1906; children, 
Janet D. (deceased) ; Margaret G., 

HULBURD, Heman, Bedford, Que. 
Born at East Farnham, Que., Sept. 8, 
1853; English, father came from Ver- 
mont 1827; member Council at Cow- 
ansville several years, also elected to 
board of councillors, Bedford; pur- 
chased interest in Bedford Stove Co., 
1895, became sole owner 1905, and 
later sold one-half interest to his son, 
Gordon R. ; Liberal ; married Deborah 
A. Gilbert, Adamsville, deceased 
1907; 2nd, Deborah Beattie, Stan- 
bridge East, Jan. 13, 1914; children, 
Cora R., 1879; Gordon R., 1882; 
Harry S., 1886, deceased March 26, 
1912; Henry Arthur, 1915. 

HUME, Wm., Leeds Village, Que. 
Born at Leeds Village, Que., Dec 4, 
1842, son of Wm. and Maria (Lan- 
caster) Hume; Scotch; Sec.-Treas. 
Leeds Municipal Council since 1880; 
sec.-treas. school board for seventeen 
years; Conservative; Methodist: mar- 
ried Alice Jamieson, daughter of Wm. 
Jamieson, Leeds, Que., Dec. 25, 1866; 
Children. Geo. L., 1868; Mary. 1872; 
Gordon M., 1883; Lucy H., 1876, de- 
ceased 1912. 

HUME, Dr Geo. L., Sherbrooke, 
Oue. Born at Leeds, Que., Sent. 8, 
1868, son of Wm. Hume: Scotch: E. 
at McGill University, M.D.C.M., Fel- 
low American College of Surgeons; 
School Commissioner City of Sher- 
brooke; Conservative; married Eliza- 
beth S. Smith, of Leeds, Oct., 1894; 
children. Marjorie A., William E., 
John Polwarth. 

HUME, Dr. Gordon Mackenzie, 

Sherbrooke, Que. Born at Leeds. 

Sept. 4, 1883, son of William and A. B. HUNT 

Alice (Jamieson) Hume; Scotch; E. 

at Leeds and Compton Model Schools, HUNT, Aylmer Byron, ex-M.P., 

Danville Academy, McGill University, Bury, Que - Born at Bury, Que., 

M.D.C.M., graduated McGill 1905, April 26, 1864, son of James and 

house surgeon, Montreal Gen. Hospi- 
tal, 1905-06; practiced at Compton 
1906-09; studied at Edinburgh and 
Glasgow 1909-10; began practice in 
Sherbrooke in 1910; post graduate 
work at Chicago, Rochester and New 
York; School Commissioner, Comp- 
ton; member A.F. & A.M., St. Fran- 
cis Golf, Curling Club, St. George's 
Club; Conservative; Anglican; mar- 
ried Olive Lee, daughter of F. W. 
Lee, Augusta, Me., June 8, 1914. 

HUME, William Lyman, M.D C.M., 

Leeds, Que. Born at Leeds, July 15, 
1850, son of John and Ellen (Craig) 
Hume; Scotch-Irish, parents coming 
to Leeds about 1822, being among 
the early settlers of the county; E. 
Leeds, Quebec High School, Morin 
College, McGill University; degree 
M.D.C.M., graduated 1875 and estab- 
lished office at Leeds; unsuccessful 
candidate for Prov. Leg. 1884; com- 
missioner Superior Court; I.O.F., 
Leeds Rifle Club; Conservative; An- 
glican; married Amelia E. Aylwin, 
daughter of James Aylwin, Leeds, 
Dec. 23, 1878; children, Helen A., 
1882; Elizabeth G., 1884. 



Jane (Stokes) Hunt; English, father 
coming to Canada in 1838; E. Bury 
Model School. Trader and lumber 
merchant; Anglican; unsuccessful 
Liberal candidate, provincial elec- 
tions, 1900, elected to House of Com- 
mons 1904, defeating R. H. Pope by 
295; election was contested, and in 
by-election, Jan. 4, 1906, again won, 
this time by 350. Re-elected 1908, 
defeated by F. R. Cromwell, 1911, by 
majority of 76; director International 
Land and Lumber Co., British Can- 
adian Industrial Co., Ottawa South 
Realty Co., Ottawa, and Pres. Mt. 
Royal Annex Realty Co., Montreal; 
member of firm of Chadburn & Hunt, 
real estate, Montreal; married Annie 
Dawson, England, Nov. 10, 1892 ; 
children, Walter G., Arthur J., 
Gladys I., Fern E., Jennie M., Lena 
E., Ernest A. 

HUNT, Herbert Henry, Sawyer- 
ville, Que. Born at Bury, April 8, 
1861, son of James and Jane 
(Stokes) Hunt; E. Bury, Que.; mem- 
ber Sawyerville Council, 1890-1915, 
Mayor 1910; pres. Can. Tel. Co., 
1902-1907; postmaster Sawyerville, 
1899-1911; I.O.O.F., I.O.F.; Liberal; 
Anglican; began business as general 
merchant in 1887; dealer in pulp- 
wood, farm implements, carriages, 
etc,, also interested in agriculture ; 
married Henrietta Goodenough, Bury, 
Que ; children, Lloyd H. and Blanche 

HUNTER, Archibald M., merchant, 
Foster, Que. Born at Brome, Que., 
Nov. 9, 1863, son of William C. and 
Jane P. (Clark) Hunter; Scotch; 
father born in Montreal and mother 
in Ayr, Scotland; E. at Missisquoi 
High School, Sweetsburg ; was 
Agent for C.P.R. at Brome from 1888 
to 1897; built store in Brome in com- 
pany with his brother, A. A. Hunter, 
and carried on gen. store as Hunter 
Bros, from 1889 to 1902 when his 
brother retired and business was car- 
ried on for two years alone ; came to 
Foster in 1902 and bought present 
business from E. C. Inglis; ass't post- 
master at Foster since 1901; member 
A F. & A.M., charter member Knowl- 
ton Lodge No. 28, I.O.O.F.; Con- 

servative; Anglican; married Eva E. 
R. Hillhouse, daughter of W. P. Hill- 
house, Bondville, Oct. 24, 1899. 

HUNTER, Thomas Daniel, Hatley, 
'Que. Born at Hereford, Compton 
County, April 11, 1872, son of 
Thomas W. and Esther R. (Heath) 
Hunter; Scotch, grandfather, John 
Hunter, coming from Scotland and 
settled in Compton County about 
1825; E. in public schools; in 1895- 
1903 engaged in ice business, Boston; 
returned to Compton and engaged in 
general farming and stock raising; 
sold farm property in 1907 and pur- 
chased Hatley House, Hatley, in same 
year from A. Pelleron; conducted 
hotel business until 1912; established 
flour, feed and grain business at Hat- 
ley that year, conducting same since ; 
member I.O.O.F., Victoria Lodge, No. 
16, Coaticook, Que.; Conservative; 
Anglican; married Jennie M. Carr, 
Massawippi, Que., Nov. 27, 1901. 

HURD, Alonzo George, Sawyer- 
ville, Que. Born at Randboro, Feb. 
12, 1882, son of George G. and Ach- 
sah (Hodge) Kurd; English, grand- 
father, Luke Hurd, coming from Ver- 
mont and originally settled in Stan- 
stead, moving to ownship of Newport 
in 1838; E. High School and Ontario 
Business College, Belleville, Ont. ; 
Sec.-Treas. Village of Sawyerville, 
Sec.-Treas. Canadian Telephone Co., 
I.O.O.F., Conservative; Anglican. 
After leaving college succeeded his 
father as a farmer at Randboro on 
the homestead owned by his family 
for nearly eighty years; later he sold 
the farm and moving to Sawyerville 
and bought out electric light plant, 
which he now owns; married Evelyn 
F. Robinson, daughter of late James 
Robinson, Eaton, Aug. 28, 1912; one 
son, George, Aug. 12, 1913; one 
daughter, Bertha Evelyn, May 15, 

HURD, Albert Elijah, Ayer's Cliff, 
Que. Born at Massawippi, June 5, 
1878; English; E. public schools; 
Councillor 1912-13, sec'y Stanstead 
County Conservative Assn ; I.O.O.F. ; 
Conservative; Anglican; with B. & M. 
Ry. at Sherbrooke 1898-1900, Itele- 


graph operator and ticket agent, untarily reducing in rank in order to 
1901-04, resigned and formed part- get to front; joined 53rd Sherbrooke 
nership with A. E. Fish & Son; in Regiment Can. Militia in 1908 as 
1907 bought out A. E. Fish & Son, private. Sergeant 1909-1914, Lieut 
and now conducts general mercantile 1914-15 at Sherbrooke; qualified as 
business; married Bessie F. Davis, Lieut. Dec., 1914; qualified as Cap- 
Ayer's Cliff, Que., Oct. 12, 1904>el*il- tain at Halifax Royal School of In- 
dren, Albert Stanley, Malcolm F. fantry, June, 1915; qualified as Field 

Officer at Halifax Royal School of In- 

HUTCHINS, Horace Albert, K.C., fantry, Jan., 1916; enlisted for over- 
"Cloverly," Rosemount Ave., West- seas service in 35th Battery in Nov., 
mount, Que. Born at East Farnham, 1915, and transferred to 117th E. T. 
Que., Oct. 9, 1859, son of Rodney Batt. Dec. 4, 1915, as Captain and 
Hutchins and Harriett Hulburt; E. at 2nd in command of Sherbrooke Corn- 
East Farnham, St Francis Business pany. Later, reverted to Lieut, in 
College, Richmond and McGill Uni- order to get to firing line, 
versity; B.C.L. and K.C.; Liberal; An- 
glican; married Arvilla L. Moran, IRWIN, Lieut. Basil, 60th Batt. 
daughter of Jas. Moran, St. Johns, C.E.F., 9th Brigade, 3rd Can. Div., 
N.B., Nov., 1892. France. Born at Kincardine, Ont., 

June 22, 1893, son of H. and M. W. 

Ilrwin; one year with the Merchant's 
Bank and three years with the 

Fletcher Pulp & Lumber Co.; joined 

IRVINE, Lieut. Eldon Coulter, the 60th Infantry Batt. at Montreal, 
Stanstead, Que. - - Born at Huron June, 1915, as signalling officer, went 
Co., Sept. 17, 1876, son of Henry and to Bramshott in Nov., 1915, and to 
Dorothy Irvine; Scotch and Irish; E the front Feb 19, 1916; previous to 
at St. Mary's, Ont. Collegiate Insti- joining the 60th Batt. was a Lieut, in 
tute and Toronto University, B.A. the 53rd Regt. and also held a first- 
1903 and M.A. for 1904; obtained a class qualification as signaller, 
commission in 53rd Regt. 1910, took 

a course in signalling in 1912; on IRWIN, Johnson J., Waterloo, 
Dec. 20, 1915, was given a com. in Que. Born at Shefford Vale, July 7, 
117th E. T. Batt. as signal officer; 1872, son of John and Maria J. 
most of the members of the Signal (Purdy) Irwin; graduate Toronto 
Corps of this Batt. were his old stud- Vet. College ; elected Waterloo Coun- 
ents; went overseas in summer of cil 1909 and 1912; A.F. & A.M., I.O. 
1916, previously professor of Math. O.F. ; Conservative; Methodist; Cap- 
and Science in Stanstead College tain C.A.V.S ; married Laura I. Bax- 
from 1903 to 1908; was principal of ter, Bedford, Que., who died in 1909; 
Sherbrooke High School 1908-11; children, L. Pearl, 1898. 
P.M. Golden Rule Lodge, No. 5, A.F. 

& A.M ; P.F.P. Lively Stone Chapter, i 

Royal Arch Masons; Methodist; mar- J 

ried Alice Clarke Hutchison, daugh- 
ter of C. B. Hutchison of Lyndon- JACK MAN, Orvis Harrison, 
ville, Vt., June 24, 1908; children, Granby. Que. Born at Abbottsford, 
Dorothy Alice, 1909; Esther Hutchi- Que., Dec. 25, 1858, son of Elman 
son, 1910. and Jeanette (Rowell) Jackman; 

family came from N. H and settled 

IRVING, Capt. Thos., 12 Magog in Abbotsford among earliest in that 
St., Sherbrooke, Que. Born at Lang- section; E. public schools; member 
holm, Scotland, Feb. 14, 1890, son of A.F. & A.M., Sussex Preceptory, 
James and Lilian (Johnston) Irving; Sherbrooke, Karnak Temple, Mont- 
E. at Langholm Academy, Scotland; real, P.D.D.G.M. for Shefford and 
Capt. 117th E. T. Batt. C.E.F., going Brome; president Granby Fish and 
overseas with battalion and later vol- Game Club ; Conservative ; Methodist ; 



after leaving school farmed for sev- 
eral years near Granby, later took up 
residence in Granby village and en- 
tered employ of the Granby Rubber 
Co.; in 1892 resigned said position 
and in 1892 took up life assurance 
work; one of the chief promoters in 
organizing Protective Ass'n of Can- 
ada for masons only; sold interest in 
ass'n in 1909 and entered into part- 
nership with W. S. Dresser & Co. 
mgr. North Am. Life Assurance Co. 
in Eastern Townships; in 1910 re- 
tired from said firm and accepted po- 
sition with same company as inspec- 
tor for P. Q ; resigned in 1913 ac- 
cepting salaried position with the Sun 
Life as travelling solicitor in Quebec ; 
qualified for membership in the Mac- 
Auley 100,000 Club with the Sun Life 
Co. and has now the distinction of 
being the largest personal producer 
of life assurance in the Eastern 
Townships and won the silver cup in 
6 months contest in 1915 for greatest 
amount of personal business produced 
in his district; 1916 elected councillor 
Granby, married Sybil E. Rowell, 
Abbotsford, Que., Nov. 12, 1884; 
children, George W., 1885; Helen M., 
1887; Mabel E., 1888; Alberta M., 
1893; Orince R., 1902. 

JAMESON, Claude Brigham, Bed- 
ford, Que. -- Born at Clarenceville, 
Que., March 9, 1858, son of Captain 
Henry and Elizabeth (Deuel) Jame- 
son; many years extensive exporter 
of hay; Major Canadian Militia; for 
several years Mayor of Clarenceville: 
for two years warden of Missisquoi 
County; chairman Clarenceville 
Board of Trade for several years; 
president Missisquoi County Liberal 1 
Association from 1912 to date; I.O. 
O.F. ; I.O.F. ; Liberal; Methodist; mar- 
ried Jane Hawley at Clarenceville, 
"ue.. Feb. 28, 1883; children, Arthur 
C., Harry W., Mary E., D'Arcy D., 
Murray C., 1896, (deceased 1913); 
Lillias E., 1901. 

JENKINS, Clarence Lee, merchant, 
Smith's Mills, Que. -- Born Smith's 
Mills, March 1, 1883, son of Charles 
A. and Clara (Ruiter) Jenkins; Eng- 
lish; E. Stanstead College and Bug- 
bee College; Postmaster Smith's 

Mills; A.F. & A.M., I.O.O F., member 
Scott Fish & Game Club; Stanstead 
Rifle Ciub and Columbian Club; Lib- 
eral; Methodist; member of firm of 
Jenkins Bros., . general merchants; 
Charles R. Jenkins withdrew from 
firm in 1904, and since that time he 
has carried on the business alone. He 
also operates grist mill and is inter- 
ested in lumber business; married 
Grace E. Pike, Derby Line, Vt., June 
24, 1908; children, Henry Lee and 
Florence Pike. 

JENKINS, Chas. Ruiter, Rock Is- 
land, Que. - - Born at Smith Mills, 
Que., June 18, 1881, son of Chas. 
and Clora A. Jenkins; English; E. at 
Stanstead College; general store 
business at Smith Mills, sold out and 
went into lumber business with H. W. 
Merrill as firm of Merrill and Jen- 
kins, sold out and went into overall 
business with A. J Bissonnett under 
style of Peerless Overall Co. ; mgr. 
Stanstead Farming Co., Ltd., direc- 
tor of Royalty Silver Black Fox Co., 
director Fur Breeders, Ltd., Mayor of 
Rock Island, trustee of Stanstead 
College; A.F. & A.M.; Liberal; Meth- 
odist; married Anna K. Spalding, 
daughter of Wm. Spalding, Derby 
Line, Vt, June 24, 1903; children, 
Chas. S., 1909; Wm. Francis, 1913. 

JENKINS, Harry Charles, commer- 
cial traveller, Beebe, Que. Born at 
Stanstead, Que , Feb. 5, 1859, son of 
J. Thomas and Lydia M. (House) 
Jenkins ; English ; grandfather, 
(Thomas P. Jenkins) came from 
Portsmouth and settled in Stanstead 
Co. about 1820; E. public schools and 
Stanstead College; elected to Beebe 
Council 1898, and served since with 
exception of one year; was Mayor in 
1914 and delegate to County Council 
etc. ; as a young man was with Hugh 
W. Buchanan, general merchant, 
Sheffield, Vt., later at Lyndonville, 
Vt., as clerk for Wm. Young; in 1883 
accepted position with Ames Holden 
& Co., Montreal, represented said 
firm in Huntingdon district and East- 
ern Townships until 1896; in 1896 
accepted position in same territory 
for Whitham Shoe Co., Montreal, un- 
til this firm closed out their business 



in 1901; that year accepted position 
with James Robinson, wholesale boot 
and shoe dealer, Montreal, which po- 
sition he holds at date. Mr. Jenkins 
has covered same territory since 
1883, carrying same line of goods and 
is one of the best known commercial 
travellers in Southern Quebec; 1892-5 
v.p. Eastern V t. Breeders' Assn. ; Lib- 
eral; Methodist; married Agnes L. 
Worth, Stanstead, Que , May, 1888, 
deceased May 10, 1913. 

JENKS, John Nathaniel, Barnston, 
Que. -- Born at Barnston, July 18, 
1848, son of Dr. Nathaniel Jenks and 
Lucy (Thornton) Jenks; English; E. 
Barnston Academy, St. Francis Col- 
lege, Richmond, St. Johnsbury Acad- 
emy and Dartmouth College ; commis- 
sioner Barnston School Board and 
chairman for two years; resigned as 
Justice of Peace; A.F. & A.M.; Con- 
servative; after leaving Dartmouth in 
1870 accepted position as principal of 
Barnston Academy, which position he 
held for ten years; went to farming 
for short period, after which he again 
became principal, this time for four 
years; appointed Custom Officer at 
Coaticook in 1892, resigning in 1896. 
Since that date has been engaged in 
general farming and stock raising on 
farm near Barnston village. Always 
interested in the question of good 

roads, and overseer when the Valley 
Road was cut through forest from 
Barnston to Coaticook thirty-five 
years ago ; married Catherine S. C. 
Cole, daughter of William Cole, 
Montreal, Sept. 23, 1902; children, 
John D. L., 1909; W. Wallace T., 

JENNE, Lewis Llewellyn, Sutton, 
Que. Born at North Pinnacle, Que., 
April 2, 1868, son of Lorenzo D. and 
Mary Ann (Hope) Jenne; manufac- 
turer syrup cans and piece tinware, 
also conducts undertaking business; 
member Sutton Council, school com- 
missioner for several years; Mason, 
Oddfellow; Conservative?; Methodist; 
married Olive M. Reid, at Sutton, 
Dec. 23, 1889; children, Reid, Frank 
L., Kenneth, Mabel A., Olive R., Gor- 
don B., Mary H. 


JODOIN, Louis Joseph, N.P., Wat- 
erloo,, Que. Born at Waterloo, Sept. 
28, 1885, son of Louis Jodoin and 
Josephine (Comtors) Jodoin; French- 
Canadian; E. Marist College, St. 
Charles Seminary, Sherbrooke, Laval 
University, Montreal, Que., B.L., 
L L.B., Mayor Waterloo, sec.-treas. 
Board of Trade, managing director 



La Caisse Populaire, chairman Le 
Club Canadian; Conservative; Roman 
Catholic; practicing notary public at 
Waterloo, Que. 

JOHNSTON, Frank Austin, bank 
manager, Ayer's Cliff, Que. Born at 
Lennoxville, Que., Oct. 23, 1876, son 
of Willard and Mary (Mitchell) John- 
ston; Scotch and Irish descent; E. 
Lennoxville Academy and Ontario 
Business College, Belleville, Ont. ; 
manager Canadian Bank of Com- 
merce, Ayer's Cliff, and Past Presi- 
dent Ayer's Cliff Board of Trade : 
member I.O.O.F., C.O.F.; Methodist; 
married Ella A. McFadden, daughte ~ 
of Robert McFadden, Sr., at Lennox 
ville, May 22, 1906. 

lington St., Sherbrooke; 1912 owing 
to increase in business moved to pres- 
ent premises, 24 King St. ; member of 
Photographers' Ass'n of America; in- 
terested in athletic sports, many 
years a member of Sherbrooke la- 
crosse and hockey teams; A.F. & 
A.M., K.T., I.O.O.F., Y M.C.A.; Inde- 
pendent; Presbyterian; married Vio- 
let Hopkinson, daughter of Wm. Hop- 
kinson, Sherbrooke, Que., Nov. 3, 
1897; one daughter, Veda V. 


JOHNSTON, George, 27 Walton 
Ave., Sherbrooke, Que. - - Born at 
Sherbrooke, Que., Jan 26, 1871, son 
of William and Jane (Sangster) 
Johnston; Scotch; father was born in 
Aberdeen, Scotland, came to Sher- 
brooke, 1870; E. at Sherbrooke; 
learned photography with the late 
Geo. H. Presby, Sherbrooke, later 
went to Windsor, N.S., and for some 
time had charge of studios in that 
place, also Quebec city; in 1895 pur- 
chased business of L. Mayhew, Wel- 


JONES, Dr. Charles Rhodes, Hat- 
ley, Que. Born Hatley, Que., Oct. 1, 
1852, son of John M. and Caroline 
(Rhodes) Jones; Welsh; grandfather, 
John Jones, came from Wales to Hat- 
ley, Stanstead Co., Que., about 1815, 
served in Rebellion of 1837; was 1st 
Pres of S. & S. Mutual Fire Ins. Co. ; 
E. High School, Montreal, and McGill 
College: received degree M.D.C.M. of 
McGill 1874; president Hatley Board 
of Trade since organization ; member 
Stanstead Agricultural and Horticul- 
tural Societies; A.F. & A.M., (P.M. 
Golden Rule No. 5) P.D.D. St. 
Francis District; Conservative; An- 
glican; after graduating in 1874 
started practice at Bury, Que In 
1876 removed to Hatley where he has 
been in active practice since, being 
one of the oldest practitioners in the 


Townships; married Margaret A. V 

Macdougall, Montreal, Dec. 14, 1880; 1* 
children, H. Montgomery and Helen 

Ruth. KAY, William Frederic, M.P., 

B.C.L., Philipsburg, Missisquoi Co: 
Born at Montreal, May 18, 1876, son 

JONES, George Edson, Waterloo, of W. F. Kay and Harriette N. Jen- 
Que. - - Born at Waterloo, Feb. 5, kins; English; E. in England and Mc- 
1865, son of Joseph H. and Amelia Gill University, degrees B.C.L. Mc- 
(Booth) Jones; Welsh; grandfather, Gill University; farmer; Lieut. 13th 
Thomas Jones, came from Wales in Scottish Light Dragoons in June, 
1833, locating at Dunham, Que.; E. 1905; has been Mayor of Phillips- 
Waterloo Acad., Newton, Mass., High burg since 1905; Warden of Missis- 
School and Montreal Business Col- quoi in 1913 and 1914; organized 
lege: member Waterloo Board of Missisquoi branch of Canadian Pat- 
Trade; A.F. & A.M., I.O.O.F., C O.F., riotic Fund in Sept., 1914, and was 
R. T. of T. ; Liberal; Episcopal; as appointed chairman and treasurer, 
young man engaged in farming near which offices he still holds; in 1903 
Waterloo; secretary for Normantum went into the breeding of pure bred 
Mills Co., Boston, for two years; em- live stock, establishing Ravensdale 
ployed by C.P.R. as clerk at Sher- Stock Farm at Philipsburg, where he 
brooke and Waterloo; in 1893 entered breeds Ayrshire cattle and Clydes- 
C.V.R. service and appointed resident dale horses. The Ayrshire herd is well 
agent C.V R. and Dom. Exp. Co., and favorably known, being consid- 
Waterloo; married Emma E. Booth, ered one of the leading herds of that 
Waterloo, Que., Sept. 20, 1893; chil- breed in the province; was president 
dren, George Eric, 1898; Donald of Missisquoi Agr'l Assn. in 1907 
Beebe Booth, 1901. and 1908; was elected to represent 

Missisquoi in the Federal House at 
the general elections in 1911; Lib- 

JONES, Charles Owen, Bedford, eral; Anglican. 
Que. Born at Bedford, March 17, 

1870, son of George and Harriett KEEN AN, William Henry, Rich- 
(Macdonald) Jones; hardware mer- mon d, Que. Born at Gould, Ling- 
chant; chairman Prot. S. C. 1910-11- w i c k, July 8, 1861, son of John and 
12; twice pres. Missisquoi Historical R os i e (Donaghue) Keenan; Irish; 
Soc.; postmaster at Bedford 1905 to came to Compton County 1831; 
1912; sec.-treas. Missisquoi Agricul- Mayor, Councillor and School Com- 
tural Society 1910 to date; sec. Mis- missioner in Township of Lingwick 
sisquoi Lib. Ass'n; Liberal; Metho- for about 25 years; E. high schools of 
dist; married Nellye M. Albee, of Compton County; societies, C.O.F., 
Champlain, N.Y , June 20, 1907: one Wolfe County Fish and Game Club; 
daughter, Eleanor and one son, Conservative; Roman Catholic; en- 
Charles, gaged in hotel business at Spring Hill. 

Que., 1883-85; from 1885-1888 con- 
ducted hotel at Gould, Lingwick, Que. 

JUTRAS, Philip Wilfrid, Farnham. 1885-1888 engaged in farming. own- 
Born at Windsor Mills, June. 1879, ing dairy and stock farm at Gould; 
son of Leopold and Mary J. (Maher) 1889-1894 worked at Sawyerville 
Jutras; French; E. at Richmond; Hotel for L. Willard; 1895 conducted 
Richmond postoffice 1896 to 1905: hotel and restaurant at Beecher Falls, 
1906 with C.P.R. at Farnham; 1908 N.H.: 1896 purchased hotel at Saw- 
opened general insurance office Farn- yerville, Que., and eight years later 
ham. doing extensive business; mem- sold property and acquired St. Jacobs 
ber Farnham Board of Trade ; one of Hotel, Richmond, Que. ; enlarged and 
organizers E. T. Associated Board* improved this property and made it 
and Immigration. Soc. : member "K. of second to none in Southern Quebec. 
C.; Conservative; Roman Catholic. Mr. Keenan is very widely known to 



the travelling public and no man 
could be more deservedly popular; 
married Martina McDermott, New- 
port, Sept., 1895. 

KERRIDGE, Frederick Ernest, 

Cowansville, Que. Born at Liver- 
pool, Eng., Nov. 22, 1870, son Sam- 
uel G. Kerridge and Sarah (Turner) ; 
English; E. at Cambridge House 
School, Seaforth, Lane.; arrived in 
Canada in 1892; returned to England 
in 1895 and came back to Canada the 
same year; entered employ of L. 
Gnaedinger Son & Co., wholesale fur- 
riers until 1901; entered service of 
E. T. Bank, Granby, Que., in 1901; 
after being transferred to Montreal 
in 1902 was appointed teller in Cow- 
ansville in 1904; became manager in 
Frelighsburg closing Sovereign Bank 
and opening for E. T. Bank in 1908; 
he was appointed manager at West 
Shefford in 1910 and manager at 
Cowansville in 1914, succeeding Mr. 
H. F. Williams; member I.O.O.F.; 
Conservative; Anglican; married Jen- 
nie Gertrude Reynolds, Montreal, 
April 29, 1896; children, S. Marguer- 
ite, Arthur W., Isabel, Dorothy. 

KEZAR, Albert Scott, No. Hatley, 
Que. Born at Massawippi, Que,. 
April 22, 1878, son of Albert H. and 
Laurena (Griffin) Kezar; E. No. Hat- 
ley Academy; elected to No. Hatley 
council 1914; appointed postmaster 
of Reed's Crossing, Nov. 1, 1914; 
C.O.F., I.O.F.; Conservative; Uni- 
versalist; married Kathleen Shean 
Oct. 22, 1902; children, Kathleen B. 
and Evelyn L. 

KIDD, Robert, Stanbridge East, 
Que. Born at Cupar, Scotland, Feb. 
13, 1860, son of George and Jean 
(Smith) Kidd; served as councillor in 
Stanbridge East, Mayor of said town 
several times; postmaster 1905 to 
1912; Liberal; Methodist; married 
Lucy F. Palmer, daughter of Lyman 
K. Palmer, at Stanbridge East, Feb. 
22. 1883; children, Annie G., George 

KILBURN, John Prmdle, Coati- 
cook, Que. Born at Coaticook, July 
4, 1886, son of Marcellus and Jane 


(Bonner) Kilburn; English ;-E. Coati- 
cook Acad. ; entered his father's 
studio and on his death in 1909 took 
over his business and conducted it 
until 1912 when he moved to St. 
Johnsbury, Vt., and followed various 
lines of work. After leaving St. 
Johnsbury he went to Claremont, 
N.H., later returning to Coaticook 
where again took up photography in 
all its branches. Married Gladys E. 
McCrillis, St. Johnsbury, Vt., April 
7, 1913; one son, J. Elmore. 

KINGSLEY, Edgar Austin, Saw- 
yerville, Que. Born at Eaton, Que., 
Feb. 24, 1860, son of Henry 0. and 
Adeline (Leavitt) Kingsley; Eng- 
lish; family came to Canada from 
New England States about 1830 and 
settled in Compton County; E. public 
schools; elected school commissioner, 
Sawyerville, 1894-1904; chairman 
school commissioners, 1904-1908; 
councillor Sawyerville 1909 to date; 
charter member I.O.F. ; Conservative j 
Methodist; engaged in contracting 
and building, 1880-1887; general 
merchant, Dixville, Que., 1888; mer- 
chant Bulwer for five years; pur- 
chased business of J. R. Cunningham, 
general merchant, Sawyerville, 1893, 
continuing and extending business as 
well as dealing in pulp and lumber; 


largely interested in agriculture, eral farming having purchased prop- 
owning a large stock farm near Saw- erty near West Shefford and later ex- 
yerville, breeding Clydesdale horses changed for present farm property 
and registered Shorthorn, Durham within corporation of West Shefford 
cattle, specializing in thoroughbred village; as councillor favored and 
stock only, producing some of the worked for obtaining loan for pur- 
best blood in the province ; married pose of improvement of highways un- 
Ermina M. Williams, Bulwer, Que., der the good roads act of 1912; 
Dec. 20, 1887; one son, Earle Gordon, strong advocate of improvement of 
Nov. 10, 1892. education facilities in rural sections; 

councillor for West Shefford village 

KINNEAR, John L., Inverness, for many years; Mayor two terms; 

Que. Born at Kinnear's Mills, Dec. Liberal ; Anglican ; married Mary Ann 

15, 1845, eldest of family of four- Miner, daughter of Harlow Miner, of 

teen, son of James and Harriet (Wil- West Shefford, Que., Oct. 27, 1880; 

son) Kinnear; Scotch and English; children, Cora R., 1883; Homer J., 

father born in Edinburg, came to 1885. 
Quebec 1830, and to Kinnear's Mills 

1840; E. public schools, spent some KNOWLTON, Frederick Augustus 
time in Montreal learning trade of Kinney, Knowlton, Que. - - Born at 
millwright; conducted saw and flour Knowlton. June 10, 1855, son of Luke 
mill at Kinnear's removing to Inver- M. and Emma C. Knowlton; family 
ness 1869; engaged in mill operations among earliest settlers in townships; 
along Q.C.R. till 1880 when he erect- Postmaster 1896-1911; School Corn- 
ed carding flour and saw mill 2% missioner; Knowlton Board of Trade; 
miles fi'om Inverness; retired from president Brome County Liberal As- 
active business 1904 in favor of his sociation 1894-1896; health officer, 
sons; Conservative; Presbyterian; etc.; member A.F. & A.M., I.O.F., 
married Susan M., daughter of Adam Knowlton Fish and Game Club; Lib- 
Bailey, Leeds Village, Jan. 22, 1867; eral; Anglican; married Sarah A. J. 
children, Arthur A., 1868; James A., Corey, deceased 1897; second, Minnie 
1876; Hattie W., 1872; William A., M. Morse, of Hatley, May 15, 1901; 
1878. children, Fred L., Brenda C., Mar- 
guerite, 1889. 

KIRW1N, Henry Gunn, Beebe, 

Que. Born at Quebec City, Jan. 6, KNOWLTON, Wm. Keen*. South 

1875, son of William and Elizabeth Stukely, Que. Born at So Stukely, 

(Gunn) Kirwin; Irish, parents com- Que., March 27, 1842, son of Stephen 

ing to Quebec in 1850; E. Bishop's p - Knowlton and Elizabeth Hilhker; 

College School, Lennoxville; member English, from Kent, grandfather 

A.F. & A.M.; entered Merchants among associate taking up land in 

Bank, at Sherbrooke, 1892; resigned Canada in 1800, and settled in So. 

in. 1902 and joined E. T. Bank; ac- Stukely, Que.; sec.-treas. of school 

countant Rock Island 1907; manager municipality, South Stukely, also sec.- 

of Beebe, Que., branch when opened; treas. for council of said municipality 

Anglican; married I. Grace Mathew- for man y years; Liberal; Church of 

son, Lennoxville, Dec., 1902; one son, England; married Pameha A. P. Day, 

John William. daughter of W. H. and C. M. Day (the 

latter the Townships historian) of 

KNOTT, Charles Henry, West Chambly, Que., May 17th, 1870.1 five 

Shefford, Que. Born at West Shef- children, 

ford, Que., April 17, 1858, son of | 

Chas. and Catherine (Taylor) Knott; L 
Irish, father was born in Ireland and 

came to West Shefford when a young LACHAMBRE, Ovila, Brome, Que. 
man where he lived all his life and Born at St. Marcelles, Aug. 21, 1857, 
where he died; E. common schools; son of Antoine and P. (Dalpe) La- 
Mr. Knott has always followed gen- chambre; French, grandfather, An- 


toine Lachambre, coming from Board; appointed Justice of Peace 
France and settling in St. Marcelles, 1905; A.F. & A.M.; Liberal; Angli- 
Que. ; E. public schools; 1888 entered can; married Milend Westover, de- 
employ C.P.R., promoted to freight ceased 1893; 2nd, Hattie Westover, 
and then passenger conductor; 1902 at Sutton; eight children, 
purchased Central House, Brome, 

which he has since conducted; chair- LAJOIE, Felix Irene, Coaticook, 

man R. C. School Board, Brome, for Que. Born at St. Liboire, Que., July 

8 years, resigning 1913; member 18, 1880, son of F. X. and Delphine 

Brome Co. Agr'l Soc. and Knowlton (Trembly) Lajoie; French; member 

Board of Trade ; St. Joseph Union and Coaticook Board of Trade, Knights of 

O.R.C., Knowlton Fish and Game Columbus, C.O.F., St. Jean Baptiste 

Club; Roman Catholic; Liberal; mar- Soc., Alliance Nationale, etc.; Con- 

ried Hermine Morel, deceased 1905; servative; R. C.; after leaving school 

Virgine Morel, deceased 1913; mar- engaged with D. Beauvais, dry 

ried Militde Gingras, Feb. 10, 1915; goods merchant, St. Hyacinthe, and in 

one son, Victor R., 1881. 1896 with E. P. Dupuis, merchant, 

Coaticook, continuing for eight years; 

LACROIX, William. Born Sher- on account of ill health retired from 
brooke, May 10, 1865, son of Jean dry goods store and for one year en- 
and Felicite (Sevigny) Lacroix ; E. gaged with A. Gerin, grocer, Coati- 
Sherbrooke Academy; started busi- cook; in 1905 established dry goods 
ness in 1900 in firm of Boucher and business in partnership with his 
Lacroix; since 1910, firm organized brother, Alexander Lajoie; in 1913 
as Boucher, Lacroix and Fisette, .gen- purchased partner's interest and con- 
eral clothing merchants; member ducted a very successful business 
C.O.F., St. Joseph Soc., Alliance Na- since; 1913 purchased fruit ranch in 
tional, Knights of Columbus; Liberal; Okanagan Valley, B.C., also interest- 
Roman Catholic; married, 1st, Delina ed in Queen City_Realty Co., Quebec; 
Fisette (deceased 1910; 2nd, Geor- married Maria Dionne, Coaticook, 
giana, daughter of Alfred Gadbois, Nov. 4, 1902; children, Rodolphe, 
Sherbrooke; children, Medora Roger, 1907; Gustave, 1913. 
1894; Gaston, 1905; Gabriel, 1906. 

LAKE, Alvin Lockhart, Cookshire, 

LACROIX, Jos. Emile, 13B. Gil- Que. - - Born at Cookshire, July 5, 
lespie St., Sherbrooke, Que. Born at 1859, son of Samuel and Mary (Hall) 
Wotton, Que., April 13, 1885, son of Lake; engaged in mill and lumber 
Adolphe D. and Aurelie (Gervais) business since 1883, also farming, 
Lacroix; French; E. at St. Charles breeder of Durham cattle; member 
Seminary, Sherbrooke; for some Cookshire Farmers' Club; Conserva- 
years was clerk for J. M. Nault; in tive; Congregationalist; married 
1911 entered into partnership with Emma Lebourveau, daughter of 
Mr. Nault doing business as Nault & Henry Lebourveau, at Cookshire, 
Lacroix, proprietors of the New Sher- March 30, 1884; children, Roy, 
brooke Clothing Store, also share- Ada M., Henry A., (deceased) ; Eliza- 
holder and director of the J. M. Nault beth L. 
Ltd. ; member of Sherbrooke Board of 

Trade, Knights of Columbus, C.O.F., LAMBLY, William Harvard, Reg- 

etc. ; Roman Catholic ; married Jeanne istrar, Inverness, Que. Born at Hali- 

Lacroix, daughter of Jean Lacroix, fax, Que., Dec. 1, 1839, son of John 

Sherbrooke, Que., July 31, 1909. R. and Ann (Mackie) Lambly; grand- 
father was Capt. John Lambly, harbor 

LAFLEUR, James, merchant, Sut- master, Quebec, and great grand- 
ton, Que. Born at Collins Manor, father, John Lambly, Ipswich, Eng. ; 
Que., April 4, 1845, son of Amable E. Newbury Seminary, Vt., and Vic- 
and Jane (Sails) Lafleur; member toria Univ., Cobourg, Ont. Registrar 
Sutton Township Council some years Megantic Co. for over 53 years, be- 
ago; member Sutton Township School ing appointed 22 Nov., 1862, and is 




oldest registrar in province; sec'y- 
treas. council and school com. for 48 
years; councillor, mayor, J. P.; Good 
Templar, being Grand Chief Templar 
for 31 years, has attended conven- 
tions of order both in America and 
Europe, including those at Hamburg, 
1911, and Christiania, 1914; ardent 
advocate of prohibition, having 
fought the traffic relentlessly all his 
life, an orator of power, his stirring 
eloquence having inspired to action 
thousands of citizens in the fight for 
prohibition; Odd Fellow, Forester; 
neutral in politics; Methodist, having 
held many offices both at home and in 
the church conferences; supt. Inver- 
ness Meth. Sunday School over fifty 
years; married Isabella Davidson 
Brown, (deceased Oct. 5, 1909), 
daughter of Rev. W. D. Brown, La- 
chute, Que., 25th June, 1863; chil- 
dren, Marion Isabella, 1864; William 
Davidson, 1867; Morley Osborn, 
1868; Ernest Harvard, 1870; Norman 
Elliot, 1874; Annie Agnes, 1880. 

LAMBLY, Dr. Wm. Davidson, 139 

Laporte Ave., Montreal. Born Inver- 
ness, March 14, 1867, son of W. H. 
and Isabella D. (Brown) Lambly; 
father was born in Canada and 
mother was born in Scotland; E. at 

Inverness Academy, Cobourg Col- 
legiate Institute and McGill Univers- 
ity, M.D. C.M., Dist. Med. Officer for 
the Grand Trunk Ry. at St. Henry, 
Montreal; societies, A.F. & A.M., 
S.O.E.B., I.O.O.F.; Liberal; Metho- 
dist; married Jennie Isabella Mc- 
Kelvie, daughter of Wm. McKelvie, 
Inverness, Que., Dec. 23, 1897; chil- 
dren, Comrie Stewart, Marion 
Edythe, Leslie Harvard, Jean Nelson, 
Russell McLennan. 

LANCTOT, Louis Agaphte, Rock 
Island, Que. - - Born at La Prairie, 
Que., March 3, 1846, son of Theophile 
and Harriett (Hachin) Lanctot; 
French ; great grandfather came from 
France and settled near St. Johns, 
Que.; E. public schools; served in 
Rock Island Council since 1898; 
Mayor of said council 1906-08; school 
commissioner 1890-95; charter mem- 
ber St. Joseph Benevolent Society; 
Conservative; Roman Catholic; mar- 
ried E. Goulet, of La Prairie, Que., 
Oct. 10, 1870; children, Oscar T., 
Angelina, Maria, Corrine, Clovis H., 
Clara and Joseph. 

LAURIER, Hon. Lieut.-Colonel the 
Right Hon. Sir Wilfrid, B.C.L., 
C.M.G., D.C.L., LL.D., K.C. Direc- 
tor Mutual Life Assurance Co. Born 
St. Lin, Que., Nov. 20, 1841, son of 
Carolus Laurier, P.L.S., and Marcelle 
(Martineau) Laurier; E. public 
school, St. Lin ; New Glasgow, Que. ; 
L'Assomption College; McGill Uni- 
versity (B.C.L., 1864; LL.D., honors, 
1898) ; Toronto University (LL.D., 
honors, 1897); Oxford (D.C.L., hon- 
ors, 1897); Cambridge, (D.C.L., hon- 
ors, 1897) ; Queen's University (D.C. 
L., 1898) ; Edinburgh University (D. 
C.L., 1902); Laval University (D.C. 
L., 1902; Lit.D., 1902); Glasgow 
University (LL.D., 1911). Read law 
with the late Hon. R. Laflamme, 
1860; called to the Quebec Bar; 
created K.C. (Marquis of Lome), 
1880; successfully practised his pro- 
fession in Montreal, where he was 
partner late Mederic Lanctot; subse- 
quently practised Arthabaskaville, 
where he was partner present Judge 
Lavergne and late E. E. Richard ; 
Batonnier of Bar (Arthabaska, 1889; 




was for a short time engaged in jour- 
nalistic work in his earlier years; in 
addition to his law practice ; married, 
May 13, 1868, Miss Zoe Lafontaine; 
El. to Legis. Assembly for Drum- 
mond and Arthabaska, 1871. Resign- 
ed to contest same riding for Ho. of 
Commons at g.e., 1874, and was 
elected. Sworn of Privy Council and 
apptd. Minister of Inland Revenue in 
the Mackenzie Admn., Oct. . 1877. 
On going back for re-electioii was 
defeated by D. O. Bourbeau, who ob- 
tained a majority of 40. I. Thibau- 
deau, mem. for Quebec East, resign- 
ed and Mr. Laurier was el. in his 
place. Re-el, for Quebec East at g.e., 
1878, 1882, 1887, 1891, 1896 and 
1900. Re-el, to Ho. of Commons at 
g.e., 1904, 1908, 1911, for Quebec 
East. El. leader of the Opposition, 
Ho. of Commons, 1887. On defeat of 
the Tupper Ministry at g.e., June 23, 
1896, was called on by Lord Aber- 
deen, Governor-General, to form a 
Ministry, July 8, 1896. Represented 
Canada on the occasion of the cele- 
bration of Her Majesty Queen Vic- 
toria's Diamond Jubilee at London, 
June, 1897, when created a Knight 

Grand Cross of the Most Distinguish- 
ed Order of St. Michael and St. 
George. Presented by Pres. of France 
with the Star of a Grand Officer of 
the Legion of Honour, at Havre, July 
29, 1897, the highest rank but one of 
the national order. Received in aud- 
ience by His Holiness the Pope, Aug. 
12, 1897. A mem. Joint High 
Commn., which met at Quebec, Aug. 
23, 1898, to discuss questions affect- 
ing jointly Great Britain, Canada and 
the United States. Welcomed the 
Duke of Cornwall and York to Can- 
ada, Sept., 1901, and accompanied 
the Royal party during the progress 
through the Dominion. Attended 
Colonial Conference, which began in 
London, June 30. In 1907 attended 
the Imperial Conference at London. 
In 1911 attended the Imperial Con- 
ference in England and represented 
Canada at the coronation of Their 
Majesties King George V. and Queen 
Mary. Following the defeat of his 
party at the polls September 21, 
1911, on October 6th tendered the 
resignation of himself and Cabinet to 
Earl Grey, and advised His Excel- 
lency to call upon Mr. R. L. Borden, 
leader of the Opposition, to form a 

LARKIN, John Joseph, Eastman, 
Que. Born at Kinsington, P.E.I., 
Aug. 25, 1869, son of Thomas and 
Louise (Dunn) Larkin; Irish; E. pub- 
lic schools; member Eastman council, 
Board of Trade and pres. Breeders' 
Association; employed by C.P.R. for 
some years; held position of conduc- 
tor with said co. eight years, resigned 
1900; for some time farming, later 
with O.M.R., C.N.R. and Algoma Rail- 
ways in capacity of conductor; Con- 
servative; Roman Catholic; married 
Emma Vaughan, daughter of John 
Vaughan, Mystic, Que., 1896. 

LAROCHE, Joseph Aime, Coati- 
cook, Que. Born at Coaticook, June 
25, 1888, son of Francois and Lucie 
(Biron) Laroche; French; E. Coati- 
cook Acad. and Commercial College; 
anointed Joint Registrar in 1914, 
also - T oint Clerk of Circuit Court, suc- 
ceeding late Otis Shurtleff and Com- 
missioner Superior Court, District of 




St. Francis; member Union St. Jos- 
eph and C.O.F. ; Liberal; Catholic; 
travelled for C. S. Hyman & Co., Lon- 
don, Ont., 1911-14; with hardware 
firm of W. C. Webster & Son, Coati- 
cook, for some time; married Berna- 
dette Jalbert, Coaticook, June 21, 
1909; children, Hector L., Therese, 
Leopold and Carmen. 

LA ROCQUE, The Rt. Rev. Paul, 

R. C. Bishop of Sherbrooke, son of 
late Albert and Genevieve (Daig- 
neault). - - Born at Ste. Marie-de- 
Mannoir, Que., Oct. 28, 1846; E. 
Colleges Ste. Therese and St. Hya- 
cinthe, Que., Oct., 1869; Vicar, Key 
West, Florida, 1869-75; Cure 1875- 
80; studied theology and canon law, 
Rome 1880-83, granted D. D. and 
D.C.L. there; visited Europe and the 
Holy Land; 1883-84 Rector Cathedral 
St. Hyacinthe; 1884-93, Canon; con- 
secrated Bishop of Sherbrooke Nov. 
30, 1893; commenced the erection of 
a new cathedral, 1915 ; the third mem- 
ber of his family to be appointed to 
the Canadian Episcopate; attended 
the Plenary Council, Quebec, 1909, 
and the Eucharistic Congress, Mont- 
real, 1910. 

LAROSE, Dr. Joseph Hormisdas, 

West Shefford, Que. Born at Ver- 
cheres, Que., April 13, 1878, son of 
Timothy and Esther (Guertin) La- 
Rose ; French ; began practice at West 
Shefford, 1903; Mayor of West Shef- 
ford for two years; C.O.F., Alliance 
Nationale; K. of C.; Catholic; mar- 
ried Victoria Carrow, at Lachenaie, 
Que., Oct. 20, 1903; children, Mar- 
guerite, Leopold, Madeleine. 

LARSON, Lars, Waterville, Que. 
Born at Sweden, Oct. 22, 1851; 
Swedish; E. public schools; Liberal; 
Congregationalist; came to Canada 
from Sweden in the year 1875; 
shortly after coming to Canada went 
to Sherbrooke and resided there for 
six years, employed in different lines 
of work; in 1882 he returned to Wat- 
erville and for twenty-three years 
was in the employ of Geo. Gale & 
Sons, retiring in 1905; he was school 
commissioner for many years and 
secretary-treasurer of both council 
and school board of Waterville which 
post he still continues to hold; mem- 
ber of R. T. of T. ; married Josephine 
Anderson, Sweden, April 19, 1881 ; 
one son, Lars Victor, 1882. 

LAWRENCE, Henry Daniel, K.C., 

2 Bellevue Ave., Sherbrooke, Que. 
Born at Windsor, Vt., Jan. 26, 1851, 
son of L. W. and Elizabeth Lawrence; 




English; E. at Windsor High School, 
Dartmouth College, Bishop's College 
University, M.A., L.L.B., K.C., firm, 
Lawrence, Morris and Mclver, Advo- 
cates, Sherbrooke; formerly U. S. 
Coast Survey; U.S. Bureau of Edu- 
cation, Washing-ton; in charge U.S. 
Educational Exhibit Centennial Phil- 
adelphia, 1876; U.S. Consul, Sher- 
brooke, 3 years; Principal Sher- 
brooke Academy five years; Board of 
Protestant School Commissioners, 
Sherbrooke, 26 years; chairman of 
board 21 years; warden St. Peter's 
Church; director E. T. Agricultural 
Ass'n; trustee Compton Ladies' Col- 
lege; trustee Bishop's College Uni- 
versity; treasurer St. Francis Bar; 
Batonnier St. Francis Bar; Regis- 
trar Law Faculty, B. C. ; now, hon. 
counsel, B.C.U. ; advisory board St. 
John Ambulance Ass'n; board Y.W. 
C.A.; trustee Y.M.C.A. ; trustee and 
president of Library and Art Union; 
trustee and vice-pres. of Elmwood 
Cemetery Co.; hon. life gov. and vice- 
pres. Sherbrooke Hospital; director 
of Walter Blue & Co.; director of 
Sherbrooke Machinery Co. Ltd.; di- 
rector and solicitor Can. Ingersoll 
Rand Co., Ltd.; director and vice- 
president Rock-a-Rack Co. ; solicitor 
Merchants Bank of Canada; executor 

several estates; member St. George's 
Club, Canadian Mining Institute, 
Sherbrooke Curling and Sherb. Golf 
Club, trustee Gibbs' Home; Conserva- 
tive; Anglican; married Ellen Brooks 
Sanborn, daughter of Hon. J. S. San- 
born, Montreal, Oct. 15, 1879; chil- 
dren, Helen E., wife of Capt. the 
Rev. C. G. Hepburn; Henry Sanborn, 
Gunner 3rd Canadian Siege Battery, 
France ; Kate Wardner, wife of W. 
L. Cassels, Lieut. Can. Engineers. 

LAZURE, Wilfrid, Sherbrooke - 
Born at St. Michel, Que., 1888, son of 
Alexander Lazure; French descent; 
E. at St. Charles Seminary, Sher- 
brooke, and McGill Univ. ; degree 
B.A. of Laval; admitted to bar 1915; 
member legal firm of Nicol, Lazure & 
Couture; was editor of La Tribune in 
1911 and 1912; married Yvonne Ro- 
bidoux, daughter of H. X. Robidoux, 
Granby, Sept. 16, 1916. 


LEARNED, Wm. Edwin, Cookshire, 
Que. -- Born at Cookshire, Aug. 2, 
1882, son of Wm. Henry and Alwilda 
E. (Fisher) Learned; family among 
early settlers; E. at Cookshire Acad- 
emy and Bishop's School, Lennoxville, 
Que. ; manager of the Eastern Town- 
sMps Bank, Ayer's Cliff, Sept., 1907, 
to Nov., 1911; manager at Cookshire 
at the time of the amalgamation with 
Canadian Bank of Commerce, now 
manager at Cookshire of later insti- 
tution; one of the first councillors of 
the village of Ayer's Cliff, Que., 



Mayor of same 1911; president Cook- 
shire Board of Trade 1913-1914; 
member A.F. & A.M. ; Conservative ; 
Anglican; married Emma N. Robin- 
son Forrest at Waterloo, Que., Oct. 
21, 1908 

LEARNED, Homer Brown, Cook- 
shire, Que. Born at Learned Plain, 
Que., May 27, 1857, son of Ebenezer 
and Helen E. (Brown) Learned; en- 
gaged in general farming, specialty 
beef raising; councillor of Newport 
Township for five years, Mayor for 
seven years; school commissioner for 
seven years, chairman for four years ; 
Warden of Compton County 2 years; 
Conservative; Methodist; married 
Elizabeth Beattie, daughter of Wil- 
liam Beattie, at Bromptonville, Sept. 
21, 1880; children, Jeanie H., W. Gor- 
don, Ronald B., Frank B. 


LEARNED, John Francis, Cook- 
shire, Que. Born Cookshire, Nov. 17, 
1857, son of William and Margaret 
(Keenan) Learned, U.E. Loyalists; 
E. Cookshire public schools; chairman 
school commissioners, mayor and 
councillor several years; Colonel 5th 
Regiment of Cavalry (retired) ; P.M. 
A.F. & A.M., Knight Templar; Con- 

servative; Anglican; engaged in gen- 
eral farming and breeder of register- 
ed shorthorn Durham cattle; pur- 
chased Learned's Hotel from estate of 
late Alden Learned in 1912, which 
hotel has been established over sixty 
years; married Emma A. Cook, Cook- 
shire; children, Edith T., Mildred E., 
Gladys E. 

LEBARON, Wilford Eugene, North 
Hatley, Que. Born at North Hatley, 
March 23, 1857, son of Chauncey and 
Eunice C. (Hitchcock) LeBaron, 
who were descendants of Dr. Francis 
LeBaron, who landed at Plymouth, 
Mass., from the Mayflower in the 
year 1620 ; family among the 
early settlers of Stanstead Co. ; 
Educated at public schools and Stan- 
stead College; councillor North 
Hatley sever?J years, member first 
school board of North Hatley, 
also chairman for many years, 
resigned in 1914 ; was instru- 
mental in forming Board of Trade at 
North Hatley; president in 1913 and 
re-elected in 1914; hon. director of 
Stanstead Agr'l Soc. ; Independent; 
Universalist ; married Nellie L. Blos.- 
som, North Hatley, Que., Dec. 17, 
1889; engaged in stock raising and 
general farming; largely interested in 
fattening stock for Montreal market; 
retired from farming in 1914. 

LEBARON, Matthew Wadleigh, 

Hatley, Que. Born at Hatley, Jan. 6, 
1852, son of Japheth (born 1817) 
and Lucy (Wadleigh) LeBaron; 
grandfather (Japheth LeBaron) came 
from New Hampshire and settled on 
lake shore in 1795 and later removed 
to east part of Hatley; E. at public 
school, Hatley Academy and Montreal 
Business College; Postmaster Hatley, 
appointed in 1895; Justice of the 
Peace; member Hatley Board of 
Trade; Stanstead Agricultural So- 
ciety; A.F. & A.M., I.O.O.F., I.O.F.; 
Independent Liberal; Anglican; en- 
gaged with A. F. Adams, Coaticook, 
for eight years as bookkeeper; in 
1880 went to Wisconsin with McMil- 
lan Bros., lumber dealers; in 1885 re- 
turned to Stanstead County and en- 
tered into business at Hatley, Que., 
as general merchant, conducting 


same successfully for 29 years; sold 
business to Geo. M. Hill in 1909 and 
retired; married Dora E. Moody, 
Waison, Wis., April 27, 1887; chil- 
dren, Ashley M., Charles I. (died in 
infancy), Thomas Scott, 1895, (de- 
ceased 1912. 

LEDOUX, Dr. Jo*. Omer, Sher- 
brooke Born at Ste. Rosalie, July 
5, 1871, son of Jos. and Philomene 
(Fournier) Ledoux; French-Canad- 
ian; E. at St. Hyacinthe Seminary, 
Laval University, Montreal, gradu- 
ated in 1896, B.A. and M.D. and Sur- 
geon ; general practice at Upton from 
1896 to 1901; one year in Paris, 
France, for special courses in surgery 
in 1901; established in Sherbrooke 
since 1902; at different times has fol- 
lowed post-graduate in New York, 


Chicago, Rochester and Baltimore; 
chief surgeon of Gen. Hospital 
in Sherbrooke, since 1905, practice 
limited to surgery; alderman of city 
of Sherbrooke 1907 to 1913; member 
of the Board of Trade ; director of 
the E.T. A.A., Sherbrooke ; member of 
American Association of Surgeons; 
Knights of Columbus; Conservative; 
Roman Catholic; married Marie 
Louise Hebert, daughter of Alphonse 
Hebert, Sherbrooke, Que., June 2, 
1896; children, Jeannette, Germaine, 
Juliette, Gaston, Lucienne, Gabriel, 

LEBOURVEAU, Benjamin, R.M.D. 
1, Cookshire, Que. Born at Cook- 
shire, Dec. 20, 1868, son of Henry 
and Pbebe (Currier) Lebourveau; 
ancestors came from France and set- 
tled in New England States, later 
moving to Compton County; E. pub- 
lic schools and Cookshire Academy; 
general farming and stock raising,- 
member Eaton Township Council 
1898-1909; Mayor 1905-1907; secre- 
tary-treasurer since 1909; I.O.F. ; 
Conservative; Baptist; married Sarah 
H. Learned, daughter of Eben 
Learned, at Learned Plain, Dec. 18, 
1895; one son, Homer B. 

LEFEBVRE, Joseph Ephrem, B.A., 
L.L.B., Advocate, Farnham, Que., 
sec'y-treas. Farnham -- Born at St. 
Hughes, Bagot Co., June 17, 1876, 
son of Olivier and C. M. (Tremblay) 
Lefebvre; French; E. St. Hyacinthe 
Seminary and Laval University, tak- 
ing degrees B.A. 1898, and L.L.B., 
1902; opened law office in Farnham, 
appointed sec'y-treas. town 1907; 
member K. of C., Union St. Pierre; 
Liberal; Roman Catholic. 

LEGGE, George, Granby, Que. 
Born at Sibford, Oxon, Eng , June 
16, 1861, son of Edward and Eliza- 
beth (Hunt) Legge; E. British 
School, Banbury, Eng. member A.F. 
& A.M.; Conservative; Methodist; 
came to Canada 1888; mechanical 
supt. Southam Press, Montreal, 1889- 
1900; since that year editor and pub- 
lisher of Granby Leader Mail; mar- 
ried Sarah Jane Carter, Aylesbury, 
Eng., April 12, 1888; one son, Walter 
Roadknight, 1891. 

LEMAY, Joseph-Henri, Advocate, 
Sherbrooke - - Born at Ste. Croix, 
Lotbiniere, Dec. 31, 1885, son of 
Samuel and Arthemise (Lachance) 
Lemay; E. public school, Thetford 
Mines, St. Charles College and Laval, 
B.L. 1905, B.S., B.A. at St. Charles 
College, 1907; L.L.B. Laval, 1910; 
admitted to the bar, 1910; entered 
partnership with C. E. Bachand and 
A. Pigeon, Sherbrooke ; practised pro- 
fession alone since 1914; has devoted 
much time to newspaper work, being 



head of La Tribune, Sherbrooke, two 
years; is author of successful plays 
"L'Espionne Boche," represented for 
first time at His Majesty's, Sher- 
brooke, Feb. 2, 1916; "Le Volon- 
taire," first given Feb. 1, 1917 ; 
dir. La Cie Mutuele d'Immeubles; 
pres. St. Jean-Baptiste Society; pres. 
Union Regionale A.C.C.J.C. ; vice- 
pres Cercle Larocque; director Club 
de Chasse et peche d'Orford; secre- 
tary .Liberal Ass'n of Sherbrooke; 
member of K. of G. ; Artisans Can- 
adiens-Fr. ; Liberal; R. C.; married 
Lumina, daughter of Alfred Gagne, 
Sherbrooke, Feb. 13, 1912; children, 
Henri-Paul, 1912; Marcelle, 1914. 

LEONARD, Edward Philip, Bish- 
op's Crossing, Que. Born at Brook- 
bury, Dec. 29, 1879, son of James H. 
and Ann E. (Duffield) Leonard; E. 
Bury Academy; general farming, also 
lumber interests, implement agent; 
member Dudswell Council 1908-1914; 
Justice of Peace 1907; Liberal; An- 
glican; married Sarah M. Wheeler, 
daughter of Edmond H. Wheeler, at 
Birchton, Que., June 14, 1905. 

LEONARD, A. J. Ernest, Advo- 
cate, Sweetsburg, Que. Born at 
Waterloo, Que., Oct. 7, 1868, son of 

John Francis and Marie A. C. (Gen- 
dreau) Leonard; Irish-French; grand- 
father, Leonard, came from Ireland, 
County Meath, and settled in Wick- 
ham, Que., in 1832; E. Waterloo 
Academy, St. Hyacinthe College and 
Ottawa University; received degree 
B.A. Ottawa University, June, 1889; 
Commissioner Super. Court, District 
of Bedford; held the offices of De- 
puty Prothonotary S. C. and Deputy 
Clerk District of Bedford from Sept., 
1889, to July, 1895, when admitted 
to the Bar of that province; studied 
law with the Hon. J. C. McCorkill and 
the late Hon. H. T. Duffy; on the 
Board of Law Examiners for the pro- 
vince from 1904 to 1910, Batonnier 
of the Bedford Bar from 1910 to 
1912; Conservative; R. C.; married 
to Alice Helena Jones, Sweetsburg, 
Jan. 9, 1905; children, Marjorie 
Alice, Norma Genevieve, Marie Olive, 
Vincent de Loufdres. 


LEONARD, John, K.C., Sherbrooke, 
Que. Born at Stornaway, May 15, 
1855, son of Thomas and Mary 
(Henry) Leonard; Irish extraction; 
E. Nicolet College, St. Francis Col- 
lege, Richmond, L.L.B., Bishop's Col- 



lege; created K. C. 1900; was ad- 
mitted to bar, July 9, 1884; entered 
into partnership with G. L. de Lottin- 
ville which was dissolved after one 
year; practiced alone till 1900; part- 
nership with J. Nicol 1900-2; with P. 
A. Juneau, 1902-15; with J. Roy 
1915; on Nov. 5, 1915, appointed 
Prothonotary of Superior Court for 
St. Francis district; during law prac- 
tice has been connected with -many 
prominent cases, was one of attorneys 
to defend Donald Morrison, known as 
the Megantic Outlaw; Mayor of Sher- 
brooke 1905 ; Batonnier of St. Fran- 
cis district bar, 1908, Catholic school 
com., since 1908; commissioner for 
erection of parishes for diocese since 
1899; revenue att'y for fifteen years; 
member C.M.B.A., C.O.F., K. of C., 
Sherbrooke Fish & Game Club, Tu- 
que Rouge S.S. ; Liberal, having been 
candidate in general election of 1908 
against late Dr. Worthington, losing 
by small margin; Roman Catholic; 
married Margaret Joanna, daughter 
of late William Griffith, Aug. 8, 1893; 
children, Kathleen Margaret and 
Norah Helena. 

LEONARD, Wm. Henry, Cookshire, 
Que. Born at Winslow, Que., Sept. 
16, 1861, son of Thos. Leonard and 
Mary (Henry) Leonard; E. Nicolet 
College, St. Charles Borromee, Sher- 
brooke, and St. Francis College, Rich- 
mond, Que.; in 1885 obtained degree 
of L.L.B. from the faculty of law, 
Bishop's College, Lennoxville, subse- 
quently followed a business course, 
was appointed Registrar for the Co. 
of Compton in 1899. 

LEONARD, Jas. Hugh, Bury, Que. 
Born at Bury, Que., Feb. 11, 1855, 
son of Edward and Mary (Kenney) 
Leonard; Irish; father came to Can- 
ada in 1845 from Ireland, settled in 
Bury on farm, now occupied by Willis 
D. Francis; elected to Bury Council 
in 1893, served continuous since; 
Mayor for several years; chairman 
Bury, school commisisoner 1907 to 
date; Justice of Peace; appointed 
commissioner of town court eight 
years; R. C.; married Elizabeth Ann 
Duffield, Bury, Que., April 15, 1879; 
one son, Edward Philip. 

LEWIS, Rev. William Pheris Roy, 

St. Paul's Rectory, Lachine, Que. 
Born at Sabrevois, Que., Dec. 7, 
1870, son of Benj. P. and Josephine 
(Roy) Lewis; United Empire Loyal- 
ists, emigrated from Wales, settled at 
Poughkepsie, N.Y., and removed to 
Lacolle, Que., at time of American 
Revolution; E. at St. Johns, Que., 
High School, McGill University, 
Montreal Diocesan Theological Col- 
lege, McGill B.A.; Rural Dean of Bed- 
ford 1907-17; member of Corporation 
of Bishop's College, Lennoxville; 
member A.F. & A.M.; Conservative; 
Anglican; married Ethel Hudson 
Hiam, daughter of Thomas Hiam, 
Montreal, 1897; children, Doris Ethel 
1898, and Esther Eileen, 1899. 

LINDSAY, Edward Newton, Bul- 
wer, Que., farmer and dairyman 
Born at Bulwer, July 4, 1841, son of 
Ralph and Susan (Colby) Lindsay; 
father born at Guildhall, Vt., came to 
Bulwer when twenty years of age; E. 
at public schools; councillor for Tp. 
of Eaton for twelve years, also valu- 
ator; Anglican; Conservative; mar- 
ried Ellen Garvin, daughter of John 
Garvin, Cookshire, Oct. 21, 1862; 
children, Nellie S., 1867; Anna G., 
1869, (died 1897); Mabel L., 1879; 
Newton E., 1882. 

LOCKE, Charles Augustus, Cook- 
shire, Que. Born at Cookshire, April 
1, 1860, son of John and Sarah 
(Swett) Locke; English; father came 
with parents from England, and set- 
tled in Tp. of Eaton; E. public 
schools; C.O.F. ; Liberal; Anglican; 
was engaged for a short time in build- 
ing old International Railway from 
Sherbrooke to Lake Megantic; in 
1880 he purchased farm where he 
now resides, and carries on general 
farming; he is one of most successful 
farmers in Township of Eaton; mar- 
ried Mary J. Sample, daughter of 
John Sample, Cranbourne, Que., Oct. 
10, 1882; children, George H., 1883 
(deceased) ; Alice M., 1884 (deceas- 
ed) ; Edwin J., 1886; Charles R., 
1888, deceased 1889; Mildred M., 
1890, deceased 1911; William A., 
1890; Gladys M., 1893; Winnifred 
P., 1895; Ernest C., 1897, deceased 



1900; Harold E. and Howard C. ganized in Montreal; distinguished 
(twins), 1899. services in France; mentioned in de- 

spatches by General Haig; created C. 
M. G. by King, June, 1917; member 
Junior Army and Navy Club, London, 
Eng., St. James' Club, Montreal, St. 
George's Club, Sherbrooke; Conserva- 
tive; married Margaret M. Mundell, 
daughter of Jas. Mundell, Kingston, 
Ont. ; seven children. 

LOVELL, Howard Bush, Coaticook, 
Que. Born at Coaticook, Que., July 
10, 1883, son of late Chas. H. Lovell, 
M.P.. and Ada Bush; E. at CoaticooV 
Academy; senior me_mber of firm of 
Lovell Bros. ; senior member of firm 
of LovelFs Garage ; alderman town of 
Coaticook; A.F. & A.M., I.O.O.F. ; 
Liberal; Anglican; married Fannie J. 
Kilburn, daughter of late M. D. Kil- 
burn, Coaticook, Que., Aug. 7, 1907; 
children, Ruth Geraldine, June 10, 
1908; Chas. Sydney, Oct. 22, 1910. 

LOVELL, Fritz Ernest, Coaticook, 
Que. Born at Coaticook, Sept. 3, 
1866, son of Henry and Artemesia 
Merriman Lovell; Scotch and Ameri- 
can descent; E. at Philips College, 
Andover, Mass., and Williams' Col- 
lege, Williamstown, Mass., receiving 
degree of B.A. ; member of firm of H. 
Lovell & Sons, lumber dealers; presi- 
dent Crocker-Wheeler Co. of St. 
Catharines; Mayor of Coaticook 
1914-15 Knight Templar; Liberal; 
Anglican; married Jean Norton, 
daughter of E. V. Norton, at New 
York City; one daughter, Vevian 
Norwood Lovell. 

LOWERY, James A., East Clifton, 
Que. Born at St. Sylvestre, Aug. 12, 
1874; grandfather came from Ire- 
land; E. public schools; sec.-treas. 
school commissioners, East Clifton, 
from 1902 to 1915; sec.-treas. muni- 
cipality Clifton 1906; assistant post- 
master 1906-14; postmaster 1914; In- 
dependent Liberal; Methodist; moved 
to New England States when young 
man; returned to Clifton in 1900 and 
in partnership with his brother, R. E. 
Lowery, purchased homestead from 
father, and operated farm for four 
years; purchased general store at 
East Clifton in 1905; in 1915 sold 


LOGIE, Henry, Sherbrooke, Que. 
Born Elgin, Scotland, March 7, 1870, 
son of George and Margaret (Mc- 
Bain) Logie; E. High School, Elgin, 
Scotland; engaged in newspaper work 
in Scotland till 1894; on staff of Mc- 
Lean Pub. Co., Toronto, 1895-7; with 
Sherbrooke Examiner 1897-1904; 
since that date member editorial staff 
of Daily Record, now news editor and 
a director of the company; past 
pres. E. T. Press Ass'n; P.M. Victoria 
Lodge, A.F. & A.M.; Past Pres. 
Sherbrooke Burns Club; member 
Board of Trade, Sherbrooke, Sher- 
brooke Curling Club, C.P.A., etc. ; 
Presbyterian ; married Lovina, daugh- 
ter of Henry Thornton, Sherbrooke, 
Nov. 15, 1899; children, Audry W., 
1905; George H., 1910, and Marjory 
J., 1913. 

LOOMIS, Brig. Gen., F.O.W., 34 

Lincoln Ave., Montreal, Canada. - 
Born at Sherbrooke, Que., son of D. 
G. Loomis; English; E. at Sherbrooke 
High School and Bishop's College, 
Lennoxville, Que.; D.S.O. and Legion 
d'Honor; O.C. 5th Royal Highland- 
ers, one of the early battalions or- 



store and purchased grist mill at Saw- 
yerville ; married Bertha Laura Hur- 
ley, daughter of Geo. S. Hurley, East 
Clifton, Sept. 25, 1907. 

LYNCH, Walter, St. Johns, Que. 
Born at Bedford, March 7, 1847, son 
of Thomas and Charlotte (Williams) 
Lynch; E. Knowlton Academy; mer- 
chant at Waterloo, 1875-9; collector 
customs. Port Mansonville, 1879 to 
1912; 1st local mgr. Bell Tel. Co. at 
Mansonville; 1st local mgr. E. T. 
Bank, Mansonville, 1904-12; ap. spe- 
cial officer of customs 1912, serving 
some months at Rock Island, then 


transferred to St. Johns; served as 
sergeant in Knowlton Volunteers dur- 
ing Fenian excitement; was one of 
promoters of Mansonville Aqueduct 
Co. and sec'y-treas. for 20 years; 
chairman Mansonville Model School 
Board, 18 years; I.O.F. ; Anglican; 
married Charlotte M. TarbelL Chel- 
sea, Vt., Aug. 5, 1873; children, Ethel 
C., 1874, died 1888; Walter H., 1876; 
Nellie B., 1879, dec. 1892; Leslie 
Gordon T., 1881; Mary F. M., 1892. 

LYNCH, Walter Harold, Sweets- 
burg, Que. Born at Waterloo, Que., 
Dec. 4, 1876, son of Walter and Mel- 
vina (Tarbell) Lynch; Irish; E. at 

W. H. LYNCH, K.C. 

Montreal High School and McGill 
University; graduated in law as 
Bachelor of Civil Law and Elizabeth 
Torrance Gold Medalist, April, 1899; 
admitted to Bar of P. of Quebec July, 
1899; created King's Council 1914; 
Mayor of Sweetsburg 1910-11-12 ; 
Warden County of Missisquoi in 
1911; coun. village of Sweetsburg 
since 1908; chairman Protestant 
School Commissioner, village of 
Sweetsburg; Batonnier Bar Dist. of 
Bedford 1914-15; Conservative; An- 
glican ; married Editha Angeline 
Thompson, daughter of John Thomp- 
son, North Stanbridge, Que., Sept. 2, 
1903; two sons, Walter, Oct. 20, 
1909, and D'Arcey, 1916. 

LYNCH, Leslie Gordon, Lennox- 
ville. Que. Born at Mansonvi^e, son 
of Walter and M. C. (Tarbell) Lynch; 
Irish descent; E. Mansonville Acad- 
emy; was six years with Gault Bros. 
Ltd., Montreal; one year with Sov- 
ereign Bank; entered service of E. T. 
Bank May 3, 1903; continued with 
Canadian Bank of Commerce at amal- 
gamation. Feb., 1912; manager at No. 
Hatley, March, 1910, to Dec., 1914; 
manager at Lennoxville Dec., 1914: 
sec'y Board of Trade; A.F. & A.M.; 
Conservative; Anglican; married Ger- 
trude Foster Stevens, daughter of 


late Gardner Stevens, at Waterloo, ary, 1887; in acknowledgment of his 
Que., Oct. 20, 1909; children, Mar- public services, was presented by the 
jorie Gertrude, Oct. 31, 1910; Gard- Conservative party with a handsome 
ner Stevens, June 28, 1912. money testimonial, September, 1887; 

member County Council and Warden 
of Brome, several years; appointed a 
member Protestant section, Board of 
Public Instruction, 1897; resigned, 
1900; Governor, Protestant Hospital 
for the Insane, Verdun; twice Presi- 
dent, Provincial Association of Prot- 
estant Teachers; has devoted much 
attention to the promotion of good 
roads association in Quebec; Presi- 
dent, Bedford Good Roads Associa- 
tion, 1907; was instrumental in 
founding the Brome County Histori- 
cal Society, 1897, and was elected 
first president McGill Graduates' So- 
ciety of District of Bedford, 1898; 
Vice-President, Quebec Sunday 
School Union. Gazetted Lieutenant 
52nd Regiment, 1867; served in Fen- 
ian Raid, 1870 (medal). Married 
Ellen Florence Pettes, daughter of J. 
C. Pettes, Knowlton, Que., May. 
1874; has two sons. Anglican. De- 
Deceased 1916. 


LYNCH, the late Hon. William. 

Judge, Superior Court of Quebec. 
Born Bedford, Que., Sept. 30, 1845, 
son of Thomas and Charlotte R. (Wil- 
liams) Lynch. E. Stanbridge Acad- 
emy; McGill University (B.C.L., with 
Elizabeth Torrance gold medal for 
proficiency in Roman law, 1868; L.L. 
D., 1904) ; honors D.C.L., Bishop's 
College University, Lennoxville, 
1913; University of Vermont. Called 
to Quebec Bar, 1868; created K.C. 
(Quebec). 1879; K.C. (Marquis of 
Lome) 1881; practised Sweetsburg 
Knowlton and Montreal; received 
present appointment, 1889; Editor, 
Cowansville "Observer" for a short 
time; member Quebec Legislature for 
Brome, 1871-1889; Solicitor-General, 
Chapleau Administration, 1879-1882, 
and held the Commissionership of 
Crown Lands in the three following 
Conservative administrations, led suc- 
cessively by Mousseau, Ross and 
Taillon; retired from official life on 
the resignation of Mr. Taillon, Janu- 


LYNCH, Dr. William Warren, 

Sherbrooke, Que. Born at Knowl- 
ton, Feb. 19, 1876, son of Judge Wil- 
liam Warren and Ellen Florence 
(Pettes) Lynch; E. Knowlton Acad- 
emy, Collegiate Institute, Montreal, 
McGill Medical School and London, 
Eng.; degrees, M.D.C.M., McGill; 
M.R.C.S. (Eng.); L.R.C.P. (Lon- 
don) ; F.A.C.S. Member St. George's 


Club, Sherbrooke, and The Univer- 
sity (Montreal). Conservative; An- 
glican; married Lottie Orilla Bayley, 
daughter of C. F. Bayley, Beebe, Vt., 
March 25, 1908. 

LYSTER, Christopher Nelson, Rich- 
mond, Que. Born at Kirkdale, Que., 
May 11, 1850, son of Richard and 
Elliora (Smillie) Lyster, father born 
in Queen's Co., Ireland, came to Can- 
ada when 10 years old; mother born 
in Ayrshire, Scotland, came to Can- 
ada when 2 years old ; E. Elementary 
school; engaged as farmer, winning 
gold medal for good farming; Pro- 
vincial Immigration Agent to Scot- 
land 1913-14; chairman of school 
commissioners at Ulverton; director 
of E.T.A.A. and agricultural societies 
of Drummond Co. and Richmond Co. ; 
I.O.O.F. and R. T. of T., Farmers' 
Club; Conservative; Anglican; mar- 
ried Marion Eliza Ewing, daughter of 
John Ewing, Melbourne, Que.; chil- 
dren, A. J. and Archer, Horace, Ches- 
ter and Jessie R. 


MacAULAY, Kenneth, Gould, Que. 
Born at Winslow, Que., Oct. 31st, 
1870; engaged in general farming; 
has served as councillor and school 
commissioner of Lingwick; married 
Lena McLean, daughter of Hugh Mc- 
Lean at Lake Megantic, Oct. 12, 
1892; have eight children. 

MACDONALD, Lieut.-Col. Robert 

Tyre, Sutton, Que. Born at Brock- 
ville, Ont., Aug. 1, 1856, son of Nor- 
man Macleod and Elizabeth (Ogilvie) 
Macdonald; Scotch. E. McGill Univ., 
grad. M.D.C.M., 1881; Lt.-Col. R. O. 
was A.D.M.S.M.D. No. 5, before it 
was merged into No. 4 division. Is a 
justice of peace for Brome Co. Socie- 
ties, P. G. Junior Warden Masonic 
Grand Lodge, Que. ; P.G. Supt. Grand 
Chapter R.A.M.; D.D.G.M. for Shef- 
ford and Brome; Conservative; An- 
glican; married Annie E. Boright, 
daughter of G. H. Boright, Sutton, 
Que., April 24, 1889; have three sons, 
all of whom joined overseas service. 

Lieut. Norman Macleod, born 1890, 
killed in action May 19, 1916 (see 
Military Section) ; Douglas Ogilvie, 
born 1895, with No. 3 Can. Gen. Hos- 
pital, France, since May, 1915; Colin 
Campbell, born 1897, with 87th 
Grenadier Guards in France. Killed 
in action July 29, 1917. 


MACDONALD, Alexander, M.D., 

Bury, Que. Born at Winslow, Que., 
July 28, 1876, son of Rev. John and 
Marion (McLean) McDonald. Scotch. 
Father, who was M.D. and B.A., 
Edinburgh University, took charge of 
Presbyterian church on arrival in 
Canada; E. public schools, St. Fran- 
cis College and Bishop's University, 
Montreal (M.D.C.M.) ; Councillor and 
School Commissioner, Bury Tp. ; A.F. 
& A.M., I.O.O.F.; Liberal; Methodist; 
1900-02 house surgeon Western Gen- 
eral Hospital; 1902-06 Supt. General 
Hospital; 1906-08 practiced with 
brother, Dr. M. S. McDonald, at Mar- 
bleton, Que.; 1908 took over prac- 
tice of Dr. Wales, Bury. Capt. No. 6 
Cavalry Field Ambulance, head- 
quarters, Sherbrooke; Presbyterian; 
Liberal; married Mrs. Ivy Walsh, nee 
Ivy Hunt. 



in American Civil War as musician in 
80th Vermont Regt. ; for 3 years was 
bandmaster of 60th Battalion; for 3 
years at St. Armand, Pigeon Hill and 
L'Aprone; married Caroline Gleason 
of Cowansville, daughter late Hiram 
Gleason; children, one son, Wm. G., 
and one daughter, later deceased in 


MACDONALD, Malcolm Stuart, 

M.D.C.M., Sherbrooke, Que. Born 
at Stornoway, May 31, 1866, son of 
Rev. John Macdonald and Marion 
McLean Macdonald ; Scotch ; E. Morin 
College and McGill Univ., graduated 
McGill, 1890, located at Scotstown; 
1893 moved to Marbleton, practicing 
there till 1915 when he came to Sher- 
brooke; member Marbleton Council 
20 years; Mayor 10 years; A.F. & 
A.M., I.O.O.F.; Liberal; Methodist; 
married Maria S., daughter of John 
McFadden, Bishop's Crossing, Aug. 
2, 1900; children, Stuart, 1902; Mar- 
ion. 1907. 

MACFARLANE, William Henry, 

Cowansville, Que. Born at L'Acadie, 
Que., Feb. 21, 1842, son of John 
Macfarlane and Elizabeth (Cousins) 
Macfarlane; father born in Strath- 
aven, Scotland, mother born in Lon- 
don, Eng. ; E. Montreal and Knowl- 
ton; studied music under Aug. 
Haenel in Military Band, 1862-1863- 
1864 and followed music teaching in 
Cowansville and vicinity; station 
agent Cowansville for nearly eight 
years; served as ledger-keeper in E. 
T. Bank for five years; sec'y-treas. of 
Cowansville from 1908; secretary- 
treasurer of School Board commenc- 
ing 1913; Congregationalist; served 


MACK1E, Joseph Ignace, N.P., 
Cookshire, Que. -- Born at St. Pie, 
Que., Dec. 20, 1843, son of Ignace 
and Elizabeth (Chicoine Mackie; 
Scotch and French. E. Jacques Car- 
tier Normal School, Montreal; Not- 
ary Public; Revising Officer for 
Compton County; Deputy Registrar 
for Compton County; Conservative; 
Catholic Married daughter of late 
Joseph Lantagne, North Stukely, 
Que., April 12, 1868. Have nine 
children, two of whom are deceased. 

MACKINNON, James, D.C.L., Sher- 
brooke and Bondville, ex-mayor Sher- 
brooke ; director Imperial Life Assur- 
ance Co., vice-president Empire 
Trust Co. Born at Londonderry, Ire- 
land, June 30th, 1850, son of James 
and Mary (Allen) Mackinnon; E. St. 
Francis College, Richmond, Que. ; 




manager Eastern Townships Bank, 
Cowansville, 1876-1900,' manager 
Grand Forks, B.C., 1900; ass't gen. 
manager 1900-1902, gen. manager 
1902; ex-president Sherbrooke Board 
of Trade, 1907-08; Councillor Can- 
adian Bankers' Ass'n; Mayor Cow- 
ansville three years; Warden Missis- 
quoi one year; president Sherbrooke 
Library and Art Union, 1907; treas. 
King's Hall School, Compton, chair- 
man of trustees, University of 
Bishop's College, Lennoxville; chair- 
man executive committee, Dunham 
Ladies' College ; served during Fenian 
Raid (medal) ; married Emily S. Rob- 
inson, daughter of Jonathan Robin- 
son, Waterloo, Que. ; one son, Lieut. 
C. G. MacKinnon, K.C., now in over- 
seas service; clubs, St. George's, St. 
James, Montreal, University, Mont- 
real; Conservative; Anglican. 

MacKINNON, Geo. Douglas, Sher- 
brooke, Que. Born Charlotte town, 
P.E.I., June 8, 1874, son of Alexan- 
der and Grace A. (Douglas) Mac- 
Kinnon; Scotch; E. Prince of Wales 
College, Charlottetown, graduating 
with 1st class teachers' license, 1892; 
McGill University, Montreal, 1897 
(Bachelor of Applied Science in Me- 
chanical Engineering course) Engi- 
neering and contracting sewer work 


1898-99; mechanical engineering 
with several companies in United 
States 1899-1901; with Midvale Steel 
Co., Philadelphia, in ordinance and 
steel forging and machinery work 
1901-1904; with Jenckes Machine Co. 
Ltd., Sherbrooke, 1904-09; in 1909 
founded MacKinnon, Holmes & Co. 
Ltd., becoming gen. manager, retain- 
ing this position to date; company 
has been very successful in the build- 
ing of steel bridges and general steel 
works as well as in the forging of 
shells for the Imperial Government; 
in 1917 purchased the holdings of A. 
R. Holmes, thereby securing control 
of the company; societies, A.F. & 
A.M. and I.O.O.F., Sherbrooke Snow- 
shoe Club; Independent; Presbyter- 
ian; married Mary Louise Bowman, 
daughter of Jos. Chas. Bowman, La- 
colle, Que., Sept. 9, 1902; children, 
Grace L., 1903; Joseph B., 1908; Jean 
D. and Eleanor K., 1910. 

MacKINNON, Capt. Cecil Gordon, 
K.C., Montreal. -- Born at Cowans- 
ville, Que., May 11, 1879, son of Jas. 
and Emily S. MacKinnon; E. at Bish- 
op's College School, McGill Univer- 
sity (B.A. and B.C.S.) created K.. 
in 1914, a member of the law firm of 
Foster, Martin, Mann, MacKinnon, 
Hackett and Mulvena; Capt. 2nd 


Division Army Service Corps in over- smith business, which trade he 

seas service; clubs, University, St. worked at in Perth for year; in 1898 

James and Montreal, Montreal; Con- moved to Lysander, Megantic Co., 

servative; Anglican. where he acts as agent for Frost & 

Wood farm machinery; married 

MacLEAY, Alex. Munro, Danville, Clementine J. Wark, daughter of 
Q ue . Born at Rosshire, Dec. 4, Fmdlay Wark, Lysander, Que., May 
1836, son of Laughlan & Margaret 23 > 19 P; children, W. Findlay, 
(Munro) MacLeay; Scotch; E. at St. : )1; Wmnifred S., 1902; Hazel, 
Francis College. Clerked seven years ] )07 : Bernice G., 1910. 
in Richmond for Foster and Mac- 
Leay, went to California in 1852; ex- MALTMAN, James, Graniteville, 
plored gold mines for 9 years; re- Que. Born at Kirhcudbrightshire, 
turned in 1861, was partner in gen. Scotland, Feb. 25, 1870, son of Jas. 
business at Castlebar, Que., under an d Mary (Forteath) Maltman; 
name of R. & A. MacLeay for 11 Scotch; came to Canada in 1899, lo- 
years; from 1872 to date in business eating at Graniteville, Que. E. in 
under name A. MacLeay and Riddle Scotland ; Postmaster at Graniteville ; 
Bros., lumber merchants and rail'y societies: I.O.O.F., A.F. & A.M.; Con- 
contractors; member A.F. & A.M., servative; Presbyterian. Married 
St. Andrew's Society; Liberal; Pres- Jannet M., daughter of Jas. Brodie, 
byterian; married Rosanna Riddle, of Graniteville, Que., April 29, 1897; 
daughter of Robt. Riddle of Shipton, one daughter, Florence, 1905. 
Que., Nov. 20, 1867; one son, Dr. Al- 
fred A. MacLeay, Oct. 8, 1869. MAMQOM r -j A 

MANSON, David Ames, Manson- 

.. _ _ ville, Que. Born at Mansonville, 

MacRAE, Cyrus M., Cookshire, Que Dec 2 4, 1842, son of Jas. Man- 

-77,Jl 0rn at 9 > S shire ' Qu !!" J eb ' son and Martha Perkins, an old 

^ ( n T Q m f I a < Ma l y Scotch familv after whom the town 

(Mackay) MacRae; Scotch; E. Cook- was name d; E. at the high schools of 

shire Academy; elected councillor Knowlton, Waterloo, Stanstead and 
Cookshire; several terms as mayor; Varennes; merchant from 1865 to 
chairman school commissioners ; mem- 1891 dire ctor of the Missisquoi and 
ber A.F. & A.M., I.O.O.F., C.O.F. ; Black River Valley Railway Co>> in 
Conservative; Methodist; member whose interest he v i s i te d England in 
firm of T MacRae & Co., Cookshire, 1882 . direc tor of Canada Agricul- 
Cromwell and MacRae, lumber deal- tural Fire Ins Co . of E T Ingur . 
ers; director Westbury Light, Heat ance Co . Missisquoi and Rouville 
& Power Co., vice-pres. Chronicle Mutual Fire Ins. Co.; is collector of 
Press, Incorporated; sec. Lib.-Con. customs at port of Mansonville; was 
Assn of Compton, sec.-treas. Cook- postmaster several years and filled 
shire Union Cemetery Co.; pres. various municipal offices; director of 
local sporting clubs etc.; pres. E T. Brome Co Historical Society; mem- 
Auto Club; married Georgia Bailey, b er Masonic Order and was Grand 
Cookshire, May 22, 1901; children, Master of Grand Lod of Que bec, 
Shirley E., Brenton and Pauline. 1905 and 1907; mem ber of Old Boys' 

Club of Brome Co. ; Conservative ; 

MAJAURY, Alexander, Lysander, sat for Brome in House of Commons 

Que. Born at Hopetown, Ont., Nov. 1880-82; unsuccessfully contested 

9, 1876, son of William and Spencer same in local election 1903; Angli- 

(Horn) Majaury; Irish, grandfather, can; married Mary Eliza Manson, 

William Majaury, born in Ireland daughter of Hiram Manson, Manson- 

and settled in Lanark County, Ont., ville> Q ue-> 1866; children, Hattie 

when a young man; E. public schools; , , , /,, -, ir ^ ,, -, ,. . 

ass't postmaster at Lysander; I.O. Mabel < Mrs ' W " D " McGregor) of 

O.F., L.D.L.; Liberal; Presbyterian; Victoriaville, B.C., Alice Constance 

when a young man learned the black- (Mrs G. W. Holmes), Dora Agnes. 




West Shefford, Que. -- Born at St. 
Ours, Que., son of Louis and Hermine 
(Buzin) Marchessault; general mer- 
chant; Warden of Shefford County 
for one year; Mayor of Shefford vil- 
lage for. several years; secrteary- 
treasurer of said village for five 
years; member Council E. T. Associ- 
ated Boards; J.P., etc.; married 
Eugenie Pelletier, at Valcourt, Que., 
in 1890; have six children. 

MAROIS, Chas., Beebe Jet., Que. 
Born at St. Johnsbury, Que., April 4, 
1854, son of Francis and Rebecca 
(Lamere) Marois; French; grand- 
father came from France, settled at 
Belleville, Que. ; E. at public schools, 
St. Johnsbury, Vt.; engaged in var- 
ious lines of business at Lawrence, 
Lowell and Boston, Mass., later in 
Montreal; 1908 to 1910 farmed in 
Stanstead Co.; 1910 established meat 
business at Beebe Jet., Que.; elected 
to Beebe Council in 1914; Justice of 
Peace; Warden St. Elizabeth's 
Church; first French-Canadian elect- 
ed to Beebe Council; shareholder 
American Asbestos Co.; Societies: 
C.O.F. ; Independent; Roman Catho- 
lic; married Mathilde Couillard, Cha- 
teaugy, Que., Sept. 24, 1877; chil- 
dren, Chas. O. Mathilda, Blesila, 
Paula, Joseph F. 

MARSHALL, James, Eastman, 
Que. Born at St. Bridgette, Que., 
Aug. 4, 1852, son of William J. and 
Sarah (Purdy) Marshall; Irish; 
grandfather was born in Ireland and 
came to St. Bridgette, Que., when a 
young man; E. public schools; mem- 
ber No. 4 Co. 60th Batt. (now dis- 
banded) ; 15th C.F.A., Granby; Coun- 
cillor and School Commissioner sev- 
eral years; Eastman Board of Trade; 
with Huntington Mining Co., East- 
man, for some years, later farming; 
connected with bridge and building 
dept., C.P.R., some time; always ac- 
tive in local matters pertaining to 
school and macadamizing highways, 
etc. ; Conservative ; Anglican ; married 
Susan Armstrong, daughter of Jas. 
Armstrong, Waterloo, Que., March 1, 
1876; children, Sarah E., 1877; 
James W., 1879; Carrie E., 1881; 

Phebe J., 1883; William A., 1885; 
Susan L., 1886; Maggie E., 1888. 

MARSTON, Reuben Sylvender, 

Warden, Que. Born at Warden, 
Que,. Oct. 27, 1855, son of Samuel 
and Laura (Bowker) Marston; Eng- 
lish; Father, Samuel Marston, born 
at St. Johnsbury, Vt., settled at Wat- 
erloo when a young man; E. at public 
schools and Warden model school; 
pres. Liberal-Conservative Associ- 
ation for County of Shefford 1903; 
member A.F. & A.M., R.A.M.; Metho- 
dist; as young man entered into lum- 
ber business; 1885 purchased saw 
mill from his father near Warden 
where present mill is erected ; re-built 
and added to former plant shingle 
mill installing machinery to saw 
laths, clapboards, etc.; in mercantile 
business at Warden for fourteen 
years; owner of limits in connection 
with mill plant; for about fifteen 
years wholesale dealer in lumber 
interested in agriculture, also good 
roads movement; a successful mill 
owner and lumber dealer; married 
Charlotte Solomon, daughter of late 
Richard Solomon, West Ely, Que., 
April 2, 1877; children, Frederick C., 
1879 (deceased 1882); Ethel M., 
1881; Albert E., 1887. 




MARTIN, Rev. Joseph Octave, 

Coaticook Born at Champlain, Que., 
Jan. 5, 1868, son of Zephirin and 
Sophie Martin ; E. at Seminary of 
Quebec; teacher at St. Charles Sem- 
inary of Sherbroo'-e; parish priest 
successively at St. Etienne de Bolton, 
Lennoxville, Sutton and at Coati- 
cook, which is his present field of 
labor among a large and growing 

MARTIN, Earle Aaron, Magog. - 
Born at Waterloo. Que , May 30, 
1872, son of Aaron and Sarah (Tib- 
bitts) Martin; English; E. rublic 
schools, Magog Acad., Stanstaad Col- 
lege; Independent; Anglican; in 1907 
entered partnership with his fither, 
manufacturing house furnishings, 
sash and doors, etc.; in 1911 H. E. 
Wallace purchased his father's inter- 
est and since that time he and Mr. 
Wallace have carried on business un- 
der name of Martin and Wallace ; 
married Grace Wallace, daughter of 
William Wallace, Magog, Aug. 15, 

MARTIN, Dr. Simeon Henry, 285 

Havard Ave., Montreal. - - Born at 
Warden, Que., Aug. 28, 1867, son of 
Cone B. and Martha (McLaughlin) 
Martin; Irish-Am. E. Waterloo Acad- 
emy, McGill University; M.D.C.M.; 
ex-Mayor town of Waterloo, 1911; 
ex-pres. Shefford Co. Med. Society; 
societies, Montreal Medico-Chirugical 
Society; Masonic P.M., A.F. & A.M., 
P.Z. Royal Arch, K. T., Karnak 
Templar, Canadian Club, Montreal; 
Conservative ; Anglican ; married 
Caroline L. Jameson, daughter of B. 
R. Jameson, M.D., Waterloo, Que., 
Oct. 10, 1894; children, Constance 
V. C., 1898; Simson Jameson, 1904; 
Albert Henry, 1906. 

MARTIN, Marcus Cone, 214 

Bishop St., Montreal. Born at War- 
den, Que., Oct. 30, 1873, son of Cone 
B. and Martha (McLaughlin) Martin; 
grandfather was one of 100 associ- 
ates who came from New England 
States and settled in Township of 
Shefford; mother of Irish descent; E. 
at Waterloo Academy; entered Can. 
Militia in 1890, Q.M. 79th Batt. with 

nK of Capt. in 1900; on disband- 
ment of batt. in 1904 was appointed 
Q.M. 13th Scottish Light Dragoons; 
Major in 1910; volunteered for ac- 
tive service at outbreak of war 1914, 
later offered position of Q.M. (with 
rank of Major) of 5th C.M.R., but 
failed to pass medical examination; 
has taken a keen interest in rifle 
shooting for years; has long service 
medal; began business career in 1895 
in Waterloo, Que.; in 1910 growth of 
business brought about partnership 
of Martin & Stewart and removal of 
hide and fur business to Montreal 
where it is now located at 177-179 
Duke St. with branch still at Water- 
loo: member Canadian Club of Mont- 
real; Conservative; Anglican; mar- 
riad Phillis Winnall, daughter of Mrs. 
G. Winnall, London, Eng., April 6, 

MARTIN, Wm. Henry, Warden, 
Que. Born at Warden, Que., Jan. 
25, 1852, son of Elijah W. and H. 
(McLaughlin) Martin; Councillor 16 
years, also Mayor and warden ; school 
commissioner, chairman, sec'y-treas.. 
school board some years; J. P.; mar- 
ried, 1st, Charlotte M. Berry, died 
1904; 2nd, Rebecca Standish; have 
four children. 

E. H. MAY 



beef cattle for home and foreign 
markets, but later took up dairy 
farming; married Lizzie Johnson, 
Dixville, Que., Aug. 31, 1898; chil- 
dren, Ruby M., 1899; Clinton J., 

McCABE, John Irving, Windsor 
Mills, Que. Born at Stanbury, Que., 
Dec. 17, 1883, son of John McCabe 
and Phoebe S. Marshall; Scotch and 
Irish; grandfather, John McCabe, 
came from Ireland and settled in 
Missisquoi in early fifties; E. public 
school and Cowansville Academy; 
member of I.O.O.F., Grand Master in 
1912; grand rep. at Minneapolis in 
1913 and at Atlantic City in 1914; 
A.F. & A.M. and Royal Guardians; 
entered service of E. T. Bank at 
Coaticook in 1902, and served at 
several branches; appointed manager 
at Scotstown 1913; later at Clar- 
enceville and Marbleton and now at 
Windsor Mills; Liberal; Anglican; 
married Martha Holden Chandler, 
Cowansville, June 29, 1904; children, 
Russell I. and Ethel L. 

MAY, Ernest Harry, Sherbrooke, 
Que. Born in England, Aug. 30, 
1868, son of John and Catherine 
(Motton) May; father came to On- 
tario in 1873 and moved to Mel- 
bourne 1878; E. at St. Francis Col- 
lege, Richmond, Que. ; was employed 
for seven years by Williamson and 
Crombie at Kingsbury, later at Bald- 
winville, Mass. ; returned to Canada 
in 1894 accepting position with A. J. 
Whitehead, Eastman, Que. ; one year 
at Coaticook; in 1898 clerk with T. 
W. Fuller; 1904 in partnership with 
F. P. Houlahan, under name of May 
& Houlahan, general grocers; mem- 
ber Board of Trade; I.O.O.F.; I.O.F.; 
Sherbrooke Snowshoe Club; Conser- 
vative ; Anglican ; married Siniade 
Desrocher, daughter of S. Desrocher, 
Thompsonville, Conn., June 7, 1895; 
children, Beatrice C., 1904; Lola S., 

MAYHEW, William George, Dix- 
ville, Que. Born at Dixville, Que., 
Nov. 10, 1868 son of Joseph B. and 
Susan E. (Neill) Mayhew; grand- 
father came to Bury from England 
when nineteen; E. public schools; 
school commissioner at Dixville 1909; 
I.O.O.F. ; Liberal; eight years in em- 
ploy of Averill Lumber Co. as mill- 
wright; 1893-96 was connected with 
various lumber concerns in Northern 
Vermont; 1896-1899 with A. M. Stet- 
son Co. of Boston, Mass., at Norton 
Mills, Vt.; in 1899 bought the 
"straw" farm where he is now en- 
gaged in dairying and specializes in 
Jerseys and Tamworth swine; Bap- 
tist; married Laura A. Drew, Sept. 
19. 1893; children. Reginald A., 
1896; Stanley J., 1898; Gordon L., 
1899; Vivian J., 1908. 

MAYHEW, William Thomas, Dix- 
ville, Que. Born at Dixville, Que.. 
Sept. 30, 1862, son of George and 
Maria (Major) Mayhew; English; 
father located first at Bury, Que. ; E. 
public schools; elected to Dixville 
Council in 1898, re-elected 1912; one 
term as school commissioner; acted CAPT. J. A. McCALLUM 

as pro-Mayor in 1915; Liberal; An- 
glican; succeeded his father as sue- McCALLUM, Capt. James Archi- 
cessful farmer on homestead; at first bald, Danville, Que. Born at Dan- 
he paid special attention to raising ville, Feb. 10, 1868, son of Archi- 



bald and Eleanor (Moir) McCallum; 
Scotch; E. Danville Academy; hon. 
rank of Captain in llth Hussars ; 
Quarter Master E. T. 117th Batt., 
overseas; school commissioner 1902- 
1914; councillor 1907-15; Mayor 
1915; A.F. & A.M., Grand Lodge 
Officer 1910; Conservative; Presby- 
terian; general merchant at Leeds 
Village 1888-1893; succeeded father 
in dairy business and has extensive 
agricultural and dairy interests; man- 
ager of Shipton Creamery; business 
built up by his -father, who made first 
creamery butter in this section; mar- 
ried Lillian Lodge, Kingsey, Que., 
Nov., 1893; children, Ruth Eleanor 
and Bessie C. 

McCAMMON, John, Inverness, 
Que. Born at Inverness, Que., July, 
1863, son of James and Margaret 
(Hall) McCammon, North of Ireland, 
came to Inverness 1849, resided there 
his life time; E. at Inverness Acad- 
emy; 5 years with R. and J. McKen- 
zie, general merchants, Inverness, 
Que. ; one year with Glover & Fry, 
Quebec City; started general store in 
Inverness 1884 and built present 
store in 1895; extensive fire insur- 
ance business; councillor and school 
manager; member I.O.O.F. ; Lib- 
eral; Presbyterian; married Mary 
Ann Whyte, daughter of John Whyte, 
Leeds Village, Sept., 1887; children, 
John Whyte, Margaret A., George D., 
Alexander M., Andrew D., Har- 
riett M. 

McCASKILL, Kenneth, Keith, Que. 
Born at Keith, Feb., 1865; general 
farming with particular attention to 
beef raising; elected to Bury Council 
1899; Postmaster at Keith since 
1897; married Lottie Wilson, daugh- 
ter of Wm. Wilson, at Gould, Que., 
Oct. 24, 1899; have two sons. 

McCLARTY, Lucius Lyman, Sut- 
ton Born at West Brome, July 18, 
1869, son of William and Harriet 

(Garfield) McClarty; Scotch; his W. S. McCORKILL 

father William McCarty coming from 

Scotland about 1840 and settling in McCORKILL, Philip Winfield Scott 
Eastern Townships; several years in Keaney, Farnham, Que. -- Born at 
employ of marble dealer, first at Farnham, Oct. 1, 1860, son of Rob- 
Stanbridge Sta. and then at Middle- ert and Margaret (Meehan) McCor- 

burg, Vt. ; in 1893, established busi- 
ness as dealer in marble and granite 
at Sutton which he has successfully 
conducted since; I.O.O.F., A.F. & 
A.M., member Karnak Temple; A. A. 
O.W.M.S., Montreal; Anglican; Con- 
servative; married Sarah S. West- 
over, Dunham, Feb. 3, 1890; one 
daughter, Beatrice A. M., 1892. 

McCLATCHIE, Robert Henry, 

Ayer's Cliff, Que. Born at Burk, 
N.Y., April 6, 1869, son of Samuel 
and Elizabeth (Mason) McClatchie; 
Scotch; E. public schools, member 
A.F. & A.M., Royal Arch and K. T., 
also I.O.O.F.; Liberal; Methodist; en- 
gaged in tin and plumbing business 
with father at Hemmingford until 
1898; with his brothers, J. C. and A. 
L. McClatchie, established large hard- 
ware business at Cowansville under 
name of McClatchie Bros. ; when 
store burned in 1910 withdrew from 
firm and moved to Ayer's Cliff where 
he carries on the same line of busi- 
ness; married Martha Tennison, Rox- 
ham, Que., Dec. 28, 1892; children, 
Mary E., Raymond, Clarence R. 



kill; Scotch-Irish; E. Model and High 
schools, Montreal; Councillor, Farn- 
ham, 1906 to 1914, Mayor 1914; af- 
ter leaving school entered the employ 
of S. Carsley & Co., Montreal, two 
years, later accepted position with 
Ligget & Hamilton of that city; in 
1879 interested with John R. Ruther- 
ford of Chatauguay County in farm- 
ing; 1880 took up farming on own 
behalf and continued until 1905; re- 
moved to Farnham and became inter- 
ested in municipal affairs and real 
estate; societies, I.O.O.F., Grand 
Master of Quebec 1909-1910; Lib- 
eral; Presbyterian; married Miss 
Scott, youngest daughter of Sylvester 
and Ann (Hawthorne) Scott, Farn- 
ham, Dec. 6, 1882; children, C. Carl- 
ton and James S. S. 

McCORKILL, Hon. John Charles, 
B.C.L., LL.D., D.C.L.; puisne judge 
of the Superior Court, Province of 
Quebec, Court House, Quebec Born 
at Farnham, Que., Aug. 31, 1854, son 
of Robert and Margaret (Meehan) 
McCorkill; E. Farnham and St. Johns 
Academies, McGill model and normal 
schools, McGill University; assistant 
to the principal and afterwards prin- 
cipal, under the Protestant School 
Commissioners, Montreal; called to 
the Quebec Bar 1878; practiced 
Montreal and district of Bedford ; 
he received his present appoint- 
ment 1906; prepared the leg- 
islation revising the taxation laws re- 
lating to banks, corporations and suc- 
cessions, etc., whereby the revenue 
for the year 1906-07 was so improved 
there was a surplus of half a million 
dollars, without the usual receipts 
from the leasing of timber lands; was 
appointed commissioner, with Hon. 
M. Mathieu, of the Superior Court, 
and L. J. Gauthier, K.C., M.P., both 
of Montreal, for the revision of the 
municipal code of the Province of 
Quebec, 1910; completed and re- 
ported 1912; unsuccessful candidate 
to Legislative Assembly for the 
County of Missisquoi, 1886 and 
1888; elected M.L.A. County of Mis- 
sisquoi 1897; appointed member of 
the Quebec Legislative Council for 
the District of Bedford, 1898; re- 
signed 1903 to accept office of pro- 

vincial treasurer; elected to Quebec 
Legislature for the County of Brome, 
1903; re-elected by acclamation 
1904; resigned both his portfolio and 
his seat in the Legislature 1906, upon 
receiving present appointment; 
Mayor of Cowansville several years; 
has taken an active interest in edu- 
cational matters; member of the 
Protestrnt Committee of the Council 
of Public Instruction of the Province 
of Quebec; was interested in local 
history; active member and some 
time president of the Missisquoi 
County Historical Society; held a 
commission in the 5th Royal Scots 
(now Royal Highlanders), April, 
1879; retired with rank of Major, 
Nov., 1887; married Apphia Mary, 
second daughter of late Hon. Elijah 
Leonard, of London, Ont., May 21, 
1884; clubs, Garrison, Quebec; St. 
James', Montreal; societies, I.O.O.F., 
C.O.F., Quebec Literary and Histori- 
cal Society (president 1914) ; Prot- 
estant. Address: Braeside, 189 Grand 
Allee, Quebec. 

McCRACKEN, George, Danville, 
Que. - - Born at Huntingdon, Que., 
April, 1865, son of Robert and Mar- 
garet McCracken; Scotch and Irish; 
E. Huntingdon Academy; conducts 
flour and feed business at Danville; 
member Danville Council 1909-1915; 
School Commissioner, 1906-1910; 
chairman School Commissioners 
1909; member Danville Board of 
Trade; A.F. & A.M.; pres. of St. 
Andrew's Society 1910; Richmond 
County Club; Liberal; married Helen 
E. Morrill, Nicolet Falls, Que., Sept., 
1889; children, Merrick Rennie, Geo. 

McCREA, Frank N., M.P., Sher- 
brooke, Que., president Brompton 
Pulp & Paper Co., Ltd., Montreal, 
Que. ; president Sherbrooke Lumber 
Co.; president the Devon Lumber Co. 
Ltd., president Stanstead & Sher- 
brooke Mutual Fire Insurance Co., 
president Federal Asbestos Co., vice- 
president Urban Land Co., Ltd., Fort 
William, Ont., director Massawippi 
Vflley Railway Co., vice-president 
Lotbiniere Lumber Co., Ltd. Born in 
South Durham, Que., Jan. 14, 1852, 




son of Francis and Elisa (Nelson) 
McCrea. E. in South Durham public 
school: lemained on his father's farm 
until the age of twenty-one, then en- 
gaged in bark and lumber business in 
South Durham; with his associates he 
purchased the Lotbiniere Lumber Co. 
which also included the Lotbiniere & 
Megantic Railway (railway since 
sold) ; in 1902 became president of 
the railway and vice-president of the 
lumber company. This purchase in- 
cluded sixty thousand acres of free- 
hold timber limits and thirty miles of 
railway fully equipped and in oper- 
ation. With his associates bought 
five hundred miles of Government 
timber limits and organized the Sher- 
brooke Lumber Co., of which he was 
appointed president in 1904, took 
part in the reorganization of the 
Brompton Pulp & Paper Co. which 
took over the Royal Paper Mills Com- 
pany's plant at East Angus and their 
vast timber limits on the St. Francis 
River, 1907. Has resided in Sher- 
brooke since 1901; unsuccessful can- 
didate to Quebec Legislature for 
Drummond, 1900, elected to the 
House of Commons for Sherbrooke 
1911; Councillor for Durham for 
four years and also served as Mayor 
eleven .years, Warden for County of 
Drummond for two years; moved 

from South Durham to Sherbrooke in 
1901; Alderman North Ward, 1902- 
1910; Governor Sherbrooke Protes- 
tant Hospital; Liberal; Methodist. 
Married Judith Fannie Ella Wake- 
field, daughter of Edwin Wakefield, 
South Durham, Nov. 11, 1882; has 
four sons and four daughters. 

McCULLOUGH, David, Inverness, 
Que. Born at Inverness, Que., Jan. 
31, 1870, son of William J. and Mar- 
garet (McGill) McCullough; member 
Inverness Village Council 1906. 
Mayor since 1912; Conservative; 
Presbyterian; married Harriet W. 
Kinnear, daughter of John L. Kin- 
near: have two children. 

McCURDY, Dr. Thomas, (M.D. 
C.M. McGill), Coaticook, Que. Born 
at Ormstown, Aug. 1, 1867, son of 
Alexander McCurdy and Helen Lig- 
gett, member of Coaticook Council 
f r 3 years ; Conservative ; Presbyter- 
i'in; married Olla E. Knight, Coati- 

McDERMOTT, Patrick George, 

Cookshire, Que. Born at Randboro, 
Que., Dec. 14, 1853, son of Martin 
and Margaret McCafferty McDer- 
mott; Irish; father came from Ireland 
when young man and settled at 
Randboro, Compton County; E. at 
public schools; elected to Eaton 
Council 1911, re-elected 1914; Con- 
servative; Roman Catholic; in 1875 
went to Carson City, in the American 
West, where he was engaged in lum- 
ber business; returned to Cookshire 
in 1884, and purchased farm at 
Flanders, near Cookshire, from H. E. 
Taylor ; since that time he has follow- 
ed mixed farming; married Annie 
Gray, daughter of Patrick Gray, 
Randboro, Que., Nov. 23, 1885; chil- 
dren, Charles G., 1888; Bryan F. C., 

McELROY, Robert, Richford, Vt. 
Born at Adamsville, Que., July 25, 
1863, son of James and Eleanor 
(Johnson) McElroy; Scotch; father 
came from Ireland when a boy and 
settled at Durham; E. public school 
and Dunham Academy; after leaving 
school served aprpenticeship with 



Charles Brown, Dunham, Que.; in 
1886 purchased the business of O. R. 
Anderson, Stanbridge East, and con- 
ducted plumbing and tinsmith busi- 
ness for six years; 1892 sold out 
and went to Boston for about one 
year; 1893 travelled in the American 
West, then returned to Knowlton and 
established tinsmith-plumbing busi- 
ness conducting same till 1912, when 
he sold out business and went to 
Canadian West with his family, re- 
turning he formed partnership with 
C. E. Whitcomb and bought out 
Small Bros., business in U. S., manu- 
facturers of lightning evaporator and 
sugar utensils; member Knowlton 
Council seven years, also, school 
commissioner; Conservative; Metho- 
dist; married Blanche Phelps at Stan- 
bridge East, March 2, 1891; children, 
Elsie E., 1898. 


McIVER, Kenneth Nicholson, 

Gould, Que. Born at Gould, Oct. 3, 
1871, son of Kenneth A. and Ann 
(Nicholson) Mclver; Scotch; father 
was born on Isle of Lewis, Scotland, 
and came to Lingwick in 1841 with 
his parents, where he lived until he 
was 68 years of age. E. at public 
schools; Councillor municipality of 

Lingwick 1906, re-elected 1909-12- 
15, Mayor since 1910; Warden Comp- 
ton County 1913 and 1917; Sec'y- 
Treas. School Board since 1904; vice- 
pres. Compton Agricultural Society; 
Census Commissioner Compton 
County 1911; Liberal; Secretary 
County Liberal Association; I.O. 
O.F. ; Presbyterian; succeeded his 
father as successful farmer, paying- 
particular attention to Durham beef 
cattle for domestic and foreign mar- 
kets; always a strong supporter of 
good roads movement and the better- 
ment of rural education ; married 
Mabel McVetty, daughter of Wm. 
McVetty, Inverness, Que., Sept. 29, 
1909; children, Isabel N., 1911; Anna 
G., 1913; Kenneth W., 1914. 

McKay, Smith Alex., No. Hatley. 
Born at Sherrington, Que., Jan. 1, 
1848, son of Wm. and Sina (Smith) 
McKay; elected to No. Hatley Coun- 
cil 1902; Mayor seven years; school 
commissioner for tp. of Hatley 16 
years, also member of No. Hatley 
school board 12 years; member and 
director of Stanstead Co. Agr'l Soc. ; 
Conservative ; Presbyterian ; married 
Nettie Ramsdell, Jan. 1, 1880; have 
four children. 

McKEE, John Wesley, Sherbrooke, 
Que. Born at Coaticook, Oct. 20, 
1867, son of George W. and Mar- 
garat (Lloyd) McKee; Scotch; his 
father being born near Belfast, Ire- 
land, and came to Canada with his 
parents at age of 7 years, settling at 
Leeds, Que.; E. Coaticook Acad. ; af- 
ter leaving school was bookkeeper 
three years at J. S. Mitchell & Co.'s 
and three years for McFarlane Mill- 
ing Co.; 1893 purchased interest in 
W. S. Dresser & Co.; for past 12 
years engaged in present business of 
carriages, farm implements, leather 
goods, etc., recently adding line of 
autos and now doing business to- 
gether with his son, Lloyd R. McKee, 
under firm name of McKee Sales & 
Service Co., member Council Board 
of Trade; pres. Sherbrooke Liberal 
Ass'n, 1912, and of Sherbrooke Curl- 
ing Club, 1915-16; past pres. Y.M. 
C.A. ; Liberal; Methodist; married 
Mary Eliza, daughter of Clark Gor- 



don, Sept. 10, 1889; children, Clark 
Gordon, b. 1890, died 1904; Lloyd 
Rankin, 1893; Allan Lancaster, 1906. 

McKENZIE, Angus M., Scotstown, 
Que. Born at Dell, Compton Co., 
Dec. 22, 1878, son of Murdock and 
Annie (Morrison) McKenzie; Scotch; 
grandfather (Charles McKenzie) 
came from Island of Lewis about 
1850, first settling in Ont. ; later 
came to Compton Co.; E. public 
schools; elected to council 1908, 
1911-13, Mayor 1914; councillor 
1915; school commissioner; vice-pres. 
Compton County Conservative As- 
sociation; engaged in farming and 
lumber; 1904 established general 
store at Scotstown; dealer pulpwood, 
railway ties, etc.; pres. Scotstown 
Manufacturing Co.; member Otter 
Brook Lumber Co. ; member Board of 
Trade; executive E. T. Associated 
Board of Trade; societies, I.O.O.F., 
I.O.F.; C.O.F.; Conservative; Presby- 
terian; married Lilly M. Morrison, 
Gould Station, Que., June 24, 1908; 
children, Doris C. and Arnold M. 

McMAHON, James Patrick, West 
Shefford Born at St. Joachim, Que., 
July 17, 1879, son of Thomas and 
Mary J. (Dunlavey) McMahon; Irish, 
grandfather, Michael McMahon, com- 
ing from Ireland and settling in 
North Shefford about 1845; E. public 
schools; engaged in farming and 
stock raising at West Shefford; in 
1906 purchased meat and grocery 
business of Edward Poirier, at West 
Shefford; interested in good roads 
movement and general matters per- 
taining to agricultural; elected to 
West Shefford council 1910; member 
West Shefford Board of Trade; 
C.O.F., 'Alliance National; Roman 
Catholic; Liberal; married Clara 
Harvey, of Granby, Sept. 11, 1908. 

McMANAMY, Daniel, Sherbrooke, 
Que. Born at Quebec, 1839; Irish; 
E. at Christian Brothers and private 
schools; began general store keeping 
in 1868; Mayor of Sherbrooke 1893; 
member of the city council 1882 to 
1913; served many years as chair- 
man of Finance Committee; origin- 
ator and leader of municipal owner- 


ship movement in Sherbrooke result- 
ing in acquisition by city of water- 
works and electric power; showed his 
faith in Sherbrooke by buying from 
B. A. Land Co. large tract of land in 
south ward and opening it up for set- 
tlement, it now being most populous 
section of city; after retiring from 
council continued to take keen inter- 
est in civic affairs, taking out at his 
personal expense several injunctions 
against council to restrain that body 
from carrying out works which he 
considered detrimental to city inter- 
ests ;Justice of Peace for many years ; 
societies, Knights of Columbus; St. 
Francis Club; Liberal; Catholic; mar- 
ried Ann Cahill. 

McMANUS, William John, Sher- 
brooke, Que. Born at Danville, 
Que., Oct. 10, 1863, son of John and 
Elizabeth (Caldbeck) McManus; 
Irish; E. Danville Academy, St. 
Charles Seminary, Sherbrooke; for 
some time conducted store at Sher- 
brooke under name of Brosseau and 
McManus, grocers; 1895 to 1903 with 
W. R. Webster & Co., cigar manu- 
facturers, Sherbrooke; 1903 accepted 
position with Sherbrooke Cigar Co.; 
now sec's-treas. for said company; 
secretaries, C.O.F., I.O.F., Knights of 
Columbus; clubs, St. George's (Sher- 



18, 1888, (deceased June, 1903) ; one 
daughter, Mary E. Norine, 1900. 

brooke) ; Conservative; Roman Cath- Priory of Canada for the District of 
olic; married Kathleen Shea, daugh- Quebec; Liberal; Presbyterian, 
ter of John Shea, Sherbrooke, June 

McMURRAY, Robert, Lennoxville, 
Que. Born at Windsor Mills, Nov. 
25,, 1876, son of John and Elizabeth 
(Cassidy) McMurray; Scotch; grand- 
parents came from Scotland and set- 
tled in Drummond County; E. Wind- 
sor Mills Academy and Montreal 
Business College; engaged for some 
years as clerk for A. Trudeau, Wind- 
sor Mills, Que., Canada Ffeper Co., 
Windsor Mills, and A. L. Brown and 
Son, Lennoxville, and succeeded to 
latter firm, May 1, 1906, in partner- 
ship with Chas. Hall, under name of 
McMurray and Hall, general mer- 
chants; Mayor of Lennoxville. 1914- 
15; Warden Sherbrooke County, 
1915; Councillor village of Lennox- 
ville; A.F. & A.M., I.O.O.F., C.O.F., 
I.O.F. ; Liberal; Anglican; married 
Persis Adelyne Coates, daughter of 
Barlow Coates, Bury, Que., June 22, 
1904; children, Robert Dallas, 1905; 
Gordon Alymer, 1913; Eileen Mar- 
garet, 1915. 


McMORINE, John, merchant, Rich- 
mond, Que. Born at Melboro, Que., 
Aug. 5, 1862, son of John and Mar- 
garet (Munroe) McMorine; Scotch; 
parents came from Scotland in 1842; 
E. common school and St. Francis 
College, Richmond, Que.; member 
firm of McMorine Bros., general mer- 
chants, one of leading retail firms of 
the district; director and secretary- 
treasurer Glendyne Slate & Roofing 
Co., Limited, quarry at Glendyne, 
Temiscouata; elected councillor of 
town of Richmond by acclamation, 
1893, re-elected 1896, 1899, 1905- 
1908-11-14; during that time was 
elected Mayor for four terms; presi- 
dent of Richmond County Agr'l Soc. ; 
Past Master of St. Francis Lodge, No. 
15, Q.R., A.F. & A.M.; first principal 
of Holyrood Chapter, No. 15, R.A.M.; 
Past Preceptor, Sussex Preceptpry, 
No. 9, Sherbrooke; member Ancient 
Accepted Scottish Rite, Montreal; 
Past Grand Senior Warden of the 
Grand Lodge of Quebec; Past Pro- 
vincial Grajid Prior of the Great 

McVETTY, Alfred Alexander, 

Sawyerville, Que. Born at St. Syl- 
vestre, Que., July 11, 1867, son of 
William and Ruth (Lowery) Mc- 
Vetty; English, family came to Can- 
ada in 1830, and settled in Megantic 
County; E. public schools; school 
commissioner at East Clifton for six 
years; councillor at same T>lace for 
three years; Conservative; Methodist; 
engaged in general farming, stock 
raising and lumber business until 
1911. when he purchased general 
merchandise stock of late R. Cun- 
ningham. Sawyerville; in 1912 
bought the Sawyerville House from 
E. Bouchard; married Lucy Lindsay, 
Clifton. Que., Sept. 8, 1896; chil- 
dren, William L., George E., Irwin 
and Rufus H. 

McVEAY, John Francis, Stanstead, 
Que. Born at Clydes Corner. Que., 
Nov. 3, 1876, son of John and Eliza 
(Bridges) McVeay; Irish, grand- 
father (Michael McVeay) came from 
north of Irelend and settled in Hunt- 
ingdon County when about twenty 
years old; E. Huntingdon Academy; 


elected to Stanstead County Council lish; grandfather came from New 
1909, re-elected 1910 and 1913; Hampshire with first settlers of 
Mayor 1913-1914, re-elected Mayor Stanstead Co.; E. public schools and 
1915; member Agr'l Soc. ; director of Stanstead College; followed con- 
Farmers' Club; Liberal; Methodist, tracting and building for 17 years; 
As young man succeeded father on later with J. H. Merrill, Smith Mills, 
homestead in Huntingdon County; in Que.; in 1904 in company with 
1902 sold said property and purchas- Chas. R. Jenkins, purchased business 
ed present farm at Cassville, Que., of J. H. Merrill; in 1908 bought part- 
near Ayer's Cliff; breeder to consid- ner's interest in business and con- 
erable extent of Holstein cattle; as ducted general lumber and mill busi- 
councillor and mayor has taken a ness as sole owner; in 1912 formed 
very active part in advocating im- partnership with Mr. Raymond tak- 
proved highways, also ; advanced edu- ing over mill; I.O.O.F., C.O.F. ; Lib- 
cation in rural sections; married Fan- eral; Methodist; married Lizzie Fad- 
nie M. Bangs, daghter of Lucius den, Stanstead, Que.; two sons, Har- 
Bangs, Cassville, Que., Aug. 28, old H. and Ralph C. 

MIDDLETON, Harry Herbert, 

McNAMARA, Michael, Bedford, Waterloo, Que. Born at Brampton, 
Que. Born at Bedford, Que., May Ont., May 6, 1873, son of Rev. I. 
28, 1859, son of Michael and Gather- Middleton and E. Middleton; Irish; 
ine (McGarey) McNamara; Irish, E. Oshawa public school and Trinity 
father was born in Ireland and came College School, Port Hope; member 
to this country about 1854, settled Waterloo Board of Trade; A.F. & 
at Bedford where he died in 1871; E. A.M.; Dorchester Chapter, Water- 
at public schools and Bedford Acad- loo; Knights Templar; Anglican; en- 
emy; first engaged in farming and tered Molson's Bank at St. Thomas 
local milk dealer; later in company in 1890 and has since held positions 
with W. A. Sheltus extensive dealer at Aylmer, Toronto, Morrisburg, 
in bankrupt stock, also conducted Brockville and Alvinston in Ontario 
general store at Bedford for some and Waterloo, Que.; first appointed 
years, formed partnership with C. O. manager in 1906 at Alvinston; trans- 
Jones as general hardware dealers, ferred to Waterloo Jan., 1913; mar- 
Bedford, disposing of his interests to ried Esther W. O'Callaghan, Cork, 
partner in 1912; is one of largest Ireland, Sept., 1897; children, Ern- 
real estate owners in Missisquoi Co.. est, Oct., 1900. 
owning several farms consisting of 

over two thousand acres of land in MIGNAULT, Jos. O'Callaghan, 17 

high state of cultivation and over Sanborn St., Sherbrooke, Que. Born 

three hundred cattle mostly dairy at Worcester, Mass., Oct. 31, 1862, 

cows; conducted considerable lumber son of Dr. Pierre Basil and Catherine 

business and other business enter- (O'Callaghan) Mignault; French and 

prises; advocate of municipalities im- Irish; born in United States but of 

proving highways by taking advant- British father and consequently a 

age of Good Roads Act; School Com- British subject; E. at St. Mary's Col- 

missioner; I.O.F. ; Liberal; Roman lege, Montreal, Fordham University, 

Catholic: married A. Pigeon, daugh- New York. McGill University, Mont- 

ter of N. Pigeon. New York City, real, and Ecole des Fonts et Chaus- 

Oct. 20. 1885; children, M. Alice, sees, Paris, France; made profes- 

1886; Corrine K., 1887; Luella A., sional studies as civil engineer at the 

1889; M. Guy, 1890; Violet. 1894; two latter institutions; corporate 

Walter, 1897; Gwendoline, 1898. member of the Canadian Society of 

Civil Engineers, Quebec Land Sur- 

MERRILL, Herbert Wesley, Smith veyor; as civil engineer Mr. Mignault 
Mills, Que. Born at Fitch Bay, Que., has been mainly identified with muni- 
Dec. 4, 1864, son of Moses P. and cipal work, among works constructed 
P. :gusta (Thompson) Merrill; Eng- under his superintendence are water- 


works at Baie St. Paul, Hunting-ton, hardware, groceries, July, 1914; pur- 
Perth, Ont., St. Jerome, Megantic, chased partner's interest and carries 
Rimouski, Magog, Black Lake, Ville business as sole owner; appointed 
Marie, Asbestos, Ste. Agathe and postmaster at Smith Mills, Que., 
E. Angus and systems of sewerage 1912; I.O.F. ; Conservative; Univer- 
and drainage for most of the above salist; married Aza L. Cass, Magog, 
towns; he has also installed or re- Que., Dec. 18, 1895; children, Wil- 
ported upon a number of hydraulic Hard O., Leon W., Mary L., Esther B. 
developments; before going into pri- Q 
vate practice was employed for about , MILLER, Capt. Howard B., Sher- 
10 vears as consulting engineer by Brooke Que Born at Woonsocket, 
the Dominion Dept. of Public Works; g- L > Ma 5;. 11 28 ' 188 . 7 * on of T Edwm 
Past Grand Knight and District De- P rte J Mlll f. r , and , Emma Louise 
puty, Knights of Columbus; Conser- Gr , an V En ^' E " f B s f ton ubl1 ' 
vative; Roman Catholic; married f hools '. feller Institute Grand 
Blanche Henriette Tache, daughter Ligne, Bishop s College and McGill 
of Louis Tache, N. P. Sheriff of St. University; Captain 22nd Battery 
Hvacinthe, Que., June 14, 1887; chil- C.F.A.; volunteered for service and 
dr'en, Louis (Q.L.S.) Charles, Law went overseas with 35t . h B . att ^y un- 
student; Alexandre, Marie (deceas- derMaj- Fletcher, serving in France; 
ed) and Paule Sec'y-Treas. Canada's Great Eastern 

Exhibition ; Sec'y-Treas. Sherbrooke 

MILFORD, Richard G., Sherbrooke, County of Agricultural Society; 
Que. Born in England, Feb. 6, 1863, Knights of Pythias ;A.F & A.M., St. 
son of John and Emma (Barter) Mil- George s Club; Curling Club; Snow- 
ford, English; came to Canada 1868; shoe Club; Massawippi Canoe Club 
E. Sherbrooke public and private an , d Y.M.C.A. ; Conservative; Umver- 
schools; fifteen years supt. of large salist; married Amy Henrietta Ander- 
estate in North Carolina ; 1906 re- f n > Sherbrooke, July 1, 1909; chil- 
turned to Sherbrooke and entered dre , n > L T ulse Anderson and Howard 
into partnership with father under J 

name of John Milford & Son, florist; MILLER, James, Island Brook, 

upon the death of father he became Que. Born at Lakefield, Que., May 

sole owner of present business; office 8, 1844, son of Levi and Elizabeth 

and store Strathcona Square; green- (Kerr) Miller; English; father was 

house and nursery, East Sherbrooke; born in New Hampshire and came to 

the business was established by the Argenteuil County after war of 1812. 

late John Milford in 1869; A.F. & Member of Newport Township Board 

A.M., C.O.F. ; Conservative; Baptist; of Health; Independent; Methodist; 

married Ella Pittman, Greenville, farmed for four years at Lakefield, 

S.C., Aug. 1, 1890; children, Bessie Que.; sold out in 1867 and moved to 

M., Mabel A., May E. Island Brook, where he has since fol- 
lowed general and mixed farming; 

MILLER, Willard Herbert, Smith served with No. 5 Co., Argenteuil 

Mills, Que. - - Born at Smith Mills, Rangers, in Fenian Raid, and receiv- 

Que., March 21, 1867, son of Willard ed medal; given grant of one hundred 

and Lucinda (Hunt) Miller; English; and sixty acres by Ontario Govern- 

grandfather came from New Hamp- ment for service; mail carrier under 

shire, as U. E. Loyalist and settled at contract with Dominion Government 

Marlow, Stanstead Co.; E. at public for 34 years, covering 22 miles per 

schools and Stanstead College; en- day between Island Brook, Learned 

gaged in farming and stock raising at Plain and Cookshire, only missing 

Smith Mills, Que., for several years; four trips during the 34 years; mar- 

1908 formed partnership with L. O. ried Mary Henderson, daughter of 

Cass and established business at Wm. Henderson, Lachute, April 28, 

Smith Mills, Que., as flour and feed 1864; children, Alexander, 1865; 

merchants, also installing mill along Naomi. 1869; Charlotte J., 1874; 

B. & M. Ry.; added to this stock of Ethel E., 1881. 



MILLER, Robert Edmund, Brome, 
Que. Born at Henryville, Dec. 26, 
1852, son of David and Margaret A. 
(Robinson) Miller; Scotch; father, 
David Miller, born in County Antrim, 
Ireland, and came when a young man 
to Ottawa, later settling at Henry- 
ville, Que.; engaged in farming and 
stock raising till 1890 when he re- 
moved to Brome and bought Thomas 
Chapman farm; 1890 sold property 
for exhibition grounds of Brome Agl. 
Soc. ; conducts general insurance 
agency he furnished a free rifle 
range and athletic grounds at 
Brome; president Brome Co. S. P. 
C. A.; president Brome Co. No-Li- 
cence League ; councillor Township of 
Brome six years, Mayor one year; 
1900 appointed J.P.; Methodist; Lib- 
eral. Married Lydia E. Sawyer, Clar- 
enceville, Oct. 20, 1880; children, 
Grace L., 1881; Mildred A., 1888. 

M.LLER, Willard, Griffin, Que. 
Born at Stanstead, Que., May 27, 
1839, son of Willard and Esther 
(Gustin) Miller; Welsh, grandfather 
(Ira Miller) born in Marlow, N.H., 
and came to Stanstead in 1803 ; E. 
Stanstead Academy; at one time 
councillor of Stai. stead Township ; 
member A.F. & A.M. since 1864; 
Conservative; Universalist; when 
young man went to States and en- 
gaged in teaching, returning to Stan- 
stead one year after outbreak of the 
Civil War; purchased farm and made 
farming his chief occupation but con- 
tinued teaching at intervals for 
many years; at one time was princi- 
pal of Beebe model school; also 
owned farm property and conducted 
farming to some extent, now retired 
and living at Griffin, Que.; married 
Lucinda Hunt, daughter of A. Hunt, 
Stanstead, Nov. 10, 1862, deceased 
1889; children, Mary A., 1864; Wil- 
lard H., 1867; Martha, 1873. 

MILLER, Nathaniel White, Brome, 
Que. Born at Belfast, Ireland, June 
25, 1849, son of Henry C. and Jane 
(White) Miller; Scotch, came to 
Clarenceville with his parents when a 
child who landed at Quebec City af- 
ter a voyage of nine weeks crossing 
the Atlantic; E. public schools; post- 

master Brome Center 23 years; dir. 
Agr'l Society, pres. 1911; valuator; 
judge of county crops; bridge inspec- 
tor, etc. ; after leaving school spent 
some time in Vermont farming and 
engaged with W. W. Marshall, manu- 
facturer; returning to Brome Center 
1875 purchased present property; has 
always taken active part in matters 
pertaining to agriculture, improved 
highways, better schools and civic im- 
provements; one of best known and 
successful farmers in Brome County; 
Liberal; Methodist; married Ada M. 
Beerwort, daughter of Harvey Beer- 
wort, Clarenceville, Feb. 9, 1876; 
children, Harvey H., 1878; Lillie M., 
1880; Myrtle L., 1883; Ethel M., 
1885; Marshall W., 1890; Gordon T., 

MINER, H. H., Dunham, Que. 
Born at Selby Lake, Nov. 3, 1870, 
son of George Miner and Pruella 
Haynes; E. Dunham Academy; after 
some years farming, entered mercan- 
tile business in Dunham buying first 
stock of E. A. Gear and later buying 
property of D. Guillet, where he de- 
veloped an extensive general store 
business, building a new block ; school 
commissioner, councillor; Liberal; 
Methodist; married Amelia B. Patch, 
daughter of E. J. Patch, Millington; 
six sons and two daughters. 

MINER, William H., Granby, Que. 
Born at Granby, 1879, son of Wil- 
liam W. and Orpha A. Leet, grandson 
of Harlow Miner, whose father, Dr. 
Allen Miner, came to St. Armand 
from New Hampshire, he being a 
direct descendant of Thomas Miner 
who was one of foremost men of New 
London, Ct, in early 1600; E. 
Granby high school; began business 
with Granby Rubber Co., 1898; in 
1908 left to take present position 
with Miner Rubber Co., organized 
by late S. H. C. Miner, who had built 
and owned the Granby Rubber Co.; 
member Granby Council; Governor 
Montreal Cong'l Col., vice-pres. 
Granby Elastic Web Co., president 
Miner Shoe Co., Ltd., Montreal; En- 
gineers' Club and Canada Club, 
Montreal; Liberal, Congregationalist; 
married Mabel E. Chambers, daugh- 



Miquelon and Nancy Burning; 
French-Canadian and Irish ; E. St. Ca- 
mille Elementary school; councillor 
at Danville since 1915; Justice of 
Peace 1899; Knights of Columbus; 
Independent; Roman Catholic; car- 
ries on general lumber business at 
Lac des Ecorces, Labelle Co., 150 
miles north of Montreal, also at Dan- 
ville; owns half interest in firm of 
Painchaud and Miquelon, lumber 
dealers, Chemin Jouin, Que., senior 
member of firm of Miquelon, Richard 
and Painchaud, general merchants of 
same place; in 1879 appointed rail- 
way mail clerk, serving eleven years 
on Q.C.R. ; in 1890 was appointed as- 
sistant postmaster at Sherbrooke; re- 
signed in 1901 owing to ill health, 
after 22 years in service; married 
Marie Eveline Picard, July 26, 1893; 
ten children living. 


MITCHELL, Hon. William, Drum- 
mondville, Senator for Wellington 
ter of John Chambers, Montreal, Division, son of Thos. Mitchell and 
Sept. 20, 1905; children, Elizabeth, Margaret Patrick, his wife, both of 

1912; Eleanor, 1913; John, 1915. 

whom came from the north of Ire- 
land in 1841. Born March 14, 1851, 
at the Tp. of Durham; E. at the pub- 
lic schools there; when a youth went 
to Maine in employ of a railway co., 
returned to Durham and engaged in 
the lumber business; went to Drum- 
mondville, Que., where he became in- 
terested in the same business; mar- 
ried, Nov. 1, 1876, Dora A., daughter 
of George H. Goddard, of Danville, 
Que. ; is gen. mgr. and dir. of the 
Drummond Co. Ry., pres. Drummond 
Lumber Co., president Drummond- 
ville Bridge Co., dir. Richmond, 
Drummond, Yamaska Fire Ins. Co. ; 
is chairman of Protestant Board of 
school commrs. and a J. P.; sum. to 
the Senate, March 5, 1904; Liberal. 

MITCHELL, Hon. Walter George, 

Richmond, Que. - - Born at Danby, 
Que., May 30, 1877, son of Hon. Wm. 
Mitchell (Senator) and Dora God- 
dard, Canadian; E. at Montreal High 
School, Bishop's College School, Len- 
noxville, and McGill University, 
Montreal, B.C.L., K.C., M.P.P.; ad- 
MIQUELON, Ansene Cyr, Dan- mitted to Bar in July, 1901, and be- 
ville, Que. - - Born at St. Camille, came connected with law firm of 
Wolfe Co., June 25, 1862, son of Zoel Messrs. Greenshields, Greenshields, 





Heneker and Mitchell; later formed 
partnership with N. K. Laflamme, 
K.C., of Montreal, under name of 
Laflamme & Mitchell, firm being 
presently known as Laflamme, Mit- 
chell and Callaghan; appointed treas- 
urer of the Province of Quebec on 
the llth Nov., 1914; represented 
County of Richmond in Quebec Legis- 
lature since Nov. 21, 1914; treasurer 
of the Province of Quebec, member 
of the Quebec Legislature for Rich- 
mond Co., Montreal Reform Club, 
member University Club, St. James' 
Club, Mount Royal Club, Montreal, 
St. George's Club, Sherbrooke, Que., 
Garrison Club, Quebec; Liberal; An- 
glican; married Antonia Pelletier, 
daughter of E. Pelletier, Quebec. 

MITCHELL, Robert, Lennoxville, 
Que., farmer Born at Lennoxville, 
April 21, 1845, son of William and 
Annie (Wood) Mitchell; Scotch; par- 
ents came to Sherbrooke in 1835; E. 
public schools; warden Sherbrooke 
County; Mayor Ascot Township 33 
years councillor of said municipality; 
school commissioner thirty-eight 
years; dir. Sherbrooke County Agr'l 
Soc. 40 years; charter member 
Plowman's Association formed in 
1880; member Wool Growers' Assoc- 


iation; member Farmers' Club; dele- 
gate to Quebec, 1913, on good roads 
question; Fenian Raid veteran, served 
1866, Co. No. 1 Lennoxville Rifles; 
1870 with Sherbrooke Cavalry un- 
der late Major Stevens; purchased 
present homestead in 1872; Mr. Mit- 
chell is one of progressive farmers 
for which Eastern Townships is 
not9d, always active in all matters 
pertaining to agriculture, also muni- 
cipal school and public affairs; Con- 
servative; Anglican; married Mary 
McClaren, daughter of Wm. Mc- 
Claren, Scotland, Dec. 17, 1873; chil- 
dren, William H., 1874, deceased 
1895; Francis R., 1876; Chas. W., 
1878; Robert N., 1880; James G., 
1882; Alexander B., 1884; George M. 
and Mary A. (twins) 1887; four died 
in 1889 of diphtheria: Annie M., 
1889; Mabel M., 1891. 

MITCHELL, Jas. Simpson, Sher- 
brooke, Que., proprietor of J. S. Mit- 
chell & Co., wholesale iron, hardware 
and coal merchants, 73-77 Wellington 
St., Sherbrooke, Que. Member of 
firm, Thompson & Co., manufactur- 
ers of bobbins and spools; dir. East- 
ern Townships Bank; dir. Stanstead 
and Sherbrooke Fire Insurance Co. ; 
dir. Eastern Townships Brick Mfg. 


and Granby Academy; general mer- 
chant, Nelson Mitchell & Co., Ltd., 
V.-Pres. Wholesale and Retail Mer- 
chants' Ass'n, Granby, vice-pres. Pro- 
tective Ass'n of Canada; vice-pres. S. 
and S., Mutual; president Granby 
Board of Trade; A.F. & A.M., I.O. 
O.F. ; Liberal; Anglican; married 
Marion S. Roberts, daughter of the 
late Wm. Roberts, Granby, Que. ; one 
son, Nelson B., 1901. 

" MITSON, Alvin Charles, Magog, 
Que. Born at Magog, Sept. 23, 
1866, son of George and Mary J. 
(Adams) Mitson; English, father 

J. S. MITCHELL born in Ellingim, Norfolk, Eng. ; 

came to Compton Co. 1836, later 

Co.; born at Ascot, Que., April 21, moved to Magog, was accidentally 
1852, son of William and Anne killed at Hardwick, Vt., 1906; E. 
(Wood) Mitchell; E. district schools Magog Academy; municipal council- 
Ascot, Sherbrooke Academy; a part- lor 1907-1914, Mayor 1915; member 
ner Lucke & Mitchell, 1877; on death school board several years, (chair- 
of Col. Lucke 1894, firm dissolved man) 1914-1915; president County 
and he continued business under the Agr'l Society 1914; followed farming 
firm name of J. S. Mitchell & Co., for some years; with Coaticook Wool- 
which is now one of the largest busi- len Mills later; two years at Worces- 
nesses in any line in Quebec, outside ter, Mass.; returning to Magog, 1892, 
of Montreal, with four warehouses on an d entered employ of C.P.R. ; re- 
the railroad; one of the pioneers in signed in 1895 and succeeded father 
the asbestos mining industries; vice- O n homestead farm; following gen- 
pres. Beaver Asbestos Co. which sold eral farming, lumbering, also owner 
out to Amalgamated Asbestos Cor- of saw mill, timber limits; advocate 
poration; one of organizers of Sher- o f improved highways in rural sec- 
brooke Board of Trade, pres. 1895- tions; as school commissioner oppos- 
96; one of original promoters and ed consolidation of schools, but be- 
ex-vice-pres. of Eastern Townships lieving that only qualified teachers 
Agricultural Ass'n (dir. 12 years); should be employed; Conservative; 
vice-pres. of Sherbrooke Protestant Methodist; married Gertrude Norton, 
Hospital; member Protestant school daughter of George Norton, Magog, 
commissioners, 1884-1890; one of or- Jan. 24, 1903; children, Margaret G., 
ganizers, Sherbrooke Golf Club 1904; Alton A., 1907; Inez C., 1911. 
(elected first president) ; one of pro- 
moters, Sherbrooke Curling Club MOIR, David Walter, Graniteville, 
(ex-president) ; married Isabella Me- Que. Born at Graniteville, Que., 
Kechnie, daughter of Malcolm Me- July 20, 1842, son of John and 
Kechnie, Sherbrooke, May 8, 1878, Sophia Moir; Scotch, father born in 
has one son and two daughters; Scotland; E. public school; councillor 
clubs, St, George's, ex-vice-pres. ; and school commissioner for Town- 
Sherbrooke Curling (ex-pres.) Sher- ships of Stanstead; Conservative ; 
broofe Golf, Wolfe Co. Fish & Game, Methodist; when a young man enter- 
A.F. & A.M. ; Caledonian ; Conserva- ed granite business as member of 
tive; Congregationalist. Moir Granite Co.; later business was 

conducted as David Moir & Sons; 

MITCHELL, Nelson, Granby, Que. some time later sold to Stanstead 
Born at Granby, Aug. 14, 1864, Granite Co.; was also owner of pri- 
son of Augustus and T. (Wetherbee) vate stone quarry which he worked 
Mitchell ; Scotch ; E. public schools for some time ; later engaged in farm- 



ing at Graniteville, Que. ; always a 
supporter of temperance reform; 
married Betsey Magoon, daughter of 
Erastus Magoon, Georgeville, Que., 
Jan. 11, 1865; children, George E., 
1867; Carrie S., 1874. 


MONTGOMERIE, William, Rich- 
mond, Que. Born at Island of Bute, 
Scotland; E. Port-Bannatyne public 
school, Rotheray Academy and Uni- 
versity of Glasgow, Scotland; solici- 
tor before courts in Scotland; Sec.- 
Treas. of Township of Cleveland; 
member of council of Richmond 
Board of Trade; sec'y of Canadian 
Patriotic Fund, Richmond Branch; 
life member of Canadian Red Cross 
Society; auditor Richmond Co. Agr'l 
Society; Presbyterian. 

MONTGOMERY, Geo. H. A., K.C., 

Philipsburg, Que., and Montreal, 
member law firm Brown, Montgom- 
ery and McMichael. Born at Philips- 
burg, Que., Feb. 5, 1874, son of Rev. 
Hugh and E. M. (Slack) Montgom- 
ery; E. at Bishop's College School, 
Lennoxville, Que., B.A. Bishop's Col- 
lege, 1893, B.C.L. McGill, 1897; 
member firm Smith, Markey & Mont- 
gomery 1898-1905; special counsel 

Montreal Light Heat & Power Co. 
1905-07; proprietor Lakeside Stock 
Farm, Philipsburg, Que., Ayrshires 
and Clydesdales; clubs, Mount Royal, 
St. James, University and Mont- 
real, Quebec Garrison; Conservative; 
Anglican. Married Guendoline M. 
Baptist, daughter of John Baptist, 
Three Rivers, Que., June 18, 1909; 
children, George Hugh, 1912; Alice 
Enid, 1914. 

MOONEY, Samuel W., 15 Bigger 
Ave., Toronto, Ont. Born at Inver- 
ness, Que., April 17, 1865, son of 
John and Eunice T. (Wright) 
Mooney; Irish, father born in County 
Armagh, Ireland, and came to Can- 
ada in 1835 at age of 17 and was one 
of five men to purchase property of 
Thetford Mines from Government, 
opening up asbestos industry; E. 
public schools and at Stanstead Wes- 
leyan College; school commissioner, 
Township of Inverness; dir. Megantic 
Peoples' Telephone Co. ; president 
Megantic County Agricultural So- 
ciety for many years; I.O.O.F., also 
I.O.F. ; Conservative; Methodist; car- 
ried on business as general merchant 
for five years at Inverness; disposing 
of his business he devoted his entire 
time to dealing in live stock; in 1916 
Mr. Mooney disposed of his interests 
and removed to Toronto; married 
Edith E. Brouard, daughter of James 
Brouard, Sept. 12, 1894; children, 
Charles W. D., 1897; C. Eric, 1905; 
J. Reginald, 1908. 

MOONEY, George F., Inverness, 
Que. Born at Inverness, March 15, 
1859, son of John and Eunice 
(Wright) Mooney; Irish; father born 
in County Armagh, Ireland, and set- 
tled in Inverness in 1835; E. public 
schools ; one of first councillors of the 
township of Inverness; I.O.O.F. ; Con- 
servative; Methodist; when a young 
man purchased farm and carried on 
mixed farming until 1905, when he 
disposed of his property and removed 
to Inverness village, where he erected 
residence. Mr. Mooney has always 
been strong temperance worker as 
well as church worker. Better edu- 
cational facilities and roads have also 


received his strong suoport; married MOORE, Charles Stone, Stan- 
Jemima Lowery, daughter of Thomas bridge East, Que. - - Born at St. 
Lowery, June 1, 1886. Armand, Que., Aug. 14, 1872, son of 
,,___., B ; v />!. vii William A. and Theodora (Cornell) 
A m S& n n . hurchl11 ' Moore; English; scientific farmer; 
Ayer'sChff Que Born at Economy, established illustration station in 
N.S., Sept. 28 1854, son of John W. m5 Bachelor of Science in icul . 
and Margaret (McLellan) Moore; tu re ; ex-councillor and school corn- 
Irish; great grandfather came from missi ' oner Township of Stanbridge; 
Londonderry, Ireland and settled in member Board o f Trade; ex-secre- 
Nova Scotia, m 1770; E at public Missisquoi Historical Society; 
schools at Economy, N.S., McGill Lib ; ral Anglican; married Bernice 
University and Congregational Col- R min ' d hter of H . A. Blinn, 
lege Montreal holding an honor cer- t stanbridge East, Dec. 7, 1910; 
tificate from American Institute of child E | ther Miriam, Oct. 20, 
?T a red ,o H n eart Literature, Chicago, m2 M ret Bernice, April 20, 
U.S 1900; graduated from C C.C., 1914 Theo ^ ora Cornell faf 
Montreal, in 1890; ordained to Chris- 
tian ministry Kingsport N.S 1890; MOOREHEAD, Wm. Henry, Capt. 

??-7 wn ^ "' i?n" KeSW , 1( * Rev -, Sherbrooke, Que. Born at 

Ridge, N.B. and in 1906 was called Lon ford i re l an d, April 7, 1884, son 

to Congregational Church, Ayer s f A]ex and Cath * rine (Woo d S ) 

Cliff, Que.; chairman of Congrega- M oorehead; Irish; E. at St. Mary's 

Uonal Union of Nova Scotia and New College Co / of Longford, University 

Brunswick, also chairman of the Que- of Bishop > s College, Lennoxville, 

u C io S n iQ?in? ega , T ^" M - A - L - ST -; Anglican clergyman; 

ches 1910; 1901-02 school commis- came to Canada f n 1906 | ntered 

sioner of school municipality of Bishop > s College in Sept. and gradu- 
Ayer's Cliff; member I.O.O.F.; Inde- ated ^ the e degre Q P f B . A . (first- 
pendent Liberal; Congregationalist; dags honors) in 1909 receiving the 
married Mary M. McDonald West title of LST in 19n proceed t d to 
Gore N.S 1894; children, Churchill the d of M A 1912 ordained in 

' ae ' SS ' 1911 by Bishop of Quebec ; appointed 
Immigration Chaplain and in 1913 

MOORE, Major, Rev. Arthur became curate of St. Peter's, Sher- 

Henry, M.A., St. Johns, Que. Born brooke; on Feb. 19, was appointed 

at Kingsey, Que., May 25, 1869, son chaplain to 117th E. T. Batt., remain- 

of John C. and Victoria (Abercrom- ing with regiment until it was dis- 

bie) Moore; E. St. Francis College banded and continuing serving as 

and Bishop's College, Lennoxville; chaplain in overseas service. 
Rector of St. Johns, Que.; editor 

Montreal Churchman; member of A. MOQUIN, Joseph Alex, Eastman, 
F. & A.M., R.A.M. and Kt. Templar; Que. Born at Laprairie, Que., Oct. 
Conservative; Anglican; in the sum- 9, 1866, son of Alexis and Matilde 
mer of 1916, was annointed chief re- (Racine) Moquin; French; E. public 
cruiting officer for the Eastern Town- schools ; several years member East- 
ships with honorary rank of major, man council, commissioner Catholic 
taking an active part in the recruit- school board, etc.; com. of Commis- 
ing work in Southern Quebec; author sioners Court; appointed postmaster, 
of a History of Golden Rule Lodge, 1911; member Board of Trade; dir. 
No. 5, A.F. & A.M., which deals not County Arg'l Society; for some time 
only with the story of that lodge but employed by D. C. Rodden & Co., 
with Masonry in Canada; married Waterloo; later clerk in Montreal; 
Mary L. T. Wurtele, daughter of came to Eastman 1889 and estab- 
Rev. Louis G. Wurtele. at Actonvale, lished business as general merchant 
Oct. 21, 1896; children, Arthur which he has conducted since; advo- 
Louis, Reginald John and James Gor- cate of good roads;; Conservative; 
don. Roman Catholic; married Adelia 



Archambault, daughter of E. Ar- 
chambault, Stanbridge, Que., Oct. 29. 
1893; children, Raymond, 1894; 
Catherine, 1896; May, 1897; Alice, 
1898; Yvonne, 1899; Jeannie, 1900; 
Gabrielle, 1901. 


MOREY, Samuel Foote, 56 Duffer- 
in Ave., Sherbrooke, Que. Born at 
Eaton, Compton Co., Que., Nov. 13, 
1845, son of Thos. Slade and Hildah 
Jane (Foote) Morey; American and 
Puritan ancestry; at first in commer- 
cial business in Sherbrooke; entered 
Eastern Township Bank in 1873, re- 
tired in 1909, during most of the per- 
iod holding office of chief inspector 
until his retirement; active in church 
and temperance work; interested in 
civic improvement; original pro- 
motor of Sherbrooke Public Library 
and Art Gallery, and also of Elm- 
wood Cemetery; Independent; Con- 
gregationalist; married Lily Louise 
Dver, daughter of Horace Dyer, 
Whitestown, New York State, 1877; 
children, Lily Louise, wife of A. 
Abercromby Bowman of Toronto. 

MORGAN, Frederick Arthur, 

Knowlton, Que. Born at Bedford, 
Que., Nov. 19, 1883, son of Edward 

William and Elizabeth (Martin) Mor- 
gan; English, grandfather came from 
England in 1837; E. Bedford Acad., 
Dufferin Grammar School, Brigham, 
Que., and Montreal Business College; 
I.O.O.F., member Knowlton Fish and 
Game Club; Conservative; Anglican; 
entered service of E. T. Bank, March 
23, 1903; teller at St. Hyacinthe, 
1905; accountant at Ormstown 1906- 
10; Granby 1910-14; manager Knowl- 
ton. Jan. 1, 1915; recreation, curling, 
golf and outdoor sports; married Mil- 
dred Swan Baird, Ormstown, June 8, 

MORIN, Philip Emile, South 
Stukely, Que. Born at St. Urbain, 
Que., son of Louis and H. (Gagne) 
Morin; French; E. High School, 
Montreal; served in council since 
1900; Mayor several terms; appoint- 
ed Justice of Peace 1890; for some 
time bookkeeper in Montreal; 1883 
removed to Stukely, engaged in mill 
and lumber business since; one of 
the strongest advocates of bettering 
highways under the provincial good 
roads act; delegate at good roads 
convention Richmond, Que., 1913; 
Liberal; married Miranda Poirier, 
daughter of John Poirier, St. Remi, 
Que., Feb. 28, 1881; children, one 
daughter. M. B. Eva, born 1882 (de- 
ceased 1888). 

MORKILL, James Falshaw, Sher- 
brooke. Que. Born at Sherbrooke, 
Que., Anril 23, 1852. son of Richard 

D. and Louvia D. (Os^ood) Morkill; 
father English and mother American; 

E. at Sherbrooke Academy, Bishop's 
College r-nd G^mm^r School; one of 
firm of R. D. Morkill <& Son, general 
merchants, for several years; collec- 
tor of Provincial Revenue for the 
past 30 years; Captain of No. 2 Trooo 
5th Regt. of Cavalry; member A.F. 
A A.M.. St George's, Wolfe County 
Fish and Game, Sherbrooke Snow- 
shoe, St. Francis Golf; Anglican; 
married M^ry L. Lebaron (deceased) 
2nd wife .Ethel M. Merriman, daugh- 
ter of John Merriman, of Bombay, 
India, Aug. 7, 1912; children, Rupert 
Falshaw, June 7, 1876; Maud M. C., 



MORKILL, John Thomas, Sher- 
brooke, Que. Born at Sherbrooke, 
Que., June 10, 1856, son of Richard 
D. and Louvia D. (Osgood) Morkill; 
family came from Bardsey, York, 
England, 1836; one of first settlers in 
Sherbrooke ; descent from Thos. Mor- 
kill of Ashley House in Co. of York, 
Eng. and earlier from Morkill of 
Normenton, Co. of York, in 13th 
century; E. at McGill, member C. S. 
Civil Engineer; Conservative; Angli- 
can; engaged in railway construction 
and location and superintendence, 
Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, On 
tario, Quebec, Brazil Mining Oper 
ations, California, Nevada, Idaho, 
British Columbia; chief engineer 
Quebec Central Ry. 1905 to date; 
married Maud Murilla Johnston, 
daughter of E. R. Johnston, Dec. 27, 
1907; one son, John Edwin, Oct. 15, 

MORRILL, Benj. Benton, Lieut. - 
Col. (See also Military Section) 
Born at Stanstead, Nov. 9, 1869, son 
of Eugene William and Harriet Pom- 
roy (Benton) Morrill; English, an- 
cestors coming from New England 
in 1803 among first settlers; E. Stan- 
stead Wesleyan College; manufac- 
turer, being member firm of Three 
Villages Building Society; early took 
an interest in military matters, being 
oldest cavalry officer in Eastern 
Townships, now in active service; 
joined Stanstead Troop of 5th Dra- 
goons in 1886 at age of 17, qualified 
for commission at Quebec and was 
gazetted lieutenant 1892; O.C. Stan- 
stead Squadron 1898; major 1901 in 
command C. Squadron after amal- 
gamation of 5th Dragoons and 6th 
Hussars; 1904 O.C. A. Squadron 13th 
S. L. D's; 1908 to 1913 Lieutenant- 
Colonel commanding 13th Scottish 
Light Dragoons; 1913 acting briga- 
dier 2nd Cavalry Division; Turner 
Shield was won four years in succes- 
sion during his term of command, 
General Williams in a letter stating 
that his regiment was best he had in- 
spected in Dominion; on outbreak of 
war, 1914, volunteered his services; 
became associated with late Col. 
Baker in organizing 5th C.M.R. as 
2nd in command; later O.C. Reinforc- 

ing Camp, 3rd Can. Div., France; 
married Jessie, daughter of C. W. 
Humphrey, Dec., 1896. 


MORRILL, Victor Eugene, Sher- 
brooke, Que. Born at Stanstead, 
May 17, 1874, son of Eugene William 
and Harriet Pomroy (Benton) Mor- 
rill; English; E. Stanstead Wesleyan 
College ; taught school two years 
then became associated with late L. 
S. Channell in the starting of Sher- 
brooke Daily Record, first issue Feb. 
9, 1897; from city reporter, became 
editor and succeeded to position of 
president and general manager Sher- 
brooke Record Co., on death of Mr. 
Channell which occurred July 17, 
1909; past president E. T. Press 
Ass'n; member executive Canadian 
Press Ass'n, being chairman Daily 
Section 1914 and chairman Ontario 
and Quebec division and vice-pres. of 
general association, 1916; president 
E. T. Associated Boards of Tradje, 
1915, 1916 and 1917, charter 
member of E. T. Immigration Soc. ; 
past pres. Sherbrooke Board of 
Trade; I.O.O.F., past Grand Master; 
A.F. & A.M.; member St. George's 
Club, Sherbrooke Snowshoe Club, 
Wolfe Co. Fish & Game, Sherbrooke 
Chess Club; married Grace Emily, 
daughter of C. E. Channell, April 25, 



1913; Isobel G., 1916. 

1906; children, Marion E., 1907; Married Margaret Cecelia Scarthe, 
Eleanor L., 1911; Katherine B., daughter of Rev. Canon Scarthe, 

D.C.L., Dec. 15, 1898; has one son 
and one daughter. Clubs: St. 
George's (Governor) ; Sherbrooke 
Curling ; Sherbrooke Snowshoe ; 
Wolfe County Fish & Game (Direc- 
tor). Recreation: fishing. Conserva- 
tive ; Anglican. 


MORRIS, William, K.C., B.A., 
LL.D., Sherbrooke, Que., of Law- 
rence, Morris & Mclver, Barristers 
and Solicitors, 67 Wellington St., 
Sherbrooke. Born Sherbrooke, Que., 
Jan. 25, 1862, son of Livingston Ed- 
ward and Isabella M. (Felton) Mor- 
ris; E. University of Bishop's College 
(B.A., 1882, honors in mathematics; 
LL.B.). Called to the Quebec Bar, 
1884; partner, Lawrence & Morris, 
1885; W. Evan Mclver, K.C., ad- 
mitted to firm, 1900; successfully de- 
fended MacDoherty, charged with 
murder, 1911; Examiner, Province 
of Quebec Bar Association, 1891- 
1905; Batonnier, Bar St. Frances, 
1906; also interested in matters per- 
taining to farming; Promoter, Sher- 
brooke Street Railway, and Director, 
for some time; Mayor, Township of 
Ascot, 1893-1901; Warden, County 
of Sherbrooke, 1897-1901; Chairman, 
Board of Trustees, Bishop's College, 
since 1900; Governor, Sherbrooke 
Protestant Hospital; Director, East- 
ern Townships Agricultural Associ- 
ation, past fifteen years; president 
four years; member Civic Improve- 
ment Association (ex-president). 


MORROW, Thomas, Bury, Que. 
Born at Frampton, July 22, 1875, son 
of James Morrow; Irish; E. Bury 
Model School; Councillor for about 
ten years; C.O.F. ; Conservative; An- 
glican. When eleven years of age 
went to work for his uncle, late Wil- 
liam Morrow; on his uncle's death 
bought the business and has carried it 
on successfully since ; was one of first 
to form company to install water 
system at Bury; was also instrumen- 
tal in securing an electric light 
plant; married Cora Hodge, eldest 
daughter of V. F. Hodge, Eaton, Dec. 
14, 1904. 

MOULTON, Luther Gilbert, Coati- 
cook, Que. Born at Coaticook, Que., 
July 29, 1873, son of Gilbert M. and 
Martha Hall Moulton; English; de- 
scendants of Wm. Moulton who came 


to America and settled at Bunker 
Hill, Boston; among early settlers of 
Stanstead about 1810; E. at public 
schools, Coaticook Academy and 
Commercial Academy; went to Iowa 
in 1891 and engaged in mercantile 
business; returned to Coaticook 1895 
with father, G. M. Moulton, as deal- 
ers in musical instruments and car- 
riages; continued until 1912, business 
of G. M. Moulton & Son when he sold 
and went into partnership with L. H. 
Nunns, insurance and real estate; 
erected Moulton block, Coaticook, 
1903; member Coaticook Board of 
Trade; I.O.O.F., A.F. & A.M.; Lib- 
eral; Methodist. Married Maud E. 
Heath, Stanstead, Que., April 5, 
1900; one son, Reginald. 

MOULTON, Gilbert M., Coaticook, 
Que. Born at Stanstead, April 20, 
1838, son of Rev. Abial and Fannie 
(Wallingford) Moulton; member 
Board of Trade, I.O.O.F.; Liberal; 
Baptist; as contractor built a number 
of leading blocks in Coaticook; in 
1892 engaged in business under name 
of G. M. Moulton & Son, dealers in 
musical instruments. Married Martha 
W. Hall, Holland, Vt., March 22, 
1870; children, Alfred L., Annie D., 
Luther G. 


NAYLOR, Rev. Wm. Herbert, Phil- 
lipsburg Born Noyan, Que., May 5, 
1846, son of Henry and Elizabeth 
'.Vaughan) Naylor. Father English 
and mother U. E. Loyalist. E. at 
Clarenceville Academy and McGill 
University (B. A. McGill 1872, M.A. 
McGill, 1885) Prince of Wales Gold 
Medalist 1872. Ordained Deacon by 
Bp. Oxenden, 1873; priest 1874, Rec- 
tor of St. Armand West 1874-76, In- 
cumbent and Rector parish of Clar- 
endon 1876-1907, Rector St. James' 
Church, Farnham, 1907 to 1917, now 
superannuated ; rural Dean of Claren- 
don 1883-94; Archdeacon of Claren- 
don 1894 to the present time; dele- 
gate to Provincial and General 
Synods: Anglican; married, Miss 
Jennie Struthers, of Noyan, Que., 
June 5, 1872; children, Henry Alfred, 

187"; William, 1875; Hawley Vaugh- 
an, 1876; James Herbert, 1879; Rob- 
ert Clarence, 1882; Reuben Kenneth, 

NAULT, Jos. M., Sherbrooke, Que. 
Born at Wotton, Que., Jan., 1879, 
son of Esdras Nault. Opened busi- 
ness as general merchant in Sher- 
Irooke in 1902; in 1911 formed part- 
nership with J. E. Lacroix as "Nault 
& Lacroix," proprietors of New Sher- 
brooke Clothing Store; same year 
opened a gent's furnishing and dry 
goods store at 20 King St.; in 1912 
the company J. M. Nault Ltd. was 
formed; is the pres. of the company; 
member Sherbrooke Board of Trade, 
Knights of Columbus; Conservative; 
Roman Catholic. Married Eva Darche, 
daughter of G. Arthur Darche, Sher- 
brooke, Oct. 19, 1905. 

NEIL, Henry, West Shefford, Que. 
Born at Granby, March 1, 1850. 
Extensive dealer in live stock; car- 
riage and farm implement dealer ; 
Conservative ; Anglican. Married 
Eliza Bull, deceased 1901; married 
Susan McFarlane of Knowlton, 1903; 
children, Walter, 1879, (deceased 
1899) ; Ethel, 1882; Edith, 1884; Iva, 

NEILSON, Robert, District Sup't 
Bell Telephone Co., Montreal. Born 
at Toronto, 1877, son of Hugh and 
Kate (Carmichael) Neilson, Scotch. 
E. Toronto public schools and Upper 
Canada College; 1895-1899 with Bell 
Co. in Toronto; 1899-1900, with 
Northern Electric Co., Montreal, 
since 1900, with Bell Tel. Co., Sher- 
brooke, becoming district superin- 
tendent Bell Co. offices in Eastern 
Townships; in 1917 appointed dis- 
trict supt. Montreal; director E. T. 
Tel. Co., member St. George's Club, 
Sherbrooke, Sherbrooke Snowshoe 
Club, Y.M.C.A.; Liberal; Congre- 
gationalist. Married Marion, daugh- 
ter of J. R. Walker, Westmount, in 
1902; children, Kathrine A., 1903; 
James Robert, 1904; Betty, 1906; 
Janet Mae, 1910; Alisa, 1917. 

NICOL, Jacob, K.C., Sherbrooke, 
Que. -- Born Roxton Pond, Que., 
1876, son of Philip and Sophie 
(Cloutier) Nicol; French descent. E. 



Feller Institute, MacMaster Uni- 
versity, Toronto, (B.A., 1900), Laval 
University, Quebec, B.A. and LL.M., 
1904, admitted to Bar of Province, 
1904; created K.C. 1912; Crown 
Prosecutor dist. of St. Francis since 
1906; senior member legal firm Nicol, 
Lazure & Couture; Liberal; Prot- 
estant. Married Emilie Couture, 

NOBLE, Frederick Alexander, 

Cookshire, Que. Born Stornoway, 
Que., June 9, 1866, son of Major 
Colin Noble and Myria (Hunt) 
Noble; Scotch, father, Major Noble, 
coming to Canada in 1836, and was 
a pioneer merchant of Eastern Town- 
ships, also serving at time of Fenian 
Raid as commanding officer of 58th 
Battalion located at Cookshire. E. 
public schools, Cookshire Academy 
and Sherbrooke Business College; 
entered business with father at 
Stornoway; in 1890 purchased gen- 
eral stock of J. Osgood & Son, Cook- 
shire; in 1898 purchased lumber busi- 
ness of late C. H. Adams, Marbleton; 
returned to Cookshire in 1895 and 
represented C. R. Cousins & Co., St. 
Johns; in 1910 was appointed sole 
agent for Ogilvie Flour Mills Co. in 
Eastern Townships; Conservative; 
Anglican. Married Mary Lydia 
Adams, Compton, Jan. 24, 1894; chil- 
dren, Lucy Lydia, George Merrill 
(deceased) Muriel Gladys (deceased 
1914, aged 14 years) ; Lottie L. 

NOEL, Rev. Edward Alfred, parish 
priest, North Hatley, Que. Born at 
Marlboro, N.Y., Oct. 7, 1877, son of 
Alfred and Rose-de-Lima (Therrien) 
Noel. French-Canadian, family com- 
ing to Quebec from France among 
the early settlers. E. St. Charles 
Seminary, Sherbrooke, B. L. degree; 
appointed as curate at St. Edmond of 
Coaticook on July 12, 1906-1910; 
succeeded Rev. J. M. W. Beaudry, 
22nd May as parish priest of St. 
Elizabeth, North Hatley, Que. 

NORCROSS, Alton Arlington, act- 
ing postmaster, Sherbrooke Born 
at Lennoxville, Aug. 20, 1863, son of 
Christopher T. and Jean (Glenday) 


Norcross; Scotch and American. E. 
Lennoxville and Sherbrooke High 
Schools; Jan. 1, 1888, entered em- 
ploy late S. J. Foss, Postmaster, Sher- 
brooke, having charge of office after 
his death until it came under civil 
service regulations in 1800; assistant 
postmaster until death of Col. More- 
house, 1914, and since that date act- 
ing postmaster; member I.O.F. and 
Y.M.C.A. ; Anglican. Married May 
Landis, daughter of Fred T. Elliott, 
Hatley, Aug. 19, 1890; children, 
Arlington E., 1892; Maxwell A., 
1897; Ashley C., 1899. 

NORRIS, William Wardner, Dix- 
ville, Que. Born Dixville, July 29, 
1884, son of Hollis and Dinah 
(Byron) Norris. English, grand- 
father settled in Barnston when a 
young man. E. public schools. 
Elected to Dixville Council 1913 for 
three years; I.O.O.F., C.O.F., Inde- 
pendent; Baptist. Engaged in gen- 
eral farming and stock raising at Dix- 
ville; in 1912 purchased homestead 
from his father. Married Clara A. 
O'Donnell, Averill, Vt., Oct. 21, 
1909; one daughter, Verian Mabel, 



Boston; Conservative; Episcopalian. 
Married Helen M. Richardson, daugh- 
ter of H. R. Richardson, Coaticook, 
Sept. 14, 1870; children, Henry 
Arunah, 1872; Mary Helen, 1876. 


NORTON, Arthur Osmore, Coati- 
cook Born Kingscroft, Que., Feb. 
17, 1845, son of Arunah and Fannie 
(Huntoon) Norton; English Canad- 
ian, grandparents came from New 
England; E. district schools and 
Barnston Academy; Mr. Norton be- 
gan his business career as a clerk in 
a country store at the age of 16. 
About the year 1875 he entered the 
wholesale and retail jewelry business 
at Coaticook. In 1888, started the 
manufacture of the Norton Ball 
Bearing Lifting Jacks, designed es- 
pecially for railroad work, and the 
only jack of its kind then known. In 
1891 he established a branch in Bos- 
ton, Mass. In 1906 he incorporated 
as A. O. Norton, Inc. In 1912 the 
factory at Coaticook was destroyed 
by fire, and in 1913 a fine new steel 
and concrete factory was built. In 
this year, also, the Canadian business 
was incorporated as A. O. Norton, 
Limited, Mr. Norton being president 
of both companies. Many improve- 
ments have been made in the original 
jacks. He has the distinction of be- 
ing the leading manufacturer of ball 
bearing lifting jacks in the world, 
and his product is known the world 
over; Masonic (Blue Lodge, Knights 
Templar and Shrine), St. George's 
Club, Sherbrooke, Canadian Club, 


NORTON, Harry Arunah, Ayer's 
Cliff Born Coaticook, Nov. 8, 1872, 
son of Arthur O. and Helen M. 
(Richardson) Norton; English Can- 
adian. E. Coaticook Academy and 
Bishop's College; started in business 
at age of 18 with his father in manu- 
facture of ball bearing lifting jacks, 
devoting special attention to the pub- 
licity and foreign trade departments; 
has made many trips abroad and 
established business connections and 
introduced the Norton jacks into 
many foreign countries; upon incor- 
poration of the business he became 
vice-president and treasurer of A. O. 
Norton, Ltd. and A. O. Norton, Inc., 
U.S.A.; member Canadian Club, Bos- 
ton; Conservative; Episcopalian; Mr. 
Norton is greatly interested in flori- 
culture, his gardens at his summer 
home at Ayer's Cliff being among the 
finest in the province and containing 
many rare plants imported from for- 
eign countries. Married Sidney Eliza- 
beth Austin, daughter of E. B. M. 
Austin, Coaticook, Nov. 9, 1907. 



NORTON, Samuel Bennett, Beebe 
Jet. Born Stanstead, March 28, 
1856, son of John and Lena A. (Bui- 
lard) Norton; English, family early 
settlers in Eastern Townships. E. 
public schools; elected councillor at 
Beebe; Mayor six years; Warden of 
Stanstead County; School Commis- 
sioner and chairman Beebe, Que., for 
many years, resigning in 1913; 1.0. 
O.F. ; Conservative; Adventist. Mar- 
ried Florence Brodie (deceased) ; 
2nd, Hattie J. Hand, Stanstead, Que., 
Feb., 1883; children, Edith L., Flora 
M., Gertrude M., Kathrine A. He 
was carpenter, builder and contractor 
for many years in Stanstead County, 
Que. Later was one of the four local 
men who formed the Stanstead Gran- 
ite Company. He was a member of 
D. W. Moir, Son & Co. in granite 
business for three years. This com- 
pany being dissolved by mutual con- 
sent, he entered business as S. B. 
Norton, owner of private quarries, 
dealer in rough stock, monumental 
bases and rock face work, etc., pay- 
ing out about $25,000 per annum for 

NOYES, John Powell, Sweetsburg, 
Que. Born Potton, Brome Co., Sept. 
15, 1842, son of Herman B. Noyes 
and Sarah Powell; first American an- 
cestor was Nicholas Noyes, son of 
Rev. Wm. Noyes, Rector of Chaldor- 
ton, Wiltshire, Eng. ; Nicholas settled 
at Newburyport, Mass., in 1634, be- 
ing the first of the party to leave the 
ship, a commemoration stone mark- 
ing the spot. E. Fort Covington, 
N.Y., Academy and St. Mary's Col- 
lege; K.C. ; Prothonotary ; Clerk of 
Circuit Court; Clerk of the Crown 
and Peace, District of B'edford; A.F. 
& A.M.; Liberal; Anglican. Admitted 
to Bar in Oct., 1866, a partner of 
late L. S. Huntington in 1878; Ba- 
tonnier of Bedford and Batonnier- 
General of the Province in 1887; ap- 
pointed Joint Prothonotary of the 
Superior Court, Clerk of Circuit 
Court and of Crown and Peace in 
1891, and sole occupant of these offi- 
ces in 1912; editor and joint pub- 
lisher of Waterloo Advertiser 1864- 
1870, and its editor for some years 
afterwards ; secretary-treasurer of 


Township of Shefford and village of 
Waterloo for some years and first 
Mayor of town of Waterloo; chair- 
man of Waterloo School Commis- 
sioners for many years; secretary- 
treasurer of S. S. & Co. Ry. and still 
a director of company; Grand Mas- 
ter of Grand Lodge A.F. & A.M. and 
Grand 1st Principal of Grand Chap- 
ter of R.A.M. of Quebec; is connected 
with Missisquoi Historical Society 
and was for a time its president; 
author of "Canadian Loyalists and 
Early Settlers in District of Bed- 
ford," also "Some Pioneers of Shef- 
ford," included in which are biogra- 
phical sketches of late Hon. L. S. 
Huntington and late Hon. Asa B. 
Foster. Married Lucy A. Merry, 
Magog, Nov. 15, 1857; six children, 
four living. 

NUNNS, The late Francis Henry, 

Coaticook, deceased June 29, 1915 
Born at Trenholmville, Que., Aug. 
24, 1846, son of William and 
Jane (Trenholm) Nunns; English; 
father came from England to 
Montreal 1832 and engaged as head 
engineer on boats plying between 
Montreal and Quebec for sixteen 
years, later moved to Trenholmville, 
built mills, engaged in farming, etc. 




E. public schools. Early in life was 
member Kingsey Council for several 
years; later on many occasions re- 
fused all public offices offered; mem- 
ber Coaticook Board of Trade; 
I.O.F.; Liberal; Methodist; interested 
in manufacturing woollen goods and 
farming at Trenholmville, Que. ; in 
1882 removed to Coaticook and or- 
ganized Coaticook Woollen Mills Co.; 
in 1888 engaged in tailoring and var- 
ious other lines; was also partner 
with G. M. Moulton, dealers in musi- 
cal instruments; in 1895 formed part- 
nership with C. A. Fox, known as Fox 
and Nunns until 1909; also interested 
in manufacturing woollen goods at 
Way's Mills about 1900; in recent 
years exclusively in the insurance 
business; large real estate owner in 
Coaticook and elsewhere. Married 
Mary Stevens, Trenholmville, Que., 
Dec., 1870; children, Alice M., Jane 
E., Frederick L., Winnifred M., 
George S. 

O'BREADY, Moise, K.C., Advo- 
cate, Sherbrooke Born at Wottpn, 
Que., Jan. 5, 1864, son of Patrick 
O'Bready and Odile Pelletier; Irish 
and French. E. St. Charles Semin- 

ary, Sherbrooke, Laval University, 
Montreal, B.A., LL.B., K.C.; Coun- 
cillor and Commissioner, village of 
Danville for many years; Knights of 
Columbus; St. Francis Club; Con- 
servative candidate for Federal 
House in 1904; admitted to Bar in 
1892 he entered into partnership 
with the late Lawrence McDonald at 
St. Johns, Que.; in 1893 went to 
Danville where he remained until 
1904 when he moved to Sherbrooke; 
is attorney for the corporations of 
Danville, Shipton, Asbestos, Wotton, 
St. Camille and Magog, also for the 
Chaleur Bay Mills Co., etc. Married 
Georgiana Bazin in Haverill, Mass., 
June 30, 1897; children, Juliette, 
Mariette, Hertel, Rollande and Re- 

O'HALLORAN, Joseph Marcus, 

Rock Island, Que. Born at Cowans- 
ville, April 26, 1876, son of James 
and Mary Ann (Finley) O'Halloran. 
E. Cowansville Academy; entered 
employ of C.P.R. in treasury depart- 
ment, in 1893, remaining there until 
1895, when he entered the Eastern 
Townships Bank; he was manager of 
Knowlton Branch from 1907-1915, 
when he was made manager of Can- 
adian Bank of Commerce at Rock 
Island; Anglican. Married Margaret 
W. Fuller, daughter of late Dr. Leroy 
Fuller, Sweetsburg, June 29, 1905; 
two daughters, Alice and Eleanor. 

OLIVER, William Robert, Man- 
sonville Born at Mansonville, May 
29, 1873, son of William and Mary A. 
(Hunter) Oliver; Scotch, grand- 
father, William Oliver, coming to 
Montreal when a young man and 
later settling in Farnham Centre. E. 
public schools and business college, 
Montreal; in partnership with his 
brother, succeeding their father, as 
general merchants, at Mansonville, 
also real estate and timber limit own- 
ers in township of Potton; Postmas- 
ter Mansonville 1896 to 1911; School 
Commissioner since 1900; Councillor 
Potton Tp. ; member I.O.F. ; Liberal; 

OLIVIER, Louis Hubert, 63 Moore 
St., Sherbrooke, Que. Born Comp- 


ton, Que., Sept. 20, 1859, son of Cookshire, Que. Born at Cookshire, 

Prosper and C. (Chavenel) Olivier; Aug. 20, 1862, son of Hollis and 

French. E. at Three Rivers and St. Sarah (Garvin) Osgood; English. E. 

Hyacinthe; started as bookkeeper for public schools, Cookshire; A.F. and 

0. Gendron, in Sherbrooke, Que., in A.M.; Conservative; Anglican. Went 
1876 until 1878, then kept hotel in to Canadian West at time of Riel Re- 
Lennoxville until 1880 and returned bellion 1885; interested in ranching 
to Sherbrooke as head accountant for near Brandon ; returned east same 
J. H. Gendron ; after being with him year and engaged in various lines of 
four years went to Coaticook in grain business until 1888 when he bought 
and flour store two years; 1886 took the American House from M. Knight; 
over business of his father, consisting built the New Osgoode House in 
of grocery and liquor business, Sher- 1903, one of the best known hotels in 
brooke; ex-pres. Board of Trade; Southern Quebec; has farming and 
about 25 years pres. Harmony Band; lumber interests; conducts large liv- 
ex-Alderman in Sherbrooke ; L'Alli- e ry and sales stable ; purchased horses 
ance Nationale; Artisan; Tuque for British Government during Boer 
Rouge Snowshoe; Maple Leaf Fish War. Married Laura Alice Bailey, 
& Game Club; Conservative; Catho- Cookshire, June 14, 1883. 

lie. Married Marie Louise C. Cami- 
rand, daughter of Olivier Camirand, 

Sherbrooke, Que., June 9, 1884; six QSGOOD, Henry Stephen, Cook- 
sons and four daughters. shire> Q ue . Born at Cookshire, Que., 

March 29, 1873, son of Stephen 

. . Jonas and Mary Jane (Taylor) Os- 
OLMSTEAD, Frederick Albyn, d u E Loyalist descent. E. 

merchant, Sutton Born at Sutton, Cookshire Academy, Poughkeepsie 

Jan. 16, 1862, son of Alden and Har- Bus i nes s College; partner in firm of 

net (Jackman) Olmstead; English, g j Qsgood & Sons; served as Coun- 

ancestors coming from England to cillor Mayor and Postmaster; So- 

Hartford, Conn., in 1636, grand- cieties> Masonic, Odd Fellows, C.O.F., 

father, Lewis Olmstead, born in Ver- Wo jf e County Fish and Game Club; 

mont, 1795, settling later at St. Conservative; Anglican. Married 

Armand, Que. E. public schools and ciara Maude Maria Bailey, daughter 

Sutton Academy; 1878 entered em- of Wm Ward Bailey, Cookshire, 

ploy of S. N. Boright, general mer- Que June 14> 1899> 
chant, Sutton; 1881 formed partner- 
ship with Mr. Boright and later, on 

the latter's retirement, with Mr. John ,,r*w,iT>T?T\ o -\/r KI,** 
Paintin who retired from the business D OU <* r HT l ? E . D ' R A ' A " Xf^ftJ? 1 ~ 
in 1898, and the present firm of B Marbleton, Aug. 22 1867, son 
Olmstead and Boright was formed; f William Wallace and Jane Hart 
Mr. Olmstead has conducted general 9 u ht E, ed ; E "? h , sh a "Vf f* 
store in Sutton for 37 years and does ' an - , E - Marbleton Model and Sher- 
an extensive trade; he is a leading brooke H. S. ; member council 15 
Conservative of the townships and y ears A ' Ma y r 3 . y ea . r . s : P res ' J^ *? 
has twice contested the County of o. Agr'l Soc for 14 years; Mason, 
Brome in the party interest; first Odd Fellow, Forester, St. Georges 
Mayor of Sutton village, 1896-7-8; Club, Sherbrooke; engaged m farm- 
chairman Sutton School Board; A.F. g and live stock business till IS 
& A.M., I.O.F.; Anglican. Married when he went into lumber business, 
Wealthy V. French, of Sutton, Sept. ?V? ned , ?* V? Sh ^ bro .^ e ' T 1 

1, 1885; children, H. Frederica, Liberal; Methodist. Married Jemima 
1891; H. Gertrude, 1897; Frederick Macdonald (deceased) daughter of 
A., 1899; Welland F., 1905. Rev - J - Macdonald, Scotstown, Que. 

Married Annie Bentley, Dudswell, 
Jan. 5, 1898; children, Cecil M., Viv- 

OSGOOD, Frederick Ellsworth, ian M., Jean J. and Verlie. 




PAGE, Edwin John Little Born 
Melbourne, Que., Sept. 24, 1870, son 
of Dr. Henry Little and Letitia 
(Armstrong) Page; descended from 
Pilgrims, landing at Plymouth, 1620, 
and Puritans, landing at Massachus- 
etts Bay in 1636. E. Sherbrooke and 
Boston; five years in Toronto with R. 
G. McLean Co. ; ten years in Boston 
with Youth's Companion; established 
job printing plant in Sherbrooke 
1902, buying the Tomlinson bind- 
ery and adding this to his business in 
1903; established the Page Printing 
and Binding Company, the business 
now occupying its own fine building 
on Albert Street and is conceded to 
be one of most up-to-date plants in 
Canada; vice-pres. Sherbrooke Board 
of Trade; director E.T.A.A. ; chair- 
man executive com. Sherbrooke Hos- 
pital; pres. Sherbrooke Snowshoe 
Club, 1915; pres. Children's Play- 
ground Association; Masonic, mem- 
ber St. John Lodge, Boston, oldest in 
America; St. George's Club, Sher- 
brooke S. S. Club; Conservative; 
Congregationalist. Married Edna 
Blanche, daughter of A. E. Richard- 
son, Boston, Mass., Dec. 12, 1901. 

PAINTIN, Alfred Cookman, M.D. 
C.M., Knowlton, Que. Born Holland, 
Vt., March 13, 1872, son of Rev. 
Richard and Esther (Boright) Pain- 
tin; English, father came to Canada 
when a young man settling in On- 
tario as a Methodist Missionary. E. 

Mansonville and Sutton model 
schools and McGill Normal; McGill 
University, M.D.C.M., chairman 
Knowlton school board 1913 to date; 
McGill normal diploma 1894; princi- 
pal Mansonville school 1894-95-96; 
graduated in medicine at McGill 
1900: opened office at Mansonville 
that year and practiced until 1908; 
removed to Regina, Sask., 1908, and 
for one year was engaged principally 
in hospital work; owing to illness of 
health officer took charge of smallpox 
epidemic raging at Conora and vicin- 
ity, Sask., in the spring of 1909; re- 
turned to Knowlton same year and 
practiced medicine since; societies, A. 
F. & A.M., C.O.F.; Conservative; 
Methodist. Married Hannah Shep- 
ard, Lachute, Que., Sept. 12, 1906. 
Has one son, Rolfe S., 1907. 


PAIGE, George Waldo, Major, 

Coaticook, Que. -- Born Waterville, 
Que., June 17, 1873, son of Thomas 
R. and Isabella (Whitcher) Paige; 
English, great grandfather, Thos. 
Paige, coming to Compton in 1812 
from Hardwick, Vt. E. Waterville 
and Coaticook Academy; O.C. 35th 
Battery, C.F.A. ; Alderman Coaticook. 
1905-11; Postmaster 1913; member 
Board of Trade; president Mount 



Forest Cemetery; pres. Stanstead Co. 
Agr'l Soc., pres. 1907 Liberal-Con- 
servative Ass'n, Stanstead Co.; pres. 
Sheep Breeders' and Wool Growers' 
Ass'n, Stanstead Co. ; vice-pres. Co- 
Operative Society, Barford; director 
Barford Farmers' Club; director E. 
T. Townships Agr'l Ass'n; dir. West- 
bury Light & Power Co.; Conserva- 
tive; Anglican. Clerked for W. C. 
Webster and B. J. Smith, then went 
to Boston in 1890, where he remained 
two years, moving to Chicago in 
1892, where he was employed by 
Swift & Co.; in 1894 returned to 
Coaticook and formed partnership 
with late Thomas R. Paige, his father; 
in 1902 went into flour, feed and 
grocery business with P. L. Baldwin; 
sold out to partner in 1906 and in 
1907 bought business and carried it 
on successfully until 1912, when he 
sold to Lovell Bros. ; since that time 
has conducted "Blue Ribbon Stocl 
Farm," and imports and breeds regis- 
tered Clydesdale horses, Shorthorn 
cattle, Shropshire and Dorset sheep 
and swine; unsuccessful Conserva- 
tive candidate for Federal House 
1908-1911. Married Emma G. Bald- 
win (deceased 1905); Nellie L. Al- 
lard, March 30, 1910; children, 
Waldo A., 1899; Morton B., 1901; 
Emmerson G., 1905; Bruce A., 1914; 
Maurice R., 1915. 

PALMER, Joseph Edward, East 
Angus, Que. Born at St. Julie Stn., 
June 18, 1869, son of Edward George 
Palmer; English. E. at Arthabasca 
College; agent for Hall & Price, Que- 
bec, from 1891 to 1895; bookkeeper 
for Royal Paper Mills Co., East An- 
gus, from 1895 to 1900 and Sec'y- 
Treas. from 1900 to 1907; when co. 
sold out to Brompton Pulp & Paper 
Co. remained as head accountant and 
still in same position; Sec'y-Treas. of 
Catholic School Commissioners since 
June 1, 1898; Councillor in munici- 
pality Westbury from 1900 to 1912 
and served as Mayor two terms dur- 
ing that time; Mayor of East Angus 
since 1912; Commissioner of Superior 
Court; Knights of Columbus, Catho- 
lic Foresters and Canadian Fores- 
ters; Wolfe Co. Fish and Game Club; 
Conservative ; Catholic. Married, 


first, Mary Emelie Gibson, daughter 
James Gibson, of Levis, May 7, 1894, 
and second wife, Eugenie Beaudoin, 
daughter of A. T. Beaudoin of Cow- 
ansville, Que., Aug. 23, 1904; chil- 
dren, Alice, 1895; Edward, 1896; 
Eva, 1900; James, 1903; Thomas, 
1905; Pauline, 1907; Georgina, 1908; 
Genevice, 1910; Mary, 1912; Charles, 
1913; Bernard, 1915; Philip D., 

PANNETON, Hon. Louis Edmond, 

Judge of the Superior Court, 492 
Strathcona Ave., Westmount Born 
"La Banlieue," Three Rivers, Que., 
July 6, 1848, son of Andre and Marie 
(Blondin) Panneton. E. Seminary 
Three Rivers; Bishop University (L. 
L.M., 1886), called to the Quebec 
Bar, 1870; practised Sherbrooke; 
created K. C. 1887; City Attorney, 
Sherbrooke, 1906; appeared before 
Privy Council, Egnland, 1899 and 
1908; Batonnier, District Bar 1886, 
1889, 1896, 1898, 1905 and 1907; 
Batonnier-General, 1908-09; received 
present appointment Dec. 7, 1912 ; 
editor and proprietor Le Peuple 
Newspaper, for some years; elected 
to Quebec Legislature for Sher- 
brooke, 1892; re-elected 1897; presi- 
dent Eastern Townships Liberal-Con- 




servative Association 1897; ex-Alder- 
man and Mayor Sherbrooke. Mar- 
ried Corrine Dorais, daughter of L. 
T. Dorais, M.P.P., St. Gregoire, July, 
1886; Conservative; Roman Catholic. 

PANNETON, Jos. Roderique Dor- 
&is, Advocate, Sherbrooke, Que. - 
Born at Sherbrooke, Que., July 9, 
1887, son of Hon. L. E. Panneton 
and Corrine (Dorais) Panneton. E. 
Ste. Mary's College, Montreal, St. 
Charles Seminary, Sherbrooke, Laval 
University, Montreal, B.A., Licen- 
tiate Lawyer, with distinction, Laval; 
Advocate, law firm of O'Bready and 
Panneton; director St. Lawrence 
Lumber and Industrial Co., Ltd.; At- 
torney for Chaleurs' Bay Mills Co., 
Ltd.; pres. of St. Denis Club; Sec'y 
of E. T. Conservative Ass'n; Sec'y 
Sherbrooke Conservative Ass'n; Con- 
servative; Roman Catholic. Married 
Isabella Champoux, daughter of John 
Champoux, Quebec, lumber dealer, 
Feb. 10, 1914; children, Martha Isa- 
belle, 1914. 

PARKER, James Herbert Murray, 

Lennoxville, Que. Born at Water- 
ville, Que., July 16, 1865, son of 
Capt. W. E. and Mary (Wilson) 
Parker; English. E. at Waterville 
Academy. Went to Canadian West 
in 1885 for three years; member 
North West Mounted Police 1888; re- 
turned to Townships 1889; appointed 
Canadian Immigration agent at Du- 
luth, Minn., holding position until 


1901; in 1907 returned to Lennox- 
ville and purchased the "Willowdale" 
Farm; engaged in importing and 
breeding pure blood Clydesdale 
horses and Durham cattle, shipping 
largely to the U. S. also, furnishing 
the Dominion Government Agr'l 
Dept. with registered stock; member 
of Dominion and Provincial Lectur- 
ing Staff on agriculture; strong sup- 
porter of good roads; Councillor ; 
member St. George's Club, Sher- 
brooke, Que. ; Conservative ; Angli- 
can. Married Katherine E. Wilson, 
daughter of John Wilson, Lennox- 
ville, Que., Aug., 1888; children, 
Gladys M., 1889; Violet F., 1892; 
Kathleen, 1894; Frank H., 1897; 
Constance, 1899; Cecil T., 1902; 
Dorothy W., 1904; Gordon D., 1908. 

PARKER, Josiah B., Dixville, Que. 
Born Barnston, July 13, 1851, son of 
Alpheus and Susan (Crocker) Par- 
ker; English, grandfather, Joshua 
Parker, coming from Massachusetts 
and locating in Barnston. E. Barn- 
ston Acad. ; Warden Stanstead Coun- 
ty one term; member Dixville Coun- 
cil 24 years; Mayor several years; 
School Commissioner; engaged in 
farming in Barnston until 1883 when 



he moved to Dixville and bought in- 
terest in mill business with J. J. 
Parker and C. A. Wheeler, the firm 
being known as J. J. Parker & Co.; 
continued with the firm for six years, 
when he bought out business and 
formed partnership with Eber Howe, 
of Dixville; in 1906 purchased Howe's 
interest and has run the business ever 
since. Mr. Parker owns 3500 acres 
of timber limits and 400 acres of ex- 
cellent farm land, and is interested 
in dairy farming and sheep raising; 
I.O.O.F. ; Independent Liberal; Bap- 
tist. Married Clara H. Willey, Derby, 
Vt., March 15, 1878; children, Willey 
T., 1882; Helen Alice, 1885. 

PARKER, Willey Turner, Dixville, 
Que. Born June 5, 1882, son of J. 
B. Parker; Councillor Dixville 1915; 
I.O.O.F., C.O.F.; Ind. Liberal; Bap- 
tist. Has half interest with his father 
in large farm. Married Helen Har- 
riet Howe, Oct., 1908; children, Fran- 
ces Artie, 1912; Guelph Edward, 

PARKER, John, School Inspector, 
Leeds Village, Que. Born at Leeds, 
Que., 1858, son of Daniel and Agnes 
(Hunter) Parker, Scotch-Irish, an- 
cestors coming from Ulster, Ireland. 
E. Model School, Leeds, Que., Acad- 


emy, Inverness, and McGill Uni- 
versity, B.A. McGill; Inspector of 
elementary schools, 1890-1904; in- 
spector superior schools, 1904; Ma- 
son; Liberal; Presbyterian. Married 
Christina Thompson, daughter of 
Robert Thompson at Leeds, Que., 
Sept. 24, 1890; children, Chester 
Thompson, 1914; Leslie Hunter, 
1895, Flight Lieut. R.N.A.S., killed 
in action somewhere in France, June 
14, 1917; Keith Donaldson, 1909; 
John Ronald, 1901, died Nov. 11, 

PARKER, Albert Llewellyn, 7 

Portland Ave., Sherbrooke, Que. 
Born at East Hatley, Que., May 3, 
1871, son of Edwin W. and Adella 
Hill (Gordon) Parker; Scotch and 
English descent. E. Charlstown 
Academy, Hatley, and Young Men's 
Academy, Sherbrooke, Qua.; took 
matriculation papers from Sher- 
brooke Academy; Associate in Arts, 
certificate from Sir Wm. Dawson and 
Dr. Adams of Bishop's College, Len- 
noxville, Que.; I.O.O.F.; member 
Sherbrooke Snowshoe Club; Inde- 
pendent; Methodist. Married Jor-e- 
nhine Moffat Woodward, daughter of 
Capt. John Woodward, at Sherbrooke, 
Que., Sept. 10, 1895; children, Mar- 



sociation, addressing many meetings 
or. behalf of recruiting; member ex- 
ecutive Underwriters' Ass'n of Can.; 
St. George's Club; non-partisan; 
Methodist; children, G. Muriel, Capt. 
A. John R., Can. Machine Gun Co., 
O.E.F.; Gunner G. Eric H., 72nd 
(Overseas) Battery and Phyllis, mar- 
ried to Warren. Grand. 


ion Gordon, Fenwick Woodward, 
Gault Llewellyn and Maurice Albert. 

PARKES, Thomas J., "lakotira," 
Sherbrooke Born Stockport, Eng., 
Jan. 18, 1852, son of Alfred Parkes, 
J.P., English, Cheshire and Warwick- 
shire families. E. King Edward 
Grammar School, Stockport; was 
seven years in bank at Stockport, 
took charge of financial affairs and 
travelled in Northern England for 
his father, a hardware merchant; 
came to Canada 1883, joined staff 
Sun Life about 14 years ago; ap- 
pointed mgr. E. T. Div., 1908; elected 
rep. Dom. Life Underwriters, appear- 
ed before Royal Commission to pre- 
sent case of agents; named as pres. 
Dom. Ass'n, but declined to act; 
pres. local ass'n; through his initia- 
tive parent ass'n was formed in Mont- 
real many years ago; first rep. to 
ass'n in U.S.A.; author of several in- 
surance pamphlets, essays and art- 
icles, for some of which has been 
awarded first prizes in competition; 
Alderman city of Sherbrooke, resign- 
in 1917; J.P., C.L.M., Com. Sup. 
Court, hon. treas. Can. Patriotic 
Fund, Sherbrooke, executive Associ- 
ated Boards and Im. Soc., chairman 
executive Sherbrooke Home Guard; 
member Sherbrooke Recruiting As- 


PARMELEE, John David, Sher- 
brooke Born at Waterloo, Sept. .1, 
1862, son of William Grannis and 
Marcella A. (Whitney) Parmelee; de- 
scent, English, family settling in 
Bethlehem, Conn., 1635; grandfather, 
Rotus Parmelee, M.D., born at Fair- 
fax, Vt., April 1, 1802, came to Hat- 
ley, 1826, and settled in Waterloo, 
1829. E. Waterloo Acad. and Cent- 
ral School, Ottawa; engaged in rail- 
way and com. institutions, entered 
civil service, customs dept., Nov. 1, 
1890, served in different branches, 
inside and outside service, ap. inspec- 
tor of customs ports, Dist. No. 3, sub. 
div. C., headqtrs. at Sherbrooke, July 
1, 1908; Royal Arcanum; Civil Ser- 
vice Club, Ottawa; Anglican. Mar- 
ried Ida Belle Mitchell, daughter of 
L. A. Mitchell, Caro, Mich., May 28, 
1898, at Boston, Mass. 


PARMELEE, David Herbert, East New Hampshire and settled first at 

Angus, Que. - - Born at Waterloo, Frelighsburg and later at Sutton. E. 

Que., Aug. 12, 1883, son of Rufus E. Sutton Academy; as young man en- 

and Eliza Jane (MacVicar) Parme- gaged in teaching several years; in 

ke; English, grandfather, Rufus C. Western States 1877 till 1883; Sec'y- 

Parmelee, was born in Vermont, and Treas. Township of Sutton 25 years, 

came to the County of Shefford in retiring Feb., 1915; appointed sec'y 

1830. E. at Waterloo Academy. En- Sutton Township and village school 

tered service of the E. T. Bank in boards, 1910; A.F. & A.M.; member 

1901 and has served in different ca- Sutton Conservative Club; Methodist; 

pacities in several branches; was ap- interested in agriculture, good roads, 

pointed manager of Frelighsburg Marriec 1 Jennie Sanborn, Sutton, 

branch in 1911 and upon the amal- April 23, 1883. 
gamation with Canadian Bank of 

Commerce continued in the service; PARTINGTON, William, Magog, 

was appointed manager of East An- Que. Born Castleton, Eng., Feb. 18, 

gus branch in May, 1912, and has 1870, son of Moses and Elizabeth 

since been stationed at that point; (Hulton) Partington; English, came 

member A.F. & A.M.. Wolfe Co. Fish to Canada 1882, settled at Magog 

and Game Club; Anglican. Married same year. E. in England; elected 

Charlotte Dean Eastman, daughter of councillor 1899, resigned 1914; mem- 

Chas. Eastman, Waterloo, Sept. 20, ber agricultural society; parents pur- 

1911; one son, David Herbert, 1915. chased property known as the Isaac 

Ives farm on east shore Lake Mem- 

PARRY, Horace Western, Foster, phremagog. This and an adjoining 

Que. Born at Weybridge, Eng., Dec. property was later acquired by Mr. 

7, 1873, son of Henry A. and Rachel Partington making total of nearly 

A. (Hawdon) Parry; Welsh, came five hundred acres of productive 

from England 1890. E. Blackheath land; one of successful and prosper- 

and Seaford Colleges and Tamworth ous farmers in the county; I.O.F. ; 

Agricultural College, England; Sec- Conservative; Anglican. Married 

retary-Treasurer council and school Alice M. Allen, daughter of James 

board West Bolton; went to Cook- Allen, Magog, Que., Dec. 28, 1904 ; 

shire and spent several years with children, Annie E., 1906; Charles W., 

Senator Pope learning farming; man- 1909; James N., 1912; Clara H., 

ager Provincial Government cream- 1916. 
ery Compton Model Farm for ten 

years ; later manager creamery, PAUL, Dwight Lee, Ayer's Cliff, 
Princeton, Ont. ; bookkeeper Stand- Que. Born Barnston, Que., Feb. 3, 
ard Chemical Co., Cookshire, Que., 1858, son of Erastus Lee and Nancy 
manager Adams' Creamery. Adarns- A. (McClary) Paul; Irish. E. pub- 
ville; later purchased the Foster lie schools; Councillor Ayer's Cliff 
Creamery, 1912; is graduate Guelph 1913; Conservative; Anglican; en- 
Dairy School; has qualified' as inspec- gaged in general farming and stock 
tor St. Hyacinthe Dairy School; raising in Stanstead County until 
member A.F. & A.M., C.O.F. ; Con- 1910, when he retired and now re- 
servative; Anglican; licensed lay sides in Ayer's Cliff. Married Ada E. 
reader of Anglican Church Married Libby, Ayer's Cliff, Que., June 8 
Florence Elizabeth Baker, daughter 1880; children, Grace B., Flora H. 
of Major Baker, Cookshire, May 20, and Ena (deceased 1902.) 
1896; one daughter, Helen Annie, 

1897. PAYNE, Lt.-Col. Josiah Bruce, 

manufacturer, Granby, Que. Born 

PARSONS, Hermon A., Secretary, at Granby, Que., April 7, 1865, son 

Sutton Born at Sutton, June 20, of Josiah and Margaret (Brack) 

1854, son of Hermon and Fannie M. Payne; Irish. E. at Granby Acad- 

(Durkee) Parsons; English, grand- emy, St. Cesaire College and Busi- 

father, Chester Parsons, came from ness College, Montreal. Extensive 



manufacturer of cigars; president 
Pharoah Asbestos Ltd.; Game War- 
den; Municipal Councillor 18 years; 
Magistrate and Judge of Com. Court 
22 years; pres. Dom. Gig. Mfgs' 
Assn.; vice-pres. and director of Good 
Roads Ass'n ; dir. Dunham Ladies' 
College; School Commissioner; pres 
Liberal Ass'n Co. Shefford; Mason; 
Past Grand Z., Royal Arch Masons of 
Quebec; Granby Club; Granby Curl- 
ing Club; pres. Granby Am. Athletic 
Ass'n; O.C. 7th Brig. C.F.A.; O.C. 
27th Battery Overseas; Liberal; Epis- 
copalian. Married Eva May Hoadly, 
1890 (died 1903) ; 2nd, Clara A. Mc- 
Mahon, 1905 ; children, C. Mortimer, 
1891; Helen M., 1893; Ruth H., 
1897; Sigmund T., 1906; J. J. Bruce, 
1908; Albert M., 1910; M. M. Ida, 
1911; Clara Eileen, 1913. 

PEARDON, Richard Henry, East- 
man, Que. Born Eastman, July 18, 
1886, son of Harry and Ellen 
(Maddeford) Peardon; English; 
father was born in England and came 
to Eastman when a young man in 
1863. E. public schools; elected 
councillor 1909 and Mayor 1915; 
School Commissioner; member Agri- 
cultural Society; after leaving school 
was employed by Huntington Mining 
Co.; later with Phelps and Eldridge 
manufacturers; in 1884 with Capt. 
Warne, Eastman; 1887, entered em- 
ploy of E. J. Esty and entered part- 
nership in 1904 under name E. J. 
Esty and Co.; upon death of Mr. Esty 
1909 took over business as R. H. 
Peardon, general merchant; Conser- 
vative; Methodist. Married Eliza- 
beth Spinney, daughter of Levi Spin- 
ney, Eastman, Aug., 1879; one 
daughter (adopted) Alice, 1887. 

PEARSON, William James, Water- 
loo, Cjue. Born Waterloo, Feb. 11, 
1857, son of William Pearson and 
Mary J. Dunlop; Scotch and Irish, 
grandfather coming from Ireland, 
1825. E. public schools. Elected to 
council Tp. of Shefford, 1910; re- 
elected 1913; Mayor 1914 and 1915; 
member Shefford Agr'l Soc. ; Liberal; 
Anglican ; when young man took over 
homestead farm, three miles from 
Waterloo, where he specializes in 

Holstein dairy cattle, also ships cream 
to Montreal. Married Laura~ "E. 
Phelps, Waterloo, June 8, 1887; chil- 
dren, L. Lyle, 1889; Sidney L., 1895. 


PELLETIER, Hon. Dr. P., Lieut.- 

Colonel, agent general of Quebec 
Province in London; as young man 
Dr. Pelletier established medical 
practice in Sherbrooke; elected first 
Liberal M.L.A. from Sherbrooke; be- 
came speaker of Legislature and late 
agent general of province in London ; 
first Lieut.-Col. of 54th Regiment, 

PELLETIER, Rev. E. E., parish 
priest, West Shefford - - Born Ste. 
Rosalie, Que., March 25, 1871, son 
of Guillaume and Eloise (Cabana) 
Pelletier. E. St. Hyacinth Seminary 
and Laval University; ordained in 
1896 in church of Ste. Rosalie by 
Bishop Decelles; Professor of English 
and leader of choir and of band at 
Seminary St. Hyacinthe, 1896-8; ap- 
pointed curate at Roxton Falls, Oct., 
1898, being there 9 years: from 1907 
till 1911 parish priest in Sweetsburg; 
since 1911 Rector of West Shefford 
parish: founded educational convent 




in 1914 at West Shefford; member 
Alliance Nationale. ; 

PERKINS, Frances Henry, Man- 
sonville, Que. Born at Mansonville, 
Que., March 9, 1849, son of Levi 
Allen and Abigail C. (Nott) Per- 
kins; English. E. at Stanstead and 
Waterloo High School; served as 1st 
and 2nd Lieut. Capt. of No. 5 Co. 52, 
Batt. Brome Light Infantry; for 
many years senior major of same 
batt. ; also with his batt. at Eccles 
Hill, during Fenian Raid; Clerk of 
Commissioners Court for 45 years; 
commissioner of Superior Court for 
District of Bedford ; Justice of Peace ; 
local agent of S. and S. Mutual over 
25 years, which position he resigned 
on being appointed Inspector of Im- 
migration at Mansonville; prominent 
member of several temperance socie- 
ties; Past Master A.F. & A.M., also a 
P.D.D.G.M. of Grand Lodge; Con- 
servative; Anglicrn. Married, Sept. 
25, 1871, Fanny Catherine Mousell, 
daughter of Dr. Wm. and Elizabeth 
Augustine (Parker) Mousell; chil- 
dren, David F. M., 1872; Levi A., 
1874; Gertrude A., 1877; Frederick 
H., 1880; Florence Beatrice, 1883 ; 
Wm. Chas., 1885; Henry E., 1892. 

PERRY, Edgar W., Ayer's Cliff, 
Que. - - Born Ayer's Cliff, Dec. 2, 
1873, son of Oliver and Achsa (Mc- 
Cleary) Perry, English, family among 
early settlers in county. E. High 
School; School Commissioner; hon. 
vice-pres. Co. Agr'l Soc., Farmers' 
Club; eight years with J. E. Blake, 
New York City, returning to Ayer's 
Cliff 1901, purchasing homestead 
farm; engaged in general farming 
and breeder of pure bred Jersey 
cattle; member I.O.O.F. ; Conserva- 
tive; Methodist. Married Mattie R. 
Wheeler, daughter of H O. Wheeler, 
Barnston, Que., March 27, 1895; one 
daughter, Marion Achsa, b. Nov. 27, 


PETTES, James Clinton, West 
Brome, Que. Born at West Brome, 
Que., Sept. 22, 1845, son of Jas. N. 
and Louise M. (Dyer) Pettes; Eng- 
lish, grandfather, Jas. Pettes, born in 
New York, first went to Nova Scotia, 
later in 1798 located in Township of 
Brome where he died in 1853. E. at 
Cowansville High School. First en- 
gaged in farming near West Brome; 
later entered into cheese mfg. in 
1872 and conducted this business, 
also farming for a number of years; 



in 1885 established manufacture of 
brick; in 1887 succeeded J. N. Gales, 
general merchant, at West Brome, 
which business he has conducted from 
that date ; specialized in breeding reg- 
istered Holstein dairy cattle; in 1912 
sold stock farm and started general 
store and other business interests; 
interested in agricultural matters; 
won silver medal awarded by Provin- 
cial Government in 1911 for agricul- 
tural merit; Capt. of Militia under 
bill of Sir George E. Cartier in the 
early 70's; graduate of Quebec Mili- 
tary College, holding first and sec- 
ond certificates; School Commission- 
er; Justice of Peace; Post Master 
since 1912; member of Agr'l Soc. ; 
Conservative ; Anglican. Married 
Emma Boright, daughter of Geo. Bo- 
right, East Farnham, Que., Oct. 2, 
1866; children, Frederick C., 1867; 
Dean H., 1874; Wm. S., 1878. 

PETTES, Austin Wheeler, Knowl- 
ton, Que. Born Knowlton, July 10, 
1858, son of Jeremiah C. and Susan 
(Wheeler) Pettes; Scotch; U. E. 
Loyalists, first settling in Nova Sco- 
tia, later came to West Brome, Que. 
E. Knowlton Academy, Stanstead 
Wesleyan College, also French School 
at Marieville, Que.; member of first 
board of councillors, Knowlton, serv- 
ing seventeen years, twice Mayor; 
School Commissioner; Justice of the 
Peace; formed partnership with 
father in mercantile business under 
name "J. C. Pettes & Son," dissolving 
said partnership in 1899; same year, 
in company with Ernest Mills, regis- 
tered as "Knowlton Electric Light 
Company" and installed the first elec- 
tric light plant in Knowlton; later 
purchased partner's interest and con- 
ducted business until 1905 when he 
sold to "Brome Lake Electric Power 
Company" and was manager of said 
company until 1910 when he took 
over and closed the business of J. C. 
Pettes; for many years member of 
Knowlton Band; A.F. & A.M., I.O. 
O.F. ; Liberal; Anglican. Married 
Mary Wilson, deceased 1889; 2nd, 
May Curtis, Knowlton, Dec. 20, 1893; 
children, Mary L., 1889; Jerry C., 
1896; Florence M., 1899; Evelyn M., 

1901; Heber A., 1902; Kathryn L, 

PIBUS, Luther Henry, Knowlton, 
Que. - - Born Knowlton, April 22, 
1875, son of John and Sarah (Blunt) 
Pibus; English, father came from 
England with his parents at age of 
eight years, first settling in Montreal, 
later came to Brome County. E. 
Knowlton Academy. Has served as 
school commissioner; member Board 
of Trade, County Agr'l Society; ap- 
pointed Postmaster Knowlton 1912; 
as young man held position with the 
Walker Ice Co., Worcester, Mass., 
also at Boston for some time; re- 
turned to Knowlton 1901 and pur- 
chased business of F. A. Knowlton, 
general merchant; since that date 
conducted mercantile business, spec- 
ializing in the boot and shoe line; 
purchased said property (Wood 
Block) in 1905; member A.F. & 
A.M., R.A.M.; Anglican. Married 
Eva O. Eldridge (deceased) 1906; 
2nd, Belle M. Hodsmyth, St. Martins, 
N.B., May 12, 1913; children, Hugh 
A., 1899; Evelyn M., 1903; Harry A., 




PICARD, Chenier Born Wotton, 
July 14, 1881, son of Jacques and 
Orpha (Genereux) Picard. E. St. 
Mary's College, St. Charles Semin- 
ary, Laval University; degrees, B.L. 
and L.L.L. ; practiced at Sherbrooke 
as notary since 1906, being now in 
partnership with E. Sylvestre ; Roman 
Catholic. Married Marie, daughter 
of A. J. Gouin, Three Rivers, Jan. 12, 


PIERCE, Erastus Gardner, Sher- 
brooke, Que. -- Born at Melbourne, 
Que., May 27, 1871, son of Edward 
and Sarah E. (Lyster) Pierce; Eng- 
lish; great grandfather, Oliver Pierce 
of New York, fought under British 
during revolution 1776, was taken 
prisoner and given over to the In- 
dians, threatened to be burned, suf- 
fered terrible hardships, released by 
exchange of prisoners, later moved 
to Melbourne, and settled there as 
the third family in 1801. E. Model 
school. Some years engaged in me- 
chanical work; two years with the 
Union Traction Co., Philadelphia; in 
1903 accepted position with L. S. 
Channell & Co., publishers of the 
Daily Record, Sherbrooke, Que. ; 
upon formation of Sherbrooke Rec- 
ord Co. in 1907 became shareholder 

and director; circulation manager ; 
member of Canadian Press Ass'n; 
pres. Eastern Townships Press Ass'n 
1910-11; member I.O.O.F., Sher- 
brooke Curling Club, Y.M.C.A.; 
Methodist. Married H. Mabel Ev.-ing, 
Melbourne, Que., Sept. 22, 1915, 
daughter of the late John Ewing, for 
many years Registrar Richmond Co. 

PLANCHE, Bertram Allan, D.D.S., 

Farnham, Que. Born St. Sylvester, 
Aug. 20, 1876, son of John Paul and 
Jane (Mclntyre) Planche; Scotch- 
English. E. Cookshire Acad., Bish- 
op's College, Lennoxville and Mont- 
real, and Medico-Chirugical College, 
Philadelphia, degrees, B.A., D.D.S., 
L.D.S. ; began practice of dentistry 
Coaticook, 1902; in 1904 removed to 
Farnham where he has built up an ex- 
tensive practice; Anglican. Married 
Evelyn Adamson, daughter late Far- 
quhar Fraser, Perth, Ont., April 26, 
1905; one son, Donald, Feb. 21, 1906. 

PLANCHE, Dr. Henry Howard, 

North Hatley, Que. Born Cookshire, 
Feb. 20, 1889, son of Harry A. and 
Harriet T. (Taylor) Planche; Eng- 
lish, great grandfather, John Paul 
Planche, coming to Megantic County 
as government teacher of public 
schools about 1800. E. Cookshire 
Acad., Westmount Academy, Mc- 
Gill University and Royal Victoria 
Hospital; M.D.C.M. 1912; L.M.C.C. 
1914; member Canadian Medical As- 
sociation and College of Physicians 
and Surgeons of British Columbia; 
Anglican; house surgeon Royal Vic- 
toria Hospital, Montreal, 1912-13; 
Supt. Hospital at Van Ande, B. C., 
June to Sept., 1913, Supt. Rock Bay 
Hospital, Rock Bay, B.C., 1913-14; 
located at No. Hatley, Nov., 1914. 
served as medical officer Dardanelles, 
1915. Married, 1914, Constance A. 
Best, Sheffield, Eng. ; one daughter. 

PLANCHE, Henry W., Sawyer- 
ville, Que. Born Sawyerville, Oct. 
26, 1853, son of William G. and 
Janette (Hurd) Planche; English; 
father born in England and came to 
Canada at age of nine; located at 
Leeds, Megantic County, and later 
moved to Newport, Compton County, 



in 1840. E. public schools; Conserva- 
tive; Methodist. When twenty years 
of age went to East Bridgewater, 
Mass., where he was employed by the 
Samuel Shaw Co. for eighteen years; 
then moved to Salem, N.H., where he 
spent two years in the employ of F. 
P. Woodbury & Co.; returning to 
Randboro in 1897 began farming, 
and has continued ever since. Mar- 
ried Jennie Grant, deceased 1896. 
Married Milada Smiley, daughter of 
Samuel Smiley, Lennoxville, Jan. 18, 
1900; children, Roy S., 1883; Leon 
R., 1885; Ada R. H., 1902. 

POCOCK, Herbert Sidney, Beebe, 
Que. Born Aldershot, England., 
March 25, 1880, son of Francis and 
Annie (James) Pocock; English; 
came to Canada with parents when a 
child, and located at Georgeville. E. 
Stanstead College; member Beebe 
Board of Trade, Frontier Club; Con- 
servative; Methodist. Started out as 
clerk for Rock Island Hardware Co., 
later traveller and bookkeeper for 
Globe Suspender Co.; in 1908 started 
business at Beebe, manufacturing 
canvas gloves; is sole proprietor of 
the B. B. Glove & Mitt Co.; factory 
and office at Beebe, Que. Married 
Kathryn House, Beebe, Que., Oct., 
1903; one son, Allan James. 

POOLE, George Curtis, Hatley, 
Que. Born Hatley, Jan. 29, 1877, 
son of Charles and Lydia (McAllis- 
ter) Poole; English. E. public schools 
and Charlston Acad., Hatley; elected 
Hatley Council when village was in- 
corporated in 1912; re-elected 1913; 
pro-Mayor 1915; elected Mayor 1916 
village of Hatley; member Stanstead 
County Agricultural Society; I.O. 
O.F. ; Independent; Anglican. After 
working in Springfield, Mass., return- 
ed and bought homestead farm from 
his father, and since that date has 
carried on general farming, paying 
special attention to Durham cattle ; 
in 1912 took up dairying, purchasing 
herd of Jerseys. Married Annie Al- 
media Perkins, Massawippi, Que., 
Nov. 5, 1899; one daughter, Edna J. 


POPE, Hon. Rufus Henry, Senator 
for Bedford District, Ottawa and 
Cookshire, Que., son of the late Hon. 
J. H. Pope, once Minister of Rail- 
ways and Canals Born at Cookshire, 
Quo., Sept. 13, 1857. E. at Cook- 
shire Acad. and Sherbrooke High 
School; on his father's death, May, 
1899, was elected to House of Com- 
mons for Compton by accl. ; re-el, at 
g. e. 1891, 1896 and 1900; defeated 
1904, 1908; summoned to Senate 
Nov. 17, 1911 ; was president of East- 
ern Township Con. Ass'n, 1896 is a 
member of the Advisory Board Brit- 
ish Empire Financial Corp. and a dir. 
of several other mining and commer- 
cial companies; is engaged in farm- 
ing and stock raising. Married Lucy, 
daughter of Major C. Noble, Comp- 
ton ; Conservative. 

POPE, Herbert Franklin, Hatley, 
Que. Born Eaton, Que., Nov. 14, 
1857, son of David H. and Lucinda 
Todd Pope; English descent, grand- 
father, John Pope, coming from New 
England States, settled in Clifton 
township, Compton Co., among earli- 
est families. E. public schools and 
Hatley Academy. Elected councillor 


Hatley township, also served as ville Bus. Col., supplemented by tech- 

Mayor; first mayor Hatley village nical and practical training in chemi- 

upon incorporation 1912; re-elected cal and mining engineering. Joined 

1915; member Stanstead Co. Agr'l staff of Nichols Chemical Co., Capel- 

Society and of Hatley Board of ton, March, 1891, becoming analyst 

Trade; I.O.O.F., I.O.F. ; Conserva- of company in 1894, and gen'l supt. 

tive; Anglican. Married Julia Ives, Capelton plant 1899, retaining posi- 

Hatley, Dec. 25, 1879; two daugh- tion until January, 1907, when ap- 

ters, Lola J. and Mildred F. Busi- pointed manager of company's mine 

ness connections, with C. E. Ken- at Sulphide, Ontario, constructing 

nedy, tinsmith and plumber, Hatley, that year for Nichols Chemical Co., 

several years; formed partnership, large sulphuric and nitric acid plant 

1830, with Aaron Hall, firm of Hall at that place; resigned connection 

and Pope, Coaticook; in 1883 sold with the Nicholls Chemical Company 

interest to Aaron Hall and purchased Jan. 1, 1908; located in Sherbrooke 

business of Chas. E. Kennedy, Hat- May, 1908, giving attention to certain 

ley, carrying on general trade in chemical and mining interests; liqui- 

plumbing line from that date. dated the Sherbrooke Daily News for 

creditors, and made foundation for 

POUPART, J. Hector, Sher- * he P r f ent . F ren ^ dailv '. , L , a Tri - 

oko Que Bom Lanrairie Dec bune ! August, 1909, appointed man- 

i BSI i > T^ii S w V Rrn' a S er Richmond & Drummond Fire In- 

, 1881, son of .Louis and H. (5ros- .-, ,. , . , , ,. 

seau) Poupart; French. E. Mount surance Co., of which he was a direc- 

St. Louis Institute, Montreal; 1907 tor a nd me mber of its executive com 

bookkeeper for Jos. Bedard & Sons, mittee; liquidated said company for 

Richmond; 1911 accepted position shareholders completing work Aug- 

with J. M. Nault, Sherbrooke, becom- ust ' * 912 : at . this time his attention 

ing sec'y-treas. and director of J. M. m . * ul1 ^ as given to the development 

N?ult, Ltd., when formed in 1912; ? f * e Dominion Metal Co., of which 

member K. of C., Board of Trade, he 1S manager, and sole owner, a 

L'Alliance National, Treas. La Gaiete fompany organized some years prev- 

Club; Liberal; Roman Catholic. Mar- lous , lv . to manufacture white metals, 

ried Alma Dubois, daughter of T. ^ odud * . f w ^ ch , a " now widely 

Dubois, Richmond, Oct 31, 1909; kno un , der T) th f e , trade , m& /l D ' 

children, Marcil, 1912; Cecile, 1914 me . ko - . r - Pritchard has taken an 

Mare-uerite 1916 active interest in Sunday School, Y. 

lte ' l M.C.A. and Board of Trade work. At 

POUTRE, Joseph Edward, Sher- Present w chairman Board of Trus- 

brooke, Que. Born St. Johns, Que., Jf, es t * e Wy>^ Congregational 

Dec. 2 1876, son of Edward Poutre Church, Superintendent of Plymouth 

and F. (Nolin) ; French-Canadian. E. p^TpT^ Sm f* 7 K ' ^Sf' 

public schools St. Johns, Que.; direc- J?r Y.M.C A. and member of the 

tor E.T.A.A., president Sherbrooke ? ou , nci1 r of Sherbrooke Board of 

Boardof Trade, 1915; Knights of Co- Trade; Conservative; Congregation- 

lumbus, St. Francis Club, Tuque allst , . Ma f^! r Amanda Melvema 

Rouge S. S. Club; Roman Catholic. da "f ht " of Wil ham Burgovne South 

Came to Sherbrooke in 1905 and has Zeal> Eng> ' Aug> 12> 1896 : one 

> Olive 

ness. Married E. Desaulniers, Feb. 

27, 1900. D 


PRICHARD, Norman Bruce - 

Born at Jellyby, Ont., Oct. 14, 1871, RAIMBACH, Alfred S., Richmond, 

son of Joseph and Rebekah Prichard, Que. Born in Birmingham, England, 

Scotch and Welsh on father's side, Sept. 26, 1862; Swiss. E. in Birm- 

Irish and English on mother's side, ingham, England, Grammar School. 

E. Brockville High School and Brock- Came to Canada in 1883 ; entered ser- 




vice of Eastern Townships Bank in 
Sept., 1883, located at Sherbrooke, 
Cowansville and Stanstead; appointed 
manager at Richmond Branch, Feb. 
1, 1903; member Board of Trade, 
Richmond Agr'l Soc.; A.F. & A.M.; 

READ, Rev. Geo. Ellery, 37 Mel- 
bourne St., Sherbrooke, Que. Born 
at Romsey, Eng., Aug. 5, 1865, son 
of Alfred Merritt and Mary Ann 
(Ellery) Read. E. at Osborne House 
School, McGill University and Cong. 
Coll. of Can., Montreal. Came to 
Canada in 1887 and settled in To- 
ronto. In 1888 entered Cong. Col- 
lege of Canada and McGill Univers- 
ity; owing to ill-health did not grad- 
uate from the University, but took 
course in philosophy, literature, He- 
brew and other subjects; in 1893 
graduated in theology, winning Bar- 
bour Gold Medal for high excellence 
in his general standing; immediately 
after graduation settled as pastor of 
Cong. Church, Fitch Bay, Stanstead 
Co., being ordained May 18, 1893; 
in 1895 was called to pastorate of 
Stanstead South Church, Rock Island, 
in which charge he continued until 
called to Plymouth Church, Sher- 
brooke, in 1905, where he entered 


upon his duties the first Sunday in 
June of that year; in 1912 was elect- 
ed chairman of the Cong. Union of 
Canada for the ensuing year; A.F. & 
A.M. Mr. Read has taken active part 
in patriotic work incidental to the 
war, addressing many public meet- 
ings on behalf of recruiting and 
other causes. Married Florence Ross 
Douglas, daughter of Alex. Douglas, 
Montreal, June 27, 1893; -children, 
Douglas Ellery, July 25, 1897, in 
overseas service with McGill Siege 
Battery) ; Stanley Merritt Ellery, 
Feb., 1900, Mary Gwendolen Ellery, 

REED, James Birt, North Hatley, 
Que. Born at Hatley, August 21, 
1874, son of Wilder and Almira 
(Bean) Reed; Scotch and English. 
E. at public schools and Hatley 
Academy, Hatley. Vicepres. North 
Hatley Board of Trade 1914-15; C. 
O.F. ; Conservative ; Universalist. En- 
gaged in lumber business with T. V. 
Reed at Spring Hill, Que. ; built first 
North Hatley creamery which he op- 
erated several years; later pur- 
chased grist mill from his father at 
Reed's Crossing; sold out to B. & M. 
Ry. in 1895 and moved to North Hat- 
ley in 1906 where he carries on flour 


and feed business. Married Ruth M. 
Little, Hatley, Que., Sept. 12, 1899.; 
children, Eulah A., Clifford J., Gor- 
don T., Ronald L., Rosamond D., 
Helen E. 

REID, John Thompson, Sher- 
brooke, Que. Born Leeds, Aug. 20, 
1869, son of John P. and Mary 
(Thompson) Reed; Scotch, grand- 
parents coming from Scotland and 
settling in Leeds about 1845. E. pub- 
lic schools; entered employ of Q.C.R 
in 1888, holding successively posi- 
tions of operator, relieving agent, 
station agent, ticket agent, train de- 
spatcher, ass't supt., and in 1914 was 
appointed' superintendent of Q.C.R. 
system; School Com. Sherbrooke 
Prot. Board; C.O.F., A.F. & A.M.; 
Presbyterian. Married Janet D., 
daughter of Robert Thompson, Leeds, 
Que., Oct. 10, 1896; one daughter, 
Jean D., 1906. 

REMICK, Cassius Henry, Postmas- 
ter, Barnston Born at Barnston, 
Nov. 23, 1873, son of Cassius N. and 
Elizabeth R. (Wheeler) Remick; 
English; grandfather, Paige Remick, 
born at Hatley Township, one of the 
oldest families in the townships. E. 
Barnston Model School, Stanstead 
Wesleyan College; insurance and real 
estate business; for several years en- 
gaged in printing business; Postmas- 
ter at Barnston since 1903 ; member 
and chairman Township School Board 
1904-1907, resigned to accept secre- 
taryship of same board and of Muni- 
cipal Council, which office he held 
from 1907 to 1913; resigned; Census 
Commissioner Stanstead County; 
dir. and agent M. & R. Fire Ins. 
Co.; Commissioner Superior Court 
Liberal; Methodist. Married Katie 
E. Converse, daughter of John Con- 
verse, at Barnston, Dec. 25, 1894 ; 
children, Frances Victoria, 1896 ; 
Cassius Nathan Hoyt, 1900. 

REXFORD, George Moore, Ayer's 
Cliff, Que. Born Ayer's Cliff, Aug. 
8, 1849, son of Chester and Assenath 
(Moore) Rexford; English, U. E. 
Loyalists. E. public schools; School 
Commissioner and Councillor, Ayer's 

Cliff; spent several years in Boston, 
after which he returned to Canada 
and engaged in farming and stock 
raising; later engaged in lumber busi- 
ness; member 53rd Battalion, No. 5 
Company; Fenian Raid veteran 1870, 
stationed at Magog under Lt.-Col. 
Bo wen; received grant in 1914 from 
Federal Government. Married Carrie 
M. Hodges, Ayer's Cliff, Oct. 28, 

REYNOLDS, Benjamin Albert, 

Frelighsburg, Que. Born at St. Ar- 
mand East, Que., Dec. 22, 1845, son 
of Chas. S. and Jemima (Lagrange) 
Reynolds; English, grandfather was 
born in Vermont and was among the 
U. E. Loyalists who settled in St. 
Armand. E. at public schools. Went 
to California and was engaged in ag- 
riculture and different kinds of work 
during 6 years; returned to Canada 
in 1874 and again went to California 
in 1875, returning in 1879 to Frel- 
ighsburg, succeeding father on home- 
stead property in general farming 
and stock raising; retiring from ac- 
tive farming in 1896 and removed to 
Frelighsburg where he has been en- 
gaged in looking after his various 
lines of business since; Sec'y-Treas. 
of the Board of Trade; School Com- 
missioner; Sec'y-Treas. village of 
Frelighsburg; Postmaster Frelighs- 
burg 1898 to 1912; Clerk Commis- 
sioner's Court; I.O.O.F. ; Liberal; 
Anglican. Married Ida L. Smith, 
daughter of A. Smith, Odeltown, Que. 
Sept. 27, 188J 

RICHEY, Matthew Henry, Dan- 
ville, Que. Born at Halifax, N.S., 
March 11, 1857, son of Hon. Matthew 
Henry Richey, Lieut.-Governor Nova 
Scotia 1883-8, and Sarah L. (Ander- 
son) Richey; descent, father's side, 
Rev. Matthew Richey, D.D., Irish; 
mother's side, Hon. John H. Ander- 
son, called to Senate at Confeder- 
ation. E. at Halifax Grammar 
School, Mount Allison Academy; en- 
tered service of People's Bank at 
Halifax, Aug., 1877 and that of Bank 
of Montreal when People's was 
bought out July, 1905; entered Peo- 
ple's as junior, rose to position of 


inspector in Danville since 1898; RIDER, Frederick Hamilton, Fitch 
present position as manager Danville Bay, Que. Born Fitch Bay, Sept. 
Branch of Montreal Bank since July, 24, 1878, son of Hamilton M. and 
1905; was pioneer banker in this dis- Abbie L. (Foss) Rider; English, 
trict; ex-pres. St. Andrew's Society grandfather (Ezra B. Rider) born in 
of Richmond Co.; ex-pres. Board of the United States, settled in Stan- 
Trade, Danville; appointed J. P. in stead County about 1830. "E. Stan- 
June, 1917; hon. president Danville stead College, Montreal Business Col- 
and Shipton Patriotic Fund ; director lege ; Councillor several years ; Mayor 
Danville Cemetery Co.; Correspond- 1909; member Agr'l Society; succeed- 
ing Sec'y and Fellow Royal Colonial ed father as mill owner, flour and 
Institute, London, Eng. ; Conserva- feed business, Fitch Bay; approved of 
tive; Presbyterian. Married Blanche and supported consolidation of 
Sarah Sutcliffe, daughter of late E. schools; advocate of better highways 
W. Sutcliffe, Halifax, N.S., Oct. 11, in municipalities; Liberal; Congrega- 
1883; three sons and five daughters, tionalist. Married Minnie White, 

daughter of L. M. White, Griffin, 

RIDDELL, Joseph, Sawyerville -- Que., Dec. 11, 1901; children, Made- 
Born Sawyerville, 1873, son of James lyn M., 1904; Hamilton M., 1906. 
and Mary J. (Doherty) Riddell; par- 
ents came to Canada from Ireland to ROBINS, Robin Morris,, Sher- 
Argenteuil Co. in 1846 and to Comp- brooke, Que. Born Drummnodville, 
ton County in 1873. E. public Que., Aug. 21, 1858, son of William 
schools; member Sawyerville Council S. and Maria D. (Trent) Robins; 
1910 to 1915; LO.O.F.; Conserva- English, grandfather, Capt. Robins, 
tive; Presbyterian; with Dudswell came to Drummondville, Que., about 
Lumber Co., Dudswell, Que., 1904- 1814. E. Bishop's College School. 
08; sold interest to partners and en- Accountant Paton Manufacturing Co. 
gaged in contracting for Pejebscot six years; Sec'y Adam Lomas & Son, 
Co., Brunswick, Me., for five years; thirteen years; Sec'y electrical dept., 
in 1912 purchased extensive lumber Sherbrooke Power, Light and Heat, 
limits with A. B. Hunt, ex-M.P. ; en- Co., Sherbrooke, ten years; cashier 
gaged in farming and stock raising. City Gas and Electric Dept., Sher- 
Married Jessie M. Hurd, Sawyerville, brooke; local mgr. for F. B. McCurdy 
Que., 1902. & Co. several years; HOW mgr. Sher- 
brooke Tile and Brick Co., Ascot; 

RIDER, Timothy Byron, Fitch A.F. & A.M., C.O.F., St. George's, 

Bay, Que. Born Fitch Bay, Jan. 8, Sherbrooke Snowshoe, Y. M. C. A.; 

1848, son of Ezra B. and Dorothy A. Conservative; Anglican. Married 

(Lee) Rider; English; father born in Georgie White, daughter of George 

N. E. States, settled in Stanstead White, New York, Aug. 31, 1887, at 

County about 1830. E. public school; Sherbrooke; children, Marjory L., 

Justice of the Peace; P. M. resigned; 1889; Norris W., 1890; Philip McF., 

Councillor for Stanstead Township 24 1892. 
years; Mayor 20 years continuously; 

Warden for County of Stanstead for ROBINSON, Thomas James, Sweets- 
one year; member A.F. & A.M.; Lib- burg, Que. Born at Myria, N.Y., April 
eral ; engaged in farming, lumber mill 29, 1860, son of Thomas and Samy 
owner and general merchant. Elected (Quinn) Robinson; father born in 
member for Stanstead County Fed- England, came with his parents when 
eral House 1891, defeating late Hon. a child snd first settled in Montreal, 
C. C. Colby; unsuccessful candidate later in New York, and then moved 
in 1896. Married Mary E. Shaw, to Granby. E. public school; School 
daughter of Jacob Shaw, Stanstead, Commissioner; for some time engag- 
Que., Nov. 30, 1871; children, Bur- ed in the manufacture of brick at 
ton H., 1873; Oral K., 1877; Lena M., West Shefford; in 1897 purchased 
1880; Ezra B., 1883; Claude P., present farm property; active in all 
1889. matters pertaining to local improve- 



ment; strong supporter of temper- 
ance reform and more advanced 
schools for rural sections ; Liberal ; 
Anglican. Married Agnes Scott, 
daughter of P. H. Scott, West Shef- 
ford, Que., Nov. 29, 1884; children, 
Thomas H., 1885; Lora E., 1896. 

ROBINSON, Charles Henry, Ayer's 
Cliff, Que. Born Ayer's Cliff, June 
20, 1857, son of John and Rosetta 
(Ellsworth) Robinson; Irish. E. pub- 
lic schools; Mayor Ayer's Cliff, 1914; 
School Commissioner; ex-pres. Stan- 
stead County Agr'l Assn. ; Conserva- 
tive; Congregational. For several 
years was engaged in various lines of 
work at Wakefield and Boston, Mass. ; 
returning to Stanstead engaged in 
farming and stock raising for ten 
years; retired from farming and fol- 
lowed contracting and building at 
Ayar's Cliff. Married Flora E. Blair 
(deceased 1892) Lillie Turner, Ayer's 
Cliff, April 3, 1894; children, Rose 
M., James B.; 2nd wife, Elsie C. 


ROBINSON, William Hezekiah, 
Major, Granby, Que. Born Water- 
loo, Que., April 17, 1848, son of Jon- 
athan and Emma Jane (Dampier) 
Robinson. E. Shefford Academy, 
Waterloo, Que. ; Bishop's College 

School, Lennoxville; Military Schools, 
Montreal, (Infantry, 1st Class Certi- 
ficate, 1865), (School Gunnery, 1st 
Class, 1869). President Canadian 
Consolidated Rubber Co. Ltd., Mont- 
real; vice-pres. Granby Consolidated 
Mining, Smelting & Power Co.; dir- 
ector Stanstead, Shefford & Chambly 
Railway Co. ; director Crows' Nest 
Pass Coal Co. ; director Granby Print- 
ing & Publishing Co. ; director Mor- 
rissey, Fernie & Michel Railway. 
Clerk in general store, "Old Stone 
Store," Waterloo, Que., 1867-1870; 
bought out same business and became 
head of firm known as Robinson 
Bros. & Stevens, Waterloo, 1870- 
1874; accountant, Eastern Townships 
Bank, 1876-1877, at Waterloo, Que., 
and manager, Granby, Que., Hunt- 
ington and Granby, 1877-1908; 
chartered member and director Or- 
ford Mountain Railway, 1888-1899; 
Government Director, St. Lawrence 
& Adirondack Railway, 1891-1896. 
Served as Ensign, No. 1 Waterloo 
Company, on active service during 
Fenian Raids, 1866; Captain and 
Paymaster, 79th Battalion, Shefford 
Highlanders, 1871; Honorary Major, 
retiring 1879. Clubs: British Empire 
Club, London, England; Engineers' 
Club, Montreal, St. James, Montreal. 
Society: A.F. & A.M. (Master, Shef- 
ford Lodge, No. 52, 1874-1875) 
(Waterloo.) Conservative; Anglican. 
Married Julia M. Reynolds, daughter 
of Captain Zenas Reynolds, Water- 
loo, Que., Sept. 20, 1871; had three 
sons of whom one survives, W. 
Wynne R., Captain in Canadian Offi- 
cers' Training Corps. The eldest, 
Charles Aubrey, died in 1888 
and the youngest, F. Reginald R., 
Lieut. 73rd Battalion Royal High- 
landers of Canada Overseas, was 
killed in action Aug. 19, 1916, near 
Ypres, Flanders. 

ROCKWELL, Nathan O., Water- 
loo, Que. Born Sutton, Que., April 
7, 1857, son of John E. and Eliza- 
beth (Hawley) Rockwell. Sec'y- 
Treas. Township of Shefford School 
Commissioners; Township of Shefford 
and Shefford County Agr'l Society; 
Com. of Commissioners' Court; valu- 
ator Town of Waterloo; A.F. & A.M., 



R.A.M., I.O.O.F., I.O.F. ; Liberal; of Mirror Lake; served as Councillor 
Methodist. Married Kate L. Clarke, and School Commissioner for Corpor- 
May 11, 1881; one daughter, Jessie ation of Marbleton for many years; 

L., 1889. 


RODGER, David Alexander, M.D. 
C.M., Cowansville Born at Lachute, 
July 23, 1868, son of William Rod- 
ger and Annie Robertson; Scotch. 
E. Lachute Academy, McGill and 
Bishop's College School; degree M.D. 
C.M.; member Municipal Council; 
Mason, Odd Fellow; Liberal; Presby- 
terian. Married Mabel Alice Boright, 
daughter of S. N. Boright, Sutton, 
Que., 1903; one son, William Sher- 
man, Feb. 9, 1904. 

ROLFE, Israel Warrington, Mar- 
bleton, Que. Born Dudswell, Que., 
Sept. 26, 1856, son of Gershorn and 
Betsy (Rice) Rolfe; English, grand- 
father, born in England and came 
when a young man to Megantic Co., 
later locating at South Ham, Que. E. 
at public school ; spent some time in 
New England States; later in 1880 
went to Montana and for two years 
engaged in lumber business; 1882 
returning to Dudswell and succeeded 
father on homestead; later sold prop- 
erty to Dominion Lime Co. and pur- 
chased present property on east side 

pres. Farmers' Club; dir. Agricul- 
tural Society No. II.; C.O.F., Duds- 
well Fish and Game Club; Conserva- 
tive; Methodist. Married Elizabeth 
J. Oughtred, daughter of W. W. 
Oughtred, Marbleton, Dec. 21, 1887; 
children, Guy O., 1890 (deceased 
1900); Mabel M., 1895; Elsie J., 

ROLFE, George Saunders, Bishop's 
Crossing, Que. Born at Dudswell, 
Que., April 12, 1873, son of Cyrus C. 
and Charlotte (Shepherd) Rolfe; 
English, great grandfather came 
from England and first settled in Me- 
gantic County, later at South Ham, 
Que. E. public schools; member A. 
Squadron, 7th Hussars; Councillor, 
elected 1912, re-elected 1915; for 
some time in pulp wood business; in 
1907 purchased present property, en- 
gaged in stock raising and general 
farming; as Councillor in favor of 
municipalities taking advantage of 
Provincial Good Roads Act; clubs, 
Dudswell Fish & Game; Conserva- 
tive; Methodist. Married Ada C. 
Jenkins (deceased 1913) daughter of 
Silas Jenkins, Eaton, Que., Sept. 8, 
1897; children, Maud D., 1898; Mar- 
jorie E., 1899; Hiram J., 1901. 

ROLFE, Albert Charles, Lime 
Ridge, Que. Born South Ham, Que., 
Jan. 19, 1859, son of G. and Betsy 
(Rice) Rolfe; English, grandfather 
was born in England; settled in Me- 
gantic County, later located at South 
Ham. E. Dudswell Academy; mem- 
beb of Megantic battalion; served as 
Councillor many years; director 
County Agr'l Society; as young man 
spent several years lumbering in 
Montana, returning to Lime Ridge 
1882, engaging in farming, breeding 
registered Durham cattle; I.O.O.F. ; 
Conservative; Anglican. Married 
Flora Hooker, (deceased 1895); 2nd 
Elva Chaddock, daughter of Henry 
Chaddock, Eaton, Que., Jan. 12, 
1898; children, Lora B., 1884; Aus- 
tin H., 1886 (deceased 1892). 



Rosenbloom, Joseph R., merchant, 
Sherbrooke, Que. Born in Poland, 
1868, son of Isaac Rosenbloom; came 
to Canada with his parents at age of 
two years, his father being engaged 
in mercantile business at Monckland, 
Ont. E. public schools; came to 
Sherbrooke in 1885; in 1897 estab- 
lished clothing business which has 
steadily grown to be one of the larg- 
est men's wear stores in the Eastern 
Townships; member A.F. & A.M., I.O. 
O.F., Sherbrooke Board of Trade, 
Governor Sherbrooke Hospital; Jew- 
ish. Married Leah Anna Vineberg, 
March 1, 1905; children, Lewis Isaac, 
1906; William Jacob, 1907; Dorothy 
Rosalind, 1912. 

ROSS, Alexander, Cookshire, Que. 
Born Gould, Que., Aug. 1, 1850, son 
of James and Marianne (Brown) 
Ross; Scotch and Irish. E. public 
schools; Lt. and Capt., No. 2 Co., 
55th Battalion, Senior Major, 58th 
Batt. ; Sec'y-Treas. School Commis- 
sioners from age of 16 to 21 years; 
Mayor of Lingwick for 17 years; 
Warden Compton Co., 2 yrs. ; Sec'y- 
Treas. Compton Co. since 1891; col- 
lector of customs since Jan. 1, 1891; 
Master Mason, R.A.M., Knight Temp- 
lar and Karnak Templar, Montreal, 
C.O.F., St. George's Club, Sher- 
brooke, Victoria Club, Cookshire; 
Conservative; Presbyterian. 

ROTHERA, William Henry, Inver- 
ness, Que. Born Kughley, England, 
Dec., 1880, son of Rev. Joseph Roth- 
era and Sarah Halpsworth; English; 
father came from England in 1888, 
family following in 1889, settling 
first at Capelton and later at Leeds. 
E. Leeds Academy and Montreal; 
I.O.O.F. Entered employ of Quebec 
Bank in 1902 at Victoriaville ; acted 
as clerk, teller and accountant at 
Shawinigan, Sturgeon Falls, Quebec 
City and other places; appointed 
manager at Inverness in 1910; Angli- 
can. Married Elizabeth G. Hume, 
daughter of Dr. W. L. Hume, Leeds 
Village, June 5, 1913. 

ROWE, Frank Holden, Waterville, 
Que. Born at Clarenceville, Que., 
Dec. 19, 1862, son of Geo. J. Rowe 

and Mary Young; Dutch. E. at Clar- 
enceville, Lacolle and Coaticook 
Academies. In 1893 bought out stock 
of general merchandise known as the 
J. W. Dean store on the border be- 
tween Clarenceville and Alburg, Vt. ; 
sold and came to Waterville in April, 
1896, and formed partnership with 
Willis C. Rowe as Rowe & Rowe, gen. 
merchants; partnership existed until 
1907 when F. A. Burton purchased 
interests of Willis C. Rowe and was 
partner for about two years; 1909 
took over business as sole proprietor 
under name of F. H. Rowe; I.O.O.F.; 
Conservative ; Anglican. Married 
Frances Rosilla, daughter of Clark U. 
and Jane Miller (deceased) ; 2nd 
wife, Edith Kathleen Wells, daughter 
of late Geo. Wells, Waterville; chil- 
dren, Mary Beatrice, 1896; Frank 
Harcourt, 1900; Dorothea Jane, 

ROWELL, Albert Eugene, 45 Lon- 
don St., Sherbrooke, Que. Born at 
Hatley, Que., Oct. 6, 1875, son of 
Thomas and Jennie (Whitcomb) 
Rowell; English; grandfather (Nath- 
an Rowel) came from New Bedford, 
Mass., and settled at Hatley. E. Hat- 
ley and Ontario Business College, 
Belleville, Ont. ; member Sherbrooke 
Board of Trade; began business ca- 
reer at Lynn, Mass.; in 1903, in part- 
nership with his father under name 
of Rowell, Son & Co., purchased the 
business of C. H. Fletcher at Sher- 
brooke, consisting of wholesale bis- 
cuit and confectionery manufactory; 
member Sherbrooke Curling; Conser- 
vative; Christian Science. Married 
Josephine M. Todd, daughter of Silas 
Todd, Compton, Que., Sept. 13, 1899; 
children, Alberta Josephine, 1903; 
Gerald Eugene, 1906. 

ROY, Rev. P. Rufus, Scotstown, 
Que. Born Sabrevois, Que., Dec. 2, 
1883, son of John James and Lydia 
(Rondeau) Roy; Huguenot. E. Mc- 
Gill University, 1901-05; Bishop's 
University, Lennoxville, 1905-07 ; 
B.A., McGill, 1905 ; B.A., ad eundem, 
Bishop's University, 1906, and L.S.T., 
1907; won prize for Hebrew, McGill, 
1903; Semitic Languages, 1904; at 
Bishop's University won Principal's 


prize for Church History and Vice- member C.O.F., Alliance Nationale, 

Principal's prize for Hebrew in 1907; St. Joseph, Knights of Columbus; 

obtained first class aggregate prize in Liberal; Roman Catholic. Married 

L.S.T. in 1907; Incumbent of Mel- Georgina Boutin, daughter of John 

bourne, Que., before coming to Boutin, Sherbrooke, Sept. 22, 1896; 

Scotstown in 1914; A.F. & A.M., I.O. children, Edelbert, 1898; Sylva, 

O.F., C.O.F.; Anglican. 1899; Fredolin, 1900; Andre, 1910; 

Marcel, 1917. 
ROY, Francois Godfroi, Scotstown, 

Que. Born St. Foye, Que., Oct. 25, RUGG, Frederick S., Sherbrooke, 
1859, son of Joseph and Emelie Q ue . Born Sept. 29, 1879, at Perth, 
(Huot) Roy; French. E. public Qnt., son of Dr. H. C. Rugg and Ellen 
schools; Councillor Scotstown, 1898; c. (Kurd) Rugg. E. Stanstead Col- 
Mayor 1916-17, also, 1909-10; Sec'y- lege and McGill University, where he 
Treas. Catholic School Board since graduated in law with degree of B.C. 
1888; organized and charter member L.; St. George's Club, Sherbrooke, 
Court Catholic Order of Foresters, Curling Club, St. Francis Golf Club, 
1892; Artisans Canadian Francais Sherbrooke Snowshoe Club, Massa- 
and Alliance Nationale; Conserva- wippi Canoe Club; Conservative; 
tive; Roman Catholic. Clerked in Congrcgationalist. After leaving col- 
general store for several years ; estab- lege entered law firm of Hurd & 
lished general store, Windsor Mills, Fraser, subsequently Hurd, Fraser, 
1880-84 ; erected building and opened Macdonald & Rugg. The firm is now 
store in Scotstown 1886; sold to L. J. composed of Lt.-Col. H. R. Fraser, 
Miller, Lotbiniere, in 1912; also K.C., and F. S. Rugg. Married Car- 
dealt in lumber. Married Honorine r ie H. Hovey, Sherbrooke, June 6, 
Noel, Lothbiniere, June 20, 1892.. 1911. 

ROY, Rev. Louis Ephreme, Bury, n 

Que. Born at Bridgewater, Ont., j 
Nov. 2, 1861, son of Beloni and De- 

lina (Sympere) Roy; French-Canad- SAFFO RD, Frank L., Sutton, Que. 

^- E. P^ench Metibodist faatitute, _ Born at Sutton j unct ion, Que., 

Montreal, Wesleyan Theological Col- M 25 1875 &on of Garrett and 

lege Montreal and Victoria Univers- Audrey (Spencer) Safford; English. 

ityCobourg Ont.; Protestant Mar- E blic gchool and Sutt ' on | cad . 

ried Louise Georgina Demers, daugh- in 1895 became member of Bo . 

ter of Charles Demers at North Ely, ri h { & Safford general stor b 

Ue Yo^ Y T?I 189 ; A dl ?S5^' A U1Se in i Partner's interest in 1911; Coun- 

?'V 89 1U ySS6S " 9 J Ur re 3w Sutton village, Mayor 2 terms, 

T 1 U> ' 1 chairman Sutton School Board; A.F. 

& A.M., R.A.M. ; Conservative; Angli- 

ROYER, Joseph Octave, 64 King C an. Married Minnie F. Curley, at 

St., Sherbrooke, Que. Born at Ste. Sutton, Sept. 16, 1896; children, 

Malachie, Que., July 15, 1876, son of Francis C., 1898; Alice K., 1900; 

Ignace and Flavie (Ruel) Royer ; Nellie M. 1901. 
French. E. at Brothers' School, 

Sherbrooke; after leaving school en- SAFFORD, Myron Garrett, Sutton 

tered employ of the F. X. Darche & Jet., Que. Born at Sutton Jet. June 

Sons, general merchants, Sherbrooke; 8, 1863, son of Garrett and Andrea 

with said firm 12 years; accepted po- (Spencer) Saiford; English; grand- 

sition as clerk with L. H. Guay, Sher- father, J. Safford, was born in Conn, 

brooke, in 1900; formed partnership and came to Sutton Township as one 

with H. Fisette as Royer & Fisette, of U. E. Loyalists and first settled in 

grocers and furniture dealers, Sher- township. E. Sutton Academy. Was 

brooke; 1912 sold interest and engag- engaged in farming at Sutton Jet. 

ed in real estate, doing business in and in partnership established whole- 

Sherbrooke and Eastern Townships; sale and retail hide business which 



later grew to be one of largest in 
province, being conducted by Mr. 
Garret Safford and Sons, Myron and 
Wesley under business name of Gar- 
ret Safford; in 1885 went to Bethel, 
Vt., and took charge of tannery for 
Alley Bros. & Place, which position 
he held for about 15 years; returned 
to Sutton Jet. in 1900 and since that 
date has been in business with W. R. 
and S. P. Safford, dealers in hides, 
etc.; A.F. & A.M., R.A.M., Knight 
Templar; Conservative; Anglican, 
Married Penelope Hamilton, daughter 
of Dr. R. S. Hamilton, of Sutton, 
Que., Sept. 3, 1888; children, Harry 
H., 1889 (deceased 1910); Marion 
M., 1891; Penelope S., 1897; Doro- 
thy M., 1901; Andrea B., 1903. 

CAIIC r\ -j i u GV,^I 

SALLS, David Johnson Sher- 

brooke, Que. Born at Stanstead, 
Oct. 21 1879 son of Stephen and 
Francis (Derick) Sails E. Stanstead, 
Derby, Vt. and Sherbrooke schools. 
Member firm BC. Howard and Co 
which firm handles about 10,000,00 
feet sawn lumber and 30 to 50,000 
cords of pu pwood yearly, also inter- 
ested in following companies: Sher- 
brooke Iron Works, Ltd , B & L. 
Mfg. Co., St. Lawrence Lumber In- 
dustrial Co, Sherbrooke Tile and 
Brick Co International Lumber Co., 
Normount Realty Co., Vendome 
Boulevard Co., etc.; Liberal; Metho- 
dist. Married Eveline Pozer, daugh- 
ter late John A. Pozer, St. George, 
Beauce, July 4, 1906; one daughter, 
Edna S., April 25, 1908. 

SAMPSON, Capt. H. A., Sher- 
brooke, in overseas service Born at 
Quebec, July 2, 1881. Joined 53rd 
Regt. in 1899; joined Can. Exp. 
Force, Aug. 10, 1914; left Canada 
with 1st Canadian Contingent in 
Sept., 1914, as Capt. in the 12th Can. 
Batt. ; transferred to 1st Can. Batt. 
July 10, 1915, as Capt. and Com- 
pany Commander; wounded, March 
14, 1916; returned to duty March 18, 
1916, sent to hospital May 18, 1916, 
suffering from shell shock and strain- 
ed heart; transferred to Can. Base 

Depot Staff, Havre, France, July 14, 
1916. Married Yvonne Caroline Bir- 
tin, London, Eng., July 7, 1916. 

SANGSTER, James R. Born at 
Sherbrooke, Que., Nov., 1871, son of 
James and Isabella (Michie) Sang- 
ster; Scotch. E. Sherbrooke High 
School; spent several years in law 
office of Gate, Wells and White ; offi- 
cial Court Stenographer until 1911 
when he entered into partnership 
with E. J. Page in the business of 
Page Printing and Binding Co. Mar- 
ried Jennie Kurd, daughter of Dr. H. 
C. Rugg, Sept., 1898; three children, 
two of whom are living, Frederick 
James, and Alice Jean. 

SAUNDERS, Frederick Charles, 

Bedford, Que. -- Born at Montreal, 
Que., in May, 18&0, son of John 
Stretch &nd Elizabeth (Liddle ) 

vice-ores O S 

Mf c drector Bedford Light & 
p Q ' j p chairman of Prot . 
egtant Sch ' ool Commissioners for a 
number f twQ rg ident 

f Bedfor / Board of Trade; Liberal; 
A lican . Married Evelyn Eliza 
Mu * Deck t Philipsburg> Que>> 
g t * 6 18?9 children> Edith Anna 

De cker, 1880; Walter Reuben, 1883; 
Brant Murray, 1886; Douglas Escott, 
188g Frederick Wi H iam> 1892; Har- 
M T ' , IOQC 

SAVAGE, Robert Alfred, South 
Stukely, Que. Born Shefford, Nov. 
28, 1852, son of John and Margaret 
(Todd) Savage; Irish, Capt. John 
Savage (grandfather) served in the 
war of 1776 and came to Shefford 
County from the States in 1792, be- 
ing one of the first settlers and a 
leading associate of the township of 
Shefford. E. public schools. Fifteen 
years councillor; Mayor several 
years; president county agricultural 
society; succeeded father as farmer 
on homestead and later entered live 
stock business and real estate, form- 
ing partnership with Geo. Roberts, 
Granby, owners of farm property, 
timber limits, etc.; 1912 purchased 
general store, South Stukely, under 
firm name R. A. Savage & Sons; Lib- 


eral; Anglican. Married Miranda E. SCOTT, Robert, Scotstown, Que. 

Knowlton, daughter of S. Parker, Born Lanark, Scotland, Jan. 18, 

Knowlton, South Stukely, Que., Jan. 1860, son of John and Martha (Mur- 

5, 1875; children, Maud E., 1880; dock) Scott; Scotch; his father, John 

Mabel J., 1883; Henry H. and James Scott, was sent from Scotland in 

J. (twins) 1885; Blanche A., 1891. 1871 by Glasgow Canadian Land Co., 

to locate lands, etc.; was influenced 
by late Wm. Sawyer and Colin Noble, 

SAWDON, Irwin Academy of after travelling over much of Can- 
Music, Sherbrooke, Que. -- Born at ada, to settle at Scotstown, receiving 
Leeds, Eng., 1872. son of Robert large tract of land from government 
Sawdon and Martha Rose. E. at for bringing out settlers; he also 
Leeds Technical School, Licentiate of bought large tracts bringing the total 
Music; commenced piano study at up to 35,000 acres; this territory was 
seven years of age ; commenced ser- all a wilderness and Scott was one of 
ious study on piano with Alfred Chris- the first settlers, the town of Scots- 
tenson, R.A.M.; violin, John Mulloy, town being named after him. Sub- 
R.A.M. and John Dunn, the great ject of this sketch has served as 
English violinist and lastly organ and chairman school board 12 years; 
harmony under Dr. Spark, Leeds Sec'y-Treas., Scotstown, 15 years; 
City, organist, making debut as a solo appointed postmaster 1911; Inde- 
violinist in conjunction with Dr. pendent; Presbyterian; I.O.O.F. and 
Sparks' organ recital; 1st violin Har- C.O.F.; 1875-1887 in dry goods busi- 
rogate Municipal Orchestra and was ness, Montreal; 1887-1890 in partner- 
engaged for principal oratorios per- ship with his brother John at Scots- 
formance from Trent to Tweed;. left town; in 1890 bought out brother's 
the Harrogate appointment to come interest and has owned store since, 
to Sherbrooke in 1908; has worked Married Mary C. McDonald, June 20, 
primarily for the uplift of musical 1888; children, J. Dewar, Marion, 
art, bringing to Sherbrooke such, as Stewart, Kathleen, Eleanor and 
New York Symphony, late Madame Leslie. 
Nordica, David Bispham and others; 
principal Sherbrooke Academy of 

Music, Music Master Bishop's Col- SELBY, Oscar C., Dunham, Que. 

lege School; organist and choir mas- Born at East Dunham, Jan. 10, 1876, 

ter Methodist Church, Coaticook, son of Thomas and Ruth Gleason 

conductor Sherbrooke Symphony Or- Selby; English; grandfather born in 

chestra, director Sherbrooke Sub- England, came to Canada with par- 

scription Concerts; A.F. & A.M. Mar- ents. E. at Dunham Academy. C. 

ried E. J. Evans, daughter of T. p - R - telegraph operator about three 

Evans, Pembroke, Wales, Feb. 28, years; clerk in general store for 7 

1898; one son, Chas. Irwin, April 7, years; later bought stock and mer- 

1908. chandise of Mrs. F. F. Wood at Dun- 
ham; conducted general store busi- 
ness for 10 years, retiring in 1911 

SCOTT, Nathaniel George, M.L.A., taking over part interest in Citizens 

Scotstown Born Dec. 25, 1880, at Tel. Co.; 1913 purchased partner's 

Scotstown, Que., son of Robt. B. and interest, extending system completely 

Pierrette (Boy) Scott E. Scotstown covering counties of Missisquoi and 

and Stanstead College. Director of Brome, connecting with Bell Tele- 

Scotstown Manufacturing Co. and phone Co. of Canada for long dis- 

Scotstown Electric Light Co.; Lib- tance connection; councillor, school 

eral, representing County in Quebec commissioner, secretary-treasurer for 

Legislature; Presbyterian. Married, village and township of Dunham; A. 

Sept. 5, 1906, Louise Mclver, daugh- F. & A.M.; Conservative; Anglican, 

ter of John S. Mclver, of Galson, Married Mary Ernestine Stevens, 

Que.; children, Irene L., Robt. B., daughter of- S. Stevens, Dunham, 

Reita M., and Grant J. June 10, 1905; children, Rowland S., 



1907; Evelyn Jane, 1910; Ruth Sept. 20, 1894; children, Warren E., 
Donna, 1914. 1895; George F., 1900. 

SEALE, Alfred Joseph, Major, 
Granby, Que. Born at Granby, May 
2, 1873, son of Richard and Eliza 
(Gray) Seale. Many years manager 
electric light station, Granby; served 
in local militia 1888 till 1910 when 
he retired with rank of Major; A.F. 
& A.M. ; Conservative ; Anglican. 
Married Mary Norris at Minton, June 
30, 1896. 

SEARLES, George Edward, R.M. 
D., Stanstead Born Barnston, Aug. 
24, 1863, son of Harry and Susan J. 
(Blake) Searles; English; grand- 
father came to Stanstead from Con- 
necticut when a young man. E. pub- 
lic schools; elected municipal council 
1904; Mayor 1910; School Commis- 
sioner; member County Agr'l Soc. ; 
early engaged in farming; first in 
province to put condensed milk on 
the market, shipments sent to west 
and Yukon territory; 1903 purchased 
present dairy farm ; represented mun- 
icipality Barnston at good roads con- 
gress, Montreal, 1914; A.F. & A.M. 
Married Annie E. Burnet, daughter 
late Robt. Burnet, Farnham, Que., 
Dec. 3, 1896; one daughter, Susan E., 

SHAW, Royal Fred, Waterloo, 
Que. Born Kingsey Falls, Aug. 27, 
1861, son of Edwin and Catherine 
(Wilcox) Shaw; Scotch. United Em- 
pire Loyalist stock. E. Waterloo 
Academy, Secretary-Treasurer Wat- 
erloo School Board, member Board 
of Trade, A.F. & A.M., I.O.O.F., 
I.O.F., C.p.F.; Liberal; Methodist. 
After leaving school entered employ 
of F. M. Carpenter, Waterloo, where 
he remained for three years; later 
with A. S. Sewell & Co., druggists, 
Boston; in 1886 accepted position as 
traveller for Davis & Lawrence Co., 
Montreal, where he remained four 
years; in 1890 came to Waterloo and 
entered his father's jewelry store; on 
his father's death in 1910 took over 
business; also carries on an exten- 
sive insurance business. Married 
Gertrude A. Eager, Waterloo, Que., 


SHELTUS, William Ashley, Bed- 
ford, Que. Born Bedford, Nov. 11, 
1850, son of Hannable and Prudence 
(Stinehour) Sheltus; English, father 
(Hannable Sheltus) was born in Ver- 
mont 1815 and came to Canada 1850 
settling 'at Bedford ; he died at Bed- 
ford 1888. E. public school and Bed- 
ford Academy; entered Bedford 
C < 1904, re-elected 1906; Mayor 
1908, re-elected 1909, also 1916-17; 
School Commissioner 1899-1911, 
chairman 1911; appointed Commis- 
sioner Com. Court, Bedford, in 1904; 
Justice of Peace; member Bedford 
Board of Trade; pres. Liberal Assoc- 
iation, Missisquoi County, 1907- 
1912; A.F. & A.M.; Masonic D.D. 
G.M., Bedford District; R.A.M., I.O. 
O.F. ; Liberal; Anglican. Married 
Minnie Brown, Dunham, Jan. 13, 
1896; children, Cathleen P., 1898; 
Hannable A.,, 1900. 

SHEPARD, Arthur Janes, Frel- 
ighsburg Born Frelighsburg, April 
16, 1881, son of Thomas and Sophia 
(Spencer) Shepard; general mer- 
chant; Secretary-Treasurer Frelighs- 



burg village 1905-1915; member 
Board of Trade; A.F. & A.M.; Sec'y- 
Treas. Frontier Fish and Game Club; 
Conservative ; Anglican. Married 
Geneva M. Blinn, daughter of Hir- 
man Blinn at Frelighsburg, April 29, 
1902; one daughter, Dorothy H., 

SHEPARD, Edward M., Frelighs- 
burg, Que. Born Frelighsburg, Oct. 
3, 1875, son of Thomas and Sophia 
(Spencer) Shepard; English descent. 
E. Frelighsburg Grammar School; 
School Commissioner (chairman) ; 
A.F. & A.M.; hotel proprietor con- 
ducting American House, also inter- 
ested in farming; takes interest in 
general public improvements; mem- 
ber Frontier Fish & Game Club ; Con- 
servative; Anglican. Married. Blanche 
Phelps, daughter of Nelson Phelps, 
Stanbridge East, Feb. 4, 1897; chil- 
dren, Thomas N., Clyde M., Walter 
E., Edeline L. 

SHERMAN, James Alfred, Martin- 
ville, Que. Born Eaton, Que., Dec. 
22, 1845; served in council since 
1890; Mayor three terms; school com- 
missioner twenty-five years; a very 
successful farmer ; Conservative ; 
Methodist. Married Amada Stevens, 
Compton, Que., 1874; children, Ed- 
win, 1875; Bertha, 1882; Walter, 

SHERMAN, William, Martinville 
Born Eaton, Que., April 10, 1850. 
Served as councillor many years, also 
school commissioner; always engaged 
in farming; Conservative; Methodist. 
Married Julia Goodwin, daughter of 
Henry Goodwin, Scotstown, Feb. 2, 
1882 (deceased 1902); children, 
Frank L. and Sarah F. 

SIMONS, Howard John, Bury - 
Born at Bury, March 11, 1891, son of 
John Albro and Amelia (Barter) 
Simons; English. E. at Bury Model 
School. Manager of the Merchants' 
Bank at Bury; member C.O.F., Ma- 
sonic, Odd Fellows; Church of Eng- 

SIMPSON, Arthur Fisher, collec- 
tor Inland Revenue, Sherbrooke, Que. 
Born Montreal, July 31, 1848, son of 
William and Catherine (Fisher) 
Simpson ; Scotch-Irish, grandfather 
(John Simpson) was ensign under 
the Duke of Wellington at battle of 
Waterloo, later came to Canada set- 
tling at Kingston, Ont. E. Montreal 
High School; Councillor and Mayor 
of Lennoxville several years. After 
leaving school entered employ of 
Lymans Clare and Co., Montreal; 
1870 accepted position of ac- 
countant with Paton Mills Co., 
Sherbrocke; 1877 cashier Inter- 
national Railway (Sherbrooke to 
Lake Megantic) now C.P.R., 1884; 
now collector Inland Revenue and in- 
spector of gas and electricity with 
offices at Sherbrooke; member Vic- 
toria Rifles, Montreal, and with said 
troops Fenian raid, 1866; in 1870 
with Col. King's staff, second Fenian 
raid; received medals; member Mont- 
real lacrosse team and played cham- 
pionship match against Caughnawaga 
Indians on first Dominion Day, 1867, 
Montreal; member A.F. & A.M., 
I.O.F., St. George's (Sherbrooke). 
Married Elizabeth H. Mears, daugh- 
ter of Henry Mears, Sussex, Eng., 
1872; children, Arthur H. M. (de- 
ceased 1906) ; Harriet H. M., Edward 
G. W., deceased 1903; Florence G. 

SHURTLEFF, William Lewis, 
LL.D., Coaticook, Que. Born Coati- 
cook, March 29, 1864, son of Lyman 
and Ruth E. Shurtleff; English. E. 
Coaticook High School and Bishop's 
College University; Doctor of Laws; 
admitted to Bar in 1886; appointed 
King's Counsel 1903; elected Baton- 
niar of St. Francis Bar in 1913; elect- 
ed representative of Eastern Town- 
ships' Bar on Executive Committee 
of the Dominion Bar Ass'n at its or- 
ganization in 1914; first Can. Counsel 
engaged by Harry K. Thaw and At- 
torney of Record in court proceed- 
ings taken by Thaw; has been Town 
Attorney since his admission to the 
Bar 30 years ago; purchased Coati- 
cook Observer in 1890 in partnership 
with late L. S. Channell, whose inter- 
est he acquired a year later and con- 
tinued as editor and proprietor of the 




paper until 1908; chairman of Coati 
cook School Board for many years; 
member of Protestant Committee of 
the Council of Public Instruction for 
Province of Quebec; representative 
of Protestant Committee on Teacher 
and Training Committee of Macdon- 
ald College; trustee of Strathcona 
Trust; Conservative, elected organ- 
izer of Conservative party in E. T. 
when it came into power in 1911; 
appointed by Government as Commis- 
sioner for Quebec Province, to in- 
quire into charge of political parti- 
sanship; Methodist; Superintendent 
Methodist Sunday School many 
years; elected twice as pres. for Sun- 
day School Union for Province; 
served as pres. of the Prov. C. E. 
Union and as vice-pres. for the C.E. 
Union for Dom. of Canada. Married, 
June 20, 1887, Edna L. Alger, daugh- 
ter of Henry and Serepta Alger of 
Eaton, Que. ; one daughter, Nellie 

SLACK, Dr. George Frederick, 

Farnham, Que Born Granby, Que., 
March 2, 1847, son of Rural Dean 
Slack and I. Johnston, daughter of 
late Rev. Thos. Johnston, first S.P.G. 
missionary at Halifax and afterwards 
at Abbotsford; English. E. at Bish- 


op's College School, Lennoxville, B.A. 
McGill College, member Royal Col- 
lege of Surgeons, England; M.D. 
C.M. ; house surgeon Charing Cross 
Hospital, London, Eng. ; C.P.R. Co. 
Surgeon at Farnham; Surgeon C. V. 
Ry. Co., Farnham; Ry. examiner for 
Engineers, Firemen and Conductors' 
Brotherhoods; Conservative; Angli- 
can. Married Miss Acton Lichfield, 
1870; children, Frederick William, 
Beatrice Marie, Isabella, nurse in 
Canadian forces, England; Malcolm 
Ross. M.D. C.M. in overseas Can. For- 
ces in France; Rosa Frances. 

SMALL, Reid Paig, Dunham, Que. 
Born at Dunham, Que., April 19, 
1865, son of Jas. S. and Lucinda 
(Brooks) Small; Scotch, father came 
from Scotland with his father at the 
age of 12 years, settling at Dunham. 
E. at Dunham Academy. Engaged in 
farming and later with S. J. Small, 
formed partnership under name of 
Small Bros. Mfg. of maple sugar 
makers' supplies, and improved light- 
ning evaporator in Canada and New 
England States; interested in agricul- 
ture, owner of real estate; prominent 
Liberal, refusing nomination for 
Missisquoi Co. ; Councillor of Dun- 
ham village several years; Mayor 



1910-15; Warden Missisquoi Co. 
1915; School Commissioner Dunham 
Township; appointed Justice of 
Peace; I.O.O.F. ; Liberal; Methodist. 


SMITH, Alexander Cambray, 47 

Elgin St., Granby, Que. -- Born in 
London, Eng., Aug. 22, 1877, son of 
late W. Bickerton Smith; English. E. 
at Granby High School and privatt 
tuition. Entered service of Mer- 
chants' Bank of Canada at Montreal 
in May, 1895; served four years in 
Sherbrooke and finally becoming ac- 
countant of Ste. Catherine Street 
Branch; resigned Sept., 1901, to en- 
ter service of Eastern Townships 
Bank, Montreal; moved to Granby, 
Jan., 1903; appointed manager of 
Granby Branch E. T. Bank, Sept., 
1908, which position held until amal- 
gamation with C. B. of Commerce, 
and has filled same position for C. B. 
of Commerce since; member Council 
Board of Trade; Treas. Can. Pat. 
Fund; Granby Club, Granby Golf 
Club; Conservative; Anglican. Mar- 
ried Mary E. Gilmour, daughter of 
late Geo. W. Gilmour, Waterloo; 
Que., Oct., 1908; one daughter, 
Katharine E. 


SMITH, John Denison, merchant, 
Richmond, Que. Born at Richmond, 
Que., Nov. 7, 1875, son of John H. 
Smith and Malvina C. Denison, father 
born in Alloa, Scotland, mother born 
in Cleveland, Que. E. at common 
schools, St. Francis College, Mont- 
real Business College, Montreal; 
Mayor of Richmond, 1917; Town 
Councillor for four years; Liberal; 
Past Master St. Francis Lodge A.F. 
& A.M.; P.G.S.W. Grand Lodge; Past 
Principal Holyrood Chapter R.A.M.; 
Dist. Sup. R.A.M.; Sussex Preceptory 
and Priory No. 9, K. T., Sherbrooke- 
Karnak Temple A.A.O.N.M.S., Mont- 
real; Pioneer Lodge, No. 7, I.O.O.F., 
Richmond; Union Encampment, No. 
3, Sherbrooke; Olive Branch No. 9 
D.R.; C.O.F.; Past Pres. St. Andrew's 
Society, Richmond Co. ; Methodist. 
Married Violet Pauline Palmer, 
daughter of M. J. Palmer, Richmond, 
Que., Oct. 26, 1910; children, Helen 
Malvina. 1911; John Earle Dennison, 
1912; Pauline Eunice E., 1915. 

SMITH, Capt. John Ernest, Sher- 
brooke, Que. Born Megantic, Feb. 
27, 1887, son of Malcolm and Mar- 
garet (McLeod) Smith; Scotch. E. 
at Megantic public school, Stanstead 
Wesleyan College. For several years 



was connected with Sherbrooke Re- 
cord Co. as city editor and later as 
advertising solicitor; resigned to go 
overseas with 117th Eastern Town- 
ships Batt., upon this batt. being 
broken up was transferred to 22nd 
Reserve Batt. as Adjutant; later 
joined the Forestry Division; member 
A.F. & A.M., C.O.F., Sherbrooke 
Snowshoe Club, Sherbrooke Curling 
Club; Conservative; Presbyterian. 
Married Bertha M. Edwards, daugh- 
ter of John Edwards, Sherbrooke, 
Que., June 7, 1910; one daughter, 
Marjorie Muir, Nov. 20, 1914. 

SMITH, Henry Havelock, Stan- 
stead, Que. -- Born Cassville, Que., 
Jan. 20, 1858, son of Wm. A. and 
Jane (Boynton) Smith; Scotch, 
father born in Banffshire, Scotland, 
coming to Stanstead about 1830. E. 
public school and Stanstead Wesleyan 
College; member of Company No. 3, 
5th Regiment of Cavalry (now dis- 
banded) ; elected Councillor of Stan- 
stead Township in 1910, re-elected 
1914; Mayor in 1916; member Farm- 
ers' Club; Conservative; Methodist. 
Mr. Smith succeeded father on home- 
stead farm near Cassville until 1906 
when he disposed of that property 
and bought farm known as the 
"iYlansur Property"; as farmer Mr. 
Smith has followed mixed farming 
and later breeder of registered Dur- 
ham cattle; as councillor supported 
good roads policy; Sec'y-Treas. for 
the Fairfax Butter and Cheese Ass'n 
during 1911 and 1912 and president 
from January, 1913, to January, 
1914; Sec'y-Treas. of Cassville Ceme- 
tery since 1900. Married Lilla D. 
Bartlett, daughter of Sanborn Bart- 
lett, Cassville, Que., Sept. 13, 1886; 
children, Harold B., 1887; Maria S., 
1888; Walter A., 1889; Agnes G., 
1891; Nelson R., 1893. 

SMITH, Stewart C., Coaticook, 
Que. Born April 17, 1884, son of 
Bryant and Etta (Frost) Smith. E. 
Coaticook Academy; after leaving 
school entered employ of his father, 
B. J. Smith, and in 1907, became 
partner in firm of B. J. Smith & Son, 
wholesale and retail dealers in hard- 


ware, groceries, feed, etc. ; member 
Coaticook Board of Trade; A.F. & 
A.M., I.O.O.F., Mountaineer Hunting 
Club; Methodist; Liberal. Married 
June 10, 1908, Mary Wellman Lovell 
Coaticook; children, Wellman S., 
1910; Helen Barbara, 1911; Roger 
Lovewell, 1912. 

SMITH, Dr. Charles M., Scotstown, 
Que. Born Red Mountain, Oct. 13, 
1878, son of Charles and Catherine 
(Buchanan) Smith. Family came 
from Scotland in 1841. E. public 
schools; M.D.C.M. McGill University, 
chairman of School Commissioners, 
Scotstown; Past Grand I.O.O.F.; P. 
W.M., A.F. & A.M.; president of 
Compton Co. Agr'l Society; Con- 
servative ; Presbyterian. Graduated 
from McGill in 1904 and located in 
Scotstown. Married Margaret Mal- 
vina McKay, Aug. 25, 1902; children, 
Miriam Ross and Jean Catherine. 

SMYTH, Late William John, Inver- 
ness, Que. (Deceased Aug. 9, 1917.) 
Born at Kingston, Ont., Sept. 15, 
1838, son of John Smyth and Mary 
(McCracken) Smyth; Irish; father 
came to Lotbiniere County, Quebec, 
later settling in Kingston; served 
three years in militia during rebellion 



1837, and came again to Megantic 
County in 1849 where he died in 
1893. E. public schools; Elected 
Sec'y-Treas. for School Board; Sec'y- 
Treas. for Council for municipality 
of Nelson for twenty years; first 
councillor for Inverness, serving for 
about ten years; appointed Justice of 
Peace about thirty years ago; Post- 
master for many years of East Mag- 
dala, Que.; member I.O.O.F. and L. 
O.L. ; Independent; Anglican. For 
many years followed farming in 
Township of Nelson in Megantic 
County, also engaged in insurance 
business; in 1885 disposed of farm 
property and removed to Inverness 
village devoting entire time to gen- 
eral insurance work, also acting as 
executor for estates, valuator, etc. ; 
Mr. Smyth has always been a staunch 
supporter of improvement of rural 
highways and betterment of schools, 
in fact all matters pertaining to the 
improving of life in rural sections; he 
is one of Megantic County's success- 
ful and widely known men. Married 
Jane McCutcheon, daughter of Rob- 
ert McCutcheon, Township of Nelson, 
Megantic, Nov. 13, 1860; children, 
John, 1864; William, 1866; Annie M., 
1868; Andrew and Louise, (latter de- 
ceased Dec., 1872); Harriet, 1874, 
(deceased 1898) ; Frederick T., 1876; 
Louise J., 1878; Beatrice, 1884. 

SMYTHE, Joseph Burton, Coati- 
cook, Que. Born East Boston, Mass.. 
Sept. 29, 1873, son of Hugh and 
Martha (Brown) Smythe; Scotch. E. 
Lowell Grammar School and Boston 
High School; holds first-class engi- 
neer's license; member Coaticook 
Board of Trade, chairman Industrial 
Committee, 1915; Mason, Odd Fel- 
low, P.G., Encampment, P.C.P., Mac- 
abee, P.C.; Conservative; Methodist. 
Employed by Carter, Dinsmore, 1888, 
Jordan, Marsh & Co., 1889; appren- 
ticed to J. H. Long, machinist, Fort 
Hill Square, Boston, 1890; employed 
by A. O. Norton, 1893; foreman of 
Boston shop 1901 to 1906; appointed 
superintendent Canadian shop of A. 
O. Norton, Ltd., 1906, at Coaticook. 
Married Edith Marie Vara, Oct. 8, 
1902; children, Hilma Marie, 1904; 
Pearle Marguerite, 1906. 


SOLES, Charles Edward, Sher- 
brooke, Que. - - Born at Knowlton, 
Brome Co., Feb. 8, 1879, son Orlando 
John and Henrietta E. (Dow) Soles. 
U. E. Loyalist from Vermont. E. at 
Knowlton and Sutton Academies and 


Berthier (en haut) Grammar School. 
Assistant Post Office Inspector, Sher- 
brooke Division; Assistant Post- 



master, Knowlton, Que., 1897-8; ap- 
pointed railway mail clerk, Montreal 
Division, May, 1900 to 1909, pro- 
moted to Assistant P. 0. Inspector 
with headquarters at Montreal until 
1913, then transferred to Sherbrooke 
upon the opening of the Sherbrooke 
Division, comprising the Eastern 
Townships. Member A.F. & A.M., 
Sherbrooke Snowshoe Club; Metho- 
dist. Married Nina Mae (Carter) 
Soles, Knowlton, Que., Nov. 7, 1908; 
one son, Maitland C. 

SOLES, William Dow, West Brome, 
Que. Born at Bondville, Que., Aug. 
8, 1876, son of Orlando and Hen- 
rietta E. (Dow) Soles; extensive 
farmer and breeder of registered Hoi- 
stein cattle and Clydesdale horses ; 
School Commissioner Brome Town 
ship; director Brome County Agr'l 
Society; I.O.O.F. ; Liberal; Anglican. 
Married Donna A. Drew, daughter of 
David C. Drew, at Bondville, Que., 
March 29, 1899; children, Flavia H., 
1901; Orlando D., 1908; Frank E., 
1910; Jessie I., 1913. 

SOLES, Clinton England, Scots- 
town, Que. - - Born Dunham, Que., 
Dec. 31, 1884, son of Charles R. and 
Maud (England) Soles; English. E. 
Cowansville Academy, Stanstea 1 
Wesleyan College, A.F. & A.M., R. 
A.M., I.O.O.F. Entered service of 
E. T. Bank 1902; served in different 
branches in Townships and at Winni- 
peg, Man. ; accountant at Rock Is- 
land, 1911; manager Canadian Bank 
of Commerce, Scotstown, 1913. Mar- 
ried Ruth Evelyn Bailey, Cookshire, 
Que., Sept. 28, 1911; children, Wil- 
liam E. and Sylvia E. 

SPEER, Dr. Robert Brandon, 

Sherbrooke, Que. Born at Danville, 
Que., March 22, 1882, son of Dr. and 
Mrs. A. M. Speer; Canadian. E. at 
Danville Academy. Bishop's College, 
McGill College; M.D. McGill; Epis- 

SPEID, Arthur Theodore, Lennox- 
ville, Que. Born at Montreal, Jan. 
10, 1882, son of Henry and Helen 
Catherine (Sivewright) Speid, Nor- 
ton, N.B. E. at Lennoxville public 

school, Bishop's College School and 
Bishop's College : Mayor of Lennox- 
ville in 1914; vice-pres. of Board of 
Trade ; Conservative ; Anglican. Mar- 
ried Mary E. White, daughter of C. 
S. White, Lennoxville, Que., June 19, 
1912; one daughter. 


SPENCER, Elijah E., Frelighsburg, 
Que. - - Born at St. Armand East, 
April 19, 1846, son of Ambrose S. 
and Mary Thomas Spencer; English; 
ancestors, U. E. Loyalists from New 
York and Rhode Island. E. at Frel- 
ighsburg Grammar School and at 
Poughkeepsie, N.Y. Was member of 
Missisquoi in Provincial Parliament 
from 1881 to 1897; has been Mayor, 
Chairman school commissioners, War- 
den of Co. of Missisquoi, pres. of 
Agricultural Society, Missisquoi Co. 
and pres and mgr. Missisquoi and 
Rouville Mutual Fire Insurance Co. ; 
Conservative ; Unitarian. Married 
Frances S. Galer, daughter of R. L. 
Galer, of Dunham, Que. ; children, 
Emma A., wife of F. A. Ayer, Ed- 
mund H., 1890; Muriel F., 1891. 

SPENCER, Dr. Hazleton, 31 Duf- 
ferin Ave., Sherbrooke, Que. Born 
Chicago, 111., May 24, 1869, son of 
Hazleton and Helen (Simmons) 



Spencer; English; grandfather, Col. 
Richard Spencer, came from England 
and settled at Brighton, Ont., where 
he died. E. at Albert College, Belle- 
ville, Homeopathic Medical College, 
New York, M.D.H.M.C., services Met- 
ropolitan Hospital, Blackwell's Island, 
and Flower Hospital, New York City; 
came to Sherbrooke 1898 and prac- 
ticed medicine since; member A.F. & 
A.M., I.O.O.F., K. of P.; Methodist. 
Married Elizabeth Frye, daughter of 
Geo. Fry, Belleville, Ont., Dec. 1, 

STAGEY, William Henry, Bishop's 
Crossing, Que. Born Ascot, Que., 
June 20, 1870, son of Lancelot A. 
and Phebe J. (Winslow) Stacey; 
English: grandfather came from Eng- 
land and first settled at Sherbrooke, 
later locating at Ascot, Que. E. pub- 
lic schools; member Eaton Township 
Cavalry (now disbanded) ; School 
Commissioner; mill owner and lum- 
ber dealer; farmer, one of Dudswell's 
prosperous young men; Independent; 
Conservative ; Anglican. Married 
Jessie D. Jenkins, daughter of Silas 
Jenkins, Ascot, Que., Feb. 6, 1895; 
one child, Feme, 1900. 

ST-AMANT, Jos. Charles, L'Ave- 
nir, Co. of Drummond, Que. Born 
at Deschambault, June 1, 1859, son 
of Leon St-Amant, N.P., Seigneur of 
Lachevrotiere and Mary Bouille. 
French. E. at Seminary of Quebec 
and Laval University, B.A. and LL.B. 
Has established and organized St. 
Pierre of Durham Mutual Fire Ins. 
Co., which is doing very good busi- 
ness since 1894 and has always been 
its Sec'y-Treas.; has started prosper- 
ous butter factory under name of 
L'Avenir Co. Co-operative Creamery 
Ass'n and was connected with all co 
operative societies in municipality 
and in country; has also organized 
L'Avenir Telephone Co. after having 
helped in organization of St. Felix de 
Kingsey Waterworks and Telephone 
Co.; published in 1898 under title of 
"L'Avenir," a valuable history of 
County of Drummond with historical 
notes on early days of Richmond, 
Sherbrooke and other Eastern Town- 
ships settlements; an extensive study 

of life works of J. B. E. Dorion 
(L'Enfant Terrible) is also included 
in this book; this book has been con- 
sulted by all writers of local history 
in Eastern Townships; has also con- 
tributed many essays in reviews and 
newspapers; Mr. St-Amant was the 
promoter of proposed L'Avenir and 
Melbourne Railway and it is due to 
his energy and tenacity that a char- 
ter was secured. Though many times 
urgently solicited. Mr. St-Amant has 
always kept himself out of political 
field; Notary Public; Sec'y-Treas. of 
Municipal Council of L'Avenir and 
School Commissioner since 1889 ; 
Sec'y-Treas. of Drummond Co. Agr'l 
Society; Clerk of Commissioners' 
Court; C.O.F., Artisans, Alliance 
Nationale, C.M.B.A. ; Ind. Conserva- 
tive; Catholic. Married Marie Dionne, 
daughter of L. E. Dionne, L'Avenir, 
Que., Sept. 8, 1889; children, Maria, 
Annette, Marie-Paule, Conrad, Yo- 

STANDISH, Charles Edgar, Ayer's 
Cliff, Que. Born Rougemont, Que., 
Sept. 26, 1870, son of Robert and 
Mary C. (Bachelder) Standish; Eng- 
lish, grandfather one of first settlers 
in Rougemont. E. Frelighsburg Acad. 
and Business College, Montreal; en- 
gaged in butter and cheese business 
at West Shefford, Bolton, Fulford 
and No. Stukely; graduate Gov. Dairy 
School, St. Hyacinthe, 1894; Guelph 
Agr'l Col., 1898; appointed Gov. In- 
spector cheese and butter counties of 
St. Hyacinthe, Vircheres and St. 
Johns, Rouville, 1894; Bagot County, 
1896; appointed by Quebec Gov. In- 
spector for fifteen counties, including 
Gaspe; 1st gen. inspector appointed 
to, look after butter and cheese fac- 
tories not under syndicate inspection; 
first one to import Brown Swiss cattle 
to Canada; owns 700 acres dairy 
farm at Ayer's Cliff. Elected to 
Ayer's Cliff Council 1914; vice-pres. 
Board of Trade; member Stanstead 
County Agr'l and Horticultural So- 
cieties; I.O.O.F. ; Independent; An- 

STEELE, Daniel James, Sher- 
brooke Born Stanbury, Que., Oct. 
6, 1868, son of Daniel and B. Kenny 


Steele ; Irish, father coming from lor Dunham village ; Justice of Peace ; 
Vermont settled at Stanbury, 1861. School Commissioner; Commissioner 
E. St. Hyacinthe and Farnham Col- of Com. Court; chairman School 
leges; entered employ South Eastern Board; A.F. & A.M., R.A.M. ; Lib- 
Ry. (afterwards taken over by C. P. eral; Methodist. Married Myria A. 
R.) at Farnham, 1886, as clerk in Pettee (deceased 1914) daughter of 
freight dept.; ticket agent, 1888; ap- late C. Pettee, St. Johns, Que., Feb. 
pointed agent at Farnham, 1891, and 1, I860- children, Mary A., 1860 (de- 
at Sherbrooke 1894; pres. Sherbrooke ceased 1886), Frederick M., 1866, 
Board of Trade, 1916; Knights of (deceased 1899); Caroline J., 1868; 
Columbus; St. George's Club; Roman Duff George, 1862, died in infancy; 
Catholic. Married Mary A., daugh- Charles Orlando, 1871, deceased 
ter of John Kelly, Farnham, Sept. 8, 1873; Angus P., 1876. 
1891; children, M. Lorette, 1892; D. 
John, 1894; Marcus J. G., 1895; Wil- 
liam F., 1897; Irene J., 1900; Charles STEVENSON, Herman Alton, 
D., 1902; Bertha E., 1906. Cookshire, Que. Born at Learned 

Plain, June 6, 1867, son of Wm. and 

STENNING, William A., M.D.C.M., Matilda (Kurd) Stevenson; English- 
Sherbrooke Born Leeds, Que., Oct. Irish Grandfather Stevenson came 
1866, son of Rev. George Stenning from Ireland and settled m Hereford, 
and Adelaide Ives, of English des- la j er at Learned Plain E. at public 
scent. E. at Coaticook Academy and schools. Succeeded father on home - 
McGill University, graduated 1894, stead farm near Cookshire ; 1 8 ac- 
M.D.C.M., and began practice at cepted position as travelling salesman 
Coaticook. In 1907 studied abroad, ** Ca ?* da Ingot . * ro , n Co " Guel P h ' 
principally at Rotunda Hospital, Dub- On t-5 1913 appointed manager for 
1m, and iA London and Edinburgh; in sa j d co - f <> r ^ovince of Quebec with 
1902 passed examination and receiv- oi ? ices at Sherbrooke; School Corn- 
ed license from state board of Massa- niissioner; elected Councillor L904 
chusetts; in 1907 opened private sani- and later Mayor and Warden of 
torium in Coaticook, specializing in Compton Co^I.O.OF; Conservative; 
electric therapeutics, and later estab- Anglican. Married Llla K. Hodge 
lished in Sherbrooke; Conservative: daughter of Steven Hodge of Cook- 
Anglican; A.F. & A.M. Married s ^re, Que Sept. 27 1893; Beulah 
Catherine Bush, May, 1900; one E " ^ ^ n * H # V^i^nT 
daughter, Adelaide B., 1901. * nce T E " n 1899; Jf. Evelyn, 1903: 

Doris L., Dorothy G., 1906. 

STEVENS, Dr. Alexander Duff, 

Dunham, Que. -- Born at Dunham, STEWART, James, Lennoxville 
Que., Feb. 1, 1832, son of Levi Stev- Born at Inverness, July 24, 1874. 
ens and Mary (Wing) Stevens; Eng- son of Duncan and Marjorie (Mc- 
lish; grandfather, Capt. Nathaniel Killop) Stewart; Scotch. E. Inver- 
Stevens, born at Danbury, Conn, and ness Academy; in 1902 entered into 
came with U.E. Loyalists who settled partnership with D. H. Pennington in 
at Dunham; was Capt. in militia in lumber business at Lyster Station; 
war of 1812, ordered to Missisquoi 1904 lumber interests were sold out 
Bay (Philipsburg), taken prisoner by to Quebec St. Maurice Industrial Co., 
Americans and sent to Greenbush, Berlin, N.H., 1905 moved to Lennox- 
near Albany, N.Y., escaped from two ville forming partnership with Wil- 
attendants and returned home in a liam Clarke in flour and feed busi- 
short time. E. at Dunham Academy, ness under name of Clarke & Stew- 
Vermont University, Woodstock art; Presbyterian. Married E. J. 
Medical College, Castletown Medical Chamberlain, daughter of W. Cham- 
College, Bishop's College, Lennox- berlain, of Norwich, Eng., Nov. 26, 
ville, McGill University, M.A., M.D. 1902; children, Doreen M. I., 1905, 
C.M.; served as Mayor and Council- and Walter D., 1909. 



STEWART, Harry Brown, Beebe, 
Que. -- Born Beebe, Sept. 7, 1873, 
son of Rufus P. and Annie (Brown) 
Stewart; Scotch; ancestors came to 
America in 1650 and settled in Con- 
necticut, and came to Derby in 1800. 
E. public schools and Stanstead Col- 
lege; member Beebe Council 1905; 
Mayor 1910-14; School Commis- 
sioner; Warden Stanstead County 
1911 and 1913; A.F. & A.M.; mem- 
ber Scott Fish and Game Club, So- 
ciety of Colonial Wars. Engaged in 
farming and dairying at Beebe for 
several years, sold out in 1913; dir- 
ector of Massawippi Valley R.R. In- 
dependent; Anglican. Married Flor- 
ence M. Stewart, Auburndale, Mass., 
Jan. 14, 1903; children, Horace H., 
John R., Katherine F., Charles H. 

STOCKWELL, Dr. Henry P., 

Stanstead Plain, Que. -- Born Dan- 
ville, Que., Sept. 13, 1875, son of 
Wm. H. Stockwell and Mary L. 
Goodhue, English. E. Danville Acad- 
emy, St. Francis College, Richmond, 
McGill University; M.D.C.M. 1898; 
School Commissioner, Stanstead; 
P.M. Golden Rule Lodge A.F. & A.M., 
R.A., Lively Stone Chapter No. 16, 
Stanstead; Liberal; Congregational. 
Graduated 1898 and was house sur- 
geon at Royal Victoria Hospital, 
Montreal, for 18 mos. ; came to Derby 
Line in 1901 and practiced there two 
years; took post graduate course in 
New York and came to Stanstead in 
1904; joined Army Medical Corps, 
1911, and attached to 26th Dragoons 
as Medical Officer with rank of Cap- 
tain. Married Mabel A. Miller, Dun- 
dee, Que., June 3, 1903; children, 
Henry P. Jr., Herman Goodhue, Ivan 
Miller, Walter Chipman, William 

STOKES, George William, Bury, 
Que. Born Bury, Jan. 6, 1861, son 
of Thomas and Louise (Herring) 
Stokes; English, father located in 
Bury in 1837. E. public schools; 
School Commissioner Bury Township 
nine years; chairman when Bury 
Model School was erected; C.O.F. and 
I.O.O.F. ; Independent; Methodist. 
Engaged in general farming and 
stock raising for many years; mem- 

ber of firm of Thos. Stokes & Sons, 
manufacturers of carriages, house 
finishing and dealers in implements; 
appointed postmaster in 1908. Mar- 
ried Isabel Stokes, 1885, (deceased). 
Married Margaret Bagley, Bury, 
1902; children, Eva L., Thomas G. 

STONE, Charles David, Sawyer- 
ville, Que. -- Born Randboro, Que., 
July 26, 1879, son of David and 
Louise (Cable) Stone; English. E. 
public schools; A.F. & A.M.; Con- 
servative; Methodist. 1900 to 1904 
was engaged in lumber contracting 
for Wm. A. Cromwell and A. J. 
Moore; erected sawmill at Randboro 
in 1905 and since that time has been 
engaged in pulp and lumber business, 
shipping to foreign markets. Mar- 
ried Harriet Hamilton, Randboro, 
Que., Oct. 13, 1903; one son, Ches- 
ter C. 

STURGEON, William, Farnham, 
Que. Born Missisquoi County, Que., 
Jan. 2, 1858, son of Richard and 
Elizabeth (Bronson) Sturgeon; 
Scotch, grandfather (John Sturgeon) 
came from Ireland when young man 
and settled in New England; father, 
Richard Sturgeon, served in Civil 
War as Union soldier and died at 
Washington, D.C., of fever, 1861. 

E. Academy, Richf ord, Vt. ; Council- 
lor Farnham many years; director 
Missisquoi Agr'l Society; Farnham 
Board of Trade; Justice of Peace. 
Entered employ South Eastern Rail- 
way, 1877; when railway shops were 
erected at Farnham, 1881, was as- 
signed to car department; 1885 yard 
foreman with auxiliary and wrecking 
work from Montreal to Lake Megan- 
tic, Farnham, Newport, Vt., having 
at times one hundred and fifty men 
in his employ; closely associated with 
late Col. Foster in constructing divi- 
sion Sutton Jet. to Sorel. Mr. Stur- 
geon is one of the best known C.P.R. 
men in Quebec Province; member A. 

F. & A.M. ; Anglican. Married Miss 
J. Brown, Sutton, Que. ; children, 
Clare D., 1884; Clyde H., 1887; Ray 
B., 1888. 

SUNBURY, Fred. Herman Walter, 

Island Brook, Que. Born Learned 



Plain, March 20, 1864, son of Her- Marie Marguerite, daughter of Nor- 
man and Roxana (Gamsby) Sunbury. bert Rochette, St. Barthelemy, July 
English. E. Eaton Academy. Mem- 17, 1893; has five sons and three 
ber Cookshire Cavalry for many daughters, 
years, also 7th Hussars. Elected to 

Township of Newport Council in I 1 

1908, re-elected 1911 and 1914. 1 

Methodist; Conservative. Followed 
building trade for some years, then 
took up farming; buyer of live stock 
for Boston and Montreal markets. 
Married Mary Hammond, daughter of 
Henry Hammond, Lachute, Jan. 2, 


SYLVESTRE, Ernest, N.P., Mayor 
of Sherbrooke Born St. Barthelemy, 
March 22, 1867, son of P. G. and 
Emerence (Malboeuf) Sylvestre. E. 
Joliette College, Laval University, 
degrees, B.S., and B.L.L., Notary 
Public, opened office in Sherbrooke, 
1892; 1913 formed partnership with 
C. Picard, under firm name Sylvestre 
& Picard; dir. Strathcona Fire Ins. 
Co., Le Credit Canadian; organist St. 
Michael's Cathedral, 1892-1902; choir 
master St. Michael's Cathedral; mem- 
ber Sherbrooke Council, 1904 to 
1907, elected Mayor 1916; member 
Canadian Club, Sherbrooke Curling 
Club; Conservative; R. C. Married 


TABER, Percival Walter, East 
Farnham, Que. -- Born Adamsville, 
Que., May 7, 1879, son of Philip W. 
and Margaret F. (Duncan) Taber; 
English. U. E. Loyalists. E. public 
schools, Ontario Business College, 
Belleville, Ont. Elected Councillor 
village of East Farnham upon incor- 
poration 1914; Postmaster E. Farn- 
ham for six years; hon. dir. Brome 
County Agr'l Society; pres. of River- 
side Cemetery Society, E. Farnham; 
I.O.O.F.; Liberal; Anglican. In 1903 
purchased general store of East 
Farnham from E. N. Thompson, for- 
merly of Hudson Heights, Que.; con- 
ducted said business until store and 
goods were burned in 1904; in 1905 
represented firm of Wm. Galbraith & 
Son, wholesale grocers, Montreal, 
Qve., covering Eastern Townships; 
interested in general farming and 
stock raising; owner of large farm at 
Adamsville, also at E. Farnham, pay- 
ing special attention to importing 



from Ontario and United States and 
breeding registered Holstein Fresian 
cattle, also thoroughbred horses, 
largely of Clydesdale type; for years 
very successful exhibitor at county 
and provincial fairs. Married Har- 
riet M. Hutchins, East Farnham, 
June 12, 1901; children, Rodney H., 
Margaret L., Katherine D., 1910. 


TANGUAY, Napoleon Pierre, M. 
L.A., Weedon, Que., son of Charles 
Tanguay and Zephine Pariseau. Born 
Nov. 8, 1862, at Weedon. Lumber 
merchant and general storekeeper. 
Has been Mayor of Weedon since 
1880; pres. Agr'l Society, Wolfe, 
from 1887 to 1901; dir. and mgr. of 
St. Francis Hydraulic and Electric 
Co. of D'Israeli, Que., also dir. of St. 
George Electric Co. of St. George de 
Beauce ; first elected to Legislature at 
g. e. 1904, by majority of 562 over 
A. C. Miquelon of Wotton; re-el, at 
g. e. 1908 by a majority of 509 over 
J. A. LeBlanc, Sherbrooke, re-el, g. e. 
1912, over Dr. Thibault, of Wotton; 

TANNER, Edward Richard, Drum- 
mondville, Que. Born at Scarboro, 
Ont., April 17, 1884, son of Charles 

and Jane (Shaw) Tanner; Scotch. 
E. Windsor Mills Acad., Williams- 
town, Ont., High School. Entered 
service of E. T. Bank 1902, stationed 
at Richmond, Windsor Mills, St. Hya- 
cinthe, Thetford Mines, manager 
Roxton Falls, Que., 1907-08, mgr. 
Acton Vale 1908-16, that year trans- 
ferred to Drummondville as manager 
July 19; A.F. & A.M.; Presbyterian. 

TARTRE, Charles Ulric Raphael, 

Sutton, Que. Born Waterloo, Que., 
Nov. 27, 1866, son of J. Raphael 
Tartre, N.P., and Malvina Hubert; 
French. E. St. Hyacinthe Seminary 
and Waterloo Schools. Admitted to 
Notarial profession, Oct. 18, 1892; 
Sec'y-Treas. village of Sutton, Town- 
ship of Sutton and Catholic Schools; 
C.M.B.A. and C.O.F. ; Conservative; 
Catholic. Located in Sutton in 1892, 
succeeding late J. T. Langlois, N.P. ; 
when Sutton was incorporated as vil- 
lage in 1896 became Sec'y-Treas. and 
still holds office; in 1913 acquired 
notarial business of P. C. Duboyce, 
N.P., at Cowansville and Dunham, 
and has office weekly at Cowansville; 
District of Bedford representative on 
Board of Notaries 1912-1915, 1915- 
1918. Married M. F. B. Dulude, (de- 
ceased April 10, 1910); children, 
Juliette, 1900; Cecile, 1901; Albert, 
1902; Estelle, 1903; Sabin, 1906; 
Roland, 1908. 

TAYLOR, Edgar Erwin, Birchton, 
Que. Born Birchton, Jan. 7, 1873, 
son of Joseph and T. (Laberee) Tay- 
lor; English. Member D. Squadron 
7th Hussars (now disbanded) ; served 
as councillor for many years; suc- 
ceeded father on homestead at Birch- 
ton; Conservative; Methodist. Mar- 
ried Etta F. Todd, daughter Alonzo 
Todd, Birchton, May 23, 1894; chil- 
dren, Edgar A., Edyth F. (deceased), 
Stanley J., Shirley T. 

TAYLOR, John Walter, West 
Shefford Born at Waterloo, July 1, 
1874, son of Samuel R. and Rebecca 
(Jones) Taylor; Irish, father coming 
from Ireland to New York as boy and 
later coming to Shefford about 1860, 
died 1906. E. public schools; learned 
trade as carriage manufacturer with 



Geo. Moynan ; established carriage 
making and blacksmith business at 
Fulford and moved to West Shefford 
1907; erected new shop and plant in 
1911; interested in agriculture and 
civic improvement; member West 
Shefford Board of Trade; A.F. & 
A.M.; Anglican; Liberal. Married 
Maud M. Woodard, Fulford, Feb. 10, 
1897; children, Katie A., 1902; Gula 
M., 1904; Sylva J., 1906; Naida M., 
1907; Beatrice F., 1909. 


TAYLOR, John Peasley, Milling- 
ton, Que. - - Born Millington, Que., 
Feb. 9, 1885, son of Mark S. and 
Ella M. (Channell) Taylor; Eng- 
lish, great grandfather, Daniel Tay- 
lor, came from Danville, Vt., 
1789, and settled at E. Bolton. E. 
public schools and Stanstead College; 
succeeded father on homestead; 
elected member E. Bolton Council 
1914; member Brome Co. Agr'l Soc. ; 
Conservative ; Methodist. Married 
Ethel, daughter of David H. Ingalls, 
Farnam's Corners, Sept. 23, 1908; 
children, Erma A., 1909; Keith N., 
1910; M. Frances, 1912; Olive K., 

Taylor, Henry Edwin, Sawyerville, 
Que. Born Eaton, Que., 1845, son 
of James and Martha (Taylor) Tay- 
lor; Irish, father came to Eaton in 
1820, walking entire distance from 
Quebec, along spotted trail, distance 
of 120 miles; member Sawyerville 
Council, 1890-96; chairman School 
Commissioners six years; valuator 
thrae years; A.F. & A.M., I.O.F.; 
Conservative; Anglican. Engaged in 
farming and stock raising; large 
dealer in horses and cattle; public 
auctioneer ; practiced veterinary 
science many years; judge at various 
E. T. fairs; conducted and owned ho- 
tels at Scotstown, Lake Megantic and 
Sawyerville. Married Mary E. Rowe, 
Bury, Que., 1869; children, Alice M., 
Jessie, Grace, Charles E., Henry K., 
Gladys, Pansy, Marion, 1917. 

TAYLOR, Frank Edwin, Waterloo, 
Que. Born Waterloo, Que., May 22, 
1865; son of Edwin A. and Ellen M. 
(Lawrence) Taylor; English, grand- 
father (Daniel Taylor) came to Wat- 
erloo about 1830 from Vermont, one 
of founders of iron business estab- 
lished at Waterloo under firm name 
of Allen & Taylor Co. E. Waterloo 
Academy. Elected School Commis- 
sioner Waterloo Board 1914; member 
Waterloo Board of Trade.; I.O.F.; 
Liberal; Anglican. Upon decease of 
father (Edwin Taylor) took over in- 
terest in firm of Allen & Taylor as as- 
sistant manager which consisted of 
foundry, machine shop, general store, 
etc.; later in 1911 closed and sold out 
foundry; in 1912, Mr. Taylor and J. 
A. Porier purchased interest of Dan- 
iel and Henry Allen in store and 
goods, forming partnership under the 
name of Taylor & Porier, dealers in 
hardware and general store. Married 
Laura Roberts (deceased 1896) ; 2nd 
Susan Hill, Waterloo, Que., Dec. 4, 
1900; children, Edwin L., 1902; Wil- 
fred C., 1905; Gerald H., 1908; Rup- 
ert A., 1915. 

TAYLOR, Rev. Ernest Manley, 
M.A., Knowlton, Que. Born Potton 
Township, Brome County, Jan. 29, 
1848, son of Daniel Taylor and Chris- 
tina (Bresee) Taylor; great great 
grandson of Eleazar Taylor of Ips- 



wich, M,ass., and great grandson of 
Daniel Taylor I. who was one of as- 
sociates to whom Government deeded 
the Township of Bolton in 1797. E. 
Mansonville Model School, Waterloo 
Academy, McGill Normal School and 
McGill University; Methodist minis- 
ter and inspector of schools; winner 
Prince of Wales medal and prize in 
McGill Normal School 1870; B.A., 
1875 and M.A. 1882 McGill Univers- 
ity; has served as protem principal 
Stanste&d College, principal St. 
Francis College, Richmond, principal 
of French Methodist Institute, Mont- 
real; is now school commissioner, 
Knowlton, member of Corner Stone 
Lodge, A.F. & A.M., and was Grand 
Chaplain several years; Recording 
Sec'y Knowlton Conference; treas. 
Knowlton Board of Trade; Sec'y- 
Treas. Brome County Historical So- 
ciety, etc., member Knowlton Fish & 
Game Club and of Knowlton Boat 

Brome County" and edited two vol- 
umes of transaction of the Brome 
County Historical Society of which 
society as well as the Knowlton Con- 
ference he was one of the original 
foundries; edited the transactions of 
the Dominion Educational Associ- 
ation, first sessions held in Montreal, 
1892. He has been a frequent con- 
tributor to newspapers and maga- 
zines. Married Margaret Louisa 
Woolls, daughter of the late Col. A. 
L. Woolls, Marlington, Stanstead 
County, July 24, 1877; children, 
Aubrey L. T., Ethel G. L., Helen 
Emma, Harold E. J., Alfred Reginald 
Bresee. First wife died Dec. 29, 
1911. Married 2nd, Miss Miriam M. 
Frost, daughter of late Daniel Tay- 
lor Frost, June 7, 1913. 


Club; Methodist; appointed Govern- 
ment Inspector of schools for district 
of Bedford, June 4, 1889; resided in 
Cowansville for seven years where he 
served as chairman of School Board 
for several years; removed to Knowl- 
ton in autumn of 1896 where he has 
since resided; author of "History of 


TELFORD, James Franklin, Rock 
Island, Que. Born at Merrickville, 
Ont., June 11, 1864, son of Walter 
W. Telford and Armanella (Smith) 
Telford. Descendants of James Tel- 
ford and Sarah Robinson who came 
to Canada from England over a hun- 
dred years ago, settling first at By- 
Town, (Ottawa). E. at common and 
High Schools of Ontario and National 
Business College of Ottawa; Justice 
of Peace for District of St. Francis; 


Trustee and Secretary of Trustee TETREAULT, Joseph S., Notary, 
Board of Stanstead Wesleyan Col- Sherbrooke - - Born St. Madeleine, 
lege; member C.O.F. and I.O.F.; Lib- Feb. 9, 1877, son of Napoleon and 
eral. Came to Rock Island Feb. 1, Omebeline (Durocher) Tetreault. E. 
1887, entering employ of Jondro & St. Hyacinthe College and Laval Uni- 
Goodhue, mfgrs. of boots and shoes versity, Montreal, receiving degree 
as traveller and bookkeeper; on Mr. of B.A. ; Major in the 54th Regi- 
Goodhue's retirement, eight years ment Carabiniers of Sherbrooke ; 
later, became practical manager dur- president general of L'Union St. 
ing balance of twelve years connected Joseph du Canada, with head office 
with the shoe business; in 1899 to- in Ottawa; practising since 1900 in 
gether with T. O. Chapman started Sherbrooke; Alderman since 1915, 
the Dominion Specialty Co., which representing West Ward; Sec'y of, 
later developed into the Telford & Chambre de Commerce, Canadienne 
Chapman Mfg. Co., mfrs. of horse Francaise du District de St. Fran- 
blankets, sheepskin-lined coats, etc. cois; Conservative; Roman Catholic. 
This business continued to 1913 when Married Lena Caron, daughter of S. 
it was organized into Telford & J. Caron, Sept. 4, 1906; have three 
Chapman, Ltd., J. F. Telford retain- children, 
ing presidency of incorporated com- 
pany. Married Jennie May Chap- THERRIEN, Calixte Emile, M.L. 
man, Sept. 1, 1891; children, James A-> Sherbrooke, Que. Born Feb. 1, 
Wilbur, Clara Armanella. 1863, at Notre Dame des Anges, son 

of Alexandre and Louise (Senecal) 

TENNY, Charles Edgar, Waterloo, Therrien; French-Canadian. E. at 
Que. Born Jan. 2, 1853, son of John Marlborough, Mass., High School and 
Tenny and Flavis (Bullock) Tenny; Sherbrooke Seminary. Married, Sept. 
English, U. E. Loyalists, coming from 3> 1883> to Alpnonsine , daughter of 
New England States. E. public Norbert Bourque, of Sherbrooke, 
schools. School Commissioner 1912- Que Firgt elected to Legis at a bye . 
1913; band master 1895; member of election, Aug. 17, 1910, re-el, at g. e. 
Waterloo Board of Trade ; Royal 1912 Roman Catholic . LiberaL 
Arch Mason, I.O.O.F. and I.O.F.; 

Conservative; Anglican. Married TurkMAC /-u i M .. i MD 
Maud Lindsay, daughter of Vener- Q . TH ?**Sx Charles Metcalfe, N.P., 
able Archdeacon Lindsay, for fifty Stanstead Plain Born Melbourne 
years rector of St. Luke's Church, g 1 ue " K F f e , b ' A 2 , 1847, son of Daniel and 
Waterloo, Que., Oct. 22, 1889; chil- Elizabeth Ann (Armstrong) Thomas; 
dren, Mary L., 1891; Rachel M., gng lish E St. Francis College 
1895. As a young man came to Wat- Richmond. Notary Public, School 
erloo and engaged with E. D. Law- Commissioner; A.F. & AM R. A.M., 
rence, general merchant, for four Sussex Preceptory Knight Templars, 
years from 1879-1889 engaged with Kamak Temple; Conservative; Not- 
H. L. Robinson & Son, Waterloo, as |ry Public, Registrar Division of 
manager dry goods department in Stanstead, 1882-1891. Married 
general store; in 1889 went to Am- Emily Bennetts Williams Sept. 6, 
erican West and conducted dry goods !866; children Ernest S., (deceased), 
and gent's furnishing business at Charles W. and Alfred R. 
Port Townsend, Wash.; in 1892 re- 
turned to Waterloo and formed part- THOMAS, Leon Montague, Coati- 
nership with George E. Robinson, COOK, Que. Born Coaticook, Feb. 27, 
firm known as Robinson and Tenny, 1875, son of Newell and Katie 
general merchants, Waterloo, Que.; (Barry) Thomas; English, parents 
in 1912 partner Robinson withdrew, among early settlers from New 
later went into partnership with T. Hampshire. E. Coaticook Acad. 
E. Boudreau, firm now known as Pres. Coaticook Board of Trade 1914. 
Tenny & Boudreau, general mer- In dry goods business at Coaticook 
chants. with N. W. Thomas, 1895-1903; en- 



tered service of E. T. Bank at Coati- 
cook 1903; appointed manager of the 
Eastern Townships Bank, Coaticook, 
in 1911. Married Winnifred B. 
Fraser, Coaticook, Sept. 29, 1897. 

THOMAS, John Telfer, Waterville, 
Que. Born Melbourne, Que., April 

16, 1871, son of Leonard and Helen 
(Walker) Thomas; English. E. at 
St. Francis College, Richmond. En- 
tered service of E. T. Bank at Rich- 
mond, Jan., 1888; served in different 
offices throughout Eastern Townships 
until appointed manager Waterville 
office when opened in 1905; A.F. & 
A.M. ; Presbyterian. Married Muriel 
W. Steel, daughter of Mure Steel, of 
Melbourne, Que., July 4, 1906; one 
son, T. Mure, 1907. 

THOMPSON, William Darwin, 

Stanstead, Que. Born Brome, Que., 
April 14, 1881, son of Alexander and 
Kathleen (Murray) Thompson; 
Scotch, grandfather (Andrew Thomp- 
son) was born in Glasgow, Scotland, 
and came to Missisquoi County, near 
Farnham, where he died. E. public 
school; member of school board, 
Stanstead Township, 1913; member 
County Agr'l Society and Farmers' 
Club; Ind. Conservative; Methodist. 
For some years was engaged in cheese 
manufacturing; later purchased farm 
property two miles from Ayer's Cliff 
and engaged in breeding Ayrshire 
cattle and dairying. Married Edna 
Libby, daughter of Lyman Libby, 
Stanstead, Que., Oct. 9, 1904; chil- 
dren, Miles Alex, July 17, 1905, died 
Dec. 27, 1907; Blake Murray, Nov. 

17, 1910. 

THOMPSON, Charles Gilman, 
Sherbrooke, Que. Born at Lisbon, 
N.H., Nov. 19, 1857, son of Ira and 
Mary (Gilman) Thompson; English. 
E. at Lisbon, N.H., and Sherbrooke. 
Manager of Thompson & Co., manu- 
facturers of bobbins and spools; 
Methodist. Married Nellie F. Schu- 
make, April 12, 1883. Represented 
Center Ward in City Council for 
twelve years; member I.O.O.F., St. 
George's Club, Curling Club, Gun 
Club, Wolfe Co. F. & G. Club, and 


THOMPSON, Alfred Neville, Stan- 
stead Plain Born Stanstead, Jan. 1, 
1859, son of Rev. Wm. and Jane 
Eliza (Mortimer) Thompson; Scotch 
and Irish ; parents came to Canada in 
1856. E. Stanstead Acad. and Stan- 
stead College ; Mayor Stanstead Plain 
1917-18 ; Registrar of Registration 
Division of Stanstead since 1891; 
Clerk of Circuit and Magistrate's 
Courts, Stanstead County; Secretary- 
Treasurer Co. fo Stanstead; vice- 
pres. International Water Co., Derby 
Line, Vt.; trustee Stanstead Wesley- 
an College; School Commissioner, 
Stanstead Plain ; treasurer and one of 
trustees of Golden Rule Lodge, A.F. 
& A.M., Stanstead Plain; Conserva- 
tive; Anglican. 

THOMPSON, James Edmund, Wat- 
erloo, Que. Born Leeds, Que., April 
12, 1877, son of late Lt.-Col. Wm. 
Thompson and Maria Kinnear, daugh- 
ter of James Kinnear. E. Coaticook 
Acad. and McGill University where 
he obtained degree of Bachelor of 
Arts in 1899. Member Waterloo 
Board of Trade, A.F. & A.M., I.O. 
O.F. Entered service of E. T. Bank 
at Coaticook in 1899; transferred 


successively to Ormstown, Montreal, 
Bedford, Sherbrooke; filled position 
of manager at St. Joseph de Beauce 
and Thetford Mines; on amalgama- 
tion of E. T. Bank with Can. Bank. of 
Commerce was appointed manager at 
Fort Frances, Ont., and later at Wat- 
erloo, Que., in 1913. Married Edith 
Fuller, Sherbrooke, Que., Oct. 9, 

THOMPSON, Dr. James Albert, 

Sawyerville, Born Kinnear's Mills, 
Que., Nov. 4, 1874, son of Dr. Wm. 
and Harriet (Kinnear) Thompson; 
English. E. at Inverness Academy 
and McGill, Montreal, M.D.C.M.; LO. 
O.F. ; Presbyterian. Married Sarah 
Montgomery, daughter of Wm. Mont- 
gomery, Maple Hill, Que., Jan. 25, 
1899; children, Howard, March 30, 
1900; Vera, Aug. 19, 1909. 


THOMPSON, Allen Edgar, Coati- 
cook, Que. Born at Kinnear's Mills, 
Que., June 29, 1888, son of William 
and Maria (Kinnear) Thompson; 
Scotch and English, Canadian born. 
E. at Coaticook Academy and McGill 
College, taking two years in Arts and 
five years in medical course at Mc- 

Gill; graduated in 1913 after which 
he spent a year in the General Prot- 
estant Hospital, Ottawa; left there to 
accept position as ship's surgeon on 
transport vessel crossing Atlantic to 
and from England; after crossing the 
Atlantic nine times enlisted in Lon- 
don in May, 1915, and was attached 
to the British Regt. York & Lancas- 
ter with rank of Lieut, as medical 
officer and in June was made a mem- 
ber of Royal Army Medical Corps; 
at battle of Coillers. he won Military 
Cross on 1st July, 1916. 

THURBER, Geo. R., Danville, Que. 
Born Tingwick, Que., Aug. 20, 1863, 
son of Chas. R. and Mary Jane (Stev- 
ens) Thurber; English. E. at Dan- 
ville Acad. After leaving school 
Went into business with his father, 
later forming partnership as C. R. 
Thurber & Son, carriage makers, and 
is still known by same name; A.F. & 
A.M., P.G.J.W. Grand Lodge of Que- 
bec,, al&o R.A.M.; Conservative; An- 
glican. Married Emma Lodge, daugh- 
ter of John Lodge, of Shipton, Que., 
May 10, 1868; one son, Lawrence 
Roy. Nov. 16, 1903, died Aug. 8, 

TICEHURST, Erwin Albert, Smith 
Mills, Que. Born Smith Mills, Oct. 
4, 1865, son of Caleb and Rosemond 
(Brainard) Ticehurst; English, his 
father born in Sussex, England, and 
came with his parents to Stanstead 
County in 1841. E. public schools. 
Member D. Squadron 7th Hussars. 
Elected Municipal Council 1913; dir. 
Farmers' Club; for eight years was 
engaged in mercantile and other lines 
of business in New England States 
returning to Canada 1893, and set- 
tled on farm at Smith Mills; exten- 
sive breeder of registered stock; 
strong advocate of good roads and 
improvement of schools in rural sec- 
tions ; Liberal ; Congregationalist. 
Married Jennie House (deceased 
1906) ; 2nd, Eva A. Buchanan, Feb. 
26, 1908; children, Oval F., 1896; 
Grace E., 1897; Harrison A., 1899; 
Austin C., 1901; Leslie E., 1906; 
Bessie F. and Jessie F., twins, 1909. 



TIFFIN, Albert Henry, Stanstead, 
Que. Born Chambly, May 29, 1877, 
son of George and Elizabeth (Stev- 
enson) Tiffin; English, grandfather 
came to Montreal from England when 
young man. E. Stanstead College. 
Member Stanstead Council 1915; 
Sec'y Crystal Lake Cemetery; mem- 
ber Board of Trade; Postmaster 
1904-09; A.F. & A.M.j Liberal; An- 
glican; owns large farm within limits 
of corporation of Stanstead village, 
interested in retail dairy business at 
Stanstead; he retired owing to ill- 
health. Married Minnie A. Miles, 
Leeds, Que., March 12, 1900; chil- 
dren, Bertha E. and Cecil G. 

TILTON, John Albert, Stanstead, 
Que. Born Smith Mills, Que., March 
19, 1872, son of John and Mary 
(Gale) Tilton; English, grandfather 
came from Tilton, N.H., about 1800, 
settling at Smith Mills, Que. E. pub- 
lic schools. Elected School Commis- 
sioner for Township of Stanstead and 
chairman of said board 1910 and 
1911; elected member Stanstead Vil- 
lage Council 1914; vice-pres. Stan- 
stead Board of Trade; A.F. & A.M., 
I.O.O.F.; Liberal; Methodist; 1895 
purchased lumber mill at Smith 
Mills, Que., operating same as sole 
owner until 1905, when he formed 
partnership with M. Raymond of 
Smith Mills, firm known as Tilton & 
Raymond, dealers in pulpwood and 
lumber; in 1912 sold interest in busi- 
ness aj.d formed partnership with Lt.- 
Col. B. B. Morrill of Rock Island, 
Que., as Rock Island Mfg. Co.; two 
years later stock company was form- 
ed as the Three Villages Building As- 
sociation, Rock Island, Que., John A 
Tilton, vice-pres. and general man- 
ager of said firm. Married Henrietta 
M. Goold, Waterloo, Que., Sept. 22, 
1896, (deceased 1911); children, 
Cecil G., Andrew G., Ellison M., 
Olivia, Francis Lawrence, Constance 
Mary (deceased.) Married 2nd, Ber- 
tha E. Clark, Stanstead, June 30, 
1914; one son, John Albert. 

TILTON, Levi Henry, Stanstead, 
Que. Born Granby, Que., March 18, 
1852, son of George and Sophronia 
(Hungerford) Tilton; English, great 

grandfather, Nathaniel Tilton, came 
from Gilmanton, N.H., and settled in 
Stanstead among earliest settlers. E. 
Granby Academy. In partnership 
with father as mill owner and lumber 
dealer; later for some years at 
Garthby, contractor for Quebec Cent- 
ral Ry., also lumbering to consider- 
able extent; after this farmed at 
Granby 1903; removed to Stanstead 
County acquiring Benton property at 
Stanstead Plain; Liberal; Methodist. 
Married Maud A. Clement, daughter 
of Levi Clement, West Brome, Que., 
Oct., 1876, deceased 1914; children, 
Harry L., 1877; Homer E., 1879, (de- 
ceased 1887); Ernest A., 1881; 
Mabel A., 1884 (deceased 1888); 
Charlotte, 1886 (deceased 1892) ; 
Felecia E., 1889; Howard C., 1892; 
Walter H., 1895; Donald G., 1897. 

E. W. TOBIN, M.P. 

TOBIN, Edmund William, M.P., 

Bromptonville, Que. Born Bromp- 
tonville, Que., Sept. 14, 1865, son of 
Patrick and Helen (Hanley) Tobin; 
Irish, parents came from Limerick, 
Ireland. First located in Montreal, 
1851. lived for short period at St. 
Hyacmthe and Upton, settled at 
Bromptonville in 1859. E. common 


schools. Entered in business as gen- 
ei'al merchant, Bromptonville, Que.; 
engaged in pulp and lumber business 
very extensively; organized and be- 
came president of Lotbiniere Lbr. 
Co.; formed Brompton Pulp & Paper 
Co., interesting Americans to invest 
capital in this organization which 
now owns also extensive water 
powers all along the St. Francis 
River, with large mills at Brompton- 
ville and East Angus; dir. Trois Pis- 
toles Pulp & Lbr. -Co.; dir. Capital 
Trust Corporations; dir. Federal As- 
bestos Co. and other industrial con- 
cerns; Councillor and Mayor of 
Brompton and Bromptonville many 
years; Warden Richmond Co. several 
years; elected to House of Commons 
1900, re-elected 1904-08-11; Liberal; 
Catholic. Married Elizabeth J. Nott, 
Devonshire, England, April 24, 1893; 
children, Pearl M., 1895; Kathleen, 
1896; Beatrice, 1897; Ashton, 1902. 


TOMKINS, James Albert, Granby, 
Que. Born Odelltown, June 8, 1846, 
son of Rev. John Tomkins and Maria 
(Whitcher) Tomkins; English; Am- 
erican missionary from England, 
1829. E. High School, Dunham, Que. 

Sec'y-Treas. O f village of Granby 
from 1875 until August, 1917, when 
he resigned; Liberal; Methodist; gen- 
eral merchant at Granby from 1869- 
1884; engaged in financial, real 
estate and insurance broker business. 
Married Elizabeth Howson, Ulverton, 
Que. (deceased 1907) ; no children 


TOMKINS, Edwin Francis, Coati- 
cook, Que. Born at Compton, Que., 
Nov. 9, 1844, son of Rev. John and 
Maria (Whitcher) Tomkins; English. 
E. at the public schools and commer- 
cial education in City of Montreal ; 
associated with late Lewis Sleeper of 
Coaticook in lumber business; mem- 
ber of firm Thornton & Co.; in 1878 
at formation of Coaticook Cotton Co. 
was shareholder and first Sec'y- 
Treas.; in 1886 purchased land and 
water power and erected mill build- 
ing and purchased machinery for the 
manufacture of braid; afterwards 
formed company known as Cascade 
Narrow Fabric Co. which was amal- 
gamated with the Belding Paul Silk 
Co. under firm name of Belding Paul 
Corticelli Co., Ltd. ; shareholder and 
manager of this business from its in- 
ception ; original building was erected 



in 1886 contained 2,700 square feet 
of floor space, while the present; 
buildings contain 40,000 square feet 
floor space; in 1886 had 50 braiders, 
this number having steadily increased 
to 1,000 braiders and three large 
floors of narrow fabric looms; Mayor 
of town of Coaticook; chairman of 
Board of School Commissioners and 
school trustee for many years; A.F. 
& A.M. and I.O.O.F. ; Conservative; 
Methodist. Married Hannah M. 
Armitage, daughter of Jos. Armitage, 
Trenholmville, Que., Nov. 10, 1875; 
children, Edwin A. Tomkins, M.D., at 
Richmond; Edith A. and Amy E. 


TOMKINS, Dr. Edwin Armitage, 

Richmond, Que. Born at Coaticook, 
Que., Sept. 30, 1876, son of Edwin F. 
and Hannah (Armitage) Tomkins; 
English. E. Coaticook Academy, 
Stanstead Wesleyan College, Uni- 
versity Bishop's College, Montreal, 
M.D.C.M., graduated 1901, final year 
prizeman ; after serving as house sur- 
geon Western Hospital and resident 
physician Women's Hospital, Mont- 
real, and as surgeon abroad trans- 
atlantic liner, he located at Rich- 
mond, Que. ; later formed partnership 
with Dr. Moffatt, as Moffatt and 

Tomkins; in 1911 Dr. Moffatt retired 
from firm and located in B. C.; same 
year partnership was formed with Dr. 
De L. Johnston, as Tomkins and 
Johnston, physicians and surgeons, 
with private hospital at Richmond; 
since graduation has taken post 
graduate courses in New York and 
Montreal; specialty eye, ear, nose 
and throat; School Commissioner; 
member St. Francis Med. Society, 
also A.F. & A.M.; Methodist. Mar- 
ried Hattie Alice Thompson, daugh- 
ter of late Lt.-Ool. Thompson, Coati- 
cook, Que., May 20, 1903; children, 
Howard, 1905; Lyman, 1911. 

TOWELL, v\lfred, Knowlton, Que. 
Born Bromley, Kent, Eng., Sept. 30, 
1869, son of George and Harriet 
(Pearce) Towell; English, came to 
Canada in 1907 and settled in Mont- 
real, later in 1909 removed to Knowl- 
ton. E. public schools, England; Af- 
ter leaving school served apprentice- 
ship with George Weeks & Sons, 
sanitary and domestic engineers, 
Bromley, Eng.; entered employ of 
Robert McElroy, plumber and tin- 
smith, Knowlton; remained with D. J. 
McClary who purchased business; in 
1914 bought said business, also real 
estate connected therewith. Member 
A.F. & A.M.; Independent; Congre- 
gationalist. Married Hannah Davis, 
(deceased 1906) ; 2nd, Clara Butler, 
Oct. 24, 1910, Leicester, Eng.; one 
daughter, Mabel D., 1905. 

TRACY, William Cahill, Sher- 
brooke, Que. Born at Sherbrooke, 
Que., March 13, 1875, son of James 
and Ellen Elizabeth (Murphy) Tra- 
cy; Irish. E. at Brothers' School 
and St. Charles' Seminary, Sher- 
brooke, and Laval University, Mont- 
real. Admitted to the Bar in 1910 
and opened office in Sherbrooke. 
Gained prominence before Court of 
King's Bench in several important 
criminal cases, notably that of Ra- 
faello in 1912 when he succeeded in 
having the death sentence commuted 
to life imprisonment and that of Mrs. 
Boisvert in 1914 acquitted of murder 
of her husband, also the case of Care, 
one of Italians accused of Capelton 
murder, who was acquitted at his sec- 



ond trial ; official interpreter at Court 
House since 1900; Knights of Colum- 
bus; pres. and choir master of St. 
Patrick's Church choir; founder and 
director of St. Patrick's Dramatic 
Club; president Sherbrooke County 
Liberal Ass'n ; Liberal ; Roman Catho- 


TRENHOLME, Dr. G. A., Coati- 
cook, Que. Born at Kingsey, Que., 
March 24, 1876, son of Capt. G. and 
Ann (Armitage) Trenholme; Eng- 
lish. E. at Coaticook High School, 
University of Bishop's College, M.D. 
C.M.; Lieut. C.A.M.C., qualified ser- 
vices rejected having offered 4 times 
for overseas; Gov. of College of Phy- 
sicians and Surgeons Prov. of Que- 
bec, 1915-16-17-18; examiner in 
medicine for McGill graduates pre- 
senting diplomas for Quebec licences; 
medical health officer town of Coati- 
cook 1916-17; ass't quarantine officer 
at Dominion Quarantine Station, 
Grosse Isle, 1906; Liberal; Metho- 
dist. Married Myrtle Bell Thomas, 
daughter of J. P. Thomas, Compton, 
Que., Sept. 30, 1891; children, Mar- 
ion Bell, Aug., 1892, married Lieut. 
Alex. Fraser, 4th Royal Scots, in 

overseas service; Gertrude L., Jan., 
1894, married Lieut. S. S. Kearns, 
with C. H. Artillery, overseas; Rob- 
ert G., Jne 23, 1895, Royal Flying 

TRUELL, Newton Theodo*e, Mont- 
real, Can. Born at Barnston, May 
8, 1866, son of Valorous and Caro- 
line (Hollister) Truell; English. E. 
at Country School, Stanstead College, 
St. Francis College, Bishop's Uni- 
versity; Principal Dunham Academy 
1888-89, St. John's High School, 
1889-92, Lachute Academy, 1892- 
1903, Sherbrooke High School 1903- 
1908. Entered employ of Sun Life 
Co. at Winnipeg, Man., and in 1909 
appointed manager for Province of 
Saskatchewan till 1916; was vice- 
president of Life Underwriters of 
Canada 1911-12; appointed mgr. for 
Manufacturers' Life Ins. Co. in 1916 
with headquarters in Montreal, which 
position he now holds. Member A.F. 
& A.M., Assiniboia Club, Waseana 
Club; Conservative; Anglican. 

TUCK, John Fritz, Knowlton's 
Landing Que. Born at Georgeville, 
Que., April 26, 1835, son of John C. 
and Susan (Channell) Tuck; Eng- 
lish, father was born in Parsonsfield, 
Maine, settled at Stanstead when a 
young man, later removed to George- 
ville. Many years member municipal 
council, County Agr'l Society, Can- 
adian Custom Officer, Postmaster 
1870 to 1900, reappointed 1912; set- 
tled at Knowlton's Landing 1862 and 
engaged in general farming and stock 
raising; residence, "Woodbirie Cot- 
tage," well known to city folk who 
spend summer at Lake Memphre- 
magog; Conservative; Anglican. Mar- 
ried Cynthia A. George, (deceased 
1877); 2nd, Alzina E. Stone, daugh- 
ter of David Stone, Iron Hill, Que., 
Jan. 13, 1880; children, Gertrude E. 
(deceased) ; Edmund (deceased age 
5 years, 1864) ; Nettie B., (deceased 
1893); Martha E., 1865. 

TURNER, J. H., Beebe, Que. 
Born No. Hatley, July 6, 1881, son of 
Lewis and Clara (Rexford) Turner; 
English. E. public schools and Stan- 
stead College; A.F. & A.M.; Conser- 



vative; Anglican. In 1911 established ried Harriet Florence, daughter of 

Snag Proof Ltd., at Beebe, manufac- C. M. Willey, Abercorn, June 7, 

turing overalls, shirts, coats and 1911; children, Gerald E., 1913; 

dusters, selling to the trade through- Gwendolyn Elizabeth, 1915. 

out Canada and employing about 

sixty-five hands. Married Permillia V 

A. Reed, North Hatley, Dec. 4, 1901. 


TURNER, Kenneth Raymond, Man- 
sonville, Que. Born at Cowansville, 
Feb. 9, 1884, son of James T. and 
Susanna (Ogden) Turner; English 
and Irish ; grandparents on father's 
side came from North Ireland to Ver- 
mont and then to Canada; grandpar- 
ents on mother's side came from On- 
tario, great grandfather being retired 
English officer who received larpe 
land grant in Prescott, Ont. ; grand- 
mother was a Pennoyer, member of 
well known E. T. family. E. Cow- 
ansville Acad. ; entered employ E. T. 
Bank, 1905, promoted to manager 
Can. Bank Commerce branch, Man- 
sonville, 1913; member I.O.O.F., 
A.F. & A.M. Mr. Turner has always 
taken a great interest in all branches 
of sport, and in the past has been a 
prominent figure in the amateur 
sporting circles of Eastern Town- 
ships, having filled many offices ; took 
an active part in recruiting work in 
his district; Sec'y-Treas. Red Cross 
Potton ; Ind. Con. ; Anglican. Mar- 


VAUGHAN, Charles W., Ayer's 
Cliff, Que. Born at Barnston, Feb. 
19, 1842, son of Hiram and Elizabeth 
(George) Vaughan; Scotch t his 
mother native of Canada, his father 
came from Vermont, in 1834. E. 
public schools at Hatley. Married 
Nellie A. Truell, of Barnston, Que., 
May 22, 1865; children, Frank Truell, 
Arthur Elias (Albert Charles, Fred- 
erick Walter deceased). Engaged in 
mechanical work at Coaticook three 
years; conducted business as black- 
smith at Ayer's Cliff for 24 years re- 
tiring in 1903; instrumental in get- 
ting Ayer's Cliff set off into a village 
municipality from town of Hatley in 
year 1909 and was chosen first Mayor 
of village, an office which he held 
two years, also from 1909 to 1911 
was chairman of the school board 
and has held office of school com. 
from 1909 to 1916 and prior to 1909 
held office of school com. in the town 
of Hatley 12 years and from 1906 to 


1909 was councillor for township of tionalist. Married Emily F., daugh- 

Hatley; Conservative; Congregation- ter of Isaac Foss, E. Farnham, Jan. 

alist, being deacon of Congregational 14, 1888; children, Fanny F., 1890; 

Church Ayer's Cliff. Harold F., 1891, in overseas service. 


VERRET, Hector, K.C., Barrister, 

of Coaticook, Que. Born at Quebec, VINCENT, Narcisse Louis, Coati- 
Aug. 17, 1872, son of A. H. Verret, cook, Que. Born at Lapresentation, 
Provincial Auditor. E. at Quebec St. Hyacinthe County, Que., Oct. 2, 
Seminary; graduate of Laval Uni- 
versity, B.C.L. in 1894; admitted to 
Bar in July, 1895; made King's Coun- 
sel in 1910; was solicitor for State of 
New York in the Thaw case in 1913; 
Batonnier of the Bar of St. Francis 
in 1916. Married M. Mathilde Le- 
mieux, daughter of Chief Justice, 
Hon. Sir Francis Lemieux, in 1900. 

VILAS, Hon. William F., Cow- 
ansville, Que. Born East Farnham, 
July 15, 1853, son of Rev. Aaron and 
Fanny C. Kent, ancestors coming 
from the United States. E. E. Farn- 
ham High School; established manu- 
factory of agricultural implements 
and school furniture at Cowansville, 
1877, where he carries on an extens- 
ive business; represents Brome 
County in Quebec Legislature, first 
elected in 1906; ap. Legislative Coun- 
cillor October, 1917; Mayor of Cow- 
ansville ; school com. ; mem. Council 
Arts & Mfgs. ; Liberal; Congrega- 



1862, son of Ovila and Marie (Char- WALLACE, Lorenzo Dow, Water- 
tier) Vincent; French, ancestors loo, Que. Born Granby, Que., April 
came from France, settling in Prov- 23, 1853, son of Jacob W. and Eliza- 
ince in 1668. E. public schools in beth (Shufelt) Wallace; Scotch, 
Coaticook. Elected alderman for grandfather came from Scotland. E. 
town of Coaticok in 1912, also 1914 public schools; Councillor and Mayor 
without opposition, Mayor in 1916; of Waterloo several terms; also school 
member Catholic Board School Com- commissioner; Justice of Peace; I.O. 
missioners; member Coaticook Board F. ; Liberal; Anglican. For eighteen 
of Trade; J.P., pres. Alliance Na- years bought butter and cheese for 
tionale, Circle St. Edmond, Coati- A. A. Ayer Co., Montreal; 1889-99 
cook, Que.; ex. pres. of La Societe St. buyer for James Dalrymple & Sons; 
Jean Baptiste de Coaticook; came to later engaged in farming and lum- 
Coaticook with parents in 1866; bering; in 1908 went into partnership 
established business as harness, sad- with A. Foster Robinson, under name 
dlery and horse furnishing at Coati- of Wallace & Robinson, lumber and 
cook in 1883; sold business in 1892 pulp dealers, owning saw mills at So. 
and went to American west, return- Stukely and Waterloo, with timber 
ing in 1895 and opened store and re- limits in Matipedia Valley, Que. Mar- 
pair shop along lines mentioned, ried Alice Catchpole, Waterloo, Que., 
carrying on a successful trade; Lib- Feb. 28, 1884; children, Florence, 
eral; Catholic. Married Lea Tru- 1887; Kenneth M., 1890; Aubrey L., 
deau, Chambly, Que., Sept. 11, 1888; 1892; Earl W., 1897; Marjorie, 1894; 
children, Victor, Arthur J., Wilfred, Aileen, 1901. 

WALKER, Jonathan, Lysander, 

VINEBERG, Thomas, merchant, Que. Born Lysander, Que., Feb. 18, 

Sherbrooke Born in Russian Poland, 1861, son of John and Margaret 

May 16, 1870, Jewish descent. E. (Miles) Walker; Scotch, grandfather, 

commercial schools, early entered John Walker, came from Scotland 

mercantile business and for some when a young man with wife and 

years has conducted general clothing two children. E. public schools, 

store in Sherbrooke. Married Sarah, Elected school commissioner, 1915, 

daughter of I. Rosenbloom, Montreal, for municipality of Inverness; Ind. 

Aug. 11, 1896; children, Rena, Flor- Conservative; Anglican. Purchased 

ence and Elka. and conducted farm near Inverness 

for about ten years; later disposed oi' 
said property and established liverv 
at Inverness village for about three 
years; sold out and moved to Sher- 
brooke for short period, returning to 

WALLACE, Herbert Elwin, Ma- Megantic County and established 

gog, Que. Born at Magog, Feb. 19, general store at Lysander Falls in 

1874, son of William and Nancy 1904 which business he conducts at 

(Turner) Wallace. E. public school present date. Married, 1st, Jose- 

and Magog Model School; member phine Royer (deceased); 2nd, Lilly 

I.O.O.F. and K.P.; Conservative; Walker, (deceased 1903) ; 3rd, Mary 

Methodist. Employed in Boston Ele- E. McKillop, daughter of James Mc- 

vated Railway for 14% years, re- Killop, Inverness, Que., June 15, 

signing in 1911; returned to Magog 1905; children, J. F. Rene, 1886; M. 

same year and bought interest of A. Emile, 1887; Eric, 1892; May, 1894 

D. Martin in firm of A. D. Martin & (deceased 1900); Mabel E., 1896; 
Son, house finishing buliders and sup- Bertha, 1898; Annie L., 1902. 

plies, etc., carrying on business with 

E. A. Martin under name of Martin WALLIS, Calvin Fullam, Dixville, 
& Wallace. Married Eva Taylor, Que. -- Born Berlin, Vt., April 11, 
daughter of John Taylor, March 24, 1845, son of William and Dorothy 
1915 (Mosher) Wallis; English, grand- 




father, David Wallis, came to Comp- 
ton from New Hampshire when a 
young man. E. public schools in 
Vermont; in 1862, at age of 17 years, 
joined Company K., 10th Vermont 
Volunteers, and served in the Ameri- 
can army for two years and 11 
months; returned to Holland, Vt., and 
engaged in farming; in 1870, re- 
moved to Dixville and purchased farm 
which he carried on until 1902 when 
he sold out and took up his residence 
in the village of Dixville; member of 
Dixville Council, 1896 to 1902 when 
he resigned to become secretary- 
treasurer of the municipality, also of 
school board; served as school com- 
missioner for number of years; Bap- 
tist; Liberal. Married Julia LeBaron, 
of Holland, Vt., Nov. 26, 1866; chil- 
dren, Jennie B., 1867; Ida, 1870; 
Orson, 1877; Alfred, 1880; William 
A., 1882. 

bee Railway, Jan. 1 jto June 1, 1881; 
auditor, Quebec Central Railway, 
1881-1885 ^general freight and pas- 
senger agent, 1885-1905; general 
manager, Quebec Central Railway, 
since January, 1906; director, Que- 
bec Central Railway Co., March, 
1913; elected vice-president, Temis- 
couta Railway, September, 1901; 
president, Temiscouta Railway, Jan., 
1911; member Sherbrooke Board of 
Trade; director, Eastern Townships 
Agricultural Association ; member 
Canadian Mining Institute. Married 
Mary Hawkins, daughter of Thomas 
Hawkins, Quebec, June 20, 1887; has 
three sons and four daughters. Clubs, 
St. George's, Garrison (Quebec) ; 
Canadian Railway Societies; K. of C.; 
C.O.F. Recreations: snowshoeing, 
fishing; Roman Catholic. Address: 
165 Bowen Ave., Sherbrooke, Que. 


WALSH, John Henry, Sherbrooke, 
Que. Director and General Manager 
Quebec Central Railway; president, 
Temiscouta Railway Co. ; vice-pres. 
Hereford Railway Co. Born Quebec, 
May 12, 1860, son of Thomas and 
Mary (Deegan) Walsh. E. Quebec 
Commercial Academy. E.ntered ser- 
vice Quebec, Montreal, Ottawa and 
Occidental Railway, now part of C. 
P. R., September, 1876, as junior 
clerk in contractor's office ; in freight 
and ticket office, Quebec, 1879-1880; 
travelling auditor, Levis and Kenne- 


WALSH, James Francis D'Urban, 

Bedford, Que. Born Roscrea, Ire- 
land, Nov. 25, 1868, son of Lieut. 
John A. and Ida (Hackett) Walsh; 
Irish. Parents came from Ireland in 
1871 and settled in Sherbrooke. E. 
Bishop's College School, Lennoxville. 
School Commissioner since 1912; 
Mayor 1913; president Missisquoi 
Agr'l Society 1915-1916; pres. Mis- 


siquoi County Conservative Ass'n, WARD, Lt.-Col. W. J., Lennoxville 

1913-14-15-16; received Hon. R. I,. Born in Kingston, Ont., June 6, 

Borden on occasion of his visit to 1839, son of Rev. R. G. and Mary 

Bedford 1911; past warden of St. Ann (Turriff) Ward; parents came 

James' Church which office he filled from Scotland in 1841, Rev. Mr. 

for eight years; A.F. & A.M., R.A.M.: Ward teaching high school at King- 

pres. Bedford Athletic Ass'n; pres. ston for a number of years, then 

hockey, baseball and past president came to Quebec and studied under 

tennis club; Conservative; Anglican, late Bishop Stewart for ministry in 

Started as clerk and foreman with Church of England and was appoint- 

Furbish Mfg. Co., Berlin Falls, N.H.; ed to mission of Upper and Lower 

five years with Wm. Angus Co., East Ireland, Megantic Co., continuing 

Angus, Que. ; six years with Dominion there till his death in 1870. They 

Express Co.; in 1896 joined staff of had a family of eight sons and four 

Bedford Mfg. Co. as accountant and daughters. The subject of this sketch, 

has been manager and director since Lt.-Col. Ward, served forty years in 

1905; when plant was burned down Canadian Militia from 1859 until 

in 1913 was instrumental in getting 1899; got medals for Fenian Raids of 

company to rebuild present up-to- 1866, also 1870, again long service 

date plant, where axes, scythes, medal granted by late Queen Victoria 

handles and farming tools are man- to Canadian Militia; was also in com- 

factured. Was organizer and presi- mand of 55th Megantic Light Infan- 

dent of the rifle club which has been try Regiment for 15 years; was on ac- 

very energetic in assisting to recruit tive service in Sherbrooke for four 

in this district. Married Sidney M. months at close of Civil War in year 

Burrage, Oct. 11, 1892. 1865 when he was one of company of 

55 men who were quartered in four 

. different hotels. He left for home day 

WALSH, George Sidney, Cowans- that Abraham Lincoln was assassin- 

ville, Que. Born at Newton Abbott, ated . before moving to Lennoxville 

7 g "i 1^ of ,?: Ada ^ ns ,?" d T . Ida Mr. Ward resided at Clapham, Que., 

(Hackett) Walsh; English-Irish; in Megantic Co., over sixty-six years, 

grandparents were among first set- was Mayor of council, school commis- 

tlers between Sherbrooke and Len- sioner? Magistrate and commissioner 

noxville E. Bishop^ College. After for taki evidence for Circuit 

studying pharmacy for a time entered Court -Married Caroline Kinnear, 

E. T. Bank; served in several capaci- A 15< im They had nine chu . 

ties m this institution, also with Sov- d Rev j G Ward cloquet) 

e j e ^?or? an '* J Tl d M u ls T B ? nk Minn.; A. E. Ward, manager Canad- 
staff 1908 and est branch at Water- ian Bank of Comme r C e, St. Ferdinand 
loo; est. Molson Bank branch Cow- ^Halifax, Que.; Hattie W. Ward, 
ansville, 1913 which he presently married in Wi ii iams , Montana; Rev. 
manages; at interval in his banking w H Ward Philadelphia, Pa.; Rev. 
career he built up Gilmour paint N R Ward Sawyerville, Que.; Mar- 
"?"J? B / d f rd ; was P rov - director ion T Ward married , living in East 
of Bedford Mfg. -Co., becoming v.p. Angus; c . Lawrence Ward, farmer, 
and then pres. also conducted gen'- M anson, Montana; Emily L. Ward, 
store for time at Stanbridge East; livi in Lennoxville, Que.; C. L. 
pres. E. T. Dairymen's Exchange; Ward in France with the 14gth Bat . 
councillor Cowansville; chairman 
School Com., Governor Bedford Dist. 
Hospital; A.F. & A.M., R.A.. Mason, 
K.T., Shrine, I.O.O.F. and Encamp., WARD, Alfred Edwin, St. Ferdin- 
Cowansville Club; Conservative; An- and D'Halifax, Que. Born at Clap- 
glican. Married Dora, daughter late ham, Que., Dec. 9, 1880, son of Lt.- 
Col. A. H. Gilmour, Stanbridge East, Col. W. J. and Caroline (Kinnear) 
April 9, 1890; children, Annie and Ward; Scotch. Entered Quebec Bank 
Dorothy. at Thetford Mines, Que., in Aug., 



1900; Nov., 1902, was transferred 
to main office in Montreal, where he 
remained continually until Feb. 15, 
1906; Mr. Ward resigned on his own 
accord with strong recommendations 
from Mr. B. B. Stevenson the present 
gen. man. as well as from Mr. R. L. 
Y. Jones (Inspector) ; in Feb., 1906, 
Mr. Ward joined the E. T. Bank and 
was immediately sent to Thetford 
Mines as accountant; two months 
later appointed manager at Black 
Lake; in 1906 appointed mgr. at St. 
Ferdinand d'Halifax, Que., where he 
has remained since; Anglican. Mar- 
ried Hester Mary Cowling, daughter 
of Mr. R. C. Cowling, East Angus, 
Sept., 1907; children, Cecil Edwin 
and Duncan Alfred, 1909; Sylvia 
Hester, 1910; Evelyn Frances, 1915. 

WARD, Charles Henry, Bury, Que. 
Born Bury, Aug. 12, 1850, son of 
George P. and Elizabeth (Sherman) 
Ward; English; parents coming from 
New England States in 1812, father 
served in Rebellion of 1837 and was 
later officer in Cookshire Cavalry, re- 
tiring with rank of captain. E. pub- 
lic schools; commissioner of Com. 
Court, valuator, etc.; Conservative; 
Anglican. Engaged in contracting 
and building trade; exporter of lum- 
ber and pulpwood and cattle to 
American markets; eight years mem- 
ber Cookshire Cavalry serving under 
Captains Winder, Taylor and French; 
served with cavalry in Fenian Raid 
1879, being stationed at Frelighsburg 
and Eccles' Hill; connected with Col. 
Smith's despatch staff at time Fen- 
ians crossed to Eccles Hill and while 
battle was being fought his troops 
were at Dunham en route to scene of 
battle; arrived in time to see body 
of Wm. Rowe, Fenian, who was shot, 
handed over to his mother by the 
Canadian authorities. Married, 1st, 
Ann Ellis (deceased 1888) ; 2nd, 
Eunice Ann Paquet; children, Ger- 
trude E., Lottie L., Bernice H., Per- 
sis A., George P., Ella M., Reginald 
C., Ronald W., Arthur G., Merle E. 

WATSON, Edmund Lister, Dun- 
ham, Que. Born Maidenhead, Eng., 
Nov. 12, 1841, son of Dr. B. and Isa- ' 
bella (Goolden) Watson; Scotch; 

came to Dunham at age of 17 years 
and engaged with late Col. Stephen 
Baker. E. at London, England. Af- 
ter leaving Col. Baker's employ start- 
ed farming on own behalf and suc- 
cessfully conducted farming since ; 
travelled considerably and crossed 
Atlantic 17 times visiting all parts 
of British Isles and Europe, visiting 
Rome twice. Father was Dr Seth 
Benj. Watson, physician Radcliffe In- 
firmary of Oxford, England, one of 
best known physicians in his time. 
Has served as Mayor and Councillor 
of Dunham village several years; 
Conservative ; Anglican. Married 
Clara Charsley (died 1872) ; second 
wife, Harriett Baker, daughter of 
Jos. Baker, Dunham, Que., Nov. 20, 
1873; one son, Benjamin, 1874. 


WATSON, John Greener, Sher- 
brooke, Que. Born at North Sydney, 
N.S., May 24, 1893, son of Robert 
and Isabel (Greener) Watson; Eng- 
lish and Scotch. E. at High School, 
North Sydney, N.S. Left High 
School at 17 years of age; entered 
into telegraph business as telegraph 
operator at Woodstock, N.B., later at 
Fredericton, St. John, N.B., Toronto 
and Montreal; went into stock brok- 
erage business for F. B. McCurdy Co. 



at Kingston, Ont., later went into life wick Montreal O ct. 17, 1907 
insurance business at Kingston with d Donald Fenwick M n 
the Mutual Life Ass n Co of Can- Elizabeth Mar Se t- 2 
ada; was given the district manage- 
mentship for this company in East- 
ern Townships with headquarters at 
Sherbrooke, office, Record Bldg., 
Wellington St. ; member Sherbrooke 
Snowshce and Sherbrooke Curling 
Club; Conservative; Anglican. Mar- 
ried Gladys Mae White, daughter of 
Mr. and Mrs. C. E. White, Lennox- 
ville, Que., Sept. 17, 1913. 

; chil- 


WATSON, James Patterson. Sher- 
brooke, Que. Born Cornwall, Ont., 
May 7, 1881, son of James and Mary 
(Patterson) Watson; Scotch, father 
born in Scotland, mother in Canada 
of Scotch parents. E. Cornwall Acad- 
emy; employed at office work for 10 
years in Montreal, leaving the Allan 
Line offices to become secretary- 
treasurer of Sherbrooke Record Com- 
pany in Sherbrooke which position he 
held until Feb., 1917, when he joined 
the Smith-Wilson Motor Sales Co., 
Sherbrooke; member A.F. & A.M., 
St. George's Club; past pres. Sher- 
brooke Snowshoe and Curling Club; 
sec'y E. T. Press Ass'n; Conserva- 
tive; Presbyterian. Married Edith 
Fenwick, daughter of James Fen- 


WEBSTER, William Robert, manu- 
facturer, Sherbrooke, Que. Born at 
North Hatley, Aug. 23, 1850, son of 
Orrin and Elizabeth (Jenkerson) 
Webster; English. E. at common 
schools, clerk in general store North 
Hatley, 1870; traveller for C. H. 
Fletcher, Sherbrooke, 1871-1884; 
started present cigar business 1885, 
with ten employees, developing .ex- 
tensive trade throughout Dominion; 
erected present up-to-date cigar fac- 
tory 1908, run under strictly hygienic 
lines; now employs 135 people; pres. 
W. R. Webster & Co., Ltd.; pres. E. 
T. Brick and Mfg. Co., charter mem- 
ber Sherbrooke Board of Trade, pres. 
1901-1904, director Great Eastern 
Exhibition for 20 years, vice-pres. 
three years, then elected president; 
Governor Sherbrooke Hospital"; mem- 
ber St. George's Club, A.F. & A.M.; 
recreations, fishing, hunting, horses, 
automobiling; Conservative: Congre- 
gationalist. Married Mary Ellen Jane 
Shorey, daughter of J. B. Shorey, 
Feb. 9, 1876, has five sons and five 
daughters, Jennie Maude, Edith May, 
Louise, Ellen Elizabeth, Clara Gene- 



vieve, Frederick William Shorey, 
John Hubert, Orrin Ralph, Albert 
Claude (in overseas service) Robert 

WEBSTER, Frederick Oscar, Hat- 
ley, Que. Born at Hatley, Aug. 29, 
1874, son of Mortimer and Clara Ann 
(Gage) Webster; English. E. Hatley 
Acad. Elected to Hatley Council 
when village was incorporated; re- 
elected 1915; sec'y-treas. Board of 
Trade; director Hatley Village Water 
Co. ; sec'y Volunteer Fire Co. ; I.O. 
O.F. (Alexandria, No. 59) ; Conserva- 
tive; Anglican. Engaged in farming 
in Tp. of Hatley, also carriage maker 
and painter; 1905-07 employed in 
hotel at Poland Springs, Me., later 
with Quimster & Co., Boston, Mass., 
mfg. of automobile bodies; in 1908 
returned to Hatley and resumed his 
former business. Married Sadie M. 
Emery, Hatley, Que., June 19, 1897. 


WEBSTER, Oscar George Gran- 
ville, Coaticook, Que., in military ser- 
vice. - - Born in Barnston, Aug. 3, 
1869, son of Walter C. and Adella 
(Kennedy) Webster; Scotch. E. at 
Coaticook and Montreal Business 
College; appointed Joint Registrar 
and Clerk of the Circuit Court in 

1914, succeeding the late Otis Shurt- 
leff; member I.O.O.F., A.F. & A.M., 
C.O.F., R.A. and R.G.; Liberal; An- 
glican. Was in hardware business 
with father as W. C. Webster and 
Son from 1895 until July 1, 1914, 
then took business over himself until 
his appointment as Registrar, Nov. 
16, 1914. Married on Sept. 26 Mabel 
C. Cleveland. 

WEDGE, Jerome David Born at 
So. Bolton, May 7, 1863, son of Ami 
and Maryetta (Powers) Wedge; Eng- 
lish, father coming from New Eng- 
land, 1861. E. public schools; in 
1911 built store and engaged in gen- 
eral mercantile business at So. Bo-1- 
ton; previously farming and lumber 
business; member Brome Co. Agr'l 
Soc. ; Liberal; Anglican. Married Lil- 
lian Wing (deceased) 1899). Mar- 
ried Helen, daughter of John Smith, 
So. Bolton, Jan. 2, 1901; one child, 
Addie, 1893, deceased 1915. 

WELLS, John Perley, K.C., 21 

Dominion Ave., Sherbrooke, mem- 
ber law firm of Gate, Wells & White. 
Born Acton Vale, Que., July 10, 
1867, son of George B. and Mary A. 
Wells; father from State of Maine, 
English descent; mother Canadian, 
Scotch descent. E. Coaticook Acad. ; 
batonnier St. Francis Bar, 1917; 
elected alderman North Ward, 1917; 
member St. George's Club, Sher- 
brooke Snowshoe Club ; Conservative ; 
Anglican. Married Kathleen W. 
Ashe, Dec. 7, 1904. 

WHITCHER, Charles Frank, Stan- 
stead, Que. Born Stanstead, Que., 
Dec. 1, 1855, son of Erasmus D. and 
Rachel (Chamberlain) Whitcher; 
English; grandfather, Dr. Isaac Whit- 
cher, came from Methuen, Mass., to 
Stanstead in 1799. E. Stanstead 
Acad., has served as school commis- 
sioner; pres. Stanstead Board of 
Trade, Columbian and E. T. Auto 
Clubs; I. O.F. ; Conservative; Angli- 
can; 1870-71 clerked for Chas. Chan- 
nell, Derby, Vt.; 1871-74 with Cass 
and Jendro; 1874-76 with Pike Bros.; 
went to Boston in 1876 and returned 
to Stanstead 1880; 1880-82 trav- 


elled for Hall & Gondro; 1882-1904 
mail clerk between Sherbrooke and 
Stanstead; 1904 bought Union House 
with P. Gilmore; sold out in 1908 
and bought Stanstead Hotel. Married 
Nellie J. Lampron, Rock Island, 
March 12, 1884; children, Lenora A., 
Lida M., Charles D., Dorotha A., 
Olive J. 


WHITCOMB, Harry Bachelder, 

Hatley, Que. Born Hatley, Jan. 29, 
1878, son of Ira W. and Ella R. 
(Bachelder) Whitcomb; English; par- 
ents came from U.S. E. public 
schools, Hatley Acad. and Stanstead 
College; sec'y-treas. Hatley Council 
and school commissioners; secretary 
Board of Trade; Ind. ; Anglican; 
For several years clerked for Parker 
& Knight, Hatley; spent winter 1903- 
04 in California; returned to Hatley 
and engaged in various lines of busi- 
ness until 1909 when he formed part- 
nership with A. J. Whitcomb under 
name of Whitcomb and Whitcomb, 
gen'l merchants; bought partner's in- 
terest in 1912 and still continues 
business under his own name. Mar- 
ried Margaret J. Morrison, Sher- 
brooke, Que., Oct. 20, 1909. 

WHITCOMB, Mark Rus Born at 
Waterloo, Aug. 31, 1879, son of 
Charles and Mary Jane (Roberts) 
Whitcomb ; English, grandparents 
coming from New England. E. Wat- 
erloo Acad. and Montreal Business 
College; Ass't Postmaster Waterloo 
three years; employed Sovereign 
Bank 1903, appointed mgr. at Frel- 
ighsburg, 1907; 1908 joined E. T. 
Bank and later Can. Bank of Com- 
merce and was appointed manager 
at Frelighsburg in 1914; Anglican. 
Married Nellie Gertrude, daughter of 
Homer Holden, Frelighsburg, Feb. 6, 
1906; one son, L. Raymond, 1907. 

WHITCOMB, Ralph Roger, Ayer's 
Cliff, Que. Born Hatley, Que., Sept. 
28, ^884, son of Wesley and Ella 
(Baehelder) Whitcomb; English, an- 
cestors came from New York and set- 
tled in Stanstead County among 
earliest settlers. E. public schools; 
sec'y-treas. Ayer's Cliff Board of 
Trade; entered store of Parker and 
Knight, Hatley; later with Whitcomb 
and Whitcomb, general merchants, 
Hatley, Que. ; represented North 
American Ins. Co. ; clerked at Ayer's 
Cliff and later in partnership with M. 
L. Leavitt; purchased stock of E. H. 
Whitcomb, merchant, doing business 
as Whitcomb and Leavitt, merchants; 
member Massawippi Fish and Game; 
Liberal; Anglican. 

WHITE, Joseph N., Coaticook, 
Que. - - Born in Vermont, June 9, 
1858, son of Cyrus and Clarisse 
White; is a direct descendant of 
Perry Greene White who came over 
in Mayflower in 1621. E. at Crafts- 
bury, Vermont; received degree of 
Oph.D. (Doctor of physical and Ap- 
plied Optics) ; is a P.D.D.G.M. of 
I.O.O.F. ; was first president of E. T. 
Optical Association, organized in 
Sherbrooke in 1911; Methodist; in 
1881 he came to Coaticook and em- 
barked in the jewellry business in a 
small way, extending until today he is 
possessor of one of the finest jew- 
ellry establishments in the Eastern 
Townships; in 1899 became interest- 
ed in optical matters and took a 
course at Detroit Optical Institute 




and later completed a post graduate 
course at Canadian Ophthalmic Col- 
lege of Toronto ; his success in the 
optical field has been marked, his op- 
tical department being among best in 
province. Mr. White is a member of 
all the prominent optical organiza- 
tions and his equipment is equal to 
his enthusiasm. Married Emma A. 
Statton, Coaticook, Oct. 15, 1884; 
children, Mrs. F. W. Colwill, Sher- 
brooke, and Jay N. White, Coaticook. 

WHYTE, John, Leeds Village, Que. 
Born at Wellwood, Dunfermline, 
Scotland, Jan. 4, 1838, son of John 
and Elizabeth (Simpson) Whyte. E. 
at Beath Parish School. Went to the 
Carriboo gold diggings in 1862 and 
was also on Antler Creek and Jack 
O. Clubs' Creek; returned to Leeds in 
1863; was manager of copper mine in 
North Sutton for a year; in 1865 
came to Leeds Village and began 
business as general merchant doing a 
large and flourishing business for 
forty-eight years; member of Leeds' 
Council 1883-84; elected member of 
Quebec Legislature for County of 
Megan tic 1884; chairman of School 
Commission for 33 years and member 
of council of public instruction for 
the last 20 years; Liberal; Presbyter- 

ian; had charge of choir for fifty 
years. Married Harriett Donaldson, 
daughter of Duncan Donaldson, 
Leeds, Que., June 22, 1859; children, 
Mary Ann, 1860; John D., 1862; 
Andrew, 1865; Peter D., 1889; 
Georga, 1871; Effe, 1880. 




WHITE, Charles Dickinson, K.C., 
lawyer, Sherbrooke, Que. Born at 
Sherbrooke, Sept. 6, 1871, son of 
Hon. Wm. and Mary C. (Dickinson) 
White; Irish and Scotch. E. Sher- 
brooke Academy, Bishop's College 
School, Lennoxville, and McGill Uni- 
versity; B.C.L. of McGill, 1896; 
King's Counsel, 1912; Sherbrooke 
Alderman, 1909-1912; member St. 
George's Club; Conservative; Episco- 
palian. Married Elizabeth Oram 
Woods, daughter of late Alex. Woods 
of Quebec, April 13, 1903; two chil- 

WIGGETT, Albert Egbert, 2 Ful- 
ton Ave., Sherbrooke, Que. Born at 
Waterville, Que., Jan. 28, 1874, son 
of C. Fred and A. (Gilbert) Wiggett; 
English. E. at Lennoxville Academy 
and Ontario Business College, Belle- 
ville; in 1895 accepted position with 
S. C. Nutter, Sherbrooke, Que.; two 
years later business was taken over 
by J. H. Bryant and has remained 
with the business as bookkeeper to 
present date; interested in sports and 
was for several years pres. of hockey 
club; A.F. & A.M., K.P., S.O.E., 
C.O.F., Sherbrooke Curling Club, 
Snowshoe Club, Y.M.C.A. ; Conserva- 
tive; Anglican. Married Ellen A. 
McFadden, daughter of S. A. McFad- 
den,, Lennoxville, Que., Aug. 4, 

WIGGETT, Walter Johns, Sher- 
brooke, Que. Born at Sherbrooke, 
1869, son of J. W. and Eliza (Johns) 
Wiggett; English. E. Sherbrooke 
High School; proprietor of Electrical 
Repair and Supply Co., Sherbrooke, 
which does an extensive electrical 
business throughout the district; St. 
George's Club; Conservative; Angli- 
can. Married Gertrude May, daugh- 
ter of A. G. Heath, Watertown, N.Y. 

WILKINS, Robert Charles, manu- 
facturer, Farnham, Que. Born Dec. 
25, 1860, son of Captain E. D. S. Wil- 
kins, grandfather was Col. Hon. Rob- 
ert C. Wilkins; great grandfather, 
Captain Robert Wilkins, of the 17th 
Lancers, was a United Empire Loyal- 
ist, coming to Canada from New 
York when it was evacuated by the 



British in 1783; Capt. Wilkins was 
wounded at Bunker Hill and was one 
of the forlorn hope at White Plains 
in the American Revolution, Col. Wil- 
kins, grandfather of subject of this 
sketch, commanded Prince Edward 
Militia during 1812, American Gen- 
eral Scott being a prisoner at his 
house for a week when on way to 
Quebec after Queenston Heights, rep- 
resented Prince Edward for many 
years in old Upper Canada Legisla- 
ture. E. Levis College, Quebec; 
president of Robert C. Wilkins Co., 
Ltd., manufacturers of "Rooster 
Brand" shirts, pants and white coats 
and "I Crow Over All" Overalls; 
company has factory at Farnham 
and does an extensive business 
throughout Canada, being represent- 
ed by twelve travellers in the Do- 
minion; four sons of Mr. Wilkins are 
associated with him in the business; 
Mr. Wilkins has taken much interest 
in matters pertaining to Eastern 
Townships advancement, being one of 
the founders of the E. T. Associated 
Boards of Trade and its president for 
1914; for several years president of 
Farnham Board of Trade; prominent 
member of Canadian Manufacturers' 
Association, serving five years on the 
board ; also of Dominion Commercial 



Travellers' Association, serving two Sept. 1, 1892; children, Erie H. and 
years as a director and two years as Eric A. 

chairman Farnham Con Assn; 
Roman Catholic Married Bessie 

^Lpnv d /??V? r M? aP T i, n 
James FOX, of Halifax, N.S., June 15, 

1886; children four sons, Robert 

gt t Ute ih n E L lists 
^ d . c ton c Quebe *. E . 

at public schools. Some ylars as far- 
, k , manap-pr of 

ToTelsfn k'trn T^nships 


Gertrude and 

Helena Lady- 

WILKINS, late Lieut. John Fox, 

Farnham, Que. Born at Montreal 
West, Que., Sept. 24, 1896, son of 
Robt. C. and Bessie (Fox) Wilkins. 
Connected for 5 years with Robt. C. 
Wilkins Co. Ltd., Farnham, Que. Ga- 
zetted Provisional Lieut, in the Can- 
adian Militia in June, 1915, and 
joined the 117th Eastern Townships 
Batt., Jan. 23, 1916, qualifying as a 
Lieut, one month later, went over- 
seas with 117th and when this was 
broken up was transferred to 23rd 

1" ?Hv! a R V a v er * he ' w ! fl transf , erred 
to 24th Batt. Victoria Rifles and was 

killed m action on Aug. 15, 1917. 

WILKINSON, Frederick Jacob, 

Way's Mills, Que. Born at Smith's 
Mills, March 16, 1872, son of Richard 
and Marilla (Shaw) Wilkinson; Eng- 
lish, ancestors settled in Clarenceville 
in 1830. E. public schools and Beebe 
Acad. ; School Commissioner Barn- 
ston Tp. 1909-14; chairman 1912-14; 
pres. Barnston Farmers' Club; Con- 
servative; Universalist. For several 
years sold farm implements as gen- 
eral agent for Frost & Wood; later 
with St. Lawrence Dairy Supply Co., 
Montreal; 1912 appointed by Federal 
Gov't as dairy recorder for Stanstead 
County, to co-operate with owners of 
dairy herds in keeping complete re- 
cord of each individual animal. Mar- 
ried Effie A. Heath, Heathton, Que., 

owner such race anima]s ag 

Tommy, W. Parnell, Red Bird, Elean- 
or W., 2.15, Baron Wedgewood, 
217 1 /4, Prince Rupert, 215^, Peer- 
less Hal, 209*4, The Comet, 214 ^ 
Hal Perkins, 214%, and many others; 
member A.F. & A.M., I.O.O.F., Wolfe 
Co. Fish and Game, Sherbrooke Fish 
and Game Club; Conservative; Angli- 
can. Married Eleanor McDermitt, 
(deceased 1912), daughter of Martin 
McDermitt, Randboro, Que., April 
25, 1881; children, Luvia M., Mabel 
E., Gertrude A. (deceased 1911) ; 
Hazel E. 

WILSON, Walter Hiram, 14 Queen 
gt Sherbrooke ; Que ._Born Comp- 
^ Que ^ gept ^f g5g> gon of Hira ^ 

C. and Sarah E. (Bucknam) Wilson; 
father Scotch and mother English. 
E. at Compton Academy and Sher- 
brooke High School. Commenced 
business in pianos and organs in 1875 
with late H. C. Wilson and has con- 
tinued since in same business now 
known as H. C. Wilson & Sons, Ltd.; 
10 years in council of Sherbrooke 
Board of Trade and vice-pres. one 
year; city council 3 years; warden of 
St. Peter's Church 4 years; school 
commissioner 6 years; Y.M.C.A., 
vice-pres. 1915-16; member Victoria 
Lodge, A.F. & A.M., C.O.F., Dom. 
C.T.A., St. George's, Sherbrooke 
Curling and Sherbrooke Automobile 
Club; Conservative; Anglican. Mar- 
ried Clara M. Bryant, daughter of 




Geo. G. Bryant, Sherbrooke, Que., 
Oct. 25, 1882; children, Geo. B., July 
29, 1890; Edith E., May 10, 1893; 
Mabel, June 11, 1895; Dora B., Feb. 
26, 1898. 


WILSON, Frank B., Sherbrooke, 
Que. Born at Compton, Que., Jan. 
27, 1866, son of Hiram C. and Eliza- 
beth (Bucknam) Wilson. E. at Sher- 
brooke Central School and Sher- 
brooke High School; vice-pres. H. C. 
Wilson & Sons, Ltd., Sherbrooke, 
pianos and musical goods, the oldest 
(with perhaps one exception) musical 
instrument house in Canada, having 
been established over 60 years; direc- 
tor E. T. Agr'l Ass'n, member Sher- 
brooke Board of Trade, Victoria 
Lodge, A.F. & A.M., life member of 
Sherbrooke Snowshoe Club, member 
St. George's Club, Sherbrooke Curl- 

ing Club ; Conservative ; Anglican. 
Married Annie M. Greene, daughter 
of Wm. H. Greene Lennoxviile, Que., 
Oct. 1, 1890; children, Meredith W., 
Francis Lennox, Alice Elizabeth. 

WILSON, John Arthur, Farnham, 
Que. Born Farnham, July 7, 1872, 
son of John and Christiana (Kirk) 
Wilson; Scotch; grandfc-.thsr came 
from Ireland and settled near La- 
colle. E Farnham Academy; mem- 
ber Farnham School Commissioner, 
Board of Trade and Board of Health; 
I.O.O.F.; Liberal; Methodist. After 
leaving school entered business with 
his father, John Wi.son, in leather 
business, operating a tannery and 
harness shop; in 1901 formed part- 
nership with his brother, D. M. Wil- 
son, and purchased Lu?ine3s which 
father established in loul; firm lost 
heavily by fire in 1903 and 1911; af- 
ter last fire they built new b]o:<, 
where they carry on a i.:r;je busi. >."< .> 
In 1912 they added an electrical ju 
ply dept. Married Mabel Westwoo:!, 
Buckingham, Que., June 8, 190J; 
children, Carl L., 1905; M. Beryl, 
1903; John W., 1909. 

WOOD, Hannibal Whitney, M.D. 
C.M., St. Johns, Que. (deceased 
September 27, 1917) Born at Dun- 
ham, July 10, 1840, son of Thomas 
and Jane Stevens Wood; English. 
E. Dunham Academy, University 
Vermont, McGill Univ., degrees B.A., 
M.D.C.M., practiced medicine Knowl- 
ton and St. Johns; collector customs 
St. John; customs officer, Ottawa, at 
present superannuated; Masonic, 
Blue, R.A.M., Preceptory and Priory; 
I.O.O.F., Royal Guardians; Conserva- 
tive; Anglican. Married Jane Mar- 
garet Barton, daughter of John Bar- 
ton, Montreal, Oct. 17, 1867; chil- 
dren, Helen Elizabeth, 1868; Arthur 
Barton, 1870; Percival Stevens, 
1878; Alice Edith, 1880; Harold 
Whitney, 1885. 

WOODARD, William Green, Sher- 
brooke, Que. Born Capelton, son of 
Nelson E. and Elizabeth Woodard; 
English. E. at Sherbrooke public 
schools; three years with Can. Ex- 
press Co., Sherbrooke; spent some 
time in States and in Montreal, re- 
turning to Sherbrooke to enter con- 



fectionery business with M. E. Wood- 
ard, being treasurer of Woodard's, 
Ltd.; I.O.O.F., Sherbrooke S.S. Club; 
Methodist. Married Edith F. Rugg, 
daughter of William Rugg, Compton, 
Oct. 7, 1914. 

WOODARD, Milford Elliott, Sher- 
brooke, Que. Born Hatley, June 8, 
1871, son of Nelson E. and Elizabeth 
(MacAtee C.) Woodard; English, an- 
cestors coming from New England. 
E. public schools. After leaving 
school accepted position with C. H. 
Fletcher; seven years later went to 
Lynn, Mass., for eleven years; 1904 
entered into partnership with C. W. 
Eldridge, selling out interest after 
two years and returning to North 
Hatley; 1907 opened confectioners' 
store in Sherbrooke, organizing in 
1914 present firm of Woodard's, Ltd., 
of which he is president; I.O.O.F., 
K. of P.; Independent Liberal; Bap- 

WOODMAN, Joseph Forsythe, 

Hatley, Que. Born Hatley, Aug. 12, 
1866, son of Horace and Eleanor 
(Forsythe) Woodman; English, 
grandfather, Calvin Woodman, was 
born in New Hampshire and came to 
Stanstead County when young man; 
ancestors came over about 1620. E. 
public schools and Charleston Acad., 
Hatley; present Mayor of Hatley vil- 
lage; chairman school board, mem- 
ber Board of Trade and dir. Stan- 
stead County Agr'l Society; I.O.O.F., 
R.T. of T.; Liberal; Methodist. After 
spending two years in New England, 
returning to Hatley in 1895 he was 
one of first to breed Holstein cattle 
in Stanstead County, bringing his 
first registered animal from Michigan 
twenty years ago. His farm, Glen- 
brook, is well known throughout Can- 
ada. Married Minnie Ayer, Hatley, 
Que., May 29, 1901. 

WOODMAN, Albert Alonzo, Coati- 
cook, Que. Born Moe's River, Aug. 
10, 1868, son of Albert Alonzo and 
Mary J. (Sanborn) Woodman; Eng. 
The genealogy of the Woodman fam- 
ily is very complete and dates back 
ten generations to Edward Woodman 
who emigrated from Wiltshire, Eng., 
and became citizen of Newbury, 

Mass., in 1623. The first of the fam- 
ily to settle in Canada was great 
grandfather of subject of this ske+".h, 
Benjamin Woodman, who was "n 
in 1779 and moved to East Hatlejrin 
1827, dying in 1835. Joshua Sawyer 
Woodman, 6th generation, grand- 
father, married Mary (Polly) Sturte- 
vant in 1811, a direct descendant of 
Pilgrim ancestor who came to Ply- 
mouth in 1620. J.P., C.S.C., vice- 
pres. E. T. Immigration Society; 
pres. Coaticook Board of Trade, 
1915; pres. Coaticook Liberal Ass'n. 
Formed partnership with his brother- 
in-law, F. C. McKee, as general mer- 
chants, buying out partner's interest 
four years later. He has since con- 
tinued business under same name. 
Married Emily M. McKee, Oct. 8, 
1890; children, Milton A., John B. 

WRIGHT, Carlos Judson, Sher- 
brooke, Que. Born at Dixville, Nov. 
15, 1867, son of Lewis W. and Sophia 

F. (Baldwin) Wright. E. at Dixville 
Model School and Int. Correspon- 
dence School, Scranton, Pa., as elec- 
trical engineer. In business with his 
father at Dixville, Que. number of 
years in gen. store; farmed for two 
years at Dixville; entered employ- 
ment of Peoples' Tel. Co. at Sher- 
brooke, June 21, 1896, as lineman, 
advanced to supt. in 1900 and to sec.- 
treas. 5 years later and gen. mgr. on 
retirement of Carlos S. Skinner in 
1912; two years later the Peoples' 
Co. went under the control of the 
Bell Tel. Co. as Eastern Townships 
Telephone Co. ; now travelling repre- 
sentative for Dawson & Co., Ltd., of 
Montreal and Winnipeg; Justice of 
Peace; member I.O.F., I.O.O.F., S. 
of E., Sherbrooke Curling Club, Y.M. 
C.A. ; Liberal; Baptist. Married Susie 

G. Bean, daughter of Luther Bean, 
Dixville, Que., Sept. 15, 1887; chil- 
dren, Blanche, Jessie Mildred, How- 
ard Stanley, Pearl Evangeline, Gor- 
don Parker, Rolland, Vivian Kathleen 

WRIGHT, George Luke, Dixville, 
Que. Born Dixville, Aug. 2, 1850, 
son of John and Elizabeth (Major) 
Wright; English, parents born in 



England came to Bury, Que., 1836, 
later moved to Dixville. E. public 
ools. Served in municipal council 
wenty-five years and as Mayor one 
term, resigned 1903; school commis- 
sioner; succeeded father on home- 
stead, following mixed farming; al- 
ways active in educational and all 
local affairs; member I.O.F., A.F. & 
A.M.; Liberal; Anglican. Married 
Mary R. Howe, Jan. 21, 1880; chil- 
dren, Edward E., 1881; Georgina L., 

YORSTON, Frederick, P., Sawyer- 
ville, Que. - - Born at Douglastown, 
N.B., March 27, 1870, son of Wm. 
Yorston and Isabelle Henderson ; 
Scotch; father came from Kirkwell, 
Orkney Islands, to Miramichi, N.B., 
1843, and engaged in shipbuilding; 
mother came from Aberdeen to 
Miramichi, N.B., 1832. E. at Chat- 
ham High School, University of N.B., 
1892, Fredericton, Harvard and Mc- 
Gill 1904 (B.A. 1892, M.A. 1894, 
M.D.C.M. 1904) ; was engaged in 
teaching for 10 years from 1892 to 
1902 as principal of Newcastle High 
School. Graduated in medicine at 
McGill in 1904 and after some three 
months in Western Hospital in Mont- 
real came to Sawyerville to practice. 
Was always interested in military 
matters; joined the 73rd Northum- 
berland Regt. as private in 1888 and 
retired with rank of Capt. in 1904; 
chairman of Sawyerville School 
Board; A.F. & A.M.; Conservative; 
Presbyterian. Married Susan A. Har- 
rison of Newcastle, N.B., niece of the 
late Sir Samuel Leonard Tilley, 1899; 
one son, Fred Harrison, 1901. 

YOUNG, Geo. C., Wolcott, Vt. 
Born at Compton, Que., July 21, 
1876, son of Faye-tt and Ella Young. 
E. at Coaticook, Que. After mar- 
riage settled on farm at Barford and 
from there moved into Hereford on 
father's old farm as breeder of thor- 
oughbred shorthorn and Oxford 
sheep. In 1907 sold out and moved 
to Ayer's Cliff as manager for H. A. 
Norton on Edgewater farm; with I. 
H. C. Co. as travelling salesman two 
years; at E. T. Experimental Farm 
till 1916, when bought large farm in 
Vermont, breeding thoroughbred 

Jerseys. Has served as school com- 
missioner, valuator, councillor; mem- 
ber Oddfellows and Foresters; Meth- 
odist. Married Margaret King, 
daughter of T. A. King, Windsor 
Mills, March 18, 1897; children, Wal- 
lace Young, 1898 (died 1913) ; Hazel, 
1900; Curtis, 1902; Gertrude, 1905; 
Willard, 1907; Douglas, 1909; Dor- 
othy, 1914. 


YOUNG, Frederick, Stanstead, 
Que. Born at Stanstead, Aug. 15, 
1865, son of Albert and Martha 
(Lewis) Young; Scotch; grand- 
father, Andrew Young, came from 
Scotland and settled in Stanstead and 
was associated with late Col. Kilburn 
who was first to utilize water power 
on Tomofobia river at Rock Island. 
E. at Stanstead College. Served as 
councillor since 1904. Member 
Board of Trade. In the early eighties 
travelled considerably in Western 
States returning to Stanstead 1887 
and engaged in breeding registered 
Jersey and Ayrshire cattle. Later 
entered coal business, also repre- 
senting farm implement manufactur- 
ers; Conservative; Anglican. Mar- 
ried Elizabeth House, Derby, Vt., 
June 25, 1895; children, Martha A., 
Margaret M., Albert L. 











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